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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 1, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," major health challenge. the first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. surfaces. >> but, remember, ebola doesn't spread before someone gets sick. >> now the cdc is scrambling to track the virus. and the heat is on the head of the secret service for answers on a major security breach. >> ma'am, i want a short answer. i have very little time. >> i wish to god you -- you protected the white house like you're protecting your reputation here today. >> a new mess for the secret service who let an armed felon into an elevator with president obama. plus d-day for pro democracy demonstrators in hong kong. winter has already arrived in parts of the u.s. a thriller as major league
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play-offs get undare way. it's wednesday, october 1st. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm richard lui. the first confirmed ebola diagnosis in the u.s. five cases have been treated in the country so far. this first diagnosis in the u.s. is a man now at a dallas hospital and being called critically ill. the scramble is on now to find out who and if he infected others. nbc's jay gray is live in dallas for us this morning. this morning, the first patient diagnosed in the u.s. with the deadly ebola virus continues to receive treatment from a team of experts inside this dallas hospital. >> our staff is trained and prepared to take care of patients with a variety of infectious diseases including ebola. they will have help from the
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centers for disease control. a medical treatment has been rushed to texas to assist in the treatment and track down and monitor the handful of people the patient had contact with after flying from west africa on september 19 to visit his family in dallas. >> the bottom line here is that i have no doubt we'll control this importation or this case of ebola so it doesn't spread widely in this country. >> reporter: ebola is not an airborne virus. it's transmitted by direct contact with blood or other bodily fluids from someone infected and already exhibiting symptoms of the disease. more than 6,500 people have been diagnosed with ebola in africa. more than 3,000 there have died. >> it's a severe disease which has a high case fatality rate, even with the best of care, but there are core tried and true public health interventions that stop it. >> a procedure that for the first time is being used on an ebola patient diagnosed on
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american soil. >> reporter: now doctors will not discuss the treatment protocol including whether they plan to use experimental drugs as part of that treatment. in dallas, i'm jay gray, richard back to you. accused white house fence jumper omar gonzalez faces a judge today. at a previous hearing the judge ruled to hold him without bail. that could be revisited. at the same time, a revelation the secret service director didn't mention during lawmaker questioning on tuesday. another security breach days before gonzalez's. the secret service allowed an armed security contractor with a criminal record into an elevator with the president. nbc's tracie potts is in washington for us this morning. good morning to you. what else do we know about this story as it piles on, it seems? >> reporter: we're learning more details. it looks like democrats and republicans here, richard, are equally concerned. frankly, equally outraged about what's been happening with the
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secret service. >> i want to thank dr. freeden and everybody here at the washington center. >> reporter: a new report says when president obama was at the cdc in atlanta, a security contractor with a criminal record and a gun was standing right next to him in the elevator and the man was never screened. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. >> i will make sure that it does not happen again. >> reporter: this comes after a new report ha the white house fence jumper was stopped by an off-duty officer who happened to be nearby. director julia pearson admits agents did not follow protocol. >> i don't sense from you, director pearson, a sense of outrage about that. >> i wish to god you protected the white house like you're protecting your reputation. >> reporter: omar gonzalez is in court today facing three counts for jumping the fence and making it all the way into the east room of the white house. initially the secret service said he was stofd just inside the door. >> were you lying the the american people or were you
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misled about where the intruder was tackled. >> the secret service is conducting an investigation. >> tremendous restraint isn't what we're looking for. the message should be overwhe overwhelming force. >> americans know that the next attempt to take the white house may not be by a crazed solo knife-wielding veteran with ptsd. it could well be a planned attack from a terrorist organization. >> reporter: the other concern that came back here, do agents, the rank and file at the secret service feel comfortable speaking up against their supervisors when necessary? this came up at the 2011 gunfire incident at the white house residence. turns out at least one agent on the ground said they were well aware they heard gunshots. supervisors told them at the time it sounded like a truck back firing, so stand down. richard, still a lot of questions about what's going on inside and what we don't know yet about the safety and security of the first family. >> thank you so much, tracie
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potts live in washington with the latest on that. to the mayor of a los angeles suburb shot to death following an argument with his wife. according to officials danielle crespo reportedly got into an argument with his wife. his 19-year-old son tried to intervene then. after allegedly punching his son, officials say crespo's wife got a gun and shot him several times. his wife was questioned but released late yet. the district attorney will determine whether to press charges. crespo and his wife were high school sweethearts and married nearly 30 years. in california, first firearms, families can ask a judge to remove guns from a relative deemed a threat. they'll also be banned from buying them. it's law. california's governor signing a bill that bans single-use plastic bags in the state. the change first hits supermarkets in july next year. it tease country's first ever law in a state that tosses out 13 million plastic bags annually. d-day in beijing and hong
