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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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take a look at cell phone video captured moments after that crash on tuesday afternoon. today cal fire announced its air tanker fleet has been given the all-clear to fly again. meantime, this. a solemn procession for pilot jeffrey craig hunt. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san jose with the tribute. ♪ >> any time you lose a member of the fire service in the line of duty like this, you know, it's very challenging. and very sad. our hearts go out to the family of mr. hunt. he died courageously. ♪ >> reporter: jeffrey craig hunt was killed tuesday when his air tanker went down near the west entrance to yosemite national park. the 62-year-old pilot was helping to battle the dog rock fire. this video shows the moments right after the crash. >> this is just one more
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reminder of the ultimate sacrifice of some of the firefighters. and really the risk that comes with doing the profession that we chose to do. >> reporter: hunt, a private contractor for the california department of forestry and fire protection, was piloting an s2t tanker which is prized for maneuverability in steep terrain. >> it's amazing what these men and women do. you really don't get the sense of how -- what kind of action they take on a fire unless you're seeing it firsthand on the fire ground. truly amazing heroes to our department. >> reporter: after the crash cal fire grounds its remaining 22 air tankers to assess air safety. today federal officials cleared them to fly after investigation found no structural or.
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>> another wildfire threatening hundreds of homes near sacramento. the applegate fire started wednesday and has burned 400 acres and destroyed six homes. firefighters say the fire is now 30% contained. many homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders tonight. here in the bay area firefighters will be on high alert this weekend. dry hillsides like the one you see here in the background of san jose still a big concern. >> hot across california. not only the hot air but where it's going to be positioning itself. also very dry offshore winds. red flag fire warning has now been issued in response to that hotter wed they are weekend. most important thing did know is it includes the hills of the northeast, south bay, peninsula, up above 1,000 feet. we'll see humidity sink down to about 15% to 25%. also those dry offshore winds coming out of the northeast that could gust as high as 30 miles per hour. so again, no ocean breeze as
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that hot inland air will be pushing here across the bay. we want to bring international news. that is a typhoon we are tracking right now winds at 125 miles per hour. this is highly dangerous. if you have any traveling to japan over the next four days you will be impacted. right now the first stop for this storm system unfortunately looks worse than it did yesterday. right now, direct path right over okinawa, category 3 storm. winds at 115 miles per hour. then this storm holding on to its strength, possibly a category 1 system. all the way through the rest of japan. then eventually a tropical storm by the time it reaches tokyo. now here's the fascinating thing about this. the rainfall associated with the typhoon actually is going to get caught up in the jet stream. and that's going to come massachusetts play with our weather next week. some of the energy from the typhoon is going to help boost our rain chances. we'll have details on how much we could get in a few minutes.
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now seeing the first signs of the typhoon's arrival on the coast of japan. u.s. air bases in the area are on alert. passengers who are headed to japan say they're optimistic they'll miss flying into that storm. >> a typhoon's coming but i'm scheduled to arrive on sunday, or saturday. so hopefully i can get there before typhoon comes to tokyo. >> the typhoon is expected to hit on monday. happening now. he's back. president obama's air force one jet touched down 90 minutes ago at sfo. the president raising money for the democratic party. his first stop tonight at the "w" hotel in san francisco. seems he always stays there. mark matthews is standing by with protesters and a huge traffic snarl in this friday night commute. >> reporter: behind me you can see the "w" hotel and some of the people that are just going into this reception. the president not here yet. down the block about a half
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block away, a couple of dozen protesters protesting against the president's involvement in iraq and syria. and some people standing by just curious. the president's swing through the city will net something close to $2 million. 200 people are expected here at the "w" tonight. ticket prices start at $500 and max out at $32,000. inside, soul singer maxwell will perform in the ballroom. outside protesters are yelling at the president to stop the aerial attacks on isis in iraq and syria. >> they're bombing syria, they're bombing iraq, they're lying to the people of the world and this country that there's a reason for this that's humanitarian and just. >> i think it's our responsibility. we need to let president obama know that america's had enough of war. >> reporter: the streets around the "w" have been shut down. howard street is closed from
