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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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which cities or hospitals the two enterovirus cases are gts, just that workers are not surprised the virus, which can cause severe respiratory illness, has shown up in the bay area. at least six cases have already been diagnosed in southern california and about 500 cases in 42 states. >> the current criteria for testing is the patient's hospitalized and 18 years and under, and they don't have any other explanation for their respiratory illness. >> reporter: which means there could be more cases, they're just not severe enough to be hospitalized or are outside the age group. >> not in oakland or in usd -- >> reporter: oakland unified said the cases are in the in their school district but sent letters to parents warning them to be extra hygienic this winter as they would for flu season. >> this introduction of a new virus in this season reminds us of the importance of being vigilant, about being clean, about being hygienic, and particularly about hand washing. >> reporter: what about the colorado cases where children experienced paralysis of limbs after contracting the virus?
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alameda county says there are many strains of the enterovirus and cdc is investigating those cases in colorado and comparing them to those in other states. >> it's unclear if there's a link and what that link is. >> reporter: health workers point out that hand washing with soap and water is far more effective with the enterovirus than with hand sanitizer. there is no vaccine or treatment at this time. for people who died outside california, did test positive for edv-68 but it's unclear whether that played a role in their deaths. more details now on that ev-68 as the virus is called. it spreads through coughs, sneezes or touching contaminated surfaces as nannette mentioned. doctors say during the course hand washing is a good preventive. they also say keep your hands away from your face if they aren't washed. avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing utensils. disinfect doorknobs, handles and
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common surfaces. locked down and in quarantine, the family of an ebowl what patient has been ordered to stay inside their dallas apartment. cdc is monitoring thomas duncan's wife and children for 21 days. duncan was diagnosed with the deadly virus last weekend after returning from west africa. he is currently listed in serious condition at a dallas hospital. so far, no family members have become sick. >> they are in their apartment. they cannot come out. they are not even allowed to come on the porch. cdc is communicating with them. >> today, liberia says it will charge duncan for lying on his departure health form. he wrote that he had not been in contact with an infected person, but while in liberia he apparently helped his pregnant sick neighbor into a taxi. she died that night. coming up at 6:00, bay area doctors who are joining the fight against ebola, why they say we may see more scattered cases of the virus on u.s. soil. this is no surprise.
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sunshine in october. but the temperatures are surprising. we're close to breaking records. in fact, the bay area's under a heat advisory right now. let's take you out. a live look at san jose on the left and fremont. we're used to the hot weather in the south and east bay but san francisco is feeling the heat as well. our team coverage includes christie smith in the city, but we begin with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who's tracking all this warmth. >> yeah, the numbers are unbelievable today. as they continue to come in right now at 5:03, the hottest temperature in the south bay so far, microclimates reading 100 in morgan hill. look at the peninsula. pacifica at the immediate coastline, 94 degrees. it's not often the immediate coastline actually beats out places like palo alto for the hottest weather but it did happen today. you can see across the rest of the bay right now, we're cooling off just a little bit as that sun starts to set. right now an average of 88 in the east bay. south bay we're holding on to 95. we've got 95 in gilroy right
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now. some of the hottest weather remains around campbell, cambria, 98 degrees, cupertino 91. for the peninsula, we're tracking 80s here all the way up toward san francisco. and you can see that's the case not only in the hills of belmont but also back towards moss beach, currently 75. again we got this warmer weather at the coastline with offshore flow. offshore flow was on strong, winds are pushing away from the coastline that we had no fog to start off this morning. nothing in the way of cloud cover. just blue sky. we'll talk more about this heat advisory that's in effect for the bay area and we'll talk about this heat and how long it lasts coming up. let's go to christie smith live in san francisco which is experiencing abnormally warm temperatures. >> reporter: you could not ask for a more beautiful day here in san francisco. we're hearing people say what they don't say very often, "it's hot jooflt." a lot of folks at dolores park
