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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 31, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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happy halloween. indeed a very happy one for pennsylvania residents where suspected cop killer eric frein elude police for seven weeks before being captured. the battle between the nurse who helped ebola patients in the state of maine heats up. plus, a homecoming king in cleveland. >> cleveland, ohio, number 23, lebron james! it's halloween. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. he was on the run for seven weeks and this morning suspected
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cop killer eric frein is sitting in a pennsylvania state police jail. he was found in an abandoned aircraft hangar last night. after being arrested, he was placed in the handcuffs of the state trooper he's accused of killing during an ambush in september. now that he's behind bars, prosecutors are making plans. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein in this case. >> nbc's jay gray brings us the details. good morning to you, jay. jay, what is happening right now? >> well, right now he's sitting in the jail as you talked about, eric frein awaiting his first court appearance. this is the police barracks where the attack happened. it is the place where he was first held after he was captured before being transferred overnight to that county jail. after 48 days on the run, eric frein was captured by u.s. marshals near an abandoned airport in the poconos
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mountains. >> when he this approached it, they saw an individual that they thought was eric frein. and they ordered him to surrender, to get down on his knees and raise his hands, which is what he did. >> next, officers honored their colleague he's accused of murdering, corporal bryon dickson. >> corporal dick son's handcuffs were placed on him and he was placed in corporal dick son's car. >> for more than seven weeks officers combed the rugged back woods of pennsylvania searching for someone who is a survivalist and marksman who allegedly killed dickson and seriously injured alex douglass. >> it is my intention to file notice to seek the death penalty for eric frein. >> reporter: but a trial will come much later. right now -- >> the public can sleep soundly
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knowing this dangerous fbi top ten fugitive has been apprehended. >> reporter: after almost two months in hiding. a preliminary arraignment in the case is scheduled for a county courthouse here later this morning. that's the latest live here in holly, pennsylvania. i'm jay gray. dara, back to you. >> jay, thank you very much for that report. four people are dead and five others injured after a small plane crashed into a flight training building in kansas. police are saying this was not an intentional act. the identities of the victims have not been released. nbc's ron mott has the details. >> reporter: thick clouds of black smoke billowed high into the sky. moments after a twin engine turboprop slammed into a facility filled with dozens of people.
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>> there was heavy smoke on the horizon as you approached the airport for miles. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed to the scene. the aircraft's nose gear visible among the flames. air traffic control transmission captured the crash. >> we just lost the plane. >> what's on fire? >> we just lost an aircraft. >> reporter: witnesses say the king air 200, a popular small airplane built by beach craft encountered trouble shortly after takeoff, that an engine quit and left the pilot struggling for control. is it veered from the runway and into flight safety international building where pilots were busy practicing flights on simulators. >> we're grateful at this point that a large number of people appear to have gotten out of the building but certainly saddened by the loss of life and anybody who might have been hurt. >> the families of these people, keep them in your thoughts and prayers. it's certainly a tragic moment for our community. >> that was ron mott reporting. i'm not a fancy talker, but i get things done. that's what boston's longest
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serving mayor tom menino said in his first campaign ad. for 20 years he transformed the city's skyline. he had a personal connection with his city, but for many of us his enduring legacy will be his efforts following the marathon bombing. wheelchair bound following leg surgery, he choose to stand at the memorial service to declare, we are boston strong. >> we are one boston. no adversity, no challenge, nothing can tear down the resilience and the heart of the city and its people. >> former boston mayor tom menino was 71. in maine the fate of the nurse in the center of the ebola quarantine debate could boil down to a blood test. talks broke down yesterday. it happened hours after she
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defied her quarantine order by going on a morning bike ride with her boyfriend. now governor paul lepage has reportedly agree drop the quarantine order if she submits to a blood test. he says he's not backing down anytime soon. >> on the one hand i'm trying to protect the entire state but at the same token i don't want her to get hurt either. i don't want her within three feet of anybody. i am going to use the legal provisions to the fullest extent that the law allows me. >> state lawyers are now waiting to hear back from a judge about the blood test they requested. yesterday. hickox has already had two negative blood tests. the hawaiian national guard is on its way to help out near a major area threatened by the massive lava flow. but the already slow moving flow of lava has pretty much stalled. officials also say that the grass where the lava is currently moving, well it is all
