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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11:00. rain is moving into the bay area. looking live at some of our window shots there san francisco, the clouds are looming overhead. san jose, not quite dropping rain drops just yet. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and let's get right to what christina loren has been tracking the rain for us. where do we stand now? >> we're starting to get our first activity this morning. i'm talking about the south bay specifically. a little bit of light activity up in the north bay. want to show you this awesome time lapse. really tells a story of the day.
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we started out with sunshine, the clouds steadily increasing at this point. from high atop mt. hamilton, the overcast sky developing. and yeah, already getting showers here on the san mateo bridge where we witnessed a crash live a few moments ago. you really want to take it easy out there. travel cautiously. you can see here over parts of the bay area, your visibility will be reduced. let me show you the front as it comes in. it's kind of falling apart. nonetheless, much-needed rainfall to the santa cruz mountains. and all of this is starting to press past the san francisco bay. on our way to a little bit of shower activity here in the south bay as we head through about 1:00, 2:00, i'll time this system out. and the good news is. there's more on its heels. we keep rain in the forecast as we head late into the week. so stick around, got lots to go over this morning. first, though, sam, kris, and the rest of the top stories of the day. >> thank you so much. and christina tracking that rain as it heads to your front doorstep. click on the weather tab to look
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at the latest radar and get current conditions. well, new at 11:00, police in san francisco are investigating their third major accident in 24 hours. this morning, an elderly man was killed in front of his house as he was trying to cross the street. this happened in the sunset neighborhood right next to the san francisco zoo. nbc bay area's stephanie truong is live. what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: this happened before the rain came. it's very wet on the roads. around 7:00 this morning. the victim actually lives in a house here on this side of the street. trying to cross the street. i spoke with his daughter, he was 87 years old, trying to catch the bus to go across the street. they heard a bang this morning, but hear it a lot because drivers speed here where there is a san francisco zoo. so far, police say, there's nothing the driver was doing wrong, the driver ended up facing the other direction. does not appear she's speeding,
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she's a middle aged woman quite shaken up. a teachers aid who stayed and cooperated with investigators. but we did speak with the daughter of the victim who said the driver was going pretty quickly. >> and you're saying that the people who drive down here go at very high speeds? >> very high speeds. and it's very dangerous on the weekends, the zoo with little kids. and they come from the avenues and cross over. so, yeah, high speed here. >> it's personal for you now. what's your message to people? you've lost your father today. >> to drive carefully, slow down and watch for pedestrians. >> and we did hear from other people who live in this neighborhood that people drive pretty fast here along the boulevard. this is the 11th fatal pedestrian accident of the year compared to 21 for all of last year. investigators had closed off this section of the road here. but it was back open within 2 1/2 hours. they did try to save the victim,
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but he passed away at san francisco general hospital this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. well, glass shattered in san jose's rio grande neighborhood, but investigators are not looking for burglars. this is the damage to the salon on lincoln avenue. the owner had to board up the store front yesterday morning. over the last two months, someone's been smashing business windows around willow glen. the store down the street was hit about two months ago and the local starbucks and baskin robbins shops have been targets. they think this is vandalism pure and simple. at this point, police have not made any arrests, so they are looking for surveillance video. we're learning new details this morning about a high-end escort accused of injecting a google executive with a deadly dose of heroin. and we are live outside the santa cruz county courthouse where alex fickleman appeared
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earlier this morning. >> reporter: the hearing was at 8:15 this morning. and there was a quick event here in santa cruz and in the end, the defense still maintained it was all an accident. alex tickleman was on a yacht with a google executive forest hayes. while on the yacht, police say he injected hayes with a illegal dose of heroin. but defense lawyers used the occasion to hammer at the allegations. also still in question is the georgia man associated with tickleman who also died of a drug overdose. santa cruz and georgia police are looking to see if they can add murder charges to tickleman's file. as it stands now, she's facing felony manslaughter charges for the death of the google executive. lawyers want police to release the entire video captured on the yacht the day hayes died. right now, they say they only have access to about 20 minutes worth of video. >> and what the video shows is that this death was an accident,
