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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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news at 11:00. until then we will see you soon. have a great day. good morning. good morning. national security priority. that's how the president now describes the ebola crisis, as new screening measures are considered for passengers arriving in the u.s. and experimental drugs will be used on two ebola patients in this country. aiding isis? we're learning more about the chicago teenager arrested at o'hare airport for allegedly trying to join the enemy, while the terror group storms a key city in syria, despite u.s.-led air strikes. this morning, former defense secretary leon panetta and why he says the president's actions have empowered isis. over the line, police under fire for smashing a window and tasering a man during a routine
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traffic stop. the disturbing incident captured on cell phone video. and now that couple is suing, but does the video only tell part of the story? and all about bill. bill murray stops by to talk about his new movie and what it was like inside george clooney's wedding. "today," tuesday, october 7th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall, who is here while savannah continues on maternity leave, natalie morales as well, as is al roker. that video is disturbing of that traffic stop with that window being smashed. we have to figure out what else is on that video.
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>> the event that is led up to it and also that followed. we'll learn more as each side comes forward and we investigate. >> we'll have more on that in a little while. first, both steps are being taken to treat the ebola patient in dallas and the photo journalist working with nbc news. meantime, dr. nancy snyderman and her team are back in the u.s. arriving on a charter flight. they were checked by health officials and are feeling well. they will be quarantined for a 21-day period recommended by health authorities. let's get the latest from correspondent kate snow. she is in omaha, where one of the patients is being treated good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. ashoka mukpo, working with nbc news, will be receiving an experimental treatment here. his father, who also happens to be a doctor, says they're lucky
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that they caught the virus early. is he waking up in his new room this morning in isolation. he was able to walk off the plane from liberia. >> he gave a little wave earlier when he first came in and that was really reassuring. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend, helen, lived together in liberia for two years. they left last summer. with the ebola virus growing worse, ashoka went back on his own. >> i miss him. i was meant to see him a couple of days ago and i wish it was under different circumstances. >> reporter: his parents say he's scared but ready to fight. >> he's holding himself in a way that he said to me i'm going to get through this. >> i think it's a combination of emotions. we've been very afraid. on the other hand, we're very confident. >> reporter: the 85-year-old mother of ebola patient thomas eric duncan arrived in dallas
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monday. she drove 15 hours to be near him, hoping to find a way for him to hear her voice. duncan is taking an experimental drug. he was given the first dose saturday, the same day his condition took a turn to the worse. so far, none of the 48 people being watched is sick. >> 100% were seen yesterday, 100% of them had no signs of fever, had no signs of illness. 100% were doing well. >> reporter: still, authorities worry about the toll this ebola case is taking. >> the stress of this and the fear of this, you know, could be more damaging to this community than the virus itself. >> reporter: and this morning, there are new concerns over in spain where a nurse, who was treating a doctor who died of ebola now has come down with the disease herself. it's the first known case of ebola being transmitted from one person to another outside of africa. matt? >> kate snow in omaha. thank you very much.
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the obama administration is now considering the option of ramping up screenings of travelers who come from ebola-ravaged countries. tom costello has more on that. good morning. >> the administration says it does not support banning flights from west africa, in part because of the ongoing screenings going on there an screenings going on there and it could hinder medicine and doctors getting into that country. from the front door of america, an all-out push to get ahead of ebola. monday, the president announced additional screening is coming from airline passengers arriving from the ebola hot zone. >> we're working on protocols to do additional passenger screening, both at the source and here in the united states. >> reporter: administration sources say that will likely mean cdc personnel at four u.s. airports, jfk, newark, chicago, and washington dulles,
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thoroughly asking about where passengers have been and taking their temperatures. meanwhile, troops will go to west africa, they will build 17 field hospitals, air lift supplies and train authorities. >> it takes focused speeds for us to get ahead of this transmission rate. we have a plan. we have the people and we're moving fast and hard in order to have the success that we need. >> reporter: also moving fast, health officials and hospitals across the u.s., from seattle -- >> we'll certainly have a number of false alarms. >> reporter: to miami. >> the hospitals take care of infections every day. >> reporter: the cdc continues to remind 5,000 hospitals nationwide of the ebola symptom flow chart. first warning sign, temp of 101.5 or comparable symptoms of anyone who has returned from an ebola infected area in the past 21 days. they should wear gowns, face mask and gloves and notify the
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cdc. intense focus on two experimental drugs. doctors aren't sure whether z-map helped the first two infected patients who survived. others who took it still died. they're trying to ramp up the production of it fast. and thomas duncan is taking this experimental drug. it's called brincidofovir. the hope is something will work and work fast. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, tom. new strikes inside syria hours after militants moved closer to seizing a key city there. there's new information on an american teen accused of trying to join and aid that terror group. richard engel is in turkey, along the syrian border. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. according to a criminal complaint, the suspect most likely wanted to make his way here to this turkish city not far from the syrian border, link
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up with isis contacts and then cross into syria. another american accused of trying to join isis. he is 19-year-old mohammed hamzah khan. his house was searched after his arrest. authorities found documents that express support for isil and disgust with western society, describing it as fill the. also found, a three-page letter to his parents, saying he was on his way to syria to join isis. according to the complaint, he felt it was his duty to join the self-proclaimed islamic state, which is continuing to expand, despite a u.s.-led war against it. isis stormed into the syrian city of kobani overnight and raised their black flag right on the turkish border.
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turkish troops a few hundred yard as way didn't enter syria, didn't intervene. the u.s.-led coalition has mostly been watching the city fall. the reaction in parts of turkey? riots in solidarity with kobani. anger that turkey and the u.s. talk a great deal about fighting isis, but do, the protesters say, far less. there is now street fighting in kobani. the city has become somewhat of a test case for the american strategy and it shows that the opposition, the rebels the u.s. is depending upon can't send up to isis without outside help. matt, back to you. >> richard engel in turkey this morning. we'll talk more with the former defense secretary leon panetta coming up live in our studio. meanwhile natalie is here with disturbing video of a
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traffic stop. >> a federal lawsuit pap family is a accusing two officers of using skpesive force during a traffic stop. we want to warn you, the video may be disturbing to some viewers. police pulled this man over for a seat belt violation. a child in the backseat captured the incident on camera. at one point you see officers asked her boyfriend for his i.d. he didn't have one. he fuse re fused to get out of the car, saying he feared for his safety. >> how can you say people aren't going to hurt you? people are being shot by the police. >> as you saw there, police tased jones and arrested him. the woman was on the phone with 911 dispatchers at the time of the incident. the department says its officers acted in accordance with the law
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and for their safety. two new studies on whether han hands-free devices are less distracting. the study suggests that the reliability and complexity of such systems may actually require more of the driver's attention and make the distracted driving problem worse and not better. of the six systems tested in the study, apple's siri had the highest level of distraction. some frightening moments captured on camera when a train slammed into a truck that was stuck on the tracks in northeast louisiana. >> holy mother of -- oh, my god! >> just horrific there. the conductor was seriously injured and an engineer suffered minor injuries after two engines and 17 train cars derailed. the truck driver managed to get out just in time. about 50 houses were evacuated
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in the area due to concerns that a tank car of pressurized argan gas might explode. a street fight like you've never seen before in the suburbs of new south wales, australia, right in the middle of a neighborhood as you see there. two kangaroos apparently didn't see eye to eye about something. not unusual to see two males. the two made up and did go out for a beer afterwards. >> reminds me of kathie lee and hoda with the wrestles last night. >> i heard about it. >> finally get his. another tropical storm to talk about in the pacific that will be affecting the southwest. this is tropical storm simon, about 25 miles south-southwest of cape phoenix, arizona. 40-mile-per-hour winds moving
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north-northeast at 7. and all this moisture tuesday into wednesday streams into the southwest. and it's going to be bringing some pretty significant rainfall over the next three days. we're talking generally one to two inches of rain but locally some areas could pick up four inches of rain and that could cause some significant flash flooding. the rest of the country, wet weather moving into the northeast with a risk of severe weather later tonight, rain around the great lakes. plenty of sunshine through the plains. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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7:13. a live look from san bruno. we're dealing with about twice as much as low cloud coverage we had at this point yesterday. that's going to lead to a much cooler day, comfortable temperatures coming your way. we're going to be right around 69 degrees in san francisco, looking toward the low to mid 80s in san jose. and kind of a warm day coming your way in the tri-valley in the north bay. you'll end up in the upper 80s but no 90s on the map. more on the u.s. led fight against isis and the president's credit system of the president's handing. leon panetta, the former cia director says the president's past decisions on iraq and syria have helped strengthen the terror group making the battle more difficult. good to see you, mr. secretary,
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as always. >> good to see you, matt. >> you were one of the loud voices urging the president to leave behind combat troops in iraq, despite the fact that iraqis had placed pretty strong conditions on that. you warned that iraq would slide back and become a safe haven for terror groups again. both things have happened. did the president make the wrong call? >> i think the president was trying to get maliki to accept a presence. we agreed we would leave about 8,000 to 10,000 troops in iraq and leave diplomatic options there and he was pushing maliki to try to agree with that. he put up a resistance. >> did he push hard enough? >> that's the question. as tough as maliki was in this issue, and there was a thought if he doesn't want it, why should we, i thought it was important to maintain that presence. we should use that ledge. leverage. we were providing military aid, providing assistance. i think we should have
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challenged him with regard to that. >> your words from the book, those on our side of the debate viewed white house so eager to rid itself of iraq, it was willing to withdraw rather than lock in arrangements that would preserve our influence and interests. so did the president put the vital interest of the united states on a lower priority than fulfilling a campaign promise to end the war and pull out all troops? >> i wouldn't say that about the president. i think he really did want to try to do what was right. his feeling was if maliki doesn't want it, why should we keep pushing on this? also i think he felt there was an opportunity here. we had obviously sacrificed a lot of people. we put them on the right track in terms of security and governing themselves and i think his hope was somehow this thing would all go in the right direction, but the fact was unless we had that presence there, we would lose the leverage on maliki. and keep him in the right place. >> if we could have kept that presence there, would we be fighls we're fighting them right now? >> that's always hard to say. my view is if we had 10,000 troops there in iraq and we had
7:17 am
a good presence there to keep the pressure on maliki, we would have done an awful lot to protect his security force and an awful lot to be able to go after al qaeda. >> let me read you what you said at a pentagon press briefing three years ago. on the subject of are we leaving iraq in a vulnerable situation. you said this. one thing we've seen is iraq has developed a very good capability to be able to defend itself. the iraqis have developed a very important capability here, to be able to respond to security threats within their own country. were you saying what you were told to say? or did you get it very wrong? >> no. you know, at the time we were there, i thought we had made good progress with their security force and with their intelligence operations in going after al qaeda. but in order for that to really do the job, i think we needed to have a presence there in order to make sure that we continued the effort on improving their security, continued the effort on improving their intelligence operations in order to be able to ensure that we would never
7:18 am
see something like isis ever develop. >> in syria, we are arming moderate members of the opposition, a group that the president and vice president, over the last several months, have called doctors, shopkeepers and farmers. are we kidding ourselves? if you were secretary of defense right now, would you be telling the president of the united states that we would need ground troops, combat troops on the ground in syria to successfully wage this fight against isis? >> in order for us to be able to win against isis, there's no question, you know, we're doing the right thing. the president is calling the right shots with regards to air attacks, with regards to counterterrorism operation. >> will it eventually take ground combat troops? >> in order to do it, you need to have boots on the ground in order to embed and train those forces and in syria, what we would like to do is to have the opposition forces be those boots on the ground. but if that is not enough, if the military says we've got to do more, then i think the president ought to be open to
7:19 am
that. >> you would have told the president, don't shut that door, leave that door open? >> i did. >> president as commander in chief has to have all the options on the table in order to deal with this challenge of being able to win against isis. >> leon panetta, mr. secretary, good to have you here. i want to remind people the book is called "worthy fights." tamron? a new problem for apple's new iphone. >> it's been a week since bend gate. remember that? >> yeah. >> communities have taken storm. now there's a new one. >> what? >> #hairgate. >> really? >> yeah. trending on twitter. the new iphone 6, your hair can get caught between the glass and aluminum backing. >> i haven't had that problem. >> for good reason, al. for good reason. all of these memes are popping up online. our best phone and our best
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shave, guaranteed. this one says stay smooth, iphone 6. this is a real problem. my eyebrows are out of control. i can't wait to get the iphone 6. #hairgate. iphone 6, it's fantastic, as long as you don't carry it in your pocket or hold it close to your face, like a phone. mashable did a video which i can't get to play. they were trying to get people to catch their hair on purpose. it didn't work. so we don't think #hairgate will be the thing that takes down the iphone 6 but it is an issue people are talking about. back to you. >> you have the new phone. >> no problems with me. what about you? >> no. no. >> all right. >> much ado about nothing. coming up, season canceled. one high school's bold move to address allegations of hazing and bullying by members of its football team. some kids say they're being unfairly punished. >> interesting. do you have an escape plan?
