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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area begins with breaking news. >> and we are following that breaking news in walnut creek. home video here, an explosion rocking a neighborhood, taking down a portion of an apartment building, sending two people to the hospital. good morning, everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. the explosion happened less than an hour ago on sunnyvale avenue near north main street, again, walnut creek, not sunnyvale, west of 680. jodi hernandez just got to the scene. what have you been able to gather so far? >> reporter: i'm telling you, it's quite the scene out here. there are dozens and dozens of emergency personnel and the apartment complex is a mess. i'm told this explosion happened
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about an hour and a half ago, and it took out an entire portion of an apartment. two people were critically injured, with critical burns. now this explosion set off a two-alarm fire and it rocked the entire block. windows are broken up, up and down the street. i've got a neighbor here who helped direct one of the victims, also describes seeing one of the victims with his clothes completely blown off. that is how much impact this blast had. i'm going to put bob on the phone here. bob, what can you tell us? >> well, i was in my condominium and i was about a block away, and all of a sudden i heard this huge explosion, felt like a quick earthquake, and then my neighbor ran down the street, said there was a big explosion. i went running down with two
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other people. we saw all the debris all over the roads. we saw the two burned victims on about 100 feet away. then there was an elderly woman who was yelling to get out of the lower apartment, but there was so much debris in front of the door, the three of us had to lift all kinds of wood and debris away from the -- away from the road so we could get to her door, so we could get her out. the fire was right above her head, and there were pops going off, some small explosions going off after that, at the same time, so we didn't know whether or not we should just run like heck. so that's pretty much -- then that's when all of the emergency rescue units arrived. >> thank you very much. i'm sure some very scary moments. ago, that is a snapshot of what this scene looks like. again, two people critically injured in a morning explosion.
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they have been taken to the hospital. i did see photos, video of one of the victims, and again, the blast so strong it blew his clothes right off. obviously, this entire neighborhood is very shaken. two people critically injured. >> all right. jodi hernandez reporting by phone from walnut creek. this, again, happening on sunnyvale. we'll, of course, have information on our website, as well, but if you're just joining us, an explosion in sunnyvale at an apartment complex, a small apartment complex. two people in critical condition. the man's voice you heard there was an eyewitness, then that was jodi hernandez, who is our reporter. as we get live pictures out of there and more updates, we will certainly update you, again, and on, as well. now to our other top story. thousands of fans are packed on to market street for the giants world series parade. there you see them lined up and they are wearing ponchos and they have umbrellas, because it
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is raining. >> here's a look at the live radar. a lot of green and yellow and orange over san francisco right now. >> yeah, we have our crews at every major intersection on the parade route, on market street and at the end for a big celebration, as well. >> that's where we'll find raj mathai and jessica aguirre, who will be anchoring our coverage from the civic center. good morning, guys. >> hi, there. >> good morning. nice to see you both. a lot of green on that radar, but it's orange and black here at the civic center plaza. we've done this a couple times before, haven't we? >> three times now. it's now becoming a habit. >> it is nice. we are getting ready to go. the parade starts at noon. right now, everyone just kind of building excitement. in fact, for the last hour it's been very quiet, but now i'm just hearing the fans getting going here. we're expecting more than a half million people here on the streets of san francisco. >> you know, it is halloween. really the costumes you wear today is to be a giants fan and maybe a couple of pandas and
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giraffes for good measure. has been a little rainy, but not too bad so far. hoping it stays that way. people are still coming in here, civic center plaza, they have their giants gear on. they are excited to go, and we have got this covered for you. we have over 12 cameras, lots of crews here, janelle with us, terry mcsweeney, they are going to be covering the whole route and you'll get to see every player come on down the road. >> because of the rain, a little different this year, not so many convertibles with the cars, a lot more trolleys and buses, but still with our cameras all throughout the parade route you'll be able to see everything up close and personal. speaking of the players and vips, we know the fans and everyone is here, the players are at the ballpark, pier 48, little vip reception with their families, then they will be bussed on to the start of the parade route on the foot of market. that's what the players are doing. we are, what, less than an hour away now until the parade begins. >> we're expected to make it all the way on market street, end up
