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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and late week we bring in the triple digits. with it be an indian summer? i don't think so. i'll tell you why coming up. >> and we'll talk about the crash at the dublin interchange and the updates for san jose coming up. >> and a live look of downtown
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san jose in the early morning hours. it's 6:00 on your tuesday, september the 13th. if you're just waking up, thanks for joining us. you are watching "today in the bay". and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have breaking news to tell you about. at least one person was shot at a high school 40 miles east of charlotte, north carolina. details are coming in. one person is currently in custody. we don't know whether the victim or the suspect were students at that school. this is happening in stanley county, north carolina. 40 miles outside of charlotte. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. we also have breaking news in san francisco where police are responding to reports of a shooting near civic center plaza. this is on fulton and high streets, a couple blocks away
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from city hall. we're told the victim was taken to s.f. general. no word on his condition or what prompted this shooting. we'll pass along information as soon as we get it. >> new details this morning on the man hunt that kept police on the peninsula busy for hours. bob redell is live. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it took roughly four and a half hours because a palo alto rest didn't -- resident unknowingly helped the suspect. dominique tabb booked on felony check fraud and resisting arrest. police say he's also wanted in oklahoma for a sex crime against a minor. this started around 5:00 when tab allegedly passed a bad check at a local bank of america
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branch. police chased him to the bank. he ended up in the yard of a man on everett court with minor injury from his pursuit. he told the homeowner he had been jumped. the man brought the man inside, even gave him a meal. the homeowner received an alert but he didn't think the man fit the description. an alert police officer saw them leave the house. there was another short chase that ended with tabb being caught. given, you saw his mug shot. he has been booked into jail. officers have spoken with that homeowner. they do not believe that he meant to harbor a criminal. therefore they are not going to be charging him with a crime. police want this to be a lesson
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for adults in stranger danger. don't let people you don't know into your home. >> thanks so much, bob. >> breaking news right now in the business world. ebay and paypal we just learned are parting ways. >> tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us. what does it mean? >> it means paypal can get out there and chart its own course. you can pay by paypal at home depot, for instance. but this allows paypal to really flex its muscle and take on square and apple. apple just announced apple pay. this is the new battle ground. your wallet is the next hot thing being like social networking was just a few years ago, and once again the bay area leads this battle. paypal is san jose, square san
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francisco, apple cupertino and visa split between san francisco and foster city. we'll have much more in just a bit. >> a lot of money at stake there. thank you, scott. >> san jose city council trying to figure out where to put spot shops where they won't be too close to schools and neighborhoods. council members will discuss that issue today. the fines for marijuana clubs could increase from a flat $25 fine to a new fining system that would cost owners up to $50,000 for repeat violations. the council will also consider rezoning the area around park avenue so the county housing authority can build affordable home. if it passes, they would build 100 senior housing units and 82 units for family. people would have to make between $ 21,000 and $63,000 a
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year to qualify. santa clara county is about 54,000 units short for people who make the least amount of money. >> coming up, it's crunch time in sacramento. today is the deadline for governor jerry brown to sign bills into law. one bill we're about to talk about deals with gun owners, another with mental health. kris sanchez joins us. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there. before the gounman went on the shooting rampage, his parents called law enforcement but there wasn't much that they could do. this would allow law enforcement to get a 21-day restraining order for people who were dangerous.
