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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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paralyzing story initially. >> look, i got you this ball too. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay," we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour. >> see you then. good morning. breaking overnight. the minnesota vikings course and order adrian peterson to stay away from the team as he deals with the child abuse charge. public pressure mounting and corporate sponsors lashing out what will the nfl do next? >> flames of war, isis releases a new hollywood-style video threatening the white house and u.s. troops. and it comes hours after a top military official said u.s. boots on the ground may be needed to defeat that terror group. >> fire and rain. more homes destroyed by the out-of-control wild fires in california as the southwest braces for flash floods and six
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months worth of rain in just one day. and, look what we have. two days before the release to the world we have our hands on the newest iphone. we'll put them to the test today, wednesday, september 17th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, al roker and natalie morales. they hands thus these new phones. you would have thought they brought a basket of kittens. everybody hovered around. >> this one, that's the 6a. >> hold it up against your 5. >> it's a tiny bit bigger. this is the monster 6. 6 plus. it's going to be cool. >> much bigger.
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i hear they take great pictures. you know what also does, the 5. >> snoos. >> so excited. >> baby veil. is that baby is a bundle of joy. look how terrible that selfie is but look at the baby. the baby with the mitts on and savannah looked so joyful. i got to tell you i got teary-eyed. >> great. that's cute. we're going to show more of that. we've got to get to our top story this morning. new fallout overnight on the domestic violence scandals rocking the nfl. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. the minnesota vikings telling star running back adrian peterson to stay away from all team activities while the league players association has officially appealed the suspension of ray rice, he's not the only one challenging how the nfl handled this domestic abuse scandal. the biggest sponsors are also
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demanding answers and results. overnight the minnesota vikings reversed their decision from monday reinstating peterson and now banning the football star from all team activities while allowing him to take care of his personal situation until the legal proceedings are resolved. the vikings star who admits he disciplined his son with a stick but face as criminal charge of injuring the 4-year-old was set to return to practice today and play on sunday. the team explaining the decision by saying after further reflection we've concluded that this resolution is best for the vikings and adrian adding we want to be sure we get this right. the news came hours after the nfl players union challenged ray rice's suspension, saying it was taking action to protect the due process rights of all nfl players. the union singled out commissioner roger goodell arguing the indefinite suspension was not fair or impartial and asking for an independent arbitrator to oversee the appeal because goodell may be called as a witness. in a game where winning is
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everything the nfl may be at risk of losing key sponsors. mcdonald's, bridgestone and others voicing concerns but not pulling support for the nfl. the league's biggest partner anheuser-busch sent a strong message saying we're not yet satisfied with the handling of behaviors that go against our own company culture. the nfl responded saying we understand, we are taking action and there will be more to come. >> the average nfl sponsor gets back more than $2 in profits for every dollar they spend. it's really hard for them to want to give that up. >> meantime, entertainer and domestic abuse victim rihanna took to twitter to blast cbs for pulling her song. cbs says it's moving in a different direction, and pulled the song permanently. new developments in this case almost every hour. adrian peter tweeted a religious message in part, don't allow distractions to knock you off course.
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pray and keep moving, god bless. it could be a while until peterson's legal case is resolved. his arraignment isn't scheduled for another three weeks. matt. >> peter, thank you very much it. >> now to breaking news overnight in the u.s.-led fight to destroy isis, the terror group releasing a hollywood-like propaganda video threatening u.s. troops and the white house. it comes amid new concern that ground forces may be necessary to stamp out the militants. andrea mitchell is chief foreign affairs correspondent. >> good morning. that slick video appears to be possibly a response to president obama's recent speech. even as the nation's top military adviser opened the door for the first time to the possibility of using american boots on the ground. and the president is at florida to be briefed on the war plans. the new video prom the isis machine looks like a declaration of war against the u.s. it shows clips of previous attacks on u.s. forces, a quick picture of the white house, and
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then slayings engulfing edilted pictureses of u.s. troops. perhaps by coincidence it was released a few hours after joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey told congress that if the president's new strategy of training iraqi forces does not work he would recommend that the president use american ground troops against isis. >> if we reach the point i believe our advisers should accompany troops against specific isil targets i'll recommend that. if there are threats to the united states then i of course would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include the use of u.s. military ground forces. >> but the president is repeatedly said he would not order boots on the ground. the white house immediately pushed back saying that dempsey was speaking only high po athletically. later dempsey's spokesman said american combat forces are not rired now but if the situation calls for combat troops the general will be asking for them. >> all right. thank you so much. >> in the meantime, a business
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owner from upstate new york has now been indicted on charges of trying to aid isis, pete williams has that part of the story. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. these are new charges against the man in custody since may, he came to the attention of the fbi after posting messages on social media saying he wanted to help muslims overseas carry out jihad. mufid elfgeeh is a naturalized u.s. citizen from yemen, he was arrested in may accused of buying handguns from two men who turned out to be undercover informants. he told them he wanted to carry out mass shootings targeting u.s. military personnel returning from the middle east and shia muslims in the rochester area. now these new charges prosecutors say he urged those same two men to go to syria and join up with the terror group isis. he helped one get a passport unaware they were actually informants who never intended to go there. the fbi says he also sent $600
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to a man he knew in yemen urging him to go to syria, there's no indication in court documents that man ever made it there. >> pete williams in washington, thank you very much. >> now to those dangerous wild fires raging across parts of california. tens of thousands of acres have been burned and the damage to the small town of weed is being tallied. miguel almaguer is there now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one subdivision in the community of weed, the destruction stretches block after block. this morning families are picking up the pieces to their lives while crews battle a blaze that's taken so much. overnight the fire fight on the front line. the bowls fire still a threat in weed. but no longer the raging monster that swept flew 100 properties in this tiny town. kids driven from schools, families from their homes. >> here's my daughter's bedroom here.
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my two sons' bedroom is here. >> reporter: the burnsteins fled a wall of flames. they returned to a pile of debris. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: with 6,000 firefighters on the front lines in california today, a dozen fires are being fought across the state. nearly 90,000 acres have already burned this year. fueled by record temperatures and parched terrain. we flew with california's top fire chief and the state's director of emergency services. exclusive access in the air and on the ground in the burn zone. >> this is the early part of the fire season. this is more of a marathon, not a sprint. we need to be able to be prepared for it. >> reporter: conditions here can turn deadly on a dime. outside sacramento at the king fire, 12 firefighters used their emergency shelters when they were overrun by flames. >> the delta crew, they deployed their shelters in a safety zone. >> reporter: a close call,
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everyone came home. but for so many in weed, home will never be the same. with so much disinstruction in such a small place the cost to rebuild and clean up this community will be in the tens of millions of dollars. if there is one piece of good news this someplace roughly 20% conta contained. crews are making progress. hoda. >> miguel, those images look like a black and white picture. thank you so much. >> people in the southwestern united states are bracing for even more historic flooding from this time from the remnants of hurricane odile. the storm slammed into mexico's resort area of los cab os. gabe sin tucson, arizona. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. flash flood watches or warnings are in effect in five states, the rain is expected to begin here in tucson in just a few hours.
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guys, this is the desert. people are used to heat waves. not tropical storms. this morning the desert southwest is bracing for its second drenching in more than a week. >> the rain is coming. >> today the remnants of hurricane odile are forecast to soak southern arizona and new mexico with up to eight inches of rain. other areas could see five inches. this after a flight through mexico with winds of more than 125 miles an hour the storm made landfall on sunday. battering cabo san lucas and damaging the airport. the military there is scrambling to evacuate 30,000 stranded tourists, most of them american. >> so happy to be out of there. it seemed like we were there forever. make sure you look at the weather forecast up and down before you go anywhere, i guess. >> reporter: in san diego tuesday the remnants spawned thunderstorms that knocked out power and picked up this small plane. this morning the system is much weaker, but still a threat.
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some of the rainfall amounts that the high resolution computer models put out are quite frankly, scary. i mean, to get what you would see in florida with a tropical system here in the desert southwest is dangerous. >> reporter: last week in arizona there was record rainfall and two deaths as what was left from hurricane norbert swept through. in phoenix emergency personnel prepare for the worst. >> somebody monitoring the storm so that they can come running if it starts to get back like it was last monday. >> reporter: forecasters say some areas could see half a year's worth of rainfall in just 24 hours. many people here in the desert are asking themselves really? >> that's right. in fact, this is the first time they had two tropical entities approach in ten days. so this is really unprecedented. and as we watch odile it's still a tropical storm. 50 miles per hour winds, if this makes its way into arizona, it
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will be the first time since 1997 we've seen a tropical storm make its way into arizona. you can all of the rain pushing up into the area. we do have flash flood watches now stretching from california all the way to texas, we expect as the day goes on and the day goes on we'll see them extend further into texas because you can watch, over the next several hours, you can can see that moisture streaming into texas between dallas into austin. and the rainfall amounts really impressive. we're talking 4 to 5 inches, but locally could be up to 9 inches of rain in the next 72 hours, and the landscape there just can't handle that. so, we've got another tropical system behind that, we've got tropical storm polo that look likes it could cause problems as well. >> wow. >> thank you very much. natalie's got the latest on the search for a dangerous suspect in pennsylvania. >> scare they morning an entire school district in pennsylvania is closed this morning as police
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amp up the search for a man suspected of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them and critically injuring another. police describe 31-year-old eric matthew frein as armed and extremely dangerous, they say frein has military-like survivalist training and had expressed anti-government views. more than 200 police personnel are taking part in this massive manhunt. >> the ebola outbreak is spiraling out of control, president obama issuing that stark warning and saying that the world is looking to the united states to help fight epidemic in west africa. on tuesday the president laid out the plans at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. kelly o'donnell is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the president is asking congress to back a major new military mission with american boots on the ground in western africa. the president announced the deployment of 3,000 american troops to build health care facility, train medical workers, but not to have direct contact
7:15 am
with ebola patients. tuesday and again today congress is hearing from infectious disease experts and american ebola survivor dr. kent brantly who worked with the group survivors first. i spoke exclusively with him about his meeting with the president and his message to congress about what's at stake. >> what's at stake is humanity, human lives. this outbreak is now growing at an exponential rate. every day we delay is hundreds of human lives. >> reporter: dr. brantly says he's recovered from the virus but is getting better every day, it's going to take time. he will appear before the house today and congress is considering $500 million for this effort. natalie. >> kelly, thanks. nasa is one step closer to launching astronauts into orbit
7:16 am
ending the reliance on russia. boeing and space ex will design the ships to ferry astronauts to the space station. u.s. astronauts have been riding on russia rockets since 2011. the launches will take place from cape canaveral beginning in 2017 at a cost of about $6.8 billion. >> and take a look at some butterfly kisses for a flutist in the middle of a performance. she was taking part in the international flute competition in denmark when that butterfly decided it found the best seat in the house on her face. but of course the stakes are high with this competition so what does she do, she keeps on playing beautifully. eventually when she finished she gently brushed the butterfly away. isn't that good luck? >> i think that's good luck. you're blessed. >> we're glad it wasn't like yesterday with the bat.
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>> i thought i'd redeem myself. >> merry christmas. >> that's why i have the new iphone, our christmas present early. >> mr. roker, what else do you have? >> let's show you what we have for today. we are looking at the wet weather down to the southwest. low pressure off the carolina coast may bring heavy rain and rip currents, a beautiful day in the northeast with temperatures a little cooler than usual and lower humidity and wet weather along the pacific northwest coast. helping the fire danger there. we're going to have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. vivofit. gently reminds you
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to get moving. join the movement. right now the sun is breaking through the clouds around san francisco as we await the rain to get closer to the bay area today. out ahead of the weather system you're going to see the south winds picking up ten to 20 miles per hour heading into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies, increase later on. close to 70 in san francisco. mid-70s for oakland. low to mid-80s out towards the tri-valley as we see the best chance of showers coming in later today for the north bay. thursday looks like showers and cooler temperatures and turning warmer through the weekend. >> and that's your -- what are you having? what is that? >> i got one for you. all right. hey guys. how are you? >> you got it, baby. >> merry christmas, ladies.
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well, what more is there to say. these going to be in stores. we're geeking out. i like the bigger one. i really do. >> not too big? >> you know, apple has been high on both the release of the 6 and 6 plus internally. how are consumers going to feel if the preorders are an indication they are in line with apple. a couple years ago when the 5 came out the first 24 hours, 2 million t 6 and 6 plus doubled that at 4 million. we have katie here, the reason we were able to get these. she was able to get these. katie is taking your questions. log on to facebook or twitter to #at orange room. she will answer them and a lot more on this coming up. if you want read a great review on the 6 and 6 plus our partners wrote one that's at today' >> thank you very much. >> coming up, the search intensifies for a missing university of virginia student
7:20 am
as surveillance video reveals new clues in that case. we'll have the latest. >> plus, thinking about taking your kids to a trampoline park this weekend? the safety concernsing raised by a mom whose son died in a tragic accident. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up in the wake of the ray rice scandal, meredith vieira reveals why she once stayed in an abusive relationship. then on trending, eat on a seat. guy without a shirt. >> ew. >> calling out rude airline ♪
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you, 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, one westbound lane of interstate 80 in vallejo is blocked because of a brush fire. its been burning for more than an hour near the magazine street off-ramp no word on what caused the fire. there have been a lot of fires breaking out in california, crews hope to get this one contain wondered if gets any larger. for more on how it possibly affecting your commute, let's turn to mike. >> possibly and real effect on your commute. interstate 80 here not a problem, it is across from the north bay on the maps towards the east bay where you are jammed up. westbound 80 approaching magazine street went down from two lanes blocked to one lane.
