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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 1, 2014 12:36am-1:38am PDT

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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight, nathan lane.
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weird al yankovic. writer/director garry marshall. featuring the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] and now, here he is, seth meyers. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening everyone. good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everyone doing tonight? are we well? [ cheers and applause ] that's great to hear. this however was not great to hear. some unfortunate news to start with. olympic gold medalist michael phelps was arrested early this morning for drunk driving. yeah, and police say phelps aggravated the situation when they tried to give him the breathalyzer and he held his breath for six minutes. [ laughter ]
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which is impressive but you can't do that to a cop. you can't. some political news, the u.s. government has announced a deal that will keep american troops in afghanistan until at least 2024. at least 2024. so, apparently obama is going to leave the whole mess for president beyonce to deal with. [ laughter ] she'll deal with it. i could not believe this. according to new reports, iraqi military pilots accidentally dropped food and other supplies at a camp for isis militants instead of the iraqi army. in their defense, in their defense, it was an iraqi army camp when the pilot first took off. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] it just moves very quickly. it just moves very quickly. [ applause ] mitt romney is back in the news.
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romney has fueled speculation that he might run for president again by saying he'll see what happens with the race in 2016. or if he doesn't want to wait that long, he can look at what happened with the race in 2012. [ laughter ] he could just look back. [ applause ] it was reported today that the recent security breaches at the white house could cause the director of the secret service her job. luckily after she's escorted out of the building it should be pretty easy for her to get back in. [ laughter and applause ] she'll just walk back in. walk right back in. this is great, a man who is using olive garden's never ending pasta pass to eat every day until the promotion ends in november will be documenting the experience on a blog. incidentally blog is also the sound he makes at the end of each meal. [ laughter ] blog. i love this story. kiss lead singer gene simmons --
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gene simmons was photographed at l.a.x. airport yesterday eating a piece of hamburger off the ground. [ audience oohs ] even more amazing, he didn't have to bend over to do that. [ laughter and applause ] when you do that, you get like tongue juice all over your lip. this is kind of a shame. the bravo network is under fire after it let go 16 editors on the show "shahs of sunset" after they tried to unionize. said the editors who had to watch every episode of "shahs of sunset", "no, no, no, we said we wanted to be euthanized. [ laughter ] forming a union. [ applause ] we want to be dead people. we would like to be dead people now."
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this is incredible. this is incredible. scientists in russia say they discovered a fish with human like teeth. "hey, put me down," said stephen tyler. [ laughter and applause ] this is interesting. this week marks the annual baby jumping festival in spain. where participants dress up as devils and jump over the infants in the street. the festival is supposed to bring good fortune to local child therapists. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, it's been announced that a movie based on the video game tetris will be released. a movie based on the video game tetris they released. they got a director, a star, a script, all of the pieces are falling into place. [ laughter ]
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ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how we doing, 8g band? everybody good over there? glad to hear it. so halfway through -- this was a terrifying moment for me last night. halfway through the show i realized i was not wearing my wedding ring which was terrifying for me. i sometimes -- let me explain because i don't want anybody to rush to judgment. the reason i was not wearing it is because i am having an affair. [ laughter ] i took it off in the gym -- i took it off at the gym yesterday morning because when i'm doing curls which seems really macho i have to take off my ring because it pinches my baby skin -- my baby finger skin and i have zero tolerance for pain.
