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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ranks with one of the smallest recruiting classes in recent memory. damian trujillo tried to understand why san jose has more openings than applicants. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this huge banner is outside the plooe police department. there's a huge effort to get people to come here and become a cop but they're simply not coming. >> the san jose police department is currently hiring -- >> reporter: the recruiting video shows potential recruits the images of a rewarding career as a san jose police officer. but is the effort really working to recruit more cops? >> would you choose san jose? >> their police department? i would not. >> reporter: 40% to 50% of the student at san jose state majoring in justice studies want to be cops. but very few are choosing the san jose police department. >> i would definitely consider santa clara county sheriff's department. i'm big on the sheriff's department in general. >> they're looking for jobs in other bay area law enforcement organizations. >> reporter: dr. james lee is
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chair of the department. he says students know about the pay and benefits in san jose and are already checking it off their list. >> something's going to have to change in the cull doctor of san jose. something's going to have to change that makes the job more attractive to the new recruits. >> reporter: in fact, sources tell me the san jose recruiting numbers for october are so low that recruitment office considered canceling next month's oral board testing for potential cadets. but sources tell me the command staff said no. >> san jose's my home. grew up here on the east side. >> reporter: mark is one senior who will apply in san jose. >> i know that with san jose, they're having a hard time right now. but i'm pretty optimistic things will get better. it's just a matter of sitting tight and hoping for the best. >> reporter: the current academy right now is considered one of the lowest in department history. the next one, the one that starts in february, is feared to be even lower.
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for perspective, san jose used to run two academies a year with about 90 cadets. they've turned to smaller academies, cut by half, three per year with the target of 30 in each academy. right now the current academy is down to just 23 cadets. no longer is it new york or texas. the ebola scare is here in the bay area. a stanford surgeon who recently returned from west africa is in a voluntary quarantine. this comes the same day the state health leaders laid out new guidelines for people who have traveled to west africa. michelle roberts joins us with these late details. >> reporter: that's right, raj. the stanford doctor is avoiding close contact with people after agreeing on a safety plan with officials at the cdc. but he is allowed out of his home because he landed in california just a few days ago. today, though, health officials have new regulations that main date a 21-day quarantine for people who have come in contact
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with an ebola patient. dr. colin buggs, stanford medical center, is following a voluntary quarantine after returning home from liberia. he was treating ebola patients until late last week. the san mateo county health department says bucks remains healthy and shows no signs of ebola infection. despite that he continues to take his temperature twice a day. as he continues voluntary isolation the california department of health has just released new regulations for travelers who have been exposed to the ebola virus. anyone entering the state who has recently traveled to west africa and had contact with ebola patients will now be required to undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine. officials can expect that policy to face some push-back. a similar mandatory quarantine has a nurse on the east coast threatening to sue. >> i truly believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. >> reporter: nurse caskaci hick
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is waiting out her 21-day quarantine, for now. >> i don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. i remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me. >> reporter: high cockox has be held in isolation and could be arrested if she tries to leave. she says she may sue to change that. >> i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public. >> reporter: legal analyst steve clark says health workers like hickox may have a strong case if her civil rights are being taken away wot due process. >> you cannot create an ebola jail out of fear and panic and start putting all of these doctors and nurses who are volunteering their time to save others in quarantine without reasonable medical data. >> under the new california regulations people traveling from west africa who have not had contact with an ebola patient will be screened on a
