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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. right now at 11:00 -- tracking a storm a few hours away from hitting the bay area. good evening, i'm raj mathai. jessica is off. feels like fall. dark clouds. wind and rain. coming in waves. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the rain that could impact the morning commute. jeff. >> the storm system painstakingly slowly getting closer to the bay area. rain returns pick up north of
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san francisco. also, some instability with lightning as well. as we get a look overall rainfall totals. beginning to pick up as well here in north bay. .2 in cloverdale. .1 in ckacalistoga. radar now. close in view. mainly tracking areas of patchy drizzle. marin, napa, sonoma counties. that will pick up. first part of the storm system. head out, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. scattered showers. napa. oakland. san francisco down toward palo alto. talk mr.ore about chances of rainfall across san jose. how much this lasts and two systems on the way. >> very encouraging. wind causing havoc early this evening. take a look. a large tree. right here. fell on a parked car. in san jose. this is one of the e-bay
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campuses. bad news for the car. thankful l fufully no one was i. our live coverage begins tomorrow morning at 4:30 on our morning show "today in the bay." >> fight against yebola reached the bay area. a twist, the dallas nurses are fighting back using a national union as their voice. the nurses union in east bay. cheryl hurd on treasure island this evening. cheryl, a strange turn of events highlighted by the news conference a few hours ago. >> that's right, raj. we did not hear or see the nurses making complaints about the lack of training and equipment used when treating ebola patient thomas duncan. but, what they're saying is true, if what they're saying is true, nurses were in trouble from the very beginning. >> media, the threat of retaliation. and it's real. >> national nurses united executive director roseanne
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demaro will not reveal the identity of dallas nurses who are speaking out. instead, union members read their statement that included disturbing details about what happened when ebola patient thomas duncan was at texas health presbyterian hospital. >> they said, mr. duncan was left for several hours not in isolation in an area where other patients were present. >> complaint after complaint was read during the press conference. >> dallas nurses telling union officials they didn't hatch the proper protective clothing to deal with contagious patients. they sayimprovised. leaving body parts nurses are s no protocols. >> dallas hospital officials responding quickly. releasing this statement to nbc bay area news. it says in part, we have numerous measures in police to
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provide a safe working environment, including mandatory annual training and a 24/7 hot line and other mechanisms that allow for anonymous reporting. what's happening in dallas is sparking serious conversations about hospital safety in the bay area. this is in the east bay, looking at a training individually to prepare for possible case of ebola. >> we want all of our staff to be comfortable with putting on those, the isolation gowns and everything else that they're going tos to and taking it off properly. we know that is probably the biggest concern. >> california nurses association president deborah berger is concerned hospitals are not ready for ebola. >> now we do have an update on the dallas nurses condition. her condition has been upgraded to good. reporting live on treasure island. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. scare in the north bay.
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some one arrived at marin general hospital with symptoms resembling ebola. staffers closely followed cdc protocol and brought that patient into an isolation room. doctors cleared the patient of ebola. and later called it a good drill for the real thing. >> developing story -- modesto. violent attack by pit bulls. an elderly couple in critical condition. deputies arrived at their hemom to find four pit bulls in the backya backyard. three mauling the man. the woman inside. deputies shot and killed two dogs at the scene. the other two were killed later. outside a nearby home. one neighbor says she had seen the dogs roaming before. and heard the commotion. tonight. >> we thought dogs fighting with each other. cops everywhere. the neighbors were helping trying to get the dogs away.
