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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," breach of protocol. the nurse who contracted ebola sends health officials scrambling in the u.s. high waves and overflowing rivers are forcing evacuations and the views from space are alarming. a weekend of resistance in st. louis where people go head to head with are more than a dozen arrests. a showdown between a drone and a hawk caught on camera. the sexiest women on earth. and a wild week six of the nfl. it is monday, october 13th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm milissa rehberger. scrambling for answers, the cdc on a media blitz, trying to calm
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fears after a dangerous first. a dallas nurse sick and second with ebola inside the u.s. another put in quarantine's a precaution. jay gray reports. >> reporter: last week she was part of the medical team treating first patient diagnosed with with ebola in the u.s. she's back inside texas health presbyterian hospital in isolation, now fighting the deadly disease herself. >> it is deeply concerning this infection occurred. >> reporter: a review from the centers for disease control blames a breach in hospital protocol for the infection. the woman had extensive contact with thomas eric duncan before his death, including when he was placed on dialysis and a ventilator as his condition got worse and he became more infectious. officials say she wore a protective suit, but experts warn problems can occur after treatment, when that suit is removed. >> you might have fluid on your equipment, might have infectious
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stuff on your hands. getting it off effectively without contaminating yourself is hard. >> reporter: hazmat teams are preparing to decontaminate her apartment as city leaders including the dallas mayor go door to door in the woman's community to reassure neighbors. >> while this is obviously bad news, it is not news that should bring about panic. >> reporter: though it has brought about a stepped up presence from the cdc. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. at u.s. airports fever screenings will expand this week. look for them at washington dulles, newark, chicago's o'hare and hart field jackson in atlanta. they come after initial runs saturday at new york's jfk. in liberia, a nervous development, nurses inside the outbreak zone are threatening to strike. they want danger pay. nurses want $700 more a month on top of the $300 they get now.
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in the middle east, a desperate plea for outside help. isis militants are threatening to take over a major province on the outskirts of baghdad. in syria, they're close to getting another victory with full control of the syrian city of kobani. president obama's administration is facing critics who say the strategy isn't working. this as they prepare for a high level meeting near washington about how to defeat isis. for more on this meeting and who is going to be there, let's go to tracie potts on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: the president will be there along with the chair of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, and more than a dozen defense ministers from all over the world. these are countries that are partnering with the u.s. to defeat isis. tomorrow, at andrews air force base, president obama is set to meet with defense ministers from 20 countries to talk about the fight against isis. air strikes continue. in syria, kobani is under siege. they are begging for
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international help. >> kobani does not define the strategy of the coalition. >> reporter: in iraq -- >> iraqi security forces are at full control of baghdad. >> reporter: -- but deadly bombings still dozens last weekend and the joint chiefs chair revealed isis came within 15 miles of taking control of the airport. u.s. apache helicopters went in and stopped them. >> they overrun the iraqi unit. it is a straight shot to the airport. so we're not going to allow that to happen. >> reporter: critics say the president needs a new strategy. >> they're winning and we're not. >> reporter: too slow, not enough fight says president obama's former defense secretary. >> i don't mind presidents who have the quality of a law professor in looking at the issues and determining just exactly, you know, what needs to be done. but presidents need to also have the heart of a warrior. that's the way you get things done. >> reporter: the administration is urging patience, saying the effort to defeat isis will take time. >> people need to understand there will be good days, bad
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days, victories and setbacks as the iraqis themselves take this fight to isil. >> reporter: as ofturkey, reluctant to get involved, is now opening its bases to the u.s. for air strikes. >> thank you so much. in missouri, protesters are promising more civil disobedience on the final day of organized protests. just two hours ago, a police officer ordered protesters to get back as hundreds of them marched toward st. louis university. police in riot gear banging their night sticks open the ground and blocking the entrance to the campus. hours earlier, 1800 people gathered for an interfaith service at the university. there were more than a dozen arrests during weekend demonstrations in the neighboring cities of ferguson and st. louis. police say at one point protesters threw rocks at them, charges the organizers say are false.