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opponents say this would deter people from seeking mental health for fear of having their weapons taken away. >> and this next bill affects how you tote your groceries home anywhere in the state. california could be the first in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags. in much of the state you can still get plastic bags. i got a couple when i went to the market in gilroy this weekend. the statewide measure would put a 10 cent per bag price on a paper bag or on a reusable plastic one. these are just two of the hundreds of bills sitting on the governor's desk. he has until the end of the day today. if he doesn't sign them, they just go away. but there is a reason for people to feel optimistic because the
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governor has signed more than half of the bill that hit husband desk this session versus a regular session. of course, the election is upon us. laura? >> thanks a lot, kris. >> he's being generous this year, governor brown. >> the ink is flowing. >> we give you a live picture right there of the bay bridge. illuminated. >> it's gorgeous. look at the lights. >> on that note, let's bring in christina loren. obviously water a problem here in the state of california. we received rainfall last week. what do you see in your long-term forecast moving forward? >> i can tell you this much. i've been watching these storm systems lining up in the pacific. the deal is last year at this time we did not have that scenario. we had this big blocking ridge right over us. that is going to be the case as we head throughout the next week
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or so. after that that, that ridge is going to break down and we are bulls eyeing our next chance for rain around the 13th to the 16th. all it's going to take are two to three good storm systems to bring us up to average for the month of october. it's going to take a lot of rain to get us out of the dry seasons we've had. good morning to you san jose. hey, livermore, beautiful conditions in the tri-valley today and then it's going to get hot out there. we're going to lose our natural a.c., that fog, which has settled into pacifica this morning. we'll see if the fog is impacting your drive with mike in moments. your sun will rise at 7:03. temperatures just a touch above average for today and your sun will set at about 6:57. you're not going to see a lot of the loaf cloud cover returning
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to the coast. as a result of the absence of those low cloud, we're talking temperatures 10 to 15 yeses warmer as of tomorrow. one more beautiful day. we're taking you all the way into the weekend now with your north day temperature trend. the average is 70 degrees. today 84. we're up toward that century mark by friday, breathing down the neck of the triple digit. but that heat will break right on cue as the next storm gets more active and heads toward the coast. as promised, mike inouye. >> getting over those temperatures. over here we have a slower-than-average drive but we've come back to your average flow. the concern is where the arrow is. traffic now built up coming into livermore. not an unusual pattern but a
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little slower for a tuesday. traffic making its way smoothly over to the dublin interchange. look at the rest of your bay. smooth drive. typical slowing. nothing unusual about that pattern. we do have northbound 101. show you the volume starting to sort itself out. the second burst of traffic typically sticks around from 6:30 all the way in to your morning commute. the bay ridge toll plaza had a much stronger build as the metering lights were backed up. folks know once you get into that drive but it keeps the bay bridge from being a mess.
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>> a looming strike could bring one bay area court system to a halt.
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>> governor brown has until the end of the day to sign a gun safety member that would allow judges to take away relatives' guns if relatives are deemed to be dangerous. >> 6:15 on your tuesday morning. san francisco's justice system come to a screeching halt as court workers are set to strike. stephanie, this is what happened two years ago. the worry is there could be a repeat of this. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, sam. it was in 2012 when you have a couple people out here at the steps of the civic center courthouse striking. and the worry is that it could happen again, effectively shutting down business. it was a couple hundred people who came out. they were protesting a proposed
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5% wage decrease. the court had said it was able to proceed with top priority business like criminal cases. so what happened? local 1021 was the only one of four court unions to fight the wage cuts, a 5% wage decrease. after nine months of rallies, lobbying and the one-day strike, both sides came to an agreement with the union coming out on top. not on was the wage cut lifted, the workers got a raise, bonus and improvement in health care. the strike could happen again. the final tally came in last night with over 91% of the union members voting to authorize another vic, which means again a strike could take place at any time starting today. theon said the course has acknowledged it has $16 million approximately in reserve. dozens rallied here at the
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courthouse to seasonednd a mess the court management saying we don't want this to happen but a vote has approved it. >> ebay spinoffs paypal. >> it's not a new idea. >> it's not a new idea. carl icahn publicly pushed for it. that's when you do when a corporate raider or shareholder activist as he calls himself demands you do this. later you say, you know, that's not a bad idea. ebay and paypal executives told us the split was totally their idea. the split will happen in 2015.
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john donahoe, the ceo will step down. a former american express exec will run paypal and ebay will promote from within. it's not really relevant to today's news but it does show how important paypal is to silicon valley. look what they went on to do. elon musk, tesla, spacex, red hoffman, linked-in, charred hurley and steve chen go on to create youtube and jeremy stoppelman, yelp, and more. there is concern over the protest in hong kong. crowds have been using an app created here in the bay area called fire chat.
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it allows phones to talk to each other. they can turn off the cell phone service or turn off wifi but protesters can still coordinate because they've created their own radio network. we've seen this in the past, twitter in egypt, sadly youtube with isis and now fire chat in hong kong. >> used here positively to disseminate information. great to see bay area creativity making its way over there. >> it is 6:19 right now. this year going down in the record books as one of the state's driest ever. it's the driest water year. the department of water resources says there's no indication the water year that begins tomorrow will be any wetter. meteorologists predict el nino conditions but that doesn't netly mean there will be enough rain to fill the state's
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reservoirs. >> desperately. >> we take a live peek at downtown san jose on this glorious tuesday morning. we cannot be banking on el nino to fill up those water coffers so to speak but you are optimistic, i think? >> i am cautiously optimistic. this is something that hits people right in the pocketbook when it comes to farmers in the state of california. just base on what we saw last week where we're doing very well in terms of our average rainfall totals for this month. i have to say i'm looking out in the pacific and looking 15 days out as far as i can get and it does look like we're seeing a lot more activity out there in the pacific ocean. really what's going to dictate whether or not we can get out of this drought is if we see the storm track dip to the south. it's usually feast or famine in the bay area. i do want to put that on your radar as well.
