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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. two fans beat up at levi's stadium during today's 49ers game. marianne favro joining us from levi's stadium in santa clara. what do we know? >> reporter: well, santa clara police tell us that two men were assaulted inside a bathroom here at levi's stadium. it happened on the 300 level. and that is on the north side of the stadium. the attack happened just before kickoff at the sold out game. the two victims were beaten and taken to a local hospital. but we don't know yet the extent of their injuries. police arrested two men for felony assault. no word on the motive or whether
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this was a situation involving rival fans. we also don't know if the suspect had weapons. but again, this all happened with 68,000 fans here at levi's stadium. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. we will have much more on the story tomorrow morning on today in the bay. coverage there starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning. another legal fight shaping up over injured giants fan bryan stow. his attorney filed a new lawsuit. a jury found the dodgers were negligent when stow was attacked by two men after a giants-dodgers game this 2011. stow suffered permanent brain injuries. he has already been awarded $18 million. according to the latest losses, stow alleges the dodgers, his former employer and their insurance providers failed to provide enough medical coverage for him. a 43-year-old man is in critical condition after following an attack following
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the american league play-off game in anaheim. it happened in the parking lot outside angels stadium. police say three men jumped the victim and beat him severely. investigators are calling it an unprovoked attack. they do not believe fan rivalry was a factor. and a shocking attack in an east bay neighborhood after a 20-year-old man is arrested after allegedly stabbing his own mother to death. neighbors are in shock. they even say that the man was, quote, a good boy. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in mai hayward at the police department right now. chriskrichristie christie, it sounds like the neighbors are in disbelief. >> reporter: that's right. the neighbors we spoke with tonight are completely stunned. they say the whole family is very friendly, and they say that the 20-year-old was actually away at school. he would come and go from the house. but they describe him as friendly too. now he is accused of killing his own mom. >> he stab her. >> reporter: elizabeth jimenez is grieving tonight after what happened on her block. she he's her distraught neighbor came out of her home and told
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her that the young man inside had stabbed his 57-year-old mother. a short time later, she says she saw him in the streets. >> i ask him, son, what have you done, son, what have you done, son. he didn't answer back. he just looked to the heaven. >> reporter: it was yesterday evening on laporte avenue in hayward. marcus moseley says he saw the grandmother in distress and called police, and then approached him. >> i asked him straight up, your grandmother says. did you do this? and i asked him pretty much, that was it. >> reporter: the mother died at the scene. hayward police arrested 20-year-old joseph badiali. neighbor says this is his facebook page that he had attended uc santa cruz. >> it's unspeakable, really. not really any words for it. you don't expect that any day. yeah, prayers for him, man.
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really. >> reporter: neighbors describe the suspect as quiet and nice. the mother they say was friendly to everyone. >> my heart goes to him and the family. he is such a good boy. he is not a troublemaker. >> reporter: now we tried to reach out to the family at the home, but they declined. hayward police say that they're still investigating, still trying to come up with a motive for this. meantime, joseph badiali, he is in custody. his first court appearance is here in hayward on tuesday. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. and happening now, east bay police on the hunt for a driver who may have been wounded by a police officer. about 4:30 this morning, police tried to pull the man over on east 14th street for reckless driving. but he drove away. officers followed him for more than two miles. they had his car cornered. but according to police, an officer stepped out of his vehicle, and that is when the driver rammed his car into the
