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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, it is down to the wire for the two mayoral candidates in san jose. the one issue that could decide who will be the next mayor of the third largest city in california. and on her own terms. a terminally ill woman from the bay area takes her own life. how her decision is resparking the debate on a person's right to die. plus, a concert in the east bay turns deadly. the student death that has shocked a campus at uc berkeley. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. students at uc berkeley are mourning the loss of a talented young student.
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zack rack bradley was just 20 years old. he died after a fall at a concert in oakland halloween night. christie smith is live on campus. what are the studenting saying about all this? >> reporter: as you can imagine, students are stunned and saddened by this. they say a lot of cal students went to that concert and seemed to have a good time on halloween night. now they're struggling to understand how a young man with such a bright future is gone. friends describe zachary bradley as nice, fun, and intelligent. his facebook page shows a smiling uc berkeley student from arizona. on halloween night, the 20-year-old attended a concert at oracle arena in oakland. >> there were a lot of cal students. >> reporter: hanna did not know him, but went to the concert too. a you tuberculosis video. she and her friend were leaving when they noticed something unusual. >> we were like trying to find the driver, basically. we were in the parking lot where we heard all the police cars.
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>> reporter: a statement from the arena and promoter says the coroner report says he fell more than 20 feet from an elevated and restricted area behind the stage. he was found unconscious. today on campus, word of the tragedy was circulating. >> anywhere from this student club. and we were talking about today. and our other knew him and she was telling us how sad it was because she saw him a few days ago. >> reporter: near campus, his fraternity brothers asked for privacy at this time. but some noted he played a number of instruments, spoke spanish and wanted to be a doctor. he chose to take the more challenging courses. >> i feel bad for them, for family. >> reporter: now this evening, one fraternity brother referred us to an obituary that was in the daily calculate tonight for some comments and reflection from other fraternity brothers. but they did say that they would be working on their own statement to release to the public as well. reporting live at uc berkeley,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. brittany maynard, the san francisco woman who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and became a right to die advocate has died. this is the latest photo posted by her family. maynard took her own life on saturday. she said that she did not want to die. but if she was going to, she wanted to do it on her own terms. in order to do so, maynard's entire family moved to oregon where death with dignity city legal. during her ordeal, the 29-year-old advocated for a patient's right to die. >> so the worst thing that could happen to me is that i wait too long. because i am trying to seize each day. but i somehow have my autonomy taken away from me by my disease because of the nature of my cancer. >> now that is part of maynard's video that really touched a lot of people across the country that story eventually went viral through her website and her videos. now for more details, brittany maynard's death is resparking the debate over a person's right
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to die here in california. voters last considered right to die legislation in 2007. that failed. now compassionate choices, a group that worked with brittany, is pushing a new campaign, all to authorize death with dignity in california. right now only five states in the country have death with dignity on their book. oregon, vermont and new mexico. 70% of americans do support allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives by some painless means. turning to decision 2014. the countdown son to election day with the race for san jose mayor really heating up now. the two candidates hit the campaign trail very hard today. nbc bay area's marianne favro is here with the hot button issue. the candidates are focusing on. marianne? >> well, terry, public safety is the critical issue in this mayoral race. both candidates have distinct views on how to reduce crime in san jose. and today they reached out to voters in person to explain how
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they plan to tackle the problem. >> i would hope you consider voting for -- >> reporter: dialing for votes. at dave cortese's campaign headquarters, volunteer made last-minute phone calls to get the vote out. sam liccardo's team also worked the phones and passed out his book, while the candidates themselves toured neighborhoods, reaching out in person to voters. >> we've been knocking on doors, gathering at people's homes. >> knocking on doors, making phone calls foompbltd me, it's been about visiting large congregations in churches, in community centers. >> reporter: with just two days left until voters elect san jose's new mayor, the campaign trail is heating up with the focus on one hot button issue. >> in san jose, of course, the crime is the issue too. this goes back to measure b from two years ago. that was that rather radical reform measure that made it much more difficult in terms for retirement for public safeties and disability. >> reporter: cortese says he
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will be a champion for change. >> the status quo right now has been the escalating crime rate over the past few years. over 400 officers, police officers that have been again over the past five years since i've been gone from the city council. fire response times that haven't been met in 19 of the last 26 months. and i think people are tired of bickering. they're tired of excuses. >> i stand for pushing this city forward. our voting overwhelmingly wanted pension reform by 70%. i want to ensure that we move forward with fiscal and pension reform so that we can restore services and improve safety in the city. >> reporter: liccardo says if elected he will concentrate on broadening job opportunities in san jose, while cortese says he will work to help the homeless. analysts predict it will be a very close race. one that will change the balance of power at san jose's city hall. tonight liccardo met with voters at gatherings in homes while cortese went to several churches to meet with congregations.