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so, i take it off and put it in my gym shorts and i usually -- every now and then i'll forget to bring it in to work and i'll realize its off. but i'll borrow our producer mike schumacher's wedding ring. right before the show i'll panic and say, "hey, i need your ring." he gives it to me but he does not make it easy. he always says things like, "i like it, i'll put a ring on it." [ laughter ] or he'll start saying really long vows. it's awful. anyway i'm glad to have it back on. and i know the next question everyone is going to ask is was my wife angry? don't worry she was not angry because she does not watch the show. [ laughter and applause ] she gets more than enough of me, thank you very much. i do like to tell stories just like that to find out if she's watching the show. because what will happen is tomorrow she'll say to me, "i watch your show." i have to do stuff like that to find out. so, you're move honey. but, i'm very happy to have it back on. i felt naked without it. so, its great to have my good old wedding ring back. we got a fantastic show for you tonight, everybody. star of the new broadway production, "it's only a play,"
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nathan lane is here. [ cheers and applause ] can't wait the talk to him. also stopping by, he just released the first comedy album ever to debut at number one on the charts, weird al yankovic is with us. [ cheers and applause ] one of my heroes. and he's responsible for some of the most iconic movies and tv shows in history, my friend the legendary garry marshall will be here. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to have a great show. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you got this. you got this. you're a wizard. you're a fireball throwing wizard. you're a hero. and you look great.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everyone. you know, we here at "late night" understand the importance of social media and creating a dialogue with our viewers. we have active twitter, facebook and instagram accounts. being a new show, we can leave no stone unturned in the realm of social media. so i've decided to make "late night's" presence felt on ever platform. which is why i'm turning to the original social media, the ham radio. [ laughter and applause ] now, for those of you who don't know what ham radio is, it's a noncommercial recreation amateur radio frequency used in remote places where you can't get a cell signal. i thought, "hey, why not get on the old ham radio and interact with some fans." so, let's turn it on and see if we can find anyone.
12:49 am
>> hello, hello, hello. >> seth: hello, this is seth meyers from "late night with seth meyers" on nbc. [ laughter ] >> hello. oh my god, finally. i haven't talked to another human soul in 14 years. >> seth: 14 years? who am i speaking with? and where are you from? >> this is david driscoll. i am currently 10 miles below the surface of what was once cleveland. [ light laughter ] i'm assuming that the sound of your voice means civilization is finally rebuilding itself since the devastating effects of the y2k bug? [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry, did you say y 2 k? >> yeah. yeah, i came down to this bunker december 31st, 1999. everyone laughed at me and called me a big kook. but look who's having the last laugh now. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh buddy, i don't know how to tell you this. but y2k came and went. everything is fine. >> oh, okay. wow. hm, probably shouldn't have waited until today to turn on this ham radio, huh? >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ]
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well, yeah. why don't you come up, man. everything is fine. >> so, all right. "frasier" still going strong? [ laughter ] >> seth: no, no, "frasier" hasn't been on the air for ten years. >> that is a big old bummer. so, at least i can go back to my job. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, yeah? what was your job? >> manager of a blockbuster. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] all right. i'm going to go. i'm going to go. let's see if we can find someone else out there in the ham-iverse. >> come in. who is this? >> seth: oh, hello. this is seth meyers from "late night." who am i speaking with? >> this is dr. bill sullivan in antarctic outpost 34. >> seth: oh, hey doctor. antarctica? that's cool. what are you doing out there? >> you know, a little of this. a little of that. mostly experiments. >> seth: oh, what kind of experiments are you doing? >> i'm studying the effects of daily consumption of whiskey on my own body. [ laughter ] >> seth: so it sounds like you're just drinking? >> you sound like my penguin wife. [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry, did you say penguin wife? >> yeah, what's it to you? [ penguin quacks ]
12:51 am
>> quiet woman. nevermind who i'm talking to. [ laughter ] i said i'll take out the trash after dinner. >> seth: okay. you know, i can go if this is a bad time. [ penguin quacks ] >> i can't be mad at that pretty face. come here and give me a smooch on that beak of yours. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, you know what? i'm going to just go. i'm going to give you guys some privacy. let's see who else we can find out there. >> hi, welcome to wendy's. may i take your order? >> seth: oh, i'm sorry. this is seth meyers. i might have crossed signals with you. i'm actually on a ham radio. >> ha, ha, yeah, right. seth meyers, very funny. you know, i'm sick of you kids pulling pranks on me at the drive through. just because i'm a 45-year-old man, and i work at wendy's, doesn't mean you can make fun of me. this is my life! [ laughter ] >> seth: no, i'm sorry, this really is an accident. we just crossed lines. >> yeah, when you pull up to the drive through window, you're going to get a hot cup of coffee right in the face! >> seth: no, no, no. don't do that. because that will not be me. that will not be me. >> here you are now. very clever to be dressed as an old lady. >> seth: no. that is an old lady. that is an old lady. >> right in your face! >> oh, why?
