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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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breaking overknight, celebration of the giants' win marred by violence in san francisco. two people shot as unruly fans clashed with the police. standoff, a nurse fighting quarantine in maine leaves the house this morning for a bike ride, hours after delivering a message to the state officials trying to force her to remain in isolation. >> i'm not symptomatic. there's no way i could give someone ebola. >> hear from both sides. christie's clash, putting a heck ler in his place. >> you want a conversation later, happy to have it, buddy,
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but until that time, sit down and shut up. but was it appropriate. for better for worse, meet the groom in the dog house moments after tieing the knot. thursday, october 30th, 2014. ♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer live from studio 1a from rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to thursday, october 30. natalie welcome back, savannah is still on maternity leave. we need to rewrite that footage. a bride and groom -- >> let's take a look here -- oh! >> he's okay because she broke his fall. he's okay. >> like, poor guy, doing the right thing, trying to carry her over the threshold.
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>> right. >> it's not a great start. meanwhile, congratulations to the san francisco giants. third world championship in five years. >> a lot for kansas city, could have been their moment, but congrats. >> a great world series, though. >> fantastic. bumgarner, unfortunately, though, as we mentioned, there was an ukly side in the celebration erupting in san francisco, and took police a long time to calm things down. we're in kansas city where the title was won. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning, a great world series, down to the wire, the last game, and the ho home team was a run short, and that could mean a pretty long winter. for the san francisco giants, the thrill of victory is familiar. >> in foul territory! >> reporter: a third world series crowned in five years, beating the kansas city royals
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in a dramatic seventh game. for their fans, here and back home, excitement boiled over. fireworks was the start of a big party and gave way to a night of mayhem with unruly celebration, fires, and a stepped up police presence. overnight, at at least two people were shot, another stab. fortunately, none of the injuries are life threatening, and there were a handful of arrests. back in kansas city, giants fans celebrated peacefully. >> third world series in five years, are you freaking kidding me? >> this is like every other year. >> never get used to this. >> thank you, royals! >> reporter: in kansas city, the agony of defeat gave way to a sense of pride while baseball ended in disappointment, one victory shy. >> it's a bummer, but, you know, we fought until the end. >> reporter: throughout the run, much was made was kansas city fans, decades of dreams to see their team in the post season again, 29 years, in fact,
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longest drought for any proteam in america. win or lose, they say, it was all worth the wait. >> just congratulations, but i will be a royals fan for the rest of my life. let's go royals! >> reporter: san francisco's mayor announce d a parade on friday, and later today here at coffman stadium, the royals are celebrated, and spring training is almost around the corner. we'll report in 13 weeks. back to you. >> wow, all right, ron, thanks. >> keep the lights on. >> thank you. just returning from treating e ebola patient in africa to observe a quarantine in maine is intensifying. she said she will not be bullied and walked out of of her home last night. now they are seeking a court order to force her to comply. we have latest on the story. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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hoda. caic said she might leave the house today, and she did. they went on a bike ride, followed by the state police and a large pack of media, returned here, we had a chance to ask her why she left the house today, and she said she left the house because she can because this is something they normally do. it's not illegal for her to leave her house. there is no court order in place. as you know, she's fighting the governor of maine and health officials who want to mandate her quarantine inside her house. she says she's healthy, not contagious, and she's not detoured. >> i still believe that i'm fighting for something much more than myself. >> she remains defiant emerging from the home late wednesday for ten minutes to tell reporters she's not backing down. >> i am completely healthy. you know, you can hug me, shake my hand. there's no way that i would give you ebola. >> reporter: the first was on wednesday on "today."
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>> i truly believe the policy is not scientifically or constitutionally just. >> reporter: she says she's tried to negotiate with the state, agreeing to travel only in her own car and having health workers check her temperature daily, but health officials say it's not enough. >> staying at home for the duration of the 21-day period, november 10th being the last day, does not seem like a burdensome request to ask. >> i don't want to hurt anyone in the public, but i don't think this is an acceptable line to be drawn. >> reporter: officials announce they are seeking a court order to keep her from leaving her home, but repeatedly calling the quarantine voluntary. >> we are hopeful the workers who are brave and caring enough to care for ebola patients are willing to take reasonable steps to protect the residents of their own country. >> reporter: at the white house
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with ebola survive dr. kept at his side, president obama called health care workers who go to help, heros, and urged strength. >> they make huge sack fierific protect the country they love, and when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly. >> reporter: despite the presiden president''s concern on mandatory quarantine, the military is doing that at this army base in northern italy. the state department is not following suit. there's no blanket quarantine for u.s. diplomatic personnel. including u.n. ambassador samantha power who follows local laws when she returns to new york from the region. for kaci, she's forced to wait on the state. >> the ball is in the state of the main court, so we'll wait and see. >> reporter: her and her boyfriend had a quit chat with the local police chief. guys, back to you.
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chris christie in the middle of controversy, addressing a heckler after talking about sandy. good morning to you. >> never shy, governor christie relishes in not backing away from a fight, and he's been in the middle of it this week from ebola politics, to the national campaign trail to a special event in new jersey that got very loud. >> i got the picture, i read it. >> that sign could have read trouble. a heckler who picked this spot for full effect. >> somebody like you does not know a damn thing what you are talking about other than stand up and show up when the cameras are here, i've been here without the cameras doing the work. >> reporter: lashing back over the pace of the hurricane of sandy relief. when he would not relent, christie was ignited. >> turn arpds, get 15 minutes of
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fame, then take the jacket up, roll up your sleeves, and do something for the people of the state. if you want a conversation, i'm happy to have it, buddy, but until then, sit down and shut up. >> reporter: from tangling with the nurse over quarantine conditions. >> i don't have any concerns about that. she has a tent inside. all kinds of, you know, malarky about this. >> reporter: to the verbal smack delivered in a live "today" interview referring to the lawyer as challenges. >> that got me. >> reporter: to health officials who criticize his role, but recommended their own. >> doesn't want to admit they were wrong. >> why does christie have to be such a [ bleep ] about everything? >> reporter: yet, on the campaign trail this week, christie said he felt no political backlash.
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>> i don't worry too much about public perception. you know, depends on the day, right? whether people love you or hate you. >> many in the crowded new jersey applauded and cheered, but how will the leadership style play around the country? we'll get the chance to find out between today and election day tuesday, christie is campaigning in 19 states for republicans around the country, and this evening, that includes a stop in the political hot spot of iowa, matt, hoda? >> people complain about both sides, when they speak through filters too much, and now, obviously, people complain when they don't use filters. >> well, he says what he wants when he wants for sure. >> no question. investigators in virginia focus on the engine that is a possible cause of the massive education ploegs in the launch of an unman rocket at the international space station. we are near the launch pad in virginia. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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intense focus on the engine because it looks like that's where it occurred, there at the first stang. the enjoins were made by the soviet union more than 40 years ago in the soviets' space program, but they were never used until now. more than a full day after an unmanned rocket exploded on the virginia launch pad, the people's response are still talking about it. >> we saw the lights. we heard the sounds, and then we felt it. it was amazing. >> reporter: search teams just started the process of recovering the rocket debris. among the areas investigators look at are the rocket's engines, two build in the 19 70s, and refurbished, and elan musk, the founder of space x said it was a joke, startsing with enjoins packed away in siberia somewhere. the space age commander, frank,
7:12 am
works for orbital science. >> the engines were old soviet engines. any indication that played a role? >> we don't know whether that's was engine or something else malfunctioning. >> reporter: the first since nasa handed over cargo missions to commercial operators. >> it's not a setback for the commercial space program. it is a hurdle that comes up, and you have to overcome it. >> reporter: include in 5,000 pounds of cargo for the space station, experiments designed by high school and college students, the 16 students in houston were here to watch their microgravity project lift off. >> just sitting, and mouths gaping openly, couldn't imagine. >> the fact we lost it in a matter of seconds is incredibly devastating. there is no words for it. >> reporter: yeah, and environmental protection crews from both the state and nasa
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have been off site analysis. if there's contamination in the air and ground samples, and so far there's nothing and no significant observed impacts so far on wildlife. back to you. >> all right, tom, thanks a lot. natalie back from assignment, more trouble from the lava flow. >> that's right, dozens patrolling a town under fire as the slow moving flow threatens dozens of home on hawaii's big island. we are live in pahoa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this, this right here is what the state is a way of life here in the small town community as lava oozes closer and closer to the road behind me. right now, it's two football fields off the street, but could hit the road tonight or overnight into tomorrow. it's not moving fast. in fact, in some places, the la lava's pooling at one spot just a hundred feet from sm's house. it's incinerated everything in
7:14 am
its path, and that's creating a health concern because of what the lava's burning. the chemicals that may be in the thick black smoke billowing outside the edge, right now, the path is narrow, but could spread. that's the worry, could put more homes at risk. they are on the streets and at check points patrolling with the police to limit access to the s lava flow, people coming here to witness history. >> thank you. a jet on a military training exercise crashed in southern california wednesday killing the pilot. the crash sent a huge plume of black smoke in the sky 65 miles northwest of los angeles. it happened moments before the jet was to land at a military base this. no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash is still unknown. well, kids, you know, they say the darnest things, and former florida governor jeb bush told nbc news exclusively wednesday night he's not ready to jump in the presidential race
7:15 am
just yet, days after his son, george p. bush, says his son was moving forward towards a run at the white house. >> he has app opinion. he did not talk to me. you know, when you have kids, you probably will have the same frustrations. you love them to death, they have their opinions, but i'll make up my mind at the end of the year. >> those came before a campaign appearance, and he spoke about the importance of hispanic voters to the republican party. the crash test dumby gets a makeover, but not in a good way. those who make the dummies is developing a new obese dummy to better mirror the u.s. population. right now, a typical dummy issed -- is modelled over a person weighing 167 pounds, but now they are going up to 270 pounds with a body mass index of 35. the company's ceo says is thsea
7:16 am
belts and air bags are designed for people not designed the same way. a woman swept off her feet on the wedding day only to come down. the happy couple arriving at the recepti reception, and the groom trips, sending them crashing on the sidewalk, and he swoops her up like nothing happened. her husband's arms were under her so she didn't feel the impact, but hopefully -- yeah, we keep reracking that. i hope they got it right carried across the threshold. >> holding the flowers, like, we did it, we did it. >> thank you very much. and you are talking about trick or treat. >> that's right. for some, it's not so much treat as it'll seem like a trick. in fact, we have winter storm watches up for parts of virginia, north carolina, on into tennessee for 6 inches of snow in the mountains there. watching low pressure coming from the great lakes, bringing
7:17 am
rain and snow, transferring it down to the east coast, and becoming a little bit more of a nor'easter. so for halloween night, syrac e syracuse, 40 degrees, showers, going to feel like 36. charston 46, chicago chilly, and snow in michigan. and then out west, welt weather for seattle, san francisco, and reno into los angeles, the northern fringes of l.a. could have showers as well. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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7:17, good thursday this morning to you. a real pretty sunrise. take a look at san bruno. red sky, sailors be warned, we actually have a storm system brewing. you can get by with wearing a spring-like wardrobe for one more day. widespread rainfall by tomorrow. carson is working hard on "the voice." big news from a ceo this morning. >> good news this morning. already, a lot of response coming if, in an exclusive first person article on bloomberg business. ceo sam cook has revealed that he is gay. bloomberg reports that cook is the first ceo of a fortune 500 company to openly come out publicly. it's a really compelling piece
7:19 am
on the website in the article that just posted, in fact, cook wrote this. while i've never denied my sexuality, i haven't publicly acknowledged it either until now. so let me be clear, i'm proud to be gay. i consider being gay one of the gifts god has given me. we spoke with the editor and here's what he had to say about cook's announcement. >> he is a very private guy. he has a long balanced desire to be private and do his work. with that question, what are you doing for other people? ultimately, he determined that it was worth sacrificing some of his private views to step out if you say the ceo of apple is gay and help other people. >> although that announcement came down minutes ago, we have seen social media reaction. adrian bradley wrote, i'm pleased that tim cook has come out. i know it shouldn't matter, but it does. a visible role model makes a huge difference. this piece is written as a first person account so it's very personal. he told bloomberg he does not plan to talk about this a whole
7:20 am
lot more and his talents are best focused on apple's developments. we are reading a lot of e-mail, facebook and things that are coming in. overwhelmingly, it's positive reaction to tim cook's big announcement. >> we're talking about apple and it's really about the products. when it comes down to it, everybody talks about this sort of stuff. >> the fest in a fortune 500 company is big. coming up, did he know exactly what he was doing. there's a new twist in that story we told you about earlier in the week. the strange disappearance of the denver broncos fan found more than 100 miles from the stadium. plus not the right time. the woman who reignited the right to die debate delays her decision. her emotional video coming up. first, this is "today," on nbc.
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coming up, is vic
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the boys are back. the giants arrived at at&t park early this morning along with that world series trophy. good morning to you. 7:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. it all came down to one run in the final game. the royals popped it up. oh, the anticipation of watching pablo sandoval catch it, down on the ground. oh, pandemonium. thousands watched from the city of san francisco as well. hundreds more stayed up all night to greet the giants as they got off the buses.
