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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning. coming up on "early today," the cdc releases new guidelines on people who come in contact with ebola as new jersey's governor defends his decision to force a nurse into quarantine. a disaster creeps towards dozens of hawaiians. brittain's prime minister has a run-in with a jogger. raising questions about his security detail. plus, walmart apologizes for an offensive halloween section. and a tortoise that swallowed a turtle. it's tuesday, october 27th. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm milissa rehberger. right now quarantined, out of
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africa and into isolation, a u.s. military team held in italy. doctors are watching for any signs of ebola. and that quarantine cave in in new jersey, a nurse forced into isolation this weekend was released on monday. was that political pressure? here is what governor chris christie told nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> any pressure from the white house? >> absolutely no truth to it at all. by the way, if they did, it wouldn't change my mind anyway. but they didn't. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, is there any push for one specific set of quarantine rules for everybody? >> reporter: there is talk about th what the white house is backing at this point. we have got several cases that we're watching this morning, milissa. the new york doctor still being treated for ebola, the 5-year-old up there who now appears to have been cleared, though still watching that child in the hospital after an initial negative test. and now as of this morning, another possible case that we're watching in maryland.
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the university of maryland hospital in baltimore is isolated a patient being evaluated but emphasized initially it does not look like ebola. >> cautionary and there is absolutely no need for the individual to say there is ebola in baltimore. >> reporter: the big concern is health care workers coming home from west africa. >> whatever guidelines and policies put in place should not unduly burden health care workers that are operating in west africa. >> reporter: after speaking out publicly, hiring a lawyer and threatening a federal lawsuit, nurse kaci hickox was released from a new jersey hospital. she is spending the rest of her 21 day quarantine at home in maine. >> what happened with nurse hickox was unacceptable and unfair to her and disrespectful to a hero. that was not the smart way to do it. >> reporter: new jersey's governor defends the decision. >> my first job is to protect the health and safety of the people of new jersey and to me it was not a difficult decision to make and still is not. >> reporter: the military decided to impose a 21 day
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quarantine on returning troops. the cdc issued new guidelines, classifying travelers by risk. people with direct exposure to ebola will be asked to monitor for fever twice a day, but not forced into quarantine. and that's because the cdc guidelines are just that, milissa, recommendations, not mandatory. >> nbc's tracie potts, thank you. this morning, hawaii is in high alert. a slow moving disaster is creeping ever closer to homes there. the line of red hot lava is 2,000 degrees. people in its path are being told to get out now obviously. here is nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: in hawaii, they call this the will of pele, goddess of volcanos, red hot lava over fields, now moving dangerously close to home, with some refusing to leave. >> i have my trailers ready, but
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i'm not putting anything on them until the guy across the street's house is burning. >> reporter: on the layoff wva' leading edge, methane explosions. >> it can be violent. it can blow the ground. >> reporter: the molten river, a little wider than a football field, moving slower than a snail's pace, but unrelenting, directly threatening some 50 houses. people are already choosing to leave their homes, the lava now less than 100 yards from the closest property. the bannisters loaded up their final few boxes, walking through their empty house for what may be the last time. >> we live on an island that we have active volcanos. we know this is always a possibility. so we just acclimate. >> reporter: even in daylight, you can smoke from the lava flow and that's why these crews are rerouting the power poles here. they want to make sure even if the lava does cross this street, people will still have a chance of getting electricity.
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it is a slow motion natural disaster they saw coming for weeks and miles. the dangerous flow triggered by a volcanic eruption four months ago. and since then, the lava crawled closer and closer to the town of pahoa, threatening to melt the main highway and anything else in the path. here, they watch and wait, hoping pele will spare them, knowing they can do nothing to stop her. halle jackson, nbc news, hawaii. new information about last week's deadly school shooting near seattle, washington. police now say the gunman jaylen fryberg sent a text message to all five victims asking them to sit with him at lunch. he then shot them at their table at the cafeteria. detectives are going over months worth of text messages, phone records and social media posts. fryberg committed suicide shortly after the shooting, two victims died, three others remain hospitalized. in england, police are coming under fire for what some say was a breach of security
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involving prime minister david cameron. cameron was leaving a meeting when a jogger almost ran right into him. the man came within inches of cameron before being arrested. that jogger later told bbc news he had no idea it was the prime minister. he was just out for his daily lunch time jog. well, here is more proof that the star-spangled banner is one of the hardest songs to sing, especially when you are in front of tens of thousands of people. now the lead singer of the band staind is apologizing for messing up at the world series game. ♪ what so proudly we hail ed ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> yep. giants pitcher tim lincecum is right. aaron lewis forgot the words. he apologized on his website saying, i hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance.