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we had a will tlot of rain come through. there is more rain on the horizon. this is the deal. this is why we've been so cold lately. it's been really, really nice, nice and cool. we've had some really beautiful mornings, our days are getting shorter. i'm going to be able to show you what's exactly happening out there, taking a look at the bay area from space. you'll in the we've got this big ridge of high pressure out here developing, but we're still on the side of low pressure. you can clearly see that trough here. as a result for us, that's going to keep us nice and cool feeling like fall for one final day. as we head to tomorrow, that ridge moves in, it's got a lot of energy and it's going to be warm around here. rapid warming, 79 today in the south bay, more like 89 degrees for tomorrow. 71 degrees in san francisco. wine country, a gorgeous day for you at 82. temperatures at about 73 and even out in the tri-valley, 82
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degrees is not bad for today but this is where we are headed as we head throughout thursday, friday and then the temperatures drop off as we see the form system i'm telling you about start to dig o our way. will we get rain? i'll take a closer look that the coming up but first, here's mike and your drive. >> a potential for fog this morning. we saw about ten speed books or 21 speed bikes going across the span there. very clear view. i was able to watch them go across that tower. a nice flow of traffic around the bay. nothing really unusual. 880 south to hayward, there's your typical pattern. we see it clearing as you get down toward highway 84. a live look at the rest of the
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bay, no problems with the bay bridge approach. we'll pick up 101 with our live look out there, see how things are shaping up. northbound no delays, southbound a smooth drive. typical south bay gentle slowdown. back to you. >> time now is 6:23 on your tuesday. here's the big news in the sports world. dennis allen, coach of the raiders, is out. but who is in?
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dennis allen was reportedly fired over the phone after the laiders lost to miami. the raiders lost ten straight games, and start the season with an 0-4 record. there are rumors that tony sparano, the offensive line coach could take over. he says that not true. and there are rumors that jon gruden could be brought back. >> the a's are in kansas city for their crucial wild card game tonight. the winner moves on a win-or-go-home scenario.
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the winner will advance to play the angels in the divisional series. >> tomorrow the giants take on the pirates in pittsburgh. >> a lot of enthusiasm. we're just hoping good things for the two bay area teams. >> and a major shake-up in the business world. what ebay is saying about the decision to split from paypal. >> and what the secret service is expected to reveal today about the recent security breach at the white house.
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a security breach raises new concerns about the first family's safety at the white house. the new details about where an armed man was found inside the mansion. >> and we have some safety concerns when it comes to this impending heat wave. it's going to get hot around here really quickly. 90s and triple digits as the cloud exit the bay area. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> and your tuesday traffic really picking up at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. a new crash en route. we'll have the latest coming up. >> ebay is spinning off paypal. a and. >> there's a live look at the bay bridge. this is tuesday, september 30th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a volcano in japan where 36 people were killed is rumbling again forcing rescuers to suspend plans to recover some of the bodies near the summit. it erupted saturday while some 250 people were on the mountain.