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patrol unit. the officer on the scene said he fired in self-defense. the driver got away. >> it's kind of nerve wracking a little bit. but it's the first thing that has happened at this area for a while. we haven't really had shootings. that's kind of scary. >> reporter: the officer who fired his weapon is now on administrative leave that is standard procedure. police have not released a name or description of the suspect. oakland police looking for suspect involved in the early morning shooting that killed a man and injured two others. it happened outside a nightclub near 14th and franklin streets in the downtown area. it happened about 1:30 this morning. police say it started with a fight followed by gunfire. three people hit. one victim died. the other two suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police have not released a motive or a description of the suspects. and now to a developing story. an nbc freelance cameraman is on his way home after contracting ebola in liberia. ashoka mukpo left the country on
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a specialized medevac jet tonight. now he tested positive for ebola on thursday and was quarantined. after a brief stop in maine that will take place tomorrow, mukpo will be taken to the nebraska medical center. it's one of the few facilities in the u.s. with expertise in ebola after successfully treating a u.s. relief doctor also for the deadly disease. family members say that mukpo's spirits are up. >> we can't wait until the moment that we can hold him and hug him. but at this time all we care about is that he gets better. >> as for the rest of the nbc team, including chief medical correspondent dr. nancy snyderman, they will also be quarantined in the u.s. for about three weeks. and new details tonight as well on the texas ebola patient who is currently fight for his life. at a dallas church today members parade for eric duncan. doctors say he is in critical condition. duncan arrived in the united states from liberia showing no signs of ebola. he went undiagnosed for several
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days and was hospitalized only about a week ago. people who know him talk about why he was coming to the u.s. >> as it turns out, eric duncan did leave liberia with the intent of coming here and planning a wedding. >> health experts are monitoring a handful of people that duncan came in close contact with before he was hospitalized. none so far have shown signs of ebola. prosecutors in dallas are now considering charges against duncan for lying about his contact with someone infected with ebola. now to your microclimate forecast. a cooldown coming after a hot october weekend. a live look outside right now. san francisco on your left. and you can't really see what we see sometimes when we're looking at the golden gate bridge. but you can't see in is that shot fog pouring in. san jose on your right. no fog in sight. also in the south bay that many fans left the niners game early. take a look at this picture from comcast sportsnet showing the empty stands during the second half. niner fans wear red. but those are seats, folks.
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meteorologist rob mayeda joins us now to talk about the fog in the city and the hot weather. >> and speaking of the heat, we did break another record today in san rafael. 94 degrees. the old record a 92. and you can see san francisco 82 degrees. so temperatures cooled down there. half moon bay 75 degrees. another 96 in sonoma. san jose 90. santa clara, levi's stadium had the temperatures in the low 90s this afternoon. livermore up to 99 degrees. 94 in concord. but you might notice outside the sea breeze is trying to make a comeback. right now you're seeing the winds that are bringing in the fog to san francisco. that obviously is going to make an impact on your morning commute as the fog continues to come on in. we'll see some misty skies around the golden gate bridge. temperatures tomorrow moring for your 50s and 60s. and afternoon high temperatures finally beginning to drop. even in some of the inland valleys. we'll let you know what you can expect for your neighborhood for the workweek coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, rob. coming up next, mountain lions getting bolder. a new warning on the peninsula
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after one giant cat leaves behind a deer carcass right in front of a house. plus, hewlett-packard shaking things up. one of the original tech giants investors watching closely. and also watching closely, japan bracing for a typhoon. we'll take a look at a storm that has already claimed an american's life. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail the nbc bay area, we investigate.
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new signs of a mountain lion roaming a neighborhood. a deer carcass found on crystal drive in hillsborough likely killed by a mountain lion. nbc bay area's marianne affirmative action row with a closer look at why mountain lions may be getting closer and close toesh homes. >> reporter: someone living here on crystal drive reported a possible mountain lion in the area. another mountain lion sighting was reported in hillsborough just last week. >> been an effort to put some trail cameras out.
