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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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new details we have just learned overnight. and before you piece that wardrobe together today, keep in mind we have rain on the way as of this afternoon. but the changes are starting this morning. clouds increasing, the weather is going to be cool and we've got wind whipping by the day's end. a lot to go over in your microclimate forecast. and watching the freeways, that's a major backup going on for oakland. we are watching a crash block all of i-80 and on city streets? san francisco. we'll have the latest blocked by an intersection and a crash this morning. and san francisco, we're taking a live look outside this morning. the giants are back home looking to win game three against the cardinals. fans are certainly ready for the orange october. >> it is tuesday, october 14, 2014. this is today in the bay. a very good morning to you. >> i like the orange october. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we have breaking news to tell you about in san francisco this morning. we'll get to that in a moment. >> right now police in san jose are looking for a driver who hit and killed a woman in a crosswalk and then took off. this happened at 8:00 last night at 33rd and mckee road with the woman in the crosswalk at the time of the incident. bob redell is joining us live at the intersection. bob, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: the woman had right-away according to witnesses and what they told police. we are here at the intersection of 34th and mckee and have spoke on the a restaurant owner who tells us this intersection has been a problem for quite a long time. it was so bad they actually had to fight to get this lit pedestrian crossing signal installed a year and a half ago. and this was activated last night when around 8:00 this woman was crossing the street from over there from that neighborhood presumably to come this way to go to one of the stores. you can see cars did stop according to witnesses like they did just now, except for one.
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it was a speeding suv that was going above the posted speed limit. it hit and ran over this woman as she was walking in the middle of the crosswalk. again, with the lights activated and looking right away, unfortunately, that suv did not stop according to police. it did stop briefly at a light down the street but then continued on the interstate and has not been seen since. >> right now what we're looking for is either a heavy tahoe or suburban. it was light in color. we don't know if it was silver, light brown, but we did get some good information from our witness. and right now we're investigating the incident. >> and police believe that the suv does have some front-end danger from the impact with this woman. they have not identified the woman. she did survive the initial impact and had a faint heartbeat when paramedics arrived but she died later at the hospital. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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now to breaking news in san francisco where octavia street is shut down right now as police investigate a crash between a cab and suv. it happened at 3:30 this morning near fell street. stephanie is joining us live from the scene, what are police telling you about the crash? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, laura and sam. they are looking for one person who was in the white jeep. you can see how bad the wreckage is. they say this jeep ran a red light here on octavia at oak and then slammed into a cab that has passengers. so if i can bring you over here, there are tow trucks here to clear the scene. the cab is already hooked up to the tow truck with a driver and passenger. the front end is pretty severe to tell you something about the speed involved in this situation. police say that folks in the white jeep, there were three people.
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the driver and another passenger fled the scene. one person was caught and one passenger was inside injured. as for the cab, the driver and passenger were told by a witness who is friends with the cab driver that they both seem fine. but the passenger was pleading pretty badly and they were taken to the hospital. right now police are trying to figure out the circumstances, what led up to this, all we know is that the white jeep ran the red light but witnesses said that there was speed involved. again, if i can point you over to the wreckage of that jeep, you can see that is pretty confirmed by the damage here at this scene. so again, police are trying to figure out if there was alcohol, drugs or any other softene soft here. so to wrap it up, no
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life-threatening injuries involved in this crash. that's pretty amazing. the police captain says it could have been far worse. and they are getting ready to clear the scene of what is a busy intersection here used by a lot of people to get to 101 and 280. we did speak to witnesses and will hear from them next report. live from san francisco, stephanie truang, "today in the bay." san jose police are releasing surveillance video of two men who burglarized a home and beat a family's small dog. here are the suspects caught on the neighbor's camera in east san jose where tully road meets highway 101. hosiah johnson is one of the victims to be identified. and a dog named bobo could
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not be brought into the house on his own, but after a weekend, he'll make a full recovery. and this man said his cars were stolen. >> but that was not the only bit of bad news he received. bizarre set of circumstances. tell us what happened. >> you have heard that thing, if not for bad luck, i would feel good all the time. he was miss his wife and wanted to go to the hospital to visit her. he's a list driver and feared he had just lost hi waz to support
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his family. >> figured if someone recovered the keys more than like they would try to steal the car and that's what happened. >> san jose police confirm whoever found the keys and in the car was stewart's wallet. stewart had keys to both cars on his key chain. you can guess what happened next. the other family chev convinced while his mom was inside with the four children. the thieves also took another car but one car is back. he filed for an insurance claim on both cars. he created go funding page but in the meantime he hopes folks keep their eye open for the other vehicle to start turn his life around. >> no kidding.