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enjoying the day, some headed for the beach, and rescuers have a word of caution. in san francisco's north beach neighborhood, the fall weather was so warm there wasn't a jacket in sight. >> i just got back from a trip expecting it to be like a nice cool-off, come back to the city. and it's wonderful to have this kind of weather. >> reporter: cafesal columbus ready to stay busy. >> san francisco people, they love it. they love it. this is not often. when it happens, it brings the people out. >> when it does get warm, we can expect a pretty healthy crowd. >> reporter: san francisco fire battalion chief rudy castellano says may through october is the busy season and open base can be dress. signs warn of rip currents. there's a reminder to be careful. >> if you look up and down our beaches, whether it be baker beach, china beach, ocean beach, there are no lifeguard stands. and we're not trying to promote recreational swimming. we want people to realize that there isn't a tremendous amount
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of professional protection for swimmers. >> reporter: just last week, there were four rescues, two fatties. a sobering reminder on a warm day. james malcolmson has been surfing here for years. >> as more people get out there, of course you get people who don't quite know what they're doing. >> reporter: beach rescue makes contact and remines people of the conditions. many choose to enjoy the sand or the city heat away from the water. >> here we are enjoying the weather. just feeling really great that we're getting ready for a great heat wave. >> reporter: and coming up in our next hour, we'll have new numbers on beach rescues in san francisco so far this year compared with last year, plus more on how people are trying to beat the heat. you can track the temperatures in your neighborhood on our website. put in your zip code and your personal forecast will come up. that's a terrifying ordeal. a santa clara woman heard a
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sound, got out of bed, and found a man with a knife inside of her home. it happened here on cabrillo off. michelle roberts has details. >> reporter: raj, a horrifying experience for the family behind me. police say a man broke into the home behind me in the middle of the night. they have arrested a suspect at this point. they believe he may have attacked a woman about an hour before he arrived here. police say a santa clara family woke up to find this man in their kitchen in the middle of the night. investigators say ignacio maldonado climbed through a window armed with ka knife. >> my sister heard them and came out, i guess he took a knife to her. >> reporter: diane urban wasn't home at the time. but says her sister screamed to avoid being cut. >> then my brother heard him, heard something going on, and came downstairs and that's where
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he turned around and just sliced them, i guess started hitting them and slicing them. >> reporter: her brother was stabbed several times in the neck, back, and face. >> in the cheek where they sliced the nerve in his cheek. >> reporter: investigators say maldonado ran away after the attack. he was found hiding behind a neighbor's bush early this morning. >> that's rare for santa clara, rare for this area. >> reporter: lieutenant clark with santa clara police department says maldonado may also be responsible for another stabbing that happened 45 minutes earlier half a mile away. police say a woman was sleep until her car near calabasas when a man matching maldonado's description knocked on her window. >> as she rolled her window down to see what the problem was, someone assaulted her with a knife. >> reporter: tonight both victims are recovering from what police call random and brutal attacks. >> it's been a rough year for everybody. but he'll be okay. he's strong.
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>> reporter: i just spoke to the family and got an update. they say their brother is home from the hospital and doing okay, just trying to recover slowly. as for the woman in her war, she is also expected to survive. the south bay said good-bye today to joseph mac that mare ra, the former san jose police chief who's credited with revolutionizing police work. the department held a memorial in honor of mcnamara at san francisco's california theater. mcnamara became a hoover fellow after retiring from the police force. he died last week from cancer. mcnamara was police chief between 1976 and 1991. he inspired his officers to get out of their patrol cars and walk the streets to get to know the community better. >> it's the expectation of professionalism. i remember, again, as a rookie officer, coming through and there was that expectation to just be great. >> 28 current and former police chiefs from across the country got their training from joe
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mcnamara and the san jose police department. election day is five weeks away. and tonight a call for help. santa clara county's registrar of voters is lag for lex day paid volunteers. the job comes with a stipend that starts just under $100. 834 polling places will be open on november 4th in santa clara county alone. operating in nine different languages. here's where they need your help. if you're fluent in hindi, vietname vietnamese, or tagalog, they need your help. anybody registered to vote in california is eligible. a big debate and it's happening right here at nbc bay area. congressman mike honda will face off with ro khanna, their one and only debate before the election. the 17th congressional district, which is the silicon valley, i'll be moderating this debate monday evening at 6:30. congressman honda is seeking his eighth term. what's the future of the silicon valley? we want to hear from you.