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it was an accidental overdose. my client alex did nothing to mr. hayes that he didn't want to happen to him. she did what he asked. two consensual adults engaged in mutual drug usage. it went wrong, but it wasn't intended. >> reporter: police say, however, the computer seized at her home show she was online doing research on legal defense strategies. police say that shows she'd been trying to hide something. the next hearing is back on december 5th right here in santa cruz. again, it is another procedural hearing. we're live in santa cruz, nbc bay area news. >> have to wait and see if that tape does get released. thank you very much. and now to the latest developments on ebola. it is a day many people have been anxiously awaiting in dallas. today, the monitoring period ends for more than 40 people who had contact with the patient who
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died from the virus. the centers for disease control are now -- say they are no longer considered at risk for contracting ebola. officials in dallas say they are cautiously optimistic. but as nbc's jay gray found, they're also quick to point out that the fight to stop the spread of the deadly disease is far from over. >> this, i believe, is a defining moment for dallas. >> reporter: a benchmark in the u.s. fight against ebola, today 43 residents who had contact with thomas eric duncan before the ebola patient was hospitalized have been pulled from a centers for disease control watch list after being monitored for 21 days. >> there's zero risk that any of those people who have been marked off the list have ebola. >> included in that group is duncan's fiancee and three young men quarantined from the entire three-week period. >> it is an isolating experience, filled with fear and anxiety about a very scary disease.
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released a written statement thanking health care teams. it says in part, we are so grateful none of us has shown any sign of illness, but she adds, the quarantine is over, our time of mourning is not over. the family mourning the loss of duncan and most everything they owned when their apartment was decontaminated. dozens of people sent them cards and letters of encouragement. the city plans to help them now as they move to a new house and try to reclaim their lives. >> there's no question today as a milestone day, it's a hurdle we need to get over. but there are other hurdles to also jump. >> one of the highest is the ongoing concern about 75 health care workers involved with duncan's treatment who continue to self-monitor and self-isolate. to this point, none have shown any symptoms of the deadly virus. the two nurses who contracted ebola while treating duncan are in stable condition and said to be responding well to ongoing treatments. jay gray, nbc news, dallas.
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well, for every ebola patient treated in the u.s., there will be eight large barrels of hazardous, infectious waste every day. that includes the protective gloves, gowns, masks, medical instruments the doctors use, bed linens and anything used to take care or clean up after a patient. eventually, even the curtains and mattresses are considered infectious and must be destroyed. the cdc recommends incinerating the waste which in california is illegal. the l.a. times reports some hospital representatives say their only option appears to be driving that waste to another state to burn it. stay with us for continuing coverage of this story and any time we are not on air, you can go to our website, that is updated around the clock. the public health officials say cases of west nile virus have exploded across the state of california. and the drought could be to blame. the contra costa times reported the number of mosquitos infected with the virus statewide is at
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the highest ever detected. 562 cases have been reported this year. more than twice the number from just a year ago. health officials say it could be linked to a range of factors including climate, the number of birds and mosquitos in the area and, of course, the drought. some good news if you are driving on the bay bridge this morning, you should not see the same kind of gridlock that kept people on the bridge for hours on friday. this weekend, caltrans removed a series of steel plates on the upper deck. that is near the fremont street exit. the plates were put in place last week just to help crews replace six expansion joints. many slowed down to drive across the plates and the signs that came before them causing traffic backup delays, in some cases over an hour. >> it was a nightmare. it took a long time to get in. it was probably over an hour in traffic. >> today, though, much better? >> yeah, it was much better. probably half an hour, 45 minutes. >> it was a lot smoother. hopefully they figured out a way to fix it. >> caltrans engineers are
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looking into other options that would not impact traffic as much. but they do need to get those expansion joints done. los angeles kings defenseman is now banned from taking part in club activities pending a formal investigation by the nhl into a domestic violence accusation. he was arrested this morning, and he is charged with domestic violence. there are no specifics, though, on what the situation that led to that was. he will continue to get paid throughout that investigation. right now, businesses may be hiring, but there's something else they're not doing for employees that is important. details next. plus, ditching the cash. apple payrolls out today. how the wallet-busting mobile payment system is working so far. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail the unit at