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>> we always check with police because sometimes this happens, this is how it went down. we have one card back, anyway. >> we wish his wife well, too. a hospital in germany says a man being treated for ebola has died. the 56-year-old man with an international medical worker for the u.n. became infected while working in liberia and was flown to germany for treatment. you just saw nurse nina pham who was caring for thomas eric duncan before he passed away from ebola. health officials are monitoring her and wondering who all she came in contact with. as soon as we have detailed
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we'll bring them to you. the bay area landmark is moving them closer to the online petition to rename the rainbow stripe after williams' tunnel. it is currently named after william waldo who ran for california governor back in 1853. >> a little history there for you. let's make some history tonight. >> we are heading into history making here. a live look at at&t park here this morning. the park is empty right now but will start to fill in a few hours. it is game day, of course. the giants take on the st. louis cardinals a little after 1:00 this afternoon. the national league championship series is currently tied up one game apiece. >> christina said the wind could affect the bats and balls. >> more so than usual. always windy, christie that in,
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christina. >> we are seeing the winds blow out to right field. that's not the premier wind direction. if we get a pickup, we could see gusts up to 45 miles per hour. so it is certainly possible. temperatures in the city are in the 60s. it will be a cool day out there with a five-degree spread heading throughout the afternoon. you'll stay in the 60s nor the city. we'll talk about showers coming in. if you're waking up along the peninsula or along the coast when we meet back here for the midday broadcast, if you have not checked that out, 11:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area. we will track the showers to intensify a little bit heading throughout the late afternoon
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and evening hours. we have more on the way. we are going to be windy, quickly and wet. driving could be difficult later today. for now the wind is calm. how are we looking on the roadways? we have a big jam mind me because of overnight road work. the crews you say are taking to south of hyatt southbound 880 is jammed from the one corridor. northbound the commute direction is looking pretty smooth. 580 is also clear and the road crews should clear in the next half hour. i have not seen westbound 80
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interrupted because of the flow here because of the overturned box truck. we still have crews in the area. not a lot of help from chp but there's the jam from american canyon to vallejo. the peninsula is very light and an easy drive back to the south bay. 5:12. after more than a month outside, north korea's leader finally makes a public appearance. and why
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. welcome back, everyone. 5:14 right now. mcdonald's wants to explain why its burgers may not rot and that
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there are no worms in the meat. that's great news for a tuesday morning. the world's biggest hamburger chain is confronting unappetizing questions as part of a massive social media campaign. the fast food chain is trying to combat sagging sales by dispelling rumors their food is unhealthy. that's part of the campaign, the company hired grant imahara the former co-host of "myth busters" to visit mcdonald's restaurants to investigate food quality. >> it is a myth that it is unhealthy. 5:14 on your tuesday morning. could this be the beginning of the end? more talk this morning about bubbles and corrections. scott mcgrew, wall street is losing its nerve this morning. good morning. >> good morning. "the new york times" has a recent editorial that doesn't come to say it's a bubble that will pop but it is that way. the worry is the burp rate, what tech companies spend and they point to the expense of san francisco as one of the biggest
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problems. both in the cost of office space that they point out and the cost of labor as well. now, the times doesn't panic and points out all in all evaluations are lower than they were during the dot-com boom and we tend to be profitable as companies, but there's a good lesson here. peter gele says it's a huge mistake to try to predict what's going to happen now based on your memory of what happened in the late '90s. what was true doesn't make it true in the future. the stock market has been incredibly volatile but hopefully it is better today. courtney reagan is here with the latest. >> reporter: so far anything can happen with the opening bell sounding and closing, but the
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futures are higher after stocks faded on monday falling for a third straight day. the nasdaq is closing in on correction territory, that means a drop of 10% or more from recent times. investors continue to fret over the global economy slowing. and the dow is dropping 223 points to 16,321. the nasdaq losing 62 to 4213. back to you. >> courtney, thank you. we continue to monitor the situation we told you about way last week. the publication on the internet of tens of thousands of private pictures taken with snapshot. or snapchat. the pictures are out and easy to locate online. these aren't hollywood stars but regular people. this has led a lot of people, tens or thousands of more to wonder if they are included, if their naughty pictures got out. here is the problem, is they are all online in the big zip files.