7:27 am
all the way down in toward the bridge. use sunol boulevard that's to the west, that's highway 29 and that'll get you past the scene. you'll join up with i-80. we're expecting some time after 8:00 for that remaining lead to be reopened. again, they're watching to make sure the fire does not spread. the rest of the commute is spreading out for that portion. the metering lights are on and slower drive for the maize. a little heavier than normal south 880 down toward the san mateo bridge. all earlier crashes have cleared and southbound, we have westbound 230 jam and earlier crash at there tieing things up. things are moving smoothly after that has cleared, rob, again that fire in vallejo. more wind than yesterday, mike. and right now winds up to 18 miles an hour, some gusts up towards fairfield and vallejo. wind being part of the story today out of the weather system that is tossing rain on the north coast.
7:28 am
the main impact will come in later on tonight into tomorrow morning's commute. we could be hopefully seeing some much needed rain showers. today, near 80 degrees in san jose, clouds arriving late, closer to san francisco, mid-70s in the north bay and toward the tri-valley today. highs in the 80s and notice the chance of showers, cooler temperatures for thursday and warmer for the weekend. we'll be back in about half hour or so, have a great morning.
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we're back on a wednesday morning, 17th of september, 2014. pretty morning in new york city. boy the temperatures as we left the house at 4:30, 50-something degrees. just perfect. let's take a look at what's making headlines, shall we? in a sudden reversal, minnesota vikings placed adrian peterson on an exempt list. the move means he must now stay away from the team indefinitely while he deals with child abuse charges. flood watches are post friday southern california to texas as the region braces for the remnants of hurricane odile. some areas could get half a year's worth of rain in just a few hours. a suspect has been
7:31 am
identified in that deadly shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper. police say they are searching for 31-year-old eric freen, described as a survivalist who has expressed desire to kill law enforcement officials and commit mass acts of murder. coming up in the aftermath of the ray rice scandal, meredith vieira opens up about her own experience, having lived through an abusive relationship early on and why she finally decided to leave. >> hopefully, something goodwill come from that. maria shriver joins us with the secret lives of teens, the stress that young people feel and often, sadly, hide from their parents. new clues in the search of a missing university of virginia student last seen over the weekend. national correspondent craig melvin is down in charlottesville with the latest. hi, craig. >> matt, good morning. the police captain here with the charlottesville police department told me last night they are going to be releasing
7:32 am
more surveillance tape later today. that tape shows second-year student hannah graham outside a local bar the night she disappeared. again, at this point, police insist there's no reason to suspect foul play but they also admit they have no idea where she is. these are the images investigators have released of hannah graham, 9:30, friday night, preparing to go out. at 12:46 am, a security camera outside this irish pub captured the 18-year-old honor student, who police say appeared intoxicated. >> last time we knew she had been seen prior to this video, she was with a young man who she had classes with. they had just met on the street, went into a party. she left there at 12:15. he did not leave the party. >> at 1:00 am, graham texted friends she was lost. 30 minutes later her phone went silent. when friends hadn't heard from her by sunday they called police, who searched these woods near graham's apartment. >> a lot of little areas. >> translator: fbi is looking for any electronic trail and authorities expanded their search on the ground.
7:33 am
>> work their way back to the railroad track. >> reporter: so far, nothing. graham's parents said in a statement they're heartbroken, but heartened by the outpouring of support and help and hopeful she'll be found soon. >> i've never seen her unhappy. >> reporter: stretching from charlottesville to the d.c. suburb where graham grew up. >> i just want her home safe. >> this is a missing person right now. obviously, it's more than concerning to us, the fact that she's been gone as long as she has been. >> reporter: and concern is growing. >> sometimes i walk alone as well, thinking that could have been me. >> it wouldn't surprise me if people started being more careful. >> reporter: there have been three other young ladies who have gone missing from this same area over the last five years. police yesterday told me at this point there's no reason to believe that the cases are related. there's a news conference expected later today here in charlottesville. we expect to learn a little bit more about the investigation into the disappearance of hannah graham.
7:34 am
matt? >> all right. craig, thank you very much. let's switch now to mr. al roker and get a check of the weather. >> we've been talking about the heat in southern california. one more day, folks, you'll have to deal with temperatures that will feel like 95 to 100 degrees all the way up the coast, as you get into santa clarita, los angeles, santa paula. but we get a little bit of a break. we get intensification of the marine layer. temperatures drop 10 to 20 degrees from where they've been. high pressure weakens and so we'll have better conditions. down in florida, weak system, weak frontal system laying across. heavy showers and thunderstorms will be hanging out. ft. myers, some thunderstorms this morning. by this afternoon, showers and thunderstorms will intensify. we'll be watching that area in the southwest, from texas all the way to the southwest. showers in the u.p. of michigan. gorgeous day in the northeast on
7:35 am
right now we're seeing a mix of sun and clounds around san francisco. breezy conditions in the afternoon as we await the weather system. you see over my shoulders, north in the afternoon, and eventually into the bay area, later on tonight into tomorrow morning. in the meantime, increasing clouds like today, highs in the 80s, south of san jose. 60s to low 70s around san francisco. 78 degrees in fremont. tomorrow, looks to be the day. we're going to get showers and moves out for friday and for the weekend. high pressure builds in which means climbing temperatures to saturday and sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> thanks, al. we all worked with meredith and today on a very reveal iing personal story, she is sharing her own personal experience in the wake of ray rice scandal. >> i was in an abusive relationship many years ago as a young woman. i love this had guy.
7:36 am
it started out we would have this fight and he sort of grabbed my arm. you know, i didn't think a lot about it. and then it turned into pushing me against the wall and then it went beyond that to actually taking his hand and grabbing my face and saying, i could ruin your career if i wanted to and no one would ever want you. then there was the night that i -- we shared an apartment and he threw me into a shower, naked in scalding water and then he threw me outside into the hallway and i continued to stay in that relationship until i was offered a job in another state. and that's where i felt i had the ability to get away. >> yeah. she was very, very fearful. that is an amazing story to hear from meredith. >> when she talks about having the means to leave, but being afraid. and that is what kept her there. >> baby steps. first a push then something more and more and then before you know it --
7:37 am
>> more powerful. >> yeah. >> wow! you can see more of this on meredith vieira's show. check your local listings for that. kids love them but how safe are those trampoline park that is seem to be popping up across the country? on trending, litterers beware, this woman is giving drivers who drop their trash a taste of their own medicine. but first these messages. weight watchers? looks amazing. looks like my next dinner party. that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites... or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier, while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. weight watchers because it works. right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting,
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two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. we're back at 7:41 with new concerns tied to those popular indoor trampoline parks. you may be surprised to find out there are no federal standards regulating that industry. how safe are your kids when they go there? hallie jackson has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, matt. good morning, guys. only a handful of states are considering tougher regulations on the trampoline park industry. one mother is on a personal mission to make a difference. big air fantasies take flight at
7:42 am
indoor trampoline parks with kids and adults falling for the fun. but there's a flip side. these parks can be dangerous and, in rare cases, even deadly, as ty thomas' family discovered after he somersaulted into a shallow foam pit. >> it was only two feet, eight inches deep and he went through it like butter. he broke five major vertebras in his neck and never came back to life. >> she lost her only son. >> they had no emergency procedure in place. most employees were under the age of 18. >> still, her baby boy, even at 30 years old. >> your children are your whole life. and you can only protect them so much. >> that's why she is pushing now for new regulations, to make trampoline parks as safe as possible. >> our concern is there's very little oversight over the safety. these designs aren't safer, for example, than a backyard
7:43 am
trampoline. >> reporter: dr. gary smith is studying injury rates at trampoline parks. there's not much hard data now. he believes it's particularly dangerous when too many big kids and little ones jump together at indoor parks. that's what ted harper's daughter learned the hard way. >> they happened to be much larger than her and landed on top of her. >> reporter: the impact broke his 6-year-old's leg in two places. >> if something goes wrong, boy, can it go -- it can go wrong. >> reporter: harpers are now suing the trampoline park where their daughter was hurt. industry leaders like jeff platt helped to create voluntary safety standards for trampoline parks. >> any physical activity you participate in has an inherent risk associated in t we obviously don't believe they're too dangerous. >> reporter: some require participants to watch safety videos. >> they need to be aware, just like if they're going to go skateboarding or play football
7:44 am
that there always is a chance that something could go wrong. >> reporter: and supporters point out it's a healthy, fun activity to get kids moving. >> we feel that trampoline parks are optimally safe. if not i don't think people would continue to come back over and over again. >> reporter: they say they support safety rules like the new one in arizona, requiring registration and regular inspection. it's called ty's law, named after maureen curly's son. she is lobbying for more laws nationwide to prevent more tragedies like her own. >> we really did it to help parents out there so that they never have to experience this. we believe this is what ty would want us to do. >> so, parents what should you know? experts say it's important to look for a couple of specific things. first, make sure there are monitors in place on the court watching your kids. a lot of it is common sense, looking to see if more than one kid is jumping on a trampoline square at a time and ask those parks if they're following those
7:45 am
voluntary key standards. >> i didn't realize they were so close to each other. >> a lot of workout classes with trampolines. not that i've tried them. they look a little scary. >> hallie, thank you very much. the guys that told the world what the fox says are back with a catchy new song that leave you in knots. we're going to listen to it and natalie's going to give it a try. from the orange room, carson answers your questions about those brand new iphones. he's got them. >> ooh, i like the camera. [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread
7:46 am
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7:50 am
iphones everyone is salivating over. >> she has been in the o.r. all morning long. good to have you. >> thank you. >> friday when people go into stores and want to get the six or six plus, watch doesn't come out until early next year. >> biggest fall trend, record number of preorder sales, 4 million in 24 hours. not all hope is lost. you don't have to start camping out. al offered me $100 to wait in line for him. it's not necessary. >> you offered me 50. >> radio shack, walmart, check all the availability. before you go camp out and wait in line, see how much they have in stock. and check out sites like you can trade in and get the upgrade. >> what are the extra features that make this phone worth buying? >> the charger is the same. the look and feel is the same. in terms of great features, call it the fall trend. bigger is better when it comes
7:51 am
to real estate size on the screen. 5.5 on the iphone 6 plus. bigger is probably one of the bigger features. there's a chip inside right here. this is going to be a big deal, being able to go into the store and pay with your phone, not having to open up another app. it will vibrate to say it's paid. it's secure, it's encrypted. >> apple does all of a sudden, like apple pay. >> all the big credit cards are on board. >> jimmy writes how long will the battery last? >> more battery life always welcome. check it out, certainly an upgrade from the iphone 5. typically it was 10 hours. now we're seeing 14 to 15 hours and then some. six plus very generous. always an extra bonus. >> i think you and i need a qvc show. >> we're taking your calls. al, you're in new york city. available today, the ios upgreat for the four, five and six. >> one of the biggest bonuses
7:52 am
today for anybody on an iphone 4s or above. ios 8 has things like predictive typing, time lapse mode, enhanced photo editing. you can leave a group chat. hooray! >> i love that stuff. by the way, katie said the most important thing. same charger. if they change that charge r again, we would have marched on apple headquarters. >> hey, guys, how much is the iphone 6? >> starting at $199 for iphone six plus starting at $299. when you're making the upgrade -- a lot of people are bumping from 4s, go with the extra storage. bump it up. >> sapphire glass? >> no sapphire glass. that was one disappointment. still rocking the gorilla glass. not shatter proof. >> any more anchors, #orangeroom, logon to facebook or twitter. coming up, we'll celebrate
7:53 am
50 years of ♪ ♪ altuzarra for target available september 14th.
7:54 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. 7:56 i'm laura garcia-cannon. marin county has come up with a different kind of gun buyback program. according to the malaysian independent journal within every saturday in october, parents and children can surrender toy guns and violent video games in exchange for ice cream. organizers say getting rid of toy guns and violent video games could change the way children handle conflict later on in life. facebook officials are meeting with drag queens today to talk about the facebook policy that says people have to use a legal name to register for an account. drag queens say they've been locked out of accounts they made using their stage names and can only regain ak sfesz they use their real names. many worry that would out them and put some people at risk. let's check the forecast now, meteorologist rob mayeda in
7:57 am
for christina. >> good morning, looks to be a typical view across the bay. here's where it's different this morning, we have rain offshore, that'll be moving in north into the afternoon and pushing towards the bayer area. the form of scattered showers later tonight and tomorrow morning. still near 70 in san francisco overall cooler than we saw yesterday now towards the tri-valley "today." highs in the low 80s and cooler temperatures tomorrow at the chance of seeing showers. mike. >> hey rob, i was concerned about reports of a wrong way driver here at 880 and 66. i scanned it, but that cleared without incident. that's better news, but still slow here. slow down on the maps, approaching the bridge, fire on the side of the road still has one lane blocked as you're watching magazine street. take sonoma boulevard, get around that and join us just before you get to the bridge. there's the rest of the build. typical there looking at the san mateo bridge. it continues to slow on the flat section, but still moving over
7:58 am
to the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another update in a half hour, see you then. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the secret lives of teens. what are teenagers hide frth closest people in their lives, even their parents? maria shriver kicks off a special series with what you need to know. then shame, shame, shame. passengers take to social media to expose the rude behavior of fellow air travelers, posting photos you've got to see to believe. and you know her best as the loveable mary ann. five decades later, dawn wells reveals what really went on behind the scenes of gilligan's island, "today," wednesday, september 17th, 2014.
