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tv   Today  NBC  October 27, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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season. it has seemed to grow and has a hash tag. >> if he keeps delivering the hits, we'll take it. >> go giants. good morning. breaking news. a 5-year-old boy being tested for ebola right now after being rushed to a new york city hospital with a fever overnight. this as a new jersey nurse is set to be released from quarantine after threatening to sue officials for being held despite testing negative for the virus. >> breaking overnight another young victim of that tragic school shooting in washington state has died. while the community holds emotional vigil and searches for answers. ready to flee, new evacuation warnings for residents on the big island of hawaii. the slow moving disaster impacting dozens of homes. >> and the good son. an eye opening look at the life
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of jfk jr., his relationship with his mother, and how she really felt about the women in his life. today monday, october 27th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on monday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, al roker and natalie morales. savannah returns a week from today. >> yes. >> little vale. >> meanwhile, we have there book coming up the good son about jfk jr. and his relationship with jackie. hard to believe it's 15 years since he died. he would have been 54 years old next month. >> wow. any new yorker will remember if you look back in that 1 knife
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years ago remember seeing him. i remember seeing him playing frisbee in the park. those times you remember. >> let's get to our top story on monday morning. it's the fallout over new measures in place by some states to try to stop the spread of ebola. a nurse just back from west africa held in a tent is now slamming the rules that landed her in isolation. nbc national correspondent kate snow is at bellevue hospital with more and the latest on a doctor fighting the virus. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. andrew cuomo t governor of the state of new york held a late night press conference to try to clarify new york's policy on quarantine saying that they want health care workers returning from west africa to be comfortable, stay home for 21 days, they don't have to be in a hospital. standing by the policy a lot of people don't like at all. as you reported, there is news this morning at this hospital of a 5-year-old boy entered for treatment.
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overnight emergency workers don hazmat gear to transport a boy to the hospital after he had symptoms that could be consistent with ebola. the commissioner saying they are running an ebola test later today. >> the child as you noted is not undergone testing yet. he had a low grade fever this morning. he has as was noted a travel to one of the three affected countries. >> reporter: this man was in the e.r. last night and saw the boy with a woman who appeared to be his mother. >> the boy was crying. >> reporter: with concern how to handle doctors and nurse who is returned last night governor cuomo seemed to try to find a middle ground making things more comfortable for returning health care workers but keeping a mandatory 21-day quarantine. >> my personal practice is toer rr on the side of caution. >> reporter: in new jersey nurse kaci hickox has been a poster child for how it played out in real life waking up in a climate controlled tent next to a new
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jersey hospital after arriving at newark airport friday from sierra leone where she treated ebola patients. she claims authorities were unprepared keeping her alone for hours. she says she was flustered but never truly ill. >> i have been asymptomatic since i have been here. i feel physically completely strong. >> reporter: in an interclue with cnn she criticized her treatment and the idea of a mandatory quarantine. >> how it's being carried out doesn't maek sense. it's not evidence based and the second thing is it's really inhumane. >> reporter: the democratic mayor of new york city said she should have been treated better. >> we owe her better than that and all the people that do this work better than that. >> reporter: but the new jersey governor, republican chris christie, defended his decision as a matter of public safety. >> i understand miss hickox is uncomfortable and i understand that she doesn't want to be quarantined.
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but my responsibility my greater responsibility to the 8.9 million in the state of new jersey i think folks understand that we want to take every precaution. >> reporter: now the late word this morning from the new jersey department of health saying that they will actually release kaci hickox and arrange transportation for her to be taken to her home to remain in quarantine in maine where she is from. they say she has been symptom-free for 24 hours and that's why they are now releasing her. again, keeping her under quarantine. dr. craig spencer is doing -- is in stable condition and had a blood transfusion this weekend. back to you. >> thanks very much. what do you think? should there be a mandatory quarantine for health care workers with direct contact with ebola patients. we'll get to some of your responses in a little while. >> u.n. ambassador samantha power is in west africa on a visit to the nations hit hardest by the ebola outbreak. her stop guinea where power says
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the scale of need is staggering. nbc's chris jansing is traveling with the ambassador. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ambassador power is the highest ranking u.s. official to come since the start of the outbreak which hit 10,000 over the weekend. they have got to try to do what they call bend the curve, bring the numbers down but she's going to have to convince a lot of members of the international community beyond the u.k. and germany to help out. it was a dizzying first day in guinea for samantha power. >> together we can beat this epidemic. >> reporter: from press conferences to a visit with the grand imam and guinea's president. she has been greeted with open arms. in terms of money and people america's leading the charge by far, right? >> in another league. >> reporter: her fact finding trip aimed at getting ammunition that will help bring other countries on board to fight ebola. and not just with money.
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>> we will not deal with the epidemic unless we deal with it at its source and dealing with at its source is going to require international health workers to come to offer leadership, to help mobilize society here. >> reporter: her biggest obstacle fear of ebola. even people like this doctor who has been on the front line treating patients from the beginning of the outbreak. >> aren't you asflad. >> yes. >> reporter: seven months he he is worried much needed workers will stop coming because the number of cases keep growing. >> everybody is running away, who will help? >> reporter: guinea lost about 900 to ebola so at every stop health protocols for all of us including the ambassador who got her temperature checked three times in one day. a small inconvenience as she tackles an enormous problem. she heads to sierra leone which has more cases than here in new guinea.
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up next liberia, ghana and brussels where she will make a major speech. her message, it's time for you to step up. >> chris thanks so much. >> sad news from washington state where another student wounded in last week's shooting at a high school has died. this as the investigation into the gunman who took his own life moves forward. nbc's joe fryer has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. 14-year-old gia soriano passed away last night. doctors say her head injuries were too extensive. three more victims remain in the hospital including two of the gunman's cousins, this morning the motive behind the shooting remains a mystery. gia soriano is now the second victim killed in the school shooting. late sunday the hospital read a statement from her family. >> we are devastated by this senseless tragedy. gia is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her. >> reporter: two more students
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are in critical condition this morning, 14-year-old shaylee chuckulnasikit and 15-year-old andrew fryberg, another victim 14-year-old nate hatch who is also the shooter's cousin, continues to improve. he was shot in the jaw and can't talk but wrote a message. >> it broke his heart to hear why would my brother do that to me even though they are cousins. >> reporter: for students closes have now been released by vigils. this one honors the first victim, zoe who died friday. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: lindsay, a close friend, passed along a message from zoe's mother. >> she loved her baby so, so much. let them know how much i love my baby. >> reporter: witnesses say jaylen fryberg shot five students in the school cafeteria before taking his life.
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fryberg was a popular student recently elected homecoming prince. friends say he did not fit the profile of a school shooter. >> if somebody would have told me i would have said you're crazy. >> reporter: classes at the school have been canceled for the week. providence hospitals will hold a moment of silence at 10:39 this morning, that's the time that the shooting took place. >> joe, thank you very much. >> there are new concern this is morning as lava from an erupting volcano on hawaii inches closer to an historic village there. hally jackson joins us with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. this road block is about as close as any one can get to the lava flow which you can smell from here with people packing up and getting ready to leave homes possibly as early as today. even though this river of lava is taking about five hours to cover the length after football field, that's the fastest it's
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been moving in days. unrelenting and unstoppable. overnight red hot lava inched closer to the taylor's neighborhood. for weeks they have been bracing. >> it's like a horror show happening in slow motion. >> reporter: just this weekend into a cemetery the boiling lava is melting asphalt and earth, heading toward the remote town of pahoa. the edge less than a half mile from one of the main roads. >> it's real. it's now or never. you got to get out. >> reporter: officials are going door to door to the 40 or 50 homes covered under an evacuation warning. people like debby may have to leave as soon as tomorrow. >> it's going to be sad watching our house go down. but at the same time you know, i like to be here in it if it happens. >> reporter: the lava floe triggered by a volcanic eruption at the end of june.
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it has been active for decades, its explosions often caught on camera. typically the lava has gone south toward the ocean. now it's moving north aimed at homes, restaurants and shops. >> praying it will spare us. my whole family is in this subdivision that we live in. so we're all on needles and pins waiting. >> reporter: waiting and watching knowing time is running out. crews have been working on alternate roads, there is a concern they will be isolated the if it crosses 130 t main route in or out of here. >> thankfully it's slow. thanks. >> natalie has disturbing information on the attack in canada. >> good morning. the gunman who shot and killed a soldier then stormed parliament record add video of himself
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prior to last week' attack. the video is persuasive evidence that michael zehaf-bibeau's attack was driven by ideological and political motive, he makes reference to canada's policy. the video has not been released. the gunman was shot dead inside the building. south korean prosecutors demand the death penalty for the captain of a ferry that sank in april killing more than 300 people. prosecutors say that he failed to carry out his duties which they say amounts to homicide. they have also requested life sentences for three other crew members tasked with navigating the ship on charges they failed to protect passenger when's the ferry was sinking. the four were among the first rescued when it began lifting. >> the actress who played mr. cotter's wife on "welcome back, kotter" has died. marcia strassman had also played
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the wife and mother in "honey i shrunk the kids." she died at her home in california after fighting breast cancer. she was 66 years old. the san francisco giants keet the kansas city royals 5-0 sunday night to take a 3-2 lead in the world series but before the game even started there was a touching tribute there to the late legendary comedian and giants fan robin williams, his three children were invited out to the mound to throw out the first pitch on the receiving end of that perfect strike as you saw there actor comedian billy crystal who was a close friend. williams was a frequent visitor to at&t park. very touching tribute. >> giants can win the series tomorrow night. down to the end here. natalie, thanks very much. mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> remember a couple weeks ago talking about tropical storm ana going to affect hawaii. it's still out there. causing trouble. that's right.
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remnants of ana are out in the pacific, and going to be making its way into the pacific northwest. a big storm is going to move in later tonight and it's all due to the remnants of ana bringing a lot of rain. they don't need more rain in seattle. for example, for the year so far, for the month of october they are almost two inches above normal. for the year almost 39 inches above normal. i should say 38 inches so far for the year, almost 12 inches above normal. a foot of rain above. look how much more rain they are going to get over the next 24 hours. from 2 to 3 inches, some may see up to 5 inches of rain. along the eastern seaboard, gorgeous, plenty of sunshine. the heat is on down to the gulf coast. we'll look at that in more detail in the next half hour. meantime, we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. ♪
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♪ 7:16, good monday morning to you. it's chilly out there. everywhere except for san francisco, 56 degrees, not too bad there. but we're in the 40s everywhere else this morning. temperatures are going to be nice this afternoon, 67 degrees nor san francisco, 72 here in san jose with a warming trend coming your way through this mid section of the week. wednesday up to 81 degrees. here's the deal. we do have showers on the way late thursday into halloween. we'll time that out for you in just a few minutes. muchas gracias. >> thanks very much. let's talk about politics, shall we. midterm elections around the corner.
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but this morning talk is growing about the next election. the presidential race of 2016. there are new signs that former florida governor jeb bush is seriously considering a run. kristen welker has more on that. good morning. >> good morning. speculation has long been mounting about a possible jeb bush presidential bid. over the weekend his son who is a candidate in texas this year, seemed to suggest his dad is leaning toward yes. he's the former governor of florida and part of a political dynasty. now jeb bush may soon take on the title of presidential candidate. >> i think he's still assessing it. >> in an interview over the weekend jeb's son george p. bush running for land commissioner was asked if there was better than a 50% chance his dad will run in 2016. >> i think it's more than likely he is giving this serious thought. that he'll run. >> republican officials agree. >> there's a lot of people whether it be our donor
7:18 am
community, people we talk to who say that he's leaning toward yes. >> while polls show he is in the top tier, he could struggle in a primary. in april he ruffled fethers in his base with these comments about immigration. >> it's an act of love, it's an act of commitment to your family. >> reporter: and one fact they're kept him out of the race in 2012 the shadow of his brother's presidency. >> the party is somewhat friendlier now and in addition it's been a couple more years since his brother was in the white house. >> reporter: while jeb bush's brother and father both former presidents encouraged to run the prospect of another clinton/bush face-off was something even his own mother was not keen on. >> it's not just four families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified and we've had enough bushes. >> his son george sus if his dad runs the family will be all in. >> the family will be beside him
7:19 am
100% if he decides. >> reporter: a spokesperson for george h.w. bush reaffirmed that telling me if it was up to the 41st president jeb would be the candidate, jeb has given few clues saying recently it's a big decision. it's expected he will make that decision in the next several months. matt, guys, back to you. >> all right, kristin, thank you. >> tamron is on duty in the orange room. people are talking about ebola and quarantine. >> saying a lot. we took a poll. good morning. kate snow reported on the latest developments regarding the ebola crisis and the conversation over mandatory quarantine here in the united states for health care workers who come back into the country. we did ask the question. i mentioned a strong statement, 94% of you say there should be a mandatory quarantine in the u.s. 6% said no. and you let us know your thoughts on facebook.