7:27 am
up next for the team is the big parade. after the final out, mayor ed lee announced it will happen tomorrow at noon. it all starts at the intersection of market street and stewart. they will head down to the civic center where they can expect more than a million people waiting for the champs. it might be a little different in the weather department. let's check in with christina. >> we actually have a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. part of the reason why we're getting such a gorgeous sunrise, just spectacular from san bruno this morning. these are your highs today. 67 degrees, in gorgeous san francisco, still reeling after that big giants' win but look at what is on the way just in time for that parade tomorrow, heavy downpours. i'll show you how much in just a
7:28 am
few minutes. here's mike. >> a nice sunrise. look at the city side of the bridge. we're jammed from the bridge itself down toward 101. it's about a half an hour since that crash happened. 280 southbound. it's very clear, get over to 280 if you can down to the ballpark over to 101. >> all right, thank you very much. another update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
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7:30 am
30th day of october 2014. you know what that means, al? >> what? >> you know what it means, al? halloween we reveal our bonanza on the plaza, and we had fun. wait until you see our big reveal tomorrow. >> oh, i'm not sure they are out of prison yet. [ laughter ] >> doesn't have a clue. on what we may all be. oh. right.
7:31 am
>> the plaza, tomorrow morning. >> meantime, what's making headlines, san francisco giants are world series champs, beating the kansas city royals in the thrilling game, the celebration in california mar by violence incoming two people injured by gunshots. officials in maine seeking a court order to quarantine a nurse who recently treated ebola patients in africa, already held for several days in new jersey is resisting and briefly left her home to speak with reporters last night. some home and business owners in the hawaii town overtaken by a slow moving lava flow are starting to leave as it threatens to cross the road, cutticut ing the town in half. a piece of evidence tied to amelia, reviving hope the plane could be found. >> that's pretty cool. wow. coming up, a personal and revealing interview with the superstar jennifer lopez as she
7:32 am
talks about her new book "true love." >> you write about when your agent is watching you plead with the boyfriend, and she says, wow, she felt the same issues, and you had never contemplated you had low self-esteem? >> no, i thought i was tough girl from the bronx, confidence in what i could do. i didn't have so much a confidence in who i was and what i had to offer as a girl. >> interesting. that's an interview monday and tuesday exclusively here on "today." >> so revealing, a lot of things you didn't know about. >> looking forward to that. let's start with the latest in the story we followed all week long, a surprising disappearance and reappearance of a man who decision appeared in the middle of a denver broncos' game. we are in colorado with the latest on this. jacob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. believed to have a breakdown,
7:33 am
but those who found paul, the fan they thought was lost, may have never wanted to be found. when paul's family and friends learn he was found safe and sound -- >> we got in the truck. >> they wondered in the four hour road trip, how did he end up far from home, and what was he doing? they don't have all the answers. >> it's not paul -- like paul would never do that. so that's what we have to, you know, focus on right now. piece apart and figure it out. >> reporter: vanishing in last thursday's game minutes after taking this picture with his stepson and two friends. for them, gone so long without communication, hard to keep hoping. >> six days is a long time, and you just -- you just hear nothing. you start to really worry. >> reporter: according to pueblo police who found him, he got
7:34 am
tired of watching the game. >> his comment when he talked to the office, he had a fill of football and wanted to take a walk, in which he did. >> reporter: a long walk. >> 112 miles south. >> taking three to four days to walk and hitchhike from denver to pueblo. >> he ditched the hat because he didn't want it. >> reporter: buying new clothes attempting to avoid who recognized him, and in the end, it appears rather than being found, the run away fan was just caught. >> he was healthy. he was fine. he was intelligent. lucid, knowledgeable of everything around him. >> reporter: despite what police say, family and friends are worried about him and say his next visit will be to see a doctor. >> wish the best to them. thank you very much.
7:35 am
the disappearance of famed amelia is the story of the 21st century, and we may learn what happened to her. they believe they uncovered thee most sigignificant clue to date. >> reporter: could be the break the world is waiting for, a piece of metal that may have come from the plane. a group of dogged investigators believes this 23 by 19 piece of aluminum is from the fuselage of her plane, which disappeared over a remote area of the pacific ocean in 1937. on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident the patch from the airplane? i'm at 9.8. >> reporter: that so-called miami patch is seen in this newspaper photograph, a makeshift repair made in miami
7:36 am
made to cover a window on the plane. the artifact was found back in 1991 on the shore of a tiny island, more than 2,000 highs from hawaii. she took off from here, this was an airport back theb. today, it's known as the amelia air hart park. she had that patch on the plane, a patch that invest iters believe could now be a finger print to help solve the enduring mystery. >> the distance from here to this feature here is perfect. >> reporter: a puzzle piece that he and others with the international group for historic aircraft recovery says lines up in an uncanny fashion. >> two independent measurements appear to confirm that the finger print is the same. >> reporter: but at the smi smithsonian, they are skeptical. >> it is a circumstantial piece
7:37 am
of evidence. it's really hard to buy it for one particular airplane. >> reporter: still, the team will not quit. in june, they plan to return to the area to look for more evidence to finally solve the mystery of where her and the navigator, fred newman, wound up. for today, kelly sand es, nbc news, miami. >> talking about that for a long time. >> could be promising. >> might, never know. >> all these years later. we have a check of the weather? >> the last half hour, we looked at the weather bad for halloween, and now we want to give you the treats now, where it's nice to trick or treat. and as you get into the rockies, denver is clear, 64, and phoenix at 89 degrees, and dallas looks good, temperature about 59. houston 66. as you get into tallahassee, miami, fantastic weather. good stuff. in fact, be nice to the kids. full size candy bars. the rest of the country today,
7:38 am
up and down the eastern sea board, gorgeous weather. we have snow in the up of michigan, cool conditions in the plains, storm in the pacific 7:38. happy thursday to you! i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures today looking above average. even with the storm system brewing and tracking closer to the bay area. you see the clouds coming in from the north bay. san francisco looking good, a little fog here over at&t park. big celebration, party in the city for tomorrow and rain on the way. quite a bit of it, as a matter of fact. clouds for today, the wind will pick up. showers start tomorrow morning. most of the moisture comes through between 12:00 and 5:00 and we'll clear you out by saturday afternoon. get your halloween forecast on "wake up with al" at amhq with sam champion at 5:30 a.m. only on the weather channel. >> thank you so much, al.
7:39 am
>> coming up on trending, what do you call your parents? why kids put mom and dad on a first name basis. >> emotional video from a terminally ill newlywed who wants to end her life on her own terms, and why she says now may not be the right time. first, these messages. the dayer ] best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best.
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golf clubs, and strollers. shhh ... i love this part. so what do you think? i think it's everything we wanted. great. discover for yourself why more people find their perfect car at carmax. carmax. start here. we are back, a powerful young woman with brain cancer whose story made headlines around the world. >> we all got to know britney maynard, she made plans to die on her own after receiving that diagnosis, she said right now though is not the time to die. she says she hasn't decided when she'll end her life. she announced on wednesday that day will not be saturday. >> i still feel good enough that i still have enough choice and i
7:44 am
laugh and smile with my family and friends and that is a routine right now. >> reporter: the story the 29-year-old diagnosed with term fal cancer who revealed her plans to end her life november 1st made headlines when she moved to oregon to take advantage of the death with dignitary act. the video explaining why she is choosing to end her life has been viewed more than 8 million times on youtube. >> i can't tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know i don't have to die the way that it's been described to me, that my brain tumor would take me. >> reporter: on wednesday, she released new video delaying that for now. >> i still get out and do what i can and walk with my family and my dog and things like that bring me the greatest feelings of health that i have these days. >> it sounds so cliche, we take things one day at a time.
7:45 am
but that's the only way to get through this. >> she was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in april with doctors giving her six months to live. she made it clear the latest decision is a delay, not a change of heart. >> if all my dreams came true, i would somehow describe survive this, but i most likely won't. >> reporter: she has become the champion for the right to die movementment regardless of the politics at play, the remains an incredibly personal and deeply heart breaking decision for a young woman and her family. >> an incredible woman who raised attention to terminal brain cancer as well. amazing. >> that tape we saw was made a couple weeks ago. coming up, swiping gears
7:46 am
considerably. we have got a special meeting of the peter pan club right here in our studio. we will catch up with kathy rigby, sandy duncan and the newest member of that group allison williams. >> we have a throwback thursday, special theme of halloween, can you guess who this little anchor is? okay. we will reveal the person behind the photo and is first clue, dressed like a princess in the first clue of our big extravaganza tomorrow. first clue of our big extravaganza tomorrow. can you we've heard that over first clue of our big extravaganza tomorrow. 4 hundred million vacation days go unused every year. that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. they're paid vacation days. if you guys agreed to travel more we'll all do better in school. we'll have a better understanding of other cultures. i will learn to parler français. oui oui. we're not asking for much we just want one more day. "one more day" for help planning your one more day, contact mastercard concierge services
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7:51 am
back now at 7:50. when before the break, tamron had a little throwback thursday. she was challenging us all to see if we can identify someone in the photograph in honor of halloween. >> i think matt said he thought it was carson. one more guess, quickly. sa van that? >> yep, there you have it. it's savannah and her sister. daffy duck and cinderella. remember the masks with the plastic and the rubberband that got caught in the back of your head. that was very popular apparently. look at the other pictures we got in of people around the same time, wearing those creepy masks with the rubberband on the back. matt did you have one? >> no, but i think we have one
7:52 am
other throwback picture. can we put the one up? >> how did you find that picture? >> that is the early 2,000s, tamron working in chicago. batman by the way, the executive producer of wmag, neil wolf, gave us that picture. >> wow! cool. >> tamron, you look good. that is a cool costume. >> i will see neil on friday. i am hosting the annual run in chicago. run, neil, run, fast. take it down, please, that's embarrassing. guys we have a clue for you for tomorrow's big boo-nanza. halloween, whatever we are calling it. bring in my guest. okay. willie. >> yep. >> we will reveal, right? >> are we showing too much here? >> i don't know. so don nash our executive producer downstairs picked this photo. he believes this does not give too much away. i think he might be right.
7:53 am
guess what we're doing. >> pulp fiction? >> you can, if you know, let us know. >> dirty dancing. >> tango and cash. >> oh. >> that picture says nothing, be i the way. >> thank you guys. we appreciate it. >> thank you guys. we appreciate it. >> we are back with m if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, . .. .. .. .. get tested for tb.
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7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> sandoval. in foul territory. giants win it! >> the crowd goes wild. first 2010, then 2012, now 2014, the giants making baseball history right before our eyes. good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the giants are back in the bay area, probably catching up on some sleep after a long season. madison bumgarner arrived to mvp chants and hunter pence giving us the big thumbs up this morning. this is outside of at&t park getting ready to sell giants world championship shirts in just a few minutes. got to get your gear on, maybe an umbrella, too. let's check with christina. >> we have a storm approaching
7:57 am
the bay area and a potential subtropical moisture tap, which means not just a little rain but potential downpours for tomorrow. upper 70s for the peninsula, the low 70s for today. in the tri-valley, you'll hit the low 80s. the north bay looking good. showing you a live picture of oakland, we'll check your drive with mike in just a moment. the heaviest time for showers tomorrow looks like 12 to 5. you might be able to get outside with your trick or treaters after that. >> and this is westbound on the san mateo bridge. a crash has finally cleared and the sensors of jammed up approaching that flat section. the south bay and northbound routes continue to build and in san francisco the earlier crash south 101 has finally cleared.
7:58 am
look at that jam. we send it back to you. >> we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the truth about outlet shopping. are you really getting the best bargains? consumer reports has the dos and don'ts. ♪ i'm flying she's flying ♪ >> plus, pandemonium. we have three generations of peter pan live in studio 1a. ♪ and small screen star, big musical talent. new girl joey day chanel gets set to wow us from a performance from her band "she and him."
8:01 am
thursday, october 30th, 2014. ♪ it's a thriller >> guck to our son who is running in his first marathon from missouri. >> good morning, madison, wisconsin. >> is it hot orlando! ♪ it's a thriller >> it's a great day to be a west virginia mountaineer. >> a shoutout to our cabaret girls in alabama. roll tide, roll! >> we are back now at 8:00 on a thursday morning, the 30th day of october, 2014. it's a little brisk. it's a hint of things to come here on the plaza. matt lauer, alongside hoda kotb, al roker, mr. willie geist. it will be chilly. >> about 47 degrees. >> we'll bundle up. i love your throwback thursday, al. nice.
8:02 am
>> michael jackson "thriller." in the meantime, we are also thrilled to have three lovely ladies with us. three peter pans, sandy duncan is here. kathy rigby is here. the new kid on the block, get a couple of pointers from these ladies. >> in a couple minutes. they're a part of a very outspoken club at school. >> i'm surprised you haven't done peter pan. >> they have experience flying on a high wire. speaking of that, tomorrow on "today," we will be talking to the king of the high wire, nick wallenda preparing for his live tight rope walk 50 stories up across the skyline of chicago. he will do part of it blindfolded? >> that's right. you can catch the live event by me and jim cantore on sunday night on the discovery channel.