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it is probably not escaped your attention that the gas prices are falling, but relief at the pump could come back to haunt us, experts say, next year. at the station on capital expressway, cars lined up to pay just $3.17 a gallon for regular gas. experts say prices could drop below $3 in the coming weeks. but that comes with a disclaimer that lower gas prices could hurt the economy by reducing employment and exports. if you didn't get a raise last year, you are not alone. according to a quarterly survey by the national association for business economics, only 24% of companies gave out raises in the july to september quarter. that's down from 43% in previous quarters. experts say that the numbers suggest there are still enough people out of work because companies don't feel pressure to pay more to incentivize them. apple pay launched today. >> scott budman shows us how
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it's being received by buyers and by sellers. >> reporter: the drinks at mountain view's beer house come from all over the world, the benches come from germany. and the new payment system comes from silicon valley. >> apple pay is going to be huge. it's going to change the way we pay for things. and i'm excited to announce today that we're beginning on monday. >> and starting monday, beer house, along with hundreds of other businesses will let you pay by phone using apple pay. >> apple pay is what enables a very fast, very seamless payment experience. >> by building its payment system into its iphone, apple hopes to take the idea of leaving your cash and credit cards in your wallet mainstream. back end software from silicon valley's clover lets you point and pay.
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it's safer than swiping a credit card. it's also convenient. >> i just want to come over here, sit down, order from my phone and have my beer show up. and so, that's a much better consumer experience. >> it will likely take some getting used to, both for customers and businesses. >> we're going to have a training session, of course, i think the technology's simple enough that people will be able to adapt. >> but eventually, when you need money, you'll likely reach for your phone. scott budman, nbc bay area news. other technology news, ibm is paying $1.5 billion to dump its costly microchip manufacturing division. ibm will be making payments to santa clara based chip maker global foundries over three years, but it'll have to take a $4.7 billion write-off in the third quarter when it reports its results today. ibm's chip division has reported declining revenues for the past couple of years. heavy rains and mudslides have killed at least six people.
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the downpour is being blamed on what's left of tropical storm trudy. three dozen communities in the area are currently under state of emergency while more than 4,000 people have evacuated to shelters. good news for those folks who are bound for hawaii, hurricane ana is now just a tropical storm. heavy showers continue to blanket most of the area, and the islands seem free from damage since the eye of the storm never hit land. the system is now moving farther into the pacific, but forecasters say the tropical storm could still gain strength and be upgraded back to a hurricane. something to keep an eye on in the bay area. plenty to watch out for this week as we see our own system of rain coming through. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> reporte >> you want to keep in mind. we spend a little money on our clothes, kris, i'm talking to you, and as a result, we want to protect that investment, right? so just make sure you have that umbrella ready to go.
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the time lapse from ocean beach tells the story. you can see overcast sky here starting to feel a little bit of drizzle. right by the bay, as well, this is our bridge camera. do watch out. a little shower activity out there, nothing heavy. but enough to have you dodging showers from time to time as we head throughout the next couple of hours. this activity is going to ramp up a little bit before it starts to wind down this evening. grab your umbrella if you're headed outdoors today. we're going to get great air quality and a comfortable week courtesy of the cold air trailing behind this front. then the rain returns as we head into the latter portion of your week. and this next system's actually looking like it will impact that world series giants game when they come back home. hoping that those showers come in early. and looks okay. but if that system slows down, we could have a problem on our hands. 64 degrees in san francisco for today, 66 on the east shore, and 68 degrees on the peninsula. meanwhile, low 70s for us here in the south bay. grab your umbrella today, ditch it tomorrow, you can leave it at
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home for wednesday, then you're pulling it back out by thursday as we have more rain on the way late thursday into friday. and this system just like the one that came through today is going to come from north moving to the south, and as a result, we're going to get the highest totals up in the north bay. still counting on maybe a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rain down in the south bay as the showers start to move our way. overall, looking pretty good as we head throughout the next few days. 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, temps stay cool. we are now in the thick of it. no summer heat in the forecast. at least for the next 15 days. in fact, it's quite the contrary. we keep that storm window open. i'll tell you what that means for our rain chances getting into next week. i can see out 15 days. back to you for now, sam and kris. >> thank you, christina. 11:19 right now. still to come, world series fever is ramping up. >> what's the world season? >> what you need to know going into tomorrow's big world series
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game. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m.