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>> investigators say they're trying to determine who owns the dogs. remarkable story, stranded woman, smart cop. an app may have saved her life. she crashed in a raravine. no one knew where she was. jean elle has details. >> officer david cameron's love of technology helped get a rescue helicopter to mount hamilton this morning to save a campbell woman mae life. police knew 28-year-old melissa vazquez was in trouble monday afternoon. her onstar service notified campbell police she was in a car accident. >> those initial onstar alert that came out. was in the area of her residence. >> campbell police searched white oaks road in shelley avenue for hours and found nothing. later a ping from her cell phone turned searchers toward downtown san jose. nowhere near where she needed
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help. as part of my investigation the i asked the stepmother if she had, an iphone. if she had an iphone. was she aware she had the find my iphone app. >> when vazquez's family reported her missing. cameron hoped her technology would provide new clues. he had her ipad but no password. >> just trying to make an educated guess. just, just throwing, stuff at the wall. it stuck. luckily on the third try. i was able to get in. >> cameron activated find my iphone feature on vazquez's phone. in second had an address. 20 minutes later, rescue crews found vazquez and her car, 500 feet down a steep ravine. she was seriously injured but alive. >> their timely response was key in getting melissa to regional medical center. >> outside the hospital, emotional family members thanked rescuers for determination. a himable officer cameron is relieved the numbers lined up. >> one thing missing out of
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that, and this could have been a tetly different situation. >> old-fashioned police work right there. jean elle reporting. onstar says it is investigating this incident. >> a new sketch out to help catch a pervert on the peninsula. police in belmont release this sketch of a man who flashed women last week in belmont. the women at a pete's coffee shop on el camino real, the man flashed from his car. investigators believe the same man may be tied to a flashing incident last week. the flasher was driving a white, newer model. four-door bmw. >> tonight bicyclists attacked in san francisco. six assaults have now been reported in the past ten days. all in one specific part of town. terry mcsweeney at golden gate park. terry, first question, why? every single attack. stolen the bicycle.
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and knock bicyclists off this path here in the panhandle of golden gate park. some times they go after wallets and cell phone. they're not afraid to beat the bicyclists to get what they want. police have an idea who they're looking for. priority one is to find them. tonight the bicyclists were unaware of six attacks created by rider. >> haven't heard a theing. i have never seen anything. >> i have no idea. i hadn't heard. >> two incidences of people being pushed. off of a bike. the bike taken. we have had one serious injury. >> at a meeting at park police station tonight. dozens of neighbors learned about increased police patrols. uniform and undercover. officers after talking to witnesses, checking surveillance video. are looking for several young hispanic men they believe are responsible for attacks over the past couple weeks.
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two this past friday night. off awe we have lady we are following. it its unfortunately i can't share them. it is an active investigation. we do hope to -- bring these individuals into custody. >> one idea offered tonight. hand out fliers, letting the neighborhood know about the crime spree. >> a lot of fear. a lot of anger. unfortunately. people are scared. >> a massive, massive response. >> this woman blogs about the panhandle, for >> big response from cyclist communities. there are groups want to be vigilante and find people. other people, avoid the panhandle all times of day. >> a resident wants more community involvement. >> lack them to say something when they see something. care about their neighbor. >> the attacks have all happened between 10:00 p.m. and 1. 30. in the morning. >> ride my bike late night all the time. on the panhandle. book path for those hours all the time. so, you know. hopefully it won't happen to me.
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>> advice police have for bicyclis try to travel in groups. if you are cruising along and see a group of men up ahead not moving. might want to find another way to got to where you are going. live in san francisco. terry mcsweeney. >> we see cyclists behind you. >> next, doctors say a first. a patient addicted to google glass. the bizarre symptoms and how doctors are treating it. not just about stock options. two legendary silicone valley companies are offering women a unique benefit that could be a game changer. >> banding together. dramatic video of a rescue at sea. >> and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, clouds increasing in san jose. areas ofu devil of -- areas of drizzle developing. the storm and how it will impack your morning commute.