7:20 am
christie says i feel so strongly about this quarantine for people returning from west africa, as a health care provider i support it 110%. linda says absolutely these individuals should care as much about health and safety of their fellow americans as those they treat abroad. i have one more for you. and donna has a different opinion. this is donna. she says there are hundreds of health care workers treat inning affect husband is disease in this country. this is a terrible disease but why punish those persons willing to help? so keep your thoughts coming to us. the conversation continues. using the hash tag orange room and check out what your fellow facebook fans have to say. >> all right. >> surprised by that? >> i kind of was. >> i was. >> going to be closer. >> me too. >> we'll keep our eye on that. explosive allegations against west point's football team. was alcohol, money and were women used to recruit players? a military academy responds.
7:21 am
>> a look at the relationship between jfk jr. and his mother why she wanted to keep him away from some of the kennedy relatives. this is "today" on nbc.
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people love it. i've got one! give your day a lift with jif whips. it's here! try new pumpkin pie spice. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators need your help finding whoever shot and killed a mother of four, possibly a case of road rage. she was heading home from the grocery store with her husband when someone shot into the car. officers say there was some sort of confrontation, perhaps even road rage. she was the mother of four children, the youngest just a year and a half. >> today we could hear from the man accused of groping two little girls inside two big box stores.
7:27 am
christopher german inappropriately touched two girls, one inside a walmart and one in a target store. the girls' parents were just a few feet away when it happened two weeks ago. a citizens recognized him from this video and called police. let's switch gears and talk about the forecast. christina is back this week. >> 72 degrees on the peninsula, 72 on the south bay, a little something for everybody as we head throughout the mid week and we have rain on the way for late thursday into friday. expect a lot of that rain to reach the north bays a we head throughout thursday night. then a lot of that activity will head to the south bays a we head throughout your friday morning. some of the models bringing in a half an inch of rain. let's go to mike for your drive.
7:28 am
>> at the truck scales, what's going on here is we have a crash before you get to ottawa parkway. a series caused a big slow down through union city and be careful with this entire corridor from hayward in towards fremont. a series of crashes between 580 and vargas, they've all moved to the shoulder. the rest of your commute is smooth. back to you. >> we'll be back with another local update in about half an hour or so. have a great monday morning.
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>> we're back now 7:30 on a monday morning. the 27th already of october, 2014. and coming up a fascinating look at the relationship between john f. kennedy jr. and his mother jackie. was she grooming her son for his own trip to the white house from an early age? we'll talk to the author of a controversial new book. >> interesting. meantime, let's look at what's making headlines this morning. a nurse held in quarantine in a tent at a new jersey hospital even though she tested negative for ebola is being released. she was taken there under strict new rules in new jersey and new york for health care workers returning from west africa. last night new york governor andrew cuomo softened rules is his state.
7:31 am
>> 14-year-old gia soriano injured at a washington state high school has died. zoe galasso was killed on friday. the gunman a 15-year-old at that school took his own life. >> and gas prices have taken another dip down to $3.04. that's a 6-cent drop 18 week. 30 cents in a month and the lowest national average in nearly four years. wow. >> just ahead, you remember ted williams, a homeless man with a golden voice? four years ago after he rocketed to fame we'll find out how he is doing now. he had some bumps along the way but we'll check in. >> and let's begin this half hour with a disturbing new report. this alleges that west point, the football team there, used alcohol, and women, to recruit high school athletes. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at the military academy. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
7:32 am
this is all coming out publicly after an investigation by the colorado-based newspaper the gazette. according to the report west point investigated in march but punishment never included the players or coaches suspended and this morning the pentagon is weighing in. according to a report in the gazette members of west point's army black knights football team treated recruits to an alcohol fueled party, a dinner date with female cadets, cash from boosters and v.i.p. treatment on a party bus complete with cheerleaders and a police escort. school officials while acknowledging some misconduct dispute the report. arguing that individual cadet hosts are to blame for violating ncaa rules and not the team at large. a statement from the superintendent robert cathlin jr. indicate that 20 cadets were disciplined after an internal investigation quote found several violations of the cadet disciplinary code and ncaa rules.
7:33 am
the specifically those were underage drinking, inappropriate use of a police escort, misuse of ncaa recruiting funds, cadet participation without class privileges, and failure to maintain proper cadet accountability. the cadets did not face expulsion or court-martial. cathlin fired back at the report adding no booster moneys were involved. at no time did west point arrange a dinner date with female cadets and there was no cover-up. >> it's really quite shocking. you don't expect to the happen because you know how disciplined everybody is. and the way to deal with is it the way the superintendent has dealt with it. very, very quickly and decisively. >> though the gazette writes that west point self reported to the ncaa the report is putting the spotlight back on recruiting practices at military academies across the nation. in august, the air force academy launched an internal
7:34 am
investigation into its athletic department. after the gazette reported allegations of drug abuse, drinking, sexual assault and academic cheating by a group of football players. >> we have very high expectations for military institutions so we're surprised when this happens at service academy. but i think we need to hold civilian colleges and universities to exactly the same standard. >> reporter: now as for that pentagon statement, it reads in part the defense department holds our men and women to high standarded and we expect leaders to hold offenders accountable. >> kristin, thanks so much. >> let us get a check of the weather from this gentleman here. >> well, it seems like the end of october but guess what, it's going to be feeling a lot more like summertime, a good portion of the southeast and on into the midwest. big dome of high pressure dominating, jet stream is up to the north. look at these highs. chicago, you're going to be 75. that's 15 degrees above average.
7:35 am
15 above average in kansas city, atlanta is going to get up to mid-80s, then as we get to the east coast, roanoke, 82, norfolk 81, d.c. 15 degrees above normal as well. it's going to be toasty in the east by tomorrow. big changes coming with the front wet weather stretching from the great lakes back into oklahoma, and more rain moves into the pacific northwest, again with r in the south bay, 67 in san francisco, a lot of sunshine coming your way. s a you head to the mid section of your week, temperatures jump to 81 degrees and then we have rain coming in as we head throughout friday. more coming at 11:00.
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks so much. have you avoided a colon cancer screening because they can be invasive and uncomfortable? starting today you could potentially get a new breakthrough test that you can take in your own home. clinical professor of medicine is here with more g. morning. this is one of those things a lot of people dread, obviously you have to drink that liquid beforehand, the test is invasive, sometimes you good under. is this a viable alternative? >> let's do facts first. colon cancer second leading cause of cancer deaths, fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. the screening test we have available is called a fecal occult blood test, you test for blood or do a colonoscopy. what this new test is doing you can actually send in a stool sample, you send it to a company, they are going to test
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your stool for genetic mutations. it's it new risk meaning your risk is so and so, it's checking for mutations and it's finding that you can pick up up to 92% of cancers this way as roughly 42% of precancerous legses. >> if you were to grade it, i'm thinking about doing this insteds of all of that stuff for the colon 0 scopy is that a good idea? >> i can't give it a grade until i find out how it performs as a screening test. the value of a screening test is whether it reduces death from colon cancer. this is too preliminary. it's only available right now at the mayo clinic via prescription. >> it is fda approved. >> it is but i want to highlight that this is only recommended for men and women over 50 who have what we call an average risk of colon cancer. this is not for people who have a family history of colon cancer or who may have themselves some clinical conditions that increase their risk for colon cancer. in that scenario a colonoscopy is still the recommended
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screening tool. >> for those who don't get colonoscopies is this better than nothing? >> yes. i'm going to go on record and say for people who are truly terrified of doing the colonoscopy and who will not do it, it's better than nothing but remember, a positive test on the screening test you will still need to get a colon 0 scope tee confirm that. >> thank you so much. coming up next, how is life treating ted williams? he will fill us in and on trending, the guys from ok go to premier their amazing video. it's bigger and bolder than the ones that made them stars on utube. we'll see it all. first these messages. chase. but there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase
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back at 7:42. it's been nearly four years since we brought you the story of ted williams, the man with the golden voice. he was homeless and panhandling when he found fame during a chance encounter at a very busy road intersection. his road from there has not been easy. here is kevin tibbles. >> what's up, my brother? >> reporter: when ted williams goes back to his old haunts, admirers still stop for high fives and selfies almost four years later. it's been a rough and rocky road since williams got his big break. >> when you're listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you're listening to magic 98.9. >> reporter: from the side of the highway in columbus, ohio, to inside the "today" studios as a guest announcer. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> reporter: at the time, matt asked williams if he he could cope with the sudden fame. >> are you emotionally ready to
7:44 am
accept this second chance, to do the right things with this second chance? >> this time around, matt, i have a god. >> reporter: a $300,000 book deal and offers for voice-over work poured in. >> and you know you love it. >> one day, i'm homeless, with not two pennies to rub together and then the next day, i'm in hollywood. >> reporter: and it was too much, too quick. there was depression, williams says, along with bad business deals and failed attempts at rehab. clean and sober for 22 months, he says, and finding fulfillment through working with the homeless. he has lost his car and condo and knows his past may never be behind him. >> i would lay my bed and my pillow and everything right in here. >> reporter: williams has a new manager and says this time around will be different. >> still that second chance but
7:45 am
this time a better shot at it. >> reporter: he's back in the studio, relying on a few voice-over contracts for income. >> now that crowd is slowly moving away. >> reporter: slowly moving from a troubled past to a still uncertain future. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> we keep our fingers crossed. >> yeah. >> when he was here last time, a lot of us took notice of the fact that maybe he was surrounded by people who didn't seem to be there for the right reasons. >> right. >> there's a lot of them. >> there were a lot of them. ted, we hope it works out. >> definitely. coming up on trending, the four words that could protect you from layoffs. and we bet you can't guess a single one of them. >> you're right. tamron gets you ready for the annual halloween str extravaganza with a look back at the annual halloween str extravaganza with a look back at this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day starts with her minor arthritis pain, and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
it is that time of the program where we throw it over to the orange room to see what tamron has cooking. hey, tamron. >> we're looking back at the boo-nanza that is halloween or hallow-scary. i'm quizzing you guys. what was the first year -- don't look at the screen or the teleprompter. what was the first year? >> 1996. >> '96. >> '94. >> '94? >> yeah. so katie couric and bryant gumbel started the show like
7:51 am
this and then revealed their costumes. take a look. >> i think you lost an earring. >> you look pretty cute. >> thank you. i look ridiculous. >> really seen a close-up of the finished product. can i see what i look like real quick? where is it? there it is. ahh! >> katie was the bride of frankenstein, bryant was an old man, which is interesting. the budget got better over the years. so did the selections. 1996, matt and al, the honeymooners. 2006, natalie was madonna. >> oh, yeah. >> 2007, hoda was -- >> you fill it in. >> marilyn. >> the munsters. 2010, i was barack obama and savannah's favorite costume, prince charles, which i think she is still scarred as having
7:52 am
to go as prince charles. we'll see what happens. let us see some of your amazing halloween costumes as we count it down, #hall wean today. do you like boo-nanza, something new? let us know. coming up on trending, this time you're going to be blown away. they'll be part of trending in a little while. >> meet a woman who uses her expertise to transform herself in ♪ ♪ tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right.
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7:56 am
a very good monday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a haz-mat crew was called into hillsborough overnight but officials are not saying why. a coroner's van was on the scene but investigators aren't saying anything abouts investigation. hayne road was closed but has since reopened. >> starting today you have to pay $1 to park at the concord bart station. that is one of four starting the pay for parking system, which is already in place everywhere else. >> we want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. anxious for fall, you can feel it. >> you can feel it. we have temperatures in the low 40s to 50s. any fog we had earlier completely gone at this point. s a you look at our
7:57 am
microclimat microclimates, 72 in the south shore. temperatures will be back up in the 80s by wednesday. and then we have a little bit of rain thursday into friday. but what a beautiful day even for a drive, mike. >> yeah, look at that drive over here. not so bad. beautifully lit. we see your approach to the bay bridge looks pretty good from all of your approaches. the ooe shore freeway assisted by a crash. your alternate is the venetia bridge, all the way down in fremont, earlier crashes there and 680 south still recovering from a crash. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as
7:58 am
well. another local update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, "the good son." a new book goes inside the life of jfk jr., including his complicated relationship with his mother, jackie. then, faces and names. meet the makeup artist able to transform herself into almost any celebrity with just the touch of a brush. [ laughter ] all righty then. [ applause ] >> all-l-l-lrighty then! >> and live from new york, it's jim carrey. the veteran comedian knocks it out of the park on "snl" and takes us on a trip down memory lane today, monday, october 27th, 2014.