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if you were to down load it, the chances of there being a picture of a person that could be under 18 is really high. which would be a felony. there is no excuse for downloading that kind of picture. and so this is the next problem in this ongoing story. it's what are people going to do to find out if they are in day the database. >> well, don't take them in the first place. >> that's a good suggestion. >> this is a very interesting point, though. >> you want to know if you thought maybe there was a picture, but you can't look. don't look. >> i think that is wisdom. thank you, scott. 5:18 on your tuesday morning. okay, so we've had a pretty nice weekend, a warm weekend, but things are changing as you're tracking a couple systems right now. >> everything is going to start starting today. that means a free car wash. break out the clothing items that have been tucked way in the back of the closet. yeah, it's going to feel like fall even towards winter levels
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as we head later into the week. the latter portion of your week is looking to be rather chilly. so good morning. thank you for waking up with us each and every day. we are happy that you're part of the morning routine. i have to tell you, starting your day with out, grabbing the coffee and getting breakfast with the little ones for school, keep in mind with big changes coming your way for the forecast and the rest of the week. 62 degrees in oakland. good morning to you, san jose. first up this morning, we are going to see a little bit of dense fog. some coastal drizzle as well. then the winds will increase as we get into your afternoon. the clouds remain all day long increasing and really thickening up to this evening with temps 15 to 20 degrees in a drop off between yesterday and today. keep that in mind. getting into the evening, the big changes come to areas north of the golden gate bridge. we are talking about showers on the way as of tonight spreading south overnight into tomorrow
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morning. so these are your temperatures for today. and look at the difference between yesterday and today. we are close to 90 yesterday in the south bay. today, 73 degrees. you better see a nice, healthy break. 72 nor the peninsula. 65 degrees for rain this evening in san francisco. this is not just one system that is going to impact us. we have two more on its heels. for your wednesday, bring the umbrella. you need it on thursday as well. then friday into saturday we get another round. and another one as we head into sunday and monday. remember, the seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we'll check on the traffic alert with mike. it's stacking up and it's early out there. we have a number of issues going on for traffic. overall, look at the pace through the north bay. you're all right going across the gold up gate bridge and 101, but vallejo westbound 880 we have a crash going on. the latest word is a big rig tow truck arrived to remove the big
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rig from the road currently blocking from what i understand all the lanes. so we have folks forced off at highway 37 and moving back to marina hill parkway. that's a reroute jamming you from american canyon. some folks take you to 29 around the area but it will take you right back into the new congestion in vallejo. south of there to the bay bridge, no big surprises in towards san francisco. but this the city we continue with this crash where temperature reported octavia closed just off the freeway and the approach into the city. so that will continue to track this. southbound 880 you are down to one lane at the coliseum. i did see crews starting to move from the area as we released all the traffic. the closure there three minutes ago cleared now that the crew is moving past the building. the high street is coming up
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close. but over here across the san mateo bridge, 101 continues through the south bay with no big surprises on the tradition that in pattern at 101. this morning, questions circulate about the health of north korea's leader after new photos show his first public appearance in over a month. these images were released by korean state media today to show kim jong un supporting himself with a cane as he tours the new housing project. it's unclear when the photos were take up. un was last seen walking with a limp at a concert last month. surveillance video of the smoke bomb prank was released at a new york city restaurant. the young man climbed out of the subway hatch, tossed a smoke bomb toward the restaurant and quickly disappeared down the hatch. it happened last friday. police say the strong smoke
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bombs were not funny. caught on camera, a thief snagging a young kid's pumpkin just before halloween. what has this world done and what he is saying about the incident.