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free food, dry cleaning is nice. the latest perk for women and their eggs. will it help the gender gap. apple and facebook hope so. ian cull explains. >> reporter: apple and facebook saying they'll pay for employees to have their eggs frozen if they want to. some do it to delay child birth and continue their career. >> women who nay may not know who they want to have children with or want to have children in the future. opens up the door for them to keep the options open. >> reporter: doctors say freezing eggs before age 35 can in a way pause a woman's
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biological clock. this doctor has seen a dramatic increase in women doing it since it was declared no longer experimental two years ago. >> something that we used to see primarily for women undergoing medical treatment. or for women undergoing chemotherapy. now seeing it increasingly for women who would look to delay childbearing for one reason or another. >> apple and face book will offer up to $20,000 for the process when done for nonmedical reasons. each round costs about $10,000. storage, $500 a year. sometimes more than one round is needed. >> we are very excite add but anything that improves access for women to additional reproductive choices. >> some hoping other employers will follow. >> for most of the women. it is difficult to -- have a good job. and go higheren the company. when you are young and you have children. >> others we spock with agreed. but worry the companies may want the women to continue working instead of taking maternity
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leave. >> google and come pans panies . offer perks, never leave the company. yeah, wuonder if that means i shouldn't be bearing children until later. >> facebook started covering its employees. apple's policy starts in january. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> a matter of time. newest addiction from silicone valley, google glass addiction. san diego doctors are officially calling it internet adekttidict disorder. linked to the everdeuce of google glass. treated for withdrawal after using google glass 18 hours a day. in therapy he would place finger to the right side of his face to turn on the device. the patient its being treated in out patient program. google yet to comment. >> not uber or lift not yet. side car inked a deal with sfo to become the first official
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ride sharing service. sfo the first airport in california to sign a permit with a transportation network company. the deal allows side car to legally drop off and pick up passengers. the airport in discussions to include other ride share companies. quick thinking. human chain helped struggling beach-goers to safety. it happened along the oregon coast. take a look, a witness caught this entire rescue on camera. see a few people link arms race into the waves to help four people struggling in the water. witnesses say the entire group was caught off-guard when the tide, started to roll in. now one person had to be carried out of the surf. five others ended up stranded on nearby rocks. coast guard helicopter helped rescue those people. so, everything ended okay. but that video was dramatic. chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, here comes the rain. at & t park, covered the infield in case it rains amount the
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park. >> certainly great stuff they're doing out there. we are expecting rain drops. get a look right now. storm system. core of it still remains off off to the north. not going to see that move throughout the bay area. but it is the trailing cold front that will continue through out tonight. also, of note. the storm system is holding instability. doppler radar. not a lot to show you. light showers developing offshore. we are noting drizzle into marin, napa. we will see things advance. we head throughout the six hour period. more of that. get you outside of sky camera network. in san francisco. fog, drizzle there. also throughout the north bay. temperatures in the 60s. and you are really going to be able to see it. we take this view, full. that cloud cover. that cloud, deck of fog. really lowering across the bay. spotty frizzle.
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take you into tomorrow morning's forecast. what you will notice here. not going to be completely stormy throughout the, the entire morning. throughout the first part of the morning. when we expect the rainfall to begin to move in. temperatures are also going to be cold. not only 50s for most of the bay area. but check it out in the north bay. not only the chance here of showers. but temperatures that will be dropping down into the 40s. so, let's bring you into the forecast. it was breezy to gusty today. we did have a few trees come down in the south bay. wind have started to calm down t 5, 10 miles an hour. think we are done with most wind at this point. move on to the next thing. that is the rainfall. as you will see in our ran cast. again right now. we are not seeing anything out here at current moment. but as woe ae advance this. take you into the morning. forecast models are beginning to pn down rain possibilities across the bay area. scattered areas of rainfall throughout the north bay. east bay done to san francisco. through 4:00 a.m. a lot of you going to be
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sleeping. when we start to see the rain pass. check it out. down in the south bay. little to nothing for san jose. may not get any rainfall until 8:00 tomorrow morning. then, pretty sparse. not going to last long. head throughout 10:00. begin to clear out. by the afternoon hours, we start to see everything begin to move on out of the bay area. even gift some sunshine moving back across. a look at what we can expect, overall. best chance of highest accumulations at the coastline and north bay. once again, timing here has this moving in, not only late tonight but into the overnight hours. expected highest totals well be throughout the higher elevations of 1,000 feet. may see upwards of a quarter to about a half inch. so take-up to microclimate forecast. head throughout wednesday. temperatures cool to mild. again, rain icon for the morning hours. afternoon hours, we well get sunshine in here. 72, san jose. morgan hill, 75. peninsula. san francisco, yes, staying in
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the 60s. you are going to need. well the rain jacket for a little bit in the morning. need the jacket by the afternoon. cold temperatures. napa, 69. trivalley. finally an october day. not expected in the 90s. we have mid 70s coming here as we head throughout the forecast. nlcs game four. maybe watching on tv. curious about conditions. 60s. try conditions through out first pitch for tomorrow. five-day forecast. there is a lot off to talk about. another chance of showers by friday's forecast. temperatures stay cool through the extended. and then, a nother chance of some wet weather by next monday. raj, finish out. traveling to hawaii. tropical storm. hitting there. throughout the upcoming weekend. check the plans twice. >> alow ha. >> spending more than $100,000 on a cat. details of this unusual deal. and -- jimmy. >> hey. coming up.