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case-by-case basis. it is important to note that there have been no reported cases of ebola here in california. president obama reminded americans today that the health care workers going to west africa to fight ebola are heroes and that when they return they need to be treated with dignity and respect. >> they make huge sacrifices to protect this country that we love. when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly. they deserve to be treated like the heroes that they are. >> his message comes after fears of the deadly disease have been running rampant across the country. the president is urging americans to focus on the medical science and not on their fears. take a look, a car thief in the east bay, but it's alarming how fast he breaks in. five seconds. he didn't use an extra set of keys, instead the victim says he's us using a high-tech hack for your car. jody hernandez joins us from concord with the details. >> reporter: people who drive
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cars that use key fobs like this one instead of traditional keys feel a little more secure that their car can't be as easily accessed by burglars. but folks who live in concord's crystal ranch neighborhood say, not anymore. >> details are everything in surgery. and i'm confident the car was locked. >> reporter: when surgeon graham hamilton discovered his infinity sports car had been burglarized monday morning he was stunned. he was even more shocked when he saw the video his surveillance cameras captured of the bad guy in action. >> it appears he used some sort of electrical device. my car was locked. to disengage the locking mechanism. i have a keyless entry type of system. and he then proceeded to enter the car and to take whatever was inside. >> reporter: concord police say they haven't had a chance to closely review the video if verify if the suspect used a high-tech device to gain entry, but dr. hamilton is certain. >> i've never seen it in my
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life. obviously technology's wonderful until things like this happen. but this is very scary. >> reporter: at least four other cars in the neighborhood were also hit early monday morning. some of them keyless. neighbors hope the image of the suspect wail lead to his arrest. >> if you've got a device that's able to get in or clone your keyless entry, that's a problem. >> reporter: dave's taking steps to protect his keyless cars so he too doesn't become a victim. >> my cars stay in the garage. but we try to lock the cars and lock the house and all those kinds of things. i'd advise others to do the same. >> reporter: good advice. the concord police department says that they have not had a chance to closely review that video to determine whether or not a high-tech device was indeed used but they say if they do make that determination it will take car burglaries to a whole new level. and they'll notify the public right away.
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should the giants win tonight san francisco police say they are prepared for the party and for any possible problems. here's a live look at civic center plaza where the party has started. the chief wants the people to come to the city to celebrate but doesn't want or expect a repeat of the 2012 celebration which turned violent. >> mark matthews from the civic center plaza, i think you just got a tour of that police command center for tonight? >> reporter: jessica and raunj, there are thousands at civic center plaza. right over there half a block away on mccallister street, the captain and police department from san francisco are keeping track of all of this. this is the police mobile command center. the hub of the department's rapid response strategy for a possible postgame celebration.
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>> from in here we can manage hundreds of officers throughout the area. >> reporter: the captain did not want us to broadcast a head count on the number of off cert in the plaza tonight but it is a big number. when the giants won the championship in 2012, revelers lit bon fires in the mission district and torched a bus on market. tonight police are taking precautions to avoid a repeat. trash cans have been emptied on streets that are likely to see large crowds. less gar began means less potentially to burn. those areas are south of market near the ball mark, in the mission district on valencia, around ninth and irving in the sunset. >> we're even working closely with those people that, in san francisco, collect a lot of garbage. >> reporter: he says the homeless are being offered storage space for the night. >> see if we can't store them for them so that can't be taken and couraged. >> reporter: in the marina where part of chestnut was closed during the 2012 celebration
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business owners say they're expecting a big celebration if the giants win but not a lot of trouble. >> it's a pretty well-behaved crowd here. >> reporter: and a pretty well-behaved crowd here at civic center plaza. everyone hoping that the giants will win and that there will be another celebration this friday on a parade route -- we'll tell you more later tonight. it is a nail biter at this hour. the game is under way. you see the thousands of fans down below. another live look from our nbc chopper. and this could get wild. a couple of hours from now. you'll hear a lot of cheering across the bay area should the giants win. yes, if they win, friday late morning would be that pa rate. coming up in about 30 minutes, janelle wang among the team of reporters we have in kansas city, with many of the giants fans at kaufmann stadium