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the st. louis police chief says police do not have body cameras, but will continue to use handheld cameras should complaints arise. mainland japan is bracing for impact. the planet's strongest storm of the year will soon make landfall there. on saturday, it was classified as a super typhoon with 146-mile-an-hour winds. it is now a tropical storm, but the effects are being felt in neighboring china where waves vaulted from the sea. from above the international space station captured this video earlier in the week. the astronaut tweeted yesterday the eye of the supertyphoon is 8 kilometers or 50 miles across. the victims of a twisted high school hazing ritual were remembered on sunday. many took part in a vigil in sayreville, new jersey. seven football players allegedly tied to the hazing have been arrested. the ritual included reports of sexual assault. the team's season has been scrapped. next season's play is also in
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jeopardy. the school's superintendent says it all hinges on the investigation. rumors continue to spread concerning the health and whereabouts of north korean leader kim jong-un. national security adviser susan rice sat down with nbc's chuck todd on "meet the press" on sunday and said there is no indication that kim jong-un is no longer in power. >> we're watching very carefully what is happening in north korea. it is a country that we monitor with great attention. we have not seen any indications of a transfer of power at this point. >> meanwhile, "saturday night live" seemed to have an idea about what happened to north korea's leader. >> i told you i broke my ankle while dunking over michael jordan. this is what happened. the movie space jam is about me. we all know this. >> well, a lot of hollywood actresses are waking up bummed out today. maybe not. but either way, penelope cruz is
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esquire's sexiest woman alive. she's the 11th woman be to be given that title. the mother of two is in good company. other honorees include angelina jolie, halle berry and scarlett johansson. now for a look at the weather, here is gentlemjeannet calle. >> a beautiful woman. great choice there. we expect to see pretty quiet conditions across much of the region. it is active across the southern plains. that's the system that produces snow across the northern and central rockies this weekend. that system is now well off to the east. high pressure in control throughout the southwest. north of that there is a new system coming in to sections of washington state and oregon as well. seattle and portland, cloudy. there will be showers in seattle, best chance for the wet weather in portland will be by monday night. l.a., cloudy, then sunshine in the afternoon. warm in l.a. today with a high this afternoon near 90 degrees. that's a look at your national 7
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with showers. and rainy in portland by tonight. and that's your monday columbus day forecast. things are quiet across much of the region. >> you look like a burst of sunshine this morning. >> thank you. perfect color for a morning show. >> you're right. the bizarre story of clowns frightening residents. and a hay ride where one person lost her life. details in two minutes.
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stories making news this morning. officials in maine are looking into whether mechanical failure claimed the life of a 17-year-old girl on a hay ride. 22 others were injured after a halloween themed hay ride
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careened down a hill, crashed into a tree, and overturned. at least $1.1 million a week, that is how much pennsylvania state police are reportedly spending in to bring in suspected cop killer eric frein. it has been a month since his ambush killed one state trooper. file this under bizarre. police are hoping the surveillance video will help them track down the man they say has been stealing just the right sneaker off women's feet. the most recent theft was in a new york city subway last week. and in california, one couple's photography project is spurring copycats dressing up as clowns and terrorizing people. police arrested one copycat who chased after a group of kids. other clowns are reportedly carrying around weapons such as bats and machetes. let's get down to business with cnbc's jackie deangelis. >> there could be more red arrows on wall street to the. stocks fell sharply last week on
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worries a global economic slowdown could hurt u.s. growth. the dow suffered its worst week since early august. the ebola outbreak in west africa could impact chocolate prices. the ivory coast, the world's largest producer of cocoa beans, shut its boarders with liberia and guinea putting a crimp in the workforce as harvest season begins. cocoa prices hit a three-year high last month. and boeing flying high. it secured a nearly $5 billion order for 57 737 mac jets from an indonesian airline. it goes into service in three years and is more fuel efficient than the previous model. back to you. just ahead, a few teams establishing dominance in the nfl on sunday. first, we're in store for a wicked winter maybe, heavy october snow in the colorado mountains caused havoc as travel conditions near the eisenhower tunnel. this early snow could be the pace of a cold winter weather
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yet to come.
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this morning on "today," the parents of an american being held hostage by isis share their story. paula and ed kassig will discuss their latest attempts to free their son. now for a look at sports, we go it frances rivera. good morning. >> time for sports.
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giants/cardinals, game two of the nlcs. tied 3-3 in the bottom of the eighth, matt adam crushes it into right field to give them the 4-3 lead. the giants, they tie it up after a wild pitch. matt dempsey runs hard from second to score and then this. >> long hit to right, into the corner. game over. >> it is done. the cardinals win 5-4 to tie the series at 1. they now head to san francisco for game three. sunday night football on nbc, giants/eagles. a feeding frenzy for the eagles defense. on the menu, eli manning. he's sacked eight times in the night. even gets worse for the g-men. victor cruz suffered a torn patella, so he's done for the season. still a shutout for giants, 27-0. ouch in more ways than one. next, the game of the week,
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seahawks and cowboys, tied at 10. tony romo hits jason witten to give dallas the lead at the half. the play of the game comes late in the fourth. >> under five minutes to go. romo on his feet. lobs it for witten. williams behind it and that is a catch. >> calling for the review, the review shows he dragged his feet for the completion. dallas keeps the momentum. they beat the hawks 30-23. bengals/panthers. bernard breaks through the line and going 89 yards into the end zone. later, tied at 37 in overtime. and bengals, they can take it with a 36-yard field goal attempt there. it is wide right. and they end in a tie, 37-37. a new number one in the ap college football poll, mississippi state replaces florida state after their 38-23 victory over auburn on saturday. that's the fastest rise to the
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top spot in the history of the poll. fsu bum pd to second. ole miss at third. baylor and notre dame round out the top five. if you can't beat them, what do you do? beat them. after losing both of his sneakers, ronnie price, he threw his shoe at golden state's andre iguodala. for some, defense there. but he gets a technical in the 116-75 loss to golden state. just ahead, we'll introduce you to the newest bond girl. plus, a huge season premiere for the walking dead. details next.