8:01 am
>> who's 60? >> it's a reunion and two of us are turning 60. >> michael, baby, be safe. come home soon. i love you. >> hello. we are mother and daughter, visiting from clinton, iowa. hello, family and friends. >> daddy/daughter day in manhattan. >> hey, mom. hi, nanny and gram. >> we're back now, 8:00, 17th day of september, 2014. a chance to take a gander at some of the nice people who have gathered here in rockefeller plaza. of course, this begs the question since we just teased we'll have dawn wells on, were you a big "gilligan's island" fan? >> absolutely. ♪ just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
8:02 am
a tale of a famous ship ♪ >> are you too young for this? >> did you like mary ann or ginger? >> she was rocking daisy dukes before daisy dukes were popular. >> a little krofrgs back in the day. >> dawn wells, aka mary ann, will be here in a little while. >> getting ready to get in your car? guess what, you don't have to miss a minute of this program. sirius xm, channel 108. no matter where you go, we will find you. >> we're there. >> we'll hunt you down. >> let's go inside. natalie has all the top stories natalie? >> with fans and sponsors still outraged over the nfl's domestic abuse scandal, the minnesota vikings reversed course overnight and advised star running back adrian peterson to stay away from the team as he faces action stemming from the way he disciplined his son. ray rice, recorded hitting his future wife and the biggest
8:03 am
advertising partner anheuser-busch warned the nfl tuesday it is not satisfied with its handling of these behaviors. rochester, new york, man has been indicted and charged with trying to recruit people to fight with isis overseas. they say he wanted to shoot american soldiers returning from the middle east. an american citizen, born in yemen, was arrested in may after he allegedly tried to buy guns and silencers from an fbi informant. a district says he will let a grand jury decide if tony stewart should face charges for the death of another driver during a race last month. kristen dahlgren joins us. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. an exhaustive investigation that took more than a month. the d.a. says he is going to stand this to the next step, have a grand jury listen to the
8:04 am
evidence and decide whether tony stewart should stand trial. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i've ever had to deal with. >> tony stewart just hit that guy! >> now 23 men and women will decide whether criminal charges should be filed against stewart for that moment last month that took the life of fellow race car driver kevin ward jr. ontario county district attorney said he is turning over the investigation of ward's death to a grand jury. >> the question for the grand jury is what was in his mind at that time? did he do it intentionally? did he do it negligently? or was it simply an accident? >> reporter: stewart insists it was an accident and issued a statement tuesday saying i respect the time and effort spent by both the ontario county district attorney and the sheriff's office in investigating this tragic accident. i look forward to this process being completed. and i will continue to provide my full cooperation.
8:05 am
grand jury proceedings in new york are strktly confidential. the d.a. would not say who may be called as witnesses. that video of stewart's car and ward colliding on a dirt track. ward gets out of his car. as stewart comes back around the track, appears to walk towards stewart's approaching car, then ward is hit. now 12 of the 23 grand jurors would have to agree to indict. as for nascar, they say they are monitoring the situation. we're told stewart will race in new hampshire this weekend. natalie? >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. harvest festival in ireland was just getting started when audience members listening to a rock band did a double take. yes, right there. you see a pig all of a sudden darting in front of the stage. the runaway porker escaped from a petting zoo at the festival. he was soon recaptured and returned to his rightful place. it is 8:05 right now. let's get another check of the weather with al. >> natalie, thanks so much. we've got somebody here who
8:06 am
wants to have a play date with savannah's daughter, vail. who is this? >> sophia. >> where are you from? >> gross pointe, michigan. >> she is beautiful. >> thank you. >> how old? >> almost 5 months. >> that's great. thanks for bringing her down. >> thank you. >> i'll call savannah, see what we can do. let's check out your weather. the latest on odile. and it is still a tropical storm, making its way toward tucson, 190 miles away. if it stay s a tropical storm, 1997 since they've had a tropical storm move in. probably extended further east as we move along. look at all the rain we're talking about, anywhere from three to seven inches. could be up to nine inches of rain causing massive flooding. we are going to be watching that.
8:07 am
wet and we're about to see some changes to our forecast, as well, during the day today with partly cloudy skies right now, 80 south of san jose. 60s to low 70s around san francisco for the afternoon, and for the north bay, mostly cloudy skies, chance of showers late north of santa rosa temperatures today in the 70s and we'll see 70s towards the tri-valley tomorrow with a chance of showers. and skies begin to clear and temperatures rise for the weekend as high pressure builds in. we'll see 80s to low 90s in the forecast for the upcoming saturday and sunday for the valley. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up on trending, remember the guys behind that song "what does the fox say"? >> i love that song. >> they have a new video. we're debuting it next. >> okay. are you a mary ann, debra messing or howie mandel fan? you decide. >> all together.
8:08 am
>> all three. >> crazy. >> all three. >> crazy.lynn: i can't believe it's september already. dad: i know! how are you feeling? lynn: um, excited, um, a little nervous. dad: oh, you're gonna to be fine. lynn: yeah, i know, i know. dad: well, you look great. lynn: thanks, dad. oh! here, you can feel her kick. dad: oh, wow. (chuckles) i hear it's better to do most of your planting in the fall. what are you, a plant whisperer? maybe. [ male announcer ] get 50% off scotts ez seed grass mixture at lowe's. ♪
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8:12 am
>> what's trending today. let's start with the latest in social shaming, because we love social shaming. here's one. the vigilante taking on litter bugs, catching a driver throwing cigarette butt out of the window. what does this russian biker vigilante do? she throws not just one cigarette, but the whole ashtray into the car. >> no! >> wait a second. another instance, the driver dumps a bottle in the street so the woman on the motorcycle catches up and tapes the bottle to her rear view or side view mirror. love or hate this woman, the video is now up to about 6 million views. >> very dangerous. >> litter is my pet peeve. >> it is your pet peeve. >> i hate it. >> do you think that's how -- >> no. >> however -- >> people who throw garbage out
8:13 am
the windows -- >> drives me nuts. >> there's potential -- >> never do that here. >> a cigarette comes sbout bounout and bounces on the highway, people think that's not litter. targeting annoying flyers, called passenger shaming. take a look at some of these pictures. flyers not having any problem putting their feet up. this guy is caught clipping his fingernails. look at this guy. >> that's wrong. >> that's my father! >> why not just take his pants off and be done with it? >> a little bit of a mess. >> ew. >> what's that? >> dentures. can we just agree there's never a reason to take your shoes and socks off on an airplane. it's not a jimmy buffett concert. you're on a plane. >> socks and slippers on. no? >> yeah. >> no? what does the fox say, you remember that viral video? >> yes. >> of course. >> top trending video, more than
8:14 am
330 million views. >> this morning, ylvis, the group behind the smash hit, is out with a new video. this one is all about tying a knot called "the trucker's hitch." ♪ let's do the truck trucker's ♪ ♪ this is how you do it bring it up check the rope spin around whip it whip it take it home bring it up spin it now ♪ >> looks dangerous. al is going to give it a shot. they'll be here to show us how to tie that trucker's hitch in person. the first u.s. performance of the song on october 16th. write it on your calendars. >> it's going to be a hit. ♪ can you tie this knot >> you did not do that. >> that's not the trucker's hitch. is it? >> that was already done. you couldn't have done it.
8:15 am
>> it's a lasso. >> yee-haw! come on, partner. what would ying be without yang, cheech without chong? this without that, and imagines what kathie lee and hoda would be like without hoda. >> you know what something's worse? and i say what? he says whatever somebody is willing to pay for it. find out what you're worth in the marketplace. you'll find out. huh? >> what was that? >> you should do the whole show like that. >> absolutely. >> it ist sort of is like our show. >> glass of red wine. >> it airs later today. >> genius. >> i love how you going it's so
8:16 am
funn funny. >> passive aggressive there. that's all right. that's what's trending today. up next, we are back now with the kickoff of our special series "the secret lives of teens," issues that teens commonly deal with, but also commonly hide from their parents. maria shriver is here. she is a parent of four children, one is still a teenager. good morning. >> good morning, matt. we're kicking off this series with a big topic, anxiety. more and more teens are suffering from it. we gathered a group of teens to
8:17 am
talk about anxiety, why they seem to have it, what we parents can learn from it, and how we contribute to it. take a look. 15-year-old anna marie was a straight a student. >> i would always have trouble breathing when i was feeling anxious and i would feel like my chest tightened. >> reporter: 17-year-old jake was a popular athlete. >> a lot of fleeting thoughts in my head. a lot of fear, but i don't really know what i'm afraid of. >> reporter: today, an estimated one in ten teens experiences anxiety so severe that it disrupts their lives. >> everyone that i know has some form of anxiety. that's scary. >> reporter: we went to newport academy, a behavioral treatment center, to talk to these high schoolers about the anxiety from parents, friends and school. how many of you kept your anxiety a secret? >> well, for me, because that was definitely a big thing,
8:18 am
hiding it. showing signs of fear or sadness were almost taboo. >> i didn't see any other people in my life struggling with anxiety and so i never wanted to show anyone how anxious and stressed out i really was. >> reporter: so many parents today are referred to as, quote, helicopter parents, trying to get you the best s.a.t. tutors, after-school help, a scholarship on a sports. you guys are all nodding. is that causing anxiety? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> from a really early age, i was like exposed to the idea that if you don't get into a good college, you're not going to be successful in life, you're going to amount to nothing. and so i was really stressed out about getting good grades. >> reporter: another stressor? pretending online to be someone they weren't. did social media exacerbate your anxiety? >> on social media, i was a different person. i was having fun all the time. i was outgoing, when in reality i wasn't.
8:19 am
it was causing me a lot of anxiety to keep that up. >> reporter: experts say while some anxiety in teens is normal, there are warning signs it's become a problem. >> probably the biggest issue is one of avoidance. teens that are anxious tend to avoid things that they find frightening. and this can be going to school, social relationships, not going to work. >> reporter: to numb themselves, some teens secretly use alcohol or drugs. >> i started to lead a double life. it was basically wake up in the morning like, you know, get dressed and everything. be really nice to my mom. love you, mom. she drops me off and i walk in to school and i'm known there as the stoner kid. >> reporter: your mother had no idea when you got out of that car and said i love you mom that you were a druggie in school? >> she had no idea. >> reporter: self mute lating behavior such as cutting. one in five college students have tried it. explain that to me. i'm a mom. it's hard for me to understand
8:20 am
how cutting yourself actually helps. >> it kind of took my mind away from the emotional pain and i would completely forget about everything i was dealing with because something else hurt. >> reporter: through treatment here, these teens say they've learned healthier ways to cope. >> a big cause of my anxiety was the fear of the unknown, fear of what might happen. and so one thing that really helped for me was just trying to stay in the moment. >> the biggest thing for me is probably honesty, honesty with myself for where i'm really at and honesty with the people that are here to help. >> reporter: so experts say honesty is the key. we have to encourage our children to talk to us about what they're feeling, what they're going through. i know, matt, that's not always easy. >> no. i have a 13-year-old boy. when you say encourage them to talk, i think boys are more reluctant to talk about some of these issues than girls are. >> they are. get them in the car, drive with them, they talk more.
8:21 am
that's what i've discovered. we are going to talk about boys and what seems to be happening with internet addiction and boys. that will be tomorrow. >> maria shriver, thank you very much. here's hoda. >> matt, thanks so much. can you believe this? this month marks the 50th anniversary of the beloved show "gilligan's island." five decades later we still know that theme song by heart. ♪ with gilligan the skipper too the millionaire and his wife ♪ ♪ the movie star the professor and mary ann here on gilligan's island ♪ >> who doesn't love that? dan wells played the loveable kansas farm girl mary ann somers. out with a new book called "what would mary ann do: a guide to life." good morning. >> good morning. >> 50 years. is this right? does it feel like 50? >> no. it's three generations of kids
8:22 am
we raised. there's no cars or clothes, no '56 chevy in the driveway. we're in 30 languages. >> it's all over the world. >> all over the world. >> i didn't realize the show had only been on the air three years. most things don't make that much of a deep footprint, deep impression. >> no. >> you think it touched people on what level? >> the child in you. i think everybody sort of had that fantasy of being on an island, what would i be doing? and the stupid props -- not stupid. they were very clever. and the professor was bright. why didn't he build a boat? >> we've only said it about 15 times but ginger or mary ann, how many times have you heard that in your life? >> it feels great because i always win when they're talking to me. they're not going to say ginger. i would punch them in the nose. >> it's a book that talks about from mary ann's perspective. is it also from your perspective? >> i was born and raised in nevada where there was prostitution, gambling and divorce and i was raised with
8:23 am
mary ann morals without my mother knowing that was what it was. now that the media is out there, you can't just tell your children what to do. they're seeing something else. $500 purse, how important is that? when i meet the fans and how endearing they are, it says something. there's a message there. what would mary ann do today? there was no birth control. drop her right down in kansas right now and what's going on. >> sweet book written by the professor, dear friend of yours, who passed away in january. >> yeah. >> what did he mean to you? >> a lot. because we were, i don't know, kind of a little leftover so to speak. probably the funniest one on the screen. >> leftovers, you say, but your character, i read, got more fan mail than any of the other characters. what was it about her that resonated with people? >> your girlfriend, your best friend, i wouldn't try to take your boyfriend away from you.