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tonight. it's called air bart. it's designed to get you to oakland international without a car. media offered a glimpse of the shuttle service today. it has the added bonus of traveling over eight lanes of freeway traffic. the oakland airport bart station is located across from terminal 1 baggage claim area. this is on track on open to the public before thanksgiving, maybe early december at the latest. a grim discovery at a popular waterfront restaurant in berkeley. last night officers found a man who had been shot near the sea breeze restaurant. he died at the scene. witnesses say they heard several shots and saw two people leave that scene. no one else was hurt. the victim, a black man, has not been identified. making it easier to pay late bills. that's the theme behind three scams aimed at pg&e customers. now the first scam uses caller i.d. that says pg&e caller i.d. flashing on the phone. the scammer then attempts to access financial or personal
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data from the customer. there's another scam that targets latino business customers. the scammer claims he would stand down if the victim will use a prepaid cash card like paypal or a green dot card. and the e-mail scam, when they follow up with pg sxechlt they found out the e-mails were fake bills. still ahead at 6:00, research gone awry. the stanford project that could have the university facing state charges. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm day at the beaches with 80 in ocean beach. you can see from our weather underground time lapse camera, nothing but blue sky. however, we're talking about dramatic changes. we'll let you know when our halloween storm system arrives and how much rain it will bring in just a few minutes. they are students but they can be forgiven for having their head in the stars. i'm scott budman. coming up, meet the young people working with satellites.
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chasing satellites. a mobile lab where student keep an eye on college courses, another in the heavens. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us live at the school where it all starts. >> reporter: good evening. you know, engineering students here at santa clara university have an advantage over their peers. they don't just work in labs, they work with satellites. they're students hoisting their own satellite dish. but the work done inside this 28-foot trailer is out of this world. >> it's cool. >> reporter: jake headland and nick zites, engineering grad students at santa clara university, are communicating with satellites. >> i've always been interested in space. this is definitely a great foot in the door. >> reporter: they're working directly with nasa on experiments that take place in
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space. in a movable lab that's taking them far from home. >> we have living quarters that allow us to live inside this for as long as we need. we can sleep, we can go to the bathroom, we have everything we need to live out of the rv while we do operations. >> reporter: santa clara is the only school in the country with students operating is the lights this way. getting them ready for a future that's looking up. >> as a kid i always loved space stuff, i wanted to be an astronaut. here we do real missions for both companies and for nasa itself. >> reporter: thanks to a pair of students running their own dish network. the mobile lab usually splits its time between that is sa, am nasa, ames, and here at campus. it also hits the road from time to time visiting local schools to get students interested in science and engineering.
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stanford is apologizing for its part in an experiment that may have violated state laws in montana. stanford university researchers sent out 100,000 mailers to montana voters as part of an experiment. the mailer looked like a ballot and included the words "take this to the polls." and the state seal. but it was really just an experiment aimed at finding out how certain ballot information wan influence voters. the mailer did say it was a research project launched by stanford and dartmouth, however, voters complained so election officials have launched an investigation. in an open letter to voters, stanford's president john hennessey is apologizing for the confusion and concern this study has caused the voters. one man is dead, another locked up in jail accused of killing him. it happened at the courthouse square in redwood city last night after the giants game. turns out two transients got into some kind of argument that escalated into a physical fight. police say it ended with jake monaghan allegedly stabbing the other man to death. the victim's name is not being
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released at this point. former a's star jose canseco used twitter to update fans after a gunshot injury. he captioned this photo with his fiancee, "got no sleep, hope i can keep my finger, but grateful it wasn't something worse." note that giant bandage on his hand. canseco was rushed to the hospital after near shooting off his finger while cleaning his gun at his las vegas home. his fiancee tells the "l.a. times" doctors say they'll never again have full use of that hand. canseco helped lead the a's to the 1989 world series title but there's been a controversial figure after his playing career. in 2005 you might all recall he wrote a tell-all book exposing the steroids scandal in baseball. the death of a bay area woman in a zip line accident has prompted fines against that zip line company. the woman, patricia robalisa, worked at a zip line county in maui. in may she was knocked off a