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both men say they are preparing for a close race. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you so much. the other race that is being closely watched here in the bay area and also across the country is a contest for california's 17th congressional district. newcomer ro khanna is taking on incumbent mike honda. both have big name backers. honda has the support of president obama. meanwhile, governor jerry brown and nancy pelosi also supporting him. khanna is backed by gavin newsom, chuck reed and the heads of several silicon valley companies such as facebook and google. our election coverage continues on click on the decision 2014 button. you'll find that right there at the top of the page. we do have all the latest candidates and ballot measure there's. we'll also keep you up to date on the election results on tuesday night. once again, that's at the former dublin chp officer behind the cell phone photo theft scandal is turning himself in tomorrow.
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that's according to his attorney. shawn harrington faces two counts for allegedly forwarding the if photos of the women to his phone and sharing them with colleagues. a possible third victim has now come forward. he resigned from the chp on wednesday. a violent night in oakland leaves one person dead and three injured in two separate shootings. the homicide happened about 8:00 last night. officers found 26 years terri webster -- terryl rucker outside. less than five hours later, a second shooting in the 3300 block of foothill boulevard. that one left three people injured. in all three taken to hospitals in stable condition. police say the victims know the suspects. so far, no arrest. well, fox and friends more like friendless. that might be how a santa cruz man felt after being attacked
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just for wearing a fox news anchor costume. this happened in santa cruz. shawn corey was arrested after he told the victim that he hated fox news. he then sold the victim's microphone prop, part of his costume and start aid tacking him with a tennis racquet. the victim was not hurt in the attack. controversial piece of equipment could soon become standard issue for some bay area police officers. tomorrow they'll consider a resolution for body worn cameras for the entire police force. they do increase transparency in the work that officers do. grant money would be used to cover the 40 to $60,000 expense. now to your microclimate forecast. take a live look outside. san jose on the left. you can't see much. a lot of darkness there. golden date -- no, san francisco there on your right. there is a change coming this week. we had the rain. we need some more. probably not going to get it, are we? >> no. unfortunately. we had a early nice start to
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november with the rain yesterday. now the storm clouds have moved on. behind it we're seeing very chilly air out there. a view of the east bay microclimate. we're already in the mid-40s, close to livermore and pleasanton. about 57 in the hills there around hayward. alamo about 49 degrees. and as you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll continue to see these temperatures drop close to 40 degrees. in snap pa for tomorrow morning. 47 in san jose. so 40s to start. the rain has moved on. in its place temperatures soaring close to 80 degrees. we'll look at the changes head in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. coming up next, two california families struggling with tragedy after a halloween accident. three teenaged girls while trick or treating. who police have now arrested. he was a friend and a colleague to, you know, to all of us. >> and fellow pilots remember
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the man killed when virgin galactic's spaceship went down. what investigators think caused that crash. plus, more relief at the pumps. the shockingly low price that you can find for a gallon of gas. haven't seen this in a while.
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new details in a halloween hit-and-run crash that killed three girls. tonight we're learning that five people have been arrested in southern california, santa ana police say they do plan to release more information about the suspects tomorrow. all three of the girls that were killed were 13 years old. two of them were twin sisters. families are mourning the girls tonight after they took solace in hearing that the news that the suspects were in custody. >> but they're happy that the people who did this, you know, just left them there as if they were nothing, they're finally if custody and they have to answer to justice. that brings such a sigh of relief. not just to my parents, not just to the twins' family. just to the whole community. >> investigators say the girls were trick or treating when they were struck by a honda crv in a crosswalk. the driver took off after hitting the girls, eventually ditching the car and took off on foot. investigators are trying to
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piece together what caused the deadly crash of virgin galactic's commercial space plane. tonight the ntsb has new details about what went wrong. investigator says a so-called feathering function designed to help the plane descend deployed early during the crash. nbc's jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: scattered across the mojave desert tonight there are thousands of pieces of composite material that once embodied the space tourism dream. after two days, all the ntsb investigator could say for certain the space plane did break away during flight. >> the fact that they were testing a new fuel mixture have anything to do with the breakup? >> we're certainly looking into that. we know they had engine instabilities. we know there were issues with the engines and that's certainly something we're looking into. >> reporter: what makes this investigation so different is the incredible amount of data the ntsb has access to because that was a test flight. including six cameras on board, another three on the mother ship, another on a chase plane.
