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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 19, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," breaking overnight. scotland votes no and the kingdom remains united. scare in midair as a jetblue engine encounters a major malfunction, filling the cabin with smoke before an emergency landing. the fbi's ten most wanted list just added a man believed to have ambushed and murdered a pennsylvania trooper. it is friday, september 19th, "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. breaking news overnight, scotland rejects independence and remains part of the united kingdom. cheers and tears of joy from scotland's no supporters.
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they won by 10 percentage points in what was supposed to be a close vote. scottish nationalist leader alex salmond who pushed for independence conceded a few hours ago. >> i accept the verdict of the people and i call on all of scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of scotland. >> cnbc hilla ibrahim is in the scottish capital with the latest on the vote. >> reporter: the vote is in, scotland rejected independence after a momentous 72 hours. they have decided to stay with the united kingdom of great britain. it felt relief if westminster. a 10% margin swept the no camp into victory. prime minister david cameron saying it was right for him to offer scotland's democratic vote and that britain needs to move on. markets may have called it yesterday, stocks are already rising, sterling up against the dollar, the yen, the euro.
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today, rbs led that rally. that's the scottish bank. they said that business as usual, standard life one of the first companies to say they would leave scotland in the case of a yes vote. today, they said they were proud of their scottish heritage. now, all eyes will turn from the markets again, back to the politicians to see what kind of deal they can thrash out that will mean more power has come to scotland, but don't put the backs up for their english mps. with that, back to you. >> cnbc's celia ibrahim reporting. the sound of an explosion and then some smoke filled the cabin of a jetblue flight after takeoff. here's tom costello. >> reporter: terrifying moments on board jetblue flight 1416, long beach to austin, this morning, when only a few minutes after takeoff a cabin was suddenly full of smoke. passengers grabbing for oxygen. the pilot urgently broke into
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radio traffic. >> runway three zero. >> wind calm. >> something was wrong with the right engine on the airbus a 3-20. pages reported hearing an explosion and smoke quickly filled the cabin. >> we will be evacuating. >> roger. >> smoke out of the right engine. >> it appears no smoke out of the right engine. >> reporter: once on the ground, passengers jumped on the evacuation chutes. >> my son, who is handicapped, had to roll, tumble down and luckily another nice man grabbed his face before he hit the concrete. >> reporter: as fire crews moved in. passengers said when they were in the air, they weren't sure they would make it. >> there were a few points i brought out my phone to try to call my parents and say, hey, this could be it. >> the only thing i could think about was my son, i would probably say this is the best feeling i have had in my life to date, yeah.
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>> reporter: in all, four people treated for minor injuries. jetblue says it is still investigating what went wrong. tom costello, nbc news, washington. he's one of the fbi's ten most wanted. the fbi is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to frein's arrest. pennsylvania crimestopper also offering an additional $75,000 reward. the hunt is intense. emergency shelters opened last night for residents who could not get home because of street closures as police search for frein. schools have also been closed in some areas. sponsors are walking and fans are talking. a majority of fans aren't happy with the way the nfl handled recent scantdals says a new pol. as for the embattled commissioner, this banner flew over the georgia dome before last night's game. goodell must go. nbc's jay gray breaks it down. >> reporter: jonathan dwyer has joined a growing list of nfl
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players now facing domestic violence charges. >> did you know files were going to be charged? >> no. >> reporter:. >> after she was physically assaulted, he took a shoe and threw it at their 18-month-old child. >> reporter: dwyer has denied the allegations. still, the cardinals pulled him from the roster and banned him from all team activity. he joins ray rice, adrian peterson, and greg hardy, players now on the sidelines after accusations of abuse. >> i think from a league standpoint, we need to address it. >> reporter: a newly released nbc news marist poll shows 53% of americans and 57% of football fans disapprove of how the nfl handled recent reports of domestic violence by several of its players. but it has been more than a week now since nfl commissioner roger goodell has been seen or heard publicly. >> goodell made himself the face of the nfl and now he's
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invisible. that's part of the big problem now with this going on. he's just not there. >> reporter: the nbc news marist poll shows that 29% of adults and 32% of football fans believe the man dubbed the most powerful person in sports just 18 months ago should step down from his throne. >> he bears tremendous responsibility because now, metaphorically, he's like he's been hit and the credibility of the league has been hit. >> reporter: public relations and legal hits that keep coming in a league that now three weeks into its season is still dazed and staggering from those blows. jay gray, nbc news. it now goes to the president's desk for signature. the senate followed the house and approved a measure to support the arming of moderate syrians to fight isis. some senators expressed reservations, the amendment passed 78-22. the fight against isis continues. fighters appear to be battling isis militants near the city of