12:52 am
>> seth: okay. okay. see who else is out there. >> hello? >> seth: hello? hey, this is seth meyers from "late night" on nbc. who is this? >> this is billy meyers from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> seth: that's funny. my grandfather's name was bill meyers and he was from pittsburgh. so how old are you, billy? >> seven years old. >> seth: and what do you do for fun? >> i play with my hoopin stick, and tonight my pop and i are going to see the new laurel and hardy moving picture show. >> seth: laurel and hardys? dick and hoop? this might be a strange question, billy. but what year is it? >> 1934. >> seth: 1934? wait a minute. did i accidentally catch a signal from the past and now i'm talking to a child version of my own grandfather? ♪ oh my god. [ laughter ] such an amazing opportunity. i never met my grandfather. [ light laughter ] this might be the only chance i
12:53 am
ever have to have a conversation with him and gain some wisdom. hey, billy, buddy, if there's one thing you could say to your grandson in the future, what would it be? >> oh, well, i guess if there was one thing i'd want my grandson to know, it would be, don't trust the irish. they're filthy, they're drunk all the time. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> they have way too many kids. you know what? i think that's it. that's probably enough ham radio for now. [ cheers and applause ] that's enough. we'll be right back with nathan lane. i don't think we -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ ♪
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(dootrick or treat! mmm! thank you! mmm! mmm!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everyone. our first guest is one of broadway's most celebrated actors. who's latest show "it's only a play" is currently in previews at the gerald schoenfeld theatre. you can also see his tony nominated performance from "the nance" when it airs on pbs live from lincoln center on october 10th. please welcome nathan lane.
12:58 am
[ cheers & applause ] ♪ thank you so much. >> thank you. wow. what a crowd, what a night. >> seth: what a night. >> weird al yankovic, garry marshall. two of my favorites. >> seth: it's a really good night. i feel really good about it. >> i feel very lucky and i'm very happy to meet you and congratulate you on all of your success. >> seth: thank you so much. >> and they gave you a new set. that's so nice of nbc to give you that vote of confidence that you deserve. >> seth: thank you. >> because you know, the first set, to put it politely, set seemed a little tentative. [ laughter ] it seemed -- it looked like an ikea talk show starter kit set. [ laughter ] with an all too conveniently movable island. but this set says we're putting down roots, we're looking for good schools in the area. >> seth: yeah. >> that faux brick testosterone.
12:59 am
i play street hockey set that you deserve. >> seth: right. >> so, congratulations. >> seth: thank you so much. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] coming from you especially. and it is so nice that we met because we almost met once and did not. >> i know. i'm so sorry about that. it was the opening night of our mutual friend mike birbiglia's one man show. i saw you there. >> seth: yeah. >> yes. the great mike birbiglia. the son i never had. >> seth: yeah. >> he -- we were there and i saw you out of the corner of my eye and i wanted to go up and introduce myself and say i was a fan and then i got too scared and i didn't do it because i'm irish catholic and i live in fear. [ laughter ] but -- and you know, it's times like that that i wish i was more like my oldest brother danny who will go up to anyone and start a conversation, the more famous, the better. you know, if he saw the pope he would just bear hug him and say, "what's up frankie.
1:00 am
you're doing a beautiful job at the vatican. can i try on your hat? [ laughter ] can you turn this bottle of water into wine?" and then a quick selfie with the pontiff and he would be on his way. but mike birbiglia said that you had a similar reaction to see me. >> seth: i saw you. too nervous to go over. too shy. >> well, and then he said he commented on our mutual shyness and that you replied it's so tragic, shyness is what's killing america. >> seth: it's killing america. it's just missed connections. just a chance for two people to be happy and instead we went the other way. >> just to say hello, i know. >> seth: i'm very excited about this. you and your partner devlin. it's deviln, right? >> yes. >> seth: you have a dog named mable. >> yes. >> seth: and you're writing a children's book about your dog mable. >> it doesn't get any gayer than that. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is really full. >> full on. >> seth: right. well actually, it depends on what kind of dog mabel is. >> not since you and stefon. yes. yes, he's a french bulldog. >> seth: okay, so yes. >> yeah. and i've talked about her before on television. she has a lot of issues. she has 22 separate allergies. >> seth: okay.