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and a range camera following their every move. also critical to the investigation will be the interview of the surviving pilot, peter siebalt who is recovering after surgery. the plane's copilot, 39-year-old father of two, michael allsbury did not make it. >> he was a friend and a colleague to, you know, to all of us. >> reporter: brian binney flew with both pilots and for more than a decade worked alongside alsbury. >> whatever he did, he seemed to do with good cheer and without ever tiring. >> reporter: for at least the next several months, the ntsb and faa will work with virgin galactic and scaled composites to analyze debris and data. the ntsb will take at least several additional months to consider recommendations for future suborbital space flights. >> if we see issues in the course of the year that need
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immediate attention, then we wouldn't wait for the completion of the report. we with issue immediate recommendations to say this needs urgent attention. do it right now. . that was jacob rascon reporting. virgin galactic issues a statement that said our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families an friends of these brave men. now is the time to focus on all those affected by this tragic accident and to work with the experts at the ntsb to get to the bottom of what happened on that tragic day. and to learn from it so that we can move forward safely with this important mission. napa quake victims are finally getting the one-on-one help they need when it comes to getting their federal aid. fema opened a disaster center to assist residents with their application process. officials are urging people to immediately register with fema. it's the only way to start the federal aid assistance application. >> they should get registered right now. as soon as -- i mean, it's sunday. you can do it anyway.
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>> you can also register online at disaster the center will be open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to help people with questions about federal assistance. fill her up and for less. gas prices continue to drop across the nation and right here in the bay area, it's fairly easy to find gas for under three bucks. but check this out. how about 2.84. $2.84. it's been a long time. the average price is higher, though, $3.28 in san jose. $3.34 in oakland. $3.46 in san francisco. prices across the nation are dropping as well because of lower oil prices. one place you won't find dropping prices the housing market. pushed up prices for a lot of bay area markets. bay area realtors say the amount paid for per foot reached new records in more than a third of
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the 155 bay area zip codes. >> wow. i don't doubt that as all. we are just two days into november, some folks are getting a taste of what may be in store for this win it ever. take act loot maine. heavy, wet snow weighing down trees. it brought snow for the patriots and broncos game in massachusetts. here in california, the sierra also hit with snow. >> first snowfall is always the hardest because it hits the fastest. a lot of people are unaware and don't know what to do. >> now in tennessee this weekend's snowfall is setting new records with heavy snow at the great smoky mountains national park. north carolina and georgia are also recording their earliest snowfall on record. pretty amazing to look at there. >> and we have the shot of the snow up in the sierra. and it looks so good and so promising. >> and that was with about it. >> that was about it. >> can't get too excited. >> rob mayeda with the
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microclimate. >> the blast of snow. we had about 10 inches of fresh powder above 6,000 feet in the sierra. now things are drying out. if you're going to head to the northeast tomorrow, we're seeing that rather large storm system now moving away from new england, heading off into the north atlantic. flight delays shouldn't be too much of a problem. still windy in the northeast. the storm is starting to move on. around the bay area, it's starting to feel more like fall out there. 45 degrees now. in napa, 49. in san jose, on our way perhaps into the north bay valley, upper 30s and low 40s to wake up to tomorrow morning. now we may see some patchy fog. also inland out towards contra costa county tomorrow morning. notice mt. hamilton. we had recent rain. what typically happens is you get temperatures to cool. they hit the dew point. they create the low level clouds. a little bit of that around the south bay this morning. during the afternoon north wind. a cool day and still fog-free looking from mount hamilton back into san jose. tomorrow morning bundle up. mostly 40s around the bay area, including close to oakland and