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go to our nbc bay area facebook page and ask a question you'd like answered by the candidates. we might use your question next monday night. it's happened again. the new security breach that has one bank sending a message to 76 million customers. i'm jody hernandez. in oakland, firefighters pulled off a dangerous high-stakes rescue. and i do mean high. after window washers found themselves in quite a predicament. that will probably be the thanks i can give her. >> a heartwarming story, a second chance for a high school sports star who was in trouble with the law. the teacher who helped turn his life around. at 6:00, a record number of out-of-state students. are they really taking the place of california kids at uc schools? >> it's become such a sensitive issue, important issue. >> we go one on one with janet napolitano in "classing." insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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. >> a dramatic rescue in downtown oakland as firefighters pull off a mission impossible. they rescued two window washers stuck on the side of a high rise building this morning. the rescue operation closed down a city block for several hours. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was among dozens who watched it unfold. >> reporter: it was anything but a typical morning at the office for those who work in and around 1111 broadway. you can see the window washers basket is still stuck between the 19th and 20th floors. that's where the incredible rescue took place. >> their equipment failed on them so they weren't able to raise themselves up or lower themselves down. >> reporter: after spending two hours stranded on a platform some 19 floors up, these window
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washers became the subject of a dangerous and dramatic rescue. cameras rolled as oakland firefighter brian fukuhara rappelled down the front of the building to get to the men. >> of course a little bit of anxiety and stress. >> reporter: keeping his cool he double harnessed the first window washer to a hoist line. minutes later, the man was making his way up the building, pulled by firefighters on the rooftop. as onlookers nervously watched from below. >> that stuff was scary as hell. >> reporter: an attorney who works in the building snapped this photo from the inside. >> but it was kind of interesting watching the guy being pulled past the 24th floor. he just -- i don't know if you've seen the picture, i did post it on twitter. he seemed very happy to be getting out of there. >> reporter: with one man's face and a sigh of relief on the ground, rescuers began pointing out window washer number two. firefighters say while dangerous, plan "b" would have been even more risky. >> which would have been cutting
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a window at great cost to the owner of the building. and great danger to the citizens on the ground. just in case we lose a panel and it does break. >> reporter: both men made it to the rooftop followed by their rescuer. the last of the three to get back to safety. >> they really were pretty far up. i was afraid and i'm glad they saved them. >> reporter: the window washers expressed their gratitude too. >> they were very thankful. they said, okay, i think we're set, time for lunch. >> reporter: again the window washers' basket is still stuck up there. firefighters say they may have to lend a hand again to get it down. the window washers were a bit dehydrated and hungry, but other than that, we're told they're in good shape tonight. a very happy ending for another happy story, a tale of bad choices, good fortune, and a life-changing impact of a great teacher a once-promising high
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school football player from the east bay turned his life around. here's garvin thomas with our "bay area proud" series. >> dexter harris is the young man's name. he played football at american high school in fremont, until six months shy of graduation, a run-in with the law landed hyme in juvenile court. for many this would have been the first step down a bad path. thanks to committed adults, one in particular, it wasn't for dexter. breaking the school to prison pipeline was the topic of a recent summit at oakland's lany college. 350 educators, community leaders, and young people brainstorming ways to stop trouble in school from becoming a lifetime of trouble with the law. talking about doing basically what dexter harris has done. >> aside from going to school, playing football, it's like i had -- my household was kind of rough. >> reporter: six months shy of
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graduating high school, dexter made a bad decision. committed a crime. one he's still not comfortable talking about openly. >> i mean, you know, i don't want to get too much into details, but was running with the wrong crowd of guys. >> reporter: instead of jail a judge sent dexter to camp will mont sweeney, a minimum security alternative school run by the county's probation and education department. it was a bit of good luck for dexter, though he wasn't able to see it at the time. >> i was mad, upset, frustrated. >> please do the back page only -- >> reporter: it was up to teacher nick kroole crosby to o his eyes. >> dexter wasn't that hard to  crack. >> kindhearted, genuine personality, you're really going to trust her, see that she really does care. >> reporter: dexter said camp sweeney was his first experience with adults that not only cared about him but could be relied
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upon him to show it. >> they had a genuine interest in seeing me progress down the right path than the wrong path. >> then the chemo receptors -- >> reporter: for dexter, that path leads to being a firefighter. after graduating from camp sweeney, dexter is working as an emt and taking courses to become a paramedic. courses only made possible by a $12,000 scholarship arranged by nicole crosby. >> i look at it as an investment. in that young man. because it's money in the bank. and i'm hopeful someday it just pays dividends to the community. >> i feel really grateful. the only way i feel i can repay her is if, you know, i get into a fire department, she sees that badge being pinned on me, and that will probably be the thanks i can give her. >> a lot of programs, a lot of factors at work. when you boil it down and talk to dexter, it's adults caring about him and showing they're
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able to care about him. that he really didn't have people growing up people in a position to do that. once he was in that position, boom. >> you could see the spirit in her face when she was talking about it. >> she's pretty remarkable. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have shorts on underneath the desk. >> you got away with that today. you're going to have to do a behind the anchor desk shot later. it was hot out here. for some of you in between not as hot as 100 but way out of whack for this time of year. more gal hill reaching the century mark. not only hot but at the coastline as we've been talking about as well. pacifica up to 94 degrees. at the water cooler you can say that 94 degrees was due to that offshore flow moving in across the bay area. offshow flow helps drive hotter temperatures across the bay. outside the siakam ra network, blue sky throughout the east shore. north bay averaging 89.