8:03 am
based on our discussions with nick, natalie and i are much more nervous than he is about this. you may have the toughest job keeping it together. >> there are two walks, one goes uphill about eight stories or so he comes back down and does another one completely blindfolded. >> it's going to be chilly in chicago. that is going to be tough. >> let's get a check of the top stories from natalie. she's at the news desk. >> all right. thanks, guys. in the news this morning, san francisco is celebrating its third world series championship in five years with a victory parade. the giants beat the royals 3-2 wednesday night in a dramatic game seven in kansas city. giants pitching ace madison bumgarner was the series mvp. the bay area erupted with fireworks and an all-night bash. some fans got out of control and they set fires. police reported two shootings. meanwhile, in kansas city, royal fans were grateful for their team's first playoff run in three decades. congrats to all of them. official in maine are
8:04 am
seeking a court order to keep hickox detained had her house. hickox emerged from her house wednesday night to tell reporters she is fighting over much more than the cell. she tested negative for ebola after returning from treating patients in west africa. she has threatened to sue the state for keeping her isolated. new jersey governor chris christie lashed out to a protester commemorating the event of hurricane sandy. the activist held up a sign accusing christie's administration on sitting on federal relief money. >> so listen, do you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy, until that time, hit down and shut up. >> meanwhile, christie said that federal regulations don't give the state enough flexibility in sending the relief money. nasa investigators say it could take up to six months to figure out why a space station resupply rocket exploded after takeoff on tuesday night. the accident was the first since nasa began using commercial
8:05 am
operators tore cargo deliveries. two yun unmanned rockets were refurbished models that were built by the soviet union in the 1970s. you are never too old to enjoy a birthday surprise. he has down's syndrome. he invited kid rock to his birthday party in michigan. just when it looked like his wish would go unfulfilled. the detroit rocker walked in, you see dan's face lit up brighter than the candles, he gave him a baseball cap and autographed guitar and that priceless memory. such a sweet guy. love that story. happy birthday to him. let's get another check of the weather. let's go outside with mr. roker. al. >> thanks. that is awfully nice. talk about birthdays, you want a selfie with matt? >> i do. and one with you too! >> that's fantastic. happy birthday. what is your name? >> donna.
8:06 am
>> happy birthday, donna. >> let's show you what's happening as far as your weather. out west, it is going to be toast, you got this western ridge of high pressure. that's building in. the jet stream up to the north allows those temperatures to build. vegas, 84, 9 degrees above normal. albuquerque, 74. i know i should have made that turn there. wichita 73 and as we make our way to the east, you can see, temperatures as you get into atlanta will be nice and warm through the southeast, looking real nice toasty temperatures. nice folks hanging out here. you 8:06 now. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. well, we have a storm coming in, but for one final day, high pressure will keep most of that cloud cover from moving all the way in. keep the showers to the north for one final day. rain moves in in time for your halloween celebration. 67 degrees for san francisco, 77 in the north bay, and 79 degrees for the south bay. here's the deal, heaviest rainfall between about 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. you'll likely be able to get outdoors the second half of
8:07 am
tomorrow evening. and that's your latest weather. willie, what's the wind? >> saga? i think if it's more than 50 miles an hour he's going to call it off. he will be practicing at 90 miles an hour. he can do it. >> coming up on trending, does it offend you? we are talking about a perfect body campaign from victoria secret that is igniting a firestorm. >> the truth about outlet malls, including the best time to go shopping for your deals. and three generations of peter pan will join us right after this. 's time treat.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
. >> it's 8:11. we are back with water trending today. >> we are. first up, is victoria secret sending women the wrong message about their bodies. there is a backlash because of this. this is a new ad featured in stores and online t. requesting "the perfect body." some say a line like that shapes women and they are tweeting their outrages i'm perfect. one woman saying there is no such thing as a perfect body. victoria secret stop perpetuateing the myth. it's harmful. no comment from victoria secret. >> people come in all shapes and sizes. >> within i was a kid, i used to wear a sweatshirt all the time, i hate, when you don't like your body, you try to cover it up. it makes young girls feel bett. >> something is probably photo shopped. >> that dove campaign, it opened the door, it changes ever ything. it's all about the 3 f2
8:13 am
hay que ver realmente puede first name? >> i would not like it at all. >> it may not always be as adorable as this. >> okay. but i have to yell at you guys. linda, listen, listen, but linda, honey, honey, look at this. >> that is kind of adorable. apparently bill mateo isn't alone. this morning "wall street journal" says a growing number of kids are ditching the words "mom" and "dad," and choosing instead to call their folks by their first names. some people think it's a sign of closeness, others say it is just disrespectful. so we asked you on our facebook page to weigh in, is it disrespectful for kids to call their parents by their first names? pretty clear, 94%. >> yes. >> i agree. >> parents say, it's because we
8:14 am
are good friends, you are not supposed to be good friends, you are supposed to be a parent. >> i have trouble calling my parents now by their first name. wouldn't you? >> mr. and mrs. robbins. >> mommy or daddy, i love. i remember i walked in, i said, hey, israeli. i was about 10-year-old old. i never even saw her hand move. >> you heard it before you saw it? >> next thing i know i'm looking up. i'll never do that again. okay, you have the scariest job, just in time, folks at career builder with a national survey. it wasn't being a parent. that was no. 10 mortician no. 7. crime investigator 5th. microbiologist runner-up for infectious diseases. >> the scariest job in america. a politician. people's public fear of rejection. >> sit down and shut up! >> exactly.
8:15 am
that's kind of scary. >> that's why they label it number one? i don't know. >> i do have to say, though, i'm surprised this job didn't make the list. take a look. >> aahh! >> aahh! >> should we run? >> run! "today" host didn't make the list? our lives are on the line, day in day out did she say, mommy, mommy. >> she could have said, laura! laura! >> it's not quite the same range, does it? >> okay. so i'm going to play a song. i want everyone to listen. see if it does anything for you. let's play it. . 3 f2 quiero ver cómo ustedes >> okay. beautiful. >> how do you feel? >> i love that song. >> it's great. >> i so love that song. >> the words children get older.
8:16 am
i'm getting older. it kills me every time. i kril. i buckle. if you've ever turned on a sad song, even when you're not sad, a new study revealing our favorite sad songs can actually make us feel better. isn't that interesting? researchers say they help boost our moods by creating a sense of peace and allow us to empathize with someone else's pain. we went and found the sad song i guess we can love a sad song. mine was how you mend have a broken heart. by al green. natalie, yours was landslide. >> mine was this, hoda. >> here's tamron's. >> oh. beautiful. >> so i got mine in too late but here is what mine is. oh. ♪ >> i can't make you love me if you don't. >> bonnie raitt. >> a good song. >> matt. >> i went with george jones' "he stopped loving her today."
8:17 am
an old country song. ♪ ♪ he stopped loving her today >> oh. oh, man. >> we are all crying now. al roker? >> i went with "patches." >> i'm depending on you. ♪ i'm depending on you son to pull me through ♪ >> you guys have a sad song, tweet us. we want to know. >> i'm a careful man that day. >> we will make you feel good. >> that is what is trending today. up next, are they really the best bargain? consumer report reveals the truth about outlet malls and three generations of peter pans live in studio 1a. we are back if 30 seconds. .
8:18 am
americans love bargains, and increasingly more of us are turning to outlet malls to find them on everything from clothes to electronics. so how do the savings compare to regular stores? this is a great story. consumer reports took a closer look. mandy walker is their senior project editor. hello. how are you? >> hi, great. thank you. >> it used to be that those kind of places were where you went and you knew you were going to get a bargain. if you hit an outlet, do you know you will score? >> you still can get great bargains, items up to 70% off. it used to be factory seconds and overstock. that's not true anymore. a lot of goods are made
8:19 am
overseas. >> one of the turnoffs for going to the outlet is it's so crowded. it's crazy when you go in there, there are a gazillion people. what are some tips? is there a strategic time you should go? >> early in the morning. you will find great deals on holidays and around the end of the season items just like you do in regular retail stores. but you want to go on the website of the mall the night before, check out the map, know where you want to park. go early. get there as soon as it opens. i went on labor day to the mall. and i got there early. i did find a parking space that was great. i had to wait in a little bit of line, but it wasn't bad. >> are there specific days during the week? i would imagine the weekends at an outlet, that's going to be trouble. >> again, go early. otherwise go during the week. the crowds will be thinner. >> when you go to an outlet, you assume you're going to get a deal. you go there and you think to yourself, i'm going to save 50 to 70%. is that always the case? >> it's not always the case. for the first time we looked at a lot of household goods and we bought pots and pans sets, dinnerware.
8:20 am
we found them chaeper at retail stores. >> really? >> yeah, we found a blender and a coffeemaker that we took back to consumer reports' labs, put them through our tests along with newer models at the same price and a lot of the newer models did better. check our test results. check price comparison apps like price grabber just to make sure that the items also available at retailers that you are getting the best deal. >> now, you brought some products here. these are great examples. let's start with the shoes and belts. tell us why this is a good score. >> that's a great score because the outlet model doesn't have a heel like the retail model does. it might not last quite as long. that's the outlet model. but that was about $41. the other is -- the outlet version is not, but that's about $150. >> when it comes to sheets. >> these are exactly the same. these are ll bean sheets. this is probably last year's pattern, exactly the same thread count, exactly the same number of sheets. it was quite a bit less. >> okay. >> more than 50% less.
8:21 am
>> wow! and lastly, the purses. >> the purses, this is the outlet version. there might be some things like the rounded handle on the retail version. that's not on this one. there's some fine details. the interior's a little bit nicer on the retail version. but this one's fine, and it was about $200 less. >> lastly, if we are going to go to an outlet, you guys have ranked the best ones. what are the top ones? >> ll bean, bon worth, haggar, carter's, oshkosh. people were happy, especially the selection and the value. >> so at the end of the day, it's worth it, mandy? >> it's worth it but shop smart. >> thanks so much. over to you, matt. >> hoda, thanks very much. now our special gathering of three generations of peter pan. sandy duncan first played the role in 1979 on broad kaye, earning a tony nomination, then performing on the awards show. kathy rigby also earned a tony nomination. she played peter pan for 40
8:22 am
years, more than 3,000 performances including a&e's television broadcast. and last but not least, allison williams, she's dreamed of playing this role since she was 3. she'll get her chance during nbc's live television broadcast in december. ladies, peter, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> is there a secret handshake that you've been doing, a password? a hug? >> a hug? >> we hug. we're trading and learning a lot. >> who wants to take a shot at explaining why this role professionally has almost always been played by a woman? >> we just talked about that. >> why? >> we're talking about how hard it is to answer that question. it just always has been. >> since 1905. >> but is it because the role was intended to be a pre-pubescent boy and it was hard to find a guy who could play that? >> well, because it would be too sexual, i think, and kind of threatening on some level. they have done it with boys. >> they've done it with boys. i think it's more of an
8:23 am
androgynous non-sexual sort of spirit. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> we don't know the answer. >> we like that description, androgyno androgynous, nonsexual. >> it's what i've been going for the last couple of weeks. i've been driving at that pretty hard. it was a real 180 but it's been a blast. >> sandy what did peter pan mean to your career? >> i don't know to my career, but i've done this for 50 -- i'm 59. how many years is that? 52 years i've been doing this professionally. it was the single most favorite role i ever did. and it was 30-something years ago. >> you have with the things that you all said in your pre-interviews with our producer, kathy, you did as well, talk about doing it in front of a live audience, but also the connection it gave you to children. >> absolutely. >> and the children to adults. >> the different, you know, the different ages of the children as they grew up as well and what it brought to them and what it meant to them. i think probably my favorite moments were actually after the show when kids would come up.
8:24 am
and they were so spontaneous and so full of joy. and unedited and just such fun to be around. >> and it stays with you forever. i had big guys come up to me and say, i got in this business because of you. you go, oh, you're a waiter. >> talk to me about flying. >> we were just talking about it. it's so fun. it's a moment that in a way we're really lucky that it starts you fly through the window because it puts you in this very excited place. it's an unbelievable feeling. everyone has the same expression this their face the first time they're lifted off the ground. we watched all of our darlings do it and you guys watched all of your kids do it. it's an unbelievably fun feeling. >> i like what you said, what could go wrong? you've got multiple outfits flying through the air, swordfights and singing all at the same time. >> and christopher walken. >> how's tinkerbell?
8:25 am
>> tink's great. >> no, i meant your dad. >> he's great. he has an attitude, as always. >> what advice would you give allison? what did you do? you're supposed to wait for the segment. >> we couldn't. we were excited. but the only advice, because she's got her way of doing it. she's smart. she's surrounded by smart people. we told her to go do it in a theater somewhere for a month just for her own thrill of having done the role and do it with an audience with kids. don't you think? >> you heard it here. >> so could you think of doing that after the performance? >> if they would kindly invite me into a theater to do it. >> there you go. >> we are producing. >> they're backing it. they funded it. you're starring in it. >> the perfect plan. >> three generations of peter pan. what a thrill. it's great to have you all here. good luck, allison. we'll be watching. >> thank you, guys. >> and remember, you can tune in for "peter pan live" on december 4th right here on nbc. hoda? martha stewart, she says this is one of her favorite
8:26 am
holidays. come here. i want you to look closely. creepy. i don't want her looking at me. we're going to talk to her in just a little bit. but first, your local news. all thin you're watching today in the bay. >> i think martha stewart just scared me. 8:26 right now, good morning to you. here we go, 2010, 2012, now 2014, the giants are world champions again, in case you hadn't heard, the boys are back in the bay area and up next is the big parade. it will happen tomorrow at noon. here's the route, it starts at the intersection of market street and stuart street in san francisco. you can expect more than a million people waiting to welcome the world champs. you'll recall this happened just two years ago in 2012. the sun shining down on our champions. could be a little rainy tomorrow and cold, as well, so bundle up if you're headed out. if you're headed out the door this morning, let's check the commute. >> bart moving slowly, today and
8:27 am
tomorrow they are adding trains. over here, slowing south through fremont. this is the compression that begins between mission boulevard and the dunbarton bridge. 101 southbound shows a good deal of slowing, also towards willow, the section between the dunbarton and san mateo bridge also has that compression and 880 slamming down at high street up into the downtown area. this plume of smoke is exhaust. back to you. >> all right, thanks for pointing that out. good to know. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
values aren't like fashion. they're permanent. bedrock things like integrity, experience, compassion. things change. though what really matters doesn't. voters have a b.s. detector. >> you can't say it. >> real politics. >> isn't it always real politics? you. >> just made a comment off
8:31 am
camera. make it on camera. >> i don't do theater. >> it's a sunday. it's "meet the press." ♪ i would like you for my own 8:30 now on a thursday morning, it's the 30th day of october, 2014. we got some nice people sticking around in the plaza, putting their costumes on come back tomorrow morning. by the way, we have a busy half hour planned.