8:24 am
i would have gone to the prom, i cook, i clean. >> you wore the short shorts. >> yes. >> how did that get past the censors? >> we had a little thing that covered my navel. >> it wasn't allowed to be shown? >> nochlt i made my torso look longer. ginger couldn't show her cleavage. >> all those rules. >> you had episodes that were your favorites. the doolittle. >> it was a dream sequence. we got to do more than the typical mary ann thing. >> a live lion. >> we wanted to pet the lion and the trainer said, no, don't touch him. bob came n the lion was on the bed. he was supposed to board himself up. when he boarded himself up he was only this far from the lion and it went for him. and about bob went like this, but the bed separated. they weren't tied together so the lion lost his footing.
8:25 am
>> are you kidding? >> no. >> that is terrifying. >> really dangerous. >> there was one where i think you got knocked out, fell asleep or something and you woke up and you were ginger. >> yes, i was ginger. >> how was that? >> it was fun because she does that little marilyn monroe. >> i was reading somewhere that this thing has been running and running. the proceeds -- a lot of times when things are rerun, the actors actually earn some money. that wasn't really the case with this, was it? >> not at all. we got paid for the first five episodes or something. cbs did something. he made $90 million on the reruns. we didn't make a dime. >> we wish you great luck with this book. it's a terrific book. thank you so much for being with us. >> i watch you, hoda, every day. >> matt says he's a mary ann person.
8:26 am
a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose sharks joining in the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. several sharks will be signing autographs in exchange for a $20 donation. lamar disappeared in 2012 when she was walking to school. volunteers still search near the school every saturday morning. the fundraiser was organized by logan couture. i want to check the morning commute with mike. >> things are much better now that all lanes are open. earlier fire that should improve through the north bay. over here, some improvement over the last 20 minutes across the san mateo bridge. look at your maps, now going
8:27 am
from red to orange to yellow over there, still slow on the peninsula side of san mateo, but palo alto looking great. 880 with a better speed now, north of 238, both directions away from the castro valley. looking at the south bay, northbound routes looking nice, but north 85 at fremont, crash. back to you. >> there you go. go spartans. another local news update in about a half hour. hope you have a great wednesday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back at 8:30 on a wednesday morning. it's september 17th, 2014. we have a nice crowd sticking around. people are hanging in there. no attrition here. >> no. >> don't use big words around me. >> debra messings new show called "the mysteries of laura," and we will talk to her about
8:31 am
that. and our good buddy, howie mandel from "america's got talent." >> it's a nail. >> he is telling us who he is putting his cash on. and then a guy that we think will take the music scene by storm. a great voice. can we brag just a little bit about one of our own. you all know matt a stylish guy. he has been officially named most stylish by the 2014 "us weekly" magazine. >> very flattering. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about it a lot more. >> no, let's not. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker.
8:32 am
>> you can melt that -- i knew that. let's show you what we have going on right now. we have wet weather in the southwest again. odile making its way. rip currents along the southeast atlantic coast. tomorrow more rain in central and southern florida. we are watching the threat of flash flooding from texas into the southwest because of odile. and lots of sunshine as you make your way into the great lakes. g. right now starting to see sunshine over downtown san francisco, courtesy of the microclimate weather network from the weather underground. not as warm in ocean beach, waiting for the sun to come through. up on the north side of the bay, we do have clouds starting to clear across the north side of the bay, and as we go through the afternoon today, 60s and 70s
8:33 am
closer to san francisco, near 80 in san jose. temperatures in the mid 70s, low 80s towards the tri-valley with a chance of showers tonight, into tomorrow, then skies clear and temperatures climb through the weekend. and that's your latest weather. mr. lauer. >> thank you very much. emmy winner, debra messing, returns to primetime tonight. she stars as a detective that is always on top of her game except when it comes to a certain wild duo. take a look. >> this is a depraved unspeakable act. i am sickened. get ready to be inside for a very long time. life as you know it is over. what do you have to say for yourself? >> sorry, mommy. >> 6-year-olds of often tougher
8:34 am
than criminals. >> the crew was laughing. that's a good sign. >> it is. >> how are you? >> i have been working hard and busy. >> i think this show, it asks you to laugh and get involved in the murder mysteries. it's not an easy take. >> it made me so excited when i read the script. i love murder mysteries and i watched every "law and order," and "48 hours." >> do you do colombo and that sort of thing? >> all of that, and loved it and then i got a script where there was a really smart and complicated murder to solve and i found myself laughing out loud and i thought, this never happens. >> i think it puts pressure on the writers and in some way more pressure on the actors, because you have to turn on the dime.
8:35 am
>> that's what makes it fun and exciting and scary, also. it changes tone from scene to scene. that's the adventure that we are on. >> laura is a detective, but she is also a single mom of those two little rascals we saw earlier, which we know parents are detectives anyway, but is it true that the kids have just been expelled from preschool? >> yes, that -- yes, once again, once against they have been expelled. they are little rascals and cause problems. i am running around and trying to get my kids into preschool. >> is it true also that they in public had a pee-pee sword fight? >> indeed. >> what does that entail? >> two 6-year-olds in public urinating on each other. >> these are your children? >> yes, these are my children and i am proud to say that they are adorable and they are great little people, great little men. >> was it hard to get you back into serious television?
8:36 am
i would imagine when you get away from the grind of putting a show like that on, life kind of takes on a different meaning. is it hard to get back in the schedule? >> it is hard, because it's feast or famine. you are either a full time mom, which i loved being, or you are working 12 hours a day every day. and there is no middle ground. i love to act. it feeds me in a really special way, but for me it's always about the script and finding the right script is the thing most challenging. >> do you think because "will & grace" was so popular and successful every role you take on from now on in the future it will be compared to grace. is that okay? >> yeah, i am thrilled and proud that is the case, for us to have that kind of impact and that
8:37 am
character to be so beloved, and hopefully fans of grace will watch this and enjoy it as wells in a different way. >> there are different characters, but they both eat inappropriate. one is off of her shirt and one in front of a corpse. which isn't good. both acts as if nobody is watching? >> yeah, with laura, the reason she is eating appropriately, she is on the case nonstop and there is no time to eat. >> in the morgue? >> hey, it's launch. >> it's 12:00 o'clock somewhere? >> she's got to do what she's got to do. >> i was honored to do a small cameo on "will & grace," and what are my chances of appearing on the show? >> spectacular.
8:38 am
>> what do you want to be? >> the corpses. >> i want you to be the bad guy. >> really? >> yeah. >> i like the way you saw that. debra, it's great to have you back. the show is called "the h mysteries of laura." you can catch it here on msnbc. up next, we will talk to tonight's season finale of "america's got talent." but first, this is "today" on nbc. perform in our studio. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
it has all led up to this america's got talent, kicked off its two-part finale with the acts performing for the last time. tonight's result show, we will find out who will take home that million dollar prize. howie mandel himself.
8:41 am
>> will not take home the million dollar prize. >> no, he won't. he will judge it. hey, howie. >> how are you? >> last night -- >> amazing, huh? >> amazing. >> it seems weird because i'm on it, but was that the best two hours of television in years? >> how do you pick? incredible singing acts and a couple of other ones on the side. >> this has been -- i've watched it since year one. i've been judging for five years. this is the first time i swear to you, i have absolutely no idea who is a front-runner, because all the singers are grachlt we have more singers than we've ever had in a finale. we also have musicians, because we have the sons of serendip. i don't know how that translates to the people at home but it is one of the most spectacular -- >> the hand stand on the top. >> everything. magic tricks. acro army right there. >> do some of the music groups cancel each other out because they're competing with one another and the acrobats or the
8:42 am
musician -- >> do i have to answer that question now? because i can answer that really well tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow. >> yes. >> who are you picking? >> who am i picking? >> yes. >> i don't have a choice. i love that when you love something -- little girls, young women are voting, they're voracious, they'll go for miguel. >> the sexy singer. >> yeah, like one direction or, you know, five seconds of summer. that's what's real hot right now. if you want something that's exciting and you want to see a show, acro army, sons of serendip. >> the magician. >> franco. >> i was slow mo'ing my tv. >> you couldn't figure it out. >> no, i couldn't. >> i don't know how he does it. i think he's actually a wizard. it's magical. >> so weird. >> i am weird. >> let's talk about the other part of your life. little baby abby. >> i became a grandfather.
8:43 am
the most amazing week of my life. can you believe that? this smile has not been wiped off. i took a bag and i took a bag of my clothes back to l.a. in my room i have sweats and a bag of laundry that's piled up. >> how is this different than -- >> there she is. >> oh, my gosh! howie! >> that's abby. look at the hair. >> more than you. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh! tell me how it's different than having your own child. what's this like? >> i don't know. it's just like pure joy. i remember when i brought home my own child. i had all that joy but was worried and scared and couldn't figure out how to deal with this and what to do and this is just joy, nothing but joy. i'm a grandfather. >> what do you want this little baby to call you? >> rather than a name, a sound. i want her to utter my name at least four or five times a day and i will be the first name that she says. look, it's -- >> howie, you're the absolute best. >> thank you.
8:44 am
>> the big finale tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. the winner will be with us live tomorrow on "today." i just can't eat cabbage. up next, get ready to dance, live performance from
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. we're back now 8:46. we're joined by scottish sensation paolo nutini. >> caustic love has hit number one. as that album hits the states, good morning. >> hi. >> are you excited to start your u.s. tour? how do you think you'll be received here? >> i don't know. i hope i'm -- i hope well.
8:47 am
>> you sold out washington already. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> can i ask you about caustic love? i don't often have to go to the dictionary to make sure i get this. but it's like corrosive, sharp, bitter. why do you call it that? >> a lot of people see it as a negative. it's actually a positive. when you get that feeling, that notion, how it can wash through and eat away all your boundaries, defense mechanisms you put up, leave you vulnerable. >> so it's a good thing? >> yeah. >> all right. are you writing about personal experiences when you write your songs? >> perceptions. >> you know what's nice -- >> kind of scary. >> someone mentioned you took some time off and traveled around the world a little bit. someone asked you what you were doing. the times of london wrote this.
8:48 am
what's he been doing the past five years? writing the best songs of his career. not bad, huh? you don't get excited about a lot of things but that's okay. i like that about you. what are you going to sing? >> i'm going to sing a song "scream." >> watch your step. ♪ how was i to know you'd just come along and funk my life up lips like they've been singing s sexed up strawberry songs just funk my life up never heard it coming thought it's just another woman with a shotgun in her hand
8:49 am
funk my life up ♪ ♪ she's the bass she's the beat she's the rhythm she's the band and the girl so fine makes you want to scream hallelujah ♪ ♪ sly hands spinning webs like silk beats are dripping on me like spider milk and i never heard the warning when i woke up this morning with my sunshine on a drip ♪ ♪ she's my rock she's my bud she's tequila she's a trip and that girl so fine makes you wanna scream hall lay lieua ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ ♪ how can i refuse i'm not fit to choose just funk my life up i said the only way i win is the
8:50 am
way i lose just funk my life up and i never got the script i unzipped got a little bit wet up in my brain ♪ ♪ she's your church she's your sin she's atomic she's the rain funk my life up ♪ ♪ and the girl so fine makes you wanna scream yeah yeah ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ ♪ she gets me silly she's like a trick on me hell i don't even know her name but yet she sticks to me and in the climax she would scream with me yeah she sticks to me she gets me funny she doesn't want none of my money so i pour it over her like gasoline ♪ ♪ light a match and then i'm back in my teens me and super girl smoking my
8:51 am
green me and super girl shooting the breeze ♪ ♪ unload reload eyes back swinging sweet thing knows things jeff beck sings roundhouse going down lights out ♪ ♪ and the girl so fine makes you wanna scream hall lay lieua ♪ ♪ hall lay lieua yeah the girl so fine makes you wanna scream ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ >> paolo nutini, thank you so much. beautiful. we're back in a moment.
8:52 am
first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
>> okay, new favorite. >> oh, boy. >> unreal. >> get some birthday wishes from our friend, willard scott. >> everybody up in the bronx.