8:01 am
♪ welcome to new york, welcome to new york ♪ >> celebrating my 18th birthday! >> because we're celebrating our sweet 16! >> omaha loves "today"! >> all the way from washington state to see al! >> good morning, australia! >> aloha from hawaii! [ cheers and applause ] all right, everybody, welcome back to "today." i'm hoda kotb along with tamron hall. savannah is going to return one week from this very moment. and check this out, are you ready for this? >> on the plaza. >> matt and al are making a dramatic entrance into the plaza. they're ride iing something -- >> oh, my god, that's so cool! >> how cool is this? >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, boys. >> these things play a big role
8:02 am
in one of our "trending" topics. first, tell us, how was that? >> this has been designed by the folks at honda. think you're in a shopping mall, right? you know how big those places are? think you're in an airport, a museum. you jump on one of these. it's one of those things that requires your balance. >> exactly. >> al took the spring off it, it goes about 50 miles an hour. >> somewhere out toward new jersey. >> yeah? >> was it hard to get your alignment on it? >> no, it's actually pretty easy. we only had a couple of minutes before we went on. >> cool. >> well, very, very nice. >> all right, let's get visit the three countries hit
8:03 am
8:04 am
hardest by the ebola outbreak. ambassador samantha power arrived in guinea sunday and traveled to sierra leone today. she'll also stop in liberia. power's trying to draw attention to the need for a stronger international response to the crisis. a high school shooting in washington state has claimed the life of a second teenage girl. officials in marysville, washington, say 14-year-old gia soriano died sunday night. she was one of five students shot by freshman jaylen fryberg in the school cafeteria on friday. the three survivors, including two of the shooter's cousins, remain hospitalized. police have not revealed the motive. one of baseball's most promising young players was killed sunday in a car crash in his native dominican republic. st. louis cardinals outfielder oscar taveras apparently lost control of the car and went off the road.
8:05 am
he was 22 years old and had just completed his rookie season. his 18-year-old girlfriend also died in the crash. the cardinals said the team is stunned and deeply saddened. four members of the florida a&m marching band are scheduled to go on trial today. they're charged with felony hazing and manslaughter in the death of a drum major, robert champion, three years ago. champion allegedly died from being beaten with mallets, fists and drum sticks during a hazing ritual. originally, 15 former band members were charged. the other 11 have had their cases settled. the four remaining defendants have all pleaded not guilty. with no shave november approaching, maybe you'll all be inspired by the world's beard and mustache championships held this weekend in portland, oregon. now, there's a look! contestants from ten countries faced off to see who had the most impressive chops or mutton chops. as you can see, the event wasn't just about whose facial hair was the longest. the goal was to achieve a look that enhances the wearer's style and shows off their personality.
8:06 am
all right. 8:05 right now. let's get another check of the weather with al. al's getting ready for no shave november. >> no shave november, baby! >> yeah. >> that is inspiring! i love that. that's pretty cool. all right, let's show you what we've got as far as your weather today. in seattle, we've got more rain coming, unfortunately, and it is just going to keep coming. this is from remnants of ana making its way into the pacific northwest. rest of the country, afternoon temperature is going to be toasty down through the south and the gulf coast. 80s there, as far north as parts of southern ohio into central missouri. chilly through the western plains with 30s and 40s there. wet weather will be making its way from the great lakes down into central oklahoma. a little on the breezy side up through northern new england. plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast, windy conditions. sun in california, about 77 in los angeles today. that's wha 8:06. good morning to you. i want to show you this time
8:07 am
lapse from our friends at weather underground. really tells the story of the day. we're starting out nice and clear here, abundant sunshine, a little bit of haze out there. even with all of that sunshine coming in, we're going to see a strong enough onshore flow. and temps, oh beautiful, in the '70s. p 72 on the peninsula, north bay, beautiful conditions for you, 74, and out in the tri-valley today, really comfortable conditions mid 70s. latest weather. tamron tried that. >> how did that go? >> let's put it this way, folks saw another side of tamron they haven't seen before. >> can we have a baby shout-out? this one over here, isabella. >> how cute is that! >> i'm 9 months old. >> one more. one more. >> evangeline. evangeline. >> 4 months old. >> oh, my gosh. >> speaking of babies, guess who just tweeted a picture of her baby. >> who? >> you have one guess. >> savannah. >> savannah! >> what? [ laughter ]
8:08 am
>> it's baby day! >> oh, my gosh. >> cool. >> and it's also wedding day, if you can believe. this is a wedding party. they had the wedding last night. the father of the bride and all of the bridesmaids are here. they're from idaho. the wedding was here in new york. >> it's a party. >> we asked where the bride and groom were. they said in their honeymoon. i said where'd they go? well, they're just in a hotel. that's enough information! >> where'd they go, idaho. up next on "trending," a country star has a little trouble with the national anthem before the world series. i feel bad for this guy because he feels bad about it. >> absolutely. then, a revealing, new look at john kennedy jr. and the relationship with his mom. why she may have pushed him to take risks away from his kennedy cousins. and the queen of halloween. how one woman uses makeup to transform herself into icons. but first, these messages. >> and check out jimmy corrigan!
8:09 am
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8:13 am
♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed were so gallantl streaming ♪ >> all right. it happens, right? confused some of the players. at the game he sang "were so gallantly streaming" instead of the words "at the twilight's last gleaming." >> it comes later on. >> he is apologizing saying nerves got the best of him. >> everybody should have to go into a room by themselves and sing that and see if they can get through it. >> and if you can hit those high notes, you deserve it. >> teleprompters right there so maybe they should provide that. you will get nervous. >> yeah. you may not care who won game five of the world series last night, but could this help
8:14 am
you keep your job? e-mails, instant messages and calendars of workers who survived several rounds of layoffs and they found that a few four key words kept popping up. and they are not words you would expect. here they are. baseball, football, coffee and lunch, which reinforces that men run everything! >> coffee and lunch? >> that, too. >> researchers say this could mean socializing with your co-workers is as important as your productivity. >> interesting. an honest mistake. recently at a party when apparently a tipsy elderly man approached her, began showering her with compliments. sweet, right? but the man said congratulations on your nobel prize. he then praised her bravery after getting shot by the taliban. so, yes, the man apparently
8:15 am
thought she was malala yousafzai. did he really think that i'm malala? and if i were, i would be at the boom boom room? >> then saying i wish i was so much younger. >> willie congratulated her on twitter. treadmills in their music video. then they master the art of the optical illusion in the writings on the wall. videos are always going viral. this morning, the first look at the latest one "i won't let you down." here they take the action, as you see, to new heights.
8:16 am
>> wow! >> beautiful. ♪ >> so cool. >> beautiful. ♪ >> oh, wow! i love it. >> the song is great, too. >> it is. >> the devices from honda helped to pay for the video. two members of okay go. guys, good morning. >> nice to see you. >> by the way, thank you for making our entrance look so pathetic. nice to see you. >> how do you come up with these ideas? >> you know, most are
8:17 am
collaborators. we come up with good ideas and we work with people for a month. we think of the thing, then play with it for a month. >> then make the thing. >> by the end of that month it's always a wildly different thing than we started with. >> that's awesome. how many people did it take to make that one? >> just over 2,000 people. >> coordinated. wow! >> but we did shoot it in parts. at very end -- the video is all one shot. at the end there aren't that many unicup. still in development at honda. we had to shoot as many as we could in little sections. >> you have some dance move there is. how long would it take for matt and al to figure out how to dance on those things? >> i'm guessing -- we're good, they're good. i'm guessing about 200 years. >> and that's being generous. at the base of it, though, it's really good music. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> like that song.
8:18 am
>> we don't really differentiate between the process of making songs and making videos. we just like to make stuff, you know. and today's era, people think of music and individuvideo very se. if you make stuff for the internet, which we all do. >> right. >> you're making stuff and we love writing songs and that's where it starts. >> you were watching the video with us and your smiles were huge. you can feel the pride just looking off camera. >> it's fun for us. we love doing it. >> yeah. you know, once upon a time there was music and mono and left and right channels. at this point you have left and right and there's always a video attached to it. if you're going to be making songs you might as well be making videos along with them. >> keep doing it. >> yeah. >> love having you guys here. appreciate it. always good seeing you guys. >> ok go! okay, go. >> he looks like a nice guy. >> facebook fans are saying
8:19 am
third time was the charm for jim carrey as host of snl. top story on our page. one of the most popular catches, jim spoofing the unusual commercial from the lincoln motor company starring matthew mcconaughey. here is jim's take on it. >> sometimes you got to go back to actually move forward and i don't mean go back and reminisce or chase ghosts. i mean, take a big step back, like go from winning an oscar to doing a car commercial, mankind like the pathetic match that it is. >> dad, are you okay? >> i'm super good, bud. whose kids are these? >> dumb & dumber co-star jeff daniels. by the way, mr. carey will be here tomorrow. >> oh, good. awesome. >> you were there. >> i was there. it was great, so great.
8:20 am
doing the carey family reunion was fantastic. >> genius. how is snl going to top that? this week's host, chris rock and a guy by the name of prince. he will be performing what can only be described as a super set during the show. up next, a controversial new look at jackie kennedy's relationship with her son, jfk
8:21 am
we're back now with a look at the relationship between john f. kennedy jr. and his mother, jackie. "the good son," raising a son under the constant scrutiny of the public. he would have turned 54 next month. you look at this relationship. was her relationship with john different than her relationship with caroline? >> very much so. john was his mother's son. i think she felt that she at any time want him inhaled by the rest of the kennedy clan. she didn't want him to grow up with a sense of entitlement that the rest of the kennedys had. we're also looking at the 1960s, but he was his father's namesake and if there was a political future, it was embodied in john, not caroline. >> shielding him from two things, one was those of us in the press and the other was, as you just mentioned, the kennedys
8:22 am
themselves. what was her fear other than entitlement? >> they were getting in trouble all the time. making unfortunate headlines around the world constantly. she didn't want her husband's name tarnished in that way. it wasn't that she squashed him, that she tried to, in any way, keep them from enjoying his life. she wanted him to encourage his adventurous spirit, sent him around the world on amazing adventures. >> she wanted him to push the envelope. >> right. >> however, she had one fear with him. she never wanted him to learn to fly. >> right. >> why? >> look at the track record of the kennedys. john's record, joe, perished in a plane crash, aunt kathleen, stepbrother, alexander onassis, teddy kennedy, eth el kennedy's parents were killed in one plane crash, her brother in another plane crash. she didn't like the track record. >> it wasn't until after she pass add way that he went out and got his pilots license.
8:23 am
>> she had this premonition that she shared with the last important man in her life that he would die in a plane crash and he promised her he would not get his pilot's license during her lifetime. >> she knew from an early age or felt from an early age with john that he would carry on the kennedy legacy. >> right. >> do you get a sense talking to his friends that he felt enormous pressure? i remember, 15 years ago, we were all still trying to figure out what his impact would be, what path he would take. of course, we will never know. did he feel enormous pressure from that? >> i thenk he did. he was this man in motion, constantly roller blading, kayaking, a man in motion and that's because he couldn't stop. he said if i ever sat down, i would crumble. i would fall apart if i ever thought about all the things that were expected of me and all the things that happened to my family. >> at some point in their lives he's a young adult and she, of course, is his mother. their lives were similar. neither of them could do anything without making headlines. >> exactly. >> yet there was a double standard between the two of
8:24 am
them. >> right. >> she would go out and date somebody new and she would get -- >> all sorts of flack for it. >> yet he would go out and be thought of the great bachelor. >> relationships with madonna, sarah jessica parker, long relationship with daryl hannah. >> did she weigh in on those relationships? >> she was careful not to impose herself on his romantic life but would let him know in subtle lives. when daryl hannah came to visit, she would eat dinner in another room on a tray. there's no doubt about how jackie felt about the woman in his life. the political landscape today would be very different, had he survived. we know now that john did intend to run for the new york senate seat in 2000 that hillary clinton ran for. he might have ended her political career before it even got off the ground. >> 15 years past his death and you find more to write books about. is it because you're learning more through your research or more of his friends are willing to talk?
8:25 am
>> both. numbers of people i spoke with, these interviews were published during their lifetimes as well, peter salinger and the names we all associate with the kennedys. arthur schlesinger jr. and so on. these people asked me not to divulge everything that they told me and now that they've passed, i'm allowed to do that. i've gone back to those interviews. >> the book is called "the good son." christopher anderson, always good to have you here. >> thanks, matt. >> we'll be right back. let's go over to tamron. >> yes. coming up, matt, one of the youngest oscar nominees ever, all grown up. come on in. you know the face. haley joel osment making a big return to the big screen. we're going to catch up with him. first, your local news and weather. good to see you!
8:26 am
a very good monday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. clean-up underway after a fire in san jose destroyed 70 vehicles. the fire started around 5:00 last night at the business near camden and union avenue. there's no one inside the business, but there were motorcycles and atvs with full gas tanks. and that posed a big risk. more than 55 firefighters worked for an hour to knock down those flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation. time to check that morning commute with mike. how is it looking on this monday? >> you know, we have a slower spot. a big concern, as well, northbound 87. right around capital expressway. reports of a crash. before that crash, someone reported a vehicle going over 100 miles per hour. i'm not sure how you pick up that amount of speed through that stretch. that was the report.