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>> reporter: hillsborough police recently put up four cameras to monitor wildlife activity. and on september 21st captured this picture of a mountain lion about a mile from where the deer was found today. there was also a report of a mountain lion near the green hills golf course off highway 280 in millbrae. fish and wildlife expert says this is why they're getting closer to residential areas, deer. and because of the drought, more deer are heading closer to homes. she lives on the street where the mountain lion may have killed a deer. she says her dog was barking all night. ñp>> we're not going to take hi out for a walk at night. >> reporter: she doesn't want her pet to get attacked by a mountain lion. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> and now more on that concern. marin county has also turned motion sensor cameras to track mountain lions and other wildlife nearby. the county will install 100 motion cameras to photograph animals in open space preserve. the data could also be use for
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data management planning. happening now. tokyo is bracing for a large typhoon. >> it already killed one u.s. airman and two are missing at sea. the two were taking photographs of the waves when the waves swept them away. one clung to rocks and survived but the other drowned. they're searching for the other two. japanese authorities have issued an array of heavy wind and storm warnings. bearing down with wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour and dumping at least a foot and a half of rain in some places. the government has also advised people in tokyo to please stay indoors. the number of protesters dwindling on the streets of hong kong. one week after the start of a massive pro-democracy campaign, only scattered groups of students still occupy the city's government center. the government deadline to disperse came and went peacefully. at the same time, more government workers are now returning to work after being blocked from their jobs for days. the protesters who are left are vowing to remain on streets
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until their demands are met. they're seeking more autonomy from beijing, specifically, freedom to choose their own political leaders. one of silicon valley's signature companies may be on the verge of splitting into two. "the wall street journal" reporting that hewlett-packard may announce a massive restructuring as soon as tomorrow. according to a source, the palo alto-based company would roll out its personal computer and printer operations and roll them into one unit. the other unit would then hold its business service and software. it's believed the separation would take place some time over the next year. hp so far has not made comment. and also, if you're caltrain rider, take a look at the schedule. there are going to be new times for trains and hire fares to contend with. it went into effect today. more riders means longer stops to get everybody on and off the trains. some trains are also impacted by construction and they'll arrive about ten minutes later than usual there is also an increase in the cost of tickets. for all the details on the schedule and the cost changes,
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check the caltrain website. a local congressional race is gaining nationwide attention. newcomer ro khanna is trying to unseat long time congressman mike honda in the 17th seat district. honda has been a fix khmer for 35 years now. he has been a congressman for the last 14. ro khanna is described as a new yen jags democr generation democrat. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston and around the nation are keeping tabs on this one. >> ro khanna comes on with a lot of technology support, throwing a lot of money at his campaign, believing in him. mike honda, the veteran has a lot of support from organized labor, working class people, if you will. all that of is embedded in this one district. >> gerston also says voter turnout will be much higher than in june. so the influx of new voters, many of the new voters are undecided.
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both candidates will meet in their one and only debate tomorrow night. we're going to air that debate live right here on nbc bay2area. our own raj mathai will be moderating that event. it starts at 6:30. now, if you have a question for one of the candidate, we want to hear it. go to our nbc bay area facebook page to post your question. make it a good one. we may use it. >> there you go. as california deals with the drought emergency, two south bay boys are pretty fed up with a leak they saw trickling out water. maggie shared this photo of her grandchildren. take a look atmos and angel sitting by a curve next to a stream that kept leaking water. they did come by and mark that spot yesterday. blanco says her boys collected about 50 gallons of water in 90 minutes. >> that's a steady flow. >> they plan on using all of that water to water the plants and trees around the neighborhood. >> that should inspire some of us perhaps. some of you to do something to save water. >> yeah. a lot of people. any sort of wasted water these
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days is serious business. rob mayeda knows that all too well. we've had such a hot day. >> it has been. the last two days have been extremely hot. but we did see signs of cooling. first we woke up to the foggy skies of san francisco and on the coast. our temperatures right now compared to about 20 hours ago from san jose to san francisco. you're seeing a few degrees of cooling. and the afternoon high today. in and around san francisco, 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. so the cooldown under way for the coast and bay. it's going to take a little longer before inland valleys really start to see the temperatures dropping own off. upper 60s now around san jose. san francisco about 62 degrees. you see it right there. 68. and we'll likely have another warm day, especially south of san jose. but look at the golden gate bridge. this is what happens when you still have high pressure holding on. marine layer about 500 feet thick. forced down to the ocean service. or across the bay. and so this is the kind of driving conditions you'll have tomorrow morning. misty driving conditions at