8:54 am
bir birthdays for you here. take a look at miss curlie wilson, absolutely the loveliest in town. 100 years old today. she loves all kinds of activities like gardening and quilting. you can't beat the combination. this is francis santos, 100 years old today, handsome fellow. he loves all sorts of activities, especially sailing. that's big sport up in massachusetts. provincetown up in massachusetts. julia medicine evena, san antonio, texas, there's some good food there. happy birthday to you. horace johnson, 104 years old today. from glen mills, pennsylvania, master carpenter. give him a hammer and nails and he can build anything. that's it, new york. have fun up there. miss you. you're the best crowd i've seen
8:55 am
today. >> willard, thank you very much. we have the gang from the next hour here. >> we do. sprouts kindest kid contest, helping them out with a search for kids doing great things across the country. to learn how to nominate someone go to >> i want to thank the crowd, too. my kids watch sprout all the time. wrote us in the orange room a happy one-year anniversary today. i showed it to my kids and they flipped. so, thank you, chica. >> how does she hold a pen? >> with her beak. >> i don't want to ruin it for the kids. >> one-year anniversary, tamron had a birthday yesterday. >> thank you. >> anniversary dinner recently? >> yes. >> celebrate. >> saw some pictures of your concert with jeff goldblum. and we're going to answer a question, random question from
8:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, a new warning for anyone with a garden. a bug has moved into the bay area, taking crops and backyard gardens. the insect has been known to cause millions in crop damage, destroying plants as soon as they sprout. let's check the forecast now.
8:57 am
hello. >> we're seeing sunshine, but breeze is picking up this afternoon and eventually showers reaching the bay area. san jose near 80 today, closer to 70 in san francisco. showers for thursday and for the north bay, we will see a chance of showers late today for santa rosa and across the bay area for thursday and turning warmer as skies clear and high pressure builds in for the weekend. another local news update in 30 minutes. here's an idea.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> uh-huh. >> welcome to "today," wednesday morning, september 17th, 2014. another beautiful crowd on our plaza on another beautiful day in new york city. i'm willie gei willie along wit al, tamron. >> tamron is barely here today. >> tell us about the party. >> at alcohol is still coming -- i'm kidding. no, i did not. i don't drink. i just lie. >> how big -- really?
9:01 am
>> my mom's watching. >> your mom and your dad, gipetto? >> i had a party, larry and sylvia my besties. hi, surprise, a party. thank you. >> was there food there? >> they only brought alcohol, six deviled eggs that larry picked up. >> for how many people? >> like 30 people and they were on this wooden thing. i don't know if he got them off the street. i don't know. >> a plank of wood? >> that's when you go, pizza. >> larry is in the hospitality business. >> how long? >> sylvia is one of the most elegant people i know. we had alcohol. >> six-pack of deviled eggs. >> for seven hours. >> it just ended? >> wow! >> yes. nothing says i love you like just booze. i brought in 44 right, thank you. how was your anniversary? >> we had a good time. we'll talk about that in a
9:02 am
little bit. we went to see jeff goldblum. >> you have pictures. >> and reviews. we haven't seen any pictures of -- >> my party? >> there will be no picture. >> the celebrities that make you give the phone at the door. >> yeah, check the phone. >> oprah's show that gets phones thrown in the bag. >> good idea. >> no incriminating evidence. >> since there were only six deviled eggs, that's a good idea. adrian peterson, fresh news. minnesota vikings have now reversed their decision and put adrian peterson on what's called the exempt commissioner's permission list. what that means is that he is barred from all team activities until his legal proceedings are resolved. can't come to the facility. can't practice. can't play. no nothing. early this morning, the team's owner came out with a statement saying, in part, while we're trying to make a balanced decision yesterday after further reflection we concluded this resolution is best for the vikings and for adrian. we want to be sure we get this right. >> i wonder if this is now -- they're starting to hear from a lot of blue chip advertisers.
9:03 am
>> yeah. >> anheuser-busch, $1.2 billion in advertising in the nfl, mcdonald's, they're all coming out and saying we're not really -- campbell's, mcdonald's. they're not happy with what's gone on. >> the drip, drip, drip and the puddle has gotten so big and you have the governor coming out and saying this is not right, he should not be back on the team playing until, you know, we finally have some sort of legal resolution to the case. the governor saying peterson's actions were an embarrassment to the team and the vikings organization and the entire state of minnesota. i think it's a constant drip and it finally got to the point where it boiled over. it took this long, apparently, to boil over. >> and the ripple effect of this thing. rihanna. >> yes. >> don't you wonder who is running the show? i mean, this is crazy from the rihanna disaster. she was supposed to perform. cbs pulled her song. >> her song. >> her song rather. they pulled the song saying they
9:04 am
wanted a different tone for the game. i guess it was last thursday. >> yeah. >> then they made the decision to pull the song all together. >> she tweeted after. >> after they pulled it. >> after. >> it was supposed to be a one-time pull. >> one time. >> then she tweets you all are sad for penalizing me for this, then used an expletive and then cbs said you know what? maybe we're just going in a different direction. >> cbs said it wasn't about her, they wanted to go in a different tone. as i'm reading this, hearing some of the commentary, rihanna is taking blame for this. what did she do exactly? >> one of the considerations was that she had been involved as a survivor now of domestic abuse. that was one of -- it wasn't just the tone, as i understand it. there was -- on the list of things, a consideration that she had been involved with this incident. by involved, she was -- >> thank you. >> she didn't do anything. >> she didn't instigate it.
9:05 am
>> she was the victim, now survivor of it. >> people would come out and say, yes, she's a victim. she hasn't done enough. she hasn't satisfied me she's against domestic violence. she hasn't used her platform. it's obvious she's been roped into this. >> who is running the nfl? these haphazard decisions of adrian peterson in, he's not. maybe we saw the tape, maybe we didn't see the tape. this is, what, a $40 billion organization? they can't shell out some dough for decent pr person who can look at this and say let's bring in a collective group of women, men, all folks to try to make reasonable decisions and not knee jerk? when i woke up and heard that, i thought that's crazy they're now letting him back in. who is running the show there? >> often times you follow the money as al pointed out. $1.2 billion deal over six years, have bud light be the official beer. >> money talks.
9:06 am
>> what we can't walkway from is all the buzz surrounding the new iphone. >> is it here? is it out? >> not yet. not out yet. >> we do have the actual phone but -- >> we have katie linendal. >> it is apple picking season as i like to call it. tech expert in the industry the last ten years it's a huge bonus to be able to get hands on a few days early. >> you had this for like a week or so? >> correct. >> two versions, tell us. >> two versions. a lot of people are saying can you show us the size comparison? here is the six plus and the six. this is like a 5s right next to it. i was going to tell you this was a six plus. it's an ipad mini. you get to see the size comparison. new technology, thinner, lighter, faster, which we're seeing here with both of the sixes. the size difference, and the fact that we're going backward with his bigger screens when it comes to smart phones is really trending. >> i like that it's a bigger
9:07 am
screen. for me -- natalie, you may have same issue. i have the handbag test. does it fit in -- nothing worse than carrying your purse and then your phone behind it. >> i think i would like to get that one. my only concern is when you're running, too. i usually run with my iphone. >> that's a big thing to run with. >> that's why they want you to buy the watch. >> you still have to carry the phone, right? >> blue tooth headphones and the watch and you don't have to be tethered. everyone very excited especially with the fitness band, sports version of the apple watch when it comes out 2015. >> there you have it. they want you to buy the watch. >> better battery life, right? >> yes. obviously, the bigger real estate, screen size, better camera features. 4s and up, ios 8 launches today. >> that's free, right? >> that upgrades even your 5 or 5s, you can use third party keyboard and things like that? >> what does that mean?
9:08 am
>> predictive text on board. >> right now you're locked into the keyboard that's on your phone. there are other keyboards that use predictive or swiping and that sort of thing. something that's available on android right now, right? >> very popular feature, swiping the most popular. being able to leave group chats, time lapse modes, new added slow motion features. i was so impressed by ios 8. it's the biggest feature of having this new upgrade. >> six is $199 and six plus is $ 99. >> i was just in the florida key. >> phone etiquette when someone shows you their phone. >> don't do it. >> i never! >> wow, that's a nice bikini. >> katie, thank you so much. you had a good time earlier today. >> oh, okay. >> a great story. >> we had a little story on our newscast earlier this morning
9:09 am
involving a chicago flautist. she had a little bit of distraction. she was in a competition performing in denmark monday. you notice the butterfly lands on her nose. >> keeps going. >> she continues to play on. carl nielsen international flute competition and it's very, as you see, very professional. it's a very intense competition. she continues to play until the end and then brushes the butterfly away. >> in fact, she had -- >> some problems. >> fewer problems with that than you had reporting the story earlier. >> what happened? >> i am a flautist. >> you are? >> yes. >> you were flauting some real -- here, take a look. >> oh. >> take a look at this. some butterfly kisses for a flautist right in the middle of a performance. chicago based flautist -- flutist -- i'm right. i used to play the flute. >> three, two -- >> butterfly kisses for a
9:10 am
flautist right in the middle of a performance. taking part in the carl nielsen flaut -- flute competition. [ laughter ] >> oh, wow! wow! >> end scene. yay, i get the prize for blunder of the day. >> no, you were right. >> flutist but the prompt was written flute like a flutist or whatever. >> hoda giggling. >> the whole thing was -- >> so unprofessional of hoda. i can't imagine anybody doing that to anybody else. >> we all make our little -- >> yes, we do. believe me, i'm a weather man. i'm used to it. tropical storm odile, southwest of tucson. 44-mile-per-hour winds. if it stays a tropical storm when it gets into arizona, last time it happened was 1997 with
9:11 am
tropical storm nora. look at all the heavy rain pushing up into the area. five states from california into texas. flash flood watches. we will most likely see flash flood warnings once the rain gets really going. you can see this afternoon the heavy rain moves into arizona, new mexico, spreading all the way into texas by thursday afternoon. so rainfall amounts going to be a big problem anywhere from three to five inches in just a few hours over the next 72 hours, could be over nine inches of rain and that's going to cause major flooding problems from arizona all the way into right now we're seeing partly cloudy skies around the bay area. taking a look at our data network, you'll notice towards ocean beach, 63 degrees, low clouds through 9:00. through the afternoon, rain producing clouds approaching the north bay and eventually by tonight, into tomorrow morning, that's when we'll see the showers move through the bay
9:12 am
area. 80s in san jose. upper 60s to 70s in san francisco. 80s towards the tri-valley with showers coming in through tomorrow morning. >> and that's your latest weather. earlier this week, jeff goldblum was here. we love jeff goldblum. >> what a guy. >> we were singing with him. he is playing at the legendary cafe carlisle. deborah and i went to go see him. it was our anniversary. i've got to tell you, it is a spectacular cabaret act. he has this great quintet. he plays trivia in between sets, telling stories. it is just a wonderful -- and, by the way, he is a terrific musician as are the other four musicians around him. if you are in new york, get a chance, go see jeff goldblum. >> through next -- >> through this sunday. >> they may be sold out.
9:13 am
he'll come back. >> maybe if you have enough people -- >> you can say al roker sent you. that worked for me at the restaurant. my friend al recommended -- they knocked people out. >> you have to play the roker card. >> play the roker card. >> that will work out well for you. >> do it. jay-z, carrie underwood and bridget moynahan all in one place. the fr hey! i found my true love, livin' in a sweet dream. what matters most should always come first.
9:14 am
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♪ 14 years to the day, we got our first prius. ♪ sometimes the most daring ideas... ...are the ones you can count on the most. ♪ the prius. toyota, lets go places. bridget moynahan made her debut in coyote ugly and played in "i robot." she is currently starring as the no nonsense d.a. in the show "blue bloods." >> she joins an a-list group of celebrities and musicians for a
9:17 am
free concert next week in central park, raising awareness about extreme poverty. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tell us about the global citizens festival. >> the festival is on september 27th and it's really a great event where they bring policy and issues and pop together. and everyone that's at the concert has earned their way into the concert by taking action through social media to take, you know, some kind of action on different policies, global and everything. and it's great. and we have these impact pacts this year that have t-shirts and bracelets and all the money goes toward some of the policies that we're paying attention to, whether it's vaccines, sanitation or education. it's a great, great cause. >> i love the concept. yes, you get to see jay-z, carrie underwood and all that. you get the free ticket only if you served in some way. what can people do? how do they get in? >> go on to and you have to participate in some way, whether it's
9:18 am
volunteering or different videos that you can send out. there's all these different ways to participate. and if you can't get into the concert, because there's a certain number that are now viewing it. they're going to be showing it on nbc and msnbc. >> great. >> good. >> fifth season of "blue bloods" out. >> yes. >> you're back as the d.a. >> thankfully. >> your dad is tom sellick. how he is ageless and timeless. amazing. >> such a great man. and has earned the respect. a pleasure to work with. >> one of those things i saw him on the street about a month ago and was like, that's tom sellick. >> he hasn't changed. >> no. >> he's still a very hot man, you know. i can say that even though that's my dad on the show. >> talk about a weird thing right there. >> that's mild compared to what you said about al roker. >> what did you say? >> i said, um --
9:19 am
>> you asked -- >> i said it's a pleasure to meet you. >> no, no, go ahead. what happened? >> let's just say there's a nice thing happening here. >> rarely does this man blush. he has gone silent. silent. >> i have the -- >> we have performers from the concert who will be performing at the concert. can you match the song with the group? are you ready for that? >> oh, boy, yes. >> let's play the first song. ♪ some nights i stay up >> fun. >> next one. ♪ i'm just a girl >> next one! ♪ >> carrie. >> yes! >> that's not jay-z. >> next one. >> there you go. >> jay-z. >> boom. >> four for four.
