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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," ebola hit homes as an nbc cameraman contracts the deadly disease and the dallas quarantine grows. >> there is a list of 100 possible potential contacts and that will be culled down to a list that will begin the contact tracing on. severe leathweather leaves thousands without power. the future one step closer to creating a flying car. italians clash with police in heated confrontations. and some of best photos capturing pure fear on people's faces. it is friday, october 3rd. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm dara brown. right now fast moving developments in the ebola emergency. another american exposed to the virus. the story hitting close to home for us. ashoka mukpo is a freelance cameraman hired by nbc news this week. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. for us. good morning to you. what more can you tell us about this? >> reporter: he is 33 years old and had just been hired a few days ago by nbc but had been working in that region for three years. he is an american and he is headed home. this is dr. nancy snyderman in liberia. a photographer working with nbc dr. nancy snyderman in west africa tested positive for ebola. snyderman tells msnbc he was immediately quarantined. >> he's being kept in the clinic there right now. the rest of my team very healthy. we have been extraordinarily vigilant. >> reporter: 33-year-old ashoka
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mukpo is being flown back to the u.s. for treatment. nbc sending a private jet for the rest of the crew. they'll stay in quarantine here for 21 days. >> it is an abundance of caution. we are self-quarantining ourselves, even going beyond the cdc guidelines. because we recognize there is a big story back home. >> reporter: snyderman's team was covering thomas eric duncan, the first ebola case in the u.s. he appears to have caught the disease while helping a pregnant woman in liberia. >> she was not able to walk by herself. >> reporter: she later died. in texas, duncan's family has been quarantined. >> i'm worried. we were told a sign a paper that says we can't leave our apartment. >> reporter: the cdc is tracking dozens of people who had contact with duncan after he developed symptoms. >> no one who has been around mr. duncan during the time that he has been symptomatic has
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shown any indication of having contracted ebola. >> reporter: now, about that photographer, new overnight, a statement from his family saying that he was aware of the risk, but really wanted to be on the ground telling these stories. and doctors say they're optimistic about his progress. dara? >> thanks so much for that report, tracie potts in washington. now, back to dallas, and thomas eric duncan, the nation of liberia plans to go after him for lying before leaving the country. duncan answered no to safety questions at the airport, specifically whether he had contact with anybody possibly exposed to ebola. >> my first concern was why did he do this? the fact that he knew and he left the country -- >> ebola jitters has medical theories flying. here is help. it is transmitted through direct contact with an infected person's bodily fluids. the virus enterz the healthy
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body through a cut, nose or eyes or contaminated objects like needles. ebola can only be transmitted when the person shows symptoms. it is not an airborne virus. it is harder to catch than the flu. for protection, medical teams wear protective suits. equipment is sterilized and patients are isolated. as for the symptoms, there is eight things like a fever, headache, and vomiting. strong storms left a big mess in several areas of north texas. thunderstorms with winds up to 90 miles per hour tore apart buildings in dallas, ft. worth, and arlington. brick walls and sheet metal were no match for the hurricane force winds. thousands of homeowners were left in the dark because of the fast moving storms. the university of texas at arlington is closed today because of outages. a police chase in orange county, california, ended when the suspect flew off the freeway, crashing his truck. the whole thing was caught on camera. >> this person has failed to pull over, driving erratically,
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look at him going in and out of the car pool lane, in and out, there he goes, it looks like he intentionally crashed his vehicle, over the freeway, flying. that was a horrible accident. it almost appeared this guy did this intentionally. >> that's amazing. >> are acrash i after crashing, the suspect surrendered to police. it is prison walls for real housewives of new jersey star teresa giudice. she was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for her part in a million dollar fraud case. her husband was sentenced to more than three years but will begin his term once she's released. it is an arrangement that will allow one of the parents to care for their four daughters aged 5 to 13. before hearing her fate, giudice said she took full responsibility for her actions. the judge said she considered giving her just probation, but felt she had to send a message. she said, quote, it isn't who you are, how famous you are, if you do something wrong, there will be consequences to pay.