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times. let's say the bay bridge or highway 1 tomorrow on the coast or highway 17, you'll start to run into some of that fog. we'll see temperatures for game three of the nlds for the giants. 2:07 should see mid-70s and the sea breeze turning stronger as things cool down. wind speeds now. this is what we needed to see all weekend. the arrows pointing on shore. with the onshore push of that marine air come thes clouds. even towards hayward and oakland and throughout the afternoon, right around pacifica and half moon bay, you'll have the low clouds throughout the afternoon. much cooler there. still the sunshine down around santa cruz. now unfortunately, if you don't see any chances of rain in the forecast other than the mist that may briefly fall with some of that low cloud cover. we do have a tropical storm ÷& here, which is weak eing to our south. this is tropical storm simon with winds of about 70 miles per hour. that will drift across central baja california. and unfortunately, we do not see any rain out of this coming towards california. instead, we'll see a chance of
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that rain moving into southeastern arizona. perhaps the deserts there, southern california out by palm springs might see a little bit of rain from that. but nothing coming this far north. as we look at the primary source of rainfall this time of year, the pacific jet stream, the polar jet still way off to the north. you see the tropical moisture staying away from us. and nothing but dry conditions for us. that jet stream looks anchored across british columbia and western washington instead of northern california. this is actually typical for early october. it would just be nice to see that drop further south. not in the cards for the next seven days. upper 80s for san jose tomorrow. we'll see low 90s around saratoga. san francisco seeing highs in the upper 70s tomorrow. and we'll see numbers in the low 90s around the north bay. still some mid 90s in the tri-valley. so inland locations like the tri-valley, you're going to wait until tuesday or wednesday to see that cooling. san francisco already seeing the cooling today. we'll continue to see temperatures throughout wednesday. same for san jose. and you'll see relief in the
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tri-valley kicking in as we get towards wednesday and thursday. the trend reverses again for next weekend. we'll see the temperatures climb on up next weekend. by next sunday, going become from the number 80s. on friday, there you go, there is a look at next weekend's forecast. the heat coming back. not as bad as this weekend. but we do not see any rain. much needed rain still not in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks a lot. there is a new band in the nfl. why you won't be seeing collin kaepernick or others wearing the beats headphones anymore. >> that will be a big change. out of the water, olympic favorite michael phelps taking a break from the pool. we'll explain why.
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olympic swimming champion michael phelps says he is stepping away from the pool for a little while. he tweeted that he'll be attending a program to get some help after he was charged with driving under the influence in his native baltimore. phelps also tweeted it was not his first lapse and that he is extremely disappointed in himself. police also arrested felps in 2004 for drunk driving. no word on whether phelps will be competing in the 2016 summer olympics in rio de janeiro. the giants are getting fans pumped up for tomorrow's big game at at&t park. today the team posted this video
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on its facebook page. of course, at&t is already the league's most beautiful stadium. but workers are gussieing it up more for tomorrow's game three of the series against washington. that game will start at 2:00 p.m. you'll have to excuse the giants if they were a bit bleary eyed when their bus pulled in at at&t park. only a few hours before they concluded a major league baseball's big moment here. it was the longest postseason game ever. an 18-inning, 6:23 affair. the giants finally took it home. they won 2-1. attention giants fans, do you need help watching the game? the team has you covered there too. the giants tweeted and excuse note tonight. according to the note, quote, please excuse this san francisco giants fan who has come down with a severe case of orange october. it goes on the say that the fan must be able to watch the nlds game. and i saw you printing that. >> i did. >> i won't be seeing you tomorrow. the national football league is telling players to back off the beats when it comes to
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postgame interviews. the beats we're talking about are the headphones you see right there. collin kaepernick was rocking following today's game. you rarely see him without those on. beats is dr. dre's company recently bought by apple. the problem, though, neither of them have an endorsement deal with the league. beats competitor's league bose does. because of that the league will fine players for any other brand of headphones at podiums or locker rooms up to 90 minutes following every game. >> and those are the signature look too. that will be a big change. >> but boy, money talks. >> that's for sure. >> wow. still to come -- >> on my left, it was the worst i've ever seen. it was pretty bad. >> wait times at a local v.a. hospital sometimes stretching on for years just to get dentures or other serious dental work. tonight we investigate the palo alto v.a. hospital and found some who fought a war fighting here at home just to get some dental care. and a shocking nomination for the nobel peace prize. yes, yes, that's the right
11:26 pm
video. european leader who is up for the prestigious award.
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it's been held up as a shiny example of a broken v.a. system nationwide. the v.a. hospital in palo alto is a clinic that works where veterans don't have to wait for care. but we have evidence that says otherwise, war heroes waiting months, even years to complete their care. investigative reporter stephen stock has the story. >> reporter: we discovered that some of the veterans who went to war are now battling for critical dental care they need here at home. insiders at palo alto's v.a. hospital say all is not as it has been portrayed nationally. these whistle-blowers hañe come forward to us with evidence showing a serious backlog of care exist at palo alto's v.a.