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san francisco. may even get into the upper 40s tomorrow morning. low 40s around those north bay and east bay valleys. for the afternoon high clouds passing by. temperatures 60s to low 70s tomorrow. and from here things are going to be warming up. you see there it in the seven-day forecast at the bill of the screen. temperatures climbing now. normally as we get into november, november, december, all the way through march, this is the time of year normally every three to four days we should see some rain producing storm coming into the bay area. as you'll notice here, this is typically for san francisco, the average rainfall begins to throttle up, beginning this month. we certainly had a nice wet start to the weekend. it did include snow for the sierra. but the long-range forecast now going out to the next seven to ten days is going to keep that storm track precisely where it is right now, seattle and portland. the pacific northwest getting a lot of rain. and just occasionally, we could see a few high clouds coming in from time to time. maybe the best bet would be on thursday. that's going to increase the sea breeze, cool us off a little bit with high cloud. look at that. no chance of any rain in the
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forecast. all the way into next weekend. so temperatures will be climbing as we head through the middle part of the week and staying mild as we enter next weekend. tomorrow near 70 in san jose, despite the chilly start to the morning and a few high clouds passing by. san francisco upper 60s tomorrow. should see the temperatures climbing quite a bit around san francisco for the middle part of the week. and the warmest spot around the bay area tomorrow. very likely out towards sonoma and santa rosa. you'll see the highs in the mid-70s. notice the five-day trend. warmest days of the week wednesday into thursday. close to 80 in is about rosa. now towards livermore. and san jose also seeing the numbers climbing into tupper 70s. maybe some low 80s south of downtown san jose for wednesday. and then turning a bit cooler. but just high clouds coming your way at the storm systems missing us. and entering the pacific northwest as we head towards next saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right, rob. thank you so much. well, coming up. don't look down. >> the amazing death-defying stunt performed not once, but twice. way up, man.
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>> oh, boy. >> way up high over chicago.
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wow. whatever you did tonight, it probably doesn't come pair who
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what nik wallenda did with his heart pountding stunt. 35-year-old-year-old aerialist walked between two skyscrapers above the chicago river are. the wires extended at a record-breaking 15-degree incline, like walking up eight stories. apparently that wasn't enough. after his first successful walk across, went a second time, this time blindfolded. >> well, that's just showing off. >> i got to tell you something. the wallendas never have anything below them that would save their lives. that's just the way they are. and it's just -- >> and in chicago. so very windy. look at this twice. >> he ace got the gopro on him. it's something looking down just from his gopro. >> perhaps not as risky, but still a great time skating. a sure sign the holiday are just around the corner. it's time to lace up the skates and head over to the ice rink in san francisco's union square. the rink opens wednesday in the middle of the most popular shopping destination. a portion of the ticket proceeds
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go to the boys and girls clubs. the recreation and parks department that ice rink is open through mid-january. >> you want it open until july because you're a skater. >> i would like that. these are niner fans making dreams come true with today's field of jeans event at levi's stadium. le levi's and good will partnering up. fans were asked to donate all types of denim to keep it out of the landfill and get it in the hands of people who need it. fans have donated more than 15,000 pair of jeans to good will. the drive more successful than niners today. >> i'm sure we all have a few pairs of sequence in the closet, you know. get rid of those. still to come tonight -- >> do you feel trapped? >> yes, i feel i'm trapped. >> trapped in a body shop with no way out. tonight we investigate silicon valley's dark labor secrets. a system that some say leaves high-tech workers trapped like indentured servants.