1:01 am
>> she's extremely stubborn, has a very delicate stomach. a little needy. a little neurotic. it's like living with gwyneth paltrow. [ laughter ] i'm kidding. of course she's a lot of fun. >> seth: yeah. >> but we finally thought enough free loading it's time for her to bring some money into the house. and i got the idea because i don't -- i say this. i don't drive, which is another show entirely. it's a "dateline" special. i don't drive so i sometimes would hire a town car to take us to long island to our home in long island. and when i started walking mabel after i had done this several times, i realized every time she saw a black town car she thought it was for her. >> seth: oh wow. >> and she would try to get in it. and i would say, i said to devlin, you know, jokingly, i said, "we should write a children's book, 'mabel of the hamptons,' about an over privileged french bulldog." and he thought it was a great
1:02 am
idea and wrote a first draft. and then we started to work on it. and next fall it will be in book stores as "naughty mabel." >> seth: "naughty mabel." [ applause ] now -- >> you, you, you, i predict that you too will write a book about your dog. >> seth: it's only a matter of time. i certainly talk about my dog enough. >> i've seen the pictures. it's adorable. >> seth: she is an adorable dog. it is the kind of dog -- again, i never thought i would -- i grew up with big dogs and then you get in a relationship and the next thing you know you have a tiny dog in a sailor costume. >> i mean, i will say, your dog looks perpetually guilty. >> seth: yes. >> like a kardashian. [ laughter ] but the problem -- what a lovely group of people. >> seth: they're really lovely. >> the probably with mabel now is her snoring. >> seth: okay. >> it's part of the breed but the older she gets, the more she snores. it's a problem because she sleeps with us. and 30 seconds she's out like a light and snoring like a teamster.
1:03 am
so i'm looking for breathe right nasal strips for bulldogs, they don't have. but maybe you can tell me. have you ever watched your dog have a nightmare? >> seth: sure. i mean, i don't like it. my wife delights when the dog's discomfort because it's adorable the little like -- >> oh, that. i know. but i often think, well what -- i'm trying to imagine what is the film going on, the black and white film noir for dogs that's happening. you know, a group of feral cats have. [ laughter ] they're taunting her about being neutered. dozens of black town cars going by and never picking her up. [ laughter ] cesar milan the dog whisper saying, "you'll never learn. you'll be a bitch all your life." [ laughter ] this is a dog's nightmare. [ applause ] >> seth: i think you have a sequel to "naughty mabel" is "mabel's dream" which could be a werner herzog movie. it has a real darkness to it. >> exactly.
1:04 am
>> seth: so congratulations on "it's only a play." >> oh thank you very much. >> seth: it's selling out. you're only in previews. what is it about? >> it is about the -- an opening night party. it takes place at the producer's town house and all of the people involved are there. and they're awaiting the reviews and especially the "the new york times" review which is very important and it turns out to be a rather devastating one. it's very funny but devastating and it's about sort of the aftermath of that people trying to recover. great cast. >> seth: yes you have. well you're reunited with matthew broderick. >> matthew broderick, stockard channing, f. murray abraham, megan mullally, a young, wonderful actor named micah stock who's making his debut, and another actor making his debut, rupert grint, from the "harry potter" films. >> seth: that's really exciting. >> doing a teriffic job. >> seth: so this is his broadway debut? >> his broadway debut. and i, you know, some of the success of ticket sales has been attributed to myself and matthew, but it's really the
1:05 am
cumulative effect of this. but i think it's really all about rupert. because you know your fans from his fans. but you know when you walk in through the stage door and when you see people holding a wand and an owl, you know who they're there for. >> seth: not a nathan lane fan. >> they're easy to get rid of. you just scream, "voldemort," and point. [ laughter ] and they go in the opposite direction. >> seth: they just clear out? >> but he's been -- he's the sweetest kid and this is only his second play. >> seth: wow. >> and he had done a play in the west end previously. but this is -- he's doing a tremendous job, and we're just having a blast. >> seth: that's really exciting. this play -- i always read about that waiting for the "the new york times" review because you find out the night you open basically. >> right. >> seth: just a few hours later. >> yes. >> seth: i would imagine in your long career you've been on either side of that? >> oh yes, for every night like "the producers" there's a night like "the addams family" where you can see the iceberg coming and as much as you scream, no one seems to be paying attention.