11:29 pm
center too. not necessarily on the medical side of things, but in the dental clinic. the promise to veterans made by president obama abraham lincoln in 1865 is memorialized in bronze out in front of the v.a. medical center in palo alto. >> they need the best treatment that we can give them. >> reporter: but former dental lab technician george gerres says he witnessed firsthand palo alto's v.a. often fall short of that promise when it came to caring for dental patients. >> it got progressively worse until i left. when i left, it was the worst i've ever seen. it was pretty bad. >> reporter: for six years, geddis worked in the palo alto's v.a.'s laboratory making implants and other dental prosthesis. >> i know firsthand a lot of the sacrifices for this country. >> reporter: under v.a. guidelines, dental care is reserved for special veterans. not every vet qualifies. in fact to get dental care under
11:30 pm
the rules, the veteran must be a former p.o.w. or 100% disabled or meet specific need-based criteria. george geddis witnessed those vets waiting incredibly long periods to get things like implants and dentures. how long were some of these cases? >> the longest one i seen was three years. three years and running. >> reporter: man waiting three years for his dentures? >> three years. >> reporter: frustrated, geddis decided to retire last year. >> one gentleman in particular, he didn't have his dentures. and was telling me that he was so tired of drinking his food. >> reporter: don't believe geddis? then listen to this insider who still works at the v.a. >> the waiting period is just unreal. >> reporter: the understand insider asked to be disguised and his voice altered because he fears retaliation. has anything changed? >> none. nothing has changed. nothing has changed. >> reporter: nbc bay area's investigative unit obtained copies of these logs, giving us
11:31 pm
an inside look at just how extensive the backlog is. take act look at these pictures too. the pictures taken in july show hundreds of cases representing hundreds of patients, cases still sitting on the shelves in the v.a.'s dental laboratory, cases that are unresolved and unfinished. some date back to 2011. is there a backlog here? >> there was a backlog here, yes. >> reporter: this doctor serves as the chief of dental services at the palo alto v.a. how long have some patients waited in the last couple years? >> i am aware that some patients have waited up to two years for implants. >> reporter: is that acceptable? >> that is not acceptable, and that's why we are making the changes we are making. the staffing shortage, the support staff shortage, all have been addressed. >> reporter: she acknowledges that long wait times for dental care was a problem. but she insists that she has made significant progress in reducing that backlog since
11:32 pm
taking the helm two years ago. i need new dentures. >> right. >> do i have to wait? >> you may have to wait more than a month. but less than two. >> reporter: dr. knapp she's she has increased staffing in recent years by hire mortgage dental specialists and contracting with two outside labs. are there still veterans waiting? >> for? >> for prosthesis. >> not at this point. >> reporter: but we discovered the backlog persists. >> they need to move quicker on those problems. >> reporter: just talk to veterans such as vietnam veteran michael, who says he has seen little progress since dr. knapp came on board. >> there is just no excuse for this. >> reporter: he says he has waited so far almost two years to get permanent implants. he is still waiting. >> when you have teeth missing from your mouth, you feel very self-conscious about smiling or how you're going to eat, okay. you have to be careful what kind of food you eat because it actually hurts. >> reporter: we found a list of
11:33 pm
over 300, and over 30% of them have been waiting for four months or longer. that acceptable? we showed dr. knapp the list that we obtained demonstrating how long some of these veterans have had to wait. >> we make every attempt over here to reach the patient if his denture is sitting in the lab. if the patient has not come in or there has to be another reason. that's all i'm saying. >> so is the reason that there aren't enough dentists to see the patients to put these dentures? in. >> no. >> reporter: óx5ñno? >> i -- we have improved the staffing. and we are going to make even better. but if there is such a, it just needs to be investigated. >> reporter: we provided the doctor and her staff with a complete list of 113 cases that are six months old or older. people who work for you say it's because there aren't enough dentists and they aren't being seen. and this stuff is sitting on the shelves, not getting to them. >> there was a point when there were not enough dentists.
11:34 pm
like i started, we were extremely short-staffed. i have done my very best with hr's help and with our leadership to fix that problem. >> something needs to be done now about this. you can't ignore this. >> reporter: for veterans such as michael, the doctor's pledge to do better rings hollow in the shadow of president lincoln's words from so long ago. >> when are you going to take care of this problem? we've all waited long enough. >> now we just learned that the inspector general is now investigating this backlog to see why it's taking so long to get these veterans' dentures implants and other dental treatment that they need. when the secretary of the v.a. visited palo alto here in the bay area earlier this summer, he admitted to us that there is a problem with a serious backlog of dental cases here. as for the doctor, she tells us they are now looking into the cause of these delays, and she promises she'll make any changes as needed.