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here at civic center plaza, then you'll see the players get on the steps of city hall for the third time. great speeches and we'll be able to really, really let our giants know how much we love them and how much san francisco and the bay area loves them, as well. >> as for our weather team, right now no rain, but i'm sure that's going to change any minute. guys, back to you. see you later on this hour. >> thank you, raj, thanks, jess. the big story is, of course, the rain and timing of that rain. >> that's right. meteorologist christina loren is on market street, not too far from raj and jessica there. what can you tell us. you've got an umbrella. >> reporter: well, just so you could do this. i think mother nature's a giants' fan, that's what i think. just when the parade begins, scott and kris, the rain is letting up. but here's the deal. we are not out of the woods just yet when it comes to showers rolling through the bay area and
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rolling right over this parade. before i get into your forecast and show you the radar, as you can tell, these giants fans are out here in full force. and we're just getting a very small piece of the crowd. we have a huge crowd. let me show you the other side of the street now. we got giants fans over here, as well. and they, as you'll notice, have taken down their umbrellas. i am here at the start of the parade and you'll notice they are already lining up, the police officers on horses right behind me getting ready to go, and those guys don't have umbrellas. you know what, let's take a look at your radar and i can show you. here's the deal, we're still going to see some rainfall as we head through the course of this parade, but right now we're getting a bit of a break. cloudy with some drizzle. i do want to set your future cast in motion, though, to give you an idea what's to come throughout the next few hours, and we are going to continue to
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see this rainfall. heavy at times, pockets of rain, but the deal is, we're already out here, i think most of these people are going to be staying put throughout the entire ceremony, and the good news is, the showers are going to clear just in time for the end of the ceremony. one more time i want to give you a lay of the land out here. you can see a lot of giants fans, the enthusiasm, the energy, the magic is really, really wonderful out here today. and we have not even seen the players yet. stick around, more to come out here live in san francisco in just moments. back to you right now, kris and scott. >> thanks. >> yeah, haven't gotten there yet and we can barely hear. >> you know who i feel sorry for, mike. he's going to tell us all about the traffic. crickets. crickets. >> i know now why they have closed the roads in san
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francisco, because christina is putting on a show over there. over here, not much a show. notice the wet roads christina's been talking about, rain has come through the area, very light commute. let's look at the maps. the issue getting into the city was not so much the traffic flow, but the parking at most mass transit stations, caltrain, south bay, bart stations, last to have parking available at the station, pleasant hill and concord. if you can get a ride to the station, you can take bart into the city and get there, because we have a nice route set up. we're talking about the surface street congestion. market here and mission in the opposite direction, they are both closed for the duration of the parade. raj and jessica laid out the route, over towards civic center on mcallister. let's look at the animation we have, because we're talking about bart and muni during the parade, as well. obviously, the muni system doing down market on the surface is shut down for the parade, but we have bart trains, as well as
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muni trains going underground, so if you still need to get through the area, you can access embarcadero, montgomery, powell, and civic center stations. remember the celebration is at civic center, right there, but getting out of the city, you're going to have a ton of crowds flooding the streets, so take your time, pack your patience, and allow yourself to enjoy the city. guys, for now, right back to you. >> thanks, mike. go to, we have total giants coverage. information about the route that mike just went over, some of the street closures, he's posted them, as well. lots of fan photos and interviews with the players, as well. >> we are just getting started. the giants parade will begin in less than an hour, and you can see the folks there ready with their voices ready to holer. >> we saw the quick burst of rain move through this morning. anywhere from a tenth of an inch in san francisco to three quarters of an inch in the north bay mountains. when is this rainy 5:activity
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expected to move out. also, pablo sandoval, 28 years old, from venezuela. pablo was born left handed, but as we all know, he can throw right. he wanted to play short like his idol, so when he was nine, he taught himself to throw right handed. he can throw either hand, of course, is a switch hitter, as well. hey john, check it out.