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flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. a very good tuesday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police have added extra patrols in one palo alto neighborhood this morning hoping to catch a man they say exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl. it happened yesterday afternoon. the girl told police she noticed a pickup truck driving slowly behind her. the driver eventually pulled up next to her. she said she made icon tact wey with the driver and then saw him touching himself in the truck. >> dr. balderon was accused of
7:27 am
hiring a man to kill his wife. galvez fled to ecuador before he could be arrested. investigators originally thought balderon took out two life insurances on his wife shortly before she died but later found out she took them out on herself. now they think galvez was trying to con the couple. >> let's check on our weather with christina loren. >> you can see the nearly full moon set and the beautiful sunrise showing you here we have plenty of low clouds overhead. temperatures because of those low clouds are going to be cooler for today. we're at 66 at kickoff today in the south bay. you're on your way to about 68 degrees with 77 on the east short, south bay about 83 degrees.
7:28 am
here's mike on your drive. >> oakland is not necessarily a problem for drivers. you can see the driver here from the rooftop camera. but we'll look on the map as well. and basically weather system on our traffic map shows you orange, the fog, a slow drive west 580 as well. a couple of stalls and crashes throughout the san jose area has caused additional slowing. >> another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
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7:30 am
oh, my goodness, look at wilmington, north carolina. >> wow, gorgeous. >> on a tuesday morning. that is sensational. >> probably the best. >> sunrise there. leader in the clubhouse. >> or the end of the world. >> exactly. >> wow! >> compare that image to the music of country superstar jason aldean. he will be here in a little while, performing for us live in our studio. welcome back, everybody. >> here is what's making headline headlines. thomas duncan, the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s., is now being administered an experimental drug. it has shown potential in the lab for fighting ebola. meanwhile, a nurse in spain is the first person to contract ebola outside of africa, raising
7:31 am
new concerns over the potential spread of that virus. she had helped treat two patients who were infected in liberia, then flown to spain for treatment. new fallout from michael if he has drunk driving arrest. u.s. swimming has suspended the most decorated olympian of all time for six months and he will not compete in next year's world championships. the announcement came one day after phelps said he was entering a six-week rehab program. newly unearthed photos from the wedding of john and jacqueline kennedy's wedding. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> let's begin this half hour with an investigation into alleged hazing that has now led to the cancellation of the remainder of a new jersey high school's football season. willie geist has the latest on that. good morning. >> matt, good morning. they played in four games, forfeiting another last week. the superintendent of schools says the team will forfeit its
7:32 am
remaining six games due to inappropriate conduct of a significant and serious nature. >> this district and this board of education is making a unified stance to say no. no to bullying. >> reporter: last night, school officials in sayerville, new jersey, said they will cancel the remainder of the football season from varsity to junior squad, of senior members to freshman, including severe bullying and possible sexual assault. >> there were incidences of harassment, intimidation and bullying that took place on a pervasive level, on a widescale level and at a level at which the players knew, tolerated and, in general, accepted. >> reporter: the cancellation comes as schools nationwide are cracking down against bullying. and the nfl is under fire for a
7:33 am
growing domestic abuse scandal. >> i'm not satisfied with the way we've handled it from the get go. >> reporter: meanwhile in sayerville, which has won three state titles, some are upset that the entire team is being punished for the actions of a few players. >> it's not fair for the kid that is had nothing to do with it. >> the community itself, we're like family. >> reporter: you're still proud of this family? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> it's just very devastating. it's very sad for parents and the players. >> no players have been suspended from school as this investigation moves forward. there are still questions about the role the coaches played in supervising their players. the superintendent of schools says he has asked the assistant principal to look at all of his school's sports teams now and their protocols. you've heard parents coming out of that closed-door meeting last night, very upset. why punish the kids who weren't involved? why punish the cheerleaders and the band by canceling all these
7:34 am
football games. >> the allegations pretty scary themselves. >> yeah. they're looking into them. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by edward jones, a big financial services firm that doesn't act that way. well, if you think it's fall, guess what, in the south it is not. big ridge of high pressure dominating the jet stream way up to the north. look at these temperatures. today little rock will be near 90. 99 in wichita falls. they've got a real drought going on. and this extends all the way into the pacific northwest away from the water. yacima, washington, 87. salt lake city, six degrees above normal at 76. rest of the country, wet weather moving into the great lakes, northeast later today. gulf coast continues, lots of sunshine. few hit or miss thunderstorms in the south. already starting to see rain from tropical storm simon into the southwest. high surf advisories along
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7:34. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i wanted to show you this time lapse from friends weather underground. it really shows you we have a little bit of low cloud cover right around the inner east bay but mostly clear start here. it will be another warm day. a lot of low cloud cover is starting to burn off. temperatures will be 3 to 5 degrees cool are this afternoon. 83 for the south bay, 80 degrees on the peninsula. we'll keep cooling down all the wave through thursday this week. al. >> thank you very much. a special rossen report on fire safety. if you think your family could make it out safely, what you're about to see is a real eye opener. national correspondent jeff rossen is here with more for us. good morning. >> tamron, good morning to you. do you have a fire plan at home? have you talked to your kids about it? >> yes. >> probably need to do more. you're alone then. a whopping 82% of families have never practiced a fire drill at
7:36 am
home. these are new numbers out from the american red cross this morning. i want to show them to you. 82% never practiced a fire safety drill. 52% of us have never talked to our kids about fire safety. so many of us think, look, i know my house inside and out. i can get in and out in seconds. the question is, how prepared would you be in the darkness of night, with smoke filling your bedroom? this morning, we're going to the suburbs for an extreme experiment. it starts small, but within seconds an inferno. st. paul, minnesota, firefighters showing us how fast your home can become a deadly trap. it happened to maureen isa. her house caught fire in the middle of the night, with her five kids inside. >> it went like match sticks. it just -- it just went within minutes. >> reporter: the family struggled to escape. they did not have a fire plan. and her son, jeffrey, did not make it. >> you relive the night.
7:37 am
then you second guess yourself. what if i did this? maybe i should have done this. >> reporter: last year alone, nearly 488,000 structure fires resulting in 2,800 deaths. >> how was school today? >> reporter: so we're putting this connecticut family to the test, working with a team from the fire safety company bullex, we're taking over their home, setting up smoke machines, even fake flames. >> you guys have a fire plan as a family? >> we do not. >> if there's a fire, do you think you can get out? >> i think we could, yeah. >> yes. >> no big deal? >> nochlt. i guess it's easy to get out. >> we send the family upstairs to bed, waiting them to settle in. our simulated fire starts here in the kitchen garbage k it's in the middle of the night, like a real-life situation. pitch black in here. we're using night vision cameras. take a look. within seconds, smoke is all over the house. >> hit the smoke alarm.
7:38 am
>> reporter: right away, mom and dad stand up and head for the hallway. our expert says their first dangerous mistake. >> in a real fire super heated gases up high. a couple of breaths there, they would be all done. >> reporter: the kids head to their doors and open them right up. mistake number two. >> there could have been a large body of fire right on the other side of that door. that's a critical mistake. they should have taken the time to feel the door. >> where are you? >> reporter: the family completely disoriented. it's nearly impossible for them to find the stairs. >> careful walking down. >> reporter: now they're right by the front door. a way out. mom is about to make a potentially fatal mistake. she goes back into the house to get the dog and dad follows right behind. >> never want to pass an exit. especially to go deeper into the fire. this is not survivable. >> reporter: they finally make
7:39 am
it out. what was that like? >> that was hard to see. >> the vision was the most surprising element of it. >> you stood up in the fire. you need to get as low as possible. >> reporter: then he walks them through a fire plan. >> another tip would be to have the dog sleep closer to you. >> reporter: what a difference it makes. sound the alarm. watch what happens when we drill it again. they do everything right, staying low, dog with them. kids feeling the doors. experts say we should all be doing this. practicing our fire plans while awake and alert, training our brain if a real emergency strikes. here they come running. that was much faster. you had a plan and you executed it. >> safer. i feel much more prepared. >> bottom line, you need a fire plan. if you don't have one -- many of us don't -- get the family
7:40 am
together today to figure one out. in most fires you only have two minutes on the outside to get out of your house to even have a chance at surviving. if you don't know how to create an escape plan, many of us don't -- not a problem. the american red cross has a really cool worksheet, simple tips and we have a link on our website right now. >> cool information. >> it's fire prevention week. check your smoke detectors. >> yes. >> change the batteries. have one on each level of your house. >> fire extinguishers in your kitchen. >> important to know how to use those, too. >> thank you, jeff. coming up on "trending," 5-year-old playing pro basketball. he actually has a contract. the real story behind his big night on the court. up next, the first moments of camelot, never-before-seen moments of john and jacqueline kennedy's wedding day, right after this. elling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you?
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and mr. murray, coming up. we're back at 7:44 with a stunning series of never-before-seen photographs of the wedding of john and jacqueline kennedy being auctioned off this month. here is nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: it was one of the most celebrated weddings of the 20g9 century, handsome young senator and his beautiful bride. >> they were better than good looking. they were glamorous and magical. >> reporter: now a never-before-seen glimpse at that historic wedding day, september 12th, 1953. an officer holding back more than 2,000 fans who flocked to st. mary's church in newport, rhode island. senator kennedy cutting the cake. >> this is the beginning of camelot. this is america's version of a royal wedding. spectacular. >> reporter: where did these shots come from? >> the descend enter of the backup photographer of the kennedy wedding approached us with these negatives.
7:46 am
>> reporter: boston housemaid what they believe to be the first-ever prints from a set of negatives from borges' dark room after his death. >> they just left the chapel. they're glowing. this is unbelievable this is left behind. >> reporter: served as the backups for the kennedy wedding that "life" magazine documented in its pages. >> the ones that were outtakes, they're glowing. >> reporter: these negatives were likely outtakes that never made it to the family. many of these 13 photos capture candid moments in between posed shots. the negatives are expected to fetch in the thousands of dollars with the auction ending october 13th. >> you would think we would have seen every kennedy photo by now and americans are still fixated by the kennedys. >> all these years later, more enduring images of camelot emerging from the dark. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, washington. >> hard to believe that there are still images that we've not seen. >> lost in the archives. >> that's mazing. >> 40, 50 years from now,
7:47 am
they'll be showing images from george clooney's wedding that we haven't seen before. >> i don't know. coming up, bill murray is here. his new movie, getting early oscar buzz. what's he doing? >> something from our green room. >> oh. >> carson in the orange room, getting you ready, asking, what is your favorite bill murray role after this? is your favorite bill murray role after this? >> green muffin we gave him. your relaxing sideside is calling... your let's do it all side has arrived... and an unforgettable disney vacation is all within your reach. and right now, you can create a 7-day package including a select walt disney world resort hotel room and theme park tickets for as little as $78 per person per day for a family of four so come on. show your disney side, this year at the place where dreams come true.
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or paleness. enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad!!! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. as mentioned, bill myrrh is here. and joining carson in the orange room. >> impressive. are you astounded by your own work when you walk in here? >> when it's done up in orange, carson. >> pretty impressive, isn't it? >> yeah. >> we are having our viewers write in to tell us your favorite bill murray movie of all time. do you have a favorite? >> i like this one here. >> "broken flowers"? >> i thought i should quit after that one. >> glad you didn't. here is the top two. "ghost busters" and "caddy
7:52 am
shack". hash tag both of these and we'll reveal the answer. good to see you. storefront psychic and get the scare of a lifetime. >> they're back. >> they're back, yeah. after your local news. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help entertain some friends at the beach. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. all with no hoops to jump through. rafael was inspired to use his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to spend a night watching the stars, under the stars. that's the beauty of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56 on your tuesday. i'm sam brock. police hope surveillance video will help them catch a suspect who assaulted an elderly woman on a busy berkeley street on shattuck avenue near allston way. the victim is an 85-year-old oakland woman. police say the incident was unprovoked. >> police found principal in a hotel room with methamphetamines and found a 16-year-old passed out on his bed. police were tipped off by her boyfriend. and we want to find out if it's
7:57 am
going to cool off. let's go to christina. >> one word, yes. the fog will keep that cooling coming in as we head throughout your wednesday. by thursday, the coolest day of the week, not a big spread between san francisco and san jose. we'll be in the upper 70s here in the santa clara valley. meanwhile, 72 by thursday in san francisco, a little warmer for the weekend. still counting on some rain. we'll talk about that today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> west across san mateo bridge, jammed up in both directions of 101 through san mateo. just a heavy volume of traffic. here the slow drive continues 238 all the way to 287 and north through oakland we have slowing. south bay jams up. one of the reasons for oakland's slowdown, folks disappearing into the fog there. back to you. >> that much fog will definitely do it. thank you very much. mike, we'll see you again in 25
7:58 am
minutes for another look at your weather, news and traffic. stay with us. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, who are you going to call? >> if you're zero, you might feel low zero. >> okay. >> bill murray on st. vincent, sequels and celebrity weddings. then prepare for a scare. wait until you see what happened when we sent natalie and jenna bush hager to visit a phony psychic. ♪ >> plus this morning we're a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. country superstar jason aldean is here to perform his new hit single live.