8:32 am
she and him are here the musical stalings of zooey deschanel and her very good friend, em ward, they will perform live. >> plus last-minute help if you need it decorating your house. martha stewart is here. she has some creepy eyes, she says it's one of her favorite holidays. look at her. >> she's a little too into this. >> i like it. >> she's starting to freak me out. of course, join us tomorrow for our halloween boo-nanza. we are getting dressed up. we would love you to, too. put your tutu on and come on down and join us for the partay. >> not my good year. cone boobs. >> something else to look forward to tomorrow. j.k. rowling releasing another essay on her website. this time it's about the witch and former hogwarts professor. you can check it all out on our website on that's going to be how long huge. >> can we say a quick hello to
8:33 am
olympic gold medalist michaela shiffrin? she is busy for the 2015 world championships. hi, michaela. her hometown of vail, colorado, coming up. nice to see you. and by the way, nothing like starting the season quickly, huh? last weekend this austria, boom. you win. how'd that feel? >> that was really nice. it's always kind of nerve-racking, the beginning of the season. so that was good to get that done contin done. >> post-olympics, did you have time to chill out a little bit, relax, kind of think about everything that happened? >> not really. there's a lot of, like, post-olympic media for the next few weeks. and then it felt like everybody went into this hibernation, like a summer hibernation. and now it's starting to pick back up. but it was -- i mean, the olympics were obviously so surreal, and it's nice to have everything quiet right now. >> and so what's next for you? >> what's next? well, many things. we have a race coming up pretty soon and then, of course, the world championships are in
8:34 am
beaver creek this year in vail in my hometown. >> is there such a thing as a home slope advantage? >> there is a little bit. it's kind of tough to have a home slope advantage because it can snow and then it's not a home slope advantage. but i think a hometown advantage. just having the hometown crowd behind me, for sure, is going to be an advantage for me. and booing everybody else. >> boo! >> that's the sportsmanship we're after. >> congrats. >> congrats on last weekend and good luck in the world championships. >> thank you. >> great to have you here, michaela shiffrin. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> quickly show you what we've got going on. we are looking at plenty of sunshine here in the east. some snow up through the u.p. of michigan. we're looking at more wet weather in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine through the southwest. gulf coast looking pretty good. a weak front bringing showers through central and northern florida. that's what's goin 8:34. happy thursday.
8:35 am
hallow's eve. san jose a pretty sky, clouds increasing, sky turning dark before the day is done. there is a storm system on the way to the bay area, but we're still going to be able to hit highs above average before it gets here. 79 in the north bay, 79 for us in the south bay. i want to give you an idea of the timing of this storm system. i stopped the clock for you 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. widespread rainfall at that time. rget, anytime you need that weather, go to the weather channel on cable or unicef trick-or-treat campaign, and just a wonderful way to help kids help other kids by raising money and go house to house. carol stern, president and ceo for the u.s. fund for unicef. channeling mary poppins. carol, good to see you. >> always channeling someone who puts children first. >> carol, tell us about -- i mean, you think everybody knows about the trick-or-treat for unicef, but it bears repeating. >> you know, trick-or-treat for unicef is the original kids helping kids campaign.
8:36 am
and it goes on now for over 60 years. you know, in addition to candy, collecting change for kids around the world. or this year you can create your own page. >> that's fantastic. we're going to put the link on our website. carol stern, thank you so much. happy halloween. >> can't wait to see you tomorrow. now back in to matt. >> thank you very much. love unicef and the work they do. a strange sight down in florida with medical marijuana on the ballot next tuesday, a controversial trial lawyer is taking his very own pot bus across the state to rally support. nbc's gabe gutierrez hopped on board. he's in orlando. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. let me start off by saying there's no smoking on this bus. i'm serious. but medical marijuana supporters say that they've made about 200 stops over the past few months to rally support. opponents, however, they argue that this amendment is way too broad and could lead to abuse.
8:37 am
it's a ride full of high hopes. what do you think of this bus? >> this bus? i almost cursed again. it's a freaking awesome bus. >> this is the first time i've registered to vote. >> reporter: the bus belongs to john morgan. they call you mr. marijuana. are you okay with that? >> yeah, because, look. i became the face of this. >> reporter: he's a well-known trial attorney. >> morgan & morgan, for the people. >> reporter: who socked at least $5 million into legalizing medical marijuana in florida. >> the war on drugs has failed. >> reporter: part of his motivation, he says, is his brother, a lifeguarding accident left him a quadriplegic. he says marijuana eases the chronic pain. >> my life would be totally different without it. >> reporter: for advocates this november the stakes are high. voters in oregon, alaska and washington, d.c., are considering whether to join colorado and washington state in legalize weed for recreational use. 23 states plus d.c. already
8:38 am
allow medical marijuana. but florida would be the first state in the south. >> it would be gigantic. >> reporter: still morgan has plenty of critics who say amendment 2 is a slippery slope to wider pot use. >> because people want to sit around saturday night with the strobe lights going and cheech & chong playing and smoke their pot. >> reporter: the florida medical association also opposes the measure. >> there's so many loopholes that this is sort of a monster that would be hard to control. there's very little scientific evidence out there that marijuana is medicinal at all. >> reporter: his opponents argue this is more about morgan's self-promotion. >> i'm trying to legalize medical marijuana. >> reporter: and drawing young voters. >> yes on 2! >> reporter: but this trial lawyer says this fight is about more than politics. >> i expect to win this battle and the war, but if i don't win this battle, i damn sure won't win the war. >> reporter: this amendment will require 60% of the vote to pass. according to a recent poll, however, support for the
8:39 am
amendment has been dwindling in recent weeks. and the opposition has been gaining steam. but supporters say their polling shows they still have a shot, and matt, i guess they'll just have to wait and see on tuesday. >> we will find out. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. up next, martha stewart's last-minute halloween decorating secrets. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ets. first this is "today" on nbc. start shopping a new way. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for.
8:40 am
t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
8:41 am
. >> this morning on our halloween boo-nanza, if you have not decorated for the occasion, it is not too late. >> martha stewart is here to turn your happy home into a how about u haunted house.
8:42 am
>> is it really? >> i told you i had blue eyes. you can change your appearance. i have every color. >> you are a freak. you are. >> i never seen martha this happy. >> first thing, we will haunt the house. do we have time before halloween night? >> this is a piece of mus len. you can pick it up at the fabric store and/or began za him we are making silhouettes. put a light behind them. trace any kind of person and paint with black craft paint inside the silhouette. let it dry. place the organza over. >> you are diffuseing. >> so it looks mysterious. make a slit on the top. you can pen it. staple it. sew it. hang a tension rod.
8:43 am
>> pence the window. >> yes, it's great looking. >> all right. moving on. >> this is the entryway. >> my house was decorated. we had large ones of these hanging in the trees. >> how did you make these? >> it's basically cotton cheese cloth. so you just put this in your mix of cornstarch, one part of cornstarch to two parts of water. what you are doing is making really a starch. >> okay. >> a starchy. you drape this, i made a little ball of. >> on the wine bottle. >> drink your wine. >> so tin foil, little articles. drape this, you have to open this up. when it hardens, you drape this over leak three or four layers. >> it firms up there. >> it's fan taft tick. >> it will turn out to be this.
8:44 am
this can come off the tin foichlt you have your free standing. >> hoda thought you had to -- >> isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw? >> it's really cool is there >> mda scientist laboratory. >> laboratory, i love. i have to put on my little mask. >> go all the way. >> i'm beautiful. and then my glasses, too. okay. now, i'm dr. stewart. i can't talk with these. >> how did you make these cool things? >> this is just these little marker pens. >> highlighter? >> highlighter, you take the inside-out, you put it in water. >> that's all it does? >> put the lights down. >> look how gorgeous. >> isn't that great? >> be careful, this is not -- >> don't drink it. >> it will stain things. supervise the kids if they start doing this. it does -- this completely dissolves and different colors.
8:45 am
beautiful. everybody has these. >> bring the lights up. >> this is so much fun. this is food coloring in the bottom in water, then, add a layer slowly of vegetable oil, the cheapest vegetable oil, you will not ever use it again. this stays on top of the water? a lava lamp? >> yes, your own lava lamp. >> try to keep it in the jar. with her eyes, she can't see a thing. >> these are just effervescent alka seltzer type things? >> yes. >> drop it in. see what happens. it starts to bubble. it's so great. it doesn't bubble over, this is great. >> real quick, what are these? >> these are all body parts. cauliflower in green water. this is a radish, a fennel, ginger root. >> you outdid yourself, martha.
8:46 am
>> then i know you love candies! [ laughter ] >> you're out of your mind. >> it's halloween. that was awesome. >> get it together. >> this is my favorite martha segment. i'm sorry, all right. coming up, zoe and they perform live.
8:47 am
8:48 am
the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> the indie cult duo of she and him has sold more than 1 million albums to date. and they're about to release their fifth album classics on december 2nd. the she is zooey deschanel and the him is m ward.
8:49 am
hey, kids. >> hey! >> what's up with you guys and the star the standards and the classics? what is it about those that apale to you guys? >> we have a lot of songs that we used as references for a long time that we both love. our musical taste intersects a lot. it was something we wanted to do for a while, but it just -- we were waiting for the right time. >> now, you guys met on a movie set, is that right? >> yeah, matt was doing the music for a movie that i was in. and the director wanted us to do a duet for the sound track. and i told matt i had a bunch of songs. and i sent them to him. >> matt, what did you think of her songs? >> they were amazing. amazing voice, amazing songs, amazing delivery. >> so you clicked right away, the two of you? >> pretty much. >> i can't believe you've sold a million albums. how's the tv show? >> it's great. it's fun. >> what are you going to play today in. >> a classic song called "time after time."
8:50 am
>> what a beauty. all right, guys. take it away. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ time after time ♪ i tell myself that i'm so lucky to be loving you ♪ ♪ so lucky to be the one you want to be ♪ ♪ in the evening when the day is through ♪ ♪ i only know what i know ♪ the passion you show ♪ you've kept my love so young,
8:51 am
so new ♪ ♪ and time after time ♪ i tell myself that i'm so lucky to be loving you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ time after time ♪ i tell myself that i'm ♪ so lucky to be loving you
8:52 am
♪ so lucky to be the one you run with me ♪ ♪ in the evening when the day ♪ the day is through ♪ i only know what i know ♪ the passing years will show ♪ you've kept my love so young ♪ so new ♪ and time after time ♪ you hear me say that i'm ♪ so lucky to be loving you ♪ so lucky to be loving you ♪ so lucky to be loving you
8:53 am
♪ >> how terrific! that was great! >> thank you. >> great job. great job, matt. she and him, zooey deschanel and m ward, thanks so much. you guys will be back with one more song later. thank you so much. we'll be back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc. song. we will be ba beck in a moment. first
8:54 am
8:55 am
how good are these guys? that was terrific. matt wants you to sing some george jones. >> oh, yeah. >> some takers here. not bad. >> i love george jones. >> what do you have coming up in the next hour? >> we've got paul reubens who you know as pee-wee herman, but he is very frightening on "the blacklist." >> a lot of good topics on "the take" as well. >> first, your local news and a check of your local forecast. ♪ so lucky to be loved
8:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> 8:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have new video, giants fans mobbing the dugout store, anxious to get their hands on the new 2014 world series champions shirts. the store opened less than an hour ago, but people lined up outside even before the doors opened. many people stayed up all night just to greet the team as they returned from kansas city
8:57 am
overnight. up next for the team is a parade. after the final out, mayor ed lee announced it will happen tomorrow at noon at market and stuart streets. the players will head to civic center plaza. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on thursday morning, october the 30th, 2014. halloween eve. >> ooh, yeah. >> a lot different tomorrow. >> mystery solved. if you recall yesterday, mr. geist was sweat be like crazy. >> oh. >> oh, you weren't here. >> not sweating today. >> i was not well yesterday. >> turned out you weren't well. >> but i'm well today. it was one of those things. >> a stomach thing or weirdness? >> we don't need to get into it, but yes. >> can i just tell you a little something about where i was yesterday? >> yes. >> we heard! >> because i know you are dying.