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it is 5:25 on your tuesday. now the results of the ghostly white pumpkin to squash the competition at the half-moon pumpkin weighoff. >> squashed, get it? >> i do. >> take a look at the largest gourd breaking the north american record for the largest pumpkin ever weighed. the napa man who grew the 2800 pumpkin took home the prize of $13000. he'll share this seed with other
5:26 am
pumpkin farmers. well, you may want to keep an eye on your front porch this morning. a pumpkin thief has been caught on camera in washington state. >> a surveillance video showing a car pull up to the house friday night. there's a thief who runs to the front of the porch and grabs the pumpkin. the family posted this to youtube to shame the person from doing it again. >> i just didn't want them doing it to other families where they might have a child and their holiday spirit might be gone because of this. >> that kid has character. >> the father/son made plans to carve that pump kip in school. now they are headed back to school for a replacement pump. >> not right. we'll check the morning commute to see how it's going out there this morning with activity. >> at lo of activity depending on which side of the driver's wheel you're on. driving in activity because you're jammed down to one lane, they are finally the moving the
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cones near 880. recovery will take a few minutes there. meanwhile in the city, we continue to follow the closure in octavia with this crash involving an suv and taxi. and we have a crash westbound 80 here back onto the freeway in the north bay. mike is keeping his eye on that. 5:27. a south bay school board member will find out if he's banned from his own child's school. plus passengers are expected to fly out of san francisco this morning hours after their plane was forced to turn back and make an emergency landing. parts of the plane's interior just started coming apart. details, next.
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an intersection is closed after an suv collides with another vehicle. we'll have a live report coming
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up, next. and the latest class of cadets has the latest department turning to a controversial solution. and get ready for a brand new weather pattern starting today, including rain and much cooler temperatures. it will be dry and chilly for your thursdayment then we bring in more rain getting into your friday. a lot to go over this morning in your microclimate weather forecast. flashing lights here for the freeway. you won't see much improvement for another portion of i-80 as the freeway closure is continuing. we'll talk about that as well. and a life look outside this morning at the city of san francisco, the city by the bay. it is tuesday, october 14th. you are watching "today in the bay." thank you for joining us
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this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> police are looking for a suspect after a crash involving a taxicab and suv. this happened at 3:30 this morning on octavia street near page street. we are joined live from the scene by stephanie, the driver in the suv ran the red light triggering this entire incident. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, sam. the good news for us to start off with is if you travel in this area, you know how busy the intersection at octavia and page gets. it is not quite the rush hour yet, but it is back open just in the last few minutes. as you mentioned, police are looking for one person who ran away from this scene. that person was in a white jeep. police say he ran a red light here heading to the freeway, 101 and 80. the damage is bad to the white jeep and the yellow cab. the driver and passenger were hit. the passenger vomited following
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the crash from the hard impact and they were taken to the hospital as was a passenger in the jeep who suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. we spoke to two witnesses. one is friends with the cab driver who was hurt in the crash. >> i know the cab driver. he's from nepal with two children and a wife. he's trying to survive here and i'm doing the same thing. and he's injured and his passenger was bleeding. >> the pace at which the car was coming down octavia, and it was a red light, i just was hoping somebody wasn't coming the other direction. >> reporter: again, the good news is three people in this crash suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. and the first witness you heard from said the driver of the white vehicle stumbled and fell several times as he tried to get
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away from the scene. and the great news in addition to all that is that this intersection is back open. police cleared it very quickly here at octavia and oak streets here in san francisco. live from the scene, stephanie truang, back to you. police in san jose are looking for a driver who hit and killed a woman in a crosswalk and took off. this happened at 8:00 last night at 33rd and mckee road. the woman was at the crosswalk at that time. bob redell is joining us live at that intersection this morning. people in the neighborhood have been concerned about this area for a while. >> reporter: they have and they fought to get this traffic signal for the pedestrians up stalled. it's been installed for a year and a half and thought that would do the trick. clearly it didn't. at 8:00, there was a woman on that side of mckee making the cross over and she did have right of way and did activate the pedestrian crosswalk.
