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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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emergency crews are out this moment looking for that plane. now, this fire is between the park boundary and arch rock station. again, it started about 2:45 this afternoon. it's burned about 130 acres so far. the national park service is telling us that the plane did crash. it's believed to be an s-2 tanker. this is a picture of a tanker that looks similar to that one, it's not the actual tanker. it comes as cal fire is being taxed to the limit. highway 140 is closed. that's the highway that goes into yosemite. about 60 homes have been evacuated so far and the push is on to find the remains of this air tanker. at this point we don't know how many people were on board or what kind of condition it is, but they are hoping to do some sort of rescue at this point. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and get you the latest information as soon as we get more. also new at 6:00, a bitter fight in san jose today.
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at issue, how does the city spend millions of dollars left over from last year's budget. higher more cops or fund neighborhood groups? nbc bay area's robert honda is live with the details. robert. >> reporter: well, raj, funding neighborhood groups in that way is a relatively new idea because it isn't just saying people should increase security measures, it's saying people may have to. as san jose's police department dwindled from 1300 officers to less than 900, the city created a reserve fund in june to pay for recruiting efforts. so when san jose ended up with $17 million more than projected from higher than expected revenue, the city manager recommended $3.8 million go to the reserve fund. in fact that money came mostly from unfilled post positions. but a councilman pointed out the reserve fund already has $10 million and recommended instead $2 million be distributed to neighborhood associations to pay for safety measures during this
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police shortage. >> whether it's for getting alarms for residents or insurance or private patrols, they can decide how best to make their neighborhood safer. >> i think it's a great idea and it would help our members feel safer if we had access to funds like that. >> the police officers union supported the idea. >> citizens need to do what they can to protect themselves now that the police department will no longer protect them like they used to. >> but mayor chuck reed scoffed. >> give it to a neighborhood association to spend on who knows what. it's just a terrible idea. >> so the council essentially rejected it by not including it in the city manager's plan so the money will not go into that police staffing reserve fund, but he can try again during next year's budget hearings. robert honda, nbc bay area news. happening now, we just learned that the environmental health department is now taking control over a police scene at what appears to be a marijuana
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grow house in an upscale neighborhood in vallejo. now, we understand the police and firefighters attempted to enter the house but then pulled out. called in hazmat teams because they found it to be too dangerous. they're not letting us know why they thought it was too dangerous, what else could be inside. so far we have no reports of any evacuations or injuries. i want to show you something as thieves move through a business in fremont stealing millions of dollars of equipment. police believe the same suspects could be responsible for a burglary spree and now we've learned that the video and a curious visit may be the key to solving the crimes. michelle roberts has that story. she's in fremont. >> reporter: over the weekend, thieves broke into mac house productions two times to get the most expensive equipment. they used a crowbar to pry open the door and get inside. >> they don't know what they're stealing. >> reporter: with the lights on and surveillance cameras rolling, two men stole almost every piece of equipment the mac
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house production studio in fremont. >> we're all terrified of being here late at night now. >> reporter: he says in order to stay in business, he had to max out his credit cards to buy new computers. >> it makes me pretty angry. i don't really know why they would do something like this to us. >> reporter: mac estimates the thieves stole $150,000 worth of equipment. >> it's not like these people went door to door and just happened to get this. they were definitely targeted. >> reporter: police believe the same thieves also targeted black magic distribution a few miles away, stealing another $1.5 million worth of equipment. >> this is where they came in. >> reporter: down the street hours later, burglars ripped through the drywall to get into core microsystems saturday night. >> i was really shocked records the ceo arrived to empty shelves monday morning. he said he recognizes this man. >> that guy right there looks like the guy that came in. >> reporter: he said a couple weeks ago two men claiming to be building inspectors looking for
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a power box. he believed them and walked them through the sgloioffice. >> they were sort of eyeing the inventories and the stuff we have in our building here. >> reporter: in total, nearly $2 million worth of equipment was stolen and police believe there could be more victims. mac house productions is offering a reward of $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest. reporting in fremont, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. [ bell ringing ] a dismal day on wall street. concerns about the global economy sent the dow and nasdaq into a tailspin. each index lost nearly 2%. the dow's 272 point drop makes it six losing days out of the past seven. the dow is down 3% from its record high in mid-september. now to developing news on the ebola virus. health leaders in spain are scrambling to figure out what happened and how a nurse contracted the potentially deadly disease, even with safety protocols in place. as a result, four more people
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have been quarantined at a madrid hospital where that nurse's aide was infected. and today we learned that her dog has been ordered euthanized. this case is the first outside of africa. marianne favro is live at the santa clara county health department. the emphasis there must be on preparing for any potential cases here. >> reporter: absolutely, jessica. for the past few weeks the health department here has been working with paramedics, hospitals and doctors to make sure they are on alert for any signs of the ebola virus. >> today ebola patient thomas eric duncan's mother arrived at the dallas hospital where her son remains in critical condition, struggling to survive. >> he's on dialysis, meaning he's getting kidney dialysis. >> some question why it took so long for duncan to be diagnosed, a delay many are call a big mistake. one public health officer says we can learn from. >> the history is really, really important.