9:20 am
>> good one to end on. >> show them the t-shirt, bridget. >> bam! bridget, thank you. global citizens festival taking place september 27th live on msnbc, one-hour special event that night on msnbc. >> thank you for being here. >> happy to be here. >> thank you. all the news you need before you walk out the door. later on, concern over concussions in wrung athletes. the new technology how it is concussions in wrung athletes. the new technology how it is warning p who's going to do it? concussions in wrung athletes. the new technology how it is wwho's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code? who's going to do it? engineers. that's who. that's what i want to do. be an engineer. join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are24/7branches? it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. taking a look at the headlines. an american citizen from yemen has been charged with trying to recruit people to fight overseas with isis. 30-year-old deli manager has been under arrest since may when he was first accused of plotting to recruit american soldiers returning from iraq. court documents suggest the fbi began investigating the rochester, new york man after he posted internet messages urging people to donate money to isis
9:24 am
and al qaeda. we have an important recall to tell you about. ikea is recalling more than 2,000 of its children swings. the suspension fittings can break, causing a child to fall. there's one report overseas of a child fracturing their leg. you can return the swing to ikea for a full refund. americans' waistlines are getting bigger. researchers analyzed trends in abdomenal obesity. they found they increase an average of one inch, with the most significant gains among women, african-americans. fed-ex says it will increase shipping rates. earlier in the the year fed-ex announced it would start charging by box size as well as weight. and an emotional reunion on tuesday for a minnesota soldier after spending the last nine months in afghanistan. one little boy wasn't going to
9:25 am
let the protocol stand in the way. the boy ran across the crowded roonl a room and jumped into her arms. i'm sure he wore that smile all day long. we love those kinds of stories. we're back with your local news and weather. # comfortable with gurgling. cnothing seems to feel right! and yet another pile of clothes on my bed. so i'm taking the activia challenge. eating activia twice a day for four weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling. when your tummy smiles, things just feel right! join me and take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ dannon! ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag.
9:26 am
with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix. you're watching today in the bay. >> good wednesday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. police have arrested a 19 year old who they say beat a homeless woman to death in san jose. this man attacked 58-year-old betty jennings on friday outside of a burger king. they say he and jennings were part of a group gathering in that area. he is homeless, as well. new this morning, fire investigators are trying to figure out what started an early morning fire that destroyed several car and forced residents out into the street this morning all happened around 4:00 in the morning at an apartment complex at the 100 block of union
9:27 am
avenue. people had to evacuate while crews put out the fire and dealt with hazardous materials like gas and oil. they managed to extinguish the fire before it spread to other buildings. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
partly cloudy skies today, winds picking up out of the south with highs in the 80s in saj. upper 60s to low 70s in san francisco. low 80s towards the tri-valley and for the north bay, chance of showers late today. bay area wide for tomorrow morning, skies clear and temperatures climb moving into the weekend. over my shoulder we have the north bay south 101 starting to ease up. look at other spots in the north, look at the maps and we're talking about the approach to the bridge, still have one lane blocked. caltrans is taking over and possibly to 11:00 we'll have the right lane blocked by an earlier
9:29 am
fire. the cleanup continues, sonoma boulevard will take you back to the bridge. a little better there. across west 580, a crash causing a slow down there. east shore freeway a crash happened in the last hour, it's over on the shoulder, though. san mateo bridge, slower drive away from the toll plaza. a stall reported towards the foster city side. back to you. >> typical bumps and bruises on your commute at 9:15 on a wednesday. but don't worry, weekend is near. another look at local news, weather, and traffic coming up in 25 minutes. see you then.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's a wednesday morning, september 17th, 2014. willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. we thought we would play a little game called orange room roulette. when celebrity guests come in the show, they stop by the orange room after they talk to us and write down a question and they pop it in the vault and then they pull one out and have to answer it. >> let's get to it. >> go ahead, al. >> shouldn't it be ladies first? >> i thought we would go this way. >> be an example to all of us. >> all right y this is from austin mahone. >> cool. >> favorite place you've been in the world. >> that's a tough one. >> gosh. >> no, you have to answer it. >> i thought we all answered it. >> no.
9:31 am
>> boy. >> that's hard. >> there's so many. i have to say where my dad is from, the bahamas. >> good one. >> i love the bahamas. >> beautiful place. poker point. >> and exuma. >> natalie. >> i love the music, the game show. >> mine is from wanda sykes. >> uh-oh. >> jackson five or the osmonds. that's a tough one. >> come on. >> honestly -- i know, i normally would say jackson five, but i grew up watching "donny & marie," little bit country and little bit rock 'n' roll. >> that's donnie and marie. so is it jackson five or the osmonds? >> the osmonds. >> what surprises you about this morning? >> what surprises you? >> is that like an existential.
9:32 am
>> when you woke up this morning, you were surprised by -- >> not getting invited to tamron's birthday party? >> that was a surprise, when i heard there was a big bash and my friend, tamron, didn't invite me. >> tamron? >> those deviled eggs with you. >> all six of them. oh, kate hudson. love her. love her fashion. if you could have a key that unlocks any one door -- ooh -- what door would it be? >> kate hudson. come on. >> the vault. >> the door to heaven. >> ah. >> there you go. >> of course. >> you're not with us anymore. >> later. you want that later. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. or the vault where gucci shoes are kept. >> i like that game. >> you would take the stairway to heaven. >> yes and use the key and then i would let you all in. >> no. you go first. i don't think i would get the key to heaven.
9:33 am
i would probably have to take the escalator down. anyway, wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. rip currents there. we are watching what's going to happen with odile, causing flash flooding from california all the way into texas, some rain in the pacific northwest coast. tomorrow, gorgeous day here in the northeast. midatlantic states all the way till you get down into central or southern flchlt more wet weather, texas into the southwest with odile. we'll continue. that will be a big we're seeing these partly cloudy skies around san francisco. view on our weather underground microclimate data network shows mid to upper 60s closer to downtown. sunshine at 69, cloudy around ocean beach and more clouds for the afternoon as eventually some showers enter the forecast as we head into this evening for the north bay and the rest of the bay area. for tomorrow morning, close to 80 in san jose, low 70s in san francisco and low to mid 80s towards the tri-valley.
9:34 am
>> that's your latest weather. dark natalie made a little appearance for 30 seconds. >> she had a question for game of roulette. >> write it down. >> we're going to rewrite some of these questions. >> meantime, let's get to some serious concerns about concussions. >> nfl estimates three in ten former players will develop debilitating brain injuries due to trauma on the field. >> all the way down to the peewee level where kids are especially vulnerable. impact sensors give off a warning when a player takes a serious hit. jordan anderson has taken more than his fair share of hits on the football field. >> i've actually have had a couple of times where i thought this might be a concussion, but nothing major. it's all been just minor incidents. >> jordan has never had a concussion. but many young athletes across
9:35 am
the country have not been as fortunate. >> set, go! >> since 2005, the concussion rate for high school athletes has more than doubled. this season, jordan's coach at greenback high school in east tennessee raised enough money from the community to buy six new helmets, equipped with ridell impact sensors. >> we have 37 football players right now. out of those, about five or six have probably got concussions. research is beginning to show that once a kid is concussed, he is much more susceptible to that trauma. that's the kids we want the sensors to be on. >> they don't prevent concussions but send alerts to a handheld monitor whenever the helmet receives a significant hit. >> our trainer and doctor are able to pull that kid off, quickly evaluate him. if he doesn't show symptoms of aa concussion, they can send him back out on the field zblun
9:36 am
comm. >> concussions are uncommon below the college level. >> it's a little bit of a tough situation because there are no standards for children's equipment. we have no youth standard right now. >> moms team, a nonprofit focused on youth sport safety, is launching a national program with six universities, providing sensors to youth league and educating parents about the risk of concussion. >> in particular, this young population has immature brain. they have smaller brains and bigger skulls. and so there's more room for a brain that is surrounded by fluid to knock around in that skull. >> the grand prairie youth football association in texas serves hundreds of kids age 12 and younger. they've seen a handful of concussions. the moms team program outfits helmets with sensors provided by
9:37 am
brain sentry. >> at the end of the day we're all out here to make sure the kids are safe. that's any organization. you know, we can do something with our program here that may make the other kids safe throughout the country or throughout, you know, dallas or ft. worth area, i'm all for it. >> back in tennessee, jordan's sensor has recorded two significant hits but shows no other sign of concussion. >> i'm fine. >> you don't ever really realize it until the trainer says you had a significant hit and you kind of remember, yeah, that was a hard hit. >> after instant evaluation on the sideline, he is approved to return to the game. clear of concussion concerns and focused on winning. schools across the country have begun using impact sensors. it's a discretion of teens and parents. brain sentry costs $75 a piece and the sensor costs $150 per helmet and $200 for the monitoring system.
9:38 am
these don't diagnose concussions but they can tell you get the kid off the field for a play, let the trainer look at him and decide whether or not he should go back. >> that's really cool. up next, take a look at these guys. you think they need a style upgrade or do you like what they're rocking now? it doesn't matter what you say because the women in their lives want them made over. wait until you see the upgrade to their style, as beyonce says
9:39 am
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9:42 am
he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. just get rid of that? >> for three lucky women, this is their day. they're getting the chance to do just that, courtesy of gq style and its editor, will welsh, obviously very stylish. whether it's a guy friend, whether it's your spouse, brother, they have something that you just can't stand.
9:43 am
>> fiems you have to draw the line. you hope a guy has style himself but you can get pushy with things that need to go. >> let's start with diane. >> yeah. >> dave's green jacket. you want to get rid of this thing. >> yeah. it's super boxy. it doesn't fit him well. he got it at a thrift store years ago. i think he could use a little refresh. >> okay. >> time to upgrade that thing. >> what do you say? >> come on out, dave. we're going to get rid of the chevy chase jacket and replace it with this m-65 army jacket. >> nice. >> the other thing you can learn from dave, dark colors are more sophisticated. we'll get rid of the christmas plaids and go black, navy, make him look super sleek. are you ready to trash it? >> put it in the trash. >> burn it, baby!
9:44 am
>> thank you. >> thank you, dave. >> her best friend john's suit is a no-no. is that true it's 16 years old? >> yes. >> is that too long? >> yes. have you to cycle them out faster than that. >> it's a little bit much, the lapels. let's find out. >> come on out, john. whoa! >> i love it. >> john's a wedding dj. you see him in this suit and you're like that's the man i trust to rock a party. $ 00. he has the finer points, the pocket square, the tie bar. he's really going to wow them. >> tell me about the skinny leg pants. some guys aren't ready for that. let's be honest. >> i think if you try it, you'll find it's much more flattering, it will slim you down. >> i agree. >> john here sells it. >> are you ready to get rid of this thing? >> do it. >> boom! >> there's the honors. >> nicely done, my friend. >> collecting a pile. thank you. >> love the tie. thin ties are big now.
9:45 am
>> they're back in style from the 1960s. >> finally, we have allie. you're done with this uniform jersey. >> he finds a way to throw the university of miami clothing into any outfit possible. it's all he wears every day. >> every day? >> whenever he's not dressed up for work. >> does he wash it? >> i wash -- we wash it. >> hygiene. ta's about style. >> this hat is white. it has not been washed in a year and a half. it looks like he dragged it through the dirt. >> it's vintage. >> come on out. >> come on out! >> oh, my gosh! >> look at this transformation. >> andrew is wearing slim-fitting sweat pants. >> these are big right now, aren't they? >> they are. he will be super comfortable watching football on the couch. same time, still think he looks handsome and attractive, may even snuggle up to him while he watches the game. >> this may change things. >> tell me your thoughts on the
9:46 am
pants. >> me? >> andrew. >> what do you think, andrew? >> they're comfortable. >> would you wear those out with your friends? >> i might get a little -- >> slack? >> yeah. >> to watch the game? >> absolutely. >> this slack you're not going to get made fun of. >> why don't we just frame that? >> throw it out. throw it out. >> all right. thank you so much. guys, ladies, thank you so much as well. >> i love it! fall family getaways that won't burst your budget aft
9:47 am
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9:50 am
when you can do all of that on some great fall getaways, co-founder of afar media, here with great destinations. good morning, joe. >> good morning. happy to be here. >> starting to get close to peak foliage season. >> it is. >> down south a little bit, north carolina. >> let's celebrate fall in north carolina. the scenic blue ridge parkway. it's amazing. america's longest linear park, 500 miles wrong. asheville, north carolina, our home base. mt. mitchell. head south. asheville has a vibrant music scene. check out sky bar. it's on a fire escape, sweeping views of the mountains. you'll love it. >> it's like a hip little city
9:51 am
down there. >> it's a cool city. >> it's a gem. and that's under $100 a night. >> $99 a night it starts. >> out west to colorado. outdoor autumn fun. >> hike between crested butte and as pen for those who want an outdoor rigorous adventure is amazing. stay at the elevation hotel and spa for $119 a night. hike in to as pen. it's only an 11-mile hike. >> only? >> only an 11-mile hike. >> that sounds great. >> it's 100 miles on windy roads between the two cities. you're going to be hungry. go to the hotel jerome. iconic property there. wolf down a burger and do a little shopping. dry goods is my favorite store there. check it out. >> let's go south. texas, a huge antique weekend there. >> antique weekend. twice a year, 100,000 people descend on rural texas for 60 antique shows that take place in
9:52 am
barns, dance halls, farms and tents. you get real texas flavor there. round top inn,s the place to stay. the rat weekend. another tea is just to stay in austin, texas. verde camp is where i like to stay. just do day trips. >> so >> an hour or so north of where we're seeing. beacon, new york. >> small town festival, easy to get to. 70 machine mile ride on the train. hudson river craft beer festival is going on this weekend saturday from 1:00 to 5:00. more family-friendly activities head to fishville farms. drink cider, listen to music and do some apple picking. bed and breakfast, rates start at $170. >> beautiful. and, obviously, harvest time as well. fall season. so, you like going to the ann arbor's farmer's market. >> we love farmer's markets.