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some call it the dark secret of silicon valley. highly educated foreign workers being treated like indentured servants. a queer-long investigation by the center for investigative reporting exposed the reality that few people knew existed. stephen stock reveals a system of underground labor. >> the companies involve ready almost all consulting firms. third party businesses that contract out foreign workers to major high-tech firms. we discovered that some these companies are not playing by the rules. those companies are often called body shops. body shops that leave highly
11:30 pm
educated employees without work, little money, trapped in their pursuit of the american dream. >> stock trading near all-time highs. >> technology is one of the things that is driving the economy around the world. >> reporter: what drives that technology are thousands of foreign workers who come here every year, contributing labor to a $197 billion economy. >> they can make profit only by paying less to their employees. >> reporter: this man left his home in india a decade ago to follow his dream here in the silicon valley. >> i work for them probably seven or eight of them. >> reporter: seven or eight consulting firms. what he calls body shops. >> body shops have a specific business motto. they make profit by having cheap labor. >> reporter: he fears for his safety and his future. that's why he asked that we change his appearance and give him a false name. at his request, we will call him
11:31 pm
rajeesh. do you feel trapped? >> there are times when i'm trapped and there are times, yeah. yes, i feel i am trapped. >> reporter: under the law, a company can bring highly edge caded, highly specialized foreign workers to the united states by using an h-1b visa. since 2008 more than 1.3 million visas have been given out. in 2012, according to the federal government, 59% of those visa petitions went to computer-related occupations. while many companies that use h-1bs play by the rules, a year-long joint investigation by the nbc bay area and the center for investigative reporting uncovered numerous examples of customers taking advantage of the foreign workers and breaking federal law in the process. >> an indentured servant is a pretty accurate term. because in many places that's exactly what is going on. >> reporter: philip and his law
11:32 pm
partner have heard stories and represented workers from body shops for years. >> they may not even have a job, which is a misrepresentation of the h-1b visa. >> reporter: federal law requires that companies that bring workers over on h-1b visas already have jobs lined up for them. it also requires that the companies foot the bill for visa, attorney, and document fees. but we found dozens of cases where those rules were ignored or broken. leaving foreign workers who thought they had jobs now in the u.s. still legally, broke, and unemployed. we tracked various criminal and civil cases involving consulting companies or their executives in u.s. district court and state courts around the country. in total, these court filings involved more than 600 fraudulent h-1b visas and tet turners, at least the cases we looked into, an outfit called silicon valley sistek. >> a lawsuit against silicon
11:33 pm
valley systech refused to pay them and did not have jobs for the workers when they arrived here. court filings show the company denied the allegations. but midway through the lawsuit, the company went out of business. the workers left with nothing. >> essentially when they got here, there was nothing for them. >> reporter: it's called benching workers. once the workers get here, they find there is no work and often they are told to go find their own jobs. under h-1b rules, that's illegal. but we find it happens again and again. >> they didn't have jobs lined up for any of their employees. certainly nothing at the levels that they had promised them. and essentially, they dumped them into the guest house. >> reporter: a guest house. what this lawsuit, interviews with former h-1b workers and this research all describe as a small apartment or house where as many as eight to ten workers live at once. sometimes those workers pay the body shop rent to live there, and are told never to leave
11:34 pm
except to go to work. >> we are placing you in the guesthouse. until you get the job you have to stay in the guesthouse. you cannot go out to walk, even for a walk. >> reporter: this worker asked to remain anonymous because he fears for his future job prospects by speak out now. he stayed in guest houses for several months. my family is in india. i have a 6-month-old baby. and my family is in india. i want to see my son. >> this body shop could cancel your visa and send you back to india at any time. >> yeah, the rights for the employer. >> reporter: and that scares you? >> that scarce me. >> reporter: the worker says the body shop he worked for kept up to 30% of his $60 an hour salary for expenses and taxes. that's a loss in his salary of about $35,000 a year. but they did charge you? >> they did charge me. >> reporter: how much did they charge you? >> $2,300. you pay the company to get you an h-1b visa.
