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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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broken bat base hit into right. the throw is cut off and it's 3-2 giants in the fourth. >> it happened all the way back in the fourth inning but that was enough to seal the game and the world series for that matter. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. your giants are the world series champions once again. all that's left is planning the parade. the team will start at market and stewart streets and head down market to civic center
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plaza. more than a million people are expected to be there to welcome our world champs and celebrate. >> there are already dedicated fans that are celebrating. >> bob redell is there in the action. >> reporter: someone just said this is tim hudson. yes, that is. hey, tim. he made world series history by being the oldest player to start in the world series. that's tim lincecum coming over here with his suitcase. let me see if i can get him to come over. hey, tim, can we talk to you
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real quick? this must be his car here in the front. tim lincecum showed up in the bullpen but never did pitch last night. >> reporter: how was the plane ride home? >> pretty packed. >> how does it feel to have number three? there he is. he's ready to go. let see who else we got in the background. hard to tell with the light. but just moments ago, larry baer, the team's president and ceo brought the world series trophy to show it to all the fans out here. he took it around to a cheering group of people who were just going bonkers at being able to get this close to the trophy, closer than fans will be able to get tomorrow during the victory parade down market event. i know that from personal
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experience because that event will be so packed. here's what larry baer had to say about his team winning the world series in -- third in five years. >> reporter: what is the common denominator? >> there is a culture here that they never kp give up. we've had some down times but they love each other and fight together. we'd like to tell the fans this is for you. it's been an amazing year and we're not done. >> you see hunter pence, there with the ball cap. giving a thumb's up to the crowd. hey, hunter, will you come over? he can't hear me. i don't see a scooter. he's going to be taking a cab today to get back to his home. the players arrived at 4:00 this
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morning, arrive hearing at the ballpark within the past 20 minutes and now they're getting into their vehicles or calling their cabs or uber or whatever to get back to their homes after what has been an exciting seven-game series that really came down the last pitch last night. of course you had pablo sand rah rahal. is that buster posey? >> matt cane. >> thank you. prying to see who some of these other players are in the suvs. it hard to tell. >> and they're getting the most -- it not a hard thing to do. it not super packed out here. that looks like it may have been
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traffic -- where's madbum? >> we asked larry baer and he made it a lot of those people have been up all night as well, not just the players but the fans. >> reporter: well, it's an adren little party. and have it end the way the fans wanted to. i lot of these numbers are i can't waiting for this moment.
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they're getting to experience this, getting their first quarter of "the chronicle." it has the "dynasty" headline. larry baer didn't want to use that word but the chronicle has no problem using it. but he's probably right, here you have. >> we see these guys performing at the peak of their performance. all of a should herey. >> reporter: let's talk to tom.
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>> a think a lot of them are just, frankly, tired. keep in mind it was a seven-game series and the last two games were a workout to say the least. >> reporter: good morning. you been out here all night? >> i'm tired. >> reporter: you don't want to talk. you been out here all night? >> yes. >> reporter: what was last night's game like for you? >> it was all some, it the way it was supposed to be finished. >> reporter: why are you out here this morning? >> to see my san francisco giants. >> who have you seen coming out? >> sergio. >> did you see buster? >> i got to see the trophy.
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it's fantastic. it's such a beautiful, beautiful tribute to the players and the city. >> you've been watching and following the giants for, what, 30 years now? >> yes. >> what do you think it is over the past five years they've been able to pull off three world series? >> the players, the camaraderie and fabian bringing up certain players and coming in and bringing up people like maddie and bochy bringing him along to where he is now and he's only 25 and he started when he was 20 with the giants. it's just a fantastic, you know, very humble, they modest team. they just are fietders, fighters. nerve racking to watch sometimes.
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>> you say you listened on the radio because you didn't want to watch it on the tube. >> i prefer listening to duane kuiper and mike krukow, but at the time they were hundred game losers. >> now everybody wants to get some collectibles. >> and there are plenty to go around. store shelf in the area are
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being restocked as we speak. >> some fans couldn't wait. these fans are among the first to get their hands on championship gear at sports authority. the game had barely ended when fans lined up to get their t-shirts and hats last night. >> my kids were egging me on because they want to wear this stuff to school tomorrow. you have to celebrate. three in five years. it's awesome. >> more than awesome. it historic. >> the sunnyvale sold out in about an hour but don't worry, they're getting another shipment today. >> that gear will be perfect for the parade but the question is will the weather cooperate as well. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it not just the parade tomorrow. the kid want to go out there and do some trick or treating. regardless of the giants win,
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all they want is candy, let's face it. >> a dugout that holds more historic value. the temperatures are going to be really nice. s a we get into halloween, there's a storm brewing, and it going to bring in some rainfall over the course of the parade. looks like showers starting up right around 5:00. 5 a.m. till noon tomorrow is when we're expecting the shower activity. and temperatures will be on the warm side for today. these numbers crash by tomorrow. we've got a little bit more of a change coming your way for the weekend. cool blast settles in. stick around. we'll show you the timing of that storm election. here's mike inouye and your
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drive. >> i look at the affiliation. watch king and third around the area. we'll take a look at oakland, approach toward the city and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no no drama and no incident reported for that whole stretch of the tri-valley, moving down truck siel 5:12. >> gave seven, it just proves why the giants and the organization is so awesome. this will be a memory for me for
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a long time. so so happy i got to come to the park today.
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that's amazing. it's amazing. you know, it's awesome for, you know, when i came here, it's amazing to have things unfold the way you hope they would. these guys have been true warriors. we fought all year and i love
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it, i love it. >> the celebration is on. that was tim hudson showing the love. this as we give you a live picture from outside at&t park. spent the last 15, 20 minutes filing out. we saw larry baer hoisting the world series trophy, as he described a -- an inspiring experience. >> now facebook's fourth largest
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stockholder mind mark zuckerberg received company stock. >> is it important or irrelevant? apple ceo tim cook this morning has written in an article in which he comes out. it's historic. it's the first major fortune 500 official to come out, saying california needed to do more to advance the right of lgbt citizens. what he did not say himself was that he was gay, though that it's been understood for quite some time. cook said i've come to realize that my desire for personal privacy has been holding me back from doing something more important. that's what led me to today. he said i'm proud to be gay and i consider being gay among the
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proudest gifts that god has given me. apple pay's rival -- the system current-c got hacked. you can get the idea they're in a bit of a jam. they were working on a system before apple was and they kind of don't want to see because it
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can be hacked? >> it's really more secure than your credit card. it will be in the long run more secure than your credit card. >> that's reassuring for consumers. happening now, an unstoppable massive lava flow. that is moving between 15 and 30 feet an hour toward the town of pohoa. the lava flow has been oozing down the mountain for months. >> we'll continue to follow the latest from hawaii. what else do we have? pretty much everything. >> we've got everything. christina's got a look at that forecast as well. of course the parade is going to go in san francisco tomorrow.
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>> $1 today, $5 tomorrow. get it while it's hot! it's not going to be hot around here, but it's going to be warm, though. there's a storm system brewing. i really want to point out the fact that temperatures are going to be really, really mild. because it will be warm today and those numbers crash, you want to make sure you're ready for the changes ahead. 81 in the tri-valley for today. it will be warm out there, 71 on the east shore, the north bay and the south bay both getting a taste of the upper 70s and lower 80s. i stopped that clock for you, as you meet back tomorrow morning. we get a better chance for rains a -- as we head throughout the
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second half of your day. you'll still be able to get outdoors and do some trick or treating in the south bay but you're better off waiting until around 7:00, but that's when the sun sets and it gets dark anyway. looking at your numbers for tomorrow, 3 p.m. -- i want to give you an idea of the timing. it's really dependent be on where you live in the bay area. stick around. friday and saturday, keeping those showers going until about 7:00 a.m., clearing you out for sunday. maybe residual activity late sunday into mondays a we still have the jet on top of us and we bring rain into the forecast.
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and the week after that is looking to be very, very active. we've got multiple storm systems on the way to the bay area. so a little bit of a trip when it comes to the timing but a real treat when it comes to the rainfall totals. mere's mike inouye. >> we're looking at the toll plaza. the toll players who use cash will have to wait a little bit. s a we look at your map, the entire approach coming through this whole section of the bay, the east bay and coming out of the north bay, a smooth drive from the bridge. the giants have arrived with a lot of commotion. be careful if that's where you're headed over the next few minutes. that's the proposed parade route. same thing as last time. the underground muni and better
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systems will be your friend through the city throughout your day because of the congestion. a little build for livermore, westbound 580. we'll show you palo alto 101, easy flow for traffic and across to the bay shore we're looking at the san mateo bridge westbound. there's the high rise. we'll send it back out to you. >> no revellers out there anymore. you used to sleep like a champ.
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the giants world series win
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overshadowing a win for another bay area team. the warriors with a 99-77 win in sacramento. their next game is saturday night against the lakers. >> congratulations to them. but let's focus now on the team at hand. it brought recognition not on to madison bumgarner but brought recognition to skipper bruce bochy. >> one of the most recent men to make it into the hall of fame, former a's skipper tony larussa. he also captured two titles with the st. louis cardinals more recently. >> giants third baseman pablo sandoval finding a pretty good way to celebrate his third world series win. after the game, sandoval went out to meet the panda heads, the guys who wear the huge panda heads during all of the giants
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games. what a treat for them. sandoval of course putting it on, clowning around with the guys. they must have been pretty ecstatic. >> it's like a story within a story, a play within a play and a panda within a panda. >> and the third world series within five years. it's becoming a nice habit. >> we're live outside at&t park next.
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popped up, sandoval in foul territory. >> panda! >> my kids think this is how it's done. they're only five and they've seen three of them already.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> they're spoiled. >> they are spoiled. the champagne certainly flowing in the giants' locker room. it was a short party because soon after the players packed their bags and headed home. here's a live look at civic center plaza, city hall lit up to celebrate that win. can you bet in a few hours you'll see people camped out, ready to cheer on our world champions. can you hear the presses? oh, yeah, they were busy at work, celebrating the world series champions. nice ring to it. so does this, "dynasty." that is the head at the top of the "san francisco chronicle." >> and how apropos, what do you do, we have it right here. we basically watched the giants do something that had not been done in 79 years.
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the front page, madison bumgarner. >> oh, i love it. scott mcgrew join us here because they're sending out a lot of tweets, right? >> yeah, in a different era it would have been telegraphs. look at this. do you suppose he did that himself? that's pretty phenomenal. we also have a vine. this coming from the 49ers. it is a tip of the cap. and of course the sharks have tweeted out something as well as with their congratulations. yes, yes, yes, yes, go giants! absolutely, coming from the sharks. and the bay area metallica, the
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band, offering their congratulations as well. >> everybody's excited. >> it's such an exciting time. >> it is amazing. >> what's good for one bay area team is good for all bay area teams. exposure, the sense of community. it's fantastic. >> we have good teams here, not just athletically, well run -- >> and it's good for the community. so many places being restockedgiants paraphernalia. >> fans lined up to get their hands on t-shirts, hats, last night. >> the kid were egging me on because they want to wear this
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stuff to school tomorrow. you got to celebrate. three in five years. that's amazing. >> that sunnyvale store sold out of all of its gear in about an hour. don't worry, they're getting another shipment tonight. >> they're going to be busy screening those shirts. >> let's look forward to the parade. after the final out, mayor ed reid announced it's all happening tomorrow. the players will helped head down to civic center plaid a. >> now, you will remember this happened just two years ago in 2012 and 2010, for thats a they take those collie cars around town. >> you get a smile when you're out there. it's so much fun to be part of the action. >> how many times, christina, are we going to hear the phrase
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"don't rain on our parade and i can tell you right now it is a beautiful day for them to return to. temperatures mostly upper 70s to lower 80s. we'll be at 81 for the trivally, the east shore at 71 and 77 degrees for the north bay. we have some major changes coming to your forecasts a of today. cloud will increase and then we have a spooky system on the way for your halloween. it's not that spooky. it's going to bring us a little rain, a little bit of wind. unfortunately this is going to occur right during the heart of your parade. just make sure you're ready for the elements. bring an umbrella with you and make sure if you're bringing the little ones that they're prepared as well. a few weekend showers, mostly for saturday. then you can get outdoors on sunday. 67 degrees then don't forget you get an extra hour of sleep.
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oh, it's going to be so nice. i'm looking forward to it, especially after this week, staying up late and watching those games. >> you can use the extra hour but i think that's standard aft after. >> heading down 84 in through the surface streets for liver more, no surprise there is or for much of the rest of the bay. i want to call out the stretch here, somewhere between whipple and alvarado, it sounds like there's a crash. it may be blocking one lane second. we don't show it on our sensor but it just happened. heading up the peninsula, an easy ride so far. the cash lanes backing up. fast track not a problem. and the golden gate bridge, they
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have moved those cones so they're ready for the morning commute. it's an easy drive back to the north bay. >> two brothers suspected in a bathroom attack during a 49ers game are expected back in court today. they face 11 and 8 years in prison respectively if convicted. investigators say they built up two men inside loy one of the victims was hurt so badly, he might be permanently paralyzed. >> and oakland police looking for details for the person who killed the mother of four on her way home from the grocery store. perla avina was the passenger in that passenger seat, heading home from the grocery store with
5:37 am
her husband when somebody shot into her car. she was the mother of four children, the youngest just a year and a half old. >> and investigators still investigate what happened to a coupe tsuneo games a he rode his bike to school yesterday. many walked to the spot where a truck driver hit and killed him monday morning on mcclellan road. the truck driver said he never saw wong. >> lawyers are looking into active and old cases of three chp officers who are right now being investigated for playing a reported game where they steal nude oat owes of.
5:38 am
>> officer sean harrington later admitted to stealing pictures from the person he arrested numerous times. just hours after winning the world series, giants victory parade plans are under way. >> and we are live outside of at&t park where the giants' president larry baer hoisted that trophy, showing it out to fans. bob redell is there. >> a live look in san francisco as well. aglow in orange, don't you think? giants, halloween, what a week. we're back with 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and
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traffic right after this break.
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how tired are you right now. >> right now i'm not tired at all. we just won the world series, it's hard to be tired right now. >> but he should be tired. madison bumgarner is among the best pitcher of all times. he was named the world series mvp. he can put that right next to his nlcs award. through the playoffs he was 4-1 with just a 1.03 e.r.a.
5:42 am
to top it off, he claimed the save in last night's win. but then it was changed to a save late last night. bumgarner is 4-0 with a 0.25 e.r.a. >> we have over bits of information. >> he's from hickory, north carolina. >> which is nicknamed bum town. >> his first word was ball. >> he got married to his girl friend in his blue jeans. >> and the scouts said he was going straight to the pros. >> and look where he did. >> san francisco getting ready
5:43 am
for its huge celebration. nanette joins us live from civic plaza. preparations already under way. >> reporter: already under way. the city went crazy last night right after that win with fans pouring out on to the streets. most fans behaved but there were some troubled spots, mostly around the ballpark and the mission district. people set bonfires, even lighting a couch at one point. fireworks also lit up the sky. we even saw joyous fans spraying champagne and beer on one another. at times those bottles were thrown at police officers, who were dressed in riot gear. s a you can imagine being that this is the giants' third world series win in five years, cops know the drill and two to prepare for. fire crackers and m-80s were also thrown at officers. at least two people were shot
5:44 am
and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. city crews worked quickly overnight to clean up civic center plaza where a big screen was set up for thousands of fans to watch the game. all that to prepare for the victory parade, which starts at noon on friday. it will begin at the intersection of market and stewart streets and the trolley will head down market street to civic center. i can already see a stage has been set up right in front of city hall. more than a million people are expected to attend, so take public transit here, be ready and have a lot of patience and of course bring that umbrella. >> thanks a lot, nanette. >> and celebrations are understandable. why people have gotten violent and aggressive in isolated cases is sad to see.
5:45 am
nanette mentioned bring that umbrella. so much pressure on the forecast for the parade tomorrow but you're not feel thing that, christine? >> no. i do my best every time, just like those giants. you give it that old college try. candy will be raining down, just like in 2012 when they had that parade because, hey, you got the orange and the black and you got that parade. temperatures this morning are a little on the chilly side. grab a jacket, you won't need your umbrella today but you will tomorrow. temperatures are chilly out there but, like i said before, we're going to warm you up nicely for one more day, we're still on the warm side of this system. clouds will increase, trapping in some of that warmth. thens a we head throughout
5:46 am
tomorrow, that halloween storm let me give you an idea visually of the time frame. we start it for you at noon right at the start of that parade, that's when the showers start up. we're talking about the steady rainfall in san francisco. that front will continue to produce rain in this region from marin county all the way down the south peninsula. then all the shower activity presses right here into the south bay but it's going to clear out between 6:00 and 8:00. that will allow you to get out with your trick or treaters without the heavy rainfall coming through. s a we wake up, a few lingering showers and everything will clear up in time for your afternoon. great weekend plans outdoors. you can make those on sunday. for the whole bay area, the
5:47 am
heaviest rainfall is expected between 1:00 and 5:00 for your halloween. i don't think this is going to put a damper on anybody's plans. after all, the rain is a real treat. >> if you ask my kids who have the rain -- parade, that's all right. the backup at the toll plaza filling in quickly past the 880 overcrossing. no surprise,s as we expected th drive off the maze and 880 freeway. a typical build for the tri-valleys a through the south bay and peninsula. no big surprise,s a you said,s a you're crossing the bay.
5:48 am
101 the traffic starts to build just a bit but no problems all the way down to golden gate bridge. we have a nice throw traffic. >> keep your hands off this one. >> the giants,s a laura suggests, are back in the bay area after a tough seven-game series, which they happened to win. the team got back to the ballpark about an hour ago. >> live this morning you saw some of the players taking off and heading home. >> probably not a bad idea. the team has come and gone, presumably to go home, get some rest, try to come down from that adrenaline high after being deemed a dynasty by "the san francisco chronicle" and the
5:49 am
fans. quite an accomplishment. there were over 100 fans over at at&t park and then team ceo larry baer brought out the trophy for everyone to see. the fans cheered and he described what it was like on the plane for the team. everyone. >> was just giddy. everyone was sort of in an altered state of happiness and euphoria. you know what, they got it done. this group was really -- i mean, i think that -- look, a lot of comparisons with the three but this group really felt that they earned it because they defied a lot of odds. >> unfortunately the players did not come out to talk to the fans or to us, the media, but we did catch some glimpses of them, madbum, hunter pence and the
5:50 am
like. >> more than 30,000 t-shirts were printed overnight. today, though, they'll start printing the parade shifrtrts. >> we're all pros at this. this year was special because nobody anticipated it. sales are double what they were four years ago. >> these shirts are being delivered to the dugout store at 6:00 this morning. that's in about ten minutes. they're also going to be sent to sporting good stores across the bay area. >> and this is hot off the presses. many fans already have their world series t-shirts this morning. that's because some giants and dugout stores had their shirts ready to go last night. you can see dozens of exciting
5:51 am
fans getting ms&s a quicklys a they can on the action. >> in kansas city, they're probably like what are we going to do with all these shirts? >> that's a good point. you can share these pictures immediately. >> check these out. major league baseball's authenticateors sent out this tweet, a a very happy pablo sandoval. what's he holding? the game winning ball, you know, the one he caught, the final out to win the world series. >> no world on who gets to keep that. morse is the guy who drove in the game-winning run, all the way back in the fourth inning of last night's game. weren't sure if it was going to stand but it actually held for five innings. >> first baseman brandon belt tweeted this picture out from the plane with that caption we've seen now, "yes, yes, yes
5:52 am
o." belt now right after that win, they tweeted out we officially turn the world series champs to the town of san francisco. huge congratulations to the giants and their fans. >> bum didn't just celebrate in his home. he hit the street. the giants legislate end was out in front of at&t park after the game, leading a cheer and high-fiving fans. he lives near the park so it wasn't a long walk. >> in just a little bit, we're going to tell you why madison
5:53 am
bumgarner may have a hard time getting his hand on the new car he was to be awardeds a mvp. >> another smartwatch. band will track your steps and your sleep. you foe what? it will even tell you the time. it costs you $199, it's in stores today. and this is the sprout, it allows you to scan things and then manipulate their digital images. >> and wall street reacting to what we told you would happen,
5:54 am
the end of quantitative easing by the fed. feds are no longer going to be going on that weird buying spree, buying people's mortgages and other odd items to push nor cash into the economy. did it work? we'll never know. >> something to watch. we'll see where it goes from here. >> christina loren has been busy coming in because of changes in our fok. >> no within reason to get bummed $ if it means world class pitching is involved!
5:55 am
taking a look at the beautiful san francisco, the beautiful transamerica pyramid, all the way from top to bottom. and then the rain arrivess a of tonight. i don't think it's going to completely wash out your halloween pip want to check your drive. i know he's an excited giants fan and you've got an excited new giants fan, too, at home, huh? >> yes. my daughter was finally converted. over to the opinions la side, a smooth drive to the dumbarton bridge. the earlier crash at whipple has just cleared the roadway that's what caused this. the rest of your bay moves smoothly. this is the start of the morning commute, just easing in for the south bay. no real drama there or for the
5:56 am
rest of the bay. these lights are not an issue. no lanes blocked at the toll plaza. >> thanks so much. take a look at this shower. one of the favorite parts of a world series win, it's the celebration. it's not champagne but sparkling wine. >> if the french thought getting a thought out this morning, they were wrong. now mum wants to help you celebrate. the giants series brewute preste is already sold out at $125 a body. >> they authenticate some of the empty bottles that the players use so you can probably find those at the dugout store.
5:57 am
>> world series mvp madison bumgarner apparently won a truck. >> he was handed the keys to a bright red 2015 chevy colorado. the problem is, that chevy is now under recall. gm has told gm to stop delivery. no word on when he'll get his car officially. >> that is a bummer but he'll certainly be able to. >> an update from police about how rowdy the crowds got last night.
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6:00 am
the giants bring home another world series victory. >> will it rain on their parade? >> not today but tomorrow. nonetheless, you'll still be able to get out with your little ghouls and goblins. the showers will continue into your weekend but not the entire time. i'll help you plan around and get you outdoors in just a moment. >> and a crash reported on the span. we'll sort out that commute and let you know how easy it is to get in toward that celebration or not. >> if you look really carefully, you might be able to make out hunter pence and some of the


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