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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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doing to make sure you're safe. >> plus, do you recognize this man? what he's accused of doing and why police on the peninsula want your help. >> and fierce flames shut down a busy california freeway. what you need to know if you're heading out of the bay area this weekend. >> and more beautiful weather for today and tomorrow staying really nice. but the big story is cold blast and rain on the way for next week and the following week and we are going to be measuring this rain in inches it looks like. i'm going to show you the science behind it in just moments. >> and i'll show you the traffic in front of you in just minutes. an unusually heavy commute right now. we'll see how this pattern plays up coming up. >> i can't do anything cool like you guys but we can show you a live picture of san jose on your fleet week eve, if such a term
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exists. this is thursday, october 9th and this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. most travelers to the u.s. from west africa will soon face additional screenings at airports. here's a look at some of the major airports we're talking about. the move comes after the first person to be diagnosed with the ebola virus died. what this could mean for passengers, stephanie, but not necessarily at sfo, right? >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, sam. it's a good distinction. sfo is not one of the airports to undergo these extra screenings that start today. we do know that president obama announced this week that his administration is looking into what u.s. airports can do, but at new york's jfk, washington's dulles, newark, chicago o'hare and atlanta, officials are set
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to question and take the temperature of people from mostly ebola stricken countries. these five airports are the ones federal officials say receive the most travelers from those africas in. a new poll reveals 50% of americans want to ban incoming flights from west african countries hardest hit by the virusaltogether. >> i think that's pretty ridiculous and unfair to the travelers and the whole thing is getting really blown out of proportion. i'm sure those countries as well as any other international community is taking it very seriously. i don't think that's a really necessary precaution. >> and that from a passenger this morning. some south bay medical facilities are preparing by
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putting up signs about ebola. as for local airports, there are already protocols in place involving the cdc and homeland security. back here live at sfo, there is a plan in place for first responders should there be a suspected case of ebola at the airport and aboard flights. a lot of this is about education. we learned a little bit more from the nbc survey on exactly how much americans know at ebola. that's coming up in about 45 minutes in our last live report. >> workers will have to wear protective gear as they wrap up
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thomas duncaduncan's body in pl. a sheriff deputy who came into contact with duncan at his home is now sick. doctors aren't saying he has ebola but they are taking precautions. >> take a good look at this surveillance photo this morning and that crazed look. police on the peninsula say they need help finding that man, the i.t. poser. police say he's stealing from work while posing as an i.t. worker. >> reporter: that's right. he pretends to be a computeri.t.
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poser. he flashes a laminated damage or i.d. in this image, it's on the end of the landyard. he tells people he's there to check the internet lines. when no one is looking, he steals people's information. police believe it possible he's also driving a white ford taurus. bus he hitting several buildings up and down the peninsula,
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people do want to catch him. if that man looks familiar to don't let him in. >> hopefully these efforts will help police find the man. >> happening now, a major route to lake tahoe partially shut down as crews battle flames burning dangerously close to the roadway. the applegate fire made up of five smaller fires along interstate 80, 45 miles east of sacramento. one lane is actually closed to traffic. at least one home is destroyed. sop 80 other buildings are threatened and evacuation orders are in place. so far 380 acres have burned and we take a look over emeryville.
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we hope the skies will be cleaver overs weekend. christina is very stoked about this, planes and blue angels. >> i just got caught clearing my throat. sorry about that. a little behind-the-scenes moment for you. temperatures are mostly in the 50s. we are on our way to the 70s and the 80s. right now you don't see mike inouye but he's like let me clear my throat. 80 ges for the south bay, 77 on the peninsula. wow! what a day coming your way. room temperature is just about 72 degrees. you're going to be one degree above that for today in the east bay. here's what we're working with for tomorrow, more of the same. then by the weekend, those temperatures jump right back up. we're talking about a return
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we're going to have a really high uv index with all of the sunshine coming in. if you've got little ones, you probably want to go with the spf 50. with the index at about an 8. then we go right into wintertime as we head into for us that's exactly what we need to get out of this drought. now, this isn't going to do it but it's going to put us in a good place. we stopped that:we actually have our first rain chances late tuesday. this is the big event that we're counting on. thursday at noon it aso this is really looking good. i will show you the totals that the models are hinting at.