9:53 am
they connect you more deeply with the people and communities in which you're traveling and living. we really love ann arbor farmer's market. it's one of the most colorful, bountiful markets in the united states, they have this innovative program double up food bucks. it provides equal access to michigan's freshest produce for all of its citizens. when you're in ann arbor, you have to go to a university of michigan football game. >> the big house. >> regardless of who you root for, the largest stadium in the u.s. check that out. >> avalon garden bed and breakfast. >> stay at the avalon garden bed and breast brek fast. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> so much bigger.
9:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, it is 9:56. i'm kris sanchez. marin county district attorney and the center for domestic peace have come up with a different kind of gun buyback program. every saturday in october,
9:57 am
parents and children can surrender toy guns and violent video games in exchange for ice cream. organizers say getting rid of toy guns and violent video games can change the way children handle conflict later in life. happening right now, facebook officials are meeting with local drag queens today to talk about the facebook policy that says people have to use their legal names to register for an account, but drag queens say they've been locked out of their accounts that they made using stage names and can only regain access if they use their renames. many are worried that would out them and put some people at risk. now here's a look at your forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> partly cloudy skies, breezy conditions in today's forecast. over my shoulder, you see the reason why a chance of showers, especially later tonight, into tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, increasing clouds late today, highs in the 80s south of san jose. close to 70 for the north bay, increasing clouds, chance of
9:58 am
showers late. you'll see the numbers in the 80s today and 70s tomorrow with a chance of showers as things clear out and warm up for the weekend. >> good morning, a look towards the san mateo bridge, lighting is tough, but it is westbound. a slow drive coming off of the high-rise. i told you about the stall reported westbound, look on the hayward side, slowly making its way off the bridge. now the flat section showing some improvement, still tough towards the high-rise of foster city. oakland, as well, tough drive northbound, high street and 66th, the crash has cleared. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. still have the fire with one lane blocking. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have more local news coming up in just a half hour. hope you join us then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza! >> he, everybody. by that, we mean you. it's wednesday, september 17th. we have a star-packed show today and a big show and i hope we have time for everybody. >> i hope we do too. i saw greg ferguson down stairs in the dressing room with you and there seemed to be quite a connect. i remember him on a show talking about you and what he thought about you. >> that was show business schtick. that was with regis. he is a happily married man, i
10:01 am
think. okay. we have emmy award winner actress debbie mesa and alan pally. what else? we don't care. >> who cares? >> it's time for the quote. i know you've waited. >> yep, yep, words of wisdom. >> are you ready? sometimes the smallest things take up the most room. it's from winnie the pooh. i thought about that because, yesterday, i went to see savannah's baby. >> now it makes sense. >> her little baby there is so cute! >> oh, my gosh. >> she's precious. >> melted on savannah. >> megan is with us there and jenna is there. savannah had to breastfeed while i was there and savannah just whipped it out and said, what?
10:02 am
it's like a toe. i just whip it out and i don't even care any more. >> we went to a little party right after at fresco's for jamie who has been our long time producer here. a good-bye party. so it's bittersweet. look at the stuff of bittersweet. that's the frown on my face. we're sorry she will leave us after ten years. but happy she is a great new job that is closer to her home. we wish her the best. she did so many of "everybody has a story." she's terrific. i had to rush out of that because i had a podcast book with meredith vieira. so i'll tell you about that in a second. >> remember what happened? >> yes. >> we did this, kathy and i did this thing called stall talk where you sit in the bathroom stall. >> it's the classiest thing you've ever seen. >> i knew all they would see with us is our shoes and i had my flats on that i liked. then i left that shoe and my flats were missing. >> as usual, hoda.
10:03 am
>> apparently jeff rossen launched an investigation, it was in "enquirer" magazine. let's look. >> reporter: hoda kotb devastated by the suspicious disappearance of her favorite shoes. her so-called comfy beige flats. they vanished while meredith vieira was taping a segment with hoda and kathie lee. this is where it went down, the eighth floor men's room here at 30 rom. even the "national enquirer" picked up the story. coming in. meredith, jeff rossen, members nbc news. i've worked with you. >> i know who you are. >> hoda was in there and her shoes went missing. how did that happen? >> i don't know. she was drinking. >> reporter: meredith says you were hammered. >> meredith said i was hammered? meredith, the queen of tequila, said i was hammered?
10:04 am
time for her to own up and stop accusing me of things that are not true, okay? she was responsible. >> that's hysterical! i love it. i love it! >> we got them back. >> she's featured on my podcast. podcast 1 all this week. >> i look forward to that. >> after putting in a huge day yesterday, i talked to her at 4:30 and she was as alive and excited and vibrant about her new project and grateful to us for rising to the occasion and being there for her. i wish her such success. we all do. we're all in love with meredith. >> i never ever heard about this, personally, but in light of the ray rice scandal and all the abuse that's been going on, meredith talked about past abuse in her own life. >> i didn't know. >> she talks about she was in love with a guy many, many years ago and just take a listen to some of what she said. >> so i want to explain to you why i stayed.
10:05 am
i was in an abusive relationship many, many years ago as a young woman. it started out, i loved this guy. it started out we would have a fight. he would just sort of grab my arm. you know, i didn't think a lot about it. and then it turned into pushing me against the wall. and then it went beyond that to actually taking his hand and grabbing my face saying i could ruin your career if i wanted to and no one would want you. then there was the night that -- we shared an apartment and he threw me into a shower naked in scalding water and then he threw me outside into the hallway. we lived in an apartment building. i hid in a stairwell for two hours until he came, again, crying. i stayed in that relationship until i was offered a job in another state and that's where
10:06 am
i felt i had the ability to get away. >> now, see if it can happen to someone as intelligent as she is. she's one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. >> that takes a lot of courage. >> did it did. >> she said the idea she had to get a job in another state, she was so afraid to leave them. some of those guys, if they want to hunt you down, you feel they will. >> the little thing you get from the police that says they have to stay a certain amount of feet away from you, a restrain order, that doesn't matter to a crazy person. >> i've done interviews with so many people who had restraining orders and the guys come back. it was a hard thing. i never heard meredith speak of that in all the years we've known her. >> people are talking about it. let's get it out in the open. let's show that it happens to people like meredith as well and then maybe we can solve it. >> it's not a financial thing. it's not like i had to stay for the money. she stayed, it sounds like, out of fear. >> yeah. i have never ever -- my parents taught me, anybody ever lays one hand on you you run and tell the police.
10:07 am
>> i think what's telling is she said first he held me. then he pushed me. anything that happens in baby increments, you don't see it coming. >> then one day you go how did i get here, naked in a stairwell? >> or scalded in the shower. >> we'll switch gears. >> sometimes those are easy and sometimes they are not. >> this is one of the not easy ones. >> right. you guys ever watch that show "the facts of life." >> yeah. >> we'll bring back a few memories because this was a big show. the show lasted nine seasons. well, the cast, all of them together reunited to celebrate it's 35th anniversary. that's 88-year-old charlotte ray. >> i can't believe -- god bless her. she looks good. >> mindy. natalie. she looks good. nancy as jo in the back. blair. she was the first actress with
10:08 am
cerebral palsy to be featured on the tv show. where the heck was tutti? >> i love tutti! >> she was there but via video or something like that. but that was one of george clooney's first acting roles, he played a handy man. >> that's it? >> oh, my gosh. >> he's cute. 50i679 she say. >> they say he was just another actor and didn't make a lasting impression. >> she didn't remember it. >> how could you not remember kissing him? >> i don't know. maybe she kissed a lot of cute guys. i don't know. >> okay. have you ever been to a wedding where a cringe worthy moment didn't happen? it's a very rare thing. new survey reveals the most cringe worthy moment. >> i would picture the toast. you know -- >> people are hammered by then. >> they are hammered. they say things that are terrible. some just go on and on and on. >> they bring up ex-girlfriends. you know how they do it? you're like oh, my god.
10:09 am
>> you want it over! >> i didn't realize this, but a lot of people can't stand when the bride and groom choreograph their dance. you know when they are like ready one, two -- now everything is on youtube. >> and grm grandma is in her nickers. and doing the rum ba. i think it's cute. other people say the mother of the groom becomes a bridezilla herself. >> she doesn't want the baby boy marrying somebody who is not good enough. >> it is. >> and guests wear the same dress or guests dress inappropriately -- you know what i'm saying. there's cleavage and then there is mammograms. if it looks like you're ready for a mammogram, you got too much cleavage going. okay? sorry. know the difference before you go out in public! >> yes, you're right!
10:10 am
remember that show, "married at first sight"? >> they were here! >> the bride and groom didn't meet each other until they were walking down the aisle. jamie and doug got the most attention. remember? jamie walked down the aisle, saw her future husband. she cried a lot. she was like, ooh. hey. she's like this. she's going to cry. doesn't know what to do. not attracted to him at all. two months they give you and out. well, not an out. they say we'll help you file for a divorce. >> six months. >> two months. this is now six months. >> i'm sorry. >> into the marriage. we wondered how were jamie and doug doing, are they still together? >> it will be revealed tonight. right? >> let's take a look. >> are you still married? >> we definitely still are married. she's so loving and her smile has changed from the first time she smiled at me to how she smiles at me now.
10:11 am
i just feel at home when i'm next to her. >> you never ever, ever said anything like this. you got my back and that's what i needed. i'm sorry. i'm sorry i made it to stuff. >> you don't have to apologize. >> i'm thankful you're still here and, you know, that you dealt with me and all my issues and all my baggage. >> don't cry. >> i think he knows that i love him. i'm desperately in love with him but i've never said it until now. >> the first time -- the first time i've heard that from her. and i love you. i do. >> oh, my god! i'm so happy. >> i have mixed emotions. >> i don't. >> why? why? >> i don't know. >> why? >> i don't know. i'm old and now cynical. i want them to be happy.
10:12 am
for six months, hoda! >> i'm crying. >> i'm hoping it's true, i'm hoping it's real. >> by the way, he looked a lot cuter. he got a good haircut. >> she's a little like -- >> they we revealed they have consummated the marriage. maybe that's what happened. you know? there's something -- you think it's weird she said i love you for the very first time on a television show. she could have told him before. >> that's why i'm concerned. >> you might be right. we wish them all the best. get ready to guess the artist when we play a musical would play "who knew?" what does craig ferguson have up his sleeve. is he kissing you? oh, my gosh, he's kissing the cartoon. ♪
10:13 am
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10:16 am
>> if you like comedy and we do and you like scottish accents you'll love this guy. craig ferguson. >> craig is getting ready to end his decade-long hosting gig. he has a bunch new projects including brand new celebrity name game where everybody knows who he is. almost everyone. take a look. >> he just left the "tonight show." got a big chin. >> jay leno. >> yes, yes. okay. oprah found him. >> dr. phil. >> yes. this guy right here, cool person. >> oh, no. >> god has interesting ways of humbling us.
10:17 am
>> to cut you down from being a tall poppy. >> you wanted to do this. you said you were developing for three years. >> yes. >> to be contemporaneous. >> you do a game show that's too gamey. >> it sucks the joy out of it. >> you're so bad. >> i know. >> you're so bad. >> it's really weird. >> so weird. >> you were stroking home run cartoon character. >> yeah. >> i had never stroked her only images of her. nothing creepy about it at all. >> were you just done with the late late show.
10:18 am
>> i think it was time for a change. you know i had been doing it for ten years. seemed time to change it. you change was happening all over late night. i was feeling it for a while. i had been developing the game show for three years. so it was the right time. i'm glad -- i'm glad i did it. >> your show was so unique, so different from all the other shows. you are finishing up in december. >> you can come out for the weekend. >> my parole officer let's me out. >> yeah. >> i didn't realize you started out as a stand up comedian and perhaps maybe do more that in the future? >> i do all the time. i do gigs. you do gigs. >> i used to do gigs. >> first of all, i don't believe that. i think that's a lie. >> it is. i'm 61.