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a new report says 49ers linebacker alden smith could be back on the field earlier than expected. according to pro football talk's mike florio, the league may reduce smith's nine-game suspension by a game or two because of good behavior.
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if it is reduced by two games, the suspension would be over. he would come back for the game on november 16th. the nfl suspended him last august for violating conduct and substance abuse policies. meanwhile, south bay niners fans watching the game against the broncos last night say the team sure could've used him. the team lost 42-17 as peyton manning broke the nfl record for touchdown passes. >> yeah, the niners down several defensive players right now. raiders fans, meantime, fuming this morning over unsportsman like conduct by a cardinals player. check this out during the final minutes of the 24-13 loss to the cardinals, injured cardinals player mocks the fans. he uses a white board and wri s writes, worst team in the nfl and 0-6 with a smiley face in the zero. docket took to twitter to defend his actions after the game saying raiders fans threw coins and ice at us, called us every name in the book. that's what made me write this sign. best revenge would be winning on the field, raiders.
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in the baseball world, the giants have wrapped up workouts here and they're now in kansas city getting ready for game one of the world series. fall classic starts tomorrow. a visit to the world series in the past five years. >> of course. and the teams caught that flight yesterday morning. several fans were there to see them off. outfielder hunter pence, such a nice guy, signing autographs to those dedicated fans. >> and he's the man responsible for pumping up the team. now, once the team landed in kansas city, players immediately headed off to kauffman stadium to get a feel for the field. not much will change when it comes to the giants' roster. going with the nlcs to start game one kind of an easy choice there. he's also expected to insert michael morrison into the lineup as a designated hitter. millions of baseball fans dream of watching a world series game in person. one lucky fan will be living the dream this friday. >> yeah, says he was in the
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right spot at the right time when he caught the ball, hit by travis on thursday night. it was the walk-off home run that sent san francisco back to the world series. according to burke, he never thought about trying to cash in on that playoff momento. >> it never crossed my mind. for one, you know, it's not how i want to, you know, make my money. for two, i want to get reunited with him. i do believe there's good people out there that would do the same thing. he's the man that hit the ball, i was in the lucky place to catch it. >> so he met him after the game and made a fair trade the ball for a signed bat, there it is. and the next day, the team gave him four tickets to game three of the world series in san francisco. see, when you do the right thing, it pays off. >> for the value of that ball, he should've gotten tickets for every game. nice exchange there. world series wagers are happening all over the halls of the u.s. capitol. locked in a wager with emmanuel
11:26 am
cleaver of missouri. >> high stakes here. they are betting delicious city foods. pelosi stands to win a plate of barbecue from kansas city's famous dates barbecue while cleaver would claim a basket of chocolates. of course, each one says they're looking forward to bragging rights throughout the halls of congress. singer lorde will not be losing any royalty money after two san francisco radio stations benched her song. >> i'm benching you from the microphone. kansas city station has decided to play the song once every hour from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening tomorrow the day of the world series home opener. the young singer was inspired to write the song, she says, after seeing a 1976 photo of george brett. and here the whole time i thought it was about royalty. a lot of attention this morning, especially from giants fans. look at romo. >> romo. >> the agency posted these photos on his twitter account showing the new crew of
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adoptable dogs all named after giants players. some of those names really work. posey and, of course -- >> what if you're a cat person. well, fans showing their support for the orange and black. check out our photo gallery online and tweet us your photos of your cuticutiees, or e-mail to us. we also have continuing coverage on "today in the bay." bob redell got the worst assignment ever in kansas city. he's going to start bringing reports tomorrow morning. never get that call, by the way, ever. >> he's going to have to earn it. no hot dog eating for you, bob. he's going to be watching what's going on here. game action only, 11:27 on your monday. trusted to lead a local community college and its students. but up next, we investigate claims she got caught breaking the rules.
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the chancellor of one of the
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bay area's largest community college districts has answered question about how she used her district credit card. >> the issue here, kris, centers on plane tickets and cross country trips with her husband. chief investigative reporter has more on this exclusive story. >> she's told us she's done nothing wrong. but a former board president doesn't agree. and records we have uncovered and the time line we put together serve as the foundation for a closer look. so i want to make sure you have every opportunity. >> and i want to make sure you don't get a salacious headline. >> reporter: she serves as chancellor. >> we've talked about the bridge of the future. >> reporter: she's in charge of the san jose evergreen community college district. >> was it a mistake to use the district card to buy plane tickets for your husband? >> you know, i know you're an expert at headlines, and i know what you're trying to get, and you're not going to get that
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headline from me. >> reporter: she's defending decisions on these expense reports. a december trip in 2011 to attend a holiday party at the white house with president obama. and then a few months later, a conference in orlando. >> this particular incident was a serious problem. >> reporter: maria fuentes is on the district's board of trustees. she was the board president when submitted that second expense report. >> should the chancellor have known that she shouldn't have done this? >> yes. absolutely. yes. >> did that disappoint you as the board president? surprise you? >> it was unexpected. it was unexpected. >> in this memo obtained by nbc bay area, president fuentes questioned the use of the district credit card pointing out the charges were not for official district purposes. >> the issue here is that we
11:32 am
have a policy that prohibits any purchase that is non-district related with the credit card. >> specifically, the district's policy states the procurement card is to be used exclusively for district business purposes. and it's also spelled out in the chancellor's employment contract. saying, the chancellor shall not use district credit cards for nondistrict or personal purposes. >> that's my duty. and that's how i handled it. >> and also points to the district's recent history. back in 2010, independent investigators found then chancellor rosa perez violating district policy. recommendations followed giving trustees greater oversight in supervising the budget and travel. >> how did you react when questioned your transaction? >> i was flabbergasted.
11:33 am
>> these credit card statements show the charges. both apparent violations of district policy and the chancellor's contract. >> for two people round trip. and i -- a transaction. i used the district credit card, and i immediately reimbursed the district for that cost. >> when you say immediately, what does that mean to you? >> well, certainly before the bill even arrived here. >> that's not what the records appear to show. take a close look. on the second trip, purchased her husband's ticket with a district credit card on february 5th. the bill was dated february 22nd, and the money order to reimburse the district wasn't purchased immediately. instead, six weeks later. and on the first trip, she purchased her husband's plane ticket on november 11th. the credit card bill was dated november 22nd, and the money order to reimburse the district was, again, not purchased immediately. the date shows january 10th.