1:06 am
the band keeps playing, you know. it's going to be okay. and, you know, it's -- you know, i always think you learn more from failure. >> seth: yes. >> you know, which is a big part of show business. but you know, those nights like "the producers" when all of the stars align and you just feel very lucky. and also, it's all about the material. you know, having great material and hopefully realizing it. >> seth: well it's always so exciting when you're back on broadway. it's so exciting with matthew broderick. i can't wait. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> seth: nathan lane everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "it's only a play" is in previews now and opens october 8. we'll be right back with weird al yankovic. [ cheers & applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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i was very happy to make myd first doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. over one million people have enrolled in health insurance through covered california. soon, you can join them. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everyone. our next guest is a grammy award winning musician and satirist. his 14th studio album "mandatory fun" debuted at number one of the billboard charts this summer. it's the first comedy album in 51 years to reach that mark. please welcome the king of musical parody, one of my all-time favorites, weird al yankovic. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:12 am
>> seth: welcome. >> hi. >> seth: it's so good to see you again. >> good to see you, man. >> seth: i didn't realize it until today, your first television appearance was right here in 30 rock. >> that's true, 1981 i did the tom snyder coast to coast, "tomorrow coast to coast." yes, in this very studio. >> seth: and here you are. check it out. [ cheers and applause ] some very high production value. >> i still have those pants. >> seth: you still have those pants. >> i do. >> seth: that's great. now, that is your drummer but he does not have drums. >> no. that was before we actually had a band together. that was jon bermuda schwartz, and i met him on "the dr. demento show" and basically i needed someone to play percussion for "another one rides the bus" and he said, "i'm a drummer," and i said, "you can bang on my accordion case." so, that was it. >> seth: that was it? >> that was all he did, yeah. >> seth: so, that was the percussion for -- >> yeah. >> seth: "another one rides the bus." was that your first? >> that was the first big single, yeah. >> seth: okay, wow. that's amazing. >> and after that i thought, maybe i should put a band together.
1:13 am
>> seth: right. >> that might be more palatable for the public. >> seth: and i'm sorry, what was his name again? >> jon bermuda schwartz. >> seth: jon bermuda schwartz, great. when you met somebody named jon bermuda schwartz you probably said, "we're going to get along great." >> i think i gave him that name. >> seth: okay, good. he's very lucky to have me you then. >> yes. >> seth: so you, that began a record -- a recording contract. you had a are record contract that lasts from then until now, right? >> well, that was before i had a record deal. i signed in 1982 and it was a ten album deal at the time, which seems crazy. but, you know, i was working in the mail room and i thought, "well, sure, okay, i'll have ten albums, why not." >> seth: yeah. >> and then the contract got renegotiated and they tacked a few more albums onto it. and then it got renegotiated again, a few more albums so they gave me a 14 album deal which finally was fulfilled with "mandatory fun." after 32 short years -- >> seth: that's incredible. you had a 32-year record deal. >> that sounds like a joke when i say that, but that's actually true. >> seth: and this is the first -- i mean, not only your first number one album, it's the first comedy album to debut at number one on billboard. where were you when you found out, how does it make you feel? >> oh gosh, i was -- you know, i
1:14 am
was backstage at "at midnight," chris hardwick's -- >> seth: yeah, chris hardwick -- it's a great show. >> -- and i knew we were battling it out for number one. and even that was -- i couldn't wrap my head around that. but i was about to go on the air and i get a message, your manager wants to see you in the green room. i thought, i wonder if this is it. i wonder if this is big news. and i walk in the green room and my manager is there, my wife is there, my daughter is there, my in-laws are there and they've got big signs that say number one and a cake. very sweet. [ applause ] >> seth: that is great. >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: you get permission from every artist you parody. >> that's true, yeah. >> seth: that's so great. and do you usually just reach out via their management? >> yeah, usually. usually it's my manager is talks to their manager. sometimes he doesn't get his phone calls returned so i have to like, seek out -- stalking is probably not the right term. >> seth: no. >> but, i seek out -- [ laughter ] i seek out the artist and try to get their permission in person. >> seth: did you have to for anything on this in? >> for a couple. i e-mailed pharrell. >> seth: uh-huh. >> i won't say how i got his e-mail address. but he couldn't have been nicer. and iggy azalea, i had to actually fly out to her concert. she was doing a show in denver
1:15 am