8:01 am
while rock icon billy idol talks about "white weddings" and his wild ride to frame on tuesday, october 7th, 2014. >> good morning. ♪ ♪ country from cowboy boots ♪ >> from the big apple. >> oregon. >> from kentucky. >> all the way from charlotte, north carolina. >> hi, brooklyn. >> from tucson, arizona. >> all the way from south carolina to meet matt and al. >> we're back now 8:00 on tuesday morning, the 7th day of october, 2014. we have a huge crowd of people wearing white jackets. >> physicians assistants all over the place. >> p.a.s.
8:02 am
lots of p.a.s in our audience. we've got p.a.s in our studio as well, we call them production assistants. a beautiful morning in new york city. >> coming up tomorrow we're really excited, we're going to take you inside our trip to afghanistan in our first ever "today" uso show featuring jay leno, craig robinson, iliza shlesinger and most importantly thousands of servicemen and women. donate to the us o. >> i want a shot of you standing with those guys in the audience. >> that's such a great thing you did. also, don't stop thinking about tomorrow. like that? >> we're going to catch up with fleetwood mac as the legendary band sets to rock the plaza thursday. >> i can't tell you the number of people called who want to get in vip. they want to see it. >> it's going to be fun.
8:03 am
let's go inside. natalie has a check of the top stories. natalie, take it away. >> good morning to you guys. the parents of a photojournalist infected with ebola says he's in good spirits as he settles into nebraska center for treatment. good morning. >> good morning. ashoka mukpo is the patient you're talking about, freelance journalist working for nbc news over in liberia. he will now be receiving an experimental treatment here. his girlfriend of four years says they have been able to visit him via video chat but not get close to him, which is a little frustrating for him. dr. nancy snyderman and her team have returned to the united states late last night coming in on a charter plane. they were met by health officials who checked them over. they are feeling fine but will continue to monitor temperatures just in case. out of an abundance of caution they will remain at home. in dallas, meantime, they are monitoring a lot of people who came into contact with thomas eric duncan.
8:04 am
no one has shown any symptoms so far. thomas eric duncan remains in critical but stable condition. he has already received an experimental drug. natalie. >> kate snow in omaha for us. thank you, kate. the obama administration is taking new action to prevent the spread of ebola. president obama said monday airline passengers traveling from ebola hot zone will soon undergo additional screening at both ends of their journey. sources say that will probably involve cdc personnel asking questions and taking temperatures at four u.s. airplanes, jfk, newark, chicago, washington, dulles. isis fighters claimed another victory, storming syrian city of khubani and raising flag at the bored. earlier leon panetta told matt allied airstrikes alone will not be enough to stop the militant group. >> in order to do it, you need to have some boots on the ground in order to obviously imbed and train those forces. and in syria what we'd like to
8:05 am
do is have the opposition forces be those boots on the ground. >> panetta said if syrian troops can't do the job, the u.s. should be open to putting its own boots on the ground there. a close call was caught on camera at the albuquerque international balloon fiesta in new mexico. one balloon sent sparks flying when it hit power lines. the balloon wobbled but regained balance and the pilot from switzerland wasn't hurt. let's get a check of the weather outside mr. mr. roker. al. >> thanks so much. unfortunately we've got the youngest kid in jail here. what are you in for? what's your name? >> conner. >> hi, conner. how old are you? >> four. >> you'll get out in five to ten. that's fantastic. look at that little guy. let's show you what we've got going on right now. a lot of wet weather making its way through the southeast. it will be making its way into the northeast later. cincinnati, you're going to be
8:06 am
looking at showers and thunderstorms later today as that pushes through. look for the risk of severe weather later tonight with strong storms moving right along the northeastern atlantic coast from montauk to providen 8:06. taking a look at sunol, where we have some mid level clouds, most of the fog burning off around the inner bay, but a pretty day shaping up, especially when you consider temperatures are much more comfortable throughout this afternoon. the coolest day of the week so far. we'll continue that trend through thursday. 83 degrees in the south bay today. 68 degrees, a cool day for you in san francisco, finally hitting your average high for this time of year. 78 degrees on the east shore. you can see here, temperatures steadily drop all the way through thursday. here comes tamron hall. >> the treadmill. >> impressive. >> tamron is back with us now.
8:07 am
we go back inside with the always unpredictable mr. bill murray. a big scare, natalie and jenna's close encounter during a visit to a storefront psychic. you don't want to miss this one. >> '80s star billy idol on older days and fantastic music videos. plus he'll perform one of his biggest hits in a brand-new way. it's exciting. billy idol coming up next. but first these messages. because what matters most is the simple, delicious ingredients that make up the whole delicious meal made just for you. and this is our turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich, paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. only at panera bread.
8:08 am
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best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best. ♪ when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way.
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8:11 am
hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup drove to her wedding. started my camry. did not forever hold my peace. [laughing] wow! the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. let's go places. we're back at 8:11. what's trending today. anybody in the mood to sext? if you're a parent, we can put you at ease and give you a tremendous amount of anxiety.
8:12 am
scientists say sexting isn't always linked to risky sexual behavior. instead they call it a normal part of adolescent development. researchers say the idea of i'll show you mine if you show me yours has been around for a long time. the only thing that's different is using technology to do it. anybody buy this? >> i don't know. >> you're looking at my stone faced. >> my kids, you'll be grounded. don't do that. >> you've got teenage girls in your home. >> yes, i do. and i would -- i don't want her showing anybody hers if they show her theirs. >> it's a case of the cat got your tongue. >> very uncomfortable. >> you played doctor in your day. >> doctor, nurse? >> let's move on. >> i think you're right. remember last week when we talked about how common it is now for men to hug?
8:13 am
the folks at buzz feed are taking it a step further. they asked why don't more guys tell their friends, i love you. >> well, they were going to -- >> we got these guys, real-life friends to do that and things got a little awkward. >> i love you. i love you. >> you're making it awkward. >> okay. i love you, man. i love you. >> yeah. >> matt and al, come on. show us how it's done. >> i say i love you to friends. >> we've known each other for so long. >> it's been a long time love. >> you don't do this? >> give a hug to go along with it. >> i say to my girlfriends all the time i love you. >> carson, do you have a couple of guys that you're close to -- >> you have to throw in an i love you, man. i love you. >> man? >> good. >> it's nice.
8:14 am
you have to check out the hottest new basketball -- >> that went well. >> -- just 5 years old. he signed a contract in purple crayon. he has been battling leukemia since 2012. the utah jazz decided they were going to do something special for him, the young fan. they signed him to a team for a day, putting him on the court for a scrimmage. he's got moves. >> go, go, go. >> breaking by some players. there he goes, to the hoop. all right. then he high fives. love this young man. >> look at his swagger. he's like, look at me. love that. >> when he turns 6 he will be joining the junior jazz team. >> way to go. >> god bless him. >> that's what's trending today. >> we're back with bill murray in 30 seconds.
8:15 am
we're back now with oscar-nominated actor bill murray in his new movie "st. vincent." this guy here plays a retired curmudgeon who works for sardines. take a look. >> i can watch the kid after school for a few hours. same price. i can do $11 an hour. you pay for snacks. the kid ate my last can of sardines. >> please, absolutely. bill, glad to have you back. >> thanks. >> we don't get to say curmudgeon enough on tv so much but you are in this movie. >> yes.
8:16 am
everybody knows a curmudgeon or was raised by a curmudgeon or had a neighbor that was a curmudgeon. i'm kind of all those. kids -- and people know me. i have nabls. >> i had a producer type come to me and say there's a lot of bill myrrh in vincent. do you prefer playing a character where you can kind of be yourself or do you like getting lost in a character? >> i get lost all the time. >> i mean in the movie. >> i was underground in the parking lot a couple of minutes ago. this is a -- when i saw the movie, i said, gee, golly, that reminds me of my grandfather. i saw my grandfather in the film. i saw my brother in the film. i saw maybe an uncle in the film. so getting lost to me is actually something different. it's like coming back. when i get lost, i go inside and find myself again. that, to me, is more of a mystery than behaving in any
8:17 am
kind of way. >> there is that cliche rule where you're not supposed to work with kids or animals. and yet, i was looking back at your career. you've worked with kids on a number of occasions and you seem to have an incredible comfort level with them, like the young man in this movie. >> yeah. there's a great kid in this movie. but i came from a big family so kids don't scare me. i went to grade school with kids. you know, it's not a big thing. >> you did? not like the rest of us? >> and so it's all right. i like them okay. they're better behaved and they're usually -- the one you have to watch out for is the mom or the dad. this kid, jason, has a really wonderful mom who was there. the stage moms and dads, they'll kill. >> carson was alluding to this. you played such a wide range of characters over the course of a long career. is there a type of role you have not yet been offered that you really want to play? >> well, i would like to do a shakespeare comedy.
8:18 am
i know that sounds funny. >> really? >> i think they're really funny. i never see them done as funny as i think they are. >> you think you'll be offered something like that? >> probably in a small town. >> hello, dubuque. you just got back from venice. i need to know, what was the wedding like? george clooney and amal alamuddin got married. i want to know everything. from the moment you arrived. >> okay. so everyone is just in t-shirts, you know, real casual. it was a lot of fun. i think the craziest thing i saw, there, they got a picture of the boat. these two, they're really -- it's kind of just miraculous that they found each other because they're so ideal for each other. people were very emotional about the fact that these two people found someone. that really was the great part of the party. >> look at these images. these are like something out of a george clooney movie. >> it's crazy. it is. she's a real beautiful girl and a real huge heart, great humanitarian.
8:19 am
and funny, too. she's the funniest lebanese since danny thomas. >> i was wondering if you got to make a toast at the dinner. i would have flown to venice just for that. >> yeah. well, i did speak. i did get to say something. i can't really re-create it, but it was something about the fact that a lot of people almost felt like they put their lives on hold until these people found their happiness because they're both very, very, very good people, very considerate and thoughtful, their friends and their families. and the idea that they got it now, it's just like -- it's liberating. it really is liberating to see them alive and in love. >> that's nice hearing it from your perspective. bill murray. the movie is called "st. vincent." nice to have you back. >> thank you. it's nice to be back in the building. >> good to see you. let's go over to tamron. >> matt, thank you very much. the viral marketing team think moto has turned terrifying people into an art form. and this time their targets were
8:20 am
unsuspecting customers at a phony psychic store. and two of our very own favorites, natalie and jenna, were part of this. >> you think we would learn our lesson by now. i guess, let this be a lesson to us. the next time our boss tells us he wants us to do a very special series on psychics, we should check the room for hidden cameras and run in the other direction. it's what nightmares are made of. a group of teenagers trying to make contact with a dead friend through a ouija board. except instead of the friend, they find a demon. could anything be more terrifying? as jenna and i found out recently, yes. >> hello? >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> early one recent friday morning when we were hard at work hosting the "today" show, a few miles away, there were a group of others also hard at work, except their work involved trying to scare the pants off of us. the viral video marketing team
8:21 am
of think moto, the brains behind viral videos such as devil baby and exorcism mirrors were hired by the producers at the upcoming horror movie "ouija" to come up with an epic prank involving real people and a phony psychic. >> i'm playing the part of the psychic. >> she has a very special eye for talent. >> i don't know. it just kind of happens. >> and if a spooky psychic wasn't enough to send people fleeing into the streets acres zombie out of the floorboards sure would be. [ screaming ] >> but what about two skeptical and steely tv journalists who thought they were on a shoot about to be re-emerging trend of storefront psychics? >> i'm madame yolanda.
8:22 am
>> i'm natalie. nice to meet. >> should we be scared? >> no. >> do spirits come to you and talk to you or how do you read us with a ouija board? >> we just kind of relax and focus and let the board do its job. >> i close my eyes. is that right? >> you can look. >> i like to close them. is that okay, or do you want me to open? >> don't push it. >> r. u. n. >> run? >> run! >> oh, my god! oh, my god! [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god! oh, my god!
8:23 am
her eyes popped out of her head! >> we're with think moto. you were terrific. you're both now part of a viral video. are you okay? you guys were terrific. >> did i scare you? >> are you kidding me? >> you can make your eyes do that? >> do them again. those eyes. i'm going to dream about them for the rest of my life. >> those are awesome. >> for the rest of my life. and you are a good psychic. >> don nash, you will pay for this. >> we will get you, don. >> you wait. >> so we did try -- it was scary, matt. >> no, i know. >> we tried to get our executive producer, don nash, back. but evidently, he has ice in his veins, this man. >> yep. >> here we are yesterday. >> on monday we brought in madame yolanda, she's actually
8:24 am
jalissa thompson from hawaii. we brought her into our meeting and she tried to scare don and apparently he wasn't going for it. >> she was too far away, first of all. >> we should have set it up differently. >> we tried. >> this is all i have to say. we work in a place where our boss tries to kill us. >> he does. every day. >> i almost had a heart attack. >> i think i did. >> trademark mommy. >> fell off the chair. >> the zombie. >> the best part was -- >> listen, i was not -- >> on my back. >> you knocked natalie over. >> i did not. i saved natalie's life. >> here is jalissa. from hawaii. nice to see you. >> unique talent. >> people's eyes are not supposed to pop out of their head like that. >> why not? >> do you have them in now? >> i have them in now, but, i mean -- >> when did you learn you could do that? >> i was about 9. i was rubbing my eyes, my finger
8:25 am
behind my eyes and it didn't hurt and i started doing it like that. >> how many times do you do that a day? >> depends on the day. >> did the doctor say you can't do it more than 100 times? >> every doctor i go to tells me to do it again. that's the first thing they say. >> does your vision get better when they pop out? >> does it pop out all the way? >> i don't know. >> what about their reaction? what did you think about their reaction? >> they were the best reaction. >> you can just tell them how i saved natalie's life. i manhandled her. i manhandled her. >> "ouija" from our sister company, universal. >> october 24th. >> billy idol, coming up.