11:35 pm
we will keep following this story. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> and if you have a story for us, call our tip line, 888-996-tips, or send an e-mail to the and for more than 200 injured veterans and their supporters, they hit the road today for a week-long bike ride along the california coast. take a look at the sea of riders here decked out in red, white and blue. started this morning at the palo alto v.a. hospital. now here they are in san jose for a much needed rest stop. you know how hot it was today. you can imagine how thirst city they got. they will pedal about another 400 miles until they reach the v.a. hospital in west los angeles next weekend. all while raising money for the awareness of injured vets. organizers say there are many thunderstorms of therapy for the vets, but cycling is one of the best. >> it's an athletic endeavor. it's an agenda. it's an activity. it's a healthy lifestyle. it really gives them an opportunity to search their soul, get out, do the best, some
11:36 pm
of the best areas in the country. >> the riders will spend the night in gilroy. tomorrow's leg will take them to carmel. also, a new tribute tonight to the men and women whose lives have been changed forever during their service to the united states. president obama helped to dedicate the new american veterans disabled for life memorial in washington, d.c. today. this is a collection of glass and granite walls that represents wounded veterans from all branches clustered around an eternal flame. the memorial took 16 years to complete. it was funded by $80 million and private donations. more air strikes this weekend against isis targets in syria and iraq. two davis a video surfaced reportedly showing the execution of a british aid worker at the hands of the extremist group. the pentagon says u.s. fighter jets hit isis targets of eastern and northern syria and iraq. they're the first bombings since isis released the video of hostage allen henning being killed on friday.
11:37 pm
prime minister david cameron is said to be considering more action in the region to free british hostages being held by isis. >> we will use all the assets we have, as we have been up to now to try to find these hostages, to try to help these hostages. >> the prime minister will apparently have no problem getting support for that plan. a recent poll taken before henning was killed shows support at 57%. and we won't know this year's nobel peace prize winner for another six days, but some of the nominees may surprise you. among them russian president vladimir putin. he was nominated not for russia's role in ukraine, but for his efforts to stop u.s. air strikes against syria. other nominees include nsa turncoat edward snowden. a record 278 people were nominated this year. the nominations can be made by anyone or any group who qualifies with the nobel foundation. coming up in sports, the niners welcome home their former number one pick alex smith. and he started off red hot. alex will explain what it was like to face his former team. plus, there has ban lot of
11:38 pm
talk about jim harbaugh's future with the niner. jed york breaks his silence on his relationship with harbaugh. ♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan! gas stations. just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway. it's the new efficient.
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what a day in sports. and what a sports guy we've got to tell us about it. >> the wolfman is one of our favorite. >> i've heard a lot worse, believe me. we got a lot coming up. let's talk about it. lots of rumors around jim harbaugh and the 49ers this week. we'll get to that in a moment. but first, the 49ers had business to take care of on the field. 49ers welcomed in their old teammate, alex smith. see the leader now. the man who forced alex out,
11:40 pm
collin kaepernick definitely wanted to get a victory. 49ers down 10-6 in the second quarter. kaepernick finds johnson for the td. 49ers on top. but the third quarter, alex smith was looking to get that lead right back. he is going to swing it to the rookie. de'anthony thomas, and thomas has mad speed and a little bit of power at the goal line. chiefs back on top. fourth quarter, kap hooks up with brandon lloyd. look closely. one of the best catches you'll see this season. serious hang time. acrobatic catch. the 49ers go ahead with the field goal. last chance with the chiefs down five. smith intercepted by perrish cox. 22-17 is your final. niners win. here is smith after the game. >> you want to win the game. but for all the guys, you know, i played a long time with, a lot of those guys, there is a different to compete against them today.