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platform when a rider came in too fast. osha has fined the owners and operators $7,000 each for not having harnesses. is 2 the woman's third day on the job when she was killed. also in hawaii, on the big island, a line of fire, the hot lava is less than 100 feet from wiping out the first house. right now the flow is moving at about ten yards per hour. about 50 homes and a school are in its path. the 2,000-degree magma has already crossed into two properties, incinerating abandoned vehicles and an empty farm shed. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, it is beautiful outside now but you've got a little bit of a trick or treat for us. >> rainfall still coming in that forecast. you're going to want to look down there, the scrolling seven day, you'll see by friday it is going to be getting much wetter for us. today it was all about the dry
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offshore winds producing quite a bit of heat across the bay. 82 in pacifica. again, very rare, at least for the immediate coastline. you'll see also in palo alto, 82 degrees. very consistent, warm inland, also warm at the coastline. winds by tomorrow are going to shift, more cooling and onshore. you can see right now temperatures in the 70s for the most part. and also clear skies. let's go ahead and bring you into that thursday forecast. no rainfall just yet on thursday. but numbers will go down again as we also introduce some areas of clouds. let's go ahead and advance the weather story and what you're going to see is by friday, 60s in the south bay. get your jacket, get your umbrella. the chance here of thunderstorms unfortunately on halloween. a chance rain into saturday morning. then by sunday it will be dry. the other then i want you to notice is for the peninsula and also for san francisco. the temperatures are pretty much the same. as our storm moves in across the bay area it's going to level things out.
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we're not going to see too many temperature extremes on friday and also on saturday. for the north bay, east shore, and tri-valley, rain again on friday, low 60s, a chance of rain for saturday morning and then drier weather by sunday's forecast. you can see in the tri-valley after it's been so warm in october we're only going to be in the upper 60s by sunday's forecast. not only the wet weather heading to the sierra, 1 to 3 inches of snow on highway 50, i-80, and check it out, raj and jess. 6 to 12 inches at 10,000 plus feet. it's only for an isolated few that would go this high. but sierra snow coming our way by saturday. still ahead at 6:00, a rough ride across bay area roads. but who's got it the worst? we've got the results also. it only costs us time and it costs us metal and money. >> what led to the spectacular explosion of a rocket. why the finger of blame is pointing now to russian technology.
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i'm marianne favro. a san mateo county social worker is arrested, accused of molesting a girl he was supposed to protect.
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there are more details about last night's failed locket raunch. six astronauts were watching on a live feed and saw the explosion as it happened. they were to be recipients of that cargo which consisted of supplies and experts. some oakland schoolchildren are also disappointed. they designed an experiment
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involving worms and composting which was lost in the inferno. several outside experts have cast suspicion on the 1960s russian-made engines which power the rocket's first stage. but a former astronaut at uc davis is withholding judgment. >> they're very fuel efficient and they tenth to be fairly simple and cleverly designed to do the job. that said they have been on in storage for many, many years, for decades. >> one critic is elon musk. in 2012 he called the vintage rockets "a punch line to a joke." spacex makes its own rocket parts. musk is not gloating, today he tweeted condolences about the accident. stranges coming to the three anchor stores at the valco shopping mall in cupertino, macy's, jcpenney's, and sears
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will be closed. sandhill properties owns more than half the shopping center but developing the mall won't be easy. the area surrounding the mall is currently under consideration for redevelopment. let's take you outside, a live look at 101 in palo alto. it is the nightly rush hour traffic. crowded bay area roads a challenge for drivers. there's a new report that gave failing grades on roads maintained by bay area cities. according to the survey by the metropolitan transportation commission, the worst rating belongs to larkspur in marin county, followed by san helena in napa county. both cities have paved roads showing extensive distress requiring major reconstruction. brentwood received the best score, followed by dublin. taking action, the mayor
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challenging the police department. could your plane ride be getting noisier? what happened on capitol hill that could impact your quiet time. the south bay will soon be hosting a super bowl. coming up we'll tell you why some people say san jose's airport needs to make some changes to accommodate the party. hey john, check it out.