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kobani. nbc news cannot independently verify the content of the video. tracie potts is in washington. tracie, do we know the timing of the president signing this bill today? >> reporter: no, but we know it is likely to happen pretty quickly because it was his idea. new this morning, air strikes against isis in syria, that's from the air. but what congress did here assures that the u.s. has now partners in syria on the ground. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: it is a done deal. the u.s. will send weapons and train syrian rebels to fight isis. most democrats and republicans agree, it is the best plan. >> there are -- if we train and equip them, they can be effective. >> there is no guarantee of success. there is none. but there is a guarantee of failure if we do not even try. >> this is not iraq. this is a totally different thing. >> reporter: some lawmakers still doubt it will work. >> sending arms to so-called
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moderate islamic rebels in syria is a fool's errand and will only make isis stronger. >> reporter: the president thanked congress for a quick vote. >> shows the world that americans are united in confronting the threat from isil. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is headed to the united nations after telling congress where he's spending so much time lobbying other countries to join the fight. >> if we had engaged in just jumping in and leaping in and doing air strikes one place or another, without the structure or without the forethought or the proper targeting and so forth and something went awry, we would be up here and every single one of you would be looking at us and asking us why we shot before we aimed and -- >> there are going to be boots on the ground, but they are not and should not and cannot be ours. >> reporter: the administration says 40 nations have pledged support. but won't name them all because they're still working out the details. >> and the focus of that is
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going to be supporting the new iraqi government. dara in. >> looks like a busy friday ahead. tracie potts from washington, thanks so much, tracie. parts of texas are under flash flood watches until later this morning. residents of texas in the southwest are cleaning up. their streets and houses flooded by heavy rains brought on by hurricane odile. rescue crews resumed their search this morning for a sheriff's deputy, a patrol car found near a creek. she radioed for help saying it was being swept away by floodwaters. a source saying she's a very good swimmer and may have survived a dangerous waters. the area got down to a seven inches of water in just hours. on that note, here is jeannette calle with what is happening with this crazy weather. >> more rain is on the way for the same areas, parts of new mexico, into west texas. looks like things will look a lot better as we head on into the second part of the weekend and early next week, but right now we're dealing with lots of rainfall. notice across southeastern
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sections of new mexico, right on into texas, and by the way, tropical storm pol o, that looks like it will stay away from baja, california. we expect to see more tranquil conditions in sections of los angeles later this afternoon. a bit of drizzle expected in the morning, gradual clearing in the afternoon, temperatures in the upper 70s. there will be showers around in seattle. that's your national weather and now here is a clos. santa rosa, a high of 73 degrees. and that's your friday forecast. by the way, dara, this is the official last weekend of summer. are you ready for fall? >> no. >> sorry to say, early next week, fall. >> thank you, jean natunette,
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with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. welcome back. florida police say a grandfather shot and killed his daughter and six grandchildren and killed himself. the youngest was 2 1/2 months. records show don spirit had an extensive criminal record. the so-called king fire east of sacramento is now bigger than the city. 73,000 acres. it costs $5 million a day to fight. wayne alan huntsman is suspected of starting the fire, being held on bail. 2800 people are now homeless. the national rate of gun deaths stayed about the same in the 2000s, according to a report in the worst rate in one state, louisiana, 18 in 100,000 killed
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by a gun. hawaii, the lowest rate, three in 100,000. african-americans were twice as likely to die from guns than whites. your retirement accounts continue to smile, as stocks start today at record highs. home depot reports about 56 million payment credit cards were compromised between april and september. they are installing new encrypted terminals at many stores. a rare 8 1/2 carat pink diamond is expected to fetch around $15 million at soth bees in early october. time to unstuff your mattress. and it is said to be the biggest ipo ever, this morning chinese e-commerce firm ali baba is going public on the stock exchange. they're responsible for 80% of all online sales in china. the asking price at open is $68 a share. and apple fans, they are lined ten blocks long in some areas, they want the new iphone 6 and 6 plus. it is available in stores this morning. some analysts expect sales of
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this morning on "today," it is csi meets animal planet. >> what type of work is