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every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. yes, there they are. big cheers. time for another parade, because we've had another world series win. you're looking at live pictures on market street in san francisco. the parade will get under way at noon. we have cameras and crews every where. >> yeah, well, now let's get to
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know first baseman brandon belt. 26 years old, born in texas. in college was a pitcher, but moved to first base his junior year. in 2011, belt was given the nickname the giant giraffe, who said he looked a bit like a animal when he was tracking down a fly ball. >> belt is getting another world series ring to go with the other he got in 2012. he is now part of a very exclusive list. >> nine players on this world series team have three rings to their names, most are pitchers, showing why that position is so important, jeremy affeldt, madison bumgarner, matt cain, santiago casilla, and tim lincecum. >> javier lopez, sergio romo, buster posey, and, of course, pablo sandoval. >> panda. bob redell has been on the parade route for about seven hours now. he is live at market and pine, and what's changed since we saw you last, bob? little rainy.
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>> reporter: well, good morning to kris and scott. definitely got a crowd out here, in spite of the rain that's been on and off, people ready to put umbrellas down. we've had an umbrella city, tent city over there. a lot of people in ponchos. you look, we're probably about maybe three or four rows deep and compare that to 2012, 2010, i would definitely say maybe fewer people out here. still a strong crowd, but fewer people. all right. okay, just kidding. what time did you get out here? >> 5:00. >> reporter: 5:00, obviously got the good spot, got an umbrella? >> no, we don't. >> reporter: why did everyone come out in spite of the rain, you cool with it? another intelligent question from our reporter. parade starting in 45 minutes. you're looking down towards the ferry building on market, it will be going behind you, taking a right turn to civic center plaza, where raj and jess and a
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whole bunch of the other san francisco giants fans are at. 1:30, 1:30 to 3:00 we'll have the big show, you'll hear from madison bumgarner, hunter pence, pablo sandoval. supposed to be starting in 45 minutes. fingers crossed we've seen the worst of the rain. you can see the slickness on the streets, it has been a very, very wet out here. the first time that we've had a wet parade like this. comparing 2010 and 2012, which were very, very warm and much more crowded, i'd have to say. we have 45 minutes to go. we'll see how much bigger the crowd gets. >> it's a warm rain. doesn't matter. >> it's a victory rain is what it is. >> reporter: yes, it's a very, very warm rain. nothing makes me feel more comfortable than being in a zip lock bag with moisture. >> thank you, we'll be checking back with you. almost sort of seattle-ish if you would. russell wilson has a personal link to the world series champions. >> before seahawks practice
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yesterday, wilson told reporters he used to be roommates with madison bumgarner. the two pro athletes apparently roomed together at the east/west showcase back when wilson played baseball, along with football. wilson said he hasn't been in touch with madison bumgarner lately, but got to know him over the past few years and felt fortunate they were on the same team and never had to try to hit one of mad bum's breaking balls. another live look along the parade route here, we are going to get under way shortly, so the big question here is the weather. can we time this out correctly, and anthony slaughter is standing by with that. >> in fact, we saw the heaviest stuff come through earlier today. in fact, making its way over towards the central valley, but we have a few lingering showers across the golden gate bridge. you can see a little rain on the lens, but you may live in san jose, talking about what rain, we haven't seen anything down here yet. still cloudy, waiting on the showery activity. nothing fallen in the silicon