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whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well.
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so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. a fight brewing over airport
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noise. now a new tactic is being used to try and change the rules at the san jose airport. that tactic is super bowl l. san jose balloons to be a co-host for the super bowl at levi's stadium in 2016. one man said the city should aspire to major league events with a minor league airport policy. he wants the nfl to convince san jose to revise its flight curfew. robert honda talks to us about why the man is making so much noise and whether anyone's really listening. >> reporter: jess character noise is to be expected around an airport. san jose restricts the amount of noise and late-night flights. some people say that's not good for a super bowl atmosphere. the san jose international airport is used to public noise about its noise. it first set up restrictions on certain planes in 1984 then focused more closely on noise levels in 2003. a former bay area and now southern california aviation consultant sent a letter to the
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nfl warning that fines of $2,500 can be levied under the current policy and wanted the league to get san jose to revise the curfew around the super bowl. by phone he told us san jose is just hurting itself. >> they want a major league economy, which they do, they've got to run a major league airport to handle it. >> reporter: rogers isn't a neutral party, he has corporate clients with private jets. some people who live in the flight path say lifting the curfew temporarily is okay with them. >> it gets noticy but if the house is shut up you can't hear anything. >> reporter: city officials shot down the idea but councilman pete constance said it will have to be revisited in the future. >> for our airport we need to decide whether our curfew needs to be modified potentially so that we can not only take advantage of cargo flights but also red eye flights that go to the east coast or flights that depart for overseas. those are areas where we haven't been able to have those flights.
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>> reporter: the city says it has filed to waive the proposal for now. we did not hear back from the nfl commissioner's office to see if it plans to take any action. graduating and then leaving for other jobs. san jose's mayor chuck reed wants to know if the police union is behind a rash of academy graduates quitting and finding jobs elsewhere. he filed a formal request for interest investigation today. this comes after a former cadet talked to nbc bay area yesterday about the controversy. that cadet said the police union told him and other cadets to get trained at the san jose police academy and then leave. >> clearly the academy numbers are down and we've had a higher number of people leaving after the academy. so they've said they're going to try to do this and apparently they've had success and they shouldn't do that and we don't have to allow it. we need to find out what happened. >> the city council will now vote on the request next week. medical. services are scheduled for two
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deputies gunned down in northern california. the public will be able to pay its respects to sacramento county deputy danny oliver monday. for detective michael davis on tuesday. both services can be at aventure christian church in roseville at 10:00 a.m. the two were shot friday during a crime spree spanning two counties. a husband and wife were arrested and now face murder charges. a san mateo county social worker is arrested accused of molesting a child he was entrusted to hem. tonight he is facing 35 charges. are they worried this case worker might have even more victims? >> reporter: there is that concern, jessica. manuel lives here in santa clara. investigators say $toward possible -- charged with 35 felony counts including having second with a minor he was trusted to help.
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he's worked at county children and family services department as a social worker since 2006. >> i'm shocked and horrified by the behavior of this individual. and relieved that he is in custody. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies arrested cedillo yesterday in palo alto. investigators say a 16-year-old reported she had been having second 0 section with him while he was her case worker and she may not be the only victim. >> he was placed on administrative leave for a similar allegation. >> reporter: he was out on $400,000 bail. the 38-year-old lives in santa clara. we went to his home but no one answered the door. >> the most important thing is that he was placed in custody. he's not dealing with anybody's children any more. and again, primarily right now we want to make sure there are no other victims out there. >> reporter: the human services agency is reviewing his case load to see how many children he worked with during his eight years as a social worker.