11:35 pm
>> yes. i did not have any money. >> the room for abuse is there definitely. >> reporter: dr. aneesh aneesh, a sociology researcher at the university of wisconsin milwaukee has studied h-1b visas and body shops for years. aneesh says as long as consulting firms play by the rules, their existence is critical for large high-tech companies to operate efficiently. >> it's a very flexible kind of labor regime much of the time they are placing very skilled people with the needy firms in the u.s. >> reporter: as for workers like rajeesh, he says he just wants a fair playing field for all courageous enough to pursue their american dreams. how widespread is this? >> it's all over the country. i can't list a specific state where it's not happening. it's across the country. >> reporter: so who is at fault here? experts say current federal law as it's designed allows for this abuse by some companies. and those experts want congress and the u.s. labor department to
11:36 pm
change those rules before more people get trapped in a body shop. you can read more about all of this. plus find a link to the center for investigative reporting's article on our website, just go to i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> stefphen, thank you. uf you have a tip, give us a call. you can also send us an e-mail to microsoft co-founder and philanthropist bill gates and his wife are joining the fight against ebola. the couple pledged $50 million to help contain the virus. and for research on treatments, tests, and vaccines. gates says the recent ebola outbreak revealed flaws in our own system. he made the comment to disease researchers at a conference in new orleans tonight. now to decision 2014. the latest poll and a lot of
11:37 pm
good news for republicans leading up to tuesday's midterm elections. the gop needs to gain just six seats to gain droll of the senate. candidates are spending the final hours stumping for votes, they're asking the president to stay away from the most important races. election expert says it's because of the president's sinking approval rating. his unpopularity made apparent in president as the people protested the president's lack of action on immigration. >> and you need to go protest the republicans. because i'm not the one blocking it. >> control of the senate may not be decided on election night. louisiana and georgia will be forced to hold runoff election franchise no candidate gains 50% of the vote. a bittersweet moment, but also a dream come true. a terminally ill young woman got to finally play at a college basketball game. lauren hill has an inoperable brain tumor. she just has a few weeks to live. she hoped to take to the court
11:38 pm
once while she still could play. she scored the first points of the game and was mobbed by teammates afterwards. >> it was so thrilling to get there and be able to put my foot down and just feel the roar of the crowd and the vibration on the floorboards. and i just love -- i love it so much. i love basketball. and it's really kind of sad when i can't play. >> remarkable young woman. well, the game has moved to a larger location so it could fit the sold out crowd of more than 10,000 fans there. >> wow. >> to cheer her on. a real incredible moment for her. >> it puts all the rest of the sports of the day in perspective. >> that's absolutely true. coming up next, we will talk a bit about sports. especially the 49ers. how the rams went down to the wire. >> the controversial play that decided the game is coming up in sports.
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
checking in now, we always get excited when henry sheer. he pumps things up a little bit, gets us excited talking about sports. >> i think he is going to take this day in sports which wasn't the best. >> he is going to turn it around. >> henry, the pressure is on. >> the glass is always half full, terry and peggy. let's get to work. san francisco claimed the world series trophy. but fans in the bay area are far from being satisfied. many are hoping the niners can get their hands on the lombardi trophy this season. colin kaepernick was trying to lead his teammates past the rams today. take a look at this. they were butting heads. speaking of heads, bruce bochy and brian sabean were at levi's stadium for the game. down three with under a minute left. first and goal. colin kaepernick hits michael crabtree on the goal line.
11:41 pm
he is ruled down at the 1. third and goal. nine seconds left. kap tries to sneak it in, and he fumbles. the ref says yes, the rams recovered it. they would review it. it looked like kap lost it and regained possession and lost it again. nonetheless, the call stands. rams ball, 49ers lose a tough one, 13-10. >> the ball came out. i held on to it. . >> did you cross the line with it? >> i know i crossed the line. >> looks like there might have been a little bobble, snap. >> yeah, but regardless. >> i had a real good view of it. they said take stands. that was the explanation. we didn't have enough good football to win the game. and now we have to suck it up. that's a tough loss. >> tough loss by the niners. raiders meanwhile in seattle taking on the super bowl champion seahawks and their 12th
11:42 pm
man. late second quarter, 17-3, seattle. marshawn lynch goes into beast mode. his second td of the game. a little bit later, third quarter on fourth and goal. yes, derek carr finds mychal rivera. raiders putting up a fight. seven-point game. the seahawks says not this time. carr rolls out. lofts it. and yes, rivera gets back into the mix of it. but the onside kick was not going to happen for the silver and black. they come up short after trailing 24-3. they lose 30-24. >> it's definitely different, you know, but it wasn't anything that we didn't handle well. i thought we got in and out of the huddle good. that's one of the points of emphasis that you have to do here. you got to get in and out of the huddle quick. i thought we did a great job of that all night, making the calls quick that way when the noise comes in, it can be a factor if you let it. but i thought we did a great job of hadn'tling it.