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but here is what is really interesting. mtv is reminding us that back in 2011, lewis dissed christina aguilera for messing up the lyrics too. oops. nasa will give it another go after a bumpy monday. first, while the international space station was waiting for a resupply rocket, it had to dodge some space junk floating in orbit t was an old russian satellite and it would have passed within a fifth of a mile. easy to understand when you look at how much is up there. meanwhile, the rocket never arrived because it is still sitting in virginia. the launch was delayed after a boat meandered too close to the launch site. and now this is ironic. the veterinarians see a little bit of everything. one got a unique surprise. a turtle inside a tortoise. he even has the x-ray to prove it. turns out lola, the turtle, swallowed a turtle shaped necklace. >> i thought it was a real turt.
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>> good news is that lola is going to be okay. the bad news, it will take her a few days to pass. i do not envy lola that task. >> i picture a little 4, 5-year-old girl all excited with her turtle gear on, looking at the tortoise, it falls off. >> and the turtle says i'll eat that. he'll have a rough few days, i'll tell you that. >> that's true. a rough little period in the west, big storm over the weekend that dumped the wind and rain and now another little system going through. this is not as bad. wind gusts recently in the 30 to 40-mile-per-hour range, 38 last hour. and some light rain continues from seattle to olympia, portland. everywhere in between, light rain, the olympics are getting the heaviest rainfall totals. we'll watch the rivers, we're not expecting any major flooding out of major problems. as far as further south, no problems at all, we're not watching the moisture. friday, the chance of you
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getting in, san francisco, maybe south of san francisco, a first taste of a little bit of wet weather. our five-day forecast from one of our long range computers, friday to saturday night, trying to inch the moisture down through. right now a half inch in san francisco, again, not a lot, but, again, trick-or-treating plans, the drought, a lot of interest in any rainfall forecast in this area of the country. so forecast for today, we deal with the steadier rains early today, should lighten up a little bit as we go throughout the day. from san francisco southward, beautiful today, phoenix, gorgeous day for you. this is when you settle into your beautiful season. that's your wet weather there at all. central california, dry and nice today. also, trying to show you a little better view of the halloween forecast coming up.
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>> good to be in phoenix. 87 degrees and sunshine. >> my dad calls and tells me, as soon as it hits fall, he brags about it. >> starts bragging about the golf game. still ahead, why retail giant walmart is apologizing for the halloween costume section on its website. plus, how this pup is melting hearts across america. oh, so cute. you're watching "early today." ♪ ♪ ♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! when you find the one... you just know. almay smart shade makeup made it easy with just three skintone-adjusting shades to choose from... not hundreds.
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well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists make it easy for you to save on your prescriptions. so you can keep your money where it belongs. swing by walgreens... ...where you could save even more with medicare prescription copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. welcome back. breaking news out of atlanta today, amber vinson will be leaving the hospital later today. the dallas nurse is hospitalized on october 15th. she became infected while treating thomas eric duncan. her release comes days after nina pham also ebola free returned home to dallas. confrontations with protesters over the michael brown shooting have sparked national debate on militarized police. now the nation's top cop is defending the use of military style weapons by police departments like ferguson.
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at an event yesterday, fbi director james comey said police need a range of weapons and equipment to respond effectively to a variety of encounters. those encounters will involve everyone from jaywalkers to mass killers using assault weapons and body armor. hello. i'm john cantly. we're in the city of kobani. that is turkey right behind me. >> new video by isis militants appears to show hostage john cantly. during the video, he gives what can be best described as a tour of what he claims to be the syrian city of kobani. the journalist has appeared in at least five propaganda style videos since his capture in 2012. well, this might look like a hot air balloon, but this balloon has special cameras in it. and police in pennsylvania are using it to search for accused cop killer eric frein. it happened over the weekend as
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the search entered its 43rd day. here is a picture that is melting the hearts of just about everybody on the internet. so cute. this puppy is the latest addition to the boston police k-9 force. he's got a little more growing to do, though, before he can fit no his bulletproof vest. it is time to get down to business with christmas 57 days away. a new nielsen survey finds middle income americans plan to spend 12% more on holiday shopping this year than last. the national retail federation says overall shoppers plan to spend $616.9 billion this season. walmart has apologized for listing a plus sized halloween costumes on its website under a category labeled fat girl costumes. nice. people took to social media to slam the retail giant. the category has since been relabeled. former microsoft ceo steve
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ballmer could score a tax break from his $2 billion purchase of the l.a. clippers. the financial times explains that ballmer can use a little known tax credit called goodwill to claim about half the purchase price over the next 15 years. and dunkin' donuts is planning to role out a croissant doughnut next week. but don't call it a cronut. that's been trademarked by a bakery in new york city. just ahead, a storied nfl rivalry ends up in an upset. an nba court is destroyed in seconds, kind of. the amazing video next in sports. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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this morning on "today," he's back and funnier than ever. jim carrey talks about starring in the highly anticipated sequel dumb and dumber 2. that is ahead on "today." now juquarterback tony romo left the game in the third after injuring his back on this sack. then it was a battle of the backup qb. >> first and ten, play action pass. downfield, desean jackson, separating and hauling it in. quarterback scrum, touchdown!
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pass protected for weeks, there is wynn. dallas touchdown! >> romo later returned. the game went into overtime. a chinese table tennis pro is stripped of his $45,000 prize money for his destructive behavior, get this, after winning a point at the world cup tournament in germany. this is what happens when he wins. check out this epic court projection on the 76ers court. it simulates the collapse of the court with every ring of the simulated liberty bell. very cool. "today" is brought to you by just for men mustache and beard, for the look you want. just ahead, the time magazine cover some think crosses the line. video that begs the question, could this be china's worst driver? this is "early today." to the trailblazers.
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you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. available in the foot care aisle of the following retailers: welcome back. let's talk halloween forecast. you know the story in seattle, the rain this morning. and then on and off light stuff until the next storm system comes in thursday into friday. halloween, rain will be getting lighter during the day. that's the hope right now. in san francisco, that frontal system will come through into friday. so friday on halloween, our chance of light rain. and then as we go a little further south, in los angeles,
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doesn't look like we'll get anything. friday night. l.a. will be fine for halloween. sacramento too. >> all right, umbrellas elsewhere maybe. thank you. now entertainment news, neil patrick harris is adding another line to his resume, host of a variety show on nbc. look for the show to be filled with musical numbers, hidden camera pranks and appearances by a-list celebrities. we all remember the band ok go from this youtube hit. they're at it again, bigger and better. their new song "i won't let you down," the band dances around town and eventually meeting with hundreds of others. how do they outdo this now? >> well, it was good. it is not as great as the last one. >> it looks like this is the end for actress jennifer lawrence and chris martin. u.s. news confirms the couple has split after only months of dating, according to one source she was the one that called the whole thing off.
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my son, it is his first birthday today. so i'm so happy that he's here with me. and as a wonderful present, my wife and i decided to get him a little brother or sister. we're having a baby. >> on "dancing with the stars" last night, alfonzo riviera announced a second child is on the way. what a way to do it. on the list of names, maybe carlton? >> you can't do that to your child. >> i don't think they will. >> how about will? i'm milissa rehberger. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. well, it's been ther number one soup in americasoup?
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leading the news on nbc, bp oil spill left rhode island sized bathtub ring on sea floor. new study estimates that about 10 million gallons of oil has coagulated on the floor of the gulf of mexico around the damaged deepwater horizon oil rig. and in "usa today", some doctors weary of taking insurance exchange patients because plans often have lower reimbursement rates. some doctors are limiting how many new patients they take from these policies. the trial date for james holmes has been postponed for a fifth time. his attorneys need more time to evaluate a second report on his sanity. jury selection is now scheduled for late january.
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the latest cover of "time" magazine is angering teachers across the country. it reads, rotten apples. it is nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. the american federation of teachers is asking "time" to apologize for the cover, saying it is misleading. monday night, their petition had more than 72,000 signatures. looks like trob toronto's m tom ford will still have a place in politics. he was elected to the city council. he tapped his brother doug to run. doug ford, however, lost the mayoral race last night. so, there are bad drivers and then there is this guy. watch as this clumsy driver attempts to back out of a parking space only to hit the car next to him -- guess how many? >> i already saw it, six. >> 12.
4:28 am
actually more than 12, just backing out of the spot. the worst part is that after he's able to get out of the spot, he just drives off -- >> a nudge of the other car over a little bit, needs a little more room. >> he has been ticketed by the traffic department. thankful he didn't park next to us. >> i once had a small car and parked too close to the guy in front of me, he pushed my car are two feet to get out. a look ahead, a ghost town in connecticut goes up for auction today. online bidding is on the village of johnsonville. it runs for three days. the starting bill is $800,000. the winner gets a 62 acre property with eight 19th century structures, a pond, a covered bridge, a wooden dam and what sellers are call the possibility of a restless spirit or two. happy birthday to pretty woman actress joulia be roberts 47, bill gates, 59, and bruce jenner is 65.
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i'm milissa rehberger. thank you for watching "early today."
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and a good orange tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> whatever you do today, do not wear blue. whatever it is you're trying to pick out to wear today. we are going to see a 35 to 40 degree temperature spread today so you really want to dress for a nice, cool fall morning and then a beautiful afternoon. temperatures a little bit above averages as we get into about 3:00. it's 49 degrees in san jose. we're not


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