8:27 am
meanwhile, the rest of your northbound routes really slow through silicon valley, west at 237 jams up toward highway 101, a stalled bus around the shoulder. 280 at farm hill boulevard. reports of a crash blocking your right lane. going to be an issue until at least 8:45. a problem, both directions distracted by that work. meanwhile, the rest of your bay. very slow for 880 south, in toward fremont. and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. back to you. >> thanks so much. back with another local news update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
back now 8:30 on a monday morning, the 27th day of october, 2014. it feels fully like fall. >> it does. it does. >> it's a little brisk here on the plaza and apparently going to get warm and then chillier for our halloween show on friday. >> all right. coming up, we all remember the amazing performances from young haley joel osment in the '90s and early 2000. now some time after the
8:31 am
spotlight, he's back and in a big way. we'll catch up with him. >> all right. remember the frenzy over v versasce at h & m? >> yeah. >> three new fashion that is will have you scrambling. once again, the men of "today" will ditch razors for the month to raise awareness for health issues. >> an important cause, remember that. a lot of college students take part in this. we're launching a no shave today college challenge to fraternities and other groups across the country. head to tell us why you're inspired to grow out your beards and you could be featured right here on the show. >> you guys enjoy this time of year? >> it's okay for a month. i took it too far last year. >> yeah. >> i went into the sochi olympics. i don't know what happened. >> it did.
8:32 am
>> not according to twitter gl twitter isn't always right. >> that's right. you hear that, twitter? i'm calling you out. for "today," wet weather. and then tomorrow -- today just zooms right by. tomorrow, wet weather around the great lakes, making it all the way down into northern louisiana. more rain and wind in the pacific northwest. sunshine through the southwest. warm temperatures. chilly through the central plains. it's going to be a nice day tomorrow here in the east sbchlt then things deteriorate just a 8:32. high, wispy clouds overhead.. but no fog, no low clouds to show you. 72 degrees, room temperature for the south bay, same for the peninsula. upper 60s on the east shore and in san francisco and a gorgeous day out in wine country, same for the tri-valley. you'll be in the mid-70s for today. getting into tomorrow and especially wednesday. at 10 to 15-degree jump. and then, we get rain at the end of the week on halloween.
8:33 am
more on that today at 11:00. >> that is your latest weather. matt? a woman whose skills could come in handy on halloween. a gifted artist using her face to transform herself into icons of music, movies and more. katy tur has her story. >> reporter: pros from around the world showing casing the surreal, sublime and downright spooky. but makeup artist maria malone take it is to another level. maria can become mandela, marlon or morgan. >> hi. i'm not morgan freeman. >> reporter: in a world of fantasy, maria deals with reality. an alternate reality, really, where she can become nearly
8:34 am
anyone. ♪ i just called to say how much i care ♪ >> gluing down eyebrows, whitewashing her skin, her face becomes a blank canvas where she can shade, highlight and literally draw on the features of another. the results can be remarkable. always wanted your photo with johnny depp, here you go. you don't have to fend off the screaming fans. then again, maria is a star in her own right across social media. on instagram alone, nearly 70,000 followers devoted to the face changer. while some use prosthetics to assume features, maria does it all here in her kitchen turned studio. >> just doing it with this? >> just this. >> black and white? >> yeah. >> face paint essentially? >> yeah. >> that's amazing. >> changing faces takes four hours, from actors and kings to
8:35 am
crooners. >> i choose icons and i choose people who the world love. >> who has been your favorite person to embody? >> my favorite was probably clint eastwood. >> reporter: despite the hours of work face shifting requires, she is happy to spend the days painting in monochrome celebrity and we wondered who will be next. >> that is amazing. >> incredible. >> incredible. >> it's not even -- she's unrecognizable. >> mandela was amazing. spot on. >> so, can you top that? >> join us this friday out on the plaza, our annual halloween boo-nanza on the plasz. we'll get all dolled up and this year's reveal could be -- >> could be. >> could be. >> that's the key word.
8:36 am
diy ideas to get your home ready for friday. plus, this is a great one. new designer collaborations to get you high fashion at affordable prices. first this is "today" on nbc. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars )
8:37 am
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8:38 am
great song, by the way. doesn't everybody want to get designer looks for less? collaborations for different collections and there are exciting new ones just around the corner and here with your very first look, today's style editor and's bobbie thomas. hi, bob bie. >> what's exciting about these collaborations, it's not just that its accessible and
8:39 am
affordable but you're tasking designer with his a specific aesthetic that sometimes can be too fashion forward for some to really make it mainstream. and they're special, limited time collections. >> let's get started. this is so cool. it's gap kids. >> yeah. >> teaming up with kate spade new york and jack spade. behind us, spinning around, are our models. tell us about these. >> you see first here swraz minute and mckenzie. if anyone has ever been to a kate spade new york store, it's a wonderland. jack spade is the sibling brand where you're going to see kids have the same energetic charm. there's a t-shirt right there that says here comes trouble. the print has googly eyes. and coming up here, a great top that says skirt the rules followed with little edie and her tote that says are we there yet if you can get a shot of that bag. >> can't even stand it. >> this is only going to be in stores for two weeks. >> so you've got to go really
8:40 am
quick. >> it's from $10 to about $130. >> next up, alexander wang, a favorite of michelle obama and rihanna, a great one, he is teaming up with h & m, yeah? >> this is h & m's tentt year of collaboration. alexander wang is known for his effortless cool. all about what you dress like on your days off, not when you dress up. with h & m, he really took to his sporty vibe. you see both for men and women, the collection starts at $10, goes up to $350. this is not just fashion. it's also function. he has reflective zippers, waterproof garments. that outerwear jacket with functionality quick dry elements. and for the ladies, it's very sporty. wang ski cap, that athletic-inspired apparel that you can dress up with heels. and i think you'll even see here on barbara, a great puffer
8:41 am
jacket with that moto-inspired feel. i have to give him kudos. he did the whole collection in neutrals, plaque, gray, white. >> did you say $10? it starts at $10? >> yes. a pair of gloves or something like that. >> we're showing off our fancy studio by having the whole thing rotate behind us. >> way wanted to give you a sneak peek, like you were window shopping. >> american eagles out fitters and american beagle. somehow it's teaming up with your dog for fashion. >> let me explain. >> please do. >> on april fool's american eagle out fitters released a dog collection. there's my pup, chica. they got so much attention, the "today" show here even ran the piece, that they are actually now offering you a matching collection for your pup. american eagle with american beagle. >> i can't stand it. so cute. >> famous instagram dog with
8:42 am
jane here. they are wearing toya. and this is another famous instagram dog, toast. in matching rainbow sweaters and you'll see also we've got, coming up here, the silver puffer in the back, adorable. the whole matching set. >> can i tell you, so many takers on that. bobbie, that was always terrific. >> so fun. and we'll have more information, of course, online. haley joel osment on his return to the big screen. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
start shopping a new way. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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haley joel os mechlt nt saw dead people in "the sixth sense." now after a break from the big screen he is back. we'll talk to him in a moment.
8:45 am
first a look at his rise to stardom and the year that is followed. most celebrated stars from his first film role as forrest jr. >> hello, mr. gump. >> to his breakout role. >> i see dead people. >> reporter: >> he blew audiences away in the supernatural thriller "the sixth sense" making millions of dollars worldwide and it earned him an academy award nomination, the second youngest nominee ever in that comedy. he spent nearly a decade as a staple in blockbuster movies. >> where is -- >> like a.i. and "pay it forward." >> this whole thing is embarrassing. >> but at 18, he left hollywood and enrolled in nyu, graduating from their prestigious school of the arts in 2010. now after years out of the
8:46 am
public eye, osment is heading back to the big screen in what some are calling his big comeback. haley joel osment, nice to see you. remember your parents used to have those annoying friends who would say i haven't seen you since you were this big. i'm going to be that annoying person. look at the last time you and i sat down together. we both look a little different. >> wow! 14 years. >> start with the day after that interview. >> we can get it all in, in three minutes. >> you did decide to move away from hollywood, at least going after roles for a while. what was the driving force behind that? >> it was always college. my mom is a sixth grade teacher. it was never negotiable. i studied experimental theater at new york university and it was something i wanted to -- you can only go to college at that time in your life once, you know, when you're 18. >> you didn't do it when you were 28, 30rks something like that? >> that's always valuable but in order to sort of figure out what
8:47 am
you want to do with your life and have that social support, you know, of going and doing that -- >> but when you went to college and you were this famous young man, were you treated normally or were people always walking by you in the street saying he sees dead people? >> oddly, in new york it was easier to blend in. my program, which was a small, conservatory program, all the students were very cool about it. everybody working in theater and everything. it was never really an issue. >> were you getting offers during that time, haley, and turning them down? and were you always planning to return to the big screen? >> i was open to do projects while i was there. i did play in broadway in 2008 and a film earlier that year. that led me to doing summer school and two years straight after that to finish it up. i just wanted to finish it out. >> you flew under the radar and a photo was released not long ago, about you preparing for a role. all of a sudden you were in the headlines again. what was it like to be in your shoes during that time? >> as a nazi, too, yeah. luckily with the internet today,
8:48 am
people can quickly see why i was dressed as a nazi, second of three movies with one cast. that was kind of funny. >> you have a movie out called "sex ed" and you play a sex ed teacher. this former child star. now you're the adult actor in a class of all these other kids who want to be actors. what was it like? >> they were fantastic. and we had a really, really short shoot. we only had 20 days to do it. a classroom full of kids, bunch of different ages. i was so impressed with how good they were, a credit to our director and casting director finding these kids from all over the country who are just perfect in the role. >> kind of a reluctant sex ed teacher. >> yes. not so sexually experienced himself. many of them are going through puberty and don't really understand what's happening and have access to that information. he makes a lot of mistakes but has really good intentions. >> you have another movie coming out called "tusk." in this one, you are transformed
8:49 am
into a walrus. >> justin long is. >> i thought it was you. i was going to say, how do you handle that call from the agent? >> yeah. no, i gave justin long some grief. yeah, fantastic. i get to not wear prosthesis and run around with a gun. that's kind of nice. >> so much anticipation "entourage," because the series was so popular. >> i'm so excited for that, too. >> big plans? you want to stick at this? >> absolutely. i love making movies. i have been living in new york almost eight years now and gotten to do theater, too, and everything. feel very fortunate. acting is my first love. >> going back to that original picture i put up of the two of us, just upset you haven't changed and i have. >> both of us have the '90s hair. >> "sex ed" comes out november 7th and you can catch "tusk" in select theaters now.
8:50 am
halloween treats you can make yourself. first, this is "today" on nbc. californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
8:51 am
back now at 8:51. we are counting down to friday's halloween bash with a week-long boo-nanza with do it yourself ideas and leigh, who has more than a million subscribers on
8:52 am
her youtube channel, ann or shine. you have a million followers on youtube. >> i'm used to having the camera on myself. >> just in your house? >> yes, in my house so -- >> all right. let's get started. we'll do some basics. decorations that you have. this is very basic. just cut out a bunch of bats of different sizes. >> yes. cut out a bunch of bats in different sizes to give you that depth perception on the wall. >> you guys remember dots from back in the day. you're wearing them. you'll show us how to put this costume together further down the way. let's get started with these mason jars. >> okay. >> what are these? >> mummy mason jars like a little lantern. if you want to make this together -- >> i would love to. >> it's really simple. you need some gauze and cut these up into strips. with your hot glue gun, just dab a little bit of that on the top or bottom. take one end of your gauze,
8:53 am
stick it in place. be careful not to burn yourself. >> wrap it? >> wrap this around the jar, however way you want. crisscross it. and you want to get to the end, stick it on again. >> you just keep doing that all the way around? >> yes. >> put a couple eyes on here? >> you get toward the end. >> that's exactly what i meant. >> you know what you're doing. >> i do. >> diyer. >> a little sundae. this is called -- >> boo-nana. >> my viewers name this had the boo-nana. >> tell me about this one. >> ice cream, i'm using nondairy ice but you could use anything you like. some crushed cookies. and banana. you can cut the banana into different sizes to give you like the ghosty, ooh, scary look. go ahead and sprivengle some of the cookie to your ice cream.
8:54 am
>> looks delicious. take your banana, stick it right in. >> you got it. >> al is laughing. i don't even know why. leave it to al roker. >> your boo-nana. >> for you, al. back to your costume. some people don't like to make an elaborate halloween costume. >> very simple to make. styrofoam balls at your local craft store. cut them in half and paint them into the colors of, you know, your choice or the candy. >> the type of paint is important since it's styrofoam, right? >> you can use craft paint. >> you go with the glue gun? >> right. after your paint is dry, dab on the glue gun, put it on to your shirt. >> good. congrats on your youtube channel and 1 million followers. hello. >> thank you. i hope they're watching. p. >> i'm sure they are.
8:55 am
thank you very much. matt, over to you. >> hoda, thank you very much. in the meantime, we hope you're reading our latest "today" book club pick, "positive" by paige hall. >> tweet us using the #positive project. on november 14th, jenna bush hager will moderate a conversation with paige celebrating young activists. an exclusive essay by paige head to our website >> all right. meanwhile, happy for you to join us. >> worked well. >> very clunky. i'm sorry. >> no, no. >> what do you guys have coming up? >> one of our faves, deeiego klattenhoff. >> willie's doppleganger.
