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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good tuesday morning to you. 4:30 in the morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's go to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. hopefully you're enjoying this morning because we have a spectacular day. temperatures for today, we're talking about the 50s and 60s for now, on our way to the 70s again. then we trade the 70s in for mid 80s and 90s.
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we'll have the full forecast for you in just a moment. >> happy tuesday, christina. we're looking at oakland right now. the live look shows you how light the traffic is. the on concern for the anymore it's is approaching the area for san leandro. an easy, light volume on the bridge itself. look at that orange section there. heading eastbound railroad avenue. and no more problems as far as any roads blocked. we do have crews in the area for the next few minutes. >> we do have breaking news in san francisco where police are responding to reports of a shooting near civic center plaza. right now we know there is at
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least one victim. no word yet on a suspect. of course keeping an eye on the story. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. >> we're getting our first look at the man police spent hours looking at in palo alto. officials arrested dominic tabb of san francisco. they say he tried to make a fraudulent transaction at the bank of america in palo alto. setting up a perimeter in searching yard to yard, officers found him hiding in an area between calper street. investigators think there is a warrant for his arrest in a sex crime in oklahoma. >> the two men accused of
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setting fires could be charged today. they were arrested over the weekend, accused of setting seven fires within a seven-block radius. people who know peterson say they must have the wrong guy. they say he's a peace loving guy and wouldn't do something like this. the most damage was along park street, alameda's main commercial strip. >> today we could hear from the man accused of beating a man to deathin side a south san francisco gym. police say he beat another man earlier this month with a piece of gym equipment inside of a bali total fitness. officials say his girl friend
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flirted with the guy a few days earlier. she was not at the gym when this attack happened. >> and union organizers say a strike could begin at any time. workers are asking for a 3 to 3.5% raise. >> the san jose city council is trying to figure out where to put pot shops where they won't be too close to schools and neighborhoods. they'll discuss that along with increasing fines for dispensaries by as much as 5,000 percent. the fines for marijuana clubs could increase from a flat $25 fine to a new fine system that could cost owners up to $50,000 for repeat violations. the council will also consider rezones the area around park avenue so the housing authority can build more affordable homes.
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if that passes, developers would put up 100 senior housing units, add 82 units for families and people would have to make $21,000 and 63,000 to qualify. >> in less than a money voters will elect the next mayor of the bay area's biggest city. last night the two candidates faced off. >> this issue of pitch we form is a deflection, i think, a red herring to take us off what's really the issue in this city and that's public safety. >> san jose lost over 400 police officers in the last five and a half years. robberies are up in some neighborhoods and many people say they aren't feeling safe in
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a city that used to be called the safest city in america. there will be at least six more debates before the election. they're not the only ones. the future of district 17 up for debate. the candidates will face off in their one and only debate. >> the fate of the wholesale flower mart in san francisco could soon be up to voters. flower vendors, florists and residents filed paperwork to put a measure on the 2015 ballot that would keep the flower mart. since the building is not zoned for offices, a measure could
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make it impossible for any other company to use it as office space. >> and the raiders this morning could reveal who the team's next head coach will be. dennis allen reportedly fired over the phone after the raiders lost to miami. the raiders have lost ten in a row, with a 4-0 record this season. some report the raiders are thinking of bringing jon gruden back. today the nfl is said to be doing away with the longstanding blackout rule. it's a big deal for raiders fans because the team often fails to
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sell out home games. recently the raiders have chosen to televise games regardless of whether they are sold out or not. the change would prevent future possible blackouts. >> i think she had to wipe off the face paint this morning. >> i did and i took off my mask as well. there's a lot of us out there, but you don't want to call us out of the woodwork. if you're a 49ers fan, you weren't even impacted by that blackout rule. for us, we missed so many games. take a live look at san jose. before you know it, the sharks will be back at it. we're at 50 degrees in the north bay. it's that great type of year. we have all of the sports going at one time. 71 in san francisco later today. you've really got to love it if you're a sports player in the
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bay area. these temperatures are phenomenal. we're holding up with what we had yesterday. a gorgeous day shaping up for you. so the story of the day is morning fog, afternoon sunshine and a lot of it. by tomorrow those low clouds vanish, leading to a heat wave with temperatures in the triple digits. tomorrow we're going to add 10 degrees at least. out in wine country, about 84 degrees. tomorrow you'll be at about 93 degrees. so really keep in mind if you have outdoor plans, maybe you want to take the kid to a swimming pool. it will be much more comfortable today to do that than tomorrow. >> do you take a kid to the swimming hole anymore or was that just me?
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>> yeah, take maw and paw and do some fishing with the line. this is a tuesday where a lot of visitors and folks schedule their meetings for tuesday. we'll see a lot of cross-town traffic. we're talking about a police investigation going on right now. avoid the area, take mcallister toward market. and that will keep you clear of any of the activity. meanwhile the rest of the bay moves very smoothly. an easy drive over the san mateo bridge. those headlights are not a problem. in the east bay, the altamont
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pass is typical. >> ride share companies in one east bay city could soon be facing new regulations. the berkeley city council will be discussing recommendations to create new regulations for companies like uber and lift. they say regulations would also provide safety standard for drivers and also for passengers. >> it's 4:41. a demand from protesters in hong kong. >> and netflix goes head to head with hollywood right now. the big budget film getting ready to debut. >> and what could impact tens of thousands of marijuana users in california.