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in san francisco, while the average is 88, we'll take you in closer. right into downtown, 90 degrees in the civic center at this point. so hot weather tonight all around here across the bay. we've got our heat advisory in effect throughout friday's forecast. right up until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. with more hot temperatures that will range as high as 100. microclimate forecast as as we head throughout friday, yes, it's going to be going even hotter. 3 to 5 degrees warmer than today. san jose sunny skies. 98. hottest temperature on the board, your eyes probably going toward that, morgan hill 104. peninsula 97. and sunny. and san francisco staying into the 80s and also low to mid 90s. let's take you to the north bay, east bay, tri-valley. napa 100. tri-valley 99 in pleasanton. 97 expected in livermore. so here's the deal. as we look at the forecast we've got high pressure. it produced all of this unusual heat across california.
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weather we should have in july and also august. this thing is going to gradually get a move on as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. it's going to drive those offshore winds so the hottest day will be friday with temperatures well into the 90s. but then as we head throughout saturday, that's going to be the last high day in the forecast with eventually cooler winds coming throughout sunday. may seem like common sense but with warm weather staying with us make sure you're aware dehydration can happen fast. your mouth starts to get dry. you may notice fatigue. take water with you tomorrow and remember, skin damage can occur in as little as 30 minutes so spf as well. let's get you to the resolution of this heat. you can see saturday, it's still well above average. then by sunday's forecast, south bay, a bit of a treat. temperatures going into the 80s. 89 degrees for san francisco. tri-valley 94. and also mid 90s expected in the north bay as well. you get more on that forecast any time,
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a slice of hollywood coming to los gatos. a new movie deal with that man, adam sandler.
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76 million households, that's how many customers were compromised in the recent cyber attack on jpmorgan chase. the new york-based bank says 7 million small businesses were also affected. among the stolen information were names, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers. the bank says there's no evidence though account numbers or social security numbers were taken. and there are no signs of unusual levels of customer fraud. the bank is working with authorities to investigate this security breach. a sign of the times.
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hollywood star power coming to los gatos. netflix is teaming up with adam sandler and his production company to make four original movies exclusively for netflix. sandler's movies consistently rank among the top movies viewed on the netflix site. sandler says he could get the chance to open a movie without the pressure of opening box office expectations you find at theaters. netflix hasn't said when the first will be released. levi's stadium on ice. we'll explain next. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv
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>> coming up at 6:00 the silicon valley is the leader in many things. now we're leading the nation in single men. that story at 6:00. football is the tip of the iceberg so to speak for levi's stadi stadium. 49ers and sharks, would you believe, in santa clara. not playing against each other but the two teams. the national hockeyling finalizing the details of the february 21st hockey game. the sharks and l.a. kings, they are expecting a sellout. jeff ranieri, you probably can't forecast that far in advance. we'll have ice there at the field. >> he probably can. >> more than 60,000 people for a hockey game, the sec time an outdoor game is played here in california. last year you might recall the kings and ducks played at the l.a. coliseum. we'll have hockey at levi's stadium in mid-february. >> wow. >> we know it's going to be cold.
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so that will be good. >> 60s. >> wow, impressive. >> thanks for joining us, "nightly news" is next. on our broadcast tonight, ebola emergency. new concerns over just how many people may have come in contact with that first patient diagnosed in this country. it's far higher than we were initially told. bracing for impact, 40 million americans in the path of severe weather this evening, already causing trouble on the ground and for air travelers. death on the field. questions about football safety have come roaring back after three high school players die in a single week. and our "making a difference" report tonight. a great story about an act of charity 100,000 times over. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. the spread of ebola is now a truly scary,y


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