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second street to fourth because of the president and the sales force convention at mass coney center. third street is closed from folsom to mission. the president will be spending the night at the intercontinental at fourth and howard. later tonight, that intersection will be closed as well. >> we're asking motorists to avoid this area if they can. >> reporter: no kidding. getting home tonight is going to be a bear. >> oh, i hate it, man. that's tran for you. >> i've lived here 45 years. i haven't seen it like this ever. >> reporter: it is bad. but the money? the money's good. the president is expected to net about $2 million. then tomorrow's roundtable with big-ticket donors, money that will go to congressional democrat candidates for the november 4th election. >> it's not just president obama's visit. several other events expected to
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tie up traffic this evening. you're looking at our traffic map in san francisco. there's a lot of red there. the red's moving faster than the cars are. as you head down the peninsula, take a look at 101 in palo alto. drivers beware. this is a stanford football game tonight, a friday night stanford game. also a concert at shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. and if that's not enough at levi's stadium the first-ever friday night lights high school football event. right now take a look at what it looks like at great america parkway and highway 101. >> looks good right now. >> eight schools participating in two-day events at levi. scathing criticism for the dallas hospital that let an ebola patient go home despite knowing he had visited west africa. doctors screened him for appendicitis, stroke, and other
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ailments but apparently never considered ebola. they sent him home with antibiotics. a spokesman for his fiance spoke with reporters. >> eric did not know he had ebola when he came to america. as he stated, i would have preferred to stay in liberia and die than to come here and put the love of my life and my only child through this. >> a grim milestone in west africa today. ebola deaths have now topped 4,000. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at an east bay warehouse with what we're doing there to help the ebola fight. >> reporter: these are the becom boxes, some of them specifically marked "for liberia." some of them contain very specific supplies meant to protect caregivers treating ebola patients. the supplies include things like long-sleeved rubber gloves, no-touch thermometers. that's what you see right there. these are all donated by
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hospitals and manufacturers to med share here in san leandro inside a 55,000 square foot warehouse. everything sorted by volunteers. they're creating shipments of things like impervious gowns and masks for providers, cots for patients. med share showed us pictures of the much-needed supplies arriving in west africa. the world health organization reported today that the number of deaths attributed to the current ebola outbreak has now topped 4,000. at med share they have a series of providers they've been working with in the hardest-hit areas. >> what we've done since we were aware of this crisis is we've reached out to all the partners that we were already working with in those countries and asked them to very specifically outline what they needed most to be able to protect their front line health care workers and be able to treat the acomplicated. >> these supplies are desperately needed. today health officials in nooinl
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nigeria that the spread of virus continues to outpace increasing efforts to contain it. med share has done five airlifts and sent more than a dozen ocean containers so far. they're telling us shipping time is four to eight weeks. relief for passengers on a plane quarantined at the las vegas airport due to an ebola scare. the delta flight from jfk to las vegas was locked down after a 1-year-old became ill. his mother told authorities they had recently traveled to africa. both mother and child were evaluated. health officials say neither had symptoms consistent with the ebola virus. a new warning tonight for americans traveling abroad because of a different threat. the state department says the militant group isis could launch attacks outside the middle east in response to recent coalition air strikes against them. those air strikes have intensified over the past 48 hours as isis militants continue to fight to take control of a key border town in syria.
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isis fighters reportedly have about half of the city in their hands. still ahead, fully loaded. the alarming place this gun turned up that prompted police to arrest a teenager. plus, hospitals changing hands. the procedural sale and why employees say they'll fight to kill the deal. at 6:00, south bay schools in crisis. >> it's very concerning. >> the shortage that has parents worried about their kids' educations new at 6:00.
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local health care unions are gearing up to block the sale of four area hospitals to a controversial buyer. o'connor hospital along with facilities in daly city, moss beach, and l.a. the buyer is prime health care which owns hospitals in nine states. >> prime's track record of acquiring hospitals in california is poor.