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valley yet. we have more showers expected to develop towards the afternoon hours. you can see just now another band beginning to push into san francisco. it's going to be light stuff. i want to zoom out south because this area here is our sub tropical tap and this is expected to move through the course of the day, so rain is still in the forecast, but good news, dry times, you'll notice gray skies across every single microclimate, morning, from the south bay, into the north bay. if you live in the south bay, wondering where's the rain, it will be here by lunchtime and towards the afternoon hours. microclimate forecast is very location oriented today because if you're doing trick or treating, here you go. we'll talk about the forecast for the parade first and you can see by 2:00, the showers are out of san francisco, but in the east bay, livermore, concord, even towards fremont, san jose, this is your turn. heavy showers by 2:00, 3:00, even 4:00, but the good news if you're doing any activities tonight, whether indoors,
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outdoors, we are expected to dry out by about 6:00 across the entire bay area, but keep an eye to the oceans. look what happens as we get back into tomorrow morning, more showers roll through and some could produce thunderstorms, maybe lightning, thunder for tomorrow morning. definitely want to make sure you're aware of that before you head to bed tonight. very active tomorrow morning with more thunderstorms rolling through. great news in all of this is we need the rain and we're getting it. look at these impressive rainfall amounts. half inch in the south bay, which would be even more in the north bay. again, sub tropical tap is going to make its way into the santa cruz mountains and south bay later this afternoon. while it's still dry in san jose, hold on, by about 2:00, 3:00, we'll see heavy stuff move through. the thing about it, all out of here by the time you're ready to trick or treat. not a bad forecast, i might say, here on this halloween. got the parade in and trick or treating, as well. we're able to dodge some of those raindrops. back to you guys. >> busy day for you guys.
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no pressure, my goodness. >> our giants victory parade continues, as well. full coverage coming up. here's live pictures from market street. and time to get to know your giants a little better. it's buster posey's turn. 27-year-old catcher was born in leesburg, georgia, and his real name is actual gerald dempsey posey iii, darling. buster has two twins, boy and girl, and get this, he is the first player ever to win rookie of the year, mvp, and three world series rings before his 28th birthday.
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and we are looking live from our chopper right now. you can see the police officers assembling, the crowd, they are nice and calm and they are getting ready to see their world series champions. the san francisco giants. >> we have full coverage throughout the day and, of course, the thing starts at noon. get to know your giants. in this case, rookie joe panik. >> the second baseman turned 24 years old yesterday. he's from hopewell junction, new york, and was drafted 29th overall in 2011. he was called up this year. he made one of the biggest plays of the year, turning an amazing double play with the flick of a wrist in game seven of the world series. janelle win is near the
11:24 am
staging area for the team and the floats, that's market and main. no rain on your head either, right? >> reporter: some drizzle started up again, but people are going to brave the rain and be out here, because the giants have another victory parade, the third in five years. it does not get old. you think it was just yesterday, it practically was. all the fans are here, excited. let's show off the fans. [ cheers and applause ] some got here before 6:00 in the morning. we have these people who drove from stockton and santa rosa. what time did you get here? >> 7:00. >> reporter: where are you from? >> stockton. we love the giants! biggest fan ever! >> reporter: what about you, who's your favorite player? >> well, i love buster posey, but i love panik, he's my boy. he's my number one.