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when she was on this side, more than halfway across mckee, cars were stopping except for one. according to witnesses, it was an suv speeding along mckee westbound going above the posted speed limit and ran over this woman. that driver continued on, stopped the next flight, paused and went on from there never to be seen again. the woman did survive the impact. >> we saw the cars, there's no respect. the people cruise it free. this is a big problem in this area. >> reporter: police believe the hit-and-run suv is going to have a lot of damage to its front end. they are still looking for driver. he or she was driving a chevy tahoe or suburban light in
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color, possibly silver or brown. again, this accident taking place here last night at 8:00 at the intersection of mckee and 34th. bob redell for "today in the bay." thank you very much, bob. >> moving now to a global crisis. new developments in the ebola crisis. german hospitals say a medical worker treated for the virus has died. the 56-year-old man contracted the virus while working in liberia and was treated in germany. meantime, the texas nurse hospitaled with ebola is getting help from the doctor who survived the illness. nina pham received a transfusion from dr. kent brantley. according to the cdc's website, those who overcome the ebola virus develop an bodies in the blood that can last for ten years. thomas eric duncan was the first person to die from ebola in the
5:36 am
u.s. and the cdc wouldn't be surprised if another health care worker becomes sick after caring for thomas eric duncan. all workers who treated duncan are being closely monitored. health officials are stepping up warnings to hospitals nationwide to watch for symptoms of ebola if any patients have travelled to west africa. and a flight from sfo was forced to turn back when the plane started to fall apart. the american airlines flight left for dallas yesterday afternoon. shortly after takeoff, passengers heard loud popping sounds and a ripping noise. that's when the plans inside the plane came loose. >> people were ripping and shouting. >> they are checking the damage and the pilot decided to turn back to make an emergency landing at sfo. airline officials believe a blown air duct is to blame. we are told american airlines
5:37 am
have have another jet ready to take passengers ready and back to dallas this morning. a school board member will learn if he'll permanently be banned from his own child's school. santa clara unified trustee is under a temporary restraining order barred from interacting with the principal there will where his son attends after she accused him of harassment. the temporary restraining order they say should be a permanent one. the next police academy begins today with the smallest class ever. 22 cadets in the class are forcing a mandatory overtime program to keep officers on the street. the department is surveying officers for input on that plan. but the police force has dropped from 1300 officers to 900 active police. they say many officers left for other departments that offered better compensation packages. 5:37 on this tuesday.
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there's a lot of people out in the bay area today and a lot of people in san francisco going to the giants' game. 41,000-plus to be exact. what kind of weather can they expe expect? >> there's a lot going own and what a difference a day is doing to make. good tuesday morning to you. get up, get moving and out the front door on time. 62 in oakland. 55 in san jose. and a good weather story to tell you for today because the showers we have been counting on are arriving right on time in northern san francisco. we continue this future track to up stall it again for you heading throughout the evening hours with more rainfall. this will continue to be overnight into tomorrow morning. making for kind of a slick commute to work tomorrow, but
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overall we need the rain. a lot of people won't complain about it. 73 in the south bay. 65 in san francisco. down from the mid-80s yesterday. it was a warm day in the city. we are taking your temperatures down a good 20 degrees for today. 67 in the north bay. 69 degrees on the east store. we'll let you know what is to come first with cold air on the way in addition to that rain. already it's a traffic day that is very busy. look at fast track, this is tuesday so we expect volume around the bay. but this may be different for i-80 right now. coming off the bridge, a typical flow. no problems on the upper east shore freeway north of the cartinez bridge with the crash closing westbound 880.