11:41 pm
but at the end of the day, like i said, i have a lot of history with some of those guys. >> you know, it's i told him good luck before the game. and we'll be buddies. but i hope he lost. and he did. so i'm happy. drama on the field. drama off the field as well. another jim harbaugh rumor surfaced this morning. according to an espn report, harbaugh began to lose some of his players' support two years ago when he was dishonest with alex smith about the team's pursuit of peyton manning. now according to the report, a team source said, quote, that was the first big sign to the players that they couldn't trust jim. we'll keep you updated. 49ers ceo jed york, he tweeted out his support for his coach this morning. he said jim is my coach. we are are trying to win a super bowl, not a personality or popularity contest. any more questions? i got a question.
11:42 pm
what is going on with the orange and black. giants have a chance to punch their tickets to the nlds tomorrow. and they'll have the right guyton mound. madison bumgarner is coming off a complete game shut-out of the pirates in the wild card game last wednesday. but the lefty knows he has to control his emotions tomorrow against the nationals. >> it's exciting to go out there and get amped up and pumped up for the game. but for me, myself, you know, i think a lot of people when you do that, you start, you know -- you kind of -- you don't play as good of baseball as you should. so it's important just to kind of push all the nerves and anxiety and excitement aside and just play good fundamentally sound baseball. >> don't forget we'll get you ready for game three. our coverage starts at 1:00, one hour before the gym. and after the game we've got more coverage, including players
11:43 pm
interviews, plus kruk and kuip breaking it down on comcast bay area. terry, peggy, we need to break up the rumors about jim harbaugh. i'm not part of that. >> just passing along part of the information. >> it kind of clogs up sportscasts. you're dealing with what he said, she said and what w.h.o. said what, and what do they mean about it. i'd rather see that brandon lloyd catch ten more times. >> that catch was unbelievable. we have to get the word out regarding coach. remember during the off-season, they said he might be traded to the cleveland browns. >> good to know. thank you for the latest, henry. you're always on top of it. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
11:44 pm
trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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three, two, one! >> and they were off. thousands of runners this morning rocking and rolling in the heat for today's rock 'n roll half marathon in san jose. people from 14 countries and 44 states entered the race. that included san francisco 49er legend roger craig. >> he is running by right there. >> that's right. very speedy. he helped found the event nine years ago. >> you know, back this the day he bought into the vision. and mayor chuck reed took it to another level. so hopefully we'll have close to 18,000 people. >> it's a good thing that the music. if you're going to run that far, you have the good music going along with it. >> you think it helps? >> yeah, it helps. >> headphones help? >> aaron braun won from
11:47 pm
california. the women's winner kellyn johnson of arizona finished about ten minutes after that. each one won $1,000. a warm day things we've seen. >> for anything. >> the disabled vets racing, 400 miles. and the half marathon there. rob mayeda. >> it like we're seeing that right now. the fog moving into san francisco. we're just checking the fort ord profile to see how thick the marine layer. it's jumped up now. it's almost a thousand feet. so that's good news. that means that we're going to see more of the ocean air conditioning taking hold around the bay area. but for the valleys tomorrow, still a fairly warm day. and another thing you're going to notice around the golden gate bridge tomorrow morning, as you can see like that, the fog moving from left to right across the screen. misty skies possible around the golden gate bridge or around the coast and highway 17 as the low clouds come in. for the afternoon, 2:07 start shore, see temperatures in the mid-70s and cooling. with some moisture clouds as we head towards 6:00. the low clouds now moving past
11:48 pm
the golden gate bridge that is eventually going to spill into the central bay, over to the bay bridge toll plaza and probably areas north of san jose by the morning. but then clear rather quickly into the afternoon as high pressure keeps us warm and dry and keeps unfortunately the storm track way off to the north. and any tropical help we can get is going to also stay to our south. you can see the moisture here from tropical storm simon will make a run south of southern california. maybe in the deserts of southern california out by palm springs. but the focus of that will be deck directed into southern arizona once again. meantime, the polar jet or the pacific jet stream staying off to the north. we could see the moisture from the typhoon there that is hitting japan rearrange the configuration of the jet stream perhaps late next weekend or for the next week ahead. not this next seven-day period. but the next two-week period. maybe we'll see the jet stream buck al bit. but for now straight on through the weekends, next weekend no real sign of any rain other than the misty skies it might get than the fog moving in.