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and that is has this person been traveling in the last three weeks in liberia, sierra leone or guinea. those are the only countries in west africa with ebola is circulating now. >> reporter: in addition to warning hospitals and private doctors to be on the lookout for ebola symptoms, the health department is also reaching out to paramedics, reminding them to use protective equipment and take other steps to prevent the spread of infection. today dr. cody told supervisors despite these efforts, there is still more to do to prepare. >> one is infectious waste and who has contracts to transport the infectious wastes. there's quite a bit of question about that. >> she needs to find places where people that may have been exposed to the virus to live while they wait out the quarantine. here's something else the health department is working on. they are trying to find companies that are trained to
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remove infectious waste from any possible ebola patients. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a little later in this newscast, fighting ebola with technology. it seems bay area researchers are leading that charge. what they're doing to find a cure. that's coming up at 6:30. it's gotten so bad federal investigators are looking into this case. newly released e-mails showing improper and secret communications between pg&e and the cpuc. the cpuc is supposed to oversee pg&e but critics have said for years the cpuc isn't doing its job. mark matthews is in san francisco this evening with the new details. mark. >> reporter: we are at cpuc headquarters where today's hearing was about a judge shopping scandal. last month pg&e fired a couple of vice presidents and its senior vice president after e-mails revealed that the utility company had been lobbying cpuc staffers and commissioners to get a
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sympathetic judge in a rate case. it was a rate case tied to the 2010 san bruno explosion and fire that killed eight and destroyed a neighborhood. pg&e wanted $1.3 billion and e-mails show they went looking for an administrative law judge that would be sympathetic to their request. well, today an administrative law judge said that in light of those e-mails, she doubted the utility would have the temerity to pursue a challenge, but just in case -- >> pg&e is -- >> lawyers in turn asked the judge to release 65,000 e-mails between pg&e and the puc. >> this was a small limited proceeding involving -- it's indicative of a greater problem.
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>> only a relative handful of e-mails have been made public. >> right now we're just learning what pg&e lets trickle out bit by bit. >> san bruno's mayor joined the call for all of the e-mails to be released and he reiterated his call on the governor to replace the commission president. the governor has not replied. >> i have not heard a word, not even from staff saying we've received your request. >> today pg&e issued a statement saying in part we make no excuses, we took immediate and definitive action, self reported these violations, held individuals accountable and are making significant changes. >> dismissing three people is damage control. that's the company circling the wagons and trying to put the best possible face on things. >> reporter: i called the governor's office today to ask about the requests with regard
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to mike feevy. the governor's office replied we have nothing to report on the cpuc. reporting from cpuc headquarters, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mosark. still ahead, we're following breaking news. an air tanker crash at yosemite national park while fighting that fire. new details from a park ranger after the break. >> reporter: i'm jodi hernandez in marin county where the community is stunned tonight after the arrest of the head of a prestigious private high school. i'll have details coming up. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. it was another hot day out here in sunol but a beautiful day on our weather underground time lapse network. you can see high clouds passing on by but here's the thing. fog is right now developing at point reyes. we'll let you know how much this fog cools you off for your wednesday in just a few minutes.
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not living up to the branson high code of ethics of honesty and integrity. the headmaster of a private marin county high school has resigned after being caught, police say, in a sacramento hotel room with heroin, meth, cocaine and a very unconscious 21-year-old. the very public fall from academic grace has stunned the exclusive enclave of ross. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in ross. i understand people there don't really want to talk about what happened. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. people here are not happy with all of the attention. let's face it, ross is not accustomed to scandal, so the arrest of the head of their beloved and prestigious private high school, the branson school, has stirred up emotions. we found a couple of people today willing to talk about it. most people are being very tight-lipped, including the school. >> extremely poor judgment. on his part. >> reporter: shock and
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disappointment. that's how many in marin county are feeling tonight after the head of a prestigious private high school, the branson school, winds up in jail facing felony drug charges. >> it's unfortunate. it's shocking. it's sad for him. >> reporter: sacramento county sheriff's investigators say 54-year-old thomas woodrow price was arrested along with 21-year-old brittany hall on friday, after officers say they discovered the pair in a sacramento hotel room filled with drugs. >> when they were in the room we observed a number of different controlled substances, including cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. >> reporter: the two face drug possession and possession for sale charges. price is out of jail on bail. the school has sent letters to families informing them of the arrest and of price's resignation, saying they're deeply troubled by the developments. those in the community say they're stunned such a high regarded role model is now facing criminal charges. >> if you're going to preach
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stay away from drugs, stay away from alcohol, be careful with your sexual partners, bad example. >> everybody is human and things like this happen no matter where you are. you know, bad things happen in the white house. they can happen here in ross. they can happen in san francisco. they can happen anywhere. >> reporter: and we are back here live. the staff tells me that price is no longer allowed on this campus. again, he has resigned. now, the sacramento county district attorney's office tells me that price's co-conspirator appeared in court where she was arraigned on five felony drug charges. price is due to appear in court next month. reporting live in ross, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. some details on the branson school which has its share of notable alumni, including julia child, johnny mosley and noted
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documentary filmmaker and actress jenter siebel, who's the wife of lieutenant governor gavin newsom. nutrition, by the way -- tuition runs about $37,000 a year. we have our first official report. repairs are on schedule in napa. caltrans organized a hard hat tour of sorts to show the emergency work that's under way on state-owned bridges and highways. now, the august earthquake caused more than $5 million in damage to 11 bridges in napa and solano counties. engineers say while repairs are needed, the bridges sway with the earthquake moving just as they're designed to. >> it's minor. i would call it minor. it's not serious. it's totally safe to drive on this bridge, otherwise it would be closed. it's just minor damage and we are working on fixing it so it should be done in a month. >> while no closures are scheduled, caltrans warns there could be an occasional lane closure in the weeks to come.
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we continue to follow our breaking news at yosemite national park. an air tanker has crashed while battling a wildfire. this is all unfolding in the last few hours. emergency crews are looking for that plane right now. still no word if they found the wreckage yet. cal fire says they lost contact with the air tanker as it was flying near the arch rock in the national park. here's a map now of yosemite. highway 140, which is one of the primary arteries into yosemite, is closed at this hour and for the foreseeable future here in the next few hours. the plane is believed to be an s-2 tanker. there are similar -- we'll show you a similar picture of this plane. this is not the plane that went down but this is a picture of the s-2 tanker. you'll see it's a twin emergency pr -- engine prop. we have a team headed to the scene and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. let's switch geesars and tu things over to meteorologist
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jeff ranieri. >> i did want to add on the tanker fire when we are looking at conditions, it's not overly gusty right now. what investigators will be looking at with this crash are some of the updrafts and downdrafts that get created with fires that are very unpredictable and that is going to be a factor probably in their investigation. so as we get a look at the temperature swings today, we did start off with some cool weather across the bay area. also the fog that moved in at the coastline helped to drop us to 44 in the north bay, 48 also across the peninsula. then by the afternoon check out this major temperature extreme all the way up to 89 in the north bay and 90 in the east bay. we call it a temperature extreme because we jump 45 degrees from that morning low in the north bay, 40 degrees in the east bay and 33 degrees in the south bay. i think some of these morning to afternoon extremes will get leveled out as temperatures continue to cool over the next two days. right now across the bay area we've got 72 in the north bay,
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still rather mild. 85 in the tri-valley, no doubt the warmest air. for the south bay we've got 71. as we get a look at tomorrow's forecast, we are expecting more hot weather for the tri-valley, but not as hot. it will be the coolest day in october for you in the tri-valley. so a little bit of relief there. still hot in the north bay with 90. san francisco will cool off to 69 degrees. as we get a look at the weather trend, the most important thing to note is we'll continue to cool off through thursday but check it out, by saturday we get hotter again in the south bay. also halter by saturday in the peninsula with mid-80s and san francisco after 60s on thursday, you're going to shoot back up to the 80s by saturday's forecast and that trend is replicated for the north bay, east shore and tri-valley. unfortunately, after going to the mid-80s this week in the tri-valley, you're going to go back to the 90s by this upcoming weekend. we'll talk more about our possibilities of rainfall coming up in 20 minutes. just ahead, a showdown over an important website. the million dollar decision that could come down over airbnb.
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they sing, they scream and make a little bit of a mess. now they have a place of their own. the hotel that's truly for the birds.
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traffic power outages and noise complaints. many neighbors aren't happy with levi stadium. tonight is their chance to be heard. santa clara police department, the valley transportation authority and even 49ers officials will address these complaints at a community meeting in santa clara this evening. comments at the meeting will not be limited to traffic issues but also reports of violence spilling out from the games into the community. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 in santa clara. we'll be at the meeting and bring you the latest during our 11:00 news. it is the ritz carlton for cockatoos, and it's only in san francisco. a full-fledged bird hotel. as joe shows us when guests
6:24 pm
check in, they squawk for good service. >> we were just preparing the food this morning. >> reporter: there's nothing like a relaxing stay in a posh hotel. >> the food is fresh. >> reporter: especially if you appreciate fine room service. >> i do have some picky eaters, so he gets a little piece of egg. >> reporter: but if you step into the south san francisco hotel you'll soon notice the guests eat like birds. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. here's breakfast. well, this is the san francisco bird hotel. it's the ritz carlton of the bird hotels. >> reporter: the guests are all colorful with plenty to say. every year in this industrial park, she provides room to hundreds of vacationing birds. >> i started in 2006 with one little bird. >> reporter: while their owners are on vacation. >> my goal was to create a safe, fun environment for birds.
6:25 pm
>> no, you don't want to come out? >> reporter: she calls her establishment the san francisco bird hotel. >> you don't like the word "boarding"? this is your water. i speak to them all and they talk to me. >> reporter: the guests include a particularly crafty lock-picking macaw named diamond. at least that's what the sign used to say. there's also an amazon named jesse who sings like a bird. >> music to my ears. >> reporter: music may be up to the ear of the beholder as the choir hits its forte. >> it's delightful. it's the sound of happy birds. >> sometimes it gets on my hearing. i wear ear plugs. >> reporter: the arrival of a
6:26 pm
new guest is reason to party. >> every bird is different. they all have their own personality, their own quirks. >> reporter: and their own sounds. >> they talk in men's voices and women voices. and they do ring tones, microwave. it's just like, oh, my god, who was that? >> it's lively and there's this cacaphony. >> reporter: occasionally -- she understands the eccentricities of her creatures. >> i walk into this place every morning and i'm thinking, oh, my god, what did i create? >> reporter: the answer to that is a very lively hotel. that's truly for the birds. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news.
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>> great idea but a little loony, get it? >> i get it. the four seasons for birds. still ahead, tracking the trails. we're going outdoors with your phone. google's latest move to get you back into bay area nature. also -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman. they're using the web to track strains of a deadly disease. coming up, bay area scientists putting technology to work to fight ebola. >> they shouldn't be operating at the airport. >> plus ride share drivers picking up passengers in places they're not legally allowed to. what our camera -- what our hidden camera investigation uncovered. and we're still following our breaking news out of yosemite. an air tanker has crashed while fighting this fire. at this hour a desperate search for the wreckage and more importantly the pilot of this air tanker. we'll have the latest after this break.
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breaking news in yosemite where an air tanker has crashed battling a fire there. emergency crews are now looking for that plane. cal fire says they lost contact with the air tanker as it was flying near arch rock in the national park. that's the same area where the dog rock fire is burning. the fire has closed highway 140, which is one of the primary arteries into yosemite and led
6:31 pm
to some eevacuations as well. this is what the downed plane is supposed to look like. it's an s-2 tanker similar to this one. cal fire says a pilot and possibly a mechanic were on board when the aircraft went down. joining us is dennis mathisen from cal fire. do you have visual confirmation of debris of this plane? >> we have initial reports of some possible debris on the roadway adjacent to the area, but we still have personnel working their way to the scene through some extremely difficult terrain to ascertain the condition of our pilot and any other person el on board. >> you mentioned there might have withbeen a mechanic on boa. is that routine or because they thought there was a problem with the plane? >> no, we do that periodically for training purposes. again, normal process is one pilot on board, but we can't disregard the possibility of additional personnel on board
6:32 pm
and we're working diligently to ascertain that status. >> and what did you have as the last communication with the pilot of this? had they reported that anything was wrong or that you just lost contact altogether? >> i believe it was we just lost contact with the aircraft altogether at that point in time and then began immediately ascertaining the condition. >> so additionally we heard there may have been reports of some sort of an explosion, that some locals said they may have heard this. is that something that you've confirmed? and have you heard anything about the possibility of what might have happened to the plane? >> no, i haven't heard any reports of an explosion at this point in time. of course we'll be working as the event continues to unfold, we'll be working to determine exactly what happened. we'll be working closely with the faa and ntsb on that aspect of the investigation. >> so now you said you're trying to get out to what potentially could be the plane or possibly some wreckage of the plane.
6:33 pm
is that something you do with another air tanker or is that something that firefighters have to do on foot? >> that would be on foot. >> so that could take you some while to get to this location. what will happen when it gets  dark? >> we might fire in the dark in many other activities, so we have personnel out there. cal fire personnel in addition to our federal partners, and we'll be working to make our way to the scene to determine the status of our personnel. >> and at this point, mr. mathisen, do you think that the plane went down actually over the fire or in a location near it? or is it just too early to tell? >> at this point in time, it's too early to tell. >> okay. so again, you're searching for this plane. we wish you the best. we hope you have some good resolution to this and again you're going to be doing this through the evening as well. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. well, bending the rules but at what cost? we investigate ride sharing companies like uber and lyft
6:34 pm
continuing to break the law. >> among the issues these companies seem to be allowing their drivers to break rules. elise kirschner joins us. >> reporter: now we've captured drivers on hidden camera telling us they can still do business at local airports, something that's currently against the law. and if they get busted, don't worry, the companies may pay the ticket. just stand curbside and you'll see them. ride service drivers dropping off passengers at san francisco international airport. >> are you uber? >> yeah. >> can i get a ride? >> reporter: drivers we spoke to say uber and lyft told them it's okay to break the law. >> who told you that? >> uber. >> uber tells you it's okay to drop off? >> reporter: and at san jose international airport, we found more drivers doing business without the proper airport permits. >> if you chill around the airports, i think they ticket
6:35 pm
lyft drivers so you get in, drop them off. >> you can't be here too long. >> why can't you be here? >> because the police are pretty hard on uber picking up at the airport. >> reporter: and if caught by airport police and are issues a citation for trespassing. >> uber pays it. >> reporter: they pay the ticket? >> yeah, i've gotten tickets and they pay 250 a pop. >> they shouldn't be operating at the airport. >> reporter: state regulations prevent ride service drivers like uber and lyft from doing business here unless authorized by the airport. >> we're not saying that they're breaking policy. what we're focused on is safety. our role is also to let the airports create their own rules. >> they are not permitted to pick up customers at san jose airport. >> reporter: but airport officials say ride services are illegally operating. >> that's why we're actively citing them to motivate them
6:36 pm
to -- you know, to become permitted here. >> reporter: unlike limos and taxis, they don't have to wait in the holding area or pay airport fees when they enter the airport. that money usually pays for airport operations. >> i spent 25 years in law enforcement. >> reporter: this former police detective rob erd gardner is now a security adviser. he says permitting serves an important role at the airport. >> if they're permitted ahead of time, that if you will prescreening has been done, frees up security people to do more important security work. >> reporter: the investigative unit has discovered since may around 1,000 warnings and citations have been issued to ride service drivers for operating illegally at san francisco and san jose airports. a closer look reveals some of the companies may be encouraging drivers to break the rules. in one citation, an officer writes that a driver told him, quote, lyft would take care of any tickets issued by the
6:37 pm
police. the driver claims lyft told him to keep the driver pink mustache off our cars if we go to the airport. another uber ex-driver claimed i e-mailed uber and they said dropping off is okay. in an e-mail uber tells the investigative unit it's perfectly legal to operate at the airport. saying currently travelers can request any driver partner that is licensed to pick up passengers from the airport. we encourage travelers to open the app and request a ride. >> we have a lot of information that lead us to believe that bad business practices are taking place. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney george gascon has warned companies for ignoring the rules. he recently sent letters to uber, lyft and sidecar accusing them of breaking state laws and threatened legal actions if they don't make changes, such as getting proper airport permits. >> so you can drop off and not pick up.
6:38 pm
that seems kind of weird. >> it's all politics. >> reporter: we also found when airports have cited drivers, they found no valid driver's license, no car insurance. others with expired car registration. keep in mind, until ride service companies get the proper permits, drivers are trespassing. if you decide to get a ride, you could find your driver getting pulled over. we also reached out to lyft multiple times by phone and e-mail and never heard back. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, we urge you to give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to theunit@nbcb a new law addressing apartment vacation rentals has just been passed by the supervisors. some refer to it as the airbnb trend. housing advocates already concerned about evictions in the
6:39 pm
midst of the housing shortage warn that the it is making the problem even worse. one supervisor suggests the city is owed $25 million in unpaid hotel taxes. still ahead at 6:00, tracking ebola as only the bay area can. we'll show you the local researchers making it happen.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. fighting for a plan that now, more and more americans are discovering that shredding galbani mozzarella yourself inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand.
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now to the latest on the fight to contain the deadly ebola outbreak. it's fanning fears, but it's also spurring innovation. a group of silicon valley scientists and academics have now created a unique way to apply technology to this. in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us with this high-tech fight. >> reporter: the bay area is famous for using technology to solve problems. some local scientists think the
6:42 pm
shortest path to an effective ebola vaccine might be found online. from the beaches of silicon valley -- >> it's one of the mutations as represented by a little tick here. >> reporter: comes a new collaborative browser. uc santa cruz is giving scientists all over the globe a way to fight ebola together. >> we can add value as well by helping people trace the evolution of this virus. >> reporter: dr. jim kent is the director of the genome browser project. he walked us through ways experts can compare everything from biological statistics to virus outbreaks instantly. >> it's a way to collect together all of the scientific data in a place where it's very easy, very convenient and very quick for other scientists to find it so that they can find about each other's work. >> reporter: the site breaks down the ebola virus's dna sequence and shows any mutations that might complicate the quest
6:43 pm
for a vaccine. it's kind of a scientific social network. >> you know, it's amazing how much the scientists are working together and even labs that are normally kind of competitive with each other are sharing data. it's good to see. >> reporter: the current ebola outbreak is being called the largest in history, but this time it's being fought with silicon valley technology online. that browser was created by 30 members of the uc santa cruz genome team. it's been up for a little less than a week and has already brought lots of scientists together. >> thank you, scott. all right, let's talk a little bit about this fire, jeff. we've been talking about it where the air tanker has apparently crashed. we were talking to the head of cal fire just a short while ago. they're sending a crew by foot to try to get to this. tell us a little about the conditions that they might be facing and with sunset coming just around the corner. >> yeah, i think it's not the worst scenario, at least when it comes to the winds that they're going to be facing as they try
6:44 pm
to get to that location, they're relatively light. we'll be tracking more of those full conditions in a couple of minutes. you can see as the fire rages on, the heat is definitely going to be a factor and of course that visibility, which is decreasing. wee also have details on our local forecast and some cooling the next couple of days. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
6:45 pm
trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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we want to bring you up to speed on breaking news. we have confirmed that an air tanker fighting a fire crashed battling a wildfire at yosemite. they have found some debris at this piengtd noint and now a sew is attempting to get to the plane to see what condition it may be in. they have pulled all other tankers from this fire. cal fire says the plane usually carries a pilot but there are some indications that there may have been a mechanic on board as well. now, cal fire says they lost
6:47 pm
contact with the air tanker this afternoon around 4:00 something when it was flying near the arch rock in the national park. that's where the dog rock fire is burning, which started about 2:45 this afternoon. that fire has closed highway 140, which is one of the primary arteries into yosemite. it's also led to the evacuations of some 60 homes there. this is what that air tanker looks like. it's an s-2 tanker similar to this one in the photo. at this point they say they'll actually have to walk, physically walk to the scene of where that fire -- where the plane went down to see what kind of wreckage they have and if anyone has survived and whether there was just a pilot on board or an additional person. they're going to be attempting this now as night falls, but they say they are prepared to get to that as they battle this fire as well. so we, of course, will continue to monitor the situation and we'll let you know as soon as any wreckage has been found. >> really two stories here. that plane crash and then the fire itself. we are in october and still fire
6:48 pm
danger. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us now. >> and we're tracking the conditions right there at the yosemite fire. as yes, sir today mention-- jes mentioned, it's going to be an arduous task tonight. it's going to take a lot of time to survey that area as temperatures will be warm in the 80s. visibility will be low. even if they try to do another air surveillance, it's going to be really tough. but of course we do hope they find everyone on board alive. they're doing what they can at this point. as we get a look right now, we can see temperatures likely going to stay this warm even into tomorrow right around that fire. no hope in this at all and not getting extinguished until maybe next week when temperatures look a lot cooler across california and also possibly some rainfall. as we take you across the san francisco bay, you can see the thing helping to keep our fire danger down right now after increased fire threat this weekend is the fog. it's moved back in, creating a
6:49 pm
beautiful scene tonight right across san francisco. much cooler breeze with us. the fog is not strong enough to impact the entire bay area. we've got sunny skies in the south bay, 71 degrees. for the north bay, night is beginning to fall with the sun beginning to set and 73 degrees. as we look at the forecast closer, we have started to see temperatures decrease a lot today. down 3 to 12 degrees from this time yesterday. and once again it wasn't just from the fog sitting off the immediate coastline, but the winds. 10 to about 20 miles per hour right now coming out of the west, importing that cool pacific air, dropping those temperatures. we're going to keep that cool wind for tomorrow and with a second consecutive morning of fog building here throughout the bay, we're going to find numbers going down again. you can see it's not going to be a widespread fog event, mainly from san francisco down the peninsula and across the bay. throughout oakland, hayward, possibly fremont starting off with low clouds and then through the afternoon tomorrow we'll get
6:50 pm
some sunny skies in here across the entire bay. but the good part after all of our hot, october weather temperatures will be going down a few degrees. for san jose 84 and sunny skies. up towards morgan hill, there's no ocean breeze, 91 degrees. for pacifica 65, foster city 76. san francisco, the first day in all of october to see 60s return from the immediate coast to downtown. and for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley we've got 88 expected in napa, east bay walnut creek cooling off to 89 and pleasanton expecting 88. so cooler all the way through the workweek. then by this weekend it gets cranked up again. you can see the south bay 92 by sunday. for the tri-valley 95 by sunday and in san francisco, offshore winds the only time this time of year bringing 80 but that's good for the fleet week. we've got the parade of ships on friday, fireworks saturday and the blue angels on sunday. fog-free 100% guarantee, you
6:51 pm
guys. >> 80 degrees in the city? >> you have the whole weekend planned out for everybody. >> i guess we know what we're doing. thanks, jeff. what's next for the giants? and can you believe it's basketball season? yes, the warriors opening the preseason tonight in l.a. we'll check in with stephen curry next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i think they have to clinch it tonight. that way all the stress will be removed from the rest of us. don't you think? >> she's wearing orange. >> well, they want to get it done tonight, there's no doubt there. you know, it's not a must-win for the giants, but nobody in the orange and black dugout wants to board a plane for
6:54 pm
washington, d.c., and game five. g-men turning to ryan vogelsong to close out the nationals as we speak at at&t park facing gio gonzalez. right now 2-0 giants in the third inning. gregor blanco walked and a run came in. dodgers and cardinals for game four. l.a. turning to clayton kershaw to keep their season alive. runner on third, kershaw getting jhonny peralta swinging and this one remains scoreless. in the sixth, 1-0 dodgers. a single off shane manus, hanley ramirez scores. 2-0 dodgers. pom of the seventh, kershaw, over 100 pitches. two on and he hits the hanging curveball for a game-changing three-run homer. another bad seventh for the dodger ace. cardinals win 3-2 and take the
6:55 pm
series 3-1. it seems like it was just yesterday the sharks fell to the l.a. kings in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. after leading the series 3-0. that officially be a thing of the past tomorrow when the two teams open the nhl season at staples center. >> it's a game where there's going to be i think a lot of emotions going in. a lot of -- you know, everything will be right back up front. so there will be distractions. we've got to find a way to put those aside. >> it's probably good for this team to start against a rival to get us right into the season and we just have to go and prove it. there's nothing you can sit here and say. you have to go do it. your actions always speak louder than words, so we have to go out and prove people wrong. warriors hit the preseason hardwood at the staples center tonight taking on their new rival, the los angeles clippers. lob city knocked the dubs out of the postseason last year. the squads dislike each other and all of a sudden this has become must-see tv.
6:56 pm
>> it's just ironic, you know. who cared about the warriors and the clippers five years ago and now all of a sudden it's one of the best rivalries in the league. >> the preseason schedule had a team that had 16 technical fouls between the regular season so it will be interesting. >> we obviously know the team we're playing well but you know how these exhibition games can go. you have to focus on what you have to do and then assess that after the game. >> all right. finally here's your story of the day. great story out of utah as the jazz signed 5-year-old j.p. gibson to a one-day contract. the little guy suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. on that play he drives the lane and goes in for the big-time jam. how about that for that little guy.
6:57 pm
something he will never forget. big owes to the utah jazz for him up, putting him in uniform and letting him play with the big boys. >> he looks so cute in that uniform. >> and you notice it was a two-handed jam, not a one-handed jam. >> and he was so serious. >> he was focused. well, we continue to follow that breaking news out of yosemite where an air tanker has apparently crashed while battling a wildfire. emergency crews have found some debris and now they are trying to get to it. the crew is going on foot to get to it. we have our own news crew on the way and of course we'll bring you the very latest tonight at 11:00 after "chicago fire." >> thanks for being with us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
"7th heaven" star stephen collins confessing he's a child molester. >> it happened -- >> with a 10-year-old. >> how his own wife got the shocking admission on tape, now on "extra." an ugly divorce exposes an even uglier secret. stephen collins, the famous tv preacher dad and co-star of "revolution" under investigation for sex crimes. >> you put her hand on your -- >> how many victims are there? plus, his "7th heaven" co-star reacting today. >> for anybody who had any kind of suspicion -- teresa giudice playing stupid.


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