9:01 am
it was the thrill of a lifetime. i was on the set of "the walking dead." i'm a huge fan. >> yes, you are. >> i've been watching since the very beginning. i can't show you pictures. i can't tell you what i saw because it's all part of the midseason finale. >> oh. >> it's going to be good! >> cameo? >> it's so good. i can't say anything. >> oh, oh! >> i can't say anything. i can't say anything. >> i think by not saying anything, you just said something. >> that screams -- >> i signed a nondisclosure. >> look the atat the pictures. >> are there pictures? >> her pictures just jumped to her phone. >> natalie's pictures jumped to my phone but not any of "the walking dead." >> there's nothing that you have to worry about. you have a picture of my kids on your phone now. >> don't look at my phone. >> weird. >> well, that "walking dead," that's going to be incredible. >> and that's going to be a big halloween costume. >> you're going to see a lot of
9:02 am
that. >> a lot of zombies. >> you know what else for the kids? "frozen." >> is your daughter into "frozen"? >> oh, yes, it's elsa, it's olaf. josh, our friend of the show, the voice of olaf. he stopped by jimmy kimmel. he said i'm a grown man. i'm not putting on a costume. josh made an appeal to jimmy about halloween. ♪ do you want to be a snowman ♪ that costume would be neat ♪ i think that you'd look totes adorbs and so much more ♪ ♪ come on let's trick-or-treat ♪ you'd make a great olaf ♪ not as great as me but still i think you should try ♪ ♪ do you want to be a snowman ♪ dress up like a snowman
9:03 am
>> not really, no. i was thinking about being one of the guys from "game of thrones." ♪ okay, bye >> jimmy broke his heart. at the end of that clip, jimmy comes out laughing, there was a second there i thought he was going to kiss me. we were that close. we were that close. >> he's not going in. >> it was cute. >> so a lot of people have been asking you, i don't know about you guys -- >> all day, every day. >> what's the "today" show going with on friday? >> we were sworn to secrecy. >> tamron and i gave a little bit of a sneak peek. >> we had rehearsals yesterday. >> yes. here's a photograph in rehearsal. >> uh-huh. >> tamron, we may have said too much. >> i think so. >> because the guesses are getting really good. the consensus -- i would say the two -- >> i don't think this photo shows anything. i know what the theme is.
9:04 am
>> we have smart viewers. so the consensus is -- and maybe we shouldn't even say this -- but "grease." >> i thought "pulp fiction." >> and then the big one is "dirty dancing." >> we had fred and ginger. we had beauty & the beast. >> oh, wow. >> oh, my favorite, wonder twins. remember the wonder twins? >> activate. >> activate. form a -- >> ice cage. >> ice or fire. >> so if you want to guess, keep guessing. i'm going to say you guys are pretty good. >> we will say there. there is an overall theme. >> that's it. that's all you're getting. >> we don't know. >> yesterday in rehearsal -- >> i do. >> no, you don't. >> yeah, i do. >> i said what's out, and they said we can't tell you. and we couldn't tell al. >> i just figured it out. >> based on that photograph? >> no. yes, based on that photograph. because i know -- because i foe -- but only because i know the theme. only because i know the theme. >> i still couldn't -- i mean, i think i know now only because i've asked tamron. >> i said no, you were wrong.
9:05 am
>> she had a smug little face. >> smug little face. >> show us your smug little face? >> that's what i did. >> that's smug. that's what you're talking about, willis. >> no, you were wrong, and i said no, natalie, you're wrong. >> i don't buy it. i don't buy it. >> i'm going to say i'm very excited about tomorrow. i'm going to leave it right there. it's going to be a good day. >> i'm nervous. it's like a performance, right? >> don't say anything. >> the whole thing is an extravaganza. it's a hallopaloozza. >> hallopaloozza, very good. >> come down and dress. >> we've got prizes. it's going to be great. >> it's going to be awesome. >> fantastic. and by the way, our producers have written a very clever open to our program. >> yes. >> for this 9:00 a.m. it's worth -- i mean, of course our reveal is in the 8:00 hour. but at 9:00, it's not like you're getting leftovers.
9:06 am
>> it's a whole different reveal. >> this is like the mcrib of halloween. >> again with the mcrib because it always comes back. so you may have seen this video already. >> oh, man. >> i don't care. it is so good. you've got to see it again. so chad kennard and julie are getting married from arizona. they got married and boom! he's down. he's down. >> they were running into the reception when that happened. >> running into the reception. she says he's got her arms underneath her. so she didn't really feel it. >> she was bloody. >> and oh! >> that was a hard fall. >> she's okay because he cushioned her fall. >> they said whoever was recording it, there was a little bit of some-- >> but she keeps the arm up. watch the photographer go in from the screen right. >> and here comes -- let's get some pictures of this. hold on. just a sec. she was first going to go in to
9:07 am
help. then she goes -- i'm going to take some pictures. >> i love the scoop. i think it was the run where he got into trouble. >> his intentions were great. he was enthusiastically heading into the reception. you wonder, though, after the reception, a couple drinks. >> is there anything you did during your wedding that you wish you could have a do-over? during the wedding? >> that's a good question. >> i don't think so. i'm trying to think. no. ask my wife. she may think differently. that wasn't me but my friends. >> why did you invite the guy who crashed the cake? >> overserved. >> mine was low key. it was just a fun family affair. >> you've got something. >> i probably would have pulled back. but other than that, you know. >> that's probably true. >> it's all good. >> name names. >> no, no. >> come on. >> that was almost 20 years ago. >> name names. >> no point going back there. >> mother-in-law? brother-in-law?
9:08 am
>> i'm joking. i'm joking. >> now you know everyone who was at your wedding is now thinking, did al really want me there? >> no, they're not thinking that. they don't care. they don't care. they don't care. so you're married. you've got kids. >> who do you turn to when it comes to parenting? who do you call? >> dr. google! hey! i'm here with the parenting advice for you. what do you got? what's your problem? >> well, ashton kutcher apparently is saying when it comes to finding out what i need to do when i have my kid which they had a beautiful little girl named wyatt with mila kunis. in an interview yesterday he revealed everyone says when you get a child, they don't come with an owner's manual but that's kind of not true because google or dr. google is like an owner's manual. you can pretty much google anything and it's all there. apparently he did do a lot of research on infants. >> okay. >> i guess, you know, you're going to do that. >> i don't think this is crazy at all. i think every parent does that. >> any time they have a symptom
9:09 am
of something, i'm on there. >> any time you have a symptom, you google it. i don't understand why that's such a big -- >> not at all. >> you know why? there's not a lot of verification. >> medical websites. >> i've got this wacky idea, i call the doctor. if the doctor's not around, it's okay. >> then you call dr. google? >> i talk to my pharmacist. >> yeah. >> i have a pharmacist. i don't know. i would look -- with a caveat. >> really? >> yeah. i just get nervous. >> even just to find out what other parents are saying sometimes? >> there you go. >> if there's a rash going around. >> diaper rash. google it. >> i definitely look it up all the time. then, of course, then i ask my mom. like what did you do? >> i would go with my mom first. >> my mom as well. it's easier sometimes to just go online first. mom? >> i always remember the first time courtney at the time was, like, 2 1/2 years old.
9:10 am
and we were going away for our first time. and she had a little cold. and i said, mom, i think you've got to do this, this. you know what? i had six of you. you're all still alive. i think i know what i'm doing. that's the original google. >> that's the original google. >> dr. google mom, my mom did come out when josh was first born. and he had a terrible diaper rash. speaking of remedies. my mom's, like, what we used to do in brazil, we'd make this triple paste is now, it's like corn starch, zinc and vitamin a or vitamin d. and you mix it up. it's trainle paste. >> did it work? >> brilliant. >> well, there you have it. >> diaper rash cured. >> there you go. >> dr. mom is the best! i know. >> in fact, orange roo room, #bestmomcures. #bestparentcures. #be #bestparentcures. i remember early on you told us about -- >> wiping the baby's face with a
9:11 am
urine diaper which is what they did to me. they just said it would make the baby beautiful. it's a superstition. >> when did you stop? 18? 19? >> i did it this morning. i think in reality, it's the acid from the urine that would clear baby acne. but it wasn't explained to my young mother that way. they just said, wipe her face. it was 1910, willie. come on. something very modern that caught my eye today, fashion. you know i love fashion. i love rihanna. love some miley cyrus. they're both adorable. >> right. >> this morning, i got an e-mail with photos. >> uh-huh. >> of what they wore to the amfar inspiration gala. this was in los angeles wednesday. that's rihanna. focus on the top there. you can't really see. okay. the giant asparagus. that's what rihanna wore. >> is that what i think? >> they kind of look like pasties. this is an organization that raises funds for aids awareness
9:12 am
and programs. and let's roll miley cyrus's. that's what miley wore. >> what the -- >> they're little rhinestones. >> so essentially they both kind of wore pasty-style dresses. >> would you do that? >> i did it this morning and they asked me to put a shirt on. no. i mean, i'm so torn about -- what's going on? and i'm not a fuddy duddy, not one of those puritanical kind of people. >> they're all so used to showing their skin now, it's getting to the point where you expect it. >> at the vmas or somewhere like that. but at a fund -- i don't know. >> you're saying this is a little more upstale? >> i don't know, but it caught my eye. eyes. >> we're talking about them. >> i'm not saying it's a bad thing. >> but first, this. >> go naked, why not? >> "today's weather" is brought to you by progresso light soups. so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100 calories per serving. progresso light soups.
9:13 am
let's show you what we've got going on. we've got some showers in the pacific northwest. a cold front moving off the coast. that's good news. so for today, look for sunny skies up and down the eastern seaboard. wet weather in the pacific northwest. as far as your halloween is concerned, we are looking at not a bad day. we're going to check that out a little bit later on. that's what's going on around hey, good morning to you, bay area. i know a lot of people still riding high off that big giants win last night. temperatures are mostly in the 60s right now. we have a gorgeous day coming your way. we're going to end up in the upper 70s, even some mid 60s right at the coastline for today. temperatures are going to be comfortable on the peninsula, 72 for the east shore, and 68 degrees, comfortable conditions even in san francisco. here's the deal, rain arrives tonight into tomorrow morning. heaviest time frame, 12:00 and 5:00. that's your latest weather. >> thanks a lot.
9:14 am
coming up next, under this amazing hearing, the fixer of the criminal world on nbc's hit show "the black list." perhaps paul reuben is better -- pee-wee herman still got it. perhaps paul reuben is better -- pee-wee herman still got it. >> ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself here's something fun to do with hot dogs. make easy crescent dogs. pillsbury crescent rolls. ♪ make dinner pop.
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i can do all that with my android from tracfone. 90-day plans start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. the samsung galaxy centura android smartphone. tracfone. do everything for less. . >> if you grew up in the ''80s, you probably have fond memories of this man, pee-wee herman with that zring distinctive laugh. >> paul shows his darker side and a distinctive head of hair playing a hitman who is squeamish. doesn't like blood, has a soft spot for animals him paul reuben. good to see you. >> everybody is wondering, is your character supposed to be wearing a wig or is that his real hair? >> i cannot say.
9:18 am
i really can't. it looks like a wick. i can't really say. only as they say my hair dresser really knows for sure. >> you are a hitman, you are jet streamish when it comes to the sight of blood? >> i almost couldn't do the show him they worked it into the script. >> fantastic. >> is it if unto play these darker characters? i think of you in "blow." it's a departure of how people knew you in the 1980s are you enjoying these characters? >> it's a lot of fun. being a villain is always more fun. >> more fun than pee-wee's playhouse. >> not more fun than pee-wee's playhous playhouse. >> but you've rereleased all the playhouses on dvd. >> we didn't rerelease it. we spent over a million dollars in a year-and-a-half.
9:19 am
we remastered it. so the show was originally filmed on film. so going from the film wage to blu-ray and dvd is very different than originally the show was shot on film and travens ferred to videotape and then all the effects were created on videotape, sometimes five or six generations of clarity is lost. it's staggering what it looks like now. plus there is over four hours of combonous material including all of the cast and crew and the creative staff. it's interesting. >> i love how in detail you described that. you have a jen when love for that character. what it meant for people. sometimes you meet celebrities, they don't want to talk about the past. you have an affection for that character. >> i do. we took it seriously we were affecting young minds, i'm excited that a whole new
9:20 am
generation of kids may find it now. >> pee-wee. >> they all have tattoos, i understand. >> yes. >> this is how much they love you. >> i get a lot of photos, people send me their tattoos. >> incredible. >> i brought a tattoo artist and was going to give all four of you free giant back tattoos. are you guys in? >> we are in, for you, anything. >> you can see mr. vargas the "blacklist." . as we head out, could we do the pee-wee dance? let's get the tequila going on here. >> you can watch with the kids tonight. in the meantime, let's hit it. >> we need music. >> good. you latte or au lait?
9:21 am
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all it takes is just one shower for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. taking a look at the headlines, officials in maine are seeking a court order to keep nurse casey hickox from leaving her home. hickox emerged from her house to
9:24 am
tell reporters she is not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians. this morning she went out for a bike ride. she tested negative for ebola after returning from treating patients in west africa. a makeover for crash test dummies to reflect the expanding waistlines of many americans. up until now, they've been modelled on people weighing just 167 pounds with a healthy body mass index. but now some new crash test dumb many is are being supersized at more than 270 pounds. studies have shown obese people are more likely to die in a crash. if you think airline seats are getting smaller, well, you are right. according to "the wall street journal," delta, southwest, american and other airlines have been installing thinner seats to fit more people on each flight. the paper says three-quarters of delta's dmes omestic planes hav slimmer seats along with a quarter of united planes. two brawling bears getting a lot of attention online. take a look at this video. the bears caught on camera in new jersey went at it for about
9:25 am
six minutes. an expert calls it normal behavior for bears but unusual in a residential area. he says they appear to be two males likely fighting overa nearby female. we'll be right back after your local news. looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. [laughs] when we're having this much fun, why quit? and bounty has no quit in it either. watch how one sheet of bounty keeps working, while their two sheets, just quit. bounty, the no-quit picker-upper. sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes.
9:26 am
(vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, it's 9:26 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. developing right now in wichita, at least two people confirmed dead, this after a small plane crashed into a building. according to the faa, the aircraft reported trouble just after takeoff from wichita's mid continent airport this morning. it reportedly crashed while trying to return to the runway. at least two ambulances were seen racing from the seen with lights and sirens on. no word on how many people were aboard the plane, but we know the type of plane can hold up to 13 people. also new this morning, oakland police have arrested a 20-year-old in connection with the shooting death of an oakland mother of four. investigators credited surveillance video and community
9:27 am
tips for helping them to track down the man who was the one who shot perla avina, but he has not yet been formally charged. she was in the passenger seat at the time headed home from the grocery store with her husband, when someone shot right through the car. she was the mother of four children, the youngest just a year and a half old. very difficult news there. it is 9:27 right now, after the break, a look at weather and traffic. stay with us.
9:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. 9:28. those clouds are certainly increasing out there. no showers just yet. we're going to hold off on that activity until we get into tomorrow. halloween, and, of course, parade day, go figure. 64 degrees in san francisco today, 64 degrees for the east shore, and 60 degrees straight up in the south bay. on our way to some comfortable temperatures, rain arrives throughout the halloween, but here's the deal, heaviest down pours expected between noon and about 5:00 p.m. you should be able to get outside with just some light
9:29 am
shower activity and clearing by about 7:00 to 9:00. here's mike and your drive. >> all right, still have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, but the slowdown approaching off the maze, look at your map, slower drive down the east shore freeway, continuing to recover through richmond, no problems, just a lot of company off 24. getting into the city, slow from both directions, 280 and 101. slower drive on either side of the bay, starting to thin out through san jose, finally showing orange instead of red through the airport in san jose, that is, back to you. >> usually company a good thing, not when you're trying to get to work on time, however. see you again, another update in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
. welcome back to "today." it's thursday morning, october 30th, 2014. if you look at the plaza, that place will be full of people in costume tomorrow. last ike, natalie and i went to buzz feed headquarters in new york. we did a little q & a. it was amazing. >> they ask you these questions. you sit behind a yellow background. they turn it into a picture. >> you write your answers. >> we love what they do. we had fun. we thought we'd pose a couple questions to you. the ones they ask us. >> i want to ask you truth or dare, which do you choose, truth or dare?
9:31 am
>> the dare. >> what's the we said. why dare? >> because i don't know what you are going to ask. i may not want to tell the truth. >> willie told a good story. >> i think it's a dangerous game that would include your wife, your husband, your girlfriend or boyfriend. >> bingo. >> here's one that will insight a lot of debate. in sync or the back street boys? >> in sync. >> and can you name one of their songs? >> justin timberlake. >> i get mixed up all the time. >> who sings bye-bye bye. >> that's in sync. >> i want back street boys. >> finally, bacon on nutella. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> yes! >> i'm talking on waffles, pancakes. >> or you can do bacon dipped in nutella. >> that's desert for breakfast. >> nutella with toast.
9:32 am
>> thank you buzz feed. you got to go to buds whitney, tommy, kristen, everybody there was a blast. real fun. >> al. >> let's check it out. show you what's happening. hey, halloween is going to be kind of tricky for a lot of folks in detroit. it will feel like 25, 40 degrees, chicago 39, mark had some snow. it will feel like 16, charleston, it will feel like 40 degrees with rain. but you head out west, it will be messy there, too. seattle, 53. san francisco, 61. it may rain in los angeles, first time it's rained on halloween since 2003. so that is not a treat. it really is a treat. we are in a drought, after all. good morning to you. san francisco showing you a live picture, at&t park. oh, what a game last night. and unfortunately for that
9:33 am
parade tomorrow, we are counting on showers. i stop that clock for you at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. heavy down pours for marin, sonoma. at that point everything moves south and we're expecting the bulk of the moisture to come through between the hours of noon and 5:00, clearing out just in time for trick or treating. hope you have a great day. . >> and that's your latest weather. we got a fun woke coming up. halloween kicking things off tomorrow. if that's not enough, how about movies, apps and music? >> here ise5za entertainment correspondent. >> good morning. >> this love, teleinvestigation, amc. they are launching a scary movie marathon. that's what happens when you eat too much bacon. >> over on tmc, there will be a 24 hour marathon of scary movies.
9:34 am
honestly, they will be showing almost every single scary movie. if that's not enough. you can watch amc. they will be showcaseing a marathon of crazy scary movies. if it's not appropriate for a family setting. then you can watch abc at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> this is what you want to watch. >> exactly. 1966 animated classic. it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. >> guaranteed it will be no. 1. >> it always is. keep an eye on facebook and twitter tonight. the last time they showed this show, it was trending. people have fun things to say about it. >> we watched it this week. >> next up, scary "night crawler" with jake gyllenhaal opens up tomorrow. it's a fuse guy that goes over the line. >> jake plays luke blue, he gets anen conventional job. he screens tapes crime scenes and i love the tag line for the movie. if it bleeds, it leads, it leads the evening fuse cast.
9:35 am
it's definitely gory. it has, honestly it's a great role for jake. he lost 30 pounds. he told ew he lived on kale salads and chewing gum. one of my favorite actresses is in this, too, renee russo. she and jake have a love scene that you will not believe. everyone will be talking ab it on monday. >> here's another movie. before i go to sleep, nicole kidman and colin firth. it looks amazing. >> it is a terrifying thriller. nicole stars as a woman named christine who has amnesia. she wakes up every single day. she has no rex of her life or her loved ones, including her husband. >> a controlling husband. he tells her she lost it due to a car crash t. audience learns something completely different. >> don't give it away. it's a good one. >> a couple great apps. you like bravado. it helps you save on grocery
9:36 am
store bills. >> there is fantastic. you can use your location to find discounts and coupons, digital coupons for a number of supermarks and truck store chains near you. you can sort through different coupons, you can browse and create shopping lists, it's fantastic. >> next i think this is up al's alley, sick weather. >> it's like a weather forecast but for illness. it uses social media to track illnesss near you from whooping cough to ear aches him type in your zip code, find out is there an outbreak near me. it's great if you are a parent of kids or a little of a hypokond industryiac. >> taylor swift is killing it. she is on track to sell 1 million records. if she does, this would be the best selling album of the year. >> i can't shake off the song. >> she has four singles in the top ten. she is sleighing.
9:37 am
>> this song is awesome. thank you so much. good stuff wind chill reall ready for the weekend. >> check in, check out with a book t. story behind the stories on book to it. right after the. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on, you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ]
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9:41 am
so you can keep your money where it belongs. swing by walgreens... ...where you could save even more with medicare prescription copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. . >> well today we bring you a hope to it that shows a profound impact of a simple book. >> in pediatrician offices across the country, doctors are promoting children's literacy. the story of one doctor in virginia gives healing an entire new meaning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> reporter: when you walk into the office of dr. carolyn boone, it's clear, she is more than a pediatrician. she's a teacher. >> you did 100. you did great, girl. did you tell them your sister is in college and you will be going to college? >> a part of the family.
9:42 am
>> i watched both mother and father grow up. >> each appointment starts with a book. >> this is her book to take home. i want to tell you, try the read to page 50. >> okay. >> dr. boone is one of the 20,000 medical providers across the country that participate in a program called reap out and read, a non-profit organization that promotes early literacy, by giving new books to children at check-ups. >> four word sentences at two years of age, this is great. >> reporter: dr. boone understands the book. a child raised by a foster mother, she grew up on a small farm him they didn't have running water. but they did have books. >> even though we were very poor, i could travel all over the world in a book. i could be anyone him i could be the queen of england if i wanted to be in a book. >> reporter: instead she has became a doctor and dedicated her life to low income families, taking a wholistic abrooch to medicine. >> i look at body, mind and
9:43 am
soul. >> reporter: that's why she checks the ears the heart and hands the patient a brand-new book. >> it's just as important as immunization. it's making sure that brain develops. that's a way in which it teaches the parents to interact with their children to talk to their children. that develops language. >> reporter: it all started 25 years ago, when a young pediatrician dr. ron needleman had the idea to bring book foos the exam. room. with a single book, he saw a transformation. >> we were experiencing the behavior and the interaction between the parent and the child in real time with an opportunity to intervene. >> reporter: multiple studies found literacy promotion is an essential part of pediatrics. >> when doctors tell parents to read aloud and gave pick book on a regular basis, children are likely to have a higher level of language development. it's a critical predicter of
9:44 am
school success. >> reporter: dr. boone says she has seen the results first hand. >> i think in the inner city, which i'm in, if i have 70% of all my children going off to college and some type of secondary education, we'll win it. it all starts, i think the book has self esteem. >> i really like coming to the doctor, even if i have to get the shots, to go to the book cases to get a book. >> it's not just a foundation built on reading but on what you can do with reading and where reading carries you. >> to grow up poor without parents that i could succeed if going to medical school, i think i am that american dream and i have to say, you can do anything you want. >> dr. boone gave us his first book. >> read to your child. think of something good every day. there is something good in every person. that's what i was taught. i want to pass that on. >> i love you. oh, god, i love you!
9:45 am
>> dr. boone is amazing. reach out and read now serves more than 4 million families every year. it's been supported by the american academy of pediatrics, which rems reading out loud to children starting at six months of age. what a place to give them a book at the doctor's office. >> speaking of doctors. are there health co
9:46 am
9:47 am
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9:49 am
with bio-active 12 is proven to help support a healthy immune system. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line. . >> they say you can tell a doctor anything because they've seen it all. we have a hard time bringing up embarrassing health issues. >> so we took a stroll around central park to find out what you found uncomfortable about asking. >> i want to know every time you cough a little pea dribbles out. >> my feet sting like crazy, i wonder what causes that. >> why do people have such bad breath i have to walk away from them? >> how do i get rid of my belly. >> my first lady is my best friend, carrie peterson is here to answer embarrassing questions. >> i wonder how bold people were. >> we have others.
9:50 am
bonnie from new york tells us why she can't control her bladder when she laughs or could haves. >> that's stress incontinence the pelvic floor muscles that hold the urethra together weaken and so if you cough or laugh or sneeze, within it puts pressure on the bladder, there is not enough force to hold it together. so you leak urine. >> what do you do about that? >> it's caused by child birth, advancing age, being overweight and going through menopause are some of the causes. but the idea behind trying to manage it is to strengthen those muscles, so doing kegle exercises, you squeeze the muscle together. do three sets of ten every single day. hold it for three seconds, relax three seconds. if you can build that up to ten seconds, can you control it by up to 60%. then, of course, other things to manage it if you are overweighing, lose weight and also empty your bladder
9:51 am
freakily. if it's full, it's more likely to leak. >> okay. >> i'm a little uncomfortable. >> i didn't want to say it. but i can't believe i'm, oh. whew. let's close it off. >> a woman wants to know why her feet smell even though she doesn't sweat much. >> foot odor is caused by bacteria in intuition i combination with sweat. they thrive in that environment. the idea behind treating it is decrease the bacteria or decrease the sweat. to decrease the bacteria, wash the bottom of your feet with an anti-bacterial seep, dry them well or use baking soda, it creates an inhospitable 1r50ir79 for the bacteria. xen when it comes to excessive sweaters, use ventilated socks, cotton rather than nylon or polyester, don't wear the same shoes every day. leave them out to dry a few days in that mixture that the sweat really dries.
9:52 am
you can use an anti-persperant on the bottom of your feet what you use if your armpits. >> another new yorker asks why some people have bad breath she has to walk away from them. so what's the problem? >> there is a lot of things, most commonly it's gum disease, g begin gigingivitis. after you are brush your teeth, scrape the back of your tongue as well. gar leg, in particular, when it's digested, it releases an oil you actually exhail, so you can smell it through your lungs rather than through your nose or mouth. then lastly, infections, like sinus infections, for example. i can detect a sinus infection sometimes when i'm examining a patient by the odor on their breathment it's a characteristic smell. >> interesting. >> you can have a piece of gum. >> actually gum works for two reasons, not only masks the
9:53 am
odor, it simulates saliva. >> the jokes i have in my head would get me fired. we are back in a moment. this is "today." i was thinking about the exercises she told us.
9:54 am
9:55 am
. >> hey, everybody. >> somebody had the line. >> i think it's tamron. >> they are talking about the fast franchise. the film debuts april 3rd. >> that was the original? >> that photo "furious seven." >> throwback
9:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> popped up. sandoval in foul territory. giants win it! >> i could watch that over and over, 2010, 2012, and now 2014.