5:40 am
look at the jam into american canyon all the way to highway 37. you're going to hear about a crash at highway 29 here. 680 southbound toward 780 and crossing over there back to the brims is your alternate. we have a pretty smooth drive. here's oakland with a look past the coliseum with all lanes coming up to speed past the coliseum. thank you, mike. and the issue of isis today. we are live in washington with details. >> and police are looking right now for the thief who stole this
5:41 am
from someone.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. 5:42. president obama meets with the leaders of 21 nations to discuss the fight of isis. this will take place outside of washington this morning. tracie potts is joining us live on capitol hill this morning. the big question is whether anyone is willing to send in ground troops. >> reporter: exactly. that's the key question for the 22 countries including the united states coming together to figure out what is the next step in dealing with isis in iraq and syria. there are ten arab nations sending their defense ministers here to 11 other countries. all of them in a coalition working with the united states, but no one is putting boots on the ground. the u.s. is pressuring arab nations to handle that. they are in the region. the obama administration said we don't want to send our military in for a ground war, but some here in washington are urging the president to keep that option open. so that is the central question, especially as we start the scene not only in syria but isis is
5:44 am
advancing in baghdad. laura? >> rather aggressively. thank you so much, traci. happening right now, a south african judge is hearing testimony on the second day of oscar pistorius' sentencing hear. he was convicted of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend. a charge very similar to manslaughter here many the united states. his agent testified today after being called as a witness by the defense. pistorius could be sentenced up to 15 years in prison or he could leave court as a free man. the sentencing phase could take several days to complete. 5:44 this morning. one person confirmed dead after a powerful earthquake struck in central america. the 7.4 magnitude quake struck last night just off the coast of nicaragua and el salvador's border. it was felt across central america. a tsunami warning was issued for the coast of honduras and nicaragua. el salvador residents were at vised to move inland. so far no reports of major damage. new video this morning as
5:45 am
typhoon vongfong sweeps over japan leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. two people are dead and 93 are injured. at least one person is missing as a result of this storm. now it has weakened significantly but vongfong still pounded tokyo with heavy rain and high winds. over 600 flights were canceled yesterday as a result of this storm. >> hitting it hard there. in fact, we'll get some rain of our own. >> i believe meteorologist christina loren is tracking multiple systems right now throughout the week. i am. i am excited because this is what we need. it is early in the season to see this many storms lining up out there in the pacific. so that's the good news. how much rain are we going to receive in well, there's the question mark. i can tell you everything that i've been looking at for the past week or two weeks has led me to believe that it is the north bay that will receive the highest total, as per usual, but we're still going to get rain in the south bay. our hills, thirsty for rain. we just had a red flag warning
5:46 am
yesterday, so it is very unusual to go from a red flag warning to showers and cold within a matter of 48 hours. but that will be the trend. make sure you're ready for dry to moist quickly. 59 degrees in santa rosa. good morning to you, san francisco. 61 degrees to kickoff the day. a beautiful day coming your way. it's going to feel like fall. beautiful ugg weather and snuggie weather. if you want to make soup, this is your day with clouds increasing throughout the day today. we'll show you the weather maker to time it out for you. we have some really cool tools here at nbc bay area to help me do this for you. you can see the front here offshore. looks like it will arrive somewhere in the north bay. by about 12:54 this morning, that's when we expect the front to move into santa rosa. and we're expecting the first shower activity. we're going to have to wait for it in the san francisco area just for a little while. probably until about 2:00 to 3:00 today. but as you can see, that rain is moving in and we need it.
5:47 am
not yet. we're making it to the california coastline. 72 on the peninsula. the east shore, 69 degrees with an overcast sky. cool wind to pick up as well. you will need your jacket for today. as we head into tomorrow, you'll need your umbrella and jacket for the first part of day. clearing out for the second half of wednesday. by thursday, a beautiful day. good air quality. and then friday, more rain in the forecast. a little bit of a break for saturday and another round on sunday into monday. let's check your drive. it's been busy on this traffic tuesday. hi, mike. good morning. a traffic tuesday with the metering lights turned on with the left approach a little lighter. and we'll look at this pattern here. nothing unusual. in fact, the east shore freeway is lighter for the time being. i'm going to explain why in a second. to the maps, there's the toll plaza slowing with problems up the in climb. stephanie truang just gave the all-clear from the earlier crash
5:48 am
between a taxicab and suv in the city. the rest of the bay is looking standard including the south bay. we'll zoom in for a live look at 101 showing a good volume of traffic coming towards us. we'll see a high volume for west 580 through the dublin interchange. a slower drive is developing through livermore approaching 680. here are the maps to show sensors turning from green to red to orange. a typical pattern here. this will jam you up west 80 over here due to the overturned rig. a san jose family down one car. there was a time when everything needed to go right. the car was stolen from the parking lot of a hospital where the wife was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. >> chris sanchez is joining us
5:49 am
in how this is a beginning streak of bad things for this map. >> patrick stewart thought the worst and the fear turned out to be right, that someone would find the keys and swipe the car. this all happened on sunday while he was visiting his wife at good samaritan hospital in san jose where she was diagnosed with a rare form of multiple cler to sis. while at the hospital, he lost the keys to the car that the family uses to get his wife and bort and also to get the children around. it is bad luck that didn't end there. whomever found the keys also found the car and in it stewart's wallet. in the wallet he went to the home to steal the other car from the driveway. folks are hoping people can keep their eyes open for the black chevy cruz. >> it is not about catching the
5:50 am
people so much but it's about the value of the car. it's about what the car enables us as a family to do. >> the good news is san jose police got a call about stewart's car and he got the car back but not before the man used his credit card at a gas station. in the meantime, he's hoping folks keep their eyes open for the black heavy cruz sedan to turn their luck around. it was certainly horrible to hear this. 5:50 on your tuesday morning. t usgs says it is about time for california to see another earthquake.