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they have a record of cutting services after they buy hospitals, reducing staff, and generally just lowering the quality of care that they extend to the community. >> there's usually going to be some layoffs in the beginning when we're doing this. but then within a year we normally have more clinical jobs in our hospitals, maybe less administrative. >> union members say they'll lobby state attorney general kamala harris to block that sale. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area called vallejo's forgotten art. sculptures and monuments that were once the pride of the city seem to have been tossed aside to rot away. in some cases they've disappeared altogether. jodi hernandez is in vallejo with exclusive details on what some are calling the city's lost treasures. >> at one time in the 1960s, it was called the town square.
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>> reporter: this section of downtown vallejo was once home to some world-class art. one-of-a-kind pieces designed to symbolize vallejo's rebirth. but in 2002, the city redeveloped the downtown again. and the art disappeared. >> and they removed some artifacts and put them in storage. >> reporter: more than a decade later, it is still in storage. sitting inside wooden crates and a lot on mara island, withering away. for the most part forgotten. >> most of these are one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces you'll find nowhere else in the world, only here. those we can find. >> reporter: doug darling and a handful of community activists are on a mission to bring it back. darling discovered the art graveyard, including this piece shipped to vallejo from sweden. a valuable replica of a work called "the genius." >> it's treasure. and i can't believe it's in vallejo. >> reporter: while much of the art has been located, some is still nowhere to be found.
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including an angelic figure called "triad" that used to sit in this fountain. and a cast aluminum sculpture called "space daisy." only its pedestal and placard remain. >> "space daisy" was meant to signify that, vallejo rising. >> reporter: and one of the few pieces from that era that is still standing, a redwood sculpture called "the structure" is now serving as a signpost. >> it's insulting. it's a slap in the face to, you know, to the intention behind the creation of those pieces in the first place. >> reporter: now, we caught up with the see's mayor davis a short time ago. he insists the city does appreciate art. he has his staff looking into the matter. as for the sign on this sculpture he says he's making some calls and will have it down immediately. reporting live in vallejo, i'm
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jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. happening now. fleet week is officially under way. take a look at san francisco live, the transamerica pyramid, and you see the fog in the background coming in over the bay. not really covering it entirely. but right there along the embarcadero, that area to the right of the transamerica, where much of fleet week activities will be taking place to honor and celebrate the men and women in the military. weekend events are expected to draw 1 million people to the city. i think most of them are coming to see that. the biggest attraction i think is the return of the blue angels. the team already practicing in preparation for their big performances this weekend. after you watch the blue angels you've got to watch the giants play. >> yes. >> playoff fever in full force headed into a big weekend. st. louis will be the place to be when the giants take on the card that wills in game one of the championship series. >> the team getting down to business following an emotional four-game series against the washington nationals. and that is an understatement.
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it included a huge giants win in the longest postseason game ever. amy gutierrez caught up with team managers in st. louis today. >> reporter: fans excited about the nlcs 2014. it's a rematch between these two clubs from 2012. skipper mike matheny of the cardinals say they have not forgotten watching the giants celebrate on the field in 2012. both clubs approaching it the same way, one game at a time. >> trying not to build up one more so than another. because when you do that, you're eventually letting yourself open for a fall, for a let-down. and if we just stay consistent with this is another game, we have one more to play, let's play the one tomorrow. like it's the last one we'll ever play, if you truly buy into that, you're constantly bringing everything you have. >> it's a different year as i said earlier. you know, both teams know each other well. there's a lot of players from both -- from 2012. and i think you learn from that. body clubs i'm sure have learned
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from that. our pitchers, their pitchers, our hitters facing their guys, vice versa. but you know, it's a different year. >> one reason for the success of both these clubs, a strong return factor. the giants currently have 14 players that were also on their nlcs 2012 roster. and the cardinals have 10. reporting from busch stadium, amy gutierrez, nbc bay area. >> can't get enough of the orange and plaque? click on giants fan photos on the top right to see a slide show. we'd like to see your team spirit. you can send us your photos at >> amy gutierrez in st. louis, it looked dark. i thought i saw the tarp over the mound. it looked wet. >> oh, no. but we here have dry weather. >> for the game in st. louis, i did some checking for you guys. it's going to be 67 tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. so the storm activity is going
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to clear out and they'll get rain back on sunday. right here at home, yes, dry and also hotter. and because of that, red flag fire warning has been issued from saturday evening right through sunday. low humidity. this is mainly for the hills above 1,000 feet to the northeast and the south bay as well. no ocean breeze as winds will gust offshore 15 to 30 miles per hour. as we take you outside right now across the sky camera network, check out how cool it is at this hour. 60s across the board from the south bay to the north bay. and the best vuitton night right there up into belvedere. we'll get you into your microclimate forecast throughout saturday. we've got sunny skies here in san jose for tomorrow. and you'll also notice, yes, it's going to get hotter. this is just the beginning of a short stint of some heat. 86 expected in san jose. morgan hill back up into the 90s for tomorrow. for the peninsula, no 70s in pacifica. but we should get more sunshine than the past daze.