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kong as the country celebrates its independence day. in beijing it was business as usual. a flag raised at tiananmen squa square. this, a live picture from hong kong, 7:00 p.m. local time where a packed crowd of protesters are waiting to see if their deadline for beijing today will be met. they want open elections and unscreened candidates by beijing. many watching to see if today will be a flash point after national day celebrations were curtailed by the government in this business hub. one of the country's notorious convicted cop killers is the commencement speaker in vermont. gone nard college says they selected the man who is serving life for killing a philadelphia police officer in 1981. he received a bachelor of arts degree from that college in 1996. his pre recorded speech is one of 20 separate ceremonies at
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that college. 20 of the colleges -- 23 arts degree students are expected to attend. pennsylvania u.s. senator pat toomey called the college's decision, quote, outrageous. the college's facebook page is getting one star ratings meanwhile, calling the move disgraceful, wanting the administration to resign. let's get over to bill karins and look at weather today. snow? >> a little bit in the rockies, yes. heavenly in california actually had some, too, with the storm that went through. these are impressive picture. this is at 13,000 feet in colorado at silverton mountain. this is the ski patrol. headed up and got their first run of the year in. those times are not far behind. weed love to get the snowpack built up through out all of the west in the upcoming months. yesterday was a coolish-type day throughout much of the west. that is not going to last. we have the storm system that brought that snow and cool weather heading out.
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so a little left over there in utah. it's going to be replaced, as i mentioned over the last couple days, a warm weather pattern and warm ridge will build right over areas of california and nevada. looks like we're going to get mighty toasty. we have it from l.a. south of l.a. and back towards palm springs. look at the forecast. as we go into this weekend, very hot. friday l.a. 98. saturday 101 in downtown l.a. so pretty hot stuff for october. that's the leastas far as l.a., the coast goes today, inland warmer than that. the heat wave -- not a
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typical santa ana event so we won't have the gusty winds. still, it's so dry and hot, fire danger will be high. >> typical for this time of year. great to hear about the snow news. the future hall of famer hung up his cleats days ago. derek jeter is sitting down with today's matt lauer to talk about good-byes and new beginnings. >> you're two days in to the rest of your life. what was the first day like? obviously you're coming off the high of boston. did you stand in your apartment and say now what? >> i got nervous because i had to do my interview with you. >> the 40th interview we've done. >> somebody mentioned to me i went from an old man in baseball to a young man in life. i liked how that sounded. i consider myself young again. >> with his work ethic, i wonder what he'll do next. >> amazing. >> kind of strange to see him outside his uniform. that exclusive full interview only on "today".
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the internet's most dangerous person in the world. plus is the alleged pennsylvania cop killer getting sloppy as he's vaeds police. a bizarre scene on a public bus. you're watching "early today." ♪ this collection is close to my heart. it's inspired by the city i love. ♪ [ female announcer ] when the pressure's on... only secret offers clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel with 100% odor protection. secret clinical strength.
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(family laughs) (gong) campbell's! m'm! m'm! good! for four generations back to school? time to stock up on the soups they always love. campbells! welcome back. it was day 18 of the pennsylvania manhunt. two pipe bombs found as police search for the man wanted in the ambush-style killing of a pennsylvania trooper. both functional bombs were found hastily discarded at a pennsylvania campsite. second dui charge for michael phelps. he was arrested and charged with dui in baltimore monday night after he was spotted driving 84 miles an hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. phelps apologized on twitter saying he was, quote, deeply sorry to everyone i let down. there will be no mugshot.
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police say they are not always taken for traffic arrests. this man was arrested in arizona. almost a month ago a bus driver was brutally beaten. it happened after the passenger wanted to be let off near a dry area away from water puddles. the driver refused. the driver temporarily lost his hearing and vision. jimmy kimmel the most dangerous celebrity to search for online. mcafee says a search for kimmel has a one in five chance landing on a website testing positive for spyware, viruses or malware. >> the only other male celebrity to wind up number one was brad pitt in 2008, one more thing brad pitt and i have in common. there's this -- the price of being sexy. who would have guess add boy who used to carry a briefcase to junior high and play the clarinet would end being the most dangerous person of 2014.
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now to the latest in sports. baseball's postseason under way. kansas city royals and oakland a's faced off in a do or die game. wran done moss exploding with that two-run homer and does it again in the sixth, bringing in three more runs to retake the lead. the royals with a couple of late rallies sends this game into extra innings. in the 12th the a's take an 8-7 lead and then this. >> on deck. high chopper. he'll never get it. tie game. now looking for a two-out hit. it's good. into left field. >> oh, my gosh. this actually happened.