10:19 am
>> i just turned 37. >> everything is reinforcing my theory. >> yeah. >> everything. >> i read in the notes, craig you won a peabody. >> yeah. >> for what? >> first, you were surprised. also it was for talking to archbishop desmond tutu. i let him talk and that was the trick. >> the interview you did with him, how long ago was that >> three or four years. betty white. i love betty so much. >> she's amazing. >> betty is 90 or sorry 91. it's crazy. >> she looks 37 to you. >> well, betty closer to 40. but i wouldn't go farther than that because no woman goes past 40. exactly. i was brought up that way. i know. >> now what other projects do
10:20 am
you have going other than this one? >> i don't have any. >> you have 20 people with you. >> they are all desperate because what's happening the show is ending -- if i say around we'll get to go on the next one. george is around. but your point is he down stairs -- >> under the table. >> all right. >> now very few people say they take their skeleton. >> everybody takes their skeleton. >> he's a gay robot skeleton and there's only one. like the highlander. can only be one and on which one gay robot. >> craig, thank you so much. >> the young man taking your place, he was brilliant in "the governor." >> i goggled him after he got the job. >> he's no craig ferguson. >> no, he's not.
10:21 am
>> he'll be fine. >> you will too. we're great fans of yours. good to see you. >> kathy and hoda, life is good. >> celebrity name game debuts september 22nd. >> a couple of ditties, maybe i want a new lease on life for my skin. [ male announcer ] l'oreal introduces an innovation. inspired by years of research on skin, age perfect cell renewal with the powerful anti-oxidant natecium dhc. the results are impressive. surface skin renewal is accelerated. every day, millions of new cells rise to the skin surface faster than before. [ moore ] i can feel it working. skin looks fresher, full of life, as if reborn. [ male announcer ] age perfect cell renewal from l'oreal paris. [ moore ] you're worth it. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better
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10:25 am
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[ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added even more of them to philadelphia® strawberry. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. rich, creamy, and delicious. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning to you, it is 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. the water emergency in mountain view is getting worse and that means new restrictions for residents. according to the mercury news, the city council declared a stage two water shortage
10:27 am
yesterday, which means people who live there have to use 25% less water than last year. the elevation comes with new rules, as well. among them, people cannot wash their cars unless they use a bucket. hotels have to ask people to reuse their towels before offering them clean ones, and lawns and flowers cannot be watered between 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the evening. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
we're looking at some interesting changes to our
10:29 am
weather forecast through the day. increasing clouds, winds picking up out of the south heading into the afternoon. highs in the 80s around the south bay. upper 60s to low 70s around san francisco. foster city around 76 degrees. 70s to low 80s across the north bay. tonight and tomorrow, though, perhaps late today for the north bay, see the highs drop off thursday after showers before skies clear and high pressure builds in for warmer temperatures for the weekend. now for another check of your morning commute, here's mike. >> we're going to quickly show the bay bridge toll plaza full, changed the configuration with payments over there. map will show you the approach, slow as you travel west up towards the area, right lane closed because of an earlier fire and that may continue past 11:00. that's going to be an issue. san mateo bridge smoothly after the disabled vehicle cleared. look how nice it is now. back to you. >> even a little blue sky. thank you very much, mike.
10:30 am
all the day's news coming up at 11:00, in a half hour. we hope that you'll stick around. see you then. we're back with more this wine day wednesday. we're playing our trivia game of who knew. today we'll test your knowledge about popular songs. instead of the music we'll live the lyric. to those who don't get the question right she gets one of her fabulous cds. here to help me out in the studio is billboard editor-at-large, joe levy. >> who sings these lyrics, everyone has a moment that changes their life and then it's suddenly clear in that moment
10:31 am
nothing will be the same again. who sings that? >> this is the one and only kathie lee gifford. >> what? >> yes, it's true. ♪ everything is suddenly clear in that moment nothing will be ever be the same again ♪ >> that's right, cue it. >> let's go to our first question. perfect. >> this girl just got from dallas. just got married. "clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. >> pharrell williams. >> yeah, baby. >> we have a winner. this song went to number one on the billboard number one and
10:32 am
stayed there for ten weeks. it did not win. "let it go" won. >> there's videos all over the world. >> that's right. made that fantastic video that seems to go on for 24 hours or 100 hours. >> over to you. >> from southern california, who that who that that do that do that. katy perry, taylor swift, iggy azalea or lady gaga. >> iggy azalea. >> that was excellent freestyle wo not 100 for seven straight weeks this summer. >> she's terrific. >> she is. >> over to you. >> lovely lady from philadelphia who still remembers -- ♪
10:33 am
. >> because i'm easy come easy go. little high, little low. >> eaero smith. >> no, no, she will love the cd. >> the answer to that is -- >> the answer to that is queen. from bohemian rapsody. never been number one in the u.s. >> over to you. >> this young lady is from seattle. she went to see "saving amy." chew tobacco, chew tobacco.
10:34 am
kenny chesney, toby keith, blake shelton or jason aldean. >> kenny chesney. >> no. >> vintage classic blake shelton. >> that's correct. can you supply the nexton more. >> solomon, maryland. i luh ya papi. was it jennifer lopez, brittany spears, mariah carey or beyonce. >> sounds like jennifer lopez. >> have fun with that. >> that particular rendition did sound like it was wine wednesday for sure. jennifer lopez released that song earlier. she sings and rasp in three different accepts. >> love j. lo.
10:35 am
>> his parents dreamed of him being a doctor and he is. only on tv. and debra messing's new role only on tv. and debra messing's new role that she and a lot and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss
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10:39 am
down her naughty tv kids and hunting down bad guys as a detective on the new show "mysteries of laura." >> six unpaid parking tickets, moving violations and marijuana violation. >> that's just for my nerves. >> i get it. you're looking at six months easily. unless -- >> unless what. >> you get my boys enrolled in pre-k. >> are you black mailing me? >> you park in handicap zones. you're telling me what's legal. >> i'm a mother with a badge and a gun. >> you're having fun. >> i am. >> truly having a lot of fun. i didn't realize. this was based on a show by the same name from spain. >> huge hit in spain. it's been there for about three years now. and so, yeah.
10:40 am
it's kind of like "homeland" where it was successful on the< other side of the world okay let's try to bring it in here. >> there's comedy in it, which you love but drama as well. there's some serious stuff in there too. how would you categorize it. >> we call it a trama. it hasn't been done on network television. it made me so excited. and, you know, i love really smart twisty murder mysteries in which this has every episode. and then you have the, you know, the broad comedy also and finding that balance. that's the real challenge. and we're having a ball. >> that's the challenge in life for you as well because you have a 10-year-old son. you are a perennial here at nbc. something is going on there. >> you know, identify been around so long i should get some shares or something. >> i guess.
10:41 am
>> tonight at the premier of the show. >> yes. >> how do you feel on premier night? >> i'm giddy. i'm nervous. i'm excited. i'm proud. i'm going cuddle up in bed and watch it because it's right after "america's got talent." the big finale. >> you went on ride alongs. did you like that? >> i did. i've been fascinating with the judicial system forever. and, you know, these are special, essentially people that commit their lives to this kind of work. >> you don't know that by the price. i'm always grateful there's a police person around when you're in trouble. >> we got to go into the precinct and interview them and the thing that was most fascinate cigarette how much humor plays in their daily
10:42 am
lives. what they see every day is so horrendous they have to joke with each other. in that way it made me feel better about the dynamic in our tv show to having both. it's real. >> time to spin the wheel. spin the bottle. >> we don't know what it is. >> what's the one thing you do when no one is looking? >> that's creepy. who wrote that? >> i sing at the top of my lungs. >> do you? >> oh, yeah. >> do you have a good voice. >> i did. not so much any more. i sing, god i'll sing barbara streisand. i sing when people are not
10:43 am
looking. >> her show premiers tonight at 10:00 eastern. here's a reason why "the mindy project" is such a hit. i get goose bumps when i find a low price. i let him know every time i save a dollar. every time. now there is a tool made for you. introducing savings catcher from walmart. it compares prices to top stores in your area. no more driving all over town. if there's a lower advertised price, walmart will give you the difference on an e-gift card. oh! money! every penny counts! yep! try the savings catcher for yourself. go to and enter your receipt. save money. live better. walmart. losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix.
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10:45 am
is the only diet drink with the cleansing and purifying power of cranberries. these diet soda farmers are here to see where cranberries grow. hey, where does diet soda grow? ummm...
10:46 am
10:47 am
he's no stranger for sitcom. for three years he made audiences laugh on the show "happy ending." >> he's now back as dr. peter prentice on "the mindy project" where things get heated because he find out a co-work certificate trying to move in on his girlfriend. take a look. >> you think you can just steal my girlfriend. she would choose a fresh off the boat rambo instead of me.
10:48 am
i'll knock another tooth down. careful. this cost $8,000. >> we were visiting with you during commercial break and already madly in love with you. did you have a good time with mindy. >> yes. she's a gosh darn delight. >> she's so much fun. >> you play a doctor. how was that? >> it's great. it's great. my jewish father is excited. i achieved a jewish tri mum rmt
10:49 am
because on made it as a actor and a doctor. chucky e. cheese hi is fun. i pay for my kids. we nanny up. >> you got a nanny. >> yeah. >> how did you get on this "mindy project." >> i was on a show that you referred to as a cult hit," happy ending" which means no one watched it. no one watched it. mindy watched it. mindy liked me. i had known mike and they called me and asked if i wanted to come. i was like yeah. >> basically not an interesting story. >> well keep drinking kathy. you're coming on way aggressive. everybody is like oh, you and kathy will hit it off.
10:50 am
>> we only do that to people we like. >> cool those jets. this is the biggest celery stick in a bloody mary i have ever seen in my life. >> we wanted to please you. >> when i order a bloody mary i say don't forget the large celery. >> how about howie mandel. >> i remind you of howie mandel. what is your problem? i remind you of howie mandel. howie mandel, the bald guy that won't touch anybody. >> yes. he's an old friend of mine and one of the funniest people on the planet. >> do people allow you to be on the show and improvise or do you follow the script? >> i can improvise. you don't need to too much. the writing is so good.
10:51 am
there's a team of writers and she's very hands on and she is very -- she knows what she wants. >> she's an aggressive woman. >> she is an aggressive woman. she's not as insulting as you. >> no. >> that's not fun either. we're so happy to have you. all the jazz. thank you. >> can i pay you could come to my house and insult me. >> i'm available. >> i'm very attracted to you. >> i'm having a good day. >> second time today. >> if every time i come on you drink like this. >> "the mindy project" airs on tuesday night on fox. >> and now we have advice for you whether you're buying or selling a home. >> cheers.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
as a real estate powerhouse josh caters to california's rich and famous. >> for the rest of us he has inside tips how to buy and sell a house quickly. your show and i'm not a huge real estate person i'm crazy about this show. >> you're about drama. >> it pulls you in. >> will they sell it. >> you never know. >> i love that world. >> you have tips how real people can do it. >> yes. as fantastic as that is not everybody list as $10 million house and reality is there is a better way to sell your house and make money. >> finish reconstruction and modeling. >> we're in a hot market. when people finish a house they get super excited and want to sell it before it's finished. spend the extra time. you get more bang for your buck when people walk in and see it
10:56 am
finished. >> they don't feel they have to finish it and put in the effort. >> yes. >> it's all psychology. >> and staging. >> that's a whole industry. >> very profitable industry because it's worth it. you can get more money if you stage your house. now staging -- >> what is that >> look at this picture. you see an empty room. tough to imagine yourself living in a place like that. >> some people don't have vision. >> done mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. sometimes just redoing the dining room. other stuff if you don't want to go that far with it, white paint, neutral colors, get rid of that old comforter. get a new comforter. >> if you're selling a house and your stuff is in there. >> everybody thinks their house is the best in the world. listen to the experts. declutter it. if you like four couches in the living room not the best way to showcase the room.
10:57 am
remove some of those couches. think outside of the box. >> you say you might get a better deal going directly to the selling agent. >> i might be the first real estate agent on television to say this, but sometimes it's true. okay. if somebody is representing a house and it's a competitive market and they want to get to the top of the list if you let that real estate agent who represents that house represent you, that's a fast way. >> that's not illegal. it's not illegal. you got be very ethical representing both sides and it's difficult. if you get a good real estate agent and the other thing if the real estate agent represents both sides they might be willing to throw in their commission because they are making more money. >> josh, thank you. gate to see you. "million dollar listing l.a." on bravo t
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc bay area news starts now. >> gusty winds today are expected to create new problems for firefighters battling the most destructive wildfire in california so far this year. thanks for joining us this morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. an update to a developing story. fire investigators are offering a reward up to $10,000 for information about how the fire near weed, california, started. nearly the entire town of weed, located near reading remains evacuated right now. the boles fire as it's been called has destroyed nearly 150 homes and buildings, including two of the town's churches. jodi hernandez has the latest developments. >> reporter: i'll tell you, it is going to


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