8:26 am
yaur watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the sweep is off the table, but the giants still have a shot at closing things down at home. a live look at at&t park this morning. game tonight at 6:07. giants still lead the series two games to one. a go giants. yesterday's loss came down to one play, with two men on and no outs, madison bumgarner fielded bunt, tried to throw the runner out at third, instead, scores two runs. we had to give them something, 4-1. let's check the morning commute right now. >> they want everybody to use their playoff tickets for at&t park. looking over towards the coliseum, the fog is starting to
8:27 am
lift, might make things better. look at the maps for 880, 580. registering fog through the area, may be contributing to a slower drive right now, also the cars contributing there and the rest of your bay, slow on both sides, easing up a bit, in the south bay, your northbound routes scattered stalls and crashes are continuing to clear as quickly as they happen. back to you. >> thank you very much. back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great tuesday morning.
8:28 am
start shopping a new way. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning, october 7th, 2014. and there is a blast from the past to start your day. that is the music of '80s rock idol, billy identiol. >> nice. >> he is here. if you like that song "white wedding" wait till you hear the version he is about to perform. >> definitely cool.
8:31 am
from rock 'n' roll to country, jason aldean has the hottest song on the country music charts and he will play it for us live. lots of good music. >> that's a good combo. >> it is. popular mechanics scours the forefront of technology for the outstanding ideas of the year. breakthrough awards list caught our eye, the first-ever 3-d printed car. >> wow! >> it's here. carson is in the driver's seat along with the ceo of local motors, jay rogers. check this thing out. carson, bring it in here. >> that's amazing. >> most cars have something like 25,000 parts. this car has 50 parts. >> look at that. that's amazing. >> wow! >> hey, guys. >> hey, guys. >> very nice. >> you can put it in neutral. we're good to go. >> what does it feel like to
8:32 am
drive this thing? >> so cool. jay was just telling us, it's a real game changer. >> hey, jay. >> hey, jay. >> how are you? >> good. >> when we say it's the first-ever 3d printed car, what percentage of the car was printed using one of those printers? >> about 95% of the car. >> what wasn't? >> steering wheel, motor, battery, seat covers, lights, windshield. >> what about the tires? >> the tires are made like normal rubber. >> how fast can you go in this? >> this is a 50-mile-an-hour car. >> 50? >> yeah. >> wow! how long did it take to put it together? >> the car was printed in 40 hours. >> do you see a day this is coming off the production line and sold? >> in less than 12 months this car will be available to the public. >> my printer cartridges run out pretty quickly. >> the ink is low. >> when you take this car in d.c., the president is going to ride it. you're in detroit. what does detroit think about this idea? >> we buy a lot of components from the automotive industry.
8:33 am
we need to make sure it has great automotive, great components. i think it will be a great partnership. >> wow! >> awesome. very, very cool. right here it says you need toner, right there. >> exactly right. >> jay, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> let's show you what we've got going on for today. risk of strong storms in the northeast later today. wet weather in the southwest. tomorrow look for that rain exiting the new england area. showers in the central plains. look for more remnants of simon to bring heavy rain into the southwest. pacific northwest looking pretty darn good, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 8:33. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. such a pretty sunrise this morning, although i have to tell you, we do have a completely clear sky at this point over the tri-valley and even here in the south bay, we're clearing
8:34 am
quickly. warm spot today, about 84 degrees in the south bay. you'll be in the mid to upper 80s in the tri-valley today. 87 degrees for the north bay. 80 on the peninsula with more cooling into the next couple days. right now, thursday looking like the coolest of the week. got a nice group of folks here. what's your name, young man? >> nick. >> my son's name is nick. how old are you? >> 12. >> my son is 13. are you my son? >> maybe. >> all right. matt? >> no excuses today to put you on a path toward a healthier life. how to fight those extra calories. jenna wolfe is "today's" lifestyle and fitness correspondent. good morning. good to see you. >> hey. >> we don't realize this is happening. >> no. >> little drips and drabs throughout the day. half a pound next thing we know. >> you start with breakfast. make your kid a whole grain waffle. they leave it over. two bites left. you're not going to throw that
8:35 am
away. you're going to eat that. calories. wash it down with chocolate milk. >> even that little? >> that little. a quarter cup is 60 calories. you don't think about it. you're making your kids lunch, right? you cut off the crust. who is throwing those away? >> this plate happens in my house every day. >> you eat that, and you've got 70 calories right there. you don't think about it. >> we're adding. >> you don't even realize it. you get to work. you're going to have a salad instead of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. it has vinegar in the word. that can't be bad. add it up. this is considered a handful of m & ms. there's five m & ms on that plate. calories right there. two jolly ranchers because you don't want to -- but a sucking candy to make yourself feel better. don nash, he has like 50 of these in his office. two of those is about 50 calories. >> we add it all up, what have we done? >> are you ready for this? 500 extra calories. if you can save 500 calories over the course of a day, over a
8:36 am
week, that's a pound. >> if we did all this nibbling, how much exercising would we have to do to eliminate those calories? >> fantastic question. you can make small choices over the course of your day or you could do one of the following. you can burn -- who are we go, to burn 500 calories. 90 minutes of jazzercize. >> not happening. >> you would have to do to burn 500 calories. think about that the next time you want to grab something small over the course of the day. >> bottom line, no excuses. stop doing these little things. >> write down what you eat. check it out. they all add up. all this information is on plus the exercises yesterday. you can make smart choices and save yourself some weight at the end of the day. >> you can check out her newsletter on, filled with diet advice, workout tips and motivation. up next, '80s punk icon, billy idol. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
it's hard to believe but it . >> reporter: it's hard to believe but it's been 30 years since billy idol released his first album. billy idol joining me in the studio. good morning. i want to do the lip curl. was that a spontaneous look and style for you? >> i think it's just attitude, you know, the screw you attitude we had back then, you know. >> it really was a screw you attitude. looking at the '80s. mtv, video music. and here you were, this idol who is an icon now and your name even came from a teacher kind of dismissing you. >> yeah. he wrote in capital letters on my report, william is i-d-l-e.
8:40 am
i knew my dad was going to go crazy but i called myself billy idle for a while and then i became i-d-o-l. >> sometimes people say they're ready to tell their stories and they're not. it feels like you are ready, including drugs, the sex and where you are now as a dad. >> yes. yes. i think so. i think i just come to a point in my life, at an advantage point where i can see back a long way. i can see towards into the future and so it was a good place to be able to quantify what happens happened and also to look at everything realistically and come to it as candidly as possible. but at the same time maybe, you know, you've understood your falls and your good side. i made myself my own nemesis for good or evil in the book. >> what do you think of the punk scene now? does it even exist anymore? zblie think there are kids
8:41 am
probably somewhere coming up with stuff and trying to decide to break all the rules. i hope so. it's what music needs, constant reevaluation, constant tearing down of the old. tear me down and put up something new. come on. >> music needs you. and you are here. "dancing with myself" and the new album "kings and queens of the underground" comes out october 21st. now, ladies and gentlemen, the great billy idol. ♪ ♪ hey, little sister
8:42 am
what have you done hey, little sister who's the only one ♪ ♪ hey, little sister who's your superman hey, little sister who's the one i want ♪ ♪ hey, little sister, shotgun ♪ well, it's a nice day to start again come on it's a nice day for a white wedding ♪ ♪ oh, yeah a nice day to start again ♪ ♪ hey, little sister what have you done ooh hey little sister who's your only one i've been away for so long i let you go for so long hey, little sister shotgun ♪
8:43 am
♪ it's a nice day to start again come on it's a nice day for a white wedding ♪ ♪ ooh, yeah nice day to start again ♪ ♪ ♪ there's nothin' fair in this world nothing safe in my world ♪ ♪ there is nothing sure in this world nothing pure in this world i look for something left in this world ♪ ♪ come on start again ♪ ♪ what you want
8:44 am
it's a nice day for a white w wedding ♪ ♪ ooh yeah a nice day to start again ♪ ♪ pick it up come on take me back home ♪ >> ooh, billy idol with steve stevens, thank you so much. rockin' it out. we'll make the switch from rock to country. jason aldean. yeah, next. first this is "today" on nbc. come on, jason, give us a yeah. yeah!
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series brought to you by toyota. >> this is a nice thing.
8:47 am
jason aldean finds himself at the top of country's billboard charts from his new album "burning it down." nice to see. >> you thank you, man. >> my favorite title of an album ever. i love that. i know the old boots part. what's the new dirt? >> the new dirt is probably just the -- where we're going, you know, from here on out. this is my sixth album. the old boots, new dirt has a lot of different meanings for me at this point. but definitely, you know, being in the business a little while, getting a little older, but still feeling like, you know, we're still breaking new ground every time we release an album. >> new sounds. what are you going to sing for us now? >> this is the single, burning it down. the first single off the album. >> ladies and gentlemen, jason
8:48 am
aldean. ♪ you slip your finger through the tear in my t-shirt you stirrin' up dirty in the back of my mind you keep on flirtin' cause you know that it's workin' you stuck in my head girl writing the lines couldn't sing this song without you if i tried let's light it up like it's our last night ♪ ♪ we're just hanging around burnin' it down slippin' on some cold jack daniels jammin' to some old alabama with you baby laying right here naked in my bed i'm just doing my thing you love it when i sing say it makes you feel like an angel we about to get a little tangled up right about now so girl let's keep burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down ♪ ♪ girl when you want it
8:49 am
you know that i'm on it you know that i love lovin' up on you let's hit the switch and let our shadows dance and light it up like it's our last chance ♪ ♪ we're just hanging around burnin' it down sippin' on some cold jack daniels jammin' to some old alabama with you baby laying right here dreaming in my bed i'm just doing my thing you love it when i sing say it makes you feel like an angel we about to get a little tangled up right about now so girl let's keep burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down ♪ ♪ burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down ♪ ♪ i wanna rock it all night baby girl will you rock it out with me
8:50 am
with me i wanna crawl through the dark just to feel your heartbeat against me against me ♪ ♪ i wanna rock it all night baby girl will you rock it out with me with me i wanna crawl through the dark just to feel your heartbeat against me against me ♪ ♪ we're just hanging around burnin' it down sippin' on some cold jack daniels jammin' to some old alabama with you baby laying right here naked in my bed ♪ ♪ i'm just doing my thing you love it when i sing say it makes you feel like an angel ♪ ♪ we about to get a little tangled up right about now so girl let's keep burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down ♪
8:51 am
♪ burnin' it down burnin' it down burnin' it down ♪ ♪ i wanna rock it all night baby girl will you rock it out with me with me ♪ ♪ i wanna crawl through the dark just to feel your heartbeat against me ♪ >> jason aldean. the album is called "old boots new dirt." you're going to be back with us in the next hour. >> absolutely. in the next hour. >> absolutely. >> it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools
8:52 am
will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
8:53 am
we've got a nice crowd out on the plaza. good time to check out who is having a birthday. willard scott, good morning. >> hey, al. norbert schafer from norwalk. linda anthony, from wilberham, mass, 100 years old today, too. one of the favorite things she has in her whole life is homemade italian cookies and they tell me they are sensational. this is odesser marsh from
8:54 am
elizabeth city, north carolina, 101 years old today. beautiful lady. her favorite dessert -- mine, too -- is ice cream. this is edwin jakusz from lacrosse, wisconsin. 100 years old today. his favorite motto in life is always have something to look forward to. >> let's go over to tamron with our favorite pull-up guy. >> he broke the record monday. we introduced you to ironman. he is back with guinness world record official alex anger. suspense no more. >> i got 4,210 in 12 hours. >> so you broke the record? >> the 12 hour and 24-hour record. >> you were in the zone. there was a moment i got a little worried. were you worried at any point?
8:55 am
>> i was worried. my biceps, kind of got the john cena biceps. >> show your hands to the audience. blisters. don't get too close. he has blisters all over. you kept going through the pain. >> yeah. my hands weren't too bad. gave me a little scare but i got through it. >> you did. alex, it's official, right? >> it is. not just one, but two guinness world record title. >> thank you. >> congratulation. >> can you hold them? your hands are sore. we'll hold them up for you. that's awesome. what's next? >> i don't know. i've enjoyed this challenge. just finding these challenges around the world and succeed in them. >> you're a pretty tough guy. thank you. i'll hold these for you. i don't want you to damage your hand. epsom salts bath is this. >> i'll take care of them. >> thank you so much. alex, thank you. another record setter coming up. i think we vote you in for the
8:56 am
search of the next cover guy. more with jason aldean. first your local news. you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today we could learn more about what san bruno mayor jim ruane wants to do about accusations against pg&e. mayor ruane is holding a news conference this morning to talk about his request for an investigation into controversial e-mails sent between pg&e and the public utilities commission
8:57 am
in 2010. the press conference comes a day after federal prosecutors open an investigation into the e-mails, which some say show a too cozy relationship between the two companies. something we'll continue to watch another local news update in half an hour or so. hope you get a chance to enjoy your tuesday morning. pleasure
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning, october 7th, 2014. big crowd on the plaza. it's a big morning on "today." >> yes. >> bill murray, jason aldean, billy idol. >> whoa! >> the hits just keep coming. jason al dean is with us in this hour as well. he will be on in a couple of minutes. i'm willie with al, natalie, tamron. you got a little scare, my friend. >> i'm tired of this. they're trying to kill me here and i take issue with this. >> i don't think your life was in danger.