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palo alto 82. san francisco mainly 70s. right along the marina, back to downtown, maybe you're heading to soma, we're looking for 74. north bay, east bay, tri-valley. napa expecting 87. back to sausalito, 75. for the east bay, widespread temperatures here. we've got 75 expected in oakland. back towards walnut creek. hottest temperature tomorrow. at least one of them will be right here with 91 degrees. and for the tri-valley we'll also surge up a few more degrees with 86 expected in pleasanton. we'll save the hot weather for your weekend for sunday. north bay surging to 94 with those dry offshore winds. tri-valley mid 90s. san francisco 82. so let's take you into san francisco again. we do have that fleet week happening. we've got great weather coming your way saturday and sunday. as we push ahead in that forecast, we are tracking two different storm systems next week. that first one's going to line up here as we head throughout tuesday morning. then that's going to start to
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move in a as we head throughout wednesday at 5:00 a.m. and probably bring us.25 to .50 inches of rainfall. another storm system throughout thursday into friday and saturday as well. so we've got hot weather this weekend and eventually some rain coming by next week. so a lot of extremes but at least next week it's the kind of extremes that we want. >> can't wait. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, high-tech health. the promise mark zuckerberg made to leaders in india today. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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a teen under arrest for bringing a fully loaded firearm to a bay area middle school. police seized this gun at mission hill middle school.
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the 13-year-old gun had the gun on campus since wednesday. the student refused to continue on how he got the gun. police say it was stolen from a home in arkansas in 2012. facebook is behind india's efforts to provide internet to 1 billion people. mark zuckerberg met in new delhi today praising the program known as the digital india initiative. >> connecting more than 1 billion people to the internet is going to not only improve the lives of a lot of people in india, but helping to spread the innovation and the imagination of the indian people will help everyone around the world. >> zuckerberg also gave the minister a facebook hoodie. after the u.s., india has the highest number of facebook users in the world. only about 240 million people out of the 1.2 billion people in india have access to the internet. a turbulent end to the week on wall street.
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not only were stocks down at the close of trading today, but they closed with the market's worst week since may of 2012. the dow, s&p and nasdaq all down. but experts are saying there's no need to panic. they remind us the dow was as low as 6,500 in 2008, and it's at 16,500 now. talk about a teen triumph. the winner of the nobel peace prize next. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here.
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we'll be back in a half hour. tonight at 6:00, $1,000 a pill?
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the local company under fire for its latest advancement. finally, she was shot in the head by the taliban for promoting education for young girls. today, she was awarded the nobel peace prize. malala youssef fy is the youngest to ever win the peace prize. >> i had two options. one was not to speak and wait to be killed. and the second was to speak up and then be killed. and i took the second one. >> since being shot in pakistan the 17-year-old has been a worldwide advocate for education for girls. she shares the peace prize with kylosh satarati of india who has spent decades battling child labor in india. "nightly news" will have more on both winners. >> thank you for joining us, "nightly news" is next. you can find us online at
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on our broadcast tonight, on our broadcast tonight, deadly mistakes. a hospital with a lot to answer for tonight. the ebola patient who died in dallas was initially sent home with a 103-degree fever. while in the air new scares for passengers, and the screening at u.s. airports begins just hours from now. bad advice. microsoft ceo pressured to apologize after telling women they shouldn't ask for a raise in the workplace. he said it at a women's conference. the backlash was instantaneous. and making history two years after an assassination attempt for daring to go to school, the young student named malala is now the youngest nobel peace prize winner ever. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is


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