11:43 pm
warriors in a tight one tonight. fourth quarter, blazers up one. klay thompson says out of my way as he threes down that dunk. that was nasty. everyone was going crazy. tied at 88. lamarcus aldridge drops the fadeaway. blazers inbounding. one up. the ball rolls out of play. what happened? no, it's not out on the warriors. it was the blazers. the warriors get one more shot. klay doesn't play anymore. yes. solid player after scoring 41. he follows the night up with 29. and the warriors win, 95-90. also, "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that the a's will most likely not offer free agent jed lowry a qualifying offer to stay in oakland for one more year. he has been with the green and gold or the two seasons. but he batted just .249 with six homers last season. terry and peggy, you know that
11:44 pm
big dunk by clay tomklay thomps? that's the way i used to get dunked on back this the day. >> why bother jumping, you know? >> yeah, it hurt. the landing is caned of hard when you jump that high. so i don't jump that high anymore. bad knees. >> all right, henry. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
take a look at this on hawaii's big island. lava threatening the road to the small town of pahoa.
11:47 pm
the community there, they're not waiting around for a miracle. another road right now is under construction already. that's in case the lava actually blocks off the main route into town. tonight at least 40 homes are still under evacuation orders. a school potentially in the lava's path is closed. the potentially toxic smoke is also causing a lot of health concerns. >> you know, the air quality might get to a point where it might not be so good. but afterwards, the air will clear. we'll reopen. >> and that optimism is really echoed throughout the entire community. businesses are taking advantage of the sudden burst in tourism over mother nature's fireworks. as they deal with scientists' predictions who say the lava flow may last for a week or possibly even years. meteorologist rob mayeda now with the microclimate forecast. we had a dose of rain. >> it was so nice. >> it was. it looks like the weekend did finish on a dry note. it's going stay that way for a while. we've got some clear skies. and dryer air has moved in. down to 45 degrees already in
11:48 pm
napa. you can see some of the east bay temperatures right now in microclimate data network. 48 in alamo. and outwards brentwood 49. tomorrow morning most of the bay area in the 40s. maybe some upper 30s in some of those wind sheltered valleys of the north bay. right now winds trying to turn slightly offshore. we have to watch this pattern now out towards livermore and con court and fairfield. if we get any of that fog to form in the central valley, sometimes that drifts to the west and can lead to some cooler afternoon temperatures versus let's say the south bay or the rest of the bay. right now not much in the way of fog expected tomorrow morning. chilly temperatures. mostly 40s for the morning. we'll see high clouds passing by from north to south. and for the afternoon highs in the 60s and 70s. and looks like from here, the morn also be chilly. the afternoons are going to get progressively warmer. as high pressure begins to build in, this will push the storm track way up to the north here
11:49 pm
and just give us high clouds at times. and temperatures will continue to climb to the middle part of the week as this high strengthens towards wednesday. we will see temperatures approaching 80 degrees, as you see there in the middle of your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. and unfortunately, even though this week started out promising, the seven-day forecast heading all the way into next weekend keeps the storm track to the north. only maybe northern mendocino county will have a chance of seeing showers with increasing high clouds. temperatures tomorrow near 70 in san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco. mid-70s around the north bay. and low 70s out towards the tri-valley. the trend for the middle part will be warming things up. even morning temperatures will climb a few degrees. 80s in reach for the north bay and east bay valleys and areas south of san jose by wednesday. back to you. >> rob, thanks very much. you know how many cell phones we collect, we confiscate in prison? and i said no. >> and then he swung into action. >> coming up, we'll tell you
11:50 pm
what this deputy district attorney did with those confiscated phones that will make you bay area proud.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
turning contraband into contributions is what one south bay prosecutor is doing to help victims of violent crimes. >> and it's a creative idea that he says got a boost from his brother. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: at its heart, this is the story of the evolution of an attorney. johnny gogo says he started law school, he was just thinking about making money, but soon became passionate about justice. and clearly compassion as well. in a culture captivated by the latest smart phones, there aren't many who are genuinely excited about getting their hands on a not so smart device. but donna nolton is. >> absolutely. >> she is director for next door solutions to domestic violence.
11:53 pm
where for years they've been asking people to donate old cell phones, which next door then turns into cash to help fund their work. they appreciate all donations. still, one recent gift stood out. not only the size, but the source. >> so when particularly a man walks in and he has a creative way to raise funds, raise awareness, i'm going to do something, it's very exciting for us. >> good morning, joran. johnny gogo appearing on behalf of the people. >> reporter: the man in this case is johnny gogo, long-time santa clara deputