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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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fog lingers for tomorrow and then another shot of rain for your saturday. details on all that straight ahead. >> right now we'll watch for anything unexpected right now. i'm checking for the reports of some construction in the middle of the freeway for the limp we're live at at&t park where fans are ready for game three. >> let's take a live look outside. this of course downtown san jose on your thursday. it's october 23rd. we are getting ready, geared up for the weekend. you are watching today in the bay. >> good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we could find out new details this morning about a body found at public recycling into
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milpitas. investigators are still working to identify it. >> it broke down just east of downtown. a barn and vehicles were destroyed. no one was hurt. he believes it was intentiona y intentionally. >> how much do you think people will be forced to pay for watch before the commute. that meeting will also feet presentations about east bay' flat and its current position
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. >> prrngs. >> good morning, bob. [ no audio ] . >> reporter: good morning. heading back later today for a workout at at&t park for prep for friday nit last night started off promising with gregor's home run right off the bat. the giants' front office seated in the upper section along third base not so much. cheers of "let's go giants," more like a melo sciences a they
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witnessed the guys opponent but suppose he moved in to calm him down? bochy ended up pulling strickland from the mound. strickland thought a royal had said something to him. he admitted he. reporting live her mr. >> the praert now comes to san francisco. the royals are here in the bay area getting a few hours of rest
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before heading out to the field. >> but stephanie chuang is already there with a look at what's happening today. good morning. >> good morning, laura and sam. a little activity here this morning but a tough loss for the giants. the good news is the next three games will be right here at at&t park. but this morning just within the hours, crews were unloading the giants' equipment in these duffle bag. the team has yet to return home. last night the giant stanley members and friends left kansas city and headed back here to the bay area. the giants themselves are not expected to land at sf 0 until this afternoon. everyone is ready to take on game three here at at&t where the city logo is at friday through sunday, 5:00 p.m. our
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time. s a for tickets, there's still 3,400 at last chuck on. >> i -- >> bring your sandwich with you. >> we do have more on the latest/giants run. to see it, click on and feel free to male them to you. >> j we you'll havely known where and when might we expect some sprinkles. >> you could see shower activity today. elsewhere a good mix of sun and
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clouds. at of clou. >> and they ever sflrchls sfrfrm clau claudy now nouchl if i ask you tore a whole lot of sunshine. shoo hasbe spn this thing moves through in the morning hours.
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hang on, we're not done just yet. >> another shot of hours is just going to throw a oo sflrnls look, friday we could get a really prooechl proom, you can make a plan b. >> spfrp. and they're heading down toward marina prch sflrchl a delight
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and that's about it. san jose. the south bay shows you had a nice drive northbound to 101. this is 101 in the northbound direction. and across that bridge, plenty of rise off the high rise. >> two armed robbers could do time after a brazen high arms pr prrnare sfwrnls police ordered
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employees to the ground after a woman, his partner in crime, walked into that jewelry store and asked to see some watches. when the employee took the watches out of the case, the man pulled a fun and so about by the end of the day they hope to release a photo of the woman as well. coming up, we'll hear more from the palo alto police officer who says surveillance video will be key in this case, especially since the woman who was initially walking into that store asking to see the watches was dressed rather distinctiv y
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distinctively. >> 5:09 on your thursday morning. canada reeling after the stunning shooting. >> plus working upon. >> spf look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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preventable medical errors, now the third leading
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cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. a frightening scene in canada's capitol. a man guns down a soldier and then heads to parliament. >> reporter: it's a city still on edge. there's still a heavy police shooting and has been since yesterday morning. we're learning more about the
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suspect in this case, his name is michael zehaf-bibeau. the investigation is continuing here today. businesses are on bekrchls laura? >> now, jay, is there still concerned that others made be involved? >> yeah, it's definitely something that is being investigated here. initially yesterday it was thought there may be more than one gunman or at least someone who helped him terry.
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>> certainly people are on guard now. >> coming up, what u.s. officials are doing to -- >> oil prices have fallen to more than a two-year low. the dow falling for the first time in four days. today we get data on unemployment. comcast, gm, 3m, american airlines and microsoft. the dow falling 153 points and the nasdaq losing 36.
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back to you. >> a lot of companies reporting today. >> all right. and we're joined by the company of anthony slaughter this morning with a look at that forecast. it's changing. >> yes, it is changing. we have rain pushing onshore. a little damp this morning. that green making its way up towards clear lake. but you know what? we're not going to see it in the south bay today. that is going to stay concentrated from about san francisco, oakland, points north and we're to day. it's very lit activity so even with you can see the returns are just really light and they'll continue to be light throughout the most of the days. i would say for the next five hours expect it from the north.
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san francisco and the east shore, temperatures are a little more mild. because we're on the warm side of the system, it's not going to feel too overly cold. the peninsula with those morning clouds had been cooler, 75. in the north bay, that's where you'll see the better activity, especially for the rain today. east shore, a little bit of an so and for saturday, nor shot of rain. we are getting into a very active season.
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s a we head toward saturday, another shot of rain pushes right in seth and time. >>for tonight, clear skies, expecting 63 in chansfchl and i definitely think you're going to need the rain gear for friday's game at 5:00. >> the next week or so we have a chance of rain saturday in san jose and mid week next week and then possibly for halloween. this is good news. unfortunately we still have to live life. >> and make sure you have the rain gree for friday and.
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>> no big surprises over here. we're loog being at dub on -- looking at dumbarton. we're looking at the altamont pass. steven's creek here, there's a game here tonight, the sharks are playing the blue jackets. we just want the win, there you go. looking over here, a couple of you at the bottom of the screen waiting but that's no surprise.
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an easy build southbound 101 as well. all the way down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> magic johnson, already a basketball legend and owner of the l.a. dodgers. he made the comment after a conference yesterday offering his company services to help connect tech leaders to qualified black and latino engineers. earlier this year a revealing employees breakdown by top tech companies showed they were mainly made up of white and asian workers. >> it is 5:19. a quarter of all workers have called in sick to work when they really weren't.
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one in five employers have fired employees for calling in with a fake excuse. >> you don't want to burn your goodwell because when you are inf infid. >> we've got some fun stuff planned for spring and summer that i don't think anyone has seen on board before. >> this will start in january. a one-way ticket will start at $599. >> wow. >> it 5:20 right now.
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. a very good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. people starting their day. we'll take a look at the forecast. it's changing. anthony is in for christina. an agreement is in the works that could keep the bay bridge lit up for good. it was installed last year by illuminate the arts, a nonprofit group. but it's scheduled to be removed in march for bridge maintenance. now it looks like the lights will be back in 2016, funded by
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$4 million of dillon learning to golf by swinging. that i tln. >> you can see the trip ends somewhere in spain. >> not the sames a london. >> the team was able to lack at itself. the good news is we made it to
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the correct country. sorry about that. we're brushing up on our geography. >> we messed the pr most likely dribble with san francisco and elsewhere low 70ss. overall a cool, damp day expected for the weekend. >> sam talked about the the bay bridge lights off the other side. this is from imry held. the major approach off of our
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maps, youy they're a little slow when they see you ale snufrpg sffrm spchl. >> accused of stealing nud foes snchl and firefighters who want the new sffrp snfrm. >>s a we cover the qwest for the
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snermt. >> it's going to be that much more expensive just to buy groceries. >> they're obviously not going to be paying the big companies right there. >> there are a great many things going on in the country other than whether i decide to drink a soda. to get a deep clean that's gentle on skin. ohhh new tide pods free & gentle you use tide pods? yeh. that little guy cleans, brightens and fight stains so now i can focus on more pressing matters woo your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. gasp tide pods three times the stain removal power available at target
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a terror attack in ottawa
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has the city on edge. we're live with what the white house is doing next. >> and we're talking about some rain today in north bay. fog lingers for tomorrow. and another shot of rain for the entire bay area for saturday. details on your microclimate forecast in minutes. >> and you do have that build for your standard commute. we'll show you where that is already stacking up. >> plus the giants looking for some home cooking. but the to you let's take a peek outside this morning. there's the golden gate. you can almost count them right now. thursday, october 23rd, this is "today in the bay."
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and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. a heist at a high end jewelry store. kris, what did officers tell you? >> reporter: they're saying it's a great thing they had surveillance cameras. they had ordered employees to the ground after his partner in crime, a woman, walked in and asked to see some watches. when the employees took the watches out of the case, the man pulled the gun.
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so did the woman. i'm confident we're going to put in a lot of effort toward solving this one. >> the thieves made off with a lot of high-end brands. police are not putting a price tag on this heist just yet. but the good news is that though those employees were ordered to the ground at gun point, none of them were m ut. and this appears to be a u.s.
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postal service head dress. >> kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for that, kris. >> new this morning, part of san francisco's knowy developy prms a one-block radius was shut down to remove the device. >> a disconcerting story this morning. a chp officer in dublin could face charges for allegedly sending nude pictures of a dui suspect from her phone to his phone. the woman was pulled over on august the 29th. she failed a so bright test and
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was taken into. >> a south bay camp counselor accused of inappropriately touching children could find out today when he will stand trial. his trial date was supposed to be set last month but the hearing was postponed. he is accused of sexually all thing four he's pleaded not guilty to the charges. but if convicted, he maces a maxim maximum. the city's fire commission is holding a closed session to evaluate her performance.
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she says she has absolutely no plans to quit in prchl. >> sfchl. >> this after thrashing last night in kansas city. >> they hoped you regain a momentum last week. >> and the team got a little extra sleep this morning. that's a good thing, bob. >> reporter: they could probably use it, try to wrap their heads around what happened last night. they're staying here inside the intercontinental. i suspect within the next few hours they'll be boarding buses to head to the airport for a flight back to the bay area. i want to show you what happens
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it i'm talking about rookie reliever hunter strickland. a moment in that sixth inning where he was on the mound that actually head to as a his teammate -- both teams came out of the dugout. that was the end of it. bochy pulled strickland from the mound. heart he said he did let his emotions get the west of them.
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snchl snchl. >> and that's where my colleague is now, stephanie chuang, and she's there to pick up the rest of the story. >> the good news is the next three games are at hp vgs are zbrchbl the royals already landed a few hours ago to get some shut eye. everyone, though, ready to take on game three here at at&t park where the world ear sfrrms you
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have to take a rest for $500. depending on how much you're willing to cough up, you could still come here and take a seat. >> let's hope they do it hoar t at? >> that's the good stuff. right now you're trying to figure outs a you start your day whether you're going to be dealing with any rain-like conditions. hanna, you've been akle spn a. >> and the adds we had flchl and
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eventually will impact sprchlt you can see the cloudy have. you will see temperatures now sflrk skbrn but stin in the drizzle stays with us tomorrow evening and for saturday, another shot of rain dooks fnl you did see hp. so here is your world series forecast.
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all in assad nn opinion. >> the drg icht sfrcht rain also for san jose, for saturday and mid weeks a we head towards next week. >> it's 5:39. we should see these metering lights turned on. we have to wait up to 90 seconds perhaps. and on your approach through the maze, you're looking at your speeds just fine off the east shore. the big slow down is for 580. but the dublin interchange back here coming out of the altamont pass. by the time you get to vargas, you're heading over toward dublin and pleasanton.
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there a sprks. >> a terror attack in canada's capitol has u.s. officials on high alert.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 5:42. two terrorist attacks in three days and officials say they don't know in there are more out there. they say michael zehaf-bibeau fired off 30 shots, wounding three people before he was shot by a guard. and just moments ago, ottawa police conceded he was the only gunman in the attack. on monday a man ran over two soldiers in a parking lot in quebec, killing one before he
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was shot by police. officials called them isis-inspired terrorists. tracie potts joins us from the capitol where u.s. officials are on alert. >> reporter: good morning. it has created concern. now people here in washington are wondering could this happen here. president obama saying yesterday that he spoke with prime minister harper, that he wants to remain vigilant, especially because we share that very long border with canada. john boehner said they are still seeking answers. and also creating jitters last night, another white house fence jumper. this time dogs took him down right after he got over the
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fence. and he was identified as a 23-year-old. he's facing federal felony assault charges for trying to strike back on those dogs. >> tech education is now reaching inmates behind bars. san francisco county jail has just received its very first set of tablet's. >> they are getting a level of skill and really a level of readiness for release so they hopefully do not come back. >> three agencies helped put together the $275,000 grant to buy those computer tablets.
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some against the move say the tablets will help keep them connected to their criminal ties. >> and under a public assistance programs, organizations will reimburse people who qualify up to 75% of repair costs. in napa valley alone, more than 1,200 structures have been either red or yellow tagged. >> at least three people said they have gotten sick from drinking tainted tap water in san jose. the water tested pos.
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a. >> anthony is in for christina this morning. he's got a look at that forecast for us. >> we have some showers over the bay area. thank goodness. we're in this drought we've been telling you about all year long. you can see the yellow and orange in there. that he and the great news for northern california, unfortunately not for us, but across northern california we've had all those wildfires burning this past summer so we've got rain in the forecast for that area and for the next three to five days. so some really exciting news. that's what we need this time of year to put a damper on some of that fire weather we've had really all year long.
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no returns in the bay area. rain is expected in the north bay by 9:00. it's not going to be consistent but on-and-off showers are expected. the peninsula and east shore not too cloudy this morning. san francisco and north bay expecting to see some of that shower activity. 76 expected in the north bay. temperatures very comfortable today. near 80 in the tri-valley today. your weather headlines really tell a rainy story.
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the fog really lingers in san francisco for tomorrow and even drizzle activity suspected for that game. rain expected for saturday and this is what parkand thens a we head through the door on saturda saturday, and we are tallying up the rain, that's the good news. the north bay, that's where we'll see more impressive amounts and that's great news because we've had a drought-stricken area. and the even better news is that
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these computer models really underdo it when it comes to our rainfall. so this rainy pattern do it could possibly linger into halloweens a this next system moves in. the good news is we needed it. the bad news, it does affect those roads. >> we have the rain in the forecast. looking over here, you just have to slow because that's what they ask you to do. the fast prak it's the told pfrp
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right there, the other you've you've been uk. >> prchl. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell will testify at ray rice's hearing.
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rice was handed an indefinite suspension at the league after video of him punching his then fiancee in an elevator. >> no more boys will be boys. >> reporter: this is the nfl's new public service announcement. it will air during all games this weekend. among the players participating, eli manning and jason. >> meeting for the first time today, a board that will focus on isolating patients with ebola
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and other contagious diseases. >> the ceo of the world's largest food company said necessarily will keep the company operating. >> mark zuckerberg stunned a crowd in beijing. we'll show you that next.
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good thursday morning to you.
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mark zuckerberg had a 30-minute question-and-answer session. he said he started learning mandarin so he could communicate with his wife's family. a nice son-in-law. >> we're impressed. >> lincecum apparently has a back injury and will be day to day. >> it's tough. he was a calming influence in the game. it was the first action lincecum saw in the action. lincecum was so excited, he had to come out early and stand next to the umpires while "god bless
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america." >> instagram is now a verb. he instagramed it. >> and check out the golden nugget on the auction block. it could tech up to $350,000. that was treasured by a county. >> got to look at what's going on outside. you're tracking the possibility for some showers? >> yeah. we have our own liquid gold coming in to the screen in terms of trash. and eventually over the next couple of hours, i'd say by 9:00 we'll see showers in santa rosa and petaluma and north valley. elsewhere a good mix of sun and
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clouds. >> we have the bay bridge metering lights on. at the bay bridge yourself you have your backup. northbound 101 starting to ease up. here's the rest of your bay, the big unusual slowdown is out of the alt mount. . >> and the new apple pay malfunctioning.
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mainly cloudy skies to start the day. the rainy pattern stays with us through the weekend. details on your microclimate forecast straight ahead. >> and we're looking at this live shot in dublin. that's the plus side of the crash. we'll see the negative from others of corse and it's thursday, october 23rd. this is "today in the bay." nmt. >>


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