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giudice will report to prison on january 5th. in response to the sentencing, andy cohen, the brains behind the real housewives franchise, retweeted this from a real housewives contact that says, regardless of what your opinion is, have respect for teresa giudice and her family. the couple will give him their side of the story on bravo's watch what happens live this monday. ramped up efforts this morning to defeat isis. just hours ago, australia became the latest country to authorize air strikes against isis militants in iraq. prime minister tony abbott says they will spend special forces troops to the country as part of the u.s. led coalition. several days in launching its own air strike, british prime minister david cameron says they're sending two more fighter jets to iraq. he made the announcement this morning during a surprise visit to afghanistan. camer cameron's announcement comes a day after visiting british pilots in cyprus. now a unique threat to u.s. military members, the u.s. army is warning military personnel
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that isis is telling supporters to use social media to find and kill their relatives. now, we go to nbc meteorologist bill karins here with your friday forecast. bill, what can we expect? >> october and fall, and maybe the leaves are changing, and it is not too hot anymore. yeah, right. yeah. yesterday in l.a. we were almost at 100. we're going to do it today. 98 degrees at the airport in l.a. yesterday. 91 in san francisco. easily some of the hottest locations in the country were in southern california. even near the coast, which was very unusual. the cold air that is spilling into the rockies, billings in the 30s. casper at 30. that cold air will completely miss all areas of the west. so the high pressure ridge is in place, all the cool air from canada is missing you and the hot air is going to be with you all weekend long. excessive heat advisories, same as yesterday, right along the coastline of central california, san francisco and san jose included. your friday forecast, 101 today
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in l.a., 90 in san francisco. we should peak the heat waive a 102 in l.a. see temperatures interior california, well above normal. reno, 74. the heat breaks sunday, monday and next week. slightly cooler. but -- >> slightly. slightly. that works. >> you're a meat and potatoes kind of guy. the story might change your mind. a cripple nme not so well done. this man stole $1200 worth of meat by shoving it down his pants. new york police say the man worked at the supermarket and faces charges of fourth degree grand larceny and that might bring to mind a classic scene from national lampoon's animal
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house. it is worth noting that they didn't get away with that either. the real question now is how big are those guy's pants. that is a lot of money. yeah. former fed chairman ben bernanke is rejected for a loan. and how many jobs were created in september. plus, the age of the flying car may be closer than you think. you're watching "early today." sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. oh wait, oyou got it?falling.... we need nails. with just five minutes' prep,
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welcome back. hundreds of protesters face to face with riot police in naples, italy. they tried to storm the area where government officials were meeting with executives from the european bank. police tried to force them back with water can nonz and protesters fired back by throwing firework and rocks. they're angry about job cuts in a city that already has the highest unemployment rate in italy. we heard it from vice president joe biden a couple of weeks ago and now the president is promising to take executive action on immigration before the year is over.
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>> if congress will not do their job at least we can do ours. i expect a recommendation before the end of the summer. and i intend to adopt those recommendations without further delay. a slew of discrimination charges behind the author behind the notebook and safe haven. the school funded by nicholas sparks is suing him for mental anguish and emotional distress. he says sparks tried to defame his character and made homophobic, anti-semitic and racist remarks about students at the school. the publicist for sparks has not responded to a request by the british newspaper the guardian. the duke an duchess are warning a photographer to stop following their toddler and his nannie. but he's not backing away. he says he hasn't done anything wrong and is continuing with his
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work. this isn't first time this photographer has been warned. the new jobs numbers at 8:30. wall street is expecting to announce 215,000 new jobs created for the month of september. jc morgan chase says there is no evidence that customer accounts were hacked. two words, flying car. the aeromobile takes regular gasoline, fits in normal parking spots and can take off and land at any airport in the world. the car are is top speed at 1 had 00 miles an hour. as an airplane, it can fly at 124 miles per hour with a range of 430 miles carrying two passengers. and if you've ever been rejected for a loan, you're in good company. america's former top banker for the fireman reserving ben bernanke says he was turned down when trying to refinance his mortgage lately. and google trying to keep the celebrity nude photos from
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spreading around the internet. they're responding to the threat of a $100 million lawsuit by a group of female celebrities. a great night for playoff baseball and thursday night football. but first, 'tis the season for growing giant gourds. this pennsylvania pumpkin weighs in at a lean 1,024 pounds. the farmer says he was trying to grow a good pumpkin for jack-o'-lanterns. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! thanks, g.
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this morning on "today," with the issue of domestic violence so prominent in news of late, how would you react if you witnessed it right in front of you? see an eye opening social experiment. that's later on "today." now to the baseball playoffs and the alds. royals and angels down 2-1 in the fifth. angels david freeze rips a solo shot to left to tie the game at 2-2. they're going to go into extra innings, but not for long. mike gets the royals the lead. the royals hold off the angels to take game one with a 3-2 win. now to baltimore, the orioles starting things off in the first with a two-run blast to right. the tigers tie it up in the next inning, back-to-back homers. the os take the 4-2 lead after a solo run homer by j.j. hardy in the seventh. they go for eight more to take game one 12-3. to thursday night football,
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packers hosting the vikings. packers up 7-0. aaron rodgers are throws a 66-yard bomb to a wide open jordy nelson. he'll take that in for six. second quarter, christian ponder, looking downfield. but he's pressured and the ball is intercepted by julius peppers who takes it 49 yards to the house. see you later. the packers dominate 42-10. to a thursday night college thriller, oregon versus arizona. both teams undefeated. a back and forth game that came down to the final minutes. arizona's quarterback is sacked but unsportsman-like conduct by oregon keeps the drive alive. arizona takes advantage and scores defeating second ranked oregon for the second straight season, time score, 31-24. and on the tonight show, former yankees captain derek jeter was reminiscing with jimmy fallon about his last at bat at yankee stadium. take a listen. >> they come back and tie the game. it is a tied game. now into the ninth inning.