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it is that special time of year where we voluntarily imbibe pumpkin spice lattes, the coffee that tastes look a candle. and i don't mean it tastes look a candle smells. pumpkin spice lattes tastes like a candle tastes. don't ask me how i know that. now for some entertainment news. actor stephen collins has been dropped by his agency after losing roles in both ted 2 and in upcoming episode of the hit show scandal. he remains under fire in the wake of alarming charges of child molestation. actress amanda bynes has been hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold over the weekend after accusing her father of sexual abuse early friday. bynes recanted allegations and
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blamed a microchip implanted inside her for that story. billboard magazine's woman of the year for 2014 is taylor swift. her second time capturing the award, given to somebody who has shaped and inspired the music industry. and ben affleck has a little competition on the batman front. the batman who starred in the lego movie may get his own feature film. and just in time for the halloween season, the walking dead's fifth season premiered last night. norman ridas posted this video calling the reaction to the episode a twitter explosion. and known for her role in django unchained is missing. the 32-year-old actress has not been heard from for a week and her father filed a missing persons report last monday. and could there be a new bond girl. lea seydoux has been cast to
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star in the next bond film, due out in 2015. >> i think this is the first red head bond girl. >> is that right? >> i think the past bond girls were brunettes or blonds. >> she's making history. >> red hair, fair skin. i think she fits it. >> she's beautiful. i can see that. i love the bond series, love it. >> really? haven't checked it out. i'm milissa rehberger. this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news on nbc, north korea remains thousands of u.s. soldiers being moved. a military spokesman for north korea says it is due to construction projects and flooding damage. about 8,000 u.s. service members are listed as missing from the korean war. in the washington post, pennsylvania man charged with sex assault as a child. 20-year-old raymond orango is accused of molesting a 6-year-old when he was just 11. police say he confessed and wrote an apology to the girl who is now 15. also in the news this morning, former nsa director michael hayden is standing up for a new york times reporter who broke the story about the agency's excrete wisecret wiret program. he said he's conflicted about whether james ricin should have
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to reveal his sources. >> i know the damage that is done. i do. i also know the free press necessity in a free society. 107 names have been added to the national fallen firefighters memorial in maryland. 98 of the firefighters died in the line of duty in 2013 including 19 arizona firefighters who were killed in the yarnell hill fire. more than 200,000 pictures and videos meant to disappear might be coming back. it is called the snappening. the photos sent by various snap chat users have reportedly been hacked by the same group that released nude celebrity photos. a hawk attacked a drone as its prey in cambridge, massachusetts. you have to see this. a man attempting to capture footage of the foliage spotted a red tail hawk circling his drone. he lowered the drone, but the hawk attacked anyway. the man killed the motor to avoid harming the bird. but this brought the drone
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crashing down as you can see. the video has become a youtube sensati sensation. all proceeds to the video are going to the audubon society, dedicated to conserving natural ecosystems. that hawk did not enjoy his snack. >> up close and personal. >> no idea. he had no idea -- nobody knew there were drones. there are drones now. he's strangely beautiful. i don't think i've seen one that close before. >> wow. >> so we have a little winter weather coming apparently. i feel like we just got over the last one. i'm not even sure. thank you so much. now a look ahead and a look back. the state of alaska will be begin accepting same sex marriage applications. they ordered that the government recognize the rights of same sex couples. the governor says the state will appeal the ruling. we want to wish a happy birthday to actress kate walsh, 47 today. singer marie osmond, 55.
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and singer paul simon, 73 today.
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and a good monday morning to you. it's 4:30. >> lots to get to. let's check the forecast. >> happy monday to you. new workweek, brand new forecast to tell you about and we have rain on the way. what a difference a day is going to make. we're in the upper 50s to mid-60s. today's going to feel like summertime, then we get into winter on tuesday. lot to go over in your micro climate. first though, check your drive. >> down here, i'm going to hold it up here where


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