11:49 pm
88 degrees for san jose tomorrow. that's down from 90 today. really not a lot of cooling from san jose south. but san francisco mostly in the 70s. pacifica obviously cooler there with the low clouds amount. into the north bay, you'll see highs in the upper 80s the low 90s. winds strengthening out of the south. tri-valley still pretty warm. you see the numbers there, mid-90s. so for san jose, starting to notice the cooling. and then the numbers creep back up. same for san francisco. and into the north bay and tri-valley, you'll see warm temperatures, especially for livermore through tuesday. 90s better than the 99 we saw today. and some 80s for the middle part of the week. and then upper 80s the low 90s as we head towards next weekend. the heat not quite done with us yet. but at least not as bad as the conditions we had around here this weekend. back to you. >> sounds like it. all right, rob, thank you. sees that pinned on me. and that will probably be the thanks i can give her. >> a second chance for a high
11:50 pm
school sports star in trouble with the law. >> coming up next, the teacher who helped to turn his life around.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
it's a tale of bad choices, good fortune, and the life changing impact of a terrific teacher. >> a once promising high school football player from the east bay turned his life around. here is garvin thomas with our bay area proud series. >> reporter: dexter harris is the young man's name. he played football at american high school in fremont. that is until just six months shy of graduation. a run-in with the law landed him in juvenile court. for many, this would have been the first step down a bad path. but thanks to some committed adults, one in particular, it wasn't for dexter. breaking the school to prison pipeline was the topic of a recent summit at oakland's laney college. 350 educate.
11:53 pm
>> community leaders and young people brainstorming ways to stop trouble in school from becoming a lifetime of trouble with the law. talking about doing basically what dexter harris has done. >> aside from my going to school and playing football, my household was kind of rough. >> reporter: just six months shy of graduating football, dexter made a bad decision, committed a crime. one he is still not comfortable talking about openly. >> i mean, you know, i don't want to get into much into details, but i was running with the wrong crowd of guys. >> reporter: instead of jail, though, a judge sent dexter to camp willmont sweeney, a minimum security alternative school run by the county's probation and education department. it was a bit of good luck for dexter, though he wasn't able to see it at the time. >> i was mad, upset and frustrated. >> please > reporter: it was up to teacher nicole crosby to open his eyes. >> dexter was not that hard to
11:54 pm
crack. he may think he was. >> she is always like that kind hearted, genuine personality. you know, you really trust her and see that she really does care. >> reporter: dexter says camp sweeney was his first experience with adults who not only cared about him, but could be relied upon to show it. >> they really had a genuine interest in seeing me progress down the right path than the wrong path. >> the chemo receptors. >> reporter: for dexter, that path now leads to being a firefighter. after graduating from camp sweeney, dexter is now working as an emt and taking courses to become a paramedic. courses only made possible by a $12,000 scholarship arranged by nicole crosby. >> and i look at it just as an investment in that young man. because it's money in the bank. and i'm hopeful some day it just pays dividends to the community. >> i feel really grateful. and the only way i feel like i
11:55 pm
can repay her is if i can get into a fire department, sees that badge pinned on me and that will probably be the thanks i can give her. >> reporter: if dexter is able to stay on the right path, he becomes an exception to the school to prison pipeline. research shows that 2/3 of youth who are released from jail end up back there within just a few years. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> pretty incredible in showing just what one terrific teach kerr do. >> obviously a problem, but a solution too. >> absolutely. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
well, it was a hot day. a good day for a cold beer. and the beer was certainly flowing on the peninsula for the festival inspired by the end of oktoberfest. a 7,000-square-foot tent helped the beer drinkers stay school during the second annual
11:58 pm
mountain view oktoberfest. they took over the parking lot behind steinz. >> it had bratwurst, spetsle. it helped raise money for scholarships and a nonprofit group that serves low-income families and the elderly. and she will drink to that. >> that's right. and those were not small beer glasses. >> steins, baby. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
50 years after berkeley students sáarted a revolution, the stories behind the pictures. the people behind the movement. sit in for an nbc bay area special, the free speech movement. >> hello. i'm diane dwyer. in all social movements from the revolution to civil rights and beyond, history shows us that it takes a confluence of events that makes the perfect storm for that movement to take hold. so too is the case for the free speech movement. it happened here in the fall of 1964, 50 years ago on the uc berkley campus. >> now is the time to get rid of segregation and discrimination all over this nation. now is the time.


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