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i go -- i'm looking at the order and i said derek is going to get up again. i go this is just awful. >> you should have heard what i was saying to myself. >> and just ahead, jimmy fallon has interesting words for donald trump. and which male star would you like to see in a new version of baywatch? details up next. ♪ it's not every day that you find yourself at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." when you get any immunization at walgreens, you'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the un foundation's shot@life campaign. thanks to customers like you, last year we helped supply three million vaccines to children in need. this year, help give even more. it's easy at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places.
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"gone girl", i always get that backwards, starring ben affleck will take the top spot, grossing $31 million, beating out one of the first horror films of the season, annabelle, expected to earn around $27 million. more news is known about mila kunis and ashton kutcher's little girl. her name is wyatt isabel kutcher and released first picture of the baby along with seven others. whether the parents are trying to reserve some secrecy about baby wyatt or playing a little game, well, i guess we'll have to wait longer to know which one for sure -- which baby picture is the right one. the first trailer for american sniper directed by clint eastwood has officially been released. bradley cooper stars as u.s. navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle who is considered the most lethal sniper in american history. for the role, cooper gained an extra 40 pounds through diet and exercise to accurately portray kyle. now to a chest thumping pep talk from matthew mcconaughey. the actor dropped by his beloved university of texas last week to help rile up the football team
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ahead of their game against kansas. >> ask yourself, when you look in the mirror tonight, just think, why do i play this game? why do i do this? why do i come out to practice? why am i out here busting my -- in the middle of the heat every day? feels good going out on saturdays when it is the big show, right? yeah it does. feels a whole lot better after a w than it does after an l. still, no matter what, i say this, i found that when i've done my best work, as an actor, it was only when i pushed myself to do better than i even thought i could. >> and last night on the tonight show, jimmy fallon had something to say about abc's new show blackish. >> donald trump is criticizing abc over its new show blackish saying it is racist because there would never be a show called whitish. i'm not sure if that's true. i feel like whitish is probably
4:24 am
the original name for modern family. and baywatch is going back to the beach. paramount is trying to revamp the series as a movie and the first star attached to the film, no other than dwayne johnson. >> it is a recipe that works, let's face it. beach, beautiful people, nice weather. >> absolutely. and it is going to attract a whole new -- >> and the rock. >> and baywatch people. see him running down, he can do this. >> he doesn't need to work out. he's already there. >> but what female counterpart do you think will take that? has got to be a model. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> that's a tough one. replacing pam anderson is a whole different thing -- the hoff was legendary too. i don't know. >> we'll see. i'm dara brown this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day on nbc. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth.
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leading the news in the dallas morning news, appeals court allows texas abortion restrictions to go into effect immediately. the ruling effectively closes all but seven abortion facilities in the country's second most populous state. the abortion law requires clinics to meet hospital level operating standards in order to remain in business. in the new york times, with dry taps and toilets, california drought turns desperate. the record-breaking three-year drought is having a devastating effect on homes that rely solely on wells that are drying oregon have dried up. now to other stories we're following, millions of muslims from around the world are traveling to mechanic why for the annual islamic hajj pilgrimage. it is raising health concerns about the spread of the deadly ebola virus plaguing west
4:27 am
africa. saudi arabia has already banned pilgrimages. nine panda cubs have made their television debut, three sets of twins and three single births, an impressive record for a species notoriously difficult to breed. and ever wonder what you would look like going through a haunted house? >> like that. >> i love these. the nightmares fear factory has a hidden camera that snaps photos during the scariest part of the attraction. it claims to be the scariest haunted house in the world. judging by the pictures, they might be right. >> have you done these before, at the amusement parks? >> no. >> it is scary. especially in the beginning. >> i'm sure it is. >> you look at them, the pictures are funny, not scary. maybe that's the counterbalance there. and a motivational mirror is raising smiles in the uk. british morale is given a boost with a mirror from ikea that uses motion sensor technology to give people personalized
4:28 am
compliments as they walk by. >> wow. have you been working out? darling, your dress -- >> got to love that. >> research shows half of the british population received no compliments in an average week. the goal is to raise the nation's self-esteem. >> that technology is impressive. that guy barely had a little goatee and it detected it and said it looks nice. >> talks about the color of your eyes and dress you're wearing. now time for a look ahead and a look back. in the florida keyes, an attempt to set a new world record starts today. two college instructors will start a 73 day underwater mission living 30 feet below the surface in an undersea lodge in key largo. they plan on teaching online classes from the ocean floor. the current record for living underwater is 69 days and that was set back in 1992. happy birthday to no doubt singer gwen stefani, tommy lee, 52, and chubby checkers is 73 today. i'm dara brown with bill karins. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a great friday and enjoy
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. and a good friday morning to you. it's 4:30 a.m. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm vicky nyguen, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> we have first aid set up near all of the stages. and rock med runs them. >> there will


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