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they might blow your mind. we're talking over 2.5 inches just from the first round. here's mike on your drive. >> you said just from the first round and beginning. looking over here toward the south bay, first round is slowing here. did last a little longer there and usually happens over here so i'm always concerned, but we now see traffic flowing back to its typical pace at 6:08, almost 6:09. you do see where the air o is coming out of that i'll keep my eyes closely on that commute. meanwhile so chp or department of transportation will have to go over there and take care of that. we'll watch for additional slowing for the time being.
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slows through hayward and down past the san ma awe can almost see the second tower. look at san rafael. we see a it's showing that the fog is kind of pulling away from 101 and more toward the coast. >> which is good. >> good deal. >> thank you very much, mike. >> 6:10 right now. >> san jose father now hailed a hero for saving his family from the burning home. the and the video you'll only see on the bay area. >> and carl icahn causes more trouble for apple and why nbc bay area viewers are so smart. >> and a live look at at&t park and mccovey cove.
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those giants are on their way to st. louis to battle the cardinals in the nlcs. more traffic and weather right after this break. ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back now. you might have today off or tomorrow. we're going to get about four more days of spectacular beach weather before we get into a major pattern change that includes cold and rain. so the good stuff. 77 degrees in santa cruz for today. comfortable conditions out there. more of the same for tomorrow
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and even better beach conditions for the weekend. then we bring on that rain. i'm timing out our next storm system to your microclimate in just moments. >> the offer maybe to get in early like us so we get early. over the water, san mateo bridge moves very smoothly, talking about something that might slow you down getting to the san mateo bridge. and another issue as i just spotted this on our open camera. we'll zoom in on that coming up. >> a major resource that cal fire uses to battle wildfires is out of commission right now and no word when they'll be back. the entire fleet of air tankers has been grounded since a deadly crash in yosemite occurred on monday. the pilot was from san jose. mechanics will inspect each plane now. >> and andrew nesbitt was
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arrested accused of molesting three boys. >> and people flying into certain airports, though not sfo, will have to receive screening for ebola. >> public transportation might soon be an option for people who work the night shift. bart bart's board of directors will meet to talk about adding a night shift. it could be up and running as soon as december. trains and buses would run every 20 minutes after midnight until 2:30 in the morning. one-way trips would cost around $4. that could be helpful to folks. >> i would imagine very helpful. i had to read this twice to make sure i had it right.
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the dow industrials had their best day of the year yesterday. >> hi, scott. >> most days of trading in the last couple weeks, futures higher this morning after a big rally wednesday. the dow gained 274 points. it came after the minutes of the latest fed meeting showed the central bank is no where close to raising interest rates. now, the person in charge of the fed as a whole and the open markets committee is of course janet yellen. a recent poll found just 24% of americans knew the name of the american who ran the fed. many people said it was alan greenspan, who did run the fed back in 2006. this man does not run the fed
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but he can affect the market says he will send an open letter to apple's tim cook today. tomorrow he says -- he wrote this yesterday, sending that open letter to tim cook, believe me, it will be interesting, he said. we'll keep an eye out for that. >> and we're going to watch the tess bra announcement. now curiously musk hinted part of the thing is already there. he said it just needs to be activated by tesla. so whatever it is, or there may be several things, we hope to talk today. >> you made a compelling case. >> we're going to give you a live look outside at san jose
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this morning. >> that's right. what a beautiful start to our day. want to take a peek at the forecast with meteorologist we got to tip our hat to pearl this morning. yeah, she does a nice job. wow! if you're going to be headed out and about this morning, and a lot of us have to get to work at this i'm bass after about 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., temperatures are going to be comfortable to ditch that jacket. sun rooiz will occur and, yeah, that means you want to dress.
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they leave how many 49 degrees for the north bay right now, that's chilly and 59 in san francisco where we were in the 60s just about every time this morning in the city of a return to summer on sunday. you'ring if get some raeg fwrrn unfortunately that also means it going to be dry around here. >> do keep that in mind, temperatures will fall fast, it will not be a prolonged heat event. after that our pattern starts to change significantly. a better chance as we head later into the week. so we stopped that clock during your futurecast. thursday at 12:00 is when the activity starts to arrive. then we get into your friday, looking forrism.