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>> reporter: where are your ponchos, umbrella? >> we took it off, it's not raining. face it like a man. >> reporter: face it like a man. we're about six rows deep right now. it's been building up. they expect about a million people here in this area of san francisco for this giants victory parade. it's going to start where we are, then it's going to make its way down market for two miles, hang right on mcallister and on to city hall for the big celebration. as you can see, everybody's having a blast. kids of all ages, grownups, obviously, playing hooky from school and work, but who cares? it's another victory parade. kris, scott, back to you. >> all right, janelle, thank you much. >> when we come back, we continue our pre-parade coverage and we are looking live at the choppers overhead. we're going to go back to raj and jess at civic center plaza
11:26 am
for more details on this big parade. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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and welcome back. you are looking at live chopper pictures on market street, as everyone gets ready for this big parade. we're about 30 minutes away from the start. >> yeah, let's check in with raj mathai and jessica aguirre, who will be anchoring our parade coverage from civic center plaza. folks, we are giving the people at home the best seat in the house at this point. don't you think? >> for sure. >> we sure are. looks good from above in our nbc chopper, down here at civic center plaza, we are ready to go. just like we're having a big party. just a few minutes ago we were presented with some items here at our nbc platform. jessica was very excited. >> you know, there's all sorts of giants swag out here, but i think i've got my hands on what may be the premier item of the entire parade. yes, these are madison bumgarner
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undies. raj promised before the parade ends he's going to put these on for us. >> this will be a wardrobe change. >> hopefully not a malfunction. >> not undies, these are men's boxer briefs. >> really? they gave out 2,000 of these. you can't buy them. jockey made them special for this parade so they've been handing them out around the parade route. we'll see madison toward the end of the parade, in at the end with that coveted world series trophy. >> he is the big show and big underwear here at the parade. we're having fun. by the way, it is somewhat dry right now. we'll send it back to you. >> i have to say, i like the mad bum undies better than the rally thong we saw with aubrey huff a few years ago. >> good point. >> we'll take that wardrobe change. >> more discreet. >> probably so. >> we're modest people. unlike the last two parades, the rain certainly a factor today. >> no kidding, meteorologist christina loren, lots of
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umbrellas out this morning, but we're seeing not everybody has them deployed, we'll say. >> reporter: the truth is, kris and scott, the ones who have the umbrellas, you'll notice this, are the ladies, who went ahead and did their hair for this big parade, they wanted to look good for the giants, but really there's no use in it. there's no use, because it's a steady mist. you can see there's a lot going on out here. these crowds are to excited. and we've got crowds lining up the streets of san francisco. people getting up as high as they probably can to get a good look at their world champion san francisco giants. and you know what, i was actually thinking because of the rain we wouldn't have a big turnout, but people are out here, they've got their costumes on, they are excited that we are out here with them. so i can tell you right now,
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this is something that brings the entire community together. and because this is happening with a storm, this goes to show, oh, i like this crowd. goes to show how much we love our giants. let's take a look at the radar right now. steve is my photographer. we're getting a lot of love out here. isolated showers are developing, at this point some of the heavy stuff has gone through, but we're still going to see pockets of rain, heavy at times, roll over this parade. the good news is, by the time the ceremony is finished, parade is done, i can tell you things are going to start to let up, so getting home from the parade should be a lot easier than it was getting here, but doesn't look like getting here was all that much of a problem. because look at these crowds. i was out here in 2012, looks like this crowd is even bigger than it was then. so i can't even explain to you how magical this experience is.
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it goes to show you why 1 million people have all funneled to one single location today, even in the rain. anthony is going to show you trick or treat forecast. the good news is, showers let up for you and the little ones to get out there and get free candy. i have to go hop on the float. i'm a little excited about it. >> we're a little jealous. >> don't let us delay you from getting on the float, christina. we'll be right here working. >> dry. thanks, christina. it's amazing they are chanting her name, right? christina! let's give mike some love. >> great where christina is, but in the newsroom, hear how crazy it is, let me get quiet for a second. thanks, everybody. let's look over right now, more interesting, remember, market is closed, so is mission for the duration of the parade. after that parade gets done, folks are going to be flooding to get out of there. bart will be going on rush hour service all day, so that's one
11:33 am