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the human services agency began termination proceedings in early october. as he resigned october 24th. another breach at the white house. this time it was its computer networks. the obama administration says it's taken steps to address suspicious activity that was detected but no one would release any details about what that suspicious activity was. the problem did cause outages for white house employees. no one would comment though on a "washington post" report that russia was thought to be behind the breach. bad food, cramped seats, complaints from flyers. you may add loud talkers to that list. today cellular providers and flight attendants clashed over whether phone calls should be allowed on planes. fcc proposed lifting the ban on cell phone use last year but that hasn't been decided yet. flight attendants say they're worried the calls could keep passengers from paying attention to instructions or spark
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disputes between travellers. sfo is expanding its service to china beginning this december. china southern airlines is offering nonstop service to uha in the qatong province. welcome news to many in san francisco who trace their roots to the province. starting december 16th, china southern airlines will have three nonstop flights per week on a boeing 787 dreamliner. still ahead, ripped off. a bike shop robbed of dozens of bicycles and the video that helped lead less to their men. does it really do a body good? new concerns about the stated benefits of milk and the impact on your bones.
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you're looking at some very selective burglars captures on video in oakland. they target eed very expensive folding bikes grabbing nearly 50. they got caught when they tried to sell them. apparently folding bikes aren't sold secondhand that often and buyers were suspicious enough to call mess. while the suspected burglars are in custody the bikes are still missing. they can sell for a couple thousand dollars or more. police are hoping with anyone with information as to the location of the bikes will give them a call. coming to a theater near you, a new ban on google glass. the motion picture association of america have issued bans on the high-tech glasses as well as other wearable tech gadgets saying it's a voluntary mandate right now but they expect 32,000 theeters to adopt it. policy is aimed at stopping
6:40 pm
people from pirating films with those devices. according to google xwlals advocates the concern over piracy they say is unreasonable. kids and scissors turn out to be a great combination in the south bay. take a look, these kids cut a special ribbon. it opened san jose's newest elementary school, rockship fuerza community prep, designed to put kids on an early track to college. each class has two teachers, one for science and math, the hoertsd for humanities. we grew up thinking calcium from milk stepped strengthen bones and prevent is a i don't porosis but milk may not do a body good. swedish studies found those who drank three or more glasses a day died at an early age and women suffered more bone frurs than men. it states the high levels of sugar in milk may cause bones to undergo changes like inflammation which resemble
6:41 pm
ageing. they admit more research is needed and suggest an association rather than a direct link with milk. jeff ranieri back with us. we have a direct link to friday's forecast for halloween. >> i'm going to give you the best, at least in terms of the data. i can't promise in terms of rainfall. it's going to be a wet one. you can see it was sunny and hot today. orange october across the skyline tonight. we'll talk more about tomorrow's forecast and of course that rainfall. uncovering history. this piece of a plane that could solve a decades-old aviation mystery, the disappearance of amelia earhart.
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san jose, a speeding car with armed suspects inside stopped a few blocks away from san jose state. it started when deputies spotted a car parked illegally in busloading zone. suspects drove off and deputies chased them near the campus until the car crashed. you see it there. both men got out and ran. the deputies arrested one of them at city hall and the other in a nearby parking structure. a gun was found inside of that car. fresh faces and diversity in public office. a survey shows that is not the case in california. according to a survey by the women donors network, white men still hold 55% of elected offices from the county level up. the survey also shows women of color account for only 7% of elected officials. advocacy groups say one reason is the newly expanded term limits in the state assembly and senate allowing incumbents to withhold seats basically from female challengers for a decade or so. >> it really is the cost of running is challenging.
6:45 pm
women can fund-raise so it's not about women not being able to fund raise. i think it's women need to start earlier. and they really need to have a plan of how they're going to get from local office into the state capitol. >> despite the lack of female representation in the legislature there are positive strides in appointed offices. 49% of the appointees in governor brown's office are women. it's a hot top nick public schools. a gallup poll shows most teachers in schools where common core standards are being taught have come to like them. there are those who protest it as federal government overreach. there's a different complaint from parents about the homework their kids are bringing home. rehema ellis has more. >> reporter: grow lick has been introducing math to students for 14 years. >> we do counting, subtraction, and addition. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: the first grade teacher has a new lesson plan
6:46 pm
following the new common core standards. >> teaching is different. but it is still good, basic teaching. >> what is two plus three? >> easy, five. >> reporter: but for some, common core is creating common confusion. take 34 minus 9. carry the one, 14 minus 9 is 5, bring do you the 2, you get 25. under common core second graders learn different methods and need to show all steps. one example, using a number line, they can see 9 is 1 away from 10 which is 20 away from 30, and 4 from 34. add those together to get 25. and if 9 and 25 are 34, 34 minus 9 equals 25. using three times as many steps to get to the same answer. >> there are lots of ways to figure out 34 minus 9. and who's to say what is the best way for any particular kid? it's my job to show them different ways to do it.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: stacey jacobson francis says helping her kids with schoolwork has become difficult. >> the worksheet wanted it to be shown certain ways. and a very easy problem turned into an hour-long problem. >> stop common core! >> reporter: common core starts adopted by more than 40 state is and d.c. have been met with pierce opposition. carol burress, a high school principal on new york's long island, used to support common core. >> as teachers complain, parents complain, principals complain. we're told, you're not doing the common core right. that's not correct, the common core is not working. it's falling apart and it's time that we take it off the road. >> we have a long way to go making sure that we are all speaking a common language in terms of the standards. once we get that together, i think it's going to be a really positive thing. >> reporter: changing how we teach our children. a hard lesson the nation is still learning.
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rehema ellis, nbc news, brooklyn, ohio. >> the concept is supposed to be critical thinking and making you work for that answer. jeff ranieri, chief meteorologist, we're talking about a lot the next 48 hours which people might have plans for. >> yeah, and i was going to start off with something else but i said, forget it. check out how incredible this sky camera view is back behind us for the san francisco bay. of course, the giants playing tonight. it's like an october orange tribute to the giants. hopefully it's a sign of how things are going to go tonight. with halloween coming it's got that meaning as well. let's get you outside right now. we have sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 80s for the interior valleys. now with the sun setting we're starting to see things drop. 72 north bay. san francisco still holding on to mild weather, 78. and down across the south bay 74. we'll take you to the microclimate forecast. there's not going to be any disruptive weather for
6:49 pm
thursday's forecast. we'll see temperatures 3 to 6 degrees cooler. some high clouds passing by. smooth sailing. we've got 79 in san jose. 84 morgan hill. for the peninsula cooler at the coastline. if you enjoy the beach today there's a chill in the air. palo alto 79. san francisco from upper 70s and low 80s down to 70 in soma. golden gate bridge 68. north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, we expect 80 in napa. for oakland 71. and for the tri-valley 80 in less sant son. >> the next large changes in the forecast, we to want to spent tame on this halloween storm system. forecast models have not changed at all. the day we're expecting rainfall is halloween. we're absolutely certain friday is the day for the wet weather. where we come into a little bit of changes is the hour by hour forecast. overall i do think the heaviest is going to arrive in the morning hours. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 from santa rosa to san jose.
6:50 pm
we'll hold on to it until 11:00 a.m. forecast models today are picking up on maybe a brief break here from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so early on trig or treaters may be okay. then we get a second wave of activity moving if. we've got this upper-level disturb ant that's going to be passing by. not only the possibility of rain but it's going to bring a slight chance of thunderstorms across the bay as well. eventually we'll clear out after 7:00 a.m. on our saturday forecast. at least .25 inches in the south bay. .5 inches in the north bay. nearly 1 inch possible at the coastline. the halloween forecast right now still stays cloudy, cool, with 60s and you're going to need that jacket and also the umbrella. we want to underscore that by friday and into saturday morning there is going to be a slight risk of thunderstorms. we'll have to watch out for those gusty winds and maybe hail that will develop. we're tracking it at it is opening night. how about that.
6:51 pm
for the warriors and their new head coach steve kerr is shaking things up.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
a piece of metal cook the clue that solves a 77-year-old mystery. researchers say they have a high degree of certainty it is from the plane flown by ameeting ga air heart which disappeared in 1937. the aviation pioneer was attempting to set a record for flying around the world. the melt perfectly matches a repair patch put on ehrhart's plane in miami. the metal was found on the island in the south pacific. a research team now wants to return to the island to search
6:54 pm
for more wreckage from ehrhart's plane. gerard moncure from our comcast sports net studios. tonight the giants and the wars yore' opening night. >> very, very busy night. tight baseball game right now. at 39 years old tim hudson becoming the oldest game seven starter in world series history. for the right-hander a chance to eclipse his game three start and loss by pitching the giants to a lird world series title in five years. 2-0 lead, huddy giving up two runs before getting yanked. in the fifth giants lead 3-2. madison bumgarner warming up in the bull pen. i'll have your highlights tonight and we'll have most game from kansas city at 11:00. you are looking at sleep train arena where less than ten minutes the warriors and kings tip off their nba seasons. 12 matchups in the association tonight. this one is heated as it gets.
6:55 pm nba insider with more from sacramento on the new-look ws. >> there's a lot of question about this year's wars yors. what will steve kerr do with the offense? last year's offense was a lot of isolation plays and mark jackson took a lot of heat for that because there are games where the offensive bogged down. while defense was very good last year the question is what can steve kerr do for the offense? he's running a lot of motion offense, a lot of different players. he wants these guys running at every possible opportunity. during the course of the season he is saying right now, what i want to see is these guys running, i'm going to play eight, nine, 10, 11 guys over the course of the season, guys' minutes will come down but they'll need that rest because they'll be running every possible minute on the floor. the question is this, can steve kerr's offense run, can these guys adapt to that offense, will 11 guys be able to run an offense at the speed steve kerr wants to see it run at? contract extension talks
6:56 pm
between clay thompson and the ws could result in a new deal before friday's deadline. according to sources reported by 95.7 the game this morning. the new head coach earlier this morning fired up about tipping off for real. >> it's great. it's great for every team. opening night across the league is special. there's a buzz before you get into the grind when the routine sets in with game after game. opening night always feels like a playoff game to me. i think all of our guys are jacked up and ready to go. another opening of sorts in sacramento. today the kings broke down on that new downtown arena slated to op october 2016. kings owner stated in the new facility will be one of the greenest and most iconic structures on the planet. breaking news from sac town. steve kerr says andrew bogut is ill and his status for tonight
6:57 pm
uncertain. we'll have the full story on the warriors and kings along with postgame coming up tonight at 11:00. >> no bogut, no david lee. is that correct? >> we'll see about bogut. definitely no david lee. >> i'm still so nervous about tonight. >> for full giants coverage, 30 minutes of giants coverage from the world series, comcast sports net central on comcast sports net bay area at 10:30 tonight. >> we know halloween is for one thing but there could also be something else happening. overall we can expect a little bit of sun by 3:00 on halloween. but also the chance of some showers. we'll look at a heavier bout of rain as we head throughout 9:00 in the evening with a chance of thunderstorms as well. for the little kids and big ones heading out, bring that umbrella and jacket. we'll see drier weather by saturday afternoon and sunday.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
justin timberlake baby news? breaking reports jessica is pregnant. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra extra is she or isn't she expecting? the jessica biel baby headlines today. and the suspicious photos that first sparked the rumors. sandra bullock's medical emergency on the set. why she had to jump into action after an emergency call to 911. hot new hookups. stalker co-stars dylan mcdermott and maggie secretly dating? plus, couples pa loloozza t


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