9:57 am
the giants making baseball history right before our eyes. good morning, everyone. 9:56, i'm scott mcgrew. giants back in the bay area this morning. probably catching up on some sleep right now after a long season. madison bumgarner arrived to mvp chant and hunlter pence gave fans a big thumbs up. this is new video of giants fans mobbing the dugout store, anxious to get their hands on that 2014 world series champions shirt. the store opened less than an hour ago. people lined up outside, even before those doors opened. well, it's going to be sunny in our heads anyway. let's check in with christina. >> looking good in san francisco, home of the giants for today. 67 degrees. 77 for the north bay. east shore's at 71, and a really nice day in san jose with increasing clouds all day long. looks like we're going to get our first showers by tomorrow morning. heaviest time frame expected between 12:00 and noon, then saturday morning, showers will
9:58 am
clear. a little residual activity that morning. i'm going to tell you how much rainfall we're expecting and a big pattern change. this is going to be our last mostly sunny day for awhile. first, mike and your drive. >> better around much of the bay, looking at this bay bridge toll plaza. look at the issue on the maps. getting away from the area east 80 at highway 4, near willow, two lanes blocked by an earlier crash. rest of the bay looking smooth. no problems through the south bay, southbound 880 looks lighter, even though we had a crash now on the shoulder. scott, back to you. >> thank you, mike. we'll have another update coming for you in a half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is thirsty thursday, october 30th. i just asked hoda, she was actually walked blake this morning, what time did you walk blake? >> 3:00 in the morning. i know. it is an early -- because i had to be in a little earlier the last couple of weeks. but it's almost over. >> how do you like working early? >> it is really hard. i like our show better. >> we have a fun show today. zoe deschanel. you're going to love this -- she does classics, standards.
10:01 am
>> called "she and him." she'll perform for us. >> and two ladies were plucked off the plaza today. >> plucked. >> i like the word plucked. >> turkeys get nervous this time of year, thinking of the word plucked. >> you know who else is out on the plaza, madelyn fernstrom. she found a few fans that want to compete in her mad food challenge. >> want you guys to know, you can play along too, by going to our website, today is officially national candy corn day. >> what? >> oh, yes. >> all right. >> now, apparently these -- >> they fall into two camps. there are people who absolutely adore them and people like me that don't care for them. i love the look of them, because it says halloween. >> i love everything sweet. i'll eat ho-hos and pop-tarts. >> ought tt the wazoo. >> everything. for some reason i don't like the candy corns. >> 43% of the people who love
10:02 am
them, they eat the tip off. >> by the way, i don't -- there are different flavors? >> no. >> all the same. >> check out this picture, what someone made out of the candy corn. this is from one of our -- >> oh, my gosh. >> one of our facebook friends. christine. >> look at that. pretty, pretty, pretty. tomorrow is the halloween show, gang. we have our special secret costumes. we're doing an ensemble thing. >> a theme. >> with everybody from the earlier hours. we have to fit into that somehow. >> every year it is a tight rope. you don't know. you hope it works. >> comedy is dangerous. you got to be willing to go out there. >> if you don't like -- some people don't like to dress up. they don't want to do it. if you don't feel like buying an outfit, we have things called sun stashes. these are the original sunglasses and noses. this is a -- this is good. how easy. >> they fit your head.
10:03 am
that's great. >> that was unnecessary. >> teenage mutant ninja turtle. >> little froggy. >> ymca! >> i love that one. >> yeah, that's good. >> all right. >> wait, let's do these. this is a cute one. >> a bunny. >> i like that one. >> a little kitty cat. let's give these to bobbie thomas. >> these are cute. >> those are fun. >> $4.99 at sun so meryl streep is in a must movie. you haven't heard about this, she stars with rick springfield. it is about aging rock 'n' roll stars. it is called "ricky and the flash." this is the picture that came across. oh, my gosh. >> they're both 65 years old. >> that's amazing. >> rick springfield and meryl streep. >> there is a scene where they're making out up against a car -- there you go. they're both still hot. come on. >> that movie is going to be good. the look of that vw bug, the
10:04 am
direction. >> we had one, a family car, back in the '60s, that was a family car. >> everybody pile in. >> can i say something, hoda? christine and i have been working on this book for a long, long time for our "shine a light" series. we have the first copy of it this morning called "good gifts." it is a celebration of one year in the heart of a home, all the profits go to the salvation army, but tons and tons of recipes. there is a shot of what super bowl is like, and all the way -- >> look at frank. >> from my birthday to just -- let's open that and see what happens. want to show that one. yes, to may. cinco de mayo, and great recipes and just a celebration of life and laughter and god's faithfulness. it is a beautiful book. >> and bam made it. >> yes, bam always makes it. >> here is the fun thing about the book, i first paged through it today, first of all, you see every picture of this beautiful food and you want to eat, it is
10:05 am
guacamole that -- >> the guacamole. >> there is great scripture in there, beautiful stories and great pictures. it is going to be awesome. i can't wait until it comes out officially. >> all profits go to the salvation army who does amazing work all year round. and go to >> org. >> excuse me. >> all right. you know someone else has a book out too. >> yes, even prettier cover than -- >> no, jennifer lopez has a memoir. >> that's not the cover of the book. she's beautiful, but -- >> she spoke to maria shriver about this book. this book is very -- it reveals a lot. i was going to say revelatory but that sounded too complicated. it reveals a lot. >> sounds smart to me. >> whatever. it talks about one time she was getting her makeup done for some kind of a shoot, married to mark anthony and had the kids and she
10:06 am
broke down, she was panicking and she realized that this was not the man she was supposed to be with. and i think a lot of the stuff in the book is very relatable to women going through different things in a relationship. >> look at someone like her who is flawless. she's rich, she's gorgeous, has everything in the world. good for her. she'll be with us next week. here is one of her quotes. anyone looking from the outside in would have thought my life was great. what people didn't know is that life really wasn't that good. my relationship was falling apart and i was terrified. >> she said she was involved in abusive relationships when she -- she talked about verbal abuse and not physical abuse, the way i understand it. >> mental and emotional abuse. >> i think a lot of women have been through that. learn a lot from miss j. lo. >> good. she'll be with us. i'm not sure which day, but next week. >> top shop, there is a store in london called top shop, like h&m or stores like that. some girls were walking through top shop and saw this skinny
10:07 am
mannequin. and they thought, wow, that mannequin is skinny. the girl there happens to be a size 4 or 6 or something. she stood next to the top shop model and with her legs versus those legs and she tweeted that out. and basically said, look, it is appalling. the girl is size 4 or 6 and standing next to the legs of -- >> those are twiggy legs. >> yes. and then the girl is funny, she tweeted a picture of herself -- a chocolate drink with marshmallows and wrote celebrating not looking like a top shop mannequin. >> anyway, we reached out to them. >> what happened? >> no comment. >> haven't returned our -- >> what is the point? >> i think we just said it -- we want to talk to you about things -- clothes that guys need -- >> to get rid of. >> need to get rid of it. >> you've seen frank's closet. what do you want to -- >> i finally burned his gray track suit. had to go. now he's got a shirt with an emblem on it from down in the keys. loves it, but has six of them, has like six of them, but he
10:08 am
likes one. i've had it with that. >> you know what i think needs to go, the white t-shirts with the yellow armpit stains. >> ew. >> you know. they had them for so long. you wash them and wash them and -- but i love the t-shirt, you're, like, no. >> it has got to go. >> we have our guy alex from the plaza. >> he's wearing all -- >> a lot of things we shouldn't. >> first of all, those are skinny jeans, those came out of alex's closet. he turned them into capris which makes them even worse. >> oh, alex. >> and the bow tie -- >> they're called manpris. the go tie has to go. >> and the other thing? >> jeans too skinny, capris and the clip on. it is a summer look. >> it is a summer look. how was your summer? >> pretty good. >> you need to get rid of the deep vs. >> and the baggie suit. >> can i tell you about a woman who picks out great clothes for me, pat, she's here. my mom goes to nordstrom, she goes shopping and pat always helps my mom.
10:09 am
thanks, pat. >> little ihoda? >> we do. this is about -- >> what am i hoping for? >> this is a country song about a guy named blake but not blake shelton, jared blake. let's listen. ♪ >> called stomp. ♪ kanye west >> he's rapping country music. that's wrong on every level. i don't like it. blah. ♪ stomp stomp ♪ >> rap and country. like two puzzle pieces. >> no, hoda. we have a lot more coming up, everybody. >> that's it? >> louis and jill have -- they have plucked from the plaza. >> that's what they do. all right. >> "ambush makeovers."
10:10 am
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10:13 am
thursdays we have our column in the daily news. check that out. >> we have -- we like lists. and this is the list of the all time most influential toys. came up with them. think in your head, what do you think are the most influential toys of all time. number three, gi joe. >> number two, barbie. >> and the number one most influential toy is -- >> legos. >> legos. >> absolutely. there is a whole lego store here. >> yes, there is a lego land somewhere out there. >> there is a lego land. >> and lego the movie. >> the movie. >> amazing -- >> i'm just repeating what you're saying. >> small children can't because they could choke, but if you learn something, it is creative, you know. >> building something.
10:14 am
the easy bake oven was one of my favorites. now i don't like cooking, but then there was something about it. >> you make a heck of a fish. >> and a lightbulb would kick the cake. a lightbulb. >> i know. and chatty kathie. >> oh, my gosh. >> was number five. we have a commercial for that one. remember this? ♪ chatty kathie chatty kathie ♪ ♪ talking doll we pull the ring ♪ ♪ and you say many different things ♪ >> let's playhouse. >> we all loved them. and cabbage patch dolls. >> can you believe how far dolls have come now. the mouth wasn't moving. nothing was happening. it was weird. >> very technologically advanced for its day. and leap pad, i don't remember leap pad and rubiks cube. by the time my kids came along, cody loved everything to do with power rangers. >> those were big. >> that lasted a long time.
10:15 am
>> what did cas like? >> her barbie dolls. >> we loved the hula hoop. we had the hipsy skipsy. it was like a -- like a seesaw, but plastic and we used to carry it places and it was -- we loved it. >> remember the slinky? >> yeah. where was the slinky? >> it is the thing where it goes down the steps. okay. is it okay or not okay, hoda woman, to publicly feud? >> oh. >> here's what we had to say. >> okay. >> you know, hoda, i think all battles are best fought by killing your adversary with kindness. >> i guess it is okay if your goal is to cause a public scene and not resolve anything. if you want to get to the heart of it, do it privately. >> i think we agree. >> again. >> yeah. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. >> i just like when we talk. it doesn't make any sense. >> you know what it is time for? >> what? >> cut the creep.
10:16 am
>> you dropped the pounds and then the holidays came and now the pounds are starting to creep up. we want to help you prevent the holiday weight gain before it gets to you. >> let us know why you want to cut the creep by heading over to you must be doing that all day long. hit the connect button. >> if you hit the connect button and write in, you might be on the show with us. >> maybe not. i don't know why we keep having to remind you all, you can listen to us on the radio. why, i don't know. >> channel 108. some people listen. >> sirius xm. >> can you believe that? >> no. >> they came to new york to see a broadway show and, you know what they're leaving with? "ambush makeovers." big reveal moments away. >> if you plan on giving half the halloween candy to the kids and keeping the rest for you use tide pods? yeah. but, i thought you were the queen of the pre-treat soak, treat, soak. those are fond memories, but,
10:17 am
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10:20 am
food challenge with nbc news health and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom. >> she's about to put us to the test. before all the halloween treats play a trick on your diet. >> earlier madelyn grabbed two fans from the plaza to come with us. on my team, i have arlissa, it is her birthday today. >> also on my team, the winning team, paige from rochester, new york. you're with alabama.
10:21 am
>> yes. roll tide. >> roll tide. >> for the halloween food challenge, a question is going to come up with some answers. if you know the answer, buzz in. we added an extra step for halloween, a little drama. our ladies have to bob for an apple and get that apple before you can buzz in. >> just lift it out of the water with your teeth. you don't have to finish it -- >> just get it out of the water however you can. >> all right. >> let's rock 'n' roll. first one. how many chocolate kisses can you eat for 150 calories? three, five or seven. >> you got it. >> okay! >> three, five or seven. you would be right. >> wait a minute. she almost drowned. i'm worried about paige. >> it is competition. >> you got it. >> so, if you are watching your sugar intake, which of the
10:22 am
following has the lowest amount -- >> no, no, no! >> i know the answer. >> cheating. >> go, go, go. >> which one has the lowest amount of sugar, two twizzlers, a fun size reese's peanut buttercup or -- you got it? who's got it? >> she got -- okay. >> what was the question? >> lowest amount of sugar -- >> of course it is the, b, fun size reese's peanut buttercup. >> you would be right. twizzlers have a lot more. >> no cheating over there. >> we're playing by the rules. >> this is hard. >> exhausting. >> getting a cold. >> this is a thinker. how many miles would you need to walk to burn off the calories from a 270 calorie butter finger bar? you're allowed to -- >> oh!