way folks can get out of the city. if you took caltrain and want to take the express train down the length of the peninsula, that is not an option today. all trains leaving san francisco this afternoon are going to be local stops, so they are going to stop at every station along the way. it's going to take you a little longer, so relax and enjoy the memories of that awesome parade. wet roadways, so taking the rails is a great idea anyway, but the roadways are starting to look clearer now the parade has started. however, parking was at a premium this morning, so watch the areas around those stations for caltrain, especially the bart station. it's going to be completely crowded all afternoon as folks try to make their way. remember, folks, bart system is continuing to run until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning because we have the celebration for the giants, as well as halloween tonight, might be other revelers, so take your time, you can get out of the station just fine. remember also in san francisco starting tonight at 6:00 p.m., critical mass, when the bikes start out of the plaza and hit the roadways. we don't know the route, but will be a lot of congestion, as
11:34 am
well, be careful, take your time. back to you. >> mike, thank you. certainly, go to we have giants coverage, information about the parade, some of the street closures that mike's been covering, fan photos, interviews with the players, as well. now back to the breaking news that we started this newscast with. the search is on for someone who may be missing in the east bay apartment complex that partially collapsed this morning. it happened after an explosion that rocked that building around 10:00 this morning on sunnyvale avenue near north main street in walnut creek, west of interstate 680. >> jodi hernandez now there live. jodi, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: well, i'm standing on sunnyvale avenue. this is where that explosion and fire took place about an hour and a half ago. we're going to push down, and this is where it happened about a half block from where we're standing. you can see all of the fire crews still at the scene. at about 10:00 this morning, neighbors heard a huge explosion, and then a fire broke out. i'll tell you, a four-plex of an
11:35 am
apartment unit was almost completely destroyed. we're going to show you some raw video that is just now coming into our newsroom of the scene. you can see the top portion of that unit completely blown out. the entire four-plex damaged. two people, we are told, were critically injured in the explosion and fire, and witnesses tell me they were burned so badly that the explosion actually blew their clothes right off their bodies. now, i do have an eyewitness here with me, bob grossman, who came to help the victims. bob, explain and describe what you saw. >> it was an incredible explosion. one i've never heard before. the entire top level of this building was blown completely off. there were two male victims that were badly burned. also about a hundred feet to the side there was a huge fire plume that was going about 25, 30 feet
11:36 am
into the air. when i came on to the scene, there was an elderly woman down below locked in her apartment, trying to get out, but couldn't because of all the debris that had fallen from the top, so we pushed some of the debris off, got her out of there, but there was still popping and exploding. the fire was incredible. the blast, i was in my apartment about a block up the street, the blast was incredible. i mean, it shook our windows, knocked over a little furniture. it was an incredible impact. >> reporter: we have seen windows shattered, blown out up and down the street. really incredible, the impact of this. you mention the woman. were you aware of anyone else inside? we are getting reports that one person may be unaccounted for. tell me what you saw. >> when i came up on the scene, this was before the fire trucks and everybody, the debris was all over the place, the two male victims were off to the side. we saw the female victim inside, once the police got there, they
11:37 am
went around the building to see if there was anybody else that was available. we couldn't find anybody else. there were people coming out of the building with their dogs, shaken, crying, they were, you know, i don't know if there was anybody else inside the building. >> thank you so much, bob. i know it's been a scary moment for you and everybody who lives in this neighborhood. again, an explosion on sunnyvale avenue about an hour and a half ago. two people were critically injured, two men with critical burns have been taken to the hospital and one person may be unaccounted for, but again, fire personnel and emergency personnel are trying to make that determination. reporting live in walnut creek, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. more breaking news to tell you about. virgin galactic said its spaceship two space tourism rocket has created an in-flight anomaly during a test flight. this happens down in the mojave
11:38 am
desert. first responders are headed to the area. the chp says officers are responding to a report of a crash. spaceship two has been under development. spaceship one was not equipped with an ejection seat. spaceship two has two pilots. we do not know their fate at this point. we do have crews headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. and back to our parade coverage. it is so close you could almost taste it. the giants world series parade is almost ready to begin. those folks have been waiting patiently, some of them since 7:00 this morning. >> in fact, we've been seeing shower activity since about 7:40. you can see the rain, even in pacifica, more is on the way. we'll get you to the all-important trick or treating forecast after that. >> as we leave you, let's get to know madison bumgarner better. he's 25 years old. born in hickory, north carolina. fun fact, his first word was
11:39 am
"ball." >> really. >> outstanding postseason performance this year. bumgarner now has a .25 e.r.a. in world series, the lowest in major league history. before the break, let's look back at some of the memorable moments from the giants' world series run. >> and the curveball is hit high and deep to right field. it is gone! brandon crawford silences the crowd. >> belt with a drive hammered to deep right field, and that one is gone! >> into the opposite field, pence back at the wall and makes the catch! 2-1. bounces away, here's panik with the go-ahead run! >> that's hammered into left. morse off the bench, tie game!
11:40 am
>> deep into right field, way back there, it's gone! a home run! for the game and the pennant! >> broken bat base hit into right. one run scores. pence will go to third. >> popped up. sandoval in foul territory, giants win! a world series win for the san francisco giants! for the third time in the last five years. and their hero, madison bumgarner.
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and welcome back to you, as we see live chopper shots of the folks lining the streets, as we get so close to this victory parade, the third one. >> terry mcsweeney has a unique vantage point. he can see where the parade starts and ends. >> he's live at the corner of market and mcallister. that's a cool spot.
11:44 am
>> reporter: yeah, right here on market street, standing in the middle of the street. the people you really want to see are going to be coming up from down there. buses passing by, they are getting a round of applause. people are ready to cheer something. buses get a round of applause. the department of public works have gotten a round of applause. imagine when it's like when the giants make it up market street. giving you a 360-degree view what it's like here at market and mcallister. some people spent the night sleeping on the sidewalk, yes, i saw them. they were relaxing, making sure they had the front row seat. as you can see, they are psyched up. they'll cheer anything, including their own image on television. it is light rain right now, call it a mist. it was a deluge for about five minutes, about 8:00 this morning. it's been very, very reasonable since then. the people out here from all over the bay area, and they are
11:45 am
all wanting to scream go giants. in fact, at times all of a sudden out of nowhere, breaks out the let's go giants chant. san francisco police pickup truck was delivering sandwiches to officers who have been out here for hours and he got a standing ovation, screaming ovation, they want to let it loose, and this fan base is psyched. might be the third one in five years, but it is still world championship. i think some of these people out here really appreciate how truly rare that is, even though it doesn't seem very rare in san francisco over the past few years. light rain, sky getting lighter. they are ready for their giants. >> terry mcsweeney, thank you. yes, these people need a parade. they are cheering sandwiches, 15 minutes, 15 minutes. >> some sandwiches in san francisco are worthy of applause. these folks dressed in their ponchos. some have shed them already,
11:46 am
says it's swampy because it's a nice warm rain. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with the forecast for those folk and for you as you head out for trick or treating later. >> you can see from our live images we are seeing a bit of a break, mist at times. that's what we're finding now in san francisco. heavy rain pushed out of the bay area, but we do have another batch we're tracking to the south. in fact, making its way into santa cruz, towards monterey. this is heading towards the south bay. showery activity will make its way to san jose, gilroy, and hollister over the next hour or so. rainfall totals haven't been that impressive, but we're not done just yet. san francisco, tenth of an inch, north bay, more than half an inch, the north bay the big winner here so far because we have another round of rain to get through towards the afternoon hours, especially for the south bay, where you can see the skies are starting to turn darker and that's the activity we're tracking. showers from the peninsula,
11:47 am
through the north bay today, and we're going to stay looking at gray skies all day long. it's not until 5:00 or 6:00 when our skies do start to clear, but wouldn't you know that's when the sun starts to go down. let's put the future cast into motion. this is noon, i want to show you what san francisco is looking like. again, light activity. nothing too heavy. the heavy stuff stays east of san francisco for the rest of the day, down towards livermore, fremont, even san jose, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, then by 5:00 and 6:00 we're done with all of this activity and another round of rain is expected to move through overnight with a potential for lightning and thunder as you sleep and if you're doing any partying late at night, definitely want to make sure you're taking it easy because we can be looking at localized flooding and locations with the heavy rain expected, half inch in san jose is what we're estimating for this rainfall. even san francisco, only about a tenth of an inch right now, more is expected, as i said, as we come towards the afternoon and evening hours and even through tomorrow morning, we are expecting another shot of rain. what's that mean for your trick or treating forecast?