9:01 am
>> my butt was in danger. i about fell out of my chair. >> you were sent out on a story, new phenomenon about storefront psychics. >> the whole idea, how they sold it to us, they told jenna and i, we want you to go out and explore psychics because there's a new prime time show on nbc that's going to delve into this. okay. we didn't even think they're going to set us up. we're expecting -- we see madame yolanda. she looks like the real deal. looks legit. we sit down and get ready for our reading. >> and here is what happens. >> do spirits come to you and talk to you or how do you read us with a ouija board? >> we kind of relax and focus and let the board do its job. >> i close my eyes, is that right? >> you can look. >> oh, i like to close them. is that okay or do you want me to open? >> don't push it.
9:02 am
>> r-u-n. >> run? >> run? >> run! >> oh, my god! >> that's the thing. >> [ bleep ]. >> a fight to get out that door. it's like an abbott and costello movie. >> i think jenna pushed me off that chair. >> no, you fell off that chair. >> that thing came at me. >> "ouija" coming out october 24th. so they create this whole set. >> yes. >> we were part of their viral video, unbeknownst to us. >> look at that. >> keep rolling it over and over. >> in your deference, who could have seen the goblin coming out of the floor? i would have jumped. >> run? >> run?
9:03 am
>> and jalissa thompson, that young woman who can pop her eyes out. >> that's what's amazing. how did they find you? they looked all over the world apparently and there are one or two people who have this ability to pop their eyes out of their heads like that. >> that's not a -- >> she can do one at a time. >> it's a muscle -- >> it's bizarre. >> ocular version of the -- >> i need to meditate on what you just said. >> i keep looking up because i'm thinking there's a clown or something. >> jalissa is already gone. >> gave me the scare of a lifetime. >> now you know when they say we want to send you out with jenna. >> now i'm clued in. >> you guys did that terror chair. >> the pteradactyl. >> i love your face.
9:04 am
another walk in the park for natali natalie. >> now we're taking off. >> and the mommy. mommy! >> there were expletives and mommy was not one of them. this time we did not hold back. >> you guys are the new go-to team. >> i guess. here is a question for you guys. how do you make decisions? do you make decisions quickly or do you like to explore all of your options? >> quickly. >> quickly. >> you think so. you're buying a car, buying a house, getting a job? >> quickly. >> quick trigger. >> channel surfing, tv? >> boom, boom. yes. >> there is a study out of swarthmore college in pennsylvania. apparently how you make decisions determines your level of happiness. people who apparently -- i'm a little more of what they call a maximizer. meaning i like to know all of my options and see all the cards on the table first and then decide and make my decision whereas the others, like you guys, are more
9:05 am
satisfiers. making decisions quickly and good is good enough for you. >> malcolm gladwell wrote a book called "blank." the more information you have usually the worst your decision is. >> it means you're less happier in life. gee, what if i had taken the other job? you're always second guessing. >> and missing the moment because you're overthinking it. >> as we get older in life, we tend to become more satisfiers. meaning we realize in life good tends to be good enough. as you get older, good enough for me. >> it's not so bad. >> and, therefore, you're happier with the choices you make. it's interesting. it makes you look -- if you want to know more about it -- >> what's the word? satisfyster. >> i'm a satisfyster.
9:06 am
>> you should have been a maximizer when you decided to sing. look at all the options. do i want to go there? >> and rule that out. >> i feel pretty happy. >> good enough for me, good enough for everybody. that's why his wife married him and his kids liked him. >> she settled. very nice. >> we love this man so much. something else we love. acts of kindness. we often show people going through a toll, paying it forward, picking up a cup of coffee. the trend, of course, has taken off. what pleased us is this one. it's different. an officer recently pulled over a pedestrian, simple act of kindness, though. he had a choice at one point if he was going to give this mom a ticket or help her out. the deal is that there was a child in the back of the vehicle and there was no car seat. and this woman explained to the public safety officer, this patrol officer, ben hall.
9:07 am
>> no relation? >> no relation but i would love to claim him. when the woman said she could not afford a car seat, he didn't give her a traffic ticket. instead he had her pull into a walmart parking lot and then he went inside and he actually purchased the car seat. so three pictures have been released of this moment. and these are the photos that were posted on the emmitt township facebook in michigan. but there they are together. and, you know, it is in that moment -- you talk about choices. that story that natalie was talking b do you weigh your options? he had to look at a couple of things. this is a mom. she's saying she has no money. is she telling me the truth? my job, technically, it is, to give a traffic citation. i'm a human being. i'm a compassionate person. he could have taken her to the walmart and said go inside and buy one. don't let me see you again without that car seat. he went in and bought it. >> he did the human thing. >> followed his heart. >> because he followed his heart, right? >> we're taking the study too literally. he did the good deed thing.
9:08 am
>> add to the conversation. a car seat is not cheap either. >> they're not. they're not. >> it's not like he bought a pack of gum. >> they're hundreds. >> that's a real sacrifice. god bless him. >> i love -- a lot of times people say you do things and not let others know. quiet hero. i like and love this police department posting -- or the township did. we have a lot of stories where you see bad things happen involving police officers and people who put their lives on the line. you do need that balance. and that's a beautiful balance there. >> great story. speaking of putting something on the line, as opposed to something horrible, this is something nice. a good, good story. pink or swim. the idea being if we raise $10,000,something nice. a good, good story. pink or swim. the idea being if we raise $10,000, one of us will go into a tank of pink water. >> this is not just pink water because we've been told by
9:09 am
wardrobe you need to bring in extra clothes and prepare yourself to be scrubbed down. it's not just like water. like kool-aid. >> it's a good cause. >> absolutely. >> donate to breast cancer, benefits the avon foundation for wom women. here is what we want -- >> natalie jumps in front. >> at 41%. >> what happened to my reverse psychology? >> i wasn't here. i guess on friday you said you were willing to do it. >> i said i'm willing to do it. it's that jedi mind trick, i'll do t tamron is like, i'm not doing it. sure enough, she shot up. >> no. no. >> tamron is right behind you at 40%. willie and i not so close. people do not want to see us in swim wear. >> that's not it. >> first of all, we never said swimwear. >> what are you going to wear? >> i think -- >> naked. >> what did you say? >> go naked because then they
9:10 am
can't air it. >> have you ever heard of -- so far we've raised $2,593. go to, donate pink or swim. >> we have to step it up. >> donate right where you vote. there's a link right there. >> this is what i think. i am willing, if natalie wins -- >> if i win. you're going to come in with me? >> no, no, no. i'm going to auction off a pair of shoes. i'm going to go on ebay and the pink dress i wore for breast cancer awareness, my favorite pink dress -- actually, i was in "us weekly" magazine and said mel b. wore it best. i love that pink dress. i love it. >> if you want to get that pink dress, vote for tamron. i think that's the way it goes. >> no! >> so, in other words, vote for tamron and -- >> you get shoes and a pink dress? i'm voting for tamron. >> that is not what i said.
9:11 am
>> you are a satisfyster. >> noch. that's not what i said. if you vote for natalie, team nat -- we have to think of something to auction off. the dress is -- >> you proposed the dress. >> we need $10,000 so natalie can win. >> we'll come up with a plan. meantime, here is our weather. >> that's a whole other show. let's see what we've got going on while they figure out what to do. here is what we've got to worry about right now. tropical storm simon, 40-mile-per-hour winds north-northeast at 7. that motion. all this moisture streaming up into the southwest. that's going to bring a lot of rain. in fact, several storms coming in from the pacific and cause flooding. looks like we could see the same again tomorrow into wednesday. heavy rain developing. some areas could pick up four inches of rain and that could lead to flash flooding. in and around the phoenix area, we're really going to keep an
9:12 am
9:11 now. i want to show you this time lapse from tiburon. just a beautiful day shaping up here. temperatures are going to be cooler today. you can see the low clouds situated right over san francisco. onshore flow is back. that means a couple things, we're going to see cooler air today, also better air quality, and definitely bringing down the fire danger, as well. 78 degrees for the east shore. 69 degrees in san francisco. 87 degrees, not as hot in the north bay, with cooling into thursday. >> i said willie has to wear the -- sorry to interrupt. so happy with this next development we've got. >> not a development in any way, shape or form. >> we suggested that he wear this swimsuit. >> oh, no. >> a pink bikini. >> willie has less hair. >> not happening. not happening. >> go to twitter, our facebook page. what do we need to do to up the ante?
9:13 am
$10,000. >> to raise money. >> for breast cancer research. >> dunk 'em. dunk 'em. >> no! male vocalist of the year, 13 number one hits. why are we playing "purple rain" right now? >> there's a story there. right now? >> there's a story there. >> find out i knew my life as i knew itr, would never be the same. everything stopped. and i just said, "i'm going to beat this." and that's when i found living beyond breast cancer. purchase a specially marked bottle of pink lemonade 5-hour energy and a portion of the proceeds will help survivors like me with a much needed community of support. living beyond breast cancer is a lifeline for so many people. i just love being able to say that i am living beyond breast cancer. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix. like new iams real love deserves real ingredients. purrfect delicacies. some brands use fish processed with gluten, but iams tasty fish recipes are made with 100% real fish filets. love the iams difference or your money back.
9:16 am
he is the top selling country music artist in the digital era. jason aldean has had 14 number one hits. all of his albums have gone platinum. >> his new album "old boots new dirt" is out today. i love that title! jason, good to see you. >> good to see you guy. >> is there a platinum pressure since you are the king of platinum? >> i don't think so. i think for us, i just kind of always felt like, you know, what has put us in this position was just doing things the way we always had and not trying to
9:17 am
overthink it or trying to top what we did on the last album or any of that stuff. just go in and try to make great records and i think country music fans and, you know, that -- you give them a great product. >> and they buy it. >> yeah. i think it's pretty simple. >> the title -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> the old boots, are those the old boots you're referring to, and the new dirt? >> those look new. >> these are a little worn out, you know. but i typically go through a lot of boots. these have been around for a little bit. >> what are those, ostrich? >> ostrich, yeah. >> beautiful. man. >> when you do this kind of stuff, you say you like to surprise some of your fans. what surprises are they going to find on this new album? >> i think like any -- with any album we've ever done, the one thing i've always tried to do in my career was not really paint myself into a corner, where people are only used to -- you know, only used to hearing us
9:18 am
sing a certain kind of song. i've kind of always wanted to put myself in a position to travel down some different paths, you know. and if we want to, you know, incorporate some hip hop in a song or pop or blues or whatever it is, then that's something we can do. and i don't feel like they're going to look at us like what's going on? my whole career we've tried to go in and do things like dirt road anthem, different. not traditional country. and a lot of my music is influenced heavily by, you know, rock and southern rock and stuff like that, too. you know, i think for me, just constantly finding ways to go in and make it fun for me. go in the studio and try new things and experiment. that's what music is meant to do, you know, meant to experiment with things. >> you're celebrating a new album. we're all set to congratulate you on your engagement to brittany. congratulation. >> thank you. >> are you planning a big clooney event type wedding? >> i don't know. probably not that big.
9:19 am
it's all good and we're excited. we're really happy. >> cute. >> we're going to, you know -- this is obviously going to be her first wedding. so she wants the whole -- >> the whole shebang. >> -- big deal. >> as well she should. >> yes, she should. >> you were kicked off a stage? >> no, no, no. i think i know where this is going but -- you know, we -- i started playing bars, nightclubs when i was 14 years old. i was probably 19 or 20 when this happened. we were playing a club in alabama and we were playing our songs and every -- like every time i would finish the song the club owner would come up and want me to play "purple rain." after a while, the guy just annihilated -- he had been drinking, obviously, all day. and so coming up, asking me to play "purple rain" every five minutes. finally, i had enough. i said, dude, i don't know "purple rain."
9:20 am
stop talking to me. we got fired from the club and that was pretty much it. >> it turned out okay. >> yeah. >> it's all right. >> i love that. jason, thank you so much. >> to this day i never played "purple rain." >> you can do it if you want to come back. thank you, jason. congratulations on the engagement, album and learning "purple rain." >> i'll work on it. a big health alert to tell you about. plus most people wouldn't want to be called two faced. american horror story's freak want to be called two faced. american horror story's freak show right after helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin.
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9:24 am
distracted driving problem worse not better. young children exposed to bpa before birth are more likely to develop wheezing. bpa is a synthetic compound used in many plastic and aluminum containers. researchers at the university of maryland measure the bpa levels in 400 pregnant women and found those with high concentrations had children with lower lung function and even wheezing before the age of 5. other studies have suggested that bpa exposure may contribute to asthma. new research suggests doctors are more likely to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics later in the day. fewer antibiotics were prescribed in morning appointments and increased throughout the afternoon sessions. researchers say it's possible that doctors get worn down as the day goes on, making them more likely to give in to patients' requests for medication. an oregon family thought their beloved labradoodle, gracie, was lost for good when
9:25 am
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9:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police have added extra patrols in one palo alto neighborhood this morning, hoping to catch the man they say exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl yesterday afternoon just east of stanford. the girl told police she noticed a pickup truck driving slowly behind her and the driver eventually pulled up next to her. she says she made eye contact with the driver, then saw him touching himself inside the truck. happening today, prosecutors could dismiss murder charges against the doctor accused of hiring a friend to kill his wife. the doctor was arrested in june accused of hiring a man to kill his wife. now according to the paper, prosecutors think valdez acted
9:27 am
on his own, but galvez fled to ecuador before he could be arrested. prosecutors originally thought he took out two life insurance policies on his wife shortly before she died, but turned out she took them out on herself. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. now the time is 9:28. i want to show you this really cool time lapse. low clouds burning off and mid level clouds moving in simultaneously. pretty cool cloud cover out there. overall, your temperatures will also cool for today substantially by about five to ten degrees. that's 83 degrees for the south bay. 80 degrees straight up on the peninsula, right around 78 degrees for the east shore. a hot day coming your way in the tri-valley, but this is it. we'll shape the numbers down more so for tomorrow, down to the 70s by thursday and friday into the weekend, a little bit warmer. here's mike and your drive.
9:29 am
>> tough commute, it's tuesday. we see the volume of traffic past the coliseum pretty heavy. 580 improving greatly. once again, as you're traveling north through the area, cleared up nicely after the low clouds and fog cleared, as well. slower sides both sides of the san mateo bridge. typical for the commute, starting to ease off. northbound routes slow through 101 and 280. look at 880 through the fremont camera shows a slow drive still, down to mission boulevard. back to you. >> thank you very much, another local news update coming up in about half an hour. see you thep.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," tuesday morning, october 7th, 2014. willie, al, natalie and tamron. pink or swim, tamron has pulled ahead. >> 41% from 40 and willie and i are still at the starting gate. >> tamron, we need to go in on this. >> you two should be -- >> natalie and i are joining forces. we're joining forces because we're at $3 thoushs 900. i feel strongly, i do. ladies at home. because now some people are saying they just want to see a woman dunked. these things are going around. >> that's what you said. you said that. >> what did i say, willie? >> this is a referendum on
9:31 am
beauty. and we have two beautiful anchors. >> we have two hot men right here. >> no. >> that's ridiculous. >> that's true. >> and we have -- >> are you in a parallel universe? >> i'm in a world where a smart, well-dressed man is hot. >> i don't know which i am, but i don't think i'm either. >> anyway, ladies -- >> $10,000. somebody's getting dunked. >> let's get one of these guys dunked. >> i'm voting for willie and al right now. >> it's not going to happen. it's going to be one of the ladies and there you have it. oh, yeah, people want to see me in a wet t-shirt? what sick world are you living in? >> this one. >> a risk of strong storms later on in the northeast. back here on earth one, we have wet weather through the great lakes later today. looking at wet weather, something just spill over there? wet weather in the southwest. remnants of simon will be making its way in. tomorrow, more wet weather. could be looking at flooding in the southwest. so we'll keep an eye on that.
9:32 am
beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. more rain into the mid plains and some showers hanging around the northeast and new england. that' 9:32. good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. see your temperatures right now, still a little chilly in half moon bay and pacifica, but the fog is starting to clear. 30 minutes away from full sunshine and temperatures will be cooler. these are your numbers, 78 degrees. 69 degrees for san francisco. 87 degrees, not as hot in the north bay, where temperatures are continuing to cool. warming you back up in time for the weekend. hope you have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. if two heads are better than one, this is a dream job. >> an american horror story freak show, sarah takes on essentially two different characters and is excited to be
9:33 am
heading under the big top. heading. get it? >> it was in the fall when i realized the world i had known was forever doomed. i knew i was about to enter the gates of hell. but like the inescapable pull of gravity, there was nothing i could do about it. >> they start paying in some paying customers. >> i have seen my future. it is pink and wrapped in silk. >> freaky. "freak show" is freaky. >> well, yeah. >> i've been watching the show since the beginning. i love how it takes the same company of actors and evolves with different settings and different eras each time. here it's the carnival life. >> 1952. >> it's great to know for you you're continuing on at the same time. >> for me as an actress, every year to be able to try to do something new and hope that the audience goes with it. we have a core group of fans. it's the same group of actors and every year we get to do something different. >> and your character, you're playing -- you have two heads. >> i do, indeed.
9:34 am
>> with separate personalities. >> very distinct personalities. >> how long did it take it technically to do this? >> it wasn't easy. every day there are about 26 people who work on every single shot that you see of me on camera. behind the scenes and on the scene. it's really -- the girls have different spinal cords that touch at the bottom. one side controls one -- one girl only has control of her right side and the other one controls the left. >> how about the acting aspect? how do you pull that off? >> it's not easy. i'm thinking i need to talk to sally field and find out after she did "cybil." because sometimes i have to go between both girls and it's happening at the same time. >> you record your voice? >> i prerecord my dialogue and put it in an ear wig so i can hear myself as opposed to having an actor or someone reading off camera for me. >> they've all been, to natalie's point, they take us to
9:35 am
another level of scary and voodoo. i only watch it in the day. i dvr and i can't watch it after 8:00 pm. >> oh, you. >> wimp. >> i'm actually the same. yes, i watch it during the day. the opening title. the credit sequence where i'm like -- yeah. it really freeks me out. it's scary. this season is a nice hybrid, i think, between season two and coven. it has more of a hr or element of season two, which is great. it's a great show. >> were you a scary movie kind of person before all this happened in your career? >> oh, no. no, no, no, no. my father was really intent on watching these scary movies, a young man when i was born. at a very young age i watched really horrifying movies that i shouldn't have seen. >> "friday the 13th"? >> and freddy krueger.
9:36 am
>> "nightmare on elm street." >> do you get two paychecks? >> that's a really good question and the answer is no! >> you should. >> yes i should. >> sarah paulson, it's been great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> "american horror story: freakshow" premieres tomorrow. >> and something really freaky going on right here. tamron's tuesday trends after this. oh, priceless. >> what is wrong with you people? >> priceless! pehabits of cleaning theirld dentures with toothpaste, and dentures are very different than real teeth. they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. it's unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning it a better way than brushing with toothpaste.
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9:40 am
okay, nobody use these cranberries over -- over here. ocean spray 100% juice. tastes good. good for you. now to my tuesday trend, it's all about becoming a fearless foodie. what type of recipes intimidate you? i've learned to go for it these days in the kitchen and owe a big thank you to one particular magazine. glamour, bazaar. vogue. nope. my real guilty pleasure? "food & wine" magazine. i'm heading over to their test kitchen just a few blocks away from the "today" show. they have a real test kitchen. hello, foodies.
9:41 am
what's the setup? there's a kitchen here. >> we cook in these different stations. >> look at all these pans. >> we're set up kind of like a home kitchen because that's who we're creating recipes for. we're going to pile on a ton of extra, you know, ingredients. >> well, thank you all for letting me visit today. i really appreciate it. yes, this is the current "food & wine" cover. that's the ribeye and radish dish. here is a split screen of what i tried at home. it didn't photograph well. i sliced it up and devoured it. and my guest really did eat it and survived. i cooked a whole fish. that's my kitchen, whole fish. baked it, it was fantastic. "food & wine" senior editor is
9:42 am
going to talk us through that dish. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> i'm surprised how many of our viewers said whole fish intimidates them. why is it scary? >> it's whole. this technique you tried at home is flawless and make it is super easy. >> roasted red snapper. i'm not kidding. i left work at 12:00, got home. i bought the ingredients and it was dinner, lunch on the table by 1:45. and i never tried this before. i didn't know what this was. >> it's a smoked paprika. >> don't get intimidated by that name. >> exactly. we have lemon zest, olive oil. beautiful red color. you need to get started on the crust. kosher salt, egg whites. >> why egg whites? >> help to create the crust. >> i had to make three extra trips to the grocery store because it said six or eight
9:43 am
cups of salt. >> it's super important. >> it is. >> and you'll mix that really well. we already have one here. go ahead and spread a thin layer here. you want about a quarter inch. >> what does salt do for the fish? >> it will actually flavor it, of course. but then it's also going to protect it from the oven. and it's going to steam it. it's going to be great. >> this is exactly what i did at home. i'm telling you, i just started cooking two years ago, i kid you not. i was intimidated initially by this. i made it. i don't plug things i don't like. this is not a plug. but "food & wine" really gave me courage to try things. everybody knows my love is ina garten. that's my girl crush. it's not hoytie toytie. it's approachable. >> here's the trick. >> this is where i had some problems. >> it's fun because it's like a chisel. crack, crack, crack.
9:44 am
take the top off. >> that recipe is available online and it pairs with a celery salad that "food & wine" has the recipe for. so genius. another "food & wine" is the chile lime chicken with honey. i have made this now about six times. it's my go-to recipe. ta-da. made me fearless in the kitchen. >> why don't you go ahead and try it? >> i love being bossed around. >> if there's a trend you like including that was my bicycle. maybe we'll tackle that next. if you have food questions go to #tamrontuesdaytrend. justin will stick around and answer some of your questions so we don't have to cook in fear. the list goes on and on. up next, three finalists, but only one could be the ultimate men's health cover guy. we'll reveal the answer after this, as i enjoy this dish.
9:45 am
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9:49 am
we're about to answer the question, who is america's ultimate men's health guy? men's health is taking a bit of heat it sent out on women watching sports, how to talk about sport with his women. the reaction online was quick and harsh. many calling it tone deaf, among other things. it's good to see you this morning. i was surprised to see that from your magazine. what do you say about it? >> absolutely it was a mistake. we did a four-page profile about the most successful female sportscaster in our cover issue. a side bar to that was how to talk about women about sport whose aren't interested in sports. our followers immediately pointed out our mistake. we were wrong and pulled it down. >> you've deleted it? >> yes. it was wrong. it was our mistake. >> fair enough.
9:50 am
let's meet these three men vying to be the ultimate men's health guy. i was part of a panel of judges helping to narrow down a field of 1,300 entrants to three. we're about to reveal who the winner is. first a look at the finalists. meet vinnie aker. at just 20 years old, he tragically lost both his parents, leaving him to grow up fast while raising his younger brother and sister alone. >> all of a sudden my priorities changed from feeling sorry for myself to how to help my brother and sister. >> noah galloway lost his arm and leg in iraq, sending him into deep depression back home. with the help of operation enduring warrior, he has reinvented himself, inspiring others to do the same. >> i struggled through
9:51 am
depression to be back on top and saying i'm injured but i can still be relatable to a lot of people. >> let's go! >> devon lake grew up in poverty without a father, constantly struggling to get by, now a marine, a football coach and a dad, trying to set a good example for his daughters. >> i make sure that my daughters always have dad around when they need him. i don't think any kid should grow up without their father. >> and we're joined now by vinnie, noah and cavon. we're basing it on the kind of guys you are. there's a bit of fitness aspect. it is men's health. but the career, your community, what you've done with life. you've had a tough life. how did you push through? >> kind of what this contest is based on, how fitness correlates to real life, focusing on your goal and not letting anything stop you and just being determined, dedicated and strong. >> noah, you understandably went through a lot after you suffered
9:52 am
the loss of two limbs in iraq in 2005. how did you pull yourself out of some of the depression you've admitted to suffering? >> it was really tough. you know, i had some good people around me to help motivate me. it was my process who made my prosthetic legs that told me, if you want to do something, i think you should do t when i got back in shape and started pushing myself, i started living off the motto of no excuses and started doing races. >> and, cavon, why is this important to you? why did you want to be part of this? >> i wanted to share my story. i don't tell myself no. whenever i go out and see something and i want to do it, i say what are we going to lose if you try? you always have to try and then see what the results are. >> as i said, there were 1,300 entrants, some of the most incredible people i've ever seen or read about. we're gown to three now. it's time for the reveal. bill, am i going to do this? are you going to help me with
9:53 am
this? >> sure. sure. >> let's pull it off. this is our november issue. shall we? one, two, three. noah! congratulations. >> good work. >> noah, congrats, man. >> thank you. >> what does that mean to see yourself on the cover? >> it's amazing. what's been really tough is, you know, when i got up to -- we did the photo shoot and i really got to meet vinnie and cavon, when i left birmingham to come up here and everyone said do you think you're going to get it? i said i don't really know. it could be either one of these guys. >> congratulations, noah. we'll be back after this. i said.
9:54 am
9:55 am
hey, ladies, what's going on. >> what are you looking at?
9:56 am
insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone, 9:56, i'm scott mcgrew. police hoping surveillance video will help catch a thief who assaulted an elderly woman. take a look on a berkley street. happened september 23rd. the woman is pushing a shopping cart, turns around, two people
9:57 am
push her, she on the ground. the victim, an 85-year-old oakland woman. police say it's completely unprovoked. a principal at a private high school resigned after caught with drugs in a hotel room. police found thomas price in a sacramento hotel room with cocaine, heroin, and meth. police say they were tipped off about the incident by hall's boyfriend. well, let's check your weather this morning. >> thank you. really nice day. considering we were in the 90s, even triple digits over the weekend. temperatures have fallen today. 83 degrees is the high for the south bay. feeling more like fall on the peninsula for today. low 80s, upper 70s for the east shore and aboutf 68 degrees for san francisco. next couple days, temperatures steadily drop off, then we boost the numbers up saturday, into sunday. most staying below 90 degrees.
9:58 am
we'll talk about chance of rain at 11:00. looking over towards a slow drive, which we would expect at this time on a tuesday. approaching mission boulevard, we see that heavy flow of traffic still going on here. on our maps, slower drive from the bridge, speeds approaching 50 in many stretches there, in towards milpitas, 237 westbound. northbound route continuing to clear a crash, disabled vehicle around 880, those have cleared as quickly as they are reported. slower drive continuing past the airport for 101, also approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, where the fast track lanes are a big advantage. back to you. >> mike, thanks. more local news in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> do it! >> you do it if you want it so much. >> hello. there is a purpose behind our ridiculous -- >> no, there is not. >> yes, there is. there is a purpose. these -- >> hi, everybody. >> these robes were made
10:01 am
especially for us. >> and they did a beautiful you. >> monday night raw. wwe, raw. is it hot? let's put them on the chair. >> it is booze day, tuesday, october 7th. we have a good fun show today, from desperate -- >> zsa zsa gabor. >> i feel like miss piggy. i've been called worse. we're going to tell you all about that, where we were last night. but today we have the former desperate housewives star, cutie, james denton is here, black list star ryan engel has come home to us. >> and jason aldean will sing a song for us. >> but first, last night, i didn't know what it felt like to step out into the middle of a huge stadium and get totally booed by everybody. it was so wild. >> it is a blast. >> but it is exhilarating in a weird way. okay. it was monday night raw. >> yes. the wwe. >> it was big. okay. >> there are 18,000 people
10:02 am
there. everybody is stuffed in the rafters. >> they're screaming and you're looking around and we were -- what were we doing there? >> i'm the one that didn't want to do it. you wanted to. >> exactly. it was -- >> this doesn't smell good. >> but this is what it smelled like. take a look. >> whoa. here with we go. >> nobody knows how to party like you people do in brooklyn! my mother was born in brooklyn. >> yes. >> go, hoda. go, hoda. oh, yeah. that's what i'm talking about. oh, yes. >> oh! oh, no. oh, no. kathie lee! >> oh! >> all right. >> don't do it. don't do it. don't do it. >> there she goes. >> oh, my god.
10:03 am
>> all that within the space of about 30 seconds it seemed like. >> you know when you're dancing and it is so much better in your head than when you see it. not exactly -- >> i was watching. i was -- >> no! please. >> this is "dateline" hoda. >> it is over. bobby moynihan is one of the funny guys from "snl." he was there. he tweeted -- he was there with terron killen and this is what they did. their hash tag wa was #dreamsdocometrue. do you know those gifts -- >> who know s what we were throwing around there. >> when they speed it up, this is what it looks like. >> oh, lord. >> okay, all right. okay, okay, we get it. >> you know, they called us up
10:04 am
and asked us to do it. you guys are funny over there, you go, the president has done it, president clinton and president obama has done it. hugh jackman just did it. and so, you know, people love doing it. >> they do. >> but i thought what the heck are we going to do. >> they didn't know what we were doing there. >> we had to write that skit. the only thing that can work because i have a bad neck, let's get some of my stuff made into one of those prop, you know, bottles. >> those were those -- they were made of sugar. >> by the way. no one knew what we were doing there. but it was exhilarating, it was fun and all behind this -- i was happy. i've never been so happy to be booed in my life. and we met vince mcmahon backstage. >> here's the thing. it has got this raucous circus atmosphere but backstage it is some of the sweetest, gentlest giants, so polite and, ma'am, would you mind if we take a picture? couldn't have been sweeter. >> and you never felt so petite
10:05 am
in your life. >> hoda loved it. >> when those paws -- someone puts their big paw on you and you're like, i'm so small with your big hand. these robes that we showed you guys are going to be auctioned off and all the proceeds go to susan g. komen. >> which is what it was all for last night as well. >> go to this website. >> you were so hospitable. we really -- >> go to auction -- and by the way, our ridiculousness was trending last night. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. it means we really -- >> didn't charles manson -- >> the giudices were trending and us. >> not necessarily a good thing. >> you know the old saying that all publicity is good publicity? take it from me. it's not. >> it was fun, you guys. honestly i get it now. >> i don't know if we have pictures of it, but i live out in connecticut, and they offered
10:06 am
to helicopter us in. do we have any of those pictures? >> no, no. >> no? it was cool going down -- east river at 5:00, 5:3 05:30, whatever its. joan lunden went on the chopper with us. she was there i see why people take the helicopter. you live in new york. it's across the brooklyn bridge. they would have sent a chopper for you, too. >> here is a great picture. >> speaking of wrestlers. >> here are a couple better than we were. this pair of kangaroos in australia in a suburb. someone started taking video of them. they really do box. >> are these household pets gone awry? >> this was going on for ten minutes. kicking. >> this does not look fun at all. >> you've got to wonder what they're arguing about.
10:07 am
they live in australia. they've got lots of room. they look well fed. what's their problem? >> really. sort it out. >> so jimmy fallon last night, one of the skits i love called "ew." he plays a teenage girl. >> that has not changed with every generation. >> seriously, look at her crotch. >> ew. >> she looks like a slut. >> i wonder what. >> ew. >> right, right? >> you got to see that? >> ew. >> she is so basically basic. >> ew. >> this is embarrassing. >> seriously. >> ew. >> seriously, seriously. >> this is embarrassing. >> ew. >> seriously, seriously. >> ew, ew. >> oh, my god.
10:08 am
>> it's going to be a hit. >> that soundtrack needs to go to our jim. >> he wants us to be in the hot 100. i bet it will be there. >> his, not ours. >> no. ours is over. that was an awesome song. >> dressed up with the retainer. >> all that facial hair, you know? it is a problem sometimes. >> chris martin, apparently cold play, not former husband because they are consciously uncoupling, it was reported in "us weekly" he bought a home in los angeles right across the street from his soon-to-be ex. >> when you split up with someone, break up or divorce, their idea is we should live near each other so the kids can be convenient to get from one house to the other. >> and for the sake of the child
10:09 am
to not feel torn between two places. >> no one wants to pull into their driveway and look over at your ex's house seeing he is having a fun party with some girl you might know. that would be depressing. i would think maybe a five-minute ride would be good. >> far enough away so you don't always have to see what they are doing when they get up, if they are playing with the kids on the lawn with the new girlfriend. >> i think it depends on every relationship. you do what's best for your children hopefully in any marriage that breaks up. i've got a feeling they are not living in monotones. they probably have beautiful homes with hedges and gates. for regular folks, you might want to make it down the block. >> two quick little things. kelly clarkson had a baby. >> little river rose. >> she is gorgeous. she should marry prince george. can you imagine the cheeks they would produce? >> look how great kelly looks,
10:10 am
too. and there is this funny video of a little boy who can't stop laughing every time his dad coughs. >> he never heard him kof. >> let's watch. >> what's so funny. you like when daddy coughs. >> that's a gut laugh. i love those, from the gut laughs. >> guess what? it's raining men around here. >> james finton has a new movie. >> our guys tell all. chuck nice. >> and jason aldean. >> a party right after this.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
10:14 am
. okay. we call you jamie or james? >> whatever you prefer. >> actor james, aka jamie denton appeared in a dozen different tv ste series before he hit the big time on the emmy winning show "december pr "desperate housewives". >> now james is playing the mayor of a post apocalyptic town and he's known as the shepherd. take a look. >> what do you want? >> as i said, to evaluate your usefulness to the ulc. we have repeatedly ordered you to capture a criminal in your territory called the shepherd. >> you make it sound easy. it's not. >> regardless, this man is a high priority to the chairman and must be apprehended. we will not give this order again. >> is that a threat? >> of course it is. if you fail to deliver the
10:15 am
shepherd to us, you will be replaced. you have one week. >> whoa. >> that's it. >> one week. >> one week. you shot the whole movie in three weeks. >> i don't know if i lived for a week after that scene. i die a grisly death. we shot it in amarillo, fun shoot, interesting biblically based film. >> based on after the rapture. >> yeah. >> so many millions of people are caught up and disappear. >> exactly. time and tribulation when the earth is godless and people are trying to survive and it is supposed be to be if you believe that part of the bible, a horrible time. >> and there is a huge appetite. we talked about the film "god's not dead" -- >> 115 million worldwide now. >> and mark burnett and roma downey films. do you see a bigger appetite for these? >> absolutely. and "god's not dead" is who i did this with. i think it is good. the one i did last year was more of a father/daughter family story which from a christian
10:16 am
values as opposed to pushing a particular religion, but there is certainly an appetite for all of it. >> people are hurting too in this world today and they're scared. so there is a -- if they want answers and they're going to look all kinds of places for something to make them feel better about the future. >> absolutely, sure. >> this is going to be out in dvd, rit dvd, right? >> today on dvd. >> your life is interesting because you're this hollywood guy and you picked up all your belongings and stuff and moved to minneapolis. >> i did. >> with your barbells. >> i left my barbells. i'm too old for that nonsense. i'm keeping my shirt on from now on. >> you've gone to pot, jamie james. >> we got the kids out of l.a. and moved -- all her family is there. last time we were here, we were talking about breast cancer month and her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and her mom. we moved up there to be around family and let the kids grow up somewhere a little more fun. >> do the kids like -- >> they miss the year round pool in l.a.
10:17 am
>> different environment completely with a lot of different values and -- >> absolutely. it is a great place. >> and she's a personal trainer. >> she is. yes, we opened a gym, she opened a gym, she owns a place up there and she's doing her thing now, which is nice, after holding down the fort for eight years after housewives. >> let's just spin. we're going to play -- >> i trust you. >> we don't care. we pick whatever we want. if i had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be -- >> cheeseburgers. >> nice. >> what do you put on your cheeseburgers. >> or pop-tarts. >> hoda loves pop-tarts. what flavor? >> blueberry or strawberry. either one. >> this is riveting tv. >> can we have both? have to go to our gym after that. >> one more spin? >> no, that's it. >> darn, i can play spin the bottle with him all day long. great to see you.
10:18 am
jamie. or call him jim. pick up the dvd today and jamie jim is sticking around for -- >> call him by the name he likes. >> he said either one. i don't want to offend the man. >> stick around for bob guiney. >> they were in a band together. >> we have ryan eggold and rick, chuck and bob after this. every time. i let him know every time i save a dollar. now there is a tool made for you. introducing savings catcher from walmart. it compares prices to top stores in your area. if there's a lower advertised price, walmart will give you the difference on an egift card. oh! money! for a limited time get two times the savings catcher reward dollars when you redeem to your bluebird card. every penny counts! yep! join the millions of people saving money with savings catcher. go to save money. live better. walmart.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
time for guys tell all when we ganger up a group of hunkie men to answer your relationship questions. >> we have a special treat. first up is the sexy and single star of nbc's "the black list" ryan eggold. happy to have him back. >> and our regular crew with the married comedian rick unger performing with his wife. and you're in another commercial. >> two running right now. >> excuse us. >> a good week. >> and comedian chuck nice, married for 14 years with three
10:22 am
kids and he's performing his show on november 15th in the city of brotherly love, philadelphia. >> that's right. >> and then to the divorced and yes sad still single bob guiney, part of the begguiney and grind band. and james jamie denton a married father of two in minnesota. >> all right. >> ryan is a great musician as well. >> if i show up -- >> you're in the band. >> i'll be like tracy in the partridge family, i'll play the tambourine. >> usually viewer questions but we'll start with a lightning round. this list is trending worldwide, so we need your input on it. these are -- do you agree or disagree questions. agree or disagree, she should never make the first move? >> i don't completely agree. i think nine times out of ten the guy should make the move. when a girl does make the first
10:23 am
move, it is kind of refreshing. sexy. >> i disagree. sometimes you got to make the first move or no moves will be made. >> okay. >> i say make the move like -- treat it like he's an egotistical ceo, make the move, but make him think it is had his idea. >> i disagree. if she didn't make the first move, no moves would ever be made. >> i told you sad. >> jamie? >> disagree. no problem at all with her making the move. >> make the moves, ladies. >> i'll start with james, jamie. agree or disagree, she can be sexy without being trampy. >> sure. >> she can? >> absolutely. >> there is a line. >> i agree with that. i like when a woman takes the time -- she comes off sexy. that's an attitude. >> i think when you're trampy, you're no longer sexy. >> here's a line. low cut, sexy. nip slip, trampy. if i see your crack, you're not working on my refrigerator, i'm,
10:24 am
like, that's trampy. >> what do you say, ryan? >> i agree. trampy is not necessarily sexy. there is no contest. a little elegance. >> a little mystery. >> do you agree or disagree, she should never turn on the pressure? >> i agree on that one. >> she should never. >> yeah. pressure makes guys run. >> everybody agree? >> at the same time, a little bit of challenging you is good. you want someone who will push you. >> be smart about it. >> what are you doing thursday? i'm going out with another guy. that's turning up the pressure. but i think -- >> you say never, sometimes there is times when pressure needs to be -- if you're in a relationship and don't know where it is going and you need to know, put on some pressure. >> last one, quick one, agree or disagree, she waits one month to get intimate. >> disagree. >> i say -- i say go with the moment. go with the moment. >> let me just say, as a father, you wait until you're 30.
10:25 am
>> okay. we'll be right back. >> okay. my budget used to be a real downer, even when we needed stuff for the home. i was a negative nancy. but, thanks to, now we can shop with low monthly payments, and they've got over 70,000 items from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, xbox. two words: mini donut maker. uh, that's three words. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. [ doorbell rings ] oh, i hope that's our new espresso machine. and that hot delivery guy. ♪ and that hot delivery guy. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! (dootrick or treat! mmm! thank you!
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mmm! mmm! dove invited women to a makeover hi ma'amifference. hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. you're watching today in the bay. >> well, good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. san jose police force may be getting a financial boost from the city. council members want to talk about giving it to the police department in reserve to help
10:27 am
pay for more officers. hundreds of officers have left san jose in recent years to take better paying jobs elsewhere in the bay area. one council member says that money would go to waste because the department can't get recruits in the first place. one council member wants the money to go to libraries so they can stay open longer and help pay police officers overtime. weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
thank you. really nice day, considering we were in the 90s, even triple digits over the weekend. temperatures have really fallen today. 83 degrees is the high for the south bay. feeling more like fall on the peninsula for today. you'll be in the low 80s. upper 70s for the east shore and 68 degrees for san francisco. through the next couple days, temperatures will drop off, then we'll boost the numbers up for saturday, into sunday, but not too hot. most cities staying below 90 degrees all weekend long. we'll talk about rain today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> towards the san mateo brim, moving slowly. peninsula side, big slow down. there's a crash involving a jackknifed big rig. this is a major problem, and this has got a big jam from san mateo in towards ralston. 280 as an alternate. el camino, also. the rest of the bay, pretty typical flow of traffic, lightening up, except the bay bridge toll plaza.
10:30 am
back to you. >> mike, thank you much. more local news coming up at the big show at 11:00. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday with guys tell all. we have two special gifts today. >> the single star on the black list ryan eggold and rick and chuck. >> and single guy bob guiney and his married buddy, james jamie denton. >> bandmates. >> good to see you. >> we're going to take questions from across the street. >> hi. my name is joan hart from virginia. i would like to ask what is the first thing you notice about a woman? >> good question. >> wow. >> the question is will you be honest? >> ryan first. >> i mean, you know, the first thing you notice is you notice how she looks. her eyes. what she is wearing. that's the very first thing.
10:31 am
>> first thing i notice is your face. >> big brains. >> a smile. if someone has a great smile, i'm drawn to them. >> sense of humor is so important. how they laugh. >> aura of happy people. >> and confidence, right? >> yeah. >> not -- >> not obnoxious. >> and not so into themselves. that's a turn-off to both sexes when you think you're all that. >> hi, i'm judy from virginia. i would like to know, what would be a real deal breaker in a relationship? >> i'm going to go with [ bleep ]. i'm just saying. >> there is nothing wrong with that if you're into it. to me personally. >> how far in a relationship did things get before you found that? >> no more than a month.
10:32 am
>> you wanted honesty. >> unkindness. i really appreciate -- you can't do that. somebody who is not sweet at the core. >> the person who is nice to you, but not nice to the waiter. >> they are always talking about their friends in a bad way. you are talking about your friends like that, when you walk away from me, how do you talk about me? >> rudeness. that's huge. that tells i everything. >> back across the street. >> hi, i'm from chicago. my question four is why do men get intimidated by a woman who make more money? >> i don't. >> those guys, i don't know how smart they are. i always liked women who made more money than me. i was a broke actor for a long time. i think it's an insecurity there. also a socialization that a man is supposed to provide. what people don't realize is sometimes you provide things that aren't financial.
10:33 am
>> when my mother made more money than my father and i realized my father was the father. >> good for him. >> my mother made more money than my mother, too, and she left him. >> i grew up with strong women in my family my mom and sister very successful. i have a lot of respect for women who do their own thing. >> it's just a matter of security. if you're insecure, it's going to come out in some way. that would happen to be money. >> you want someone passionate about what they do. that's important. >> now you've got 6 million more women in love with you. >> and one man. >> we have time for one more. >> i'm lauren from lake charles. how do you get your guy to take
10:34 am
to you a chick flick? >> lie to him and tell him he is going to see "diehard 7." >> i love chick flicks. i love them. i love them. i love them. i love them all. >> i don't mind them a bit. if he won't take you, you're with the wrong guy. >> yeah. i'm not really into action movies, so -- tell him that the chick flick, they'll get naked. >> it is a good movie, go. bad movie, good movie. you know. >> even good chick flicks stink, i'm sorry. i'm going to be honest here today. i will watch that stuff with my wife, but she has got to reciprocate in some way or form. that's all i'm saying. i'm doing it for you because i hate it. >> don't we want to find ryan a girlfriend. >> i don't think ryan needs any help. >> he doesn't need any help, but he is -- >> just looking at him. >> looking for love in all the wrong places.
10:35 am
>> if you want to submit a question for our man panel or resume for ryan, head to hit the connect button and ryan will be sticking around to co-host the rest of the show with us. >> if you miss record players and '80s makeup, we have a gift for you. jill has her shopping bag with her. ♪
10:36 am
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10:39 am
or paleness. enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad!!! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. it is time to dig into jill's shopping bag for some oldies but goodies that are making an amazing comeback. >> we'll see some leg warmers? >> yes. are you into those? >> yes, absolutely. >> okay. >> i have a pair for you. >> of course. >> let me try these on. get a close-up of that. >> we'll take a trip down memory lane with fun retro finds with "today" contributor and author jill martin. >> hello. >> this is natural. this is '80s. i stuck my head in a socket this morning, but the curly -- >> it is a little '70s featheredy kind of -- >> i'll take it. i'm in the jump suit, leg warmers on, which we showed you. i want to start with the easy
10:40 am
bake oven. this is major. it no longer uses a lightbulb be. plug it in. it comes out here. t2% thought you could serve everybody. it comes with -- >> huge. >> i feel like it is great it comes for boys now because i feel like they didn't want to use the girl version. >> i'm trying -- >> crunchy. >> this is, $13 to $75. more updated toys. the view master, click different pictures. >> loved that stuff. >> off the ipad. >> this is one just for -- >> hello kitty. >> and my little pony updated as well. new accouterment. now we're moving on to -- these are her records. if you push this forward now. and -- >> have you ever seen this? >> yes.
10:41 am
>> michael mcdonald. >> the best. >> one of my jams. >> yeah. nice and easy. there it is. and now i've ruined your show by dancing. >> no, great. this is fabulous. >> my first album was an lp. >> i'm a fanatic. i love vinyl. >> wow. it sounds cool. >> new thin things about him. >> this is amazon. we have the updated boom box from radio shack. but it is updated. am/fm for those who like to listen to the radio and the weather. updated with everything. now, our producer called these jordache. >> what? >> jordache jeans. >> he didn't know either. >> these did super well and $16
10:42 am
at walmart and they're really great. i wear them. >> and little leg warmers. >> you may think they're a little teeny bopperish, however these are in right now. they're cozy. these are nordstrom's, $30 with a little sparkle. dr. scholl's. >> i loved my dr. scholl's. i ordered another pair yesterday. not these, but they're so comfortable. >> red is my color. >> did you get a pedicure? are you one of those kind of guys? >> i did once with my girlfriend and it was fun. this was years ago when i attracted women. >> you probably need another one. you've been in romania for three months. >> that's true. >> now you have the easy bake. >> the best friends bracelets and necklaces. do you remember these? you don't have to single one best out, they have friends forever as well, which i like. then it is not -- you wear this
10:43 am
and kathy wears this. this is $6. you wear the mac one. this is the white lipstick, that natural -- nyx and old school with the ring pops and the hubba bubba. >> from my childhood. >> all right, you guys, jill, awesome. >> thanks. >> get ready to cook with us. chloe is in the kitchen stirring up tonight's dinner. >> and just getting started with the song by country singer jason aldean. >> oh, my god.
10:44 am
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients.
10:47 am
save money and save lives. yes on 46. we're back having a whole bunch of fun with "the black list" star ryan eggold. >> we did not get a scoop on "the black list." but are you a country music guy? >> yes, absolutely. >> we're going to get a little dirty with a song by country
10:48 am
star jason aldean. >> get the children out of the room? >> let it go. >> a new album out today called "old boots, new dirt." here he is with "just getting started. >> the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. ♪ ♪ i knew the man that picked you up ♪ ♪ it was going to be a wild ride ♪ ♪ run at the red light got a little water from the blue light ♪ ♪ saw it going on 9:00 but feels like midnight ♪ ♪ if we're even going
10:49 am
to make it to the party ♪ ♪ we got a whole lot of blue light left ♪ ♪ having the time of our lives just getting started tonight ♪ ♪ girl you already got the wind ♪ ♪ got to see me back ain't made it halfway to town ♪ ♪ and you're already talking about a six pack ♪ ♪ already want to get lost
10:50 am
if we're even going to make it to the party ♪ ♪ we got a whole lot of blue light left ♪ ♪ already having the time of our lives ♪ ♪ just getting started ♪ ♪ just getting warmed up two miles down the road if we're even going to make it to the party ♪ ♪ we got a whole lot of blue light left ♪ ♪ already having the time of our lives ♪
10:51 am
♪ we're just getting started tonight ♪ ♪ just getting started tonight ♪ >> thank you, jason. okay. we have a delicious meal tonight for dinner. >> we do? >> yes, we do. this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
time for "today's" kitchen. we hope you cook with us and we have ryan eggold cooking with us too. >> i don't know if i'll be doing any cooking as much as eating. >> that's what we like. >> you've been in romania, so you need -- >> chloe is back with her latest cookbook "chloe's vegan italian kitchen." remember being very impressed last time. >> we loved you.
10:55 am
what are you making? >> we're making one of my favorites, bow ties and delicious garlic cream sauce, no dairy, low fat and so easy. we'll do it really fast. everyone can eat it. we have one onion sauteing right here. we'll add some garlic. mix that around. in our blend, kathie lee, you can add our -- >> can't have everything. >> water, cashews. that's going to make it -- dump it all in. dump everything in. this is lemon juice and sea salt for a nice cashew cream sauce. very thick and creamy and delicious. put it on. make sure the cover is on. blend it up for a second. this is what it looks like. perfect. >> all right. >> if you keep that going, we get a sauce -- >> look at this. this looks like cream sauce but with cashews. it is this. >> that's that? >> it is so easy. all vegan. then we have our pasta.
10:56 am
ryan, i'll let you add the pasta to the cream sauce. dump it in. >> don't splatter. >> good. >> beautiful job. a chef in the house. >> a little -- >> mixy, mixy, yes. and sun dried tomatoes and parsley. the onions are into the cream sauce. and here we go. delicious. >> thank you. >> here is one for you, ryan. >> thank you. >> yep, oh, wow. >> this one -- >> take a bite. >> ready? >> no dairy. i'm so excited. >> the best part it is healthy, eat multiple bowls and still feel great. and we have one more thing. we have got a white lasagna with roasted butternut squash. great for the fall holidays and we're just going to layer it up. you can all help me out, we'll layer some no boil lasagna noodles. >> no thank you. >> busy eating. >> we're eating. >> and roasted butternut squash, spread that around.
10:57 am
>> i will. >> another alfredo sauce made out of cashews. almonds too. a great -- >> i can't believe -- >> it is dairy. we have ricotta cheese, put that on top. and this is caramelized onions and -- >> those are darling. >> and what is the -- >> you can try it. >> what is the dessert at the end? while we're -- >> okay. we'll start, you want dessert over here? we have a red wine chocolate cake, topped with drunken raspberries and a coconut whipped cream. all vegan. this is great if you have an extra bottle of wine laying around -- >> imagine that. >> all you need is a cup, no eggs or dairy. >> awesome. awesome. get on in there. yes. all right. the recipes are on ryan, thank you. >> we love you. we're happy you're home. >> watch the black list, monday nights at 10:00 here on nbc. thrilled to have that show. >> a great show tomorrow. what's in it?
10:58 am
>> rachel dratch stops by and a performance by the piano guy. have an awesome booze day tuesday. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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an in-person meeting. nbc bay area news starts now. >> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. south bay prosecutors are going to dismiss homicide charges against a doctor accused of hiring a friend to kill his wife. bob redell just spoke to the doctor's attorney. what's going on, bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the doctor's defense attorney just told us this is bittersweet for his client. on the one hand, he's no longer going to be charged for hiring a man to kill his wife, but is without the love of his life. this afternoon the district attorney's office will


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