11:34 am
>> my question is, what happened here? it took two months to reimburse one and six weeks on the other. >> it was a matter of those records by staff. >> but with all due respect, you're passing the buck. you could have written a check the day after you purchased the tickets and said, here's the money back. it seems like you're taking no accountability, doctor. >> i am telling you i'm a person of integrity who has followed the rules as best as she can. >> the chancellor says internal reviews did not find any problem with her violating her contract or district policy. as you heard, though, the chancellor believes she did nothing wrong. but she did tell us she no longer uses a district credit card for personal purchases. a move recommended by her auditors. kris? >> thanks for that report and thanks for joining us today, tony. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, or send us an e-mail to
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the unit at we could find out what the police department wants to do about the shortage of officers. the department is considering a mandatory overtime program requiring officers to come in during their off days for a ten-hour shift several times a month. survey was given to officers within the departments. it asked them what they think of this program idea. the department has lost hundreds of officers in recent months, many to neighboring cities offering better pay and pension packages. students at a private school showed up to class with a new headmaster in charge. their old one is facing drug charges. thomas price is being replaced by damon kirby. police found him in a hotel room with an unconscious 21-year-old woman and a stash of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. now, kirby will assume the post until a permanent headmaster can
11:36 am
be found. well, it appears there's another victim in the case of the palo alto flasher. a couple came forward to say something similar happened to their daughter. the 13 yeefrld was walking her dog near palo alto in august when she saw a man touching himself in a car and looking at her. he showed up again doing the exact same thing. here's a sketch of a man who exposed himself to a 10-year-old and 14-year-old girl earlier this month. the suspect district is similar for all three of those cases. however, police have released a different sketch of a man who exposed himself to a woman earlier this week. police think there are two different flashers at play. new surveillance video could identify a burglary suspect. police say this man may be involved in a burglary at a downtown business, which happened last sunday. the surveillance video shows the person entering the business on castro street just a few blocks east from central expressway. and that's where he swiped a cell phone. officers are not releasing the name of that business.
11:37 am
moving on to an issue close to home here. california lawmakers will take a close look at the response to the napa earthquake. assembly committee meets this morning at the state capitol. they'll hear testimony from city and county representatives from the region. lawmakers want to see if any improvements can be made to the statewide emergency response system. now to decision 2014. president obama rocking the vote earlier this year, the commander in chief cast his ballot in chicago this morning on what is illinois's first day of early voting. here in the bay area and in california, today's the last day to register to vote for the november 4th election. the registration deadline also applies if you have moved or if you have changed your name. you can register online at regist hillary clinton is back in the bay area today. the former secretary of state will appear alongside nancy
11:38 am
pelosi for a fundraiser, which is already sold out. clinton was just here last week for dream force, you might remember. still no word on whether she plans to make a run for the white house in 2016. 11:38 on your monday. the top two democrats in the district are keeping their eyes focused on election day and their campaign war chest. candidate is challenging incumbent mike honda in a race to represent the silicon valley. the latest election results show honda with nearly $1 million at the end of last month. more than $200,000, 5-1 advantage for the honda camp. according to nbc bay area political analyst, the candidates will be spending that money to get a out very specific messages. >> they each had their own motives and reasons for doing it. and said i've got to get these people to know who i am. he spent a ton of money gaining that name recognition so he could approach. he said i'll let the guy do what
11:39 am
he needs to do. i'm going to save my resources when i can make the points i need to make to overcome whatever inconsistency and lack of support i might have. >> now congressman honda has the money and platform. he's closed the gap in the polls but wonders if his political newcomer will be able to withstand a media blitz. external forces are involved in the pro democracy protests that have occupied the city for more than three weeks. hong kong's chief executives said in a television interview, there's participation by people in organizations outside of hong kong. china's central government has for weeks accused outside groups of stirring up that unrest. the hong kong federation students immediately rejected those accusations. the man accused of being the ring leader in the benghazi terror attack appears in court this morning. pleaded not guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide a
11:40 am
material. today he pleaded guilty to new charges filed last week accusing him of leading an extremist militia. the attack as you'll recall killed four americans, including the man pictured here, former ambassador chris stevens. and indonesia now has a new president. the 53-year-old took the oath of office today at the ceremony at the parliament in jakarta. among the attendees, john kerry. he is a former furniture salesman who has become the first indonesian president not to come from the ranks of the country's elite. new from the investigative unit, ebay, walmart, coca-cola, a few of the big name companies that have installed blue boxes that create electricity and they're made by sunnyvale blue energy. they're supposed to help be green and cut the carbon footprint and you help to pay for them. every month, a part of your bill
11:41 am
goes to a state program that gives rebates to companies that install those blue energy boxes. but tonight, the investigative unit looks into the claim that the boxes don't perform as well as promised while many of the customers are happy with the technology, not all the public performance seems to match up with the company's promises. >> when you're a company that benefits this much from public money, should you answer to questions about how efficient your technology is? >> absolutely. and if you are receiving public money or even private investigator mone investor money. >> we will show you the data from the largest installation of these boxes in the country and how it stacks up with blue's promise. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> anybody else? >> no, there's a man inside! >> heroism on display here, all captured on camera. a man running into a burning home and saves a grandfather trapped inside. plus -- >> i met her online.