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. welcome back. crews will resume their search for the malaysian airliner using
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new 3-d maps of the ocean floor. malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished with 239 people on board in march. experts believe the plane lost satellite communication and then kept flying until it ran out fuel and crashed. >> protesters in hong kong set a wednesday deadline to meet their demanse for reforms. they spent another night blocking streets in the central area of hong kong. some of them moved metal barricades to prevent them from moving from the area. >> netflix taking on a news aspect of hollywood. good morning, courtney. >> hi, good morning to you. futures are higher after stocks
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fell on monday but closed well off their lows. investors shrugging often couraging data on pending home sales as the protests in hong kong weighed on markets. netflix hits the big screen teaming up with the weinstein company to announce the release of the sequel to "crouching tiger." back to you. >> thank you very much, courtney. >> livermore right now is holding a holiday season job fair today. dozen of livermore outlet stores are looking for dozens of employees to fill part-time and seasonal positions. people should be bring their
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resumés and be ready to interview. does this mean we're in holiday season? it's october. >> well, i put a little fall sign on the door. almost. haven't got the pumpkins just yet. i think those patches are gearing up. is the weather going to cooperate? >> i would be a bad meteorologist if i did not let you know what was coppiming you way. we're on our way to a really comfortable afternoon, ending up in the 70s all across the board. tomorrow look at the jump in your temperatures, out of the 70s into the upper 80s in south bay. we'll trade out for the 90s by thursday and friday. i'm always looking as far out as i possibly can for rain chances
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because, hey, maybe you want a free car wash. temperatures really warming up in the city by the bay, thursday into friday. you're going to be in the mid 80s and we'll start to cool you off a touch for the weekend, especially on the coast, as this storm system gets its act together. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> airlines across the country still dealing with delays caused by an accident. more than 600 flights were cancelled outside of o'hare, including flights to the bay area. the main facility is being repaired. the process could actually take another two weeks. in the meantime, the man accused of sabotaging the facility is being held without bail. >> the director of the secret service will be in the hot seat today on capitol hill. congressional hearing will focus
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on the ac's handling of white house security. this comes after new revelations that a man who jumped over the fence earlier this month actually made it far into the mansion before actually being stopped. secret service agents originally said omar gonzalez was stopped just in front of the front door but they later admitted he was carrying a knife and made it farther than that. >> there could be a new precedent for medical marijuana in the workplace. a man was fired when he tested positive for marijuana at dish network. colorado supreme court will hear arguments on the case today. >> good news on the education
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front today. a bill was signed into law allowing 15 colleges across california to start bachelor's programs. it must be a degree not offered at california state university or university of california. the programs will be in place by 2017. some schools may start offering them as early as next year. >> it's 4:50 right now. the wall street journal looks at who you should hate the most in the mlb playoffs. >> and who will you throw your weight behind? >> and we'll show you which commute to support as well.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. it's illuminated out there this morning. they're waking up across the country in pittsburgh. g-men preparing for tomorrow's game against the pirates. >> as for the oakland a's, it is do or die tonight. first pitch comes just after 5:00. now, on the mound for the a's tonight, jon lester, that man, was the postseason star for the
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red sox last season, helped boston wins world series. the a's gave up a lot. if you are not an a's or giants fan, who to root for? the wall street journal has come up with a way to help you out here. >> the paper has created an mlb hatability ranking, the ten teams in general loathsomeness. >> and hatefulness. >> the teams were ranked in ten categories including: >> drug suspensions, 2014 "sports illustrated" covers, winning too much, ridiculous beards and refers to fans as "nation." >> like "red sox nation," that one might fit the bill. the greatest point of irritation. on that list, the most hated team, the st. louis cardinals. coming in a close third, the san
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francisco giants. they've had plenty of beards and have won two world series. >> and the a's come in second to last on the list, which in this case is actually a good thing. the least detestable team was the kansas city royals. >> easy to be not detestable when you haven't won in 25 years. nobody knows who you are. >> i like the likable list, not hate list, right? >> least detested, yay. no one detesting this. it's a nice, easy drive. not a will the of folks driving. here we see 101 northbound with easy traffic. the whole stretch moving smoothly. we'll have progress on the 880 interchange coming up. should be opening up some of that transition over there.
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good progress over there before the christmas shopping season comes in. yes, we're that close. over toward the peninsula we're that close with our camera. an easy drive here. palo alto with the taillights past willow. you see the low clouds and can also see the city lights. we'll track it as the fog may roll in, toward the golden gate bridge. big changes for our temperatures. meanwhile, looking to the north bay, the 101 through san rafael, an easy, light drive now. this shot here, reports a deer was hit and killed or reported in the last few minutes. there may be a traffic break as they address that situation.
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>> good to know. >> 4:56 on your tuesday morning. breaking news, a major announcement from ebay about paypal. >> and a new warning for visitors. who thieves are now targeting. >> plus the governor is getting ready to sign legislation that would once again put california in the forefront when it comes to saving the environment. >> and a nice clear look out there. changes in the forecast? we will find out, if any, ahead, when we check in with meteorologist christina loren.
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palo alto police shut down an entire neighborhood searching for this man. >> and a strike threatening to bring the wheels of justice to a grinding halt in one major bay area city.
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>> and our beautiful weather also coming to a grinding halt, but not until tomorrow. we'll see another gorgeous day as of mid week. we're headed for a heat wave. >> and on the bay bridge, they're waiting for a price change. don't you wait. this is seconds away for changes at the bridge. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and look at the gorgeous bay bridge illuminated, giving us a little light show on this tuesday, september 30th. this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. two major tech companies are splitting up.


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