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that is burning. it is a frightening situation given the lava is less than 100 feet from the nearest home. trick-or-treaters in parts of the nation's midsection will have to cover up that costume with a heavy coat of wintry weather, right? >> great lakes, midwest, hats and gloves and mittens and jackets. people on the west coast, umbrellas with their costumes. not so many treats with the weather forecast, a lot of tricks. 6 inches for the month, it is still pouring this morning, all through washington state. it has been widespread over the months. haven't had a lot of individual rivers and major flooding or anything like that. we continue the flow of rain this morning, it will lighten up this afternoon, it is a soggy morning. those kids will bring their costumes with them to school. same for the portland area, down i-5, this system has a lot of moisture with it. even california now watching the rain, i already passed the crescent city and eureka, heavier stuff, have not made it to i-5. now we're waiting to see the timing of it with sacramento and
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san francisco. so here we go through friday morning with the rain. kind of where it is now. and as we go through the early afternoon and the evening, sun setting, we'll take that rain band shift over the top of sacramento, maybe clearing out of san francisco. best chance of rain is midmorning to noon or so. if you're around sacramento, san jose, you have the best chance unfortunately of trick-or-treating in the rain. everything clears out as we go through the night into saturday, maybe kind of cloudy with hit and miss showers. again, we like the rain as we mentioned all week long, timing of it hasn't been great. san francisco area. for l.a., your best chance of seeing that rain is later this evening, most likely after the kids are done trick-or-treating after 11:00 p.m. we're thinking, sometime we could get rain showers there. so definitely interesting halloween forecast for many. that's youring, after the morni
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is over. we also have winter storm warnings in the sierra nevada mountains, we're also getting the mountain range, some snow. it is good. >> good, but scary weather there. i say for the kids in the rain, give them extra candy. >> hasn't happened that often, maybe it will be fun. make it fun. >> why not? >> incorporate it into your costume. >> i'll go with an umbrella, thank you, bill. coffee drinker are about to get a whole lot happier. what do trick-or-treaters prefer more, cash or candy? an accident at a fireworks factory. residents evacuated, one person remains missing. "early today" is back in two. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts...
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for the leaks. mccullough also cleared the grand jury for any wrongdoing after an investigation into whether a member leaked information to a woman who posted it on twitter. his office found that her twitter account was hacked. meanwhile, reverend al sharpton is headed to ferguson for a series of events this weekend. nbc confirmed a former navy s.e.a.l. part of s.e.a.l. team six who captured osama bin laden is under criminal investigation. using a pseudonym, he wrote the book "no easy day" about the 2011 raid and now authorities are questioning whether he disclosed classified information in the best-seller. a source tells nbc that he blame his first attorney for telling him he didn't need to submit a manuscript to the pentagon. in northern england, fireworks lit up the sky, but not on purpose. it happened during an explosion at a factory that makes fireworks. now one person is missing. all four people are recovering from injuries. let's get down to business
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with cnbc's kate rogers. good morning, kate. >> hey, dara. well, starbucks is brewing up a new way to get your morning joe. the coffee giant plans to launch a delivery service in select market durzing the second half of the next year. the delivery service will be available to starbucks loyalty program members as part of the new mobile order and pay app. walmart will kick off the holiday shopping season this saturday offering more than 20,000 rollbacks on items from groceries to toys to electronics. and then on monday, walmart is bringing back its popular 24 hour holiday cyber savings event, with deals typically reserved for black friday and cyber-monday. according to a new survey, trick-or-treaters would rather you drop cash into their candy pail than candy. more than half the parents said their kids would prefer cash over candy. back to you. the devils haven't done it
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this morning on "today," nik wallenda ups the ante. he takes his thrill seeking stunts to new heights. this time, 600 feet above the
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heart of chicago. details on sunday's daring stunt ahead on "today." well, a big night in sports. and let's start on the hard court. clippers, thunder. russell westbrook exited the game in the second quarter with a small fracture in his right hand. it appeared to happen when he was going up for the rebound and hit another player's elbow. but l.a. just clips okc to win their opener 93-90. the new owner steve ballmer gets his first home win. ohio, number 23, lebron james! >> high fives all around. the return of the king, lebron james gets a big welcome home in cleveland. but lebron is very unlebron as he struggles during the first half, just four points and four turnovers. kevin love stepping up with 14 points and nine rebounds.
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lebron finished with 17 points and a whopping eight turnovers. carmelo anthony, 25 points led the knicks to a 95-90 victory. and a college showdown between 25th ranked louisville and second ranked florida state. louisville off to a strong start, leading florida state 21-7 at the half. fsu eskapz an upset. jameis winston finishes with 401 yards. and three touchdowns in a 42-31 victory. on to thursday night football, saints, panthers. saints get their first win on the road since last november. mark ingraham with a solid 100 yards rushing and two tds in a 28-10 victory. saints now lead the division. on the ice, the penguins blast the defending stanley cup champs, 3-0. and the devils win in a tiebreaker, 2-1. this just doesn't get old.
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another college student wins ten grand for sinking a half-court shot at marist college. see, that's why you should stay in school. and just ahead, the return of pee wee herman and rosie o'donnell channels her inner rapper. plus, miley cyrus leaves little to the imagination at the amfar gala. details next. sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. yyou would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. what are you doing? dish issues? ... ... get cascade complete. one pac cleans better than six pacs
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trick-or-treating. it is in the hawaiian islands. we'll see a few hit and miss showers. overall, temperatures nice and mild, perfect for the short sleeve costumes. unlike a lot of other places in the country. as far as today goes, rain, still showers with us in the west tomorrow. we will see a few of those trying to move through areas that don't get a lot of rain. we may get a few showers around l.a. and san diego. as we head to sunday, we're still looking at a chance of showers, especially in pacific northwest, seattle and portland. we do dry out in all of california. notice the temperatures take a big dip, though. we're down here in the 70s. definitely on the cooler side. as far as the rain goes, at most we get a quarter inch or less in a lot of the bigger cities and lot of the hardest hit areas. not drought buster material, but a start. we get to november, the rainy season. don't forget the clocks, fall back this weekend. >> yes, i'm looking forward to an extra hour. >> i like the extra hour of sleep. i don't like the sun setting an
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extra hour early. >> too much darkness. it looks like a lean weekend at the box office. jake gillinhall's night crawler is expected to gross $4 million. hbo is looking ahead as they lock down the cast for "the game of thrones" for a fifth, sixth and seventh season. in the deal the cast will become, quote, the highest paid on tv. after news broke that he will be taking over the late show this year, stephen colbert announced that december 18th will be his last night on the colbert report. paul reuben confirmed that pee wee herman is returning to the big screen. >> are we ready for that? >> the new movie will begin filming in february. no, not me. miley left very little to the imagination. in addition to donating $200,000 towards aids research, she wore
4:24 am
a tom ford dress, spent $300,000 on a painting. she admitted shes with a little drunk after getting into a bidding war against rihanna, who wore an interesting dress herself. ♪ i said one year get one cat ♪ ♪ two year get two cats ♪ ♪ three year get three cats ♪ >> rosie o'donnell not wearing any outrageous, the other anchors were getting ready, she treated the audience of "the view" with a little rap show. she was pretty good. >> very good. >> yeah. that's great. i'm dara. this is "early today." we hope it is your first stop of the day on nbc. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven
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leading the news in the washington post, airstrikes against islamic state do not seem to have affected the flow of fighters to syria. u.s. intelligence and counter terrorism officials estimate that more than 1,000 foreign fighters are still streaming into syria each month. on gawker, this poor guy could not have picked a better shirt to get arrested in. 20-year-old mike daly was arr t arrested for marijuana possession. he's wearing the monopoly shirt in the mug shot that says go directly to jail. we're guessing he did not go past go and collect the $200. some of the other stories we're following, investigators are trying to determine what caused an unmanned rocket to explode just after takeoff tuesday night in virginia. search teams started the process
4:27 am
of recovering the rocket debris. investigators say it could take six months or more to determine the cause of the explosion. a new lawsuit has been filed by the relatives of one of the passengers aboard missing malaysian flight 370. this is the first time a relative has taken legal action. lawyers say the family wants to find out what really happened on board the plane when it disappeared. and a hotel in buenos aires, argentina, has been the first to offer a barbie themed room. as you can well imagine, much of it is pink. closets are full too. the room is fully booked until early 2015. well, the parents of a 6-year-old with cerebral palsy are getting creative to make sure their son doesn't miss out on halloween. instead of looking at his wheelchair as a constraint, they incorporate it into his costume. they transformed it into a pirate ship, fire trucks, and this year he is going to be in a tank.
4:28 am
while some say jake's costumes could win contests, the parents say it is more about making sure he can simply enjoy halloween like every other kid. >> why not mass market these? give them to hundreds of kids, thousands. >> and happy halloween to him. time for a look ahead. some kids will get to trick-or-treat at the most famous house in washington. the white house will be decorate and ready for hundreds of kids of military families. president obama and first gonzalez michelle obama will personally hand out the halloween candy. happy birthday to will and jada pinkett's daughter willow, who is 14. covert affairs star piper pair perabo is 38. and rob snyder is 51. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm dara brown with
4:29 am
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and a good friday morning. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. are you ready for a parade? >> i've been ready my whole life. >> a live look at at&t park this morning. people are starting to line up, waiting for the giants and their families to hop on board. >> but one thing weir keeping an eye on, will there be rain? we have a microclimate alert. christina, what are we tracking? >> happy halloween, both of


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