and she -- my parody of "fancy" was the last thing i recorded for the album. it was like, if i don't get it recorded by this date i'm going to lose my, you know, my release date on the album. so, it's like -- okay, i have to fly out to the concert on this date and hopefully she'll give me permission. >> seth: where did you go at the concert? did you talk to her backstage? like, how'd it go? >> i was -- i was friends with the promoter and they got me backstage. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i was kind of hanging out. waiting by the side of the stage. and as she walked off stage -- well, tmz says i ambushed her. [ laughter ] that's not incorrect, really. [ laughter ] but i basically approached her and said you know, "i'd love to do a parody. and we're going to be in the studio tomorrow morning, i hope you're okay with this." and she said, "i need to know some more information about it," and i said, "i happen to have the lyrics right here." [ laughter ] and she looked it over and was like, "yeah, that sounds fine." and i got on a plane, went back to l.a. and recorded it. >> seth: that's amazing. that is so great. and so great that you do that. [ applause ] >> taking the high road, you know? >> seth: you took the high road and sometimes you've gotten better than permission. you actually have gotten an idea
1:16 am
for a song from an artist? is this right? >> oh, i think i know what you're talking about. yeah, "like a surgeon" back in 1985. apparently, you know, madonna was talking to a friend of hers in new york and just happened to wonder out loud i wonder when weird al is going to do "like a surgeon." and her friend knew a friend of my manager and then it got back to me and i thought, not a bad idea. maybe i will. and now madonna writes all of my music for me. >> seth: she's done a great job. >> she's on retainer. she does all my stuff. >> seth: she does a great job. you guys have such a -- you guys are the -- of your day. yeah. you -- do you keep a list? what's your writing process? how does it go? >> well sometimes it's spontaneous. sometimes -- like the "fat" video, like i had the idea of that before the end of the "bad" video aired on tv for the first time. t was like, "oh yeah, fat guys is walking through the turnstile that will be great." so -- but more often than that it's analytical. i make a list of all of the songs that i think are good candidates for parody. and i do every variation on the team, i make long lists and i go down the list, like, "no, too stupid, too stupid," and then i circle the ones that are just
1:17 am
stupid enough. >> seth: right. >> just the right amount of stupid. yeah. >> seth: you have lived on the tipping -- the razor's edge. >> that's incorrect. >> seth: one artist you have not had a lot of luck with permission is prince. >> yeah. >> seth: never parodied a prince song. have you ever interacted with him? have you ever -- >> not as such. i had several ideas back in the '80s. and i would always ask for permission but he would say, "no." you wouldn't call this an interaction, really. really it was a non-interaction. i got a telegram the night before the american music awards because i was supposed to be sitting in the same row as prince and i got a telegram stating that i was not to establish eye contact with prince at any point during the show. >> seth: wow. >> yeah. and of course immediate i sent him back a telegram saying, "you don't look at me either. it goes both ways." both ways. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] true, completely true. >> seth: of everything that you've done in your career, all of which at different level of success, strangeness, you were
1:18 am
on "wheel of fortune" -- >> oh my goodness. >> seth: -- with little richard. >> have you seen it? >> seth: i haven't seen it. >> it's on youtube, you've got to check it out. >> seth: okay, so it's you, little richard and james brown. yeah. there it is. >> yes. [ laughter ] yes. lee greenwood there. so my manager calls me up and says, they'd like for you to be on celebrity "wheel of fortune." i was like, it sounds like a little cheesy, i don't know. you will be on there with little richard and james brown. it's like, "i'm there, i am there on the next plane. how great is that going to be? it's like surrealistic. >> seth: absolutely. >> so, i get there and james brown isn't there yet. and everybody runs through the paces, you spin the wheel, they play the game and all of the rehearsal stuff. james brown show up like an hour late with his 20-person entourage that obviously follows him everywhere. so, we're all in the green room and we're watching james brown learn how to play "wheel of fortune." [ laughter ] he has not only apparently never seen "wheel of fortune," he obviously has never played the game hangman. he has no concept how this game
1:19 am
is supposed to work. so, the producer is really patient. james brown spins the wheel and it stops and james goes, "give me, give me, give me --" it's a half-hour show, james. it's a half-hour show. like, give me a, give me a "a". the producer goes, no, james, when you spin the wheel, you have to pick a consonant. he goes, "oh, europe." [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: oh my goodness. >> that was -- the whole show was like that. >> seth: that's amazing. >> yeah. >> seth: well for someone who has had a great career i'm not surprised. so lovely to have you on the show. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: weird al yankovic everyone. "mandatory fun" available in stores and on itunes now. we'll be right back with garry marshall. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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cool story, bro. ♪ [ cheers & applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everyone.