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music from sam smith! you got to watch it. we're on next!
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>> converse is suing wal-mart and 30 companies for selling knock-off versions of their original all-star shoe. those iconic sneakers, chuck taylors known for rubber toe toerpz a toppers and diamond patterns. copy cats have become more common in recent years. though the shoe style is all most 100 years old. converse hopes to trademark infringement lawsuit will end look alike. this year, converse made $1.7 billion in sales of the shoes. more than six weeks to thanksgiving. macy's already announcing its black friday hours. this year the macy's stores will open, forget black friday. thursday, thanksgiving night at 6:00. that's two hours earlier than
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last year. the stores will stay open until 10:00 p.m. friday. macy's officials say they have added store hours because of customer interest. let's get to the giants now. two down. two to go. we're going into tomorrow night's big game. take you inside the giants clubhouse tonight.
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geraud moncure. a couple years ago, the chicken enchilada, now spaghetti. whatever it is, tomorrow night a big game. >> hey, you know what? everything they're doing seems to work right now. they just, get men on base. and gear the opposition not to make a mistake. today's, time for the giants. counts for a series advantage over the cards. as the far as me momentum. two wins. john lackey, early, often. bottle tom of the frame. based loaded. and the first pitch he seize. off the wall in right. all score. 4-0. giants. top of the seventh.
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orange and black lead. down a run. con connecting. a shot behind the pole. game tied. and ending the afternoon. former journey frontman, steve perry, "don't stop believing." the magic happened. two on. no outs. the bunt. randy cho, throws it. throws it away. brandon crawford. second. giants win 5-4. taking a 2-1 series lead. >> how we decided to win today. you know? i think -- with this team. you don't ever know how it will happen. with these two teams playing each other. you are not necessarily, nothing is scripted. >> have that big, super named guy. that,extravagantly. famous. all and all. just a bunch of guys who i feel, a bunch of players. you know what we can do. we stick with each other.
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>> great sight. before the game. hall of famer, willie mccovey. big mac in the hospital infection in his leg. missing presentation of the awart, bears his name last month to. day he was at the park checking out the giants before game three. great to see that. on the ice. sharks. coming off a pair of shutout victories. taking their defensive back to the east coast. team. opening of a five-game roady against the washington capitals. scott hammond in his 1,000 career game. early. tommy w nichlingel. san jose. down a goal. fires. and tied at 5-5. head to the shootout. second round of shots. and, ripping a screamer over the glove of justin peters. sharks win, 6-5. reman unbeaten. finally, 49ers, linebacker. patrick willis has a sprained
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toe. according to pro football talk. will seek a second opinion as a report also says, it is currently unlike he he is going to play this week at denver. of course, a huge blow to the 49ers' defense. which ranks seventh in the league behind the broncos. more news coming up after the break. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity.
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first of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. second of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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how about this story. sold to the highest bidder with one condition. leave the cat behind. a family from australia sold their home for $122,000 over the asking price of $2 million. but they had to throw in their family cat tiffany. the 4-year-old feline caught the eye of the child during the open house. the family accepted the deal. they plan to get another cat from a shelter. >> a first for everything. >> if you have got the money. >> we don't make it up. thank you for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. stay dry. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone logan lerman musicaes


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