10:23 am
>> she says c. >> that would be wrong. >> you get to counter. >> 2.5. >> you're exactly right. and, remember, you can do this for 2.5 miles dfrn s different. if you stroll, an hour, if you power walk, about 45 minutes. >> a camera on this over here. just to show what's been going on, so america will know, all right. >> paige just said and you have to trust paige, she said she got it on her own, the last one, with her teeth. >> but she started before the question was read. >> next, let's move on. here, two of these have 60 calories. and only one has more. >> i know the answer. i know. >> dunk and -- whoops. >> oh! >> she got it. >> the answer, of course, is
10:24 am
peppermint patty. >> you would be wrong. >> we can't even read these. >> what do you think it is? >> which one has more? two of them have 60 calories. we know it is not the peppermint patty -- >> is it this one or this one? >> you go ahead. >> i say the pumpkin peeps. >> you would be wrong. >> i told you the corn. >> we have time for the last one. tiebreaker. >> tiebreaker. >> which of these has the fewest calories per serving, chock covered raisins, chocolate covered peanuts or yogurt covered mini pretzels? >> no! >> the answer, of course, is -- >> chocolate covered peanuts. she got it. >> you would be wrong anyway. >> i don't even know. >> pick one of these two. >> this one or this one. it is either -- >> yogurt. >> no. >> she wants yogurt. >> you would be wrong.
10:25 am
it is the chocolate covered raisins. >> that was fun. >> the present is -- >> a pinata. >> the present is -- >> a pinata. >> all right. well, it's been ther number one soup in americasoup? for four generations. some things just run in the family campbell's! m'm! m'm! good! for 4 generations. [ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days. philadelphia® cream cheese. made with no preservatives. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. and discover an exciting rcombination of tastes.ious. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers.
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10:27 am
came down to one run in the final game. royals then pop it up. pablo sandoval catches it for the third out. there it is, pandemonium. thousands of people, look at that, watching in civic center plaza in san francisco as their team earns its third championship in just five seasons. hundreds more stayed up all night to greet the giants. they got off buses, got to their cars at at&t park. giants ceo larry bayer carrying the trophy up and down the street making sure everyone can see it. there he is. next up for the team, the parade tomorrow afternoon starting at market and stuart streets. what will the weather be like? stick around, we'll find out after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now, i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures in the 70s. it is close to the 80s in most of your inland valley spots for today. 77 degrees, even on the peninsula, the east shore is at 71 degrees. 67 in san francisco. home of the world champion giants, and some changes coming your way. increasing clouds for today, halloween rain and wind expecting the heaviest between noon and 5:00 tomorrow. then looking at a few residual showers over the course of the weekend, but what's so impressive about this storm system are the rainfall totals. we'll get pretty good rainfall. we'll talk about that today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> dry roads right now. tad coming out of menlo park.
10:30 am
things moving nicely towards university. fremont side, clearing for 880. slow south of mission. back to the "today" show. we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday, ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers." we have to show you what happened during the commercial break where two ladies waited out on the plaza. >> there is what happened a few minutes ago, they were trying to knock a pinata around. that didn't work so well. then person number two tried. that was paige. that didn't work either. who cares. let's get to kathie lee. kathie lee went postal on it and, go. no, get it. oh, no! i just -- come on. one more. the whole -- oh, wow. >> and then she dropped it. >> i feel so much better. >> don't you? >> that is cheaper than a psychiatrist, let me tell you. >> our master stylist treated two ladies to brand-new head to
10:31 am
toe looks. they are "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. and "today" contributor and author jill martin. >> hello. >> hello. >> camouflage look. >> camo. >> how gorgeous is jill? >> every day. >> we did pick two fantastic makeovers and they were just -- we found the true beauty, the girls didn't have a clue. >> katoday is her son's 13th birthd birthday. catherine is athletic, loves to run, loves to hike, so her beauty routine was in the need of a boost. she was nervous but she's excited to be pampered. >> catherine is a little freaked out. i'm going to talk to her sister sydney. why do you think she deserves this? >> catherine is a great person. she works out every day. i probably need it more than she
10:32 am
does, but i'm glad that they chose her. she's got four beautiful kids at home. she's a dietitian and just really deserving. >> you are going to be so glamorous. you're already beautiful. are you doing okay? >> yes, this is very unexpected. we just were going to go on a little run and came by and they thought it looked like -- you thought it looked like i needed some help, i guess. >> that is not the truth. but you guys are gorgeous. your sister sydney is here and your mom and dad, marty and shirley. here is catherine before. all right, catherine, let's see the new you. >> wow! >> all right. are you guys ready? >> take off your blindfolds. >> all right. >> are you ready to see the new you? >> ready. >> spin around here. >> you look fabulous. >> you look glamorous and very
10:33 am
new yorky. >> turn around. look at camera 12. all right, you went from blonde to brunette. >> exactly. what happened is catherine, what i noticed, she had her running band on, her one requirement to arson who did the haircuts is she could wear the hair back. i noticed her hair, which was darker at the root, looked so pretty on her skin and the blonde was washing her out. i used a semipermanent color so it will wash out if you want to go back to blonde. >> so beautiful. >> your skin color and eye color, everything pops. you look great. >> she looks so beautiful. >> she looks like you two. >> that's a great jacket. >> you look great. so the jeans are nydj, the jacket is andrew mark. and she was wearing this t-shirt. it shows how you can mix and match casual and dressy, and the jewelry, look how pretty the necklace is. >> that is beautiful. >> are you running a marathon or just here running the streets? >> just running, putting a sign
10:34 am
for my son's birthday. >> 13 years ago, you did all this. >> round of applause. >> our second lady, sherry, 67, from san antonio, texas. her beauty routine consists of washing her hair and putting gel in it. if she goes nuts, she'll put on blush or lipsticks. she's ready to get a new look for this new chapter of her life. good for her. let's hear her story. >> you're so excited for your friend. tell me. >> i am. well, sherry was selected to get a makeover. i watch it all the time on nbc. i'm so excited for her. she's going to love it. >> what do you think of all this? >> i'm a little nervous about it, but i'm excited too. >> no need to be nervous. >> no need. >> char, keep the blindfold on. one last look at sherry before and bring out the new sherry
10:35 am
johnson. >> wow! >> great. >> wow. right there. >> take a look, hon. >> oh, my goodness! >> turn around, sweetheart. see what she's talking about. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't know who that is. >> you got that peter pan haircut, it is adorable. >> look here at camera 12. >> i love the cut. >> her hair was already very short, but even short haircuts can have change by the way you style it, and the way you -- >> what we did here, we washed away the gray, and all the makeup too. >> beautiful. >> char, what do you think? >> she's most giving person i know and she spends five minutes on herself. she looks beautiful. >> won't spend much time on that haircut, it is gorgeous. >> and that outfit, i love it.
10:36 am
>> guess who it is? >> clara sun woo. >> great. it packs perfectly and you can mix and match the pieces and it is so comfortable. >> cute. >> let's bring catherine back out. come on out. big round of applause. >> you don't like them. >> some advice from matthew hussey. >> yes. >> after this. my budget used to be a real downer, even when we needed stuff for the home. i was a negative nancy. but, thanks to, now we can shop with low monthly payments, and they've got over 70,000 items from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, xbox. two words: mini donut maker. uh, that's three words. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. [ doorbell rings ] oh, i hope that's our new espresso machine. and that hot delivery guy. ♪
10:37 am
and that hot delivery guy. ♪ ♪ ♪ now pre-treat with clorox 2... at clorox 2, we've turned removing stains into a science. watch stains disappear right before your eyes. nothing brightens colors and removes stains like clorox 2.
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woman: for soft beautiful feet, my secret is the new amopé pedi perfect foot file. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect.
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10:40 am
time now for the other view, the answer to love and relationship questions you sent us. >> and back to dole out his advice is relationship expert and host of iheart radio's love life with matthew hussey, matthew hussey. >> we want to welcome someone new to the mix. francesca hoagie. she's the founder of made to
10:41 am
measure i like these two. >> all right, lovers, all right, here we go. there is an article on ivillage, these are ways to make people fall in love with you. hang around them a lot but been unavailable. once you captured them in your orbit, play hard to get. agree or disagree? >> disagree. >> disagree. >> if you're trying to make someone love you and playing a manipulative game, if you give game, you're going to get game. it could work in the short-term with a person who is insecure, but long-term, like a real love connection, you don't want to play those games. >> matthew? >> have a life. you got to have a life that makes someone want you but you have to make someone earn you. an extreme way of making someone earn you is i'm going to make you want me and then i'm going to disappear. the problem is confident guys actually aren't attracted to hard to get. confident guys see someone who is playing hard to get, they don't want someone who doesn't want them, they want someone who is actually showing interest.
10:42 am
just not overshowing it. >> here is another one. don't do nice things for them, let them do nice things for you. their reasoning is people feel good when they do things for other people. be a taker, not a giver. >> strangely, there say little truth to this but could be applied the wrong way. too many times people get into a relationship, they start doing lots of things for someone because they think that will make them like you. people pleaser mind set, instead of saying there is an appropriate gesture for this time in the relationship and i'm not going to give more than that at this stage. >> give and take. some people, like matthew said, some people overgive and they give from a place of, like, i want you to like me, love me, do, do, do for you. that's not a good way it approach dating or love. in terms of, like, doing the strategic gamesmanship of, like, i'm going to withhold, who wants to be with someone who is withholding. >> look at someone 75% of the time as opposed to 30% of the
10:43 am
time. >> that's like stalker. >> if you look at someone long enough, they'll fall more in love with you, that's what we do when we're in love, we stare with someone. >> or creep you out. >> the interesting thing about this is we like who likes us in the beginning. if you give more eye contact to people, they'll be more attracted, not necessarily because they're attracted to you, but because they feel you're attracted to them. >> i agree with that. we all know the power i've contact. we all know that, you know, when you look at someone, we all met that person when you're, like, oh, they're still looking at me. >> remember that look? >> it was all that look. >> yes, it was. >> and you didn't want to go out that night. >> he gave you the look. and you gave it right back. >> questions, brandy asks, if you can't along with your boyfriend's family, is there still hope for the relationship? >> yeah, that's a weird question, i think. you can't -- it is hard enough to find what we call the one, without trying to make someone's
10:44 am
family the one. you have to -- >> if they are the one, ultimately you marry the family too. >> you have to deal with it. if that means you have to find a game with yourself and say how do i make it work with this person, you got to do that. >> i think it depends on a lot of factors. if you're with somebody who is close to their family and because the family doesn't like you, maybe they're excluding you, you're not getting invited to events, i think that's probably going to really -- >> here is the key, you look for your partner to be the right person in the situation. not your family. >> that's true. >> it is kind of how much influence the family has. >> yes. >> and could be a danger sign. >> yes. >> it could be. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> if you want to submit a question for matthew, go to, hit the connect button. >> they're on it all the time. the indy pop duo zooey deschanel and m. ward, known as
10:45 am
she and what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. youinstantly, l'oreal miracle blur erases the look of lines... and wrinkles... and pores. it's not a moisturizer. it's an instant skin smoother. miracle blur. see it. believe it. try it. from l'oreal. we go. eggo? one berry, two berry mixed berry, blueberry peanut butter, nothing's better gimmie jam to make it redder cream cheese, cherry please score some honey from the bees stack it up, it's what you do mix it up, it's up to you.
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enter your eggo recipe on facebook, you could win $10,000. woman: for soft beautiful feet, my secret is the new amopé pedi perfect foot file. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolateet. to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. we givecold your you give them the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol® new dove body wash with at one breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. new dove body wash.
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softer, smoother skin after just one shower.
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10:50 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> they're an indy music dream team. zooey deschanel and m. ward, known as she & him. >> they have been together since 2007, sold more than 2 million albums and their fifth out next month is made up of good old-fashioned standards. >> here they are singing the carole king song "oh no not my babe." take it away. ♪ ♪ when my friend told me you had someone new ♪ ♪ i didn't believe the word was true ♪
10:51 am
♪ i told them all i had faith in you ♪ ♪ oh no not my baby ♪ ♪ oh no not my baby ♪ ♪ you're not like the other guys ♪ ♪ who lead you on and tell you lies ♪ ♪ my mama told me but i didn't listen to what they said ♪ ♪ i just kept on saying ♪ ♪ oh, no not my baby ♪ ♪ oh, no not my sweet baby ♪ ♪ you're not like
10:52 am
the other boys ♪ ♪ who play like they were toys ♪ ♪ yesterday you gave me a ring ♪ ♪ i'm so glad i kept the faith ♪ ♪ oh, no not my baby ♪ ♪ oh, no not my sweet baby ♪ ♪ you're not like those other guys ♪ ♪ who lead you on and tell you lies ♪ ♪ oh, no not my baby ♪ ♪ oh, no
10:53 am
not my sweet baby ♪ ♪ oh, no not my baby ♪ ♪ oh, no not my sweet baby ♪ ♪ >> i love your voice. >> very reminiscent of rita coolidge. right back. but first this is "today" on nbc. i love them.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
the day is knocking. tomorrow is our big halloween show. can you guess who or what we're dressing up as? we're not giving any hints. so anyway, go to our facebook page and -- >> last minute halloween games to keep the kids entertained. >> and spooky ways to keep the kids inside after dark tomorrow. >> also, the dancing -- >> oh, that guy. >> here with cool experiments you can do with your kids. >> and halloween cocktails. have a great thirsty thursday. >> have an awesome one. tomorrow is not
10:58 am
mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea.
10:59 am
the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
11:00 am
nbc bay area starts now. >> popped up. sandoval in foul territory! giants win! a world series win for the san francisco giants. >> what a beauty, the crowd goes wild. first 2010, then 2012, now 2014. the giants making baseball history right before our eyes. >> we'd like to tell the fans is, this belongs to you. it's been an amazing run, and we're not done. we're not done. let's keep going. a lot of the same players back next year, so it's pretty special. >> that's


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