1:25 am
our next guest is a legendary creator of such television classics as "happy days" "mork and mindy" and "laverne and shirley." he's also directed iconic films like "pretty women" and "beaches." and now he's directing a play here in new york at the vineyard theater. it's called "billy and ray," and performances start tomorrow. please welcome my friend, garry marshall. ♪ [ cheers & applause ] so lovely to see you. >> i'm here. i'm here. >> seth: you're here. >> yeah. >> seth: this is great. we've -- this is so exciting. you're directing a play on broadway again. you've done this before. you directed a play in 1980 called "the roast." tell us about that. >> it's a trivia question. >> seth: it is a trivia question.
1:26 am
>> yes, what was the play before "cats" at the winter garden. >> seth: was your play? >> they can't guess. it was called "the roast." i didn't direct it. i wrote it. >> seth: you wrote it. okay. >> yes. "the roast" lasted three nights. "cats" lasted 18 years. [ laughter ] that's how well i'm doing in theater. [ applause ] but you know, they say i helped "cats." i lowered the bar, you know. >> seth: every night people would go to "cats" and go, "i didn't love it but it was better than 'the roast.'" >> that's it. but you have good luck and bad luck. >> seth: you have good luck and bad luck. you also go to a lot of shows. >> yes. >> seth: martin short had a show here. a wonderful show, a few years ago. >> yes. you know, when you think you're doing -- you're doing great by the way. >> seth: thank you. >> i'm so proud of you. but sometimes you think you're doing great and then i remember i was in town and i called martin short and i said, "could i come see the show, i'm free wednesday. can i come to your show?" he said, "it would be great. and i bring a celebrity out of
1:27 am
the audience to come up and do a bit with my jewish character." and i said, "well, i think you can get a bigger celebrity than me." and he said, "not on a wednesday." [ laughter ] jay leno, seinfeld, they did saturday. i'm the wednesday celebrity. >> seth: well, it's something. it's still something. we've worked together. >> yes. >> seth: you directed me, i was in your film "new year's eve" maybe the last movie i'll ever be in. just so you know. that'll be the -- >> i thought you were very good. >> seth: thank you. i had a lot of fun. and it was such a fun set. and i got to -- i stayed friends with everybody i did my scenes with. and i think that's such a credit to the way you direct a set. you like to make it fun. >> make people friends, you know? it's a hard job at 4:00 in the morning. >> seth: it is, yeah. >> you got to tell stories. but there was a guy when i was casting -- i wanted you but they told me i had to cast people from foreign countries. and they had this guy from germany. and i said, "what's he done?" and they said, "well he played a
1:28 am
great nazi." i said, "well, that's what i need in a light comedy, a guy who played nazis. [ laughter ] let's get him right away." but he turned out to be a good guy. til schweiger. and you became friends. >> seth: i became friends with him. it was funny, we was working with him and i only knew him from "inglorious basterds." and i said, "how famous are you in germany." he said, very matter of factly in a very german way, he goes, "i am like tom cruise plus will smith." [ laughter ] >> a combo. >> seth: and then i went to germany and he was right. he was right. we were biking. i was biking behind him in the streets of berlin. we would just bike. and the people passing the other way would be like, "that's til schweiger." [ laughter ] i heard that all day. >> it took me a week to pronounce his name. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm from the bronx. we're not big in pronunciation. [ laughter ] but he was very good. >> seth: you, um, we have something else in common. we both went to northwestern university. >> yes. >> seth: in illinois. and you give it to northwestern.