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>> so we're just going to show you what we're expecting from the first one and the models are our road are just not equipped to receive these kind of rain rates. so we could be talking about localized flooding. we'll keep you updated. here's mike. >> we're looking over here to the bay bridge. the next week or so, ten days, we'll see big changes. the fast track lanes are holding steady with a pretty good flow. that's good stuff. i turned our camera south and we're looking photographer here.
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-- so we'll track that area of lochland but so far no incidents reported. it is farther south from 238 down past the san mateo bridge. at industrial we had an earlier crash which is ofd to again, this is pretty typical pattern there. the peninsula has no dlee. the rest of the tri-valley heading into, you see a good of traffic flowing here.
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palo alto, we've had the two lanes open there and it's been really good. >> a san jose father runs back into his burning house, not kwuns chris san kez can quite heroic! >> you can see the flywood surrounding the condo behind me right now. on the day of the fire what separated fire investigators say it looks like it was started from a gas leak in a car in there. he exacted so fast he was able to get his 5-year-old daughter
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out of the condo and his mother, without so much as letting her grab her purse. >> i was over here. i went in through the back gate, sliding doors. went through the house, went upstairs to go get my daughter and my mom. >> gotta go. got i don't go. we gotta go. >> firefighters battled the plame for two hours. it. >> he won't inside, grabbed the two bod ls and. >> now square et's quick action saved the family. firefighters say you can do the same and find yourself in this situation, if you have a plan.
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we'll hear more about his mother who is a little less fabled of him. >> >>. >> and who is expected to return to the ncls lineup coming up. >> should be good.
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at&t park and mccovey code all quiet now because the giants headed to st. louis for an ncls showdown. >> the giants might get a big boost to their lineup just in time for the weekend. bruce bochy says michael morse is in arizona right now getting in some a.b.s in the instructional league. he could be on the nlcs roster. end re. >> game one of the series saturday at 5:07 p.m. >> you'll be tuning in for that. >> definitely. >> still ahead, opening bell just moments arp. >> plus a dallas deputy being quarantined this morning after being exposed to
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. good morning. the stock market gets under way. hub spot, lots of cheering for them as business gets under way. >> lots of cheering and lots of money trading hands. not a lot of cars on golden gate but can you make them out with a little bit of fog. this is "today in the bay."
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a good thursday. fleet week eve this morning. i'm sam brock. >> that's a tough one to say. i'm laura garcia-cannon. there are some new questions this morning about hospital protocol involving that texas ebola patient who died. thomas duncan. tracy pots has more on that live from washington. there are concerns about that about another possible case in texas? >> a sheriff's deputy who delivered the quarantine order to his family. he was in the apartment for about 30 minutes and later complained about similar symptoms. he's now in the hospital as they watch and test to see if he's infected with this virus. officials are saying it's unlikely but they're not taking any chances. meantime, thomas duncan's body is being prepared for his final good-bye. he's being wrapped three times in plastic, the cdc is requiring
6:32 am
that. we've learned he's also going to be cremated. as for ashoka mukpo, the nbc photographer who is being treated in omaha, he has now received a blood transfusion from dr. kent brantly, who was the first survivor. one question that's out there today is why didn't thomas duncan get a similar blood transfusion. apparently it was offered but the hospital didn't respond. >> hmm, interesting. and already a lot of things looking into at that hospital. thank you very much, tracie. >> developing right, the strongest cyclone of the year. forecasters say the super typhoon is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane and it is barrelling toward the japanese islands of okinawa and they are stocking up now on food, water, supplies and fuel.
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the storm could hit the islands this weekend before making landfall on mainland japan on monday. experts say this is the strongest storm since the storm hitting the philippines last year that killed more than 6,000 people. >> they really can pack a punch. taking a live look outside san jose this morning. oh, look at that, the glow before the sun's arrival. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> a pretty day today. tomorrow we hit that sweet stride. but a beautiful threat, it's going to come to a close this weekend. back to the summer heat and right into winter after that. we have quite a story to tell in the weather department. thanks for waking up with us each and every morning. you know this is something i like to talk about, it's your rain chances. you know this is an evolving story. we've been telling you it looks like this pattern is going to change. as of this morning, all of the models are starting to agree
6:34 am
more and more that we're talking about a lot of rainfall coming into the bay area. i want to put this on the forefront of your mind, even though we're still a week out from the heaviest of the rain, i just want you to be prepared for this rain event because last time a lot of people were caught off guard. you roofing, if you're trying to get anything done at your home, probably a good idea to take care of that this weekend. big pattern change. don't do anything crazy like wash your car. mother nature is going to do it next week. we're starring out at 59 degrees in san francisco. you're going to have to wait until about lunchtime. 77 degrees for the peninsula. so we're going to be back in the 80s at your local beaches. great conditions for those of you. head to fleet week in san francisco. comfortable conditions, a little bit warm, bring your sunglasses.