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the royals 9-8 in the squeerk and advance to the a.l. division series against the angels thursday. protesting michigan university students want their athletic director fired, some want head coach fired as well. over quarterback shane morris who was put back in saturday's game despite showing signs of a concussion after that play. it was later announced tuesday morris did not suffer a concussion. michigan will have a medical professional in the press box or video booth during games. the fcc considering a petition to ban the redskins name from public airwaves. a law professor say it is nfl name violets fcc rules against indecent content akin to broadcasting obscenity. the fcc chairman saying there's a number of terms that became inappropriate over time and the redskins is included. native americans and others consider the name a racial slur. just ahead, tom hanks' "big" headed for the small screen. prince is back for a double back and more ahead for "twilight"
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in the continuing trend to bring classic films to the small screen, fox bought the rights to a comedy based on 1988 classic "big" starring tom hanks. five more twilight movies
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coming. each short film based on her characters will be shown exclusively on facebook. >> we're going to have viewing parties for that. >> the autopsy results of robin williams are delayed until october 3rd, almost a month later. more time is needed for scientific testing and analysis to be completed. walmart saying injuries sustained by nbc 30 rock star tracy morgan and his friends were due in part to not wearing seatbelts, after a walmart truck rear-ended his vehicle. morgan saying i'm fighting every day to get back. ben affleck sat down with brian williams to discuss his new film "gone girl" but not before talking a little sports. >> the only problem with our new stadium in the bronx is we are running out of room on the exterior for the banners.
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>> his purple world aspirins released two new albums last night tart "art official age." released "party" along with his new all-female backup band "third eye girl." >> this is like four decades. if you have to do something before he's gone and doesn't per form anymore, go see him live in concert. >> have you seen him? >> yes. it was fantastic. >> many will say -- those in the industry watching him, that he is an amazetion, if not the best guitar player. >> oh, yeah. just incredible. >> that does show talent there. >> i'm richard lui, this is "early today," we hope this is your first stop today on nbc. well, it's been the number one lovesoup in america.? (slurp) (slurp) (slurp)
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leading the news in "usa today", tab for trucks pentagon doesn't need could top $100 million. according to the government accountability office, that's how much the u.s. military may have wasted by returning unwanted vehicles from afghanistan. the report says that money could have been saved by simply blowing them up or turning them over to allies. and from "time" study says 96% of deceased nfl players' brains had degenerative disease. the study suggests that clear links between football and traumatic brain injury. some other stories that we are following right now. the department of defense has released this new video. it shows the most recent u.s. air strikes against isis targets in both iraq and syria. the strikes hit isis-held
4:27 am
buildings and vehicles. despite the air strikes, kurdish forces battling the terror group have not been able to push them back. a pennsylvania state trooper has died after being accidentally shot at a gun range near philadelphia. this happened during a training exercise. 26-year-old trooper david kendrow was shot in the chest. the shooting is now under investigation. after a six-hour chase, animal control officials finally managed to tranquilize a bear that had been wandering around a new jersey town. the 300-pound visitor was in the tree when the tranquilizer dart took effect. and there he goes. he landed in safely in a net and will be released back in the woods after a very long sleep. >> that's the playground i bring my kids to, by the way. where the bear was. it was on lockdown. >> an austrian adventurer keeps raising the bar. in the mountains of croatia he landed a hot air balloon inside a 200-meter-deep cave with a
4:28 am
60-meter-wide entrance. to fit inside of that, the hot air balloon was designed to be very small, so small that the pilot has to sit on the gas tank. >> i think he was happy. not really sure. that or the helium was getting to him. >> he was sitting on the helium tanks themselves instead of a basket. the adventure took a total of 25 minutes. >> pretty cool, the hole sitting on top of the mountain. >> whoo hoo! now a look ahead. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meet for the first meeting since the rash of civilian casualties. they're likely to discuss u.s.-led nuclear talks. happy birthday to zach gal fin nam kiss, july andrews is 79. and jimmy carter is 90. doing all the great humanitarian work.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning to you. 4:30, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a lot to get to. first check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. happy wednesday. you made it to the middle of the road. today, it's going to get hot. tomorrow and friday, talking about dangerous heat. but this morning, a new surprise for fall and that is return of the 40s half moon bay. elsewhere, 50s and 60s. on our way up to 90s. chance for rain. lots to go over. full forecast. first, welcome in happy wednesday, mike. >> happy wednesday, christina.


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