1:29 am
>> they beat penn state. >> seth: they beat penn state on saturday. >> we're happy. >> seth: we're happy. we don't care. boo all you want, we're happy. [ laughter ] you wrote for the sports section of the -- >> i was the sports editor of the northwestern paper and the team was not good in those days which got me into comedy. [ laughter ] i mean, the team -- my years, my big years at the sports team was 1 and 11. so you had to write, you know, by the time the star spangled banner was over ,we were behind by 14 points. [ laughter ] so that's how i started to write this way. >> seth: when my freshman year, i was in this intro film class and you came and spoke to us. you had just written a book. and i remember you said something that really stayed with me about luck. like you can make a great product but you also need to be lucky when you make a movie. because you had very bad luck with the film "frankie and johnny." >> yes. "the roast" wasn't' too good.
1:30 am
so it's not so much bad luck. >> seth: got ya. >> it was bad. "frankie and johnny" was al pacino and michelle pfeiffer and a very funny guy named nathan lane. >> seth: that's right. nathan lane was in it. >> nathan lane was in it. he was great. but we opened on a bad weekend. i don't know if they remember. there was clarence thomas, anita hill, remember that whole thing? >> seth: right. his confirmation hearing. >> yeah it was about sexual harassment and it's going to be on tv. i don't know if i could -- they talked a lot about pubic hairs. >> seth: yeah, they did. >> and 20 million people watched to hear about pubic hair and 77 came to my film, which was not no good. [ laughter ] >> seth: no. >> but it wasn't nathan lane's fault. >> seth: no, it wasn't nathan lane's fault. >> it was just luck. and then we thought, get him back when we sell the dvd. and of course my luck, when the dvd came out was the big night
1:31 am
weekend of l.a. riot. >> seth: oh no. >> and i was at the laker game and they burned my car. and i had to hitchhike home, you know. it's hard. hi, i do "happy days", right. [ laughter ] nobody cares. >> seth: nobody cares. >> "happy days" this, you know. >> seth: right. one of the things i love talking about when we got to work together is when you write, you're a writer and i was a writer. you sometimes actors want to know more that as an writer you even know. and you told me a great story of working with tony randall on "the odd couple." >> i did do "the odd couple." jack klugman, tony randall, they were great. and tony would come through the door, we thought, oh, he'd ome home through the door and come and say something to jack and that started the story. and tony always said, "where was i?" i says, "it don't matter where you were you just come through the door." "well, i like to know where i was." [ laughter ]
1:32 am
so i would make up crazy stories. once he came in and i said -- he was a portrait photographer. so i said you were taking a portrait of a dog, a dog died. it was called spot moskawitz. and this dog died and you went to the funeral and there were all these jewish dogs with yarmulkes at the grave sight and you shot it. and spot moskawitz you made famous. and it was such a good story i did it in a movie. [ laughter ] so you never know how -- it's called defensive writing. >> seth: there you go. >> you're defending yourself. >> seth: well there you go. and no one does it better than you. it's such a delight to have you here again. and i have to say, when i was at northwestern, every class i went to was in a marshall building. so thank you so much for that. and it's so lovely to have you again. garry marshall, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] previews of "billy and ray" start tomorrow at the vineyard theater. we'll be right back. >> great cast. [ cheers & applause ] ♪
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1:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: tell us real quick who is in the cast of your play? >> in it, we have vincent kartheiser, who is great from "mad men," who's in the play. larry pine and drew galen from "jersey boys" and a very new girl that you might like to
1:36 am
know. i worked with her -- i didn't work with her. i held her when she was four years old. her name is sophie von haselberg. you hear the applause? well you don't know who she is. [ light laughter ] she's -- no, not yet. she's bette midler's daughter. and when we did "beaches" i carried her around and now she's grown up. she speaks much better than she did before. but she's very good and she's not like i met her. she graduated from yale, has a masters. the play is written by mike bencivenga. a good new writer, new playwrite. it's all great people and my job is very easy. >> seth: all right. well, i can't wait. thank you to nathan lane, weird al yankovic, garry marshall and of course the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:37 am
♪ >> carson: welcome to the middle of the night. i'm carson daly, it's "last call." and you are looking at queen of the night, behind me, here at the paramount hotel in new york city. we've got another great show for you, tonight. music tonight from brooklyn-based punk-rock cerebral ballzy. the comedy's great, annie lederman. but right now, one of the country's most beloved authors, dennis lehane, who is the creative genius behind best-selling novels "mystic river", "gone, baby, gone", and "shutter island." his latest project is currently being released both as a book and a movie. it stars tom hardy, james gandolfini, and noomi rapace -- "the drop."


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