6:35 am
you'll be at 83 degrees, that's a warm day in the city. meanwhile we'll be in the mid 90s for a couple days and then everything changes as we get into next week. it's dog fest on saturday, 84 degrees. it's going to be comfortable out there, you know dogs, they like to sniff each other, become friends. they have a lot of cool things. one booth where you can find out exactly how smart your dog is. but you know what, mike, i think we have a pretty good idea how smart your dog is. >> my dog was just puffy, i don't know how smart. probably thinking the same thing about the owner, just puffy, don't know how smart. they turned on the metering lights on a few minutes early but that's not a big deal.
6:36 am
now the issue. the whole region for the build for your commute, we're going to zoom in toward hayward. i'm concerned south 880 at a street, one crash. earlier we had an earlier crash and not a totally unusual pattern but a little disruption to the flow could cause more problems. we'll look at the north bay from the south bay. this is san rafael southbound 101. from time to time i see the lights starting a little bit more of a halo effect, a little more glow. there are some low clouds. just keep that in mind. >> a little halo glow.
6:37 am
>> similar to you walking around. >> exactly but they don't have the harps, though, i play the harps. >> or the puffiness. >> thank you. >> we're watching that ipo earlier, hub spot opening on the nyse. it's actually the third boston company to open on the nyse, to ipo on the nyse this week or last couple weeks. dow industrials down 57 points. back to you. >> it's early in the trading day then. thanks a lot. >> meantime, 6:36 on your thursday. still ahead, taking advantage of people in need. how the victims of the napa quake became the targets of a major scam next. >> plus, it is sentencing day for the former golf instructor who admits he sexually assaulted several of his students. how long he could spend behind bars.
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good morning. the former livermore golf instructor who pleaded guilty to
6:41 am
abusing three boys will be sentenced. he was giving them golf lessons at the time and about to receive the 2013 junior golf leadership award. he was also charged with allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill the victims while he was in jail. he's expected to spend at least 27 years in prison. >> wow. also this morning we are learning more about a sting operation targeting people trying to scam victims of the south napa earthquake. we don't know much about that sting yet but what we do know is that state investigators went after unlicensed contractors who did work after the 6.0 earthquake. it's unclear at this point how many people were actually victimized or how many unlicensed contractors were caught doing work. >> major security changes to keep ebola out of the u.s. >> but not necessarily locally. >> plus, do you know this man,
6:42 am
what he's accused of doing and why police on the peninsula want your help finding that crazed face. >> what you need to know as you're heading out of the bay area this weekend. >> and a live picture this morning out of san jose. christina's been telling us we have one one more bout of of warm weather this weekend. she'll fill us in when we come back.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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happening right knew, a major route to lake tahoe is partially shut down. the applegate fire is made up of
6:45 am
five smaller fires all burning alongside interstate 80 northeast of sacramento. one lane of eastbound 80 is closed to traffic and at least one home destroyed. some 80 other buildings are threatened and evacuation orders are currently in place. so far 380 acres are burned. it is only 10% contained. no word yet on a cause. laura? >> 6:44. a dallas deputy is now quarantined. he was in the apartment where thomas duncan first stayed. they say he has enough symptoms that they're not taking any chances. thomas duncan was initially sent home from the hospital, despite showing symptoms and alerting a nurse he traveled from liberia. he died at the hospital yesterday. now comes the critical process of handling duncan's remains, which are contagious.