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happening here that is protecting animals? >> our job is to link suspect victim and crime scene together, like a police crime lab. the difference being, our victim, one, is an animal, number two, our victim is a piece or part of that animal and may not be obvious what it is. >> an exclusive look at a one of a kind crime lab, that's later on "today." now to the latest in sports from richard lui. good morning, richard. >> good morning, dara. we start with thursday night football for you. atlanta, tampa bay. a blowout. atlanta forcing multiple turnovers. they finally end zone five times in the first half alone, up 28-0 in the second quarter and then this happened. >> beautiful punt. and he passed everybody. it is hester's ninth. >> give that man a speeding ticket. devin hester beating dien sanders with his 20th touchdown return, the most in nfl history
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for touchdowns. then after, in the second half, atlanta does not look back. julio jones pulling down nine receptions, for 161 yards and two tds. atlanta pummels tampa bay, 56-14. that one is deep to left field! there it goes! see ya! home run, derek jeter! >> he's loving that one. derek jeter hitting his fourth homer of the season. is it his last in pinstripes? the new york yanks with a walkoff win against toronto, 3-2. also hoping for a win, gate ride goes for the heart strings, a little sinatra, a little jeter, with this ad. ♪ >> so after 260 years, women will be finally allowed into a
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club at st. andrews. america's augusta national, home of the masters, changed two years ago and began to invite women as well. the patriots tom brady posted his predraft resume on thursday. this is what it looked like. it listed time with merrill lynch and the michigan football team. go blue. he said, really thought i was going to need this after the fifth round, end quote. well, you know, he was traded in the sixth round of the 2000 draft. and since then, he's been to the super bowl five times. not bad. back to you. >> five times, not bad at all. thank you, richard. just ahead, spoiler alert. a bit of magic mike sequel gossip to share with you. and then there is this. yep. a little something to talk about on this friday. you're watching "early today." [ female announcer ] you can change your style to express your unique personality. so why can't you do the same with your eye color? ♪ we at alcon believe you can. introducing new air optix® colors prescription contact lenses.
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coming back for an encore in a second "magic mike." he has a busy movie schedule, the sequel starring channing tatum, matt b'omer will see the stars hit the open road together in the summer of 2015. it is official, 14-year "snl" alum darrell hammond has been chosen to replace don pardo as the announcer for "saturday night live." he's been filling in before and it is great to have him back on this. he does great impressions and he did don pardo and nobody even noticed. >> i actually read that. i think don pardo's daughter called him and she thought it was him. >> that's a lot of -- great to have him back. i'm dare request broa brown. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc. he found it cleans everything... whefrom stove tops...d writing a book about his magic eraser scuffed shoes, and more.
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leading the news, in the seattle times, rocky start for state's pot stores, only one in seattle. seattle marijuana stores had been delayed by limited locations, short supply, city code issues and unprepared applicants. in the christian science monitor, global population could top 12 billion by 2100. a new u.n. study saying we're now at 7.2 billion, scientists warn the rising population could worsen problems like climate change, infectious disease and poverty. now to other stories we're following. people in sierra leone stock up on supplies to stop the spread of ebola. they will be confined to their homes for the next three days. officials will go door to door to check for those infected. the virus killed more than 2600
4:27 am
people. bill clinton admits he only ever sent two e-mails in office. here is a picture of one of them. in honor of throwback thursday, he tweeted this. i sent my first e-mail ever to john glenn while he was in space with nasa. a texas man paid it forward in a big way at his chick-fil-a drive through. he handed over $1,000 to pay for meals until it ran out. in all, 88 people got a nice surprise. a sight for sore eyes. those giant panda triplets born 55 days ago opened their eyes yesterday. a big step. so far they are all healthy. and adorable. >> so cute. >> this bicycle goes sideways. the rider sits in the direction that he or she is moving. handlebars turn the front and back wheels. confused yet? i am. the patented design is based off of a snowboard. the irish inventor has been working on this for about ten
4:28 am
years or more. it would take me ten years to learn how to ride that. >> how do you keep your balance on that? >> i would just be doing that circle, just riding around in circles, chasing my tail. >> hold on for dear life. >> now it is time for a look ahead. baltimore ravens fans can trade in their ray rice jer are seys. the ravens will exchange the number 27 jerseys officially licensed by the nfl for those of other players. rice was fired from the ravens last week after a closed-circuit video was released that showed him knocking out his now wife in an atlantic city hotel elevator back in february. happy birthday to tonight show host jimmy fallon, big 4-0. country supermusic trisha yearwood is a half century today. and batman actor adam west, he turns 86. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today." have a great friday.
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on the 22nd of this month. as we get into next week, we're talking about fall's official arrival. this weekend temperatures are mild right now, they're going to be kind of warm out there today. upwards of 5 to 10 degrees from where we were yesterday. we keep climbing before we bring rain into the


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