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>> and crews have resumed their search for the missing malaysia airlines flight. they are focussing on new areas of the indian ocean. >> protesters in hong kong have set a wednesday dead line for a response from the government to meet their demands for reform. protesters say they want a genuine democracy for hong kong's leader also to step down. >> we've learned american troops will remain in afghanistan until the year 2017. the u.s. and afghani signed a security agreement early this morning. nd the plan, the number of u.s. forces would be reduced by more than half and removed entirely by 2017. >> lawmakers will question the head of the secret service. they want to know how a man managed to jump a fence, run
6:32 am
across the white house lawn and make it well into the mansion before being stopped. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill where the hearing is set to take place today. what we're learning now is very different than what secret service agents first told us. that man really made it in. >> reporter: he made it a lot further in the white house. initially we were told according to the latest records, amazing and unacceptable is how darrell issa will describe it when he opens the hearing in 30 minutes. >> something needs to be done drastically. >> lawmakers want to ask julia pearson who a man jumped the fan, ran across the lawn and got all the way into the east room before they stopped him? >> there has to be a better way to stop him. >> and the report says there was mass confusion when bullets hit
6:33 am
the white house in 2011. dr. sasha and her grandmother were inside. >> the officers did what they were supposed to do. they took out their weapons, called out "weapons" a." >> four days later the secret service confirmed gunshot hit the residents. >> how interesting, a guy obsessed with the president appeared to have a knockout a.k. 47. >> former agents blame the chain of command. >> ultimately the president does retain confidence in the leadership of the secret service. >> he had the head of the secret
6:34 am
service in the oval office recently after that lasti incident to talk about what's happening. >> 6:33 on your tuesday as we look at a live pic of downtown san jose. beautiful weather in the offing. we are of course now in fall. this should mean some of the nicest weather we'll see all year round here in the bay area. >> it's probably the prettiest time of year across the bay area because they get that beautiful foliage. if terms of when we peak at the surface, not highest elevation, we're looking at the end of october, early november. good morning to you in santa rosa, good morning in wine country. we're at a comfortable 56 degree, not too cold here in the
6:35 am
south bay. not talking about the 40s or 30s as lows. we're going in the opposite direction. we have a heat way coming your way, especially if you work outdoors. showing you some pretty pictures, though, this morning. the beautiful by bridge, a little bit choppy but not too bad. mostly smooth. the winds are dropping off. now showing you a pretty sky here. we have a gray, overcast start in san francisco today but that's going to keep you cool for one final day before the temperatures really soar. san jose, a beautiful start to the day, waking up mostly clear here. 71 degrees in san francisco, 75 on the east shorks 77 on the peninsula today and about 77 for us here in the south bay. a really pretty bay. tomorrow it gets kind of hot.
6:36 am
you'll probably be back in a.c. territory toward the end of the week. high pressure moves in, it's got a lot of energy in it. you'll notice that your future cast is showing you storm systems lining up out here in the pacific. we've got to wait for this ridge to break down before we get any rain. as we head through the weekend, temps will stay above average but they will drop off. you'll see that here. then watch what happens. as we get into wednesday of next week, we're expecting this ridge to really start to break down and we get a good chance for rain. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check your drive with mike. >> the kids of uni are out on their fall break but it feels more like summer. the area i've circled, crash over -- -- puerto rico north of
6:37 am
the bay bridge, nothing dramatic. slow at east 37 over to vallejo. the rest of your bay looks very nice as far as color charts go. northbound routes throughout the south bay. we'll give you a live look at san jose northbound 101. we do have the steady build which happens through the course of the next hour. and over here in the tri-valley, we have the slower drive into dublin here but things have sorted o out into the slower -- >> lots of green on that map. we like to see that. 6:37 now. an update to breaking news. a major announcement this morning, paypal splitting from ebay. >> let's bring in business and tech reporter scott mcgrew.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. a couple of headlines for you. pail paypal will be spun off early next year. ebay will promote from within to fill eats ceo decision and hire an american express executive to run paypal. the thought of the future of paypal is not buying stuff on ebay but rather in the every day transactions in the real world. ebay is over on the nasdaq. they're up better than 7%, trading around $ $ we'll continue our coverage, billions and billions at stake here. >> that's a lot of money. thank you, scott. still ahead, a person living in the u.s. now undergoing tests for the deadly ebola virus.
6:39 am
why this case has health officials concerned. naek nks
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6:41 am
. you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. this morning a dallas patient is being evaluated for possible exposure to ebola. presbyterian hospital isolated that patient because of concerns about symptoms and travel history. the patient's identity has not been released. preliminary results from the cbc are expected to come back today. the virus has already killed
6:42 am
more than 3,000 people across west africa and infected a handful of americans who have traveled to that region. >> 6:41. an unusual end to a late-night search on the peninsula. >> plus an overnight shooting just blocks from city hall sends one man to the hospital. >> and breaking business news. ebay and paypal splitting up. scott mcgrew tells us what the moveveinvestors. >> and a quick look at the bay bridge. back with 15 minutes of nonstop news after this break. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth:
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46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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welcome back. officials confirming it was a student shot at a high school near charlotte, north carolina. this happened in stanley county, north carolina at albemore high school. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. officers chasing down a fraud suspect may have caught someone much more sinister than they originally thought. bob is in palo alto where police have caught up with the suspect. >> reporter: it took a while to find the suspect because a palo alto suspend invited him inside.