8:56 am
>> and would you let your -- >> oprah's very good monday morning to you. it's 8:56. people in one san jose neighborhood could find out today if a local bar they say brings in criminals will be forced to close. the latest incident happened friday. investigators say a security guard was shot four times on 13th street. he is expected to survive, but the gunman is still on the loose. the city's attorneys office has
8:57 am
a court hearing scheduled today to seek an injunction to close the bar as soon as possible. the city's already said it will put the bar's liquor permit, they'll pull it in december. owners of the bar have declined to comment. another local news update coming up in hatlf an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this monday morning, october 27th, 2014. i'm natalie morales, along with al roker, tamron hall and willie enjoying the monday morning off. >> why were you kissing that snickers bar? >> one of our colleagues, jerry, gives me a snickers every morning now and i kiss it for good luck. >> do you actually eat it? >> 9:30, it's gone. but this is how we start. like a baseball player -- >> i love that it's a fun size. you made a funny joke. >> fun size would be five times the normal size.
9:01 am
that's fun. when you have to open up five pieces of candy to get to the normal size, what the heck? that's not fun. wrappers all over. you give me something that is a snickers bar that's three pounds, now that's fun! >> friday when the tri trick-or-treaters come to your house and they throw it back plrks roker! >> you can use it as a battering ram. i don't know about you. i grew up. for a while we lived in the projects and you -- the kid network would let you know which house was giving the full size. >> oh, yeah. miss jones, go over here. >> giving out pennies, we don't need that. >> i'm paranoid about that in my building. i've got to bring it. i'm super competitive about that. >> what are you doing this year? >> i'm going all out, godiva. >> what? >> i let them dig in and let the parents. >> godiva? >> all of a sudden you're in
9:02 am
scooby-doo. that tamron hall. the kids don't want godiva. >> they want ring pops. >> maybe in your building. >> i'm so sad this year i won't be able to be home for the halloween kids. every year i have the godiva bars. you've never seen happiness until you see a 3-year-old two fisting. >> that's tamron hall. she gives out the good stuff. >> i guarantee you if they were full-sized hershey bars, they would have the same look. >> go big or go home, roker. speaking of people who do things big -- >> i was told i could go home. >> get over here. oprah winfrey, listen to what happened. >> this story. >> this is good. oprah was in miami, being oprah, suv, balling, going where only
9:03 am
celebrities go. >> oprah was balling? >> if you look up the meaning. she was in her suv. there was a scrum of paparazzi, trying to take a picture. this woman, lori geller, also trying to dine at this very fancy restaurant and somehow lori's open toe sandal met the wheel of oprah winfrey's suv. and the car rolled over lori's foot. >> ouch. >> lori's husband beats on the window, as a good man should, trying to save his wife, yelling at the driver. oprah jumps out of the car. >> smartly so. >> and gives lori a once over, checks her foot out. everything is a-okay. she walks off with a selfie. >> not bad. >> not bad? people get more for going on her show. they get cars. oprah, you know i love you.
9:04 am
>> she wasn't on the show. >> people go on oprah show, you get a car. lori gets a selfie? >> what should she have done? >> i have one better. the story also reveals that oprah, i follow her on instagram. she is obsessed with truffles. she has been truffle hunting. this is her new fancy thing to do. at the restaurant, oprah ordered a burger and said let me go in my purse and give you my truffle, which are like 300 zillion dollar. >> i don't like truffles. >> i don't either, but she could have given lori a truffle. >> on the other hand, her -- she said that oprah couldn't have been nicer. >> oh, yeah, yeah. oprah is always good. not just because she's the most powerful person in the world. she is a wonderfully nice, has been nice to me since the day i met her. but if oprah had run over my
9:05 am
open toe shoe, i would have fallen out, like, take me home. the only way i feel better -- >> you would have made a good soccer player. >> five pairs to replace the one player. >> world cup soccer players when they're barely touched and flounder all over. >> one of our camera guys, he's not here, said they probably had to call a tow truck. i liked it. >> it's a bob yeager joke. >> bob yeager did say it. >> did you hear what happened to serena this weekend? >> wow! in the heat of battle. against caroline wazniacki. loses a point, gets frustrated and takes her frustration out on the racket. listen. bring it up. bring up the sound. you have to hear this. >> mama mia. >> mama mia! look at that. two hits and, boom!
9:06 am
>> by the way, they're good friends. >> best friends. >> she's just mad at the racket. it was the racket's fault. come on. anybody who has played tennis, you know it's always the racket's fault. >> it's never you. never to blame. >> she ends up -- she goes on to win. even more impressive, she used that racket. she did. >> now, that would have been something. >> she did. people were stunned. >> she probably could. >> for a minute i believed you, for that one -- >> you believed that? >> because i believe in him. >> oh, my gosh! get over that. you haven't been here long enough. >> that was worth its weight in gold. >> i was like, really? >> oh, my gosh. jeez! >> you would have been the perfect little sister. you really would have been. >> because i believe in you, you exploit it. >> all the time. here is an interesting idea. what do you dow guys think of an u bech uber -- sort of uber like service for kids?
9:07 am
that car service, it's an app. you download the app, say where you are, where you want to be picked up. the driver picks you up. you can watch the car come, all of that. you agree on a rate and it takes you wherever you want to go. so there's an idea now, actually a service already being offered in san francisco. it's called shuttle. they are allowing this service now to hire drivers for parents who want to have their kids be transported somewhere. say they have ten soccer games. sounds like my weekend. >> you can't make it. >> hopefully you would make the kid's soccer game. >> but if you can't -- >> they do a lot of background checks, look for two references and also hire people who have experience working with children. in case you're saying never, ever, ever would i let a stranger drive my child somewhere. >> right. >> they do all the work upfront, pass the background checks and
9:08 am
requirements. most of the drivers say -- all their drivers are female drivers and they are nannies, teachers or child care providers looking to make some extra money on the side. it sounds like an interesting idea. you pay $9 a month to get started. you download the app and, of course, whatever the additional cost is of the actual drive itself. would you do something like this? >> i might if, if -- and it depends on the age, too. if i had exhausted all possibilities. >> right. >> babysitter, my brother, family friend, something like that. if you're in a desperate situation then, yeah, i would say. >> someone you -- >> hiring a driver. >> going to a daycare, for example, that you haven't used before. some people have emergency daycares. >> that's what i mean. >> sometimes you put your -- leyla is going in a cab already. >> she's almost 16. but i think if you need it, it's
9:09 am
good and people make their choice. >> certainly in urban environments. i live in a town and we only have one car. my kids are at that age, they're playing lots of soccer games. when you can't carpool, you are desperate. and sometimes you can't find a ride. >> i think the market will figure it out. >> another thing that jumps out to me, all female drivers. there are, i'm hoping, some safe male drivers. >> of course there are. i think right now -- >> when they say all female, you have to go through the background check no matter -- >> no matter what. and i'm sure -- >> catering to families and thinking they would be -- >> have you ever had a male babysitter or anything like that? >> yeah, my dad. >> not for you, for your kid. >> for my kids. >> but other than that -- >> yeah, i would. absolutely. it would be a great idea. >> especially for boys, it would be fun for them, big brother. >> joe gets a little break. >> here is a funny video on its
9:10 am
own. >> okay. >> a guy gets stung by a wasp. the best part is his wife thinks this is hilarious. >> uh-oh. >> oh, my god! >> writhing in pain, throwing himself on to a hill. >> it was the way he was so animated. >> and his wife thinks this is hilariou hilarious. >> i thought it was good. i give him a ten there. perfect ten. >> but where is the -- >> her laugh. >> where is the concern? >> it's a wasp, al. he's fine. >> she knows her husband --
9:11 am
>> as long as he's not allergic, he's good. >> if he's not allergic, he's good. >> this happens when you're married a lot of times. >> let's reverse it. the wife got stung and the guy sits there laughing while his wife writihes in pain, throws herself on the ground. he would be voted husband of the year, wouldn't he? >> but that's not what happened. >> no. >> funniest video material. listen, today, our monday moment all has to do with pumpkins, halloween, as we move our way closer to friday. a lot of you spent the weekend carving some creations. erica jones might have won the monday moment. this is eric's carving of al roker, complete with umbrella, rain drops, everything. >> that's insane. >> that's crazy. >> that's amazing.
9:12 am
>> that's our monday moment. >> the moment that you think will make us smile. >> thank you, jerry. great ideas. >> up from the snickers you guess what, it's still out
9:13 am
there, making its way toward the pacific northwest. ton of rain is going to be foll falling. just seattle alone for october, 4 1/2 inches of rain, almost two inches above where they normally should have. 39 inches for the year, almost a foot above where they should be. guess what, more on the way over the next 24 hours. anywhere from another three to five inches of 9:13. good monday morning to you. take a look the a beautiful san jose. room temperature readings for today. 72 degrees, natural ac is on strong. 67 in san francisco. right around 74 degrees in the north bay. now, here's the deal for the next couple of days. temperatures are going to keep on climbing about a 10 to 15-degree jump between today and wednesday. then by the end of the week, we bring in that rain, looks like friday morning. we'll keep you updated.
9:14 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> is that your second cupcake? and snicker. >> don't you out my -- >> sugar high, no kidding. >> a fun new station on msnbc today. coming up next, grab another cup of coffee. grab another cupcake, tamron. >> thanks, natalie. >> why it's being linked to a major health breakthrough. coffee, that is. coco
9:15 am
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cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. set a new goal today. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. a new at-home screening for colon cancer, benefit for coffee and why. >> some of the hottest headlines in health to break them down for us, dr. natalie azar from nyu languageone medical center. >> and for comcast nbc
9:18 am
universal. good morning to both of you. this at-home test for colon cancer. dr. azar? >> who is this for? men and women over the age of 50 who have an average risk of colon cancer. they do not have a family history of colon cancer. they don't have a personal medical history that would raise their risk for colon cancer. this is indicated for them as a noninvasive test to screen for colon cancer. a few very important points to take home. one, it is currently not widely available yet. it still requires a prescription from your doctor. it's not like you can pick it up at a drug sto r and take care of your own health. the results have to be interpreted by your doctor. it's not meant to be a replacement for a true colonoscopy in people who are at high risk for colon cancer. some people are obviously uncomfortable with the prep and procedure. maybe we might be catching sort of more people this way. if you have a positive test on the screening test you still have to go through the colonoscopy to determine if this is a true positive or not.
9:19 am
>> important, as you said, if you have a family history, you want to go the regular route. >> the sensitivity is quite high, roughly picking up 92% of cancers, a few percentage points below what a colonoscopy can pick up. >> only about 60% of people who need colon cancer screening actually receive it. this test may be another way to increase that pull and get the screening tests up higher. special cocoa drink that seems to turn back the clock for memory. what is this? >> interesting study showing that cocoa beans have a compound called flavenoids and it's been shown to have health benefits. individuals had high concentrations of drink with cacoa in it. mri tests actually showed that areas of the brain associated with memory were enhanced. so i think that's very important. >> is this a license for us to drink lots of hot chocolate?
9:20 am
>> absolutely not. that's the total opposite of the message we're going to send. flavenoid-rich foods, it's a plant product. fruits and vegetables, wine. purely memory, not a lower risk of dementia but most of us will take what we can get. >> coffee drinking is a benefit against liver cirrhosis. >> caffeine particularly has a breakdown product that can reduce inflammation. liver cirrhosis begins with fibrosis, scarring, promoted by this process called inflammat n inflammation. three cups a day, this study in particular followed liver enzymes and found they were decreased by 25%. maybe offset some alcohol drinking with coffee drinking. that's my take-home message. >> thank you, both, dr. azar and
9:21 am
dr. pryor. coming up, i'll catch you up on the news you need to know. >> and the hit nbc crime thriller "the black list." we do know who is lurking in our orange room, one of the stars lurking. orange room, one of the stars lurking. he is a master lurker, diego we (cha-ching!) (cha-ching!) many empt(cha-ching!) it felt like we were flushing money away. mom! that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. it's charmin quality and long lasting. with more go's per roll, it pays to use charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. for us, mega roll equals mega value. cha-ching! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra mega roll? ♪ ♪
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9:24 am
ebola quarantine is being released. nurse kaci hickox tested negative for the disease after returning from west africa. meantime, a five-year-old boy is under observation at new york's bellevue hospital after showing some ebola-like symptoms. selfies might someday save you a trip to the doctor's office. in a study of eczema patients, half went back to the dermatologist for regular follow-ups, the other half e-mailed selfies to their doctors who made recommendations and prescribed medicine based on the photos. and after one year, the number of patients who showed significant improvement was about the same for each group. the countdown is on and most of you only have two months left to use up those vacation days, or will you leave that time on the table? according to a new study by oxford economics, american workers are using only 77% of their paid time off and are essentially working for free almost one week per year. movie goers were in the holiday spirit this weekend as we just summoned up the biggest crowds taking in an estimated $20
9:25 am
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9:26 am
so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the prmacy counter. and a good monday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brjt)y investigators need your help finding whoever shot and killed a mother of four possibly in a case of road rage. this happened yesterday afternoon in oakland on rossmore avenue. investigators say 30-year-old was heading home from the grocery store with her husband when somebody shot into their car. officers say there was sme sort of confrontation, maybe even road rage. she was the mother of four children. the youngest just a year and a half old. today, we could hear from a man accused of groping two little girls inside two bay area big box stores. one inside a san leandro walart, the other inside of a target. the girl's pp)ents were feet
9:27 am
away when this happened two weeks ago. surveillance video captured him inside the stores. a cop later recognized him and contacted police. we are starting off your week. we'll have a look at your weather and traffic coming up after this break.
9:28 am
good morning to you. 72 degrees is the forecasted high in the south bay today. just a beautiful day. all across the board, 72 for the peninsula. we're talking about the upper 60s today on the east shore and in san francisco. north bay, the tri-valley. temperatures looking really good this afternoon. mid-70s. then we crank up that heat for the midsection of the week. a 10 to 15-degree jump in those numbers. we'll be in the low 80s in the south bay. but just for one day. back to the 70s for thursday. and then we bring in some rain. we'll give you the timing for the storm system today at 11:00. here's mr)q and your drive. >> looking to the south bay with two major slowdowns. an earlier crash has cleared from the area.
9:29 am
but you're still dragging up past 880 and clearing past the airport there. 280 jams up toward lawrence expressway. the crash on the southbound side looks like enough of a distraction to add to the slowdown there. focusing on city streets. at the news desk, word of a crash and perhaps a child killed right here. at mcclellan. very close to monta vista high school. they're following that in the newsroom. i'll tell drivers to avoid this area. meanwhile, look at the rest of the commute and your freeways themselves are pretty standard. back to you. >> that's very rough news to start off your week with. thank you very much, mike, with an update on your traffic. we'll have another look coming up in 25 minutes. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds.
9:30 am
ho ho ho green giant! welcome back to "today" on this monday, october 27th, 2014. i'm willie geist. this is al roker. >> hey, willis, what's up? >> my given tham? i like willis. >> my stunt double. >> i have more on the chin than willie, i hear. >> i think he became diego klattenhoff. >> there you go. see? >> i'm looking down. i have to look up. >> look up.
9:31 am
>> oh, i totally see it. >> willie is going to crush me the next time. i didn't realize he was a giant from illinois. >> 6'5". >> what do they feed those guys up there? >> cloning experiment that went horribly wrong. >> hey, easy. easy. >> one thing that you can do that willie can't do, willie is follicly challenged. he can't grow facial hair, sparse in the chest area. >> without the shirt on, huh? >> whoa, whoa! >> like you, willie does the two button thing sometimes. so you can see. he doesn't have anything. >> it just may start lower. >> he is folicly challenged. >> we're going to leave that alone. >> because of no shave november, right? >> not too bad. that's not too bad. >> we're showing you all this because we want to raise awareness, of course, again about men's health issues like
9:32 am
prostate and testicular cancer. you're going to launch monday november 3rd. professor al is coming back. >> that's right. college challenge, if you're in school or your house, your group is ditching the razors next month, we want to hear about it. especially all my bros at oswego. >> look at you. >> in solidarity, natalie and i will not get lip waxes for a couple of weeks and this is what i will look like. >> it's really bad. >> i'm kidding, diego. >> not sticking. >> you work on that while i go do the weather. oh, let's show you what we've got. where did it all go wrong? anyway -- wow, that's -- that's disturbing. you look good with a mustache, by the way. >> you like that? >> i was talking to tamron.
9:33 am
anyway, let's show you what's going on today, plenty of sunshine along the east coast. windy conditions, parts of upstate new york of the wet weather from the great lakes into oklahoma. rain starting to move into the pacific northwest later this afternoon. tonight, on into tomorrow, a mess. windy, very wet. just cleaning up from the storm over the weekend, getting power back for folks. temperatures stay cooler back through the plains ahead of the system. east coast will be gorgeous tomorrow. beautiful day with temperatures in the lower 70s dow 9:33. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a beautiful day coming your way. right now in the mid 50s. you'll end up in the upper 60s in the east shore and san francisco. and rainfall in the end of the week. expecting the timing of the storm system to arrive on friday morning. halloween, we'll give you more information on this today at 11:00. hope you have a great day.
9:34 am
>> and that is your latest weather. >> all right. he's not busy filling in for willie, because he does that all the time, diego klattenhoff is playing agent resler. >> there's always much more going on than meets the eye. diego is with us. good morning. >> good morning. good morning. >> al actually got me hooked on this show. this is one of the best shows, because even you guys don't know what's really happening. you're kind of learning as well. >> you're in the dark. >> you're in the dark and that adds edge to the show. >> i would say it's like a choose your own adventure. you don't know what's going to happen to yourself in a couple of episodes and you make up these stories, backstories and get a new script and say, ooh, maybe i guessed wrong on that one. it's good. it definitely keeps you thinking. we have a great team of writers
9:35 am
on the show from l.a. you're always trying to get that new script and, i don't know, see what kind of trouble you're going to get into. >> your character, donald resler, has been popping some pills this season. a little bit of an addiction going on here? >> little ongoing headache. >> yeah. >> called natalie morales. >> wow! wow! under the bus. >> always under the bus around here. it's a common thing. >> take no prisoners, al. i'm telling you, he is going to be one of our black listers one of these days. >> he is. >> 112. >> red is going to be like, take roker out. >> that's it, baby. so, one of the things i remember last year, you guys were literally shooting just about week to week. >> you get to that point sometimes, yeah. >> which it kind of adds to the intrigue of the show. >> pretty intriguing last thursday when we were shooting a scene for monday. so, we thankfully -- i mean, we have enough time to -- or they have enough time to kind of look at the episode and say we need a
9:36 am
little more here or there. we have the best crew here in new york and everybody behind the scenes is just kind of break them down to get the show on the air. so, yeah, it keeps you on your toes. >> and on your toes physically as well. you do a lot of the stunts yourself and these stunts involve heights -- >> ooh. >> oh. >> i'm not huge on heights. >> that means you're not a fan. that means you're afraid. >> i'm not afraid. >> you can say it. >> i'm just saying -- >> we're here for you. >> really? are you going to catch me? >> take it up to the top of the rock. >> diego, admit it. >> i'm not a huge fan of heights. >> i'm not saying i'm afraid. i'm here right now. >> your hand is sweating. >> so is it true that you were not thinking about becoming an actor but then as a kid you saw
9:37 am
boogie nights and that changed your -- >> wow! i wasn't a kid. i was 19. "boogie nights," laughing with your producer, the "today" show is all about porn and drugs and how i got into acting. i said, hey, if he can do it, i can do it. no problem at all. >> look over there. >> i'm supposed to look at al when i say that? >> exactly. >> he asked the question. >> i don't want to talk about porn and drugs with al but, hey, buddy, next time you're on set. >> i'm there, baby! it's going to be a party. >> always fun with al. >> diego kla tchttenhoff, alway good time, my friend. "black list" tonight 10:00, 9:00 central here on nbc. meantime, the whereabouts of one of diego's co-stars in question. >> do you know where he is? >> we know where you can find him. right here, tomorrow. "today's take." >> did he rap with you last time he was on? you had a bromance moment.
9:38 am
>> you were singing a song. >> yes, we were. >> rapper's delight. >> that's right, you did rap with him. up next, there goes honey boo boo. why the reality show -- this is a scary story. >> it is. >> was abruptly canceled due to a ♪ everything kids touch during sticks with them.ason make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life;
9:39 am
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9:42 am
honey boo boo, jake gyllenhaal and one direction, what do they all have in common? >> some of the hottest searches on google over the weekend. here to tell us why, daniel sieberg. good morning. >> good to see you both. >> good to see you. tlc confirming that honey boo boo is now canceled. what happened? >> a lot of folks maybe heard about this, went online, searched for honey boo boo. mama june went on and posted a video because the allegation is that she was dating an alleged -- convicted child molester and that the show has been canceled as a result of that. people looked up to see what her
9:43 am
response was. she post aid video saying she would never put her kids in any danger. lots of controversy around this. >> tlc issued a statement saying tlc has canceled the series "here comes honey boo boo." tlc is faithfully committed to the children's ongoing comfort and well-being. >> no matter how you felt about the show -- obviously some people are opinionated about it -- you went on to see what was the story behind it. >> the show is over there. this is a new interesting one, video by 1d "steal my girl" getting talk about buzz. there is an interesting cameo in this video. >> yes, there is. danny devito. he plays this director in the video and then they -- it's very over the top, suomo wrestlers, carnival stars. it's kind of a crazy video. lot of people went on to see what it was all about.
9:44 am
>> crazy. >> it did coincide with the leak of taylor swift's album and she is an ex of harry stiles. >> coincidence? >> there are rumors this wasn't a total coincidence. >> let's stay with entertainment. jake gyllenhaal is getting rave reviews for his performance "night crawler." >> he is. i was in a movie over the weekend and saw the trailer for this movie. people's reactions were pretty intense. an ambulance chaser going around, trying to find crime. >> freelance journalist, tmz type guy. >> he lost a lot of weight for the role and folks have been searching about the movie and the process he went through to play this character. >> i think he lost something like over 20 pounds i saw him say in an interview. really gaunt there. finally, halloween, of course, big search term. everybody is starting to think what they're going to be dressed as, what they're going to be doing. >> lots of last-minute costume ideas. recipes, food. we see pumpkin carving, videos
9:45 am
on youtube are popular this year, looking for diy, makeup for zombies. frozen costumes are the most popular for do it yourself. all kinds of ways to go on there and fine those last-minute costumes. it is friday. you're running out of time if you haven't done it yet. >> let's do it. >> lots of possibilities there. >> daniel sieberg, thank you very much. coming up next, check out these hot tomales. i'm not talking about the food but the ladies who are spicing things up in our kitchen. we'll have a little taste ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
9:46 am
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9:49 am
best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best. >> announcer: "today's" kitchen is brought to you by hellmann's. bring out the best. >> now with the two hot tomales about to kick up the flavor of tonight's dinner. >> before we get to that, we want to show you some of the amazing food creations for halloween that you've been
9:50 am
sending us all morning long. leslie? >> we're going to go down to natalie. >> in the orange room. look at these great cupcakes sent to us from leslie, which she designed, all free hand herself from annapolis, maryland. from lisa in cleveland, ohio, mummy skeleton cupcakes. from illinois, mummy cookies. fantastic and last, but not least, we've got this little guy popping out of a cupcake from bridget. thanks to all who sent us their designs for halloween. >> thanks for sharing that. come on up and try these tacos because mary sue milliken and susan feniger. nothing says halloween like tacos. >> and spicy. >> we're launching it. >> chili lime tacos? >> we start with shrimp tacos. >> little bit of spice sbl how spicy do you like it? >> spicy. >> yeah! >> put in all the cayenne,
9:51 am
paprika, salt. we mix it together and put it on the shrimp. >> all right. season that in? >> i like to let it sit for a good half hour. >> did you put enough spice in there? >> yeah. >> i think you need a little more. al, in the meantime, we're making the slaw that will go on top. >> i always mess up the skewer. is there a tip with that in. >> soak them in water. keep them nice and -- so they cook evenly. >> soak them in water, put on like three? >> you soak the skewer so they don't burn. >> got you. >> i want you to take this. not all the salt but all the cumin and garlic goes in there. >> yeah and then some of that haberno chili.
9:52 am
>> your jahabenero chili, you te out the seeds? >> why did you put it all in there then? >> let them taste it. >> i'll take some of it out. >> it will be delicious. >> you leave it in the bowl i think it all goes in. >> olive oil. >> balance. >> let more orange. >> in the event that you do add too much heat -- if you do happen to make that mistake and add too much heat -- >> little more orange juice. it has that sweetness that can balance. >> see if you think this is spicy? >> no. >> okay. ready? >> that's why we've been partners 30 years. i check when it's spicy enough. >> i'll tell you. it's not that spicy. it's just delicious. >> oh, my god, al is such a good cook. >> he is a great cook. >> how long on each side? >> about two minutes per side.
9:53 am
it doesn't take too long. >> let's get to work on the tacos. we're having a taco contest. you each get a tortilla. al, you go with mary. >> okay. >> we're going to give you some slaw, some delicious shrimp. >> let's give al -- >> and take a little bit of the extra spice. >> mine is done, i've won the taco contest. go to back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i win. because i'm eating.
9:54 am
9:55 am
butternut squash. >> ooh. >> join iing us. bill clinton's soup. >> that's awesome. >> that's vegan, completely vegan.
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone, 9:56. something we're watching carefully. a hazmat crew in hillsboro overnight. at this point, officials are not telling us why the home on hain road, north of crystal spring
9:57 am
road. and was on the scene. but investigators not saying anything about this investigation. hain road temporarily (sju$ @r(c since it reopened. well, starting today, you have to pay $1 to park at the concord, the station. that station 1 of 4, starting the pay for parking system already in place everywhere else. so paying for b.a.r.t. parking. let's check your weather this morning. >> hey, happy monday to you. we're going to see a beautiful day. good air quality, 72 degrees here. for today on the east shore. and low 70s on the peninsula. spectacular start to the week. warming you up significantly by wednesday, a 10 to 15-degree jump and we bring in rain on halloween. at 11:00.. first, here's mike and your drive. >> looking over toward fremont, 880 southbound. showing a slower drive. let's show you the map and show you approaching off the
9:58 am
dunbarton bridge. slow through that area, as well. a lot of ground to make up for some of these folks. took quite a while. a series of crashes for 880. and 680 had a tough drive out of pleasan pleasantton. the rest of your bay, looks standard. northbound route, san jose, 101, a little slow up toward the airport, latency for 280 and 880. had a late crash there. and now the southbound stuff looks like it's slowing because there's still more unexpected traffic on 280 northbound. the rest of the bay moving smoothly. recovery for 280, farm hill after the earlier spill cleared a while back. you pick you) path and looking smooth over that bay bridge, scott. back to you. >> thanks. we're going to have more local news coming up for you in half an hour. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
9:59 am
me too... we're practically twins!
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is fun day monday, october 27th, leading up to and directly ending with halloween on friday. >> don't you wish we could reveal our costumes? >> not really. >> well, you're going to be surprised. >> we haven't seen them yet, so they're hanging in the balance, you know. >> we have a great show today. if you like the country winning duo sugarland. >> and who doesn't? >> christian bush is here, coming out with a solo album and
10:01 am
he'll perform a hit for us. >> and all the hollywood scoop while you were out all weekend long, beautiful fall festivals. >> and terrifying tech for halloween, you know what that's about. oh, my gosh. that's genius. >> that's me in before makeup. it really is. tough night, you know what i mean. on the weekend, hoda, right before the weekend started, we're doing our little musical. >> yes. >> on december 4th. we're going to beat peter pan to the punch. >> peter who? >> everybody here at the "today" show have been auditioning for our musical. and so there is -- yes, we have some dancers. >> is that vivian. >> that's vivian, and a friend who dances with her. and amanda avery can tap, who knew? >> new orleans' own amanda avery. >> and brie and alicea.
10:02 am
>> and, oh, yes, deena. >> oh, yes. >> a split? >> yes. >> oh, no. i wish you could turn up the volume on this one. susan -- >> steve. okay. steve is one of our late night -- >> none of them made callbacks. none of them. everybody sang the same song. we'll show you that tape pretty soon. over the weekend, we have already announced, because regis was with me one time when you were gone, he is our guest star. i went over to regis and joy's beautiful home in connecticut. and david friedman. regis is learning his music. reege, you work on it. he's going to be delicious. he was so funny. >> by the way, anything he does, at any moment is hysterical. >> terrific. so, anyway, that's -- put it on your calendar, must see tv, december 4th. >> okay. >> what did you do? >> it was cold. i went to the beach with boots
10:03 am
and blake. >> which beach? >> that's hard to get to, to the hamptons, a couple of hours in the car. >> i like it in the fall. nobody is there. >> i went to the grocery store, we bought apples, i like apples. >> yes, you do. >> we happened by an apple orchard. we're, like, oh, i had eaten one of the good apples from the store. we went to the orchard, we got apples there. >> did you pick them? >> we wanted to but we have blake, and we did a taste test of the apples. >> amazing. >> you don't realize how not good the ones are from the store are until you take one right off the tree. >> i gave you the ones, what are they called, those -- golden crisp or something. >> gala. >> honey crisp, unbelievable.
10:04 am
best i've ever had. >> makes such a difference. makes you want to buy from farmers markets and stuff like that. >> that's not a bad idea anyway, hoda woman. >> if you were watching "snl," it is one of the good ones, jim carrey was hosting. they decided to do a spoof on the matthew mcconaughey commercials where he's driving the lincoln and talking to himself. this is the matthew mcconaughey commercial. >> which i haven't seen. >> let's watch it. >> sometimes you got to go back to actually move forward. and i don't mean go back and reminisce or chase ghosts. i mean take a big step back, like go from winning an oscar to doing a car commercial. my agent was, like, i can understand if you did this right after the lincoln lawyer, that would have made sense. who am i? why am i here? when i'm doing rolling up this
10:05 am
booger, should i throw it out the window? >> oh, no. >> tiny little tennis ball, right there. >> where have you been? >> where have you been? that was funny. >> when you watch the matthew mcconaughey commercial, that's his signature move with the fingers. >> i hadn't seen the commercial, is it like the brad pitt chanel one that no one understood, he got paid a fortune for, but funny. >> genius. teresa and joe giudice, teresa is going to jail for all kinds of fraud and joe is going later. they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. you wonder what that would be like given that she's going to jail and it is a lot -- has a lot to do with his paperwork and things. they celebrated 15 years, put
10:06 am
this picture on instagram, with the love of my life was the caption. you know what is funny about instagram and social media and everything, i know couples who are, like, in a fight or practically estranged or whatever, and when you look at them on social media -- >> you think they're the happiest. >> with my boo, we're so happy, at the beach. >> where my boo? >> that's what my friends say. that's the lingo they use. >> what is my boo? in cassidy's case, that would be boo boo, her best friend. it is weird with other people. >> what do you think of that? >> i've been through tough stuff in my marriage too. marriages can survive when you work at it. i think they'll have the challenge of a lifetime when they're separate and in prison, and it is going to be hard on their family. if they're happy now, i say enjoy your happiness.
10:07 am
what would you do if you were in january, you knew you had like two months, how would you spend the next two months? she's going to prison january 5th. >> i would make sure i got my roots -- i would get everything done. >> me too. no, no, no, hair removal, like permanent hair removal. >> i would dread the first three months, that's when it creeps. it comes out and more and more. after three months, definite guilty. >> we're not laughing at their misfortune, but they did -- they were found guilty on lots of counts. >> they were. >> i'm still unclear whether she was party to it, but by signing everything to it, she is legally party to things. if he did all of that and didn't -- and, you know, without -- >> yeah. here's the thing. if it were me, i watched them on "watch what happens live," he says, when the wife is going to jail first, during the year, she
10:08 am
said i do everything for the kids, take them to soccer, take them to this, cook their lunches, they go, what are you going to do, joe, and he says, i guess i'll have to be the housewife. she looked at him, like he's got to do this for my. you can see how stress eed she seemed when they were discussing it. >> we wish them a happy ending. the little hess toy trucks, we get them every year because frank was dear friends with the hesses who used to own the giants -- the jets team for many, many years, wonderful family. it is turning 50, just like you. we're unveiling this year's 2014 -- >> we have the hess truck. >> in the past, i've always taken them over to cassidy's place and cody house here in new york. but i don't know. it is a space cruiser. >> that's the new one. >> it is huge and their 50th anniversary. $29.99 available for preorder today at there is also a special collectors edition.
10:09 am
so they're, very very cool. our kids over at the houses for kids loved them. frank might want this one. >> that looks high tech. >> we have a cute couple with us. >> i do. did i give their names away? >> i think you might have. >> cory and -- they were here before. tell me. names, please. jessica. >> jessica. >> they won the auction this is the second time back. show us what happened to cory and jessica since the last time you were here. somebody finally got smart. yeah. >> congratulations. >> he's one of the producers of what is it -- >> on the town", a great show on broadway. >> what is your favorite thing? >> two things. max lucado, a dear friend, here is the name, so sorry. max writes great, great books. this one is called "before amen." he gets you at the first -- i love max. these guys, i think it is mike
10:10 am
desimone and jeff jensen have written the book on "wines of california". >> is your stuff in there? >> my stuff is in there. these are serious wine -- imagine having your job be for a year, you just study wines up and down the coast of california and inland too. that's what they did. a fantastic book if you're interested in wine. >> my favorite thing is -- >> what? >> i knew ivanka trump made jewelry and shoes. i didn't know she made dresses. this you can get at macy's and nordstrom's. this one was on sale for like $90 or $89. can you believe it? how about that? stick around, we have a lot more, including what is really in our purses. grab yours. >> if you didn't get enough of george and emal's wedding, a big
10:11 am
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10:14 am
sc johnson, a family company. we had a question for you, an important one. >> how heavy is your handbag or purse? >> they say over the years, over the last 20 years, purse size seems to be growing -- >> that ain't the only thing. >> new survey says our purses weigh more than a small dog. >> five to six pounds, bambino is 6.8. let's weigh. >> here's the thing, hold on. can they see it from up top? okay. >> here is mine. >> it is on zero. one, two, three. >> mine is -- >> wait, hold on. it went away. yours is so light, it hardly registered on the scale. yours is 8 pounds or .8? >> it is not on.
10:15 am
>> hold on. your thing is not on -- >> hold on. now we got it. >> how much does it weigh? this is -- yours weighs zero. okay. this is not going the way we wanted it to go. okay. we're ready. >> take it off. >> take it off, reset it, okay, jerry. yours weighs two pounds. that's not going to work for mine. we need the big one. >> okay. oh, no. >> let me -- okay, wait. okay. ready. one, two, three. be gentle. >> 13 pounds? >> no, 12. 12. >> what's in it that is so desperately necessary? look, you've come up in the
10:16 am
world, though. she doesn't keep it in a ziploc bag anymore. there is the ziploc. why you to need your creams, hoda? >> i like to have them. >> this is a very old ziploc. this one is carrying a disease in it. why do you need a huge thing of this? why not a little thing? >> i don't know. that's the one i bought and it -- i don't know. that's the one i got. >> you see all these things accumulate, hoda. what else is in there? >> yes, be careful. we know what you usually have in there. okay. never mind. a little viral video of the touchdown baby. >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> nine months old ace. watch. >> okay. >> touchdown! yea! touchdown! yea!
10:17 am
touchdown! yea! >> that is adorable. >> love it. all right. we would like you to cook with us. so we want to get -- >> adorable. >> with curtis stone, the one the only, he'll be here and he wants you to help him decide what to cook. >> head to to vote. there are a couple of different opportunities. whatever he makes is always delicious. >> exactly. all right. >> okay. so if you missed the celebrity gossip while you were out raking leaves or other weird things, we have it covered in "today's buzz." >> and knock, knock, who's scared? last minute halloween -- >> i'm always scared of him. last min(announcer)en -- are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause? why suffer more than you have to? you can do something different. because the landscape of options has changed. brisdelle is the only fda approved, non-hormonal option proven to reduce moderate to severe hot flashes during menopause.
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
all right, just four days until halloween, if you don't think you stand a ghost of a chance finding ghoulish gadgets, think again. we have everything you need. >> here with freaky finds to get you in the spirit is author of "gadget nation," our gadget guy, steve greenberg. >> i love this thing. tell us what we just did and what -- >> this app called nito. there is a whole bunch of different characters. you can sync up your face to the image and then talk, record little things, change the voice of it. once you have that clip, you can then e-mail it to a friend, you can put it on facebook, share it on social media. >> everybody is going to want it. >> it is cool. it is free. here is one over here. here we go. ready? this one is prerecorded. >> what did you do? >> you can't have a happy halloween without ghoulish gadgets. >> by the way, kids who love this. so awesome.
10:22 am
>> and free, need we say it again? >> excellent. >> this i want to point out my attire here. you don't have to -- >> this whole thing i found in my closet. you can wear it for halloween, a job interview, a wedding, spirit of hall bean, $99. off the rack and fits. >> perfect. >> you have the perfect body. >> you say that all the time. >> i know. >> cut it out. next, this is called the haunted lamp. and it is voice activated or sound activated. it will have a creepy face that should appear there. it's okay. there it is. very scary. he talks and says scary stuff. is that cool? $49. >> cool. >> pretty cool. $49. cool. >> thank you, hoda. >> nice talking to you. >> this is ghost writing book. about $34.
10:23 am
>> like a haunted house, something different in every room. >> cool. >> next, an indoor light show, want to add color to the house, little scary stuff, they have scary slides. this is from walmart, under $30, amazing. we want to show it in a place that is dark and scary. we thought the "today" show control room. there it is in the "today" show control room, we have a skull. there is usually a skull in -- >> a couple, some floaters. >> leave my eye out of it. >> these are solar spiders. we can't demonstrate them on tv, but when sunlight hits them, they start crawling around. they're like $13 from >> $13 each? >> each one, $13. >> a little pricey. >> i know. well, solar stuff. next, you heard of chia pets. these are dhee yeah zombies. >> oh. >> they have lifeless lisa, restless arm and creepy holden.
10:24 am
grow them like regular chia pets. but even when they die, they still look pretty good for halloween. >> the dead one? >> a dead one here. >> you see it is no longer green. >> it works. under $20, walgreens or whatnot. >> okay. >> next this is safe flash reflectors. little reflectors that come with -- with sided, stick them on either side of this kind of thing, costume -- >> that's a great idea. >> dangerous nights walking around. >> on your hat, too. >> on the hat. and it is $2 from under $2, can't beat that. finally, you've got to have a scary entrance to your house. check out this knocker. sorry about the joke. this is called the pumpkin door knocker from >> you must be out of your gourd! you think -- >> i love that. >> cool.
10:25 am
>> i love it. >> that's a lot of fun. go to if you like saving money, we have tips and tricks when it comes to your holiday travel. >> and all the hollywood news you can't live without. ♪ ♪ we did what we had to do ♪ ♪ won't forget, can't regret ♪ what i did [ horn blares ] ♪ for lo-o-o-o-o-ve [ sirens wail ] [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. l'oreal presents volume filler. have you always dreamed of thicker hair? [ sirens wail ] [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. our first haircare system with filloxane. increases hair's diameter. so it's amplified, densified. feels 2x thicker. l'oreal volume filler... it's part of a hershey's bar. we break it. we bite it. we sneak it.
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we smoosh it. we savor it. we love it. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. walmart ships and delivers millions of items for free! free? who knew, right? wow! cute costume. we bought it on we picked it up at the store the same day! who knew? check out walmart's savings catcher app. if it finds a lower advertised price, i automatically get the difference on an egift card! who knew?! do you guys always have rollbacks? yep! huh. who knew? i knew. (laughs) 'cause this...yeah more ways to shop. more ways to save. your way. save money. live better. walmart. well, good morning, everyone, 10:26. giants one win away from taking the world series. a live look from san francisco. now, the final game of the season at the park was a thriller for fans. big win. give them a 3-2 lead in the best
10:27 am
of seven. billy crystal there to pay his tribute to his dear departed friend robin williams. and williams' son there to throw out the first pitch. his siblings by his side. now, giants manager has picked peavy to start on the mound on tuesday. kansas city is going to start out with ventura. now, if there's a game seven wednesday night, it is possible that gardner could start again. with game six in kansas city, do expect to see more hunter pence signs. fans take to the razzing of the star outfielder. posted on twitter by a fan. says hunter pence thinks the plural of moose is meese. the sign says hunter pence thinks cow tipping is a kind of gratuity. this hunter pence sign thing started during a game against the mets earlier this season. seems to have grown and spawned a hashtag on twitter. hunter pence signs. we'll take a look at weather and traffic af÷er the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. happy monday, new week, brand new forecast starting out with perfect conditions. 72 degrees on the peninsula. 67 degrees in san francisco. beautiful day here in the south bay at 72 degrees for uák north bay at 74 and gorgeous even on the east shore at 69 degrees. meanwhile, 74 comfortable conditions in wine country. as we head throughout the midsection of your week at 10 to 15-degree jump in your temperatures. and then we bring in some rain on halloween. i'll time out the system, help you dodge showers while your hlloween plans at 11:00.
10:30 am
first, here's mike and your drive. >> watchi'g that]9 forecast carefully over here. watching 880. still recovering from a late morning commute. looking at the live shot here. we'll show you -- bl buckinghamshire where amal's parents threw them a dinner. a lot of friends were there from oxford. they had his and her cocktails. we didn't get a full look at the
10:31 am
outfit, which is a shame, because she's so glamorous. but she had a gold sequin thing peeking out and red lips. she looked stunning as always. >> in of the pictures in the car going over made it look like they didn't crack a smile, barely said a word to one another. what is the story with that? >> they have to be enjoying themselves, right? it is two months in, one month in. >> maybe it was one of those moments -- >> maybe they're exhausted from partying. >> we heard news from tlc they canceled the hit show "honey boo boo," this comes after mama june is dating a man or accused of dating a man who served time for child abuse. so what is the latest you know on that? >> so late last week tlc announced that it was canceling the hit show honey boo boo, did not specify why. however this came shortly after reports emerged that mama june was allegedly dating a sex offender. shortly after the cancellation, she went to her facebook page and posted a video message, just
10:32 am
thanking tlc and all the fans for their support over the years and saying she would never do anything to endanger her children. >> here is the -- >> the latest is -- >> you see different reports from different sources, or what -- >> all alleged. >> there was one report that stated that the daughter who he allegedly abused one of june's daughters said my mom didn't believe me, we don't know if that's true, but there is a lot of other stuff getting stirred in the mix. here is tlc's statement which we'll read. tlc canceled the series here comes honey boo boo, and ended all activities around the series. supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. tlc is faithfully committed to the children's ongoing comfort and well-being. but didn't say specifically -- >> what about the fact they were seen allegedly over the weekend together? >> they were seen over the weekend together, holding hands. the other daughter, not honey boo boo, anna, spoke to radar online and said she believes something is going on, however
10:33 am
it is all alleged, all reports at the moment. >> all right. let's move on to something else. jim carrey hosted "snl" and he -- there were a lot of great skits, but one in particular where he plays the role of sia from the music video "chandelier," in the unitard or whatever it is. let's see a little bit of that. >> hilarious. it features a girl in a nude body suit and stockings and she's dancing. >> that's the real one. that's the real one. here is the jim carrey one. >> iconic look. a danceoff. they both show up to the same office costume party dressed as this girl from the video. hilarious. later in it, iggy azalea got in on it. >> she had 60 people with her entourage, i hear. they could barely fit in -- >> i like her. >> yeah, okay. if you haven't booked your
10:34 am
holiday travel, we'll tell you the best time of the week to do it. >> thank you very much. and a taste of southern comfort from grammy win sugarland singer kristian bush after this. [ woman ] i've had it with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline. it is money saving be monday. >> if you're not going to hollywood, you're not out of luck. >> here to tell you how to save smartly is mark laurel. when the trunks are out, mark's here. >> hit the road. >> you say it is a good day to travel on the least popular days. >> for thanksgiving, most people want to fly out on wednesday, fly back on sunday, thso they don't have to take i'm off. if you fly out on monday or tuesday or thanksgiving day, and fly back home on friday or saturday. this year christmas is also on a thursday, you can use the same technique. fly out on monday or tuesday, fly back on friday or saturday.
10:39 am
>> you say tuesday is the best. >> a to buy your ticket. that all changes. they have just come out with a new survey that says sunday is the best day, but they roll out discounts all the time. the prices change, even on the same day, several times. search every day, not just sunday. >> all right. >> what is next? >> there is supposed to be a new breed of website. you go to a certain website to find your flight. now there is something new out there. >> great for leisure travelers. you don't have to be very specific about your destination or the time -- the date you want to fly. you can say, i want to go to california, in february, and return ten days later. you don't have to say los angeles on february 2nd. >> why? >> it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all of the -- might be a better deal in san diego, might be a better deal -- >> or the valley.
10:40 am
>> or beautiful. or flying out in the middle of the month instead of the end of the month. it is an extra tool in your travelers toolbox. >> sometimes they get you pesky fees like extra bags and stuff like that. you got to be careful of that. >> i want to show you something i got on the ipad here. they list every fee that you might have to pay on every airline because you can save $10, $20 on airfare, but pay an extra 50 bucks for a carry on bag can cost you up to $75. on spirit, it can cost you as much as $100. you got to know about these fees. >> what is hurting the airlines bottom line, this nickel and diming thing. they're making more money than every now. >> they're making so much money and doing it on the travelers' backs. that's just the truth. another way to save money, don't pay extra for the preferred seat. if all the seats are taken, the only thing is left is middle seat, go to expert, sign up for their seat selection notification. if a seat opens up, like an
10:41 am
aisle seat after you booked, they'll send you -- they'll show you the seat -- which seats are available and you can go back and rebook your seat. >> as we go to break, you can find discounts on social media? >> go to twitter. i created a list, for example, it is very easy to do. it shows you all the discounts, i put all the airlines on my twitter feed so you can see here @orwall. there was one for $570. >> nonstop. >> nonstop. >> stop it. >> just because i searched it on twitter. >> thank you. >> i just told you -- go to my handle, i'll show you how to do it. >> halloween entertaining that is sweet for the kids and sophisticated for the grown-ups. >> and a real treat.
10:42 am
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10:46 am
10:47 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> country art kristian bush has been making music since the '90s, but you probably know him best as one half of the multiplatinum duo sugarland. >> for ten years, kristian performed alongside jennifer nettles selling more than 22 million albums, earning two grammys, now out with his first solo album "southerngravity" and the lead single is "trailer hitch". >> i couldn't be morehimibled t actually happening. >> you have a great band. >> it is something people didn't quite know and the song is called "trailer hitch". >> you're going to do it for us. tell us a little bit about your goodwill. >> the song is about giving stuff away you have. like if you have too much, like we carry around too much in our lives, and goodwill -- >> somebody else needs it. >> somebody else needs it.
10:48 am
>> goodwill, great place to put it. >> take it away. >> all right, here we go. ♪ i wanna buy you a drink maybe one for this whole town ♪ ♪ i may not have that much ♪ ♪ but i don't mind spreading it around ♪ ♪ everybody chasing something i don't know why they're running ♪ ♪ i take my time to the finish line ♪ ♪ because we all end up with nothing ♪ ♪ i don't know why no why ♪ ♪ everybody wanna die rich ♪ ♪ diamonds, champagne work your way down that list ♪ ♪ we try everybody tries ♪ ♪ tries to fit into that ditch ♪ ♪ you can't take it with you when you go ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪
10:49 am
♪ started my day giving away ♪ ♪ all my baseball cards it felt so good by the afternoon ♪ ♪ i gave some guy my car ♪ ♪ it ain't about what you're driving ♪ ♪ or about the gold you're piling ♪ ♪ the less i have to worry about ♪ ♪ the more time i got for smiling ♪ ♪ i don't know why know why ♪ ♪ everybody wanna die rich ♪ champagne, new plane work your way down that list ♪ ♪ we try everybody tries ♪ ♪ tries to fit into that ditch ♪ ♪ you can't take it with you when you go ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪ ♪ you can stack it up pack it up ♪
10:50 am
♪ tie it with a big red bow ♪ ♪ get a great big truck back it all up ♪ ♪ but you can't take it with you when you go ♪ ♪ can't take it when you go ♪ ♪ i don't know why know why ♪ ♪ everybody wanna die rich ♪ diamonds, champagne newest or the new planes ♪ ♪ work your way down that list ♪ we try everybody tries ♪ ♪ tries to fit into that ditch ♪ ♪ you can't take it with you when you go ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪ ♪ never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch ♪
10:51 am
♪ give it away hey, hey ♪ ♪ give it away give it away hey, hey ♪ ♪ give it away >> kristian! >> elegant ideas for halloween. we'll be right back. but first -- >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
halloween on "today" is brought to you by snickers.
10:55 am
this halloween, nothing satisfies like snickers. >> if you're having some friends and their goblins over to your house for a halloween bash, why not raise the bar this year? >> here with simple decor and table setting ideas is jesse gordon, celebrity event producer for mars chocolate brands. and everybody loves mars. >> hello. >> happy halloween. >> what a great beginning, this centerpiece right here, it is terrific. tell us about it. >> a little glamour spooky organic punch for your table. it is nice to raise the bar a little bit with entertaining and adding a metallic -- >> different kind of bar than hoda is used to, but -- >> not yet. >> these are adorable. look how they're done. >> terrariums, usually used with flowers and candles and now we're using candy. >> so clever. i like what you did to the pumpkins. zhuszh them up a little. >> they're nice and light, you can raise the bar with a little bit of metallic spray paint and glitter. >> would it work on a real
10:56 am
pumpkin or no? >> absolutely. >> ifa would like to take a tw break. >> this will be our fifth today. >> this is how the branch was built. if you have a little bit of tissue, you can make some ghosts. >> if you have a cold, you can use them -- >> yes. >> this is floral foam, stick it in. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yeah. >> you cover the top with the m&ms, so you hide the floral foam. >> so smart. >> pretty awesome. >> want to take a break and eat some m&ms. >> you've been working hard today, hodi. >> these are photo luminaries, celebrating halloween past. so you can have pictures of your kids, of your friends and family -- >> i think the dog is here too. >> you can print these out at home and make homemade
10:57 am
luminaries, they light up and you can keep them for next year as well. i was hoping you would help me make a couple. you have your l.e.d. light, clear tape. >> that's all you do? >> yes, just wrap it. >> we have 30 seconds, we have to get to the children. >> olivia, kate and jordan. >> hi, kids. >> what are you making over here? >> you guys are awesome. >> i can't even. >> these are table runners. you can use the kids to help you set the table. >> absolutely. >> and design the table runner. >> who is olivia? raise your hand. who is jordan? okay. >> say hello to everybody. happy halloween. >> thank you. thank you to mars candy. everybody loves mars. >> tomorrow, amy poehler will stop by and chat with us. >> and the ladies of "snl," cecily, kate mckinnon and amy bryant. >> have a happy fun day mon
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, breaking news, a teenage boy riding a bike hit and killed by a big rig in the south bay now. investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and the crash happened shortly after 8:00 this morning near intersection of mcclellan and bubb on the other side of 101. nbc bay area is live at the scene with the latest breaking details. good morning. >> good morning, chris. the teenage boy was headed westbound on mcclellan just before bubb road. and deputies say a big truck described as a dump truck was headed in the same direction and struck and killed a boy right


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