11:42 am
not too long ago. and, you know, i thought she was pretty normal. >> well, that's what he thought until he found the woman stuck in his chimney. the online meeting that went horribly wrong. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. watching that sky turn overcast in the south bay. a little bit of shower activity. but as i show you that front coming in, the showers we have right now, not very impressive. more on the way later today. i'll time this one out. plus another system late week. your forecast moments away.
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a fresno man was carried from his burning home by a complete stranger this weekend. all of it captured on camera. >> got to get the dad out of there! oh, my god. >> anybody else? >> no, there's a man inside! >> you can understand the urgency. witnesses say the man in the blue hat seemed to appear out of nowhere, but calmly came out right there pulling the victim to safety. firefighters say the victim had been hooked to an oxygen tank for respiratory problems. and he was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but survived. amazingly, nobody was hurt here,
11:46 am
but firefighters say it could have been much worse. neighbors didn't call 911 right away. a lesson to you. they were trying to put out flames themselves with the garden hose. >> call 911 first. >> yes, get authorities involved. southern california man this morning might be swearing off online dating for good. after finding a woman he met through a website, she got stuck in his chimney. >> happened in thousand oaks. firefighters spent hours trying to free the woman by tearing apart the chimney brick by brick. the homeowner said he went on a few dates with her before breaking it off. why, you ask? well, she was allegedly spotted on his roof before and left before police arrived the first time. >> there wasn't too many red flags. the biggest one was the person on my roof that was probably the biggest flag there was, and then after that, i, you know, pretty much gave her, you know, let her know i wasn't interested. >> i'd say the woman was taken to the hospital and arrested for
11:47 am
illegal entry. if he doesn't like you back, just -- >> there were too many red flags. >> well, it may be fall, it looks a lot like summer along the central coast. >> hundreds of people gathered on the beach in carmel for the 54th annual -- commotion in the ocean, and yes, it rhymes. the winner was this work in progress here. any guesses what that might be? the octopus attacking a boat. i don't know if that would have been the first guess off the top of my mind. >> i thought it was a squid, but you promptly told me that squid and octopi are not the same thing. >> probably not. let's check in with christina. >> hi, christina. >> good morning to you, sam and kris. i want to show you a really cool
11:48 am
time lapse from sunol. although the shower activity we're tracking right now is very light. you can see the front coming in, draped over the entire bay area. coming in vertically. and this is going to kick up wind here in the south bay as we head throughout the next half hour. we're not seeing a lot of shower activity. but enough to certainly get our hillsides nice and moist, which is good news when it comes to fire danger. and also, enough to give the bay area a nice cleansing. and so tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with good air quality. as a result of the showers coming through here, we like to do a little storm tracking from time to time. and right now, i can tell you, all this activity is going to start to press onshore as we head throughout the next two hours or so, but expecting a little bit of that moisture. 57 minutes away from mountain view, about 40 minutes, though, away for some steady rainfall in woodside. grab your umbrella, keep it with you for today. ditch it by tomorrow. sunshine, good air quality. cold air trailing behind that
11:49 am
front. keeps things nice and comfortable. and then that rain returns by the end of the weekend. and this next system's a little tricky right now. it's still several days out. we're trying to gauge it. but there is potential for some really heavy rainfall if we get a subtropical moisture tap. right now, 50% chance for that. so vegas odds right now. i'll let you know if that chance gets better. for today's showers, not looking that impressive. enough to wash your car. temps in the mid-60s. for you, we'll be in the 60s to low 70s, just about everywhere else. and as we head throughout tomorrow, temperatures staying comfortable, good air quality, great day for outdoor plans. if you want to start your garden. nice moist soil out there. and wednesday into thursday, things start to dry out. we'll bring back that rain thursday night into friday. starting first up in the north bay and san francisco thursday night and pressing into the south by late friday. overall, though, we're keeping rain in the pattern. we have the storm window open. we just need those storms to