6:46 am
dominique tabb, he is now in jail after eluding a massive police search for four and a half hours last night here within city limits. the 35-year-old man allegedly passed a bad check inside a local bank of america chance. police chased him and he ended up in the yard on everett court with minor injuries because of the pursuit. he told a man in his 60s that he had been jumped and he needed help. the man brought him inside, fed him. the homeowner receives a phone alert from police for residents to be on the lookout for tabb, but he doesn't think the man in his kitchen matches his description. tabb talks the man into giving him a ride to the local train station. an alert police officer saw them leading the house. there was a chase and tabb was
6:47 am
caught between topper street and middle field road. officers have talked to the homeowner. they do not believe he meant to harbor a criminal. police want this to serve as a reminder to all of us to think twice before letting strangers into our home. >> good advice. thank you, bob. >> time to check that microclimate this morning. the toll plaza moving up. let's move our eyes up to the sky. christina loren is keeping an eye on it for us. >> stratus quo. >> ah! >> i always save the best for the last 15 minutes of news, weather and traffic. we try to bring it home for you the last 15 minutes. we're going to show you your rain chances coming up here in just a second. temperatures now mostly in the 60s and 60s and feeling like
6:48 am
fall. low pressure is keeping our flow on shore. so you can actually clearly see what's happening out there. we've got this building ridge, clouds amping up and around it and we are on the side of a trough here in the san francisco bay area. it's really comfortable for us today. but high pressure takes over as we head to tomorrow and that's going to bring your temperatures way up, almost to uncomfortable levels. microclimate is making a big appearance. the peninsula is at 77 degrees. a lot of us have climate control. in san francisco a lot of people doesn't have air conditioners. as we head throughout the next couple of days, you'll wish that you did. even -- 90 in san jose and tripily digits on the way to the hot spot. we sop the clock for you sunday
6:49 am
at 10:00 p.m. high pressure firmly in control at that point. but then as we head toward next wednesday, high pressure starts to break down, heads off to the east and look at what starts to develop. you can see here we have a little trough. this one is going to pass to our north. that does show the jet stream starting to dip. it's the one on its heels we expect to arrive between the 13th and the 16th. that's what we're bulls eyes for your rain. for us, it's going to get hotter around here, you might want to make those beach plans because after that temperatures are going to cool off. our next chance for rain, the 13th through the 16th. hopefully that will continue to be the pattern. we're going to let you know every single day. i'm show what you i see. ♪ we'll see what mike sees
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>> christmas carole in my head! i told you it's too early for that. the northbound routes, 85 and 87 and 101 show a slowdown. we're tracking that south bay build. the rest of your bay looks pretty standard. palo alto, san mateo a little slowing there, no issues into the city, standard through hayward and down toward union city. 680 is really starting to grow here. the earlier crash, hit-and-run, seems like everything is cleared from the roadway now. looking across the bay, the san mateo bridge moves very smoothly. looking at west bobound but it moving. no problems on the span itself for 92.
6:51 am
if you're traveling 92 in through oakland, you don't slow until you make that final turn toward bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. >> breaking news in the business world. paypal and ebay are officially parting ways, calling it quits. >> scott mcgrew has the details on it. >> ebay announcing two new ceos. pai pall will be headed by an executive from american express and ebay will promote from within. >> before paypal, you wrote a check for your ebay purchases. paypal now accounts for 80% of transactions on ebay but the
6:52 am
movement gives paypal the freedom to get out into the real world, into the stores, the way that square has and visa dominates. apple announced apple pay a short time ago to pay with your phone. this is where the growth is. ebay trades on the nasdaq, its stock up 7%. tubemogul crearinging the bell morning. i asked what kind of message he wants to pass on besides beat stanford, he said he wants to tell everybody they're hiring. >> which is good news. >> for sure. >> it is 6:52 right now. at any moment court workers in san francisco could walk the pickett line. union members overwhelmingly approved to strike over pay raises. stephanie chuang joins us live this morning. it seems management and workers are far apart on the deal.