5:51 am
they are now expecting a larger quake from three different faults in the bay area over the course of the next 30 years. researchers looked at 35 years of measurements along the san andreas fault system. they found that many of the fault lines apore to be locked with pressure building. >> some fictional service down there is giving more and more strain and eventually it has a limit to its strength and it will break. >> researchers are predicting the hayward, rogers creek and green valley faults are already at this point for a major earthquake. 5:51 this tuesday morning, 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick is taking the latest ban on headphones head-on.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
it is 5:53 on your tuesday. google is changing their services and good things must come to an end. >> it is a cool product that is not going to be free anymore. there's your problem. google has for the past year offering an app to allow you to buy toothpaste, battery, whatever. it will come to your house with free delivery. if you order from walgreens, target and whatnot, that's what i order. those are my orders there, paper towels and toilet paper. why? because it's annoying to fill your cart with the giant packages and i have them deliver them for free, but now the free part is over. google is spanning to other cities and now it's going to start charging $9 a month from here on out.
5:55 am
and you have to order $15 worth of stuff in each order. still cool but it was quite awesome. well, things that are not awesome include the stock market. more and more buzz about a correction this morning or worse. general uneasy made worse by phrases like general unease. the mini shuttle unmanned is expected to land in southern california. we don't know what it does or what it's for but apparently it's setting new records for things we don't know about in orbit. a show of defiance right now from the 49ers quarterback kaepernick. >> he wears the same beats headphones he was fined for
5:56 am
wearing last week. the only difference, if you look at it there, the beats logo is taped up. last week he was fined $10,000 for wearing the same head phones because beats is not an official league sponsor. bose is. kaepernick is appealing the fine. he says he was wearing them for breast cancer awareness. we'll see if they respond again. 5:56 on your tuesday morning. >> time to check the forecast with christina loren. you said fall is in the air and we'll feel it today. we certainly are even though the boys of summer are back at it at home. i want to give you a preview of the big game and don't want you to forget about it. our giants game is a big one. we are talking about 1:00 when it will be 66 degrees. that's a flag to blow toward right field. go giants. big game today.
5:57 am
>> the flag is blowing toward the wind. here we have a crash near mckee. this is a map to show you right there that section of the crash right in the congestion zone. we have a concert tonight with pitbull going on there. the rest of the bay has a slow drive near the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about that crash in vallejo coming up. it is 5:57 right now. local tech companies are paying employees to freeze their eggs. we'll explain coming up. plus, the new concern for e-cigarettes and poise up control. and a person is killed in a busy intersection. police are now looking for the driver. we are live on the scene with the latest details.
5:58 am
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. breaking news at 6:00, a
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taxicab slams into another suv. details are coming up next. and a woman is killed in a hit-and-run accident while walking in a crosswalk. and a mid-air scare. what passengers heard and saw moments before they returned to the airport. and it will be dry and chilly heading throughout your thursday. rain between now and then. we'll get a bit of a break before the weekend. the moral of the story, a pattern change. we'll give you details for the microclimate in a moment. and the bay bridge toll plaza has a backup. we'll show you the backups through vallejo coming up. it's tuesday, october 14th. as we take a live look outside overlooking san francisco, fall is finally in the air, this is "today in the bay."


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