11:48 am
here we go, little lingering activity for 5:00, but 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and after, mainly cloudy skies. after midnight, keep in mind, we will be talking about more showery activity that will linger through tomorrow. if you have the day off tomorrow, winter storm warnings posted for tahoe. if you're staying local, more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. we're not done just yet. guys, back to you. we're not done either, we're 12 minutes from a big parade. giants getting ready to head down market street for the victory parade. >> where the fans are cheering for anything, even sandwiches. take a moment to get to know one of the bay area's own, bran bran, 27-year-old shortstop born in mountain view. his grand slam against the pirates in the wild card game was the first ever grand slam by a shortstop in a postseason game.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
and we are looking live at the parade route for the san francisco giants third world series parade in five years. we're starting to get used to it. >> we've got all kinds of people in all kinds of places. we're going to have great coverage. in the meantime, let's get to know your giants. hunter pence, pence was born in fort worth, texas, he's 31. played with the astros and phillies, of course, just last year diagnosed with a disorder that usually develops during childhood. >> i did not know that. bob redell has been on the parade route for seven hours now. he is live at market and pine. hopefully, someone's giving you a sandwich, my friend. >> reporter: yeah, we got a good spot here. good morning to you, kris and scott. i wanted you to take a look at these. these are planted throughout the parade route, confetti guns, they have about 225 pounds of confetti in these boxes right
11:52 am
here. if you add it up, they'll have three quarters of a ton across these wet streets. i'm trying to envision who's got that job to pick up the world's biggest spit balls. buster posey fan? >> i'm a panda fan! >> reporter: i can't read! why panda? >> double play on game seven. yeah, world series under your belt, you're good now. >> reporter: this is your birthday? >> no, game seven was on my birthday. >> reporter: okay, well, happy birthday, congratulations. you, obviously, brought some good luck. of course, the typical -- i was hoping for a grapefruit, but a banana does good. appreciate that. what time did you get out here? >> 5:00. >> reporter: we talk to you earlier this morning. >> you're bob? >> reporter: yeah. coming out early, long ride home, dealing with the rain, you
11:53 am
still come out, why? >> we're all faithful fans like everybody else that are here and we support the giants and the community. >> reporter: i'm trying to get a gauge, if you think about 2010, 2012, crowds then, what do you think, little less? >> little less, because i feel the weather. they knew about it ahead of time. >> reporter: done the other two, with respect thinking about it. >> not us, we'll come out rain or shine. >> reporter: thanks, guys, appreciate it. parade's going to be starting in about ten minutes. it will be coming from that position where the camera is at, going down that road right here. you can see it's still crowded out here. i don't want to diminish the fact there aren't people out here, but i remember last year, sorry, 2012 and 2010 was really all the way back to the building. you had more people on the street. with the rain, probably more difficult. if you look down this way, you definitely -- i'm going to say at least 1,000 people here, call me crazy. >> maybe a thousand. bob redell, we'll continue to cover this parade. maybe fewer people, but these are the real fans.
11:54 am
>> that's right. rain or shine. no matter what. still to come, we are counting down to the minutes from the parade. we'll be live from one of our other cameras, we have 12 locations staked out up and down the parade route. we have reporters out there, our anchors out there. we'll bring it to you all live.
11:55 am
11:56 am
welcome back. >> yeah, this is exciting.
11:57 am
these are live pictures off market street. world champs, you bet ya. we are seeing some ponchos, but no umbrellas, and a lot of vuvuzelas and cheering, as everybody now just minutes away. they can feel the excitement. >> yeah, there are a number of other locations we're covering. this one from civic center plaza, where the big celebration is going to end with the presentation and all of the speeches. google glass there. hi there, sir. and we know that some of our folks, local folks, our family are on a float, as well. laura garcia-cannon just tweeted out a picture of her with her triplets, and they say that the wheels are moving, so the parade is just about ready to start. >> you heard it here first. we'll have full coverage of this parade, just stick around. you've got nowhere to go. we'll go straight into the coverage with raj and jessica.
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