6:53 am
>> that's right. good morning to you, laura. what that means for people is if you're planning to take a day off to handle court business in san francisco in the near future, you may lose that day, if it happens to be when the court clerks decide to go on strike. that's what happened two years ago here in the city when the local held a one-day strike that effectively set down much of the san francisco system. while they were able to continue with criminal systems, it could announce a 5% wage decrease. last night the votes were tallied and over 90% of union members voted to authorize a strike. at issue now is the union's demands for more pay. it says the court have acknowledged $16 million in reserve and the workers want some of that money to go to up to 3.5% raise starting november
6:54 am
1st. so far we have not heard back from court management on this. reporting live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> today is the day for governor brown to rule on several new bills. kris sanchez joins us why today could be so important for the state of california. >> hi there, sam. you mentioned the mass shooting. before that gunman went on that deadly rampage, his family called law enforcement saying he was in crisis but there wasn't much more they could do nor the officers who responded. that could change with this bill, allowing law enforcement to get a 21-day restraining order for people considered to be unstable or a danger to themselves or a danger to others. opponents say this would deter gun owners from seeking mental health or substantial abuse help
6:55 am
for fear of having their legal weapons taken away. so far 61 california mayors have signed a letter of support, more than half of them from the bay. >> governor brown to make california the first state in the nation to been single use plastic bags statewide. we have been toting our own reusable bags to the grocery store for a while now in much of the bay area. but in mch of the state if you take a road trip, you could get a plastic bag and that could chang. the statewide measure would put a 10 cent per bag price on a paper bag or one of the reusable ones if you forget to bring your own, sam. these are just two of the hundreds of bills on the governor's desk. if he doesn't sign them right away, they go away. so far this session, he's signed twice as many as he usually
6:56 am
does. he signed about 11%. folks waiting for a signature may be feeling a little more optimistic. >> thank you very much, kris. appreciate that report. community college in california may soon have access to four-year degrees. a new bill was signed into law allowing 15 colleges across the states to start bachelor degree programs. that bill will allow just one four-year program at each college and it must be a degree not currently offered at california stat university or university of california schools. >> the university of california making a change to its rest room. jan jan jan janet napolitano wanted to
6:57 am
create schools that were more lgbt friendly. >> a palo alto intersection is not apparently making the grade. a new city report gives an "f" grade to foot hill and paige mill road. the planning commission will meet tonight to discuss the report. >> several events will draw big crowds and criminals. police say thieves are focusing in on cameras, especially close to popular tourist attractions. with events like harley strictly blue grass and street week around the corner, officials want everyone to keep their eyes open. they say a photographer was robbed at gun point near the painted lady sunday morning and they're investigating five other robberies in just the past week. police have made two arrests in
6:58 am
one case. >> the two men accused of setting seven fires in alameda county could be formally charged today. andrew gutierrez, a transient and stephen michael peterson were taken into custody. >> one man was robbed and shot. a suspect confronted a group of men, demanded their valuables and shot one person in the chest before taking off. his condition is unknown. >> and the bombshelf the morning, ebay and paypal are splitting up. paypal will become a separate and publicly traded company next year. that separation will likely occur in late 2015. ebay decided it was the best path of growth for each business. >> let's go to christina loren.
6:59 am
>> when we meet back tomorrow, we'll talk about the progressive heat on the way. just a short-lived heat wave. you see that cloud cover, gone, baby, gone at this time tomorrow. >> a little movement there. that's the name of a movie, isn't it? >> "gone, girl, gone." >> how's the traffic? >> the north bay is slow. southbound at 101, the lighting changed just a bit. no fog like yesterday. this auto corrected itself. an recall burearly burst of tra. there's some of the low cloud cover christina was talking about adding a general haze to the area. pacifica likely having fog along the coast as well. this is fremont southbound. 880 just starting to see that burst of traffic as it started
7:00 am
in hayward and now here approaching mission boulevard. >> people out and about. be careful before you head outdoors. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you again in 25 minutes with more news, weather and traffic. >> you said it like you can't wait. >> i'm excited. good morning. the director of service set for a grilling on capitol hill in the wake of the unprecedented security breach at the white house. officials now admitting an armed intruder got much further inside the mansion than they originally revealed. significant break. the suspect in th disappearance of uva s in the hot seat. the director of the secret service set for a grilling on capitol hill today in the wake of that unprecedented security breach at the white house. officials now admitting an armed intruder managed to get much further inside the mansion than they originally revealed. significant break. the suspect in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham linked by forensic evidence to another disappearance of a young woman in charlottesville years ago. her parents react via an exclusive interview. the fight of her life. joan lunden opens up about her fight against breast cancer. >> it's a shame you have to go through something that almost


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