6:46 am
workers will have to wear gear as they wrap his body in plastic. his family says he will be cremated. >> health officials are staying away from -- airports in africa are already screening passengers at the gates. we spoke with travelers at sfo this morning who say people have plenty of others things to worry about. >> there's tons of things you can catch on airplanes in
6:47 am
hospitals that people don't think about. it's only when things like this get blown out of proportion that there's a lot of hype about it. you catch things on airplanes all the time. there's not much you can do about it. >> the virus has sickened 8,000 people. 72% of americans correctly answered that ebola is transferred through bodily fluids. it is not airborne. so the government acting to really spread education and awareness about this. but health experts say the risks of contracting ebola are very low and you should be more worried about something like the flu than ebola. >> thanks, steph. >> we take a live look outside of downtown san jose. a beautiful shot of the early
6:48 am
morning sunrise and two beautiful women i'm situated right in the middle of. this is like the spot to be in this morning. >> you just wanted me to get coffee this morning. >> continue. continue. >> you like my dress, right? and your 90s pop culture reference. >> and i do like your dress as well. that's really nice to hear. ladies, flattery, it will give you everywhere, sam. let's get you outdoors. as you're trying to pick out what you're going to wear today, you really probably want to go for the fall wardrobe, maybe pull out a sweater to start but we're going to finish off the day with summer-like readings. a repeat performance of yesterday but i've taken your numbers down by a couple degrees. all things in perspective. now temperatures are chilly up in the north bay. we're at 49 degrees. mean while at the coast, bodega bay, you're in the mid 50s. we're at 59 degrees for san
6:49 am
francisco, 59 for the east shore peninsula, starting out at 57. we will warm you up by a good 30 degrees over the course of the day but still enough fog in san francisco to keep temperatures comfortable. you'll be in the 80s by this weekend. 80 degrees, not a bad day for us in the south bay. you could probably get by without using that a.c. by tomorrow temperatures come down just a touch more and then we're going to bring them up to hot levels, high 80s and low 90s. great beach weekend and it could be your last one for a while as we dive into a pattern change. we have some major changes as of next week in the weather department. as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures are going to stay steady under the influence of high pressure. then we bring in the slight chance for rain starting monday or tuesday, north of the area of the golden gate bridge. then we all get wet as we head
6:50 am
through the second half of next week. look at what is on its way to the bay area. so we stop the clock by thursday at 1:00 p.m. and the main event starts to come in. then we start that clock for you again, everybody getting widespread rainfall with an associated subtropical moisture tap and really generous totals out of that. once the first system blows out of here, we have another one on its tail. this is so exciting for me to show you. we're so far out from this system actually hitting us and the models are being so generous with some of the totals they're projecting. over 2 inches for santa rosa and the same for us in the south bay, we know we need it. do we want it all at once? probably not. this is good news when it comes to our drought. >> no drought as far as the volume of traffic. we aren't looking for anybody. we find him right here easily on our live shot for oakland, coliseum. traffic flowing nicely. you're seeing a few more corse
6:51 am
than typical. oakland and the bay ridge toll plaza, they are the least of our worries. we look at the entire area. we'll go just outside of our view, 680 southbound toward the wall creek street interchange, an accident there. the tri-valley has a night drive, 680, some debris in the road near pleasanton causing a slowdown. hayward is the area where it's a slower drive, a crash at a street and industrial, causing slowing. westbound san mateo bridge is your commute direction. an earlier start to this bigger build but 101 a typical pattern
6:52 am
here. these spots are not unusual for the slowing, just a little more traffic than we often see. we do have a good steady flow of traffic. it continues to slow down because of the volume from 680 up toward mckee. and the golden gate bridge, the fog is still a problem for visibility. can't make out the south tower. you'll have patchy, dense fog across the golden state bridge, as well as in patches for 101 coming down from santa rosa as well. >> sounds good. take a look at the surveillance photo. police on the peninsula say they need your help tracking down this man dubbed the i.t. poser. police say he's stealing from people while he's at work. >> reporter: police have dubbed this burglar the "i.t. poser" because he pretends to be an
6:53 am
i.t. worker or construction worker trying to gain access into your office to fix internet lines. you can see the image from an office building here. according to police he has gained access to the east side of san mateo, palo alto, by flashing an i.d. on a lanyard. when no one is looking, he has stolen wallets and computers. police want to catch this man. he does have a pony tail. what you cannot see according to police is he has tattoos on his torso and his arms and they think it's possible he might be driving a white ford taurus. again, detectives here dubbing him the "i.t. poser." if he looks familiar to you, they'd love to hear from you and they certainly do not want you to let him into your building. bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:54 am
>> thanks a lot, bob. >> investigators are checking on registered sex offenders in palo alto. this is a story bob redell has been telling us about. they want to see if any of them match the description of the men who exposed himself to two young girls this week. officers say he is considered to be dangerous and police think the man followed a 14-year-old girl as she walked home from school on monday. that girl contacted 911 when he exposed himself. then again on tuesday, police think the same man did the same thing to a 10-year-old child who was walking with her dog in the same area. >> a san jose father runs back into this burning home, not once but twice, first to save his mother and daughter, then to save his four-legged friends. >> he has his priorities straight there in the midst of this chaos. kris sanchez joins us now with the story.