11:50 am
develop and start riding down that conveyer belt we call the jet stream. we'll keep you updated. i love letting you know as soon as i see anything interesting. back to you, sam and kris. still to come, no more paper cuts, you can forget coupon clipping because the mobile coupon craze is now booming. we'll show you the keys to getting the best deal. coming up, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device
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okay. checking out the days of cutting coupons are over for many shoppers. >> not only can they help you save money in some cases, they can help you earn money. the insights from one app savvy shopper. >> when it comes to digital bargain hunting, mom and blogger says the app is her favorite. compiles discounts and prices for 1,600 stores and offers cash
11:53 am
back. >> for example, i wanted to shop at target, i would type in target. once i was on the app and it would create a tracking ticket and i would order from target as i normally would, but i would earn a percentage cash back as my total purchase. >> stores offer 1% to 10% cash back, but that number can go up 50% closer to the holidays. >> and every three months, i get a check in the mail. >> for instore shopping, apps like i bought a offer cash back for specific items. groupon's snap app is similar. it pays cash back for certain grocery items once you submit an image of the receipt. >> not only do you have to purchase an exact item, but then you have to keep your receipt. >> reporter: a digital coupon app that aggregates sales at -- >> you can add coupons to it. but just by shopping sales, you're going to save money. >> reporter: and for most shoppers, that's the bottom
11:54 am
line. >> nbc news. >> always will be. thank you very much. a royal baby news update. when prince william and kate are expecting their second baby. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love.
11:55 am
safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. mblankie that gets filthy but he's got such sensitive skin that you worry about what you use in the laundry so i use new tide pods free & gentle to get a deep clean that's gentle on skin. ohhh new tide pods free & gentle you use tide pods? yeh. that little guy cleans,
11:56 am
brightens and fight stains so now i can focus on more pressing matters woo your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. gasp tide pods three times the stain removal power available at target and now we want to get a final look at the weather. make sure you have the umbrella when you need it. >> that's right. although you might not need it. the showers that are coming in are kind of falling apart. look, here's the deal. our best chance for rain, it
11:57 am
comes in as we head through the second half of the day. but as we get into that time frame, not expecting heavy downpours until, hold that thought -- >> hold it. >> until we head through thursday into friday. and then, we're going to bring in the heavier rain. >> very troubling. the systems that are coming, they look so intimidating. >> story of my life. >> yeah. >> swing and a miss. >> the announcement that prince william and kate middleton will have their second child in april of next year. >> hope you don't have plans, sam. this is the first time they've offered a month for the royal birth. the palace also said the duchess who had been sidelined by a long bout of severe morning sickness is feeling better. that's good. william and kate's first child came in july of last year and prince george is now 15 cute months old. >> prince george. i was going to text you if you knew what his name was. but, yeah, i'm sure you did. right? naturally. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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live", somebody is joining twitter. it has everybody asking the question, is this a good idea. plus is bruce jenner really dating kris best friend? >> how about this. >> people are saying tom cruise might be dating sandra bullock. some reports. we do some match making with the plugged in panel who guess with who. >> why apple will pay you 20 grand to freeze your eggs. "access hollywood live", starts grand to freeze your eggs. "access hollywood live", starts right now >> it is official. monica lewinsky joined twitter. >> her first tweet was here we go. i don't know. i'm worr


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