6:55 am
the mom there also worried about other things besides just the animals. >> reporter: he saved his mom, his daughter, his animals. so even before firefighters were out here, there was already a hero here on the scene. you saw a little bit of that video, the fire. let's show it to you again. a witness was capturing all of that on friday night as the fire started in the garage of jose guerra's home. fire investigators say it looked like it was sparked from a gas leak in the car there. jose guerra acted so fast, he was able to get his 5-year-old daughter out, then his mother, who at one point didn't realize how serious the situation was and asked her son, "give me a minute, i have to get my purse." >> in my mind my babies were safe. jose saved us. >> daddy's a hero. >> no. thank you, baby. >> once he saved his family, jose realized his dogs were in
6:56 am
the family garage where the family started and he managed to get them out as well. san jose fire say you can improve your chances of doing the same if you find yourself in a fire by having a plan, an escape route step by step, including a drawing of the floor plan of your home with clearly marked escape routes that you practice with your families, make sure doors and windows can be opened by all family members. the windows should have quick release if you have burglar bars on those. pick a meeting place for when everybody is out of the home and most importantly, practice, practice, practice. we're entering the cooler months now. check your furnaces and heaters. as you light up the pumpkins, perhaps light it with something that is battery operated rather than a candle.
6:57 am
>> a new boss this morning at one of the largest chip companies in the world. >> scott mcgrew has that and the rest of your business headlines. >> advance microsoft systems. amd is based here, most of its operations in texas. su is not the first company to lead a chip company, though if you narrow it down to the really big chip companies, she is the first. a few minutes ago carl icahn released a new open letter to apple's tim cook calling for apple to buy back more shares. when a company buys its own shares off the market, those shares essential lif ceased to exist so it makes lts remaining shares worth more. apple has more than $100 billion in cash sitting around doing nothing. icahn thinks cook should do something with it.
6:58 am
>> 6:57 right now. a final check of the day's top stories for you. the entire cal fire fleet of air tanker has been grounded since a deadly crash in yosemite. the pilot was from san jose. mechanics will inspect every plane. that's really the protocol after any incident. >> the bbc says the health of the nurse who contracted ebola in spain right now is getting worse. the woman's brother says she's on a machine to help her breathe. meantime two doctors who treated her have been admitted for observation but have not yet shown symptoms. the woman was caring for two missionaries who later also died from ebola. >> fleet week officially gets under way today with the arrival of the blue angels. you'll remember financial issues in washington last year kept the angels grounded. they'll be back in force this year. i was asked to fly with them once but then i got all suited
6:59 am
up but i was a little too let's say petite. >> that's a perfect segue. >> yes, i was going to talk about the weather. will we be able to see them? >> yes, 50s and 60s to start, 70s and 80s to finish. it will be looking good. >> maybe that luck will push on to charmed roadways? no? >> visibility is not a problem on this span but watch the golden gate bridge. you see loaf clouds hovering over the freeway as well. we do see this typical pattern of reds and oranges where we typically see orange and yellow. >> we're going to see a lot of green in the south bay. take a live look right now. it looks brown right now.
7:00 am
but the earthquake's new stadium in san jose really rising, construction is coming along and the green is coming along. why is that? >> it's a milestone because crews are rolling out the new turf. last week they started installing 18,000 seats inside that stadium. pretty cool stuff. >> we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. good morning. new scare, growing fear. a deputy ebola in america died, and a deputy tested for the disease while five major u.s. airports prepare to step up screening of all passengers coming in from west africa. inspired by isis. nbc news learned that intelligence officials have pick up the chatter of possible terrorist attacks against u.s. targets in canada. one plot involved mowing down shoppers in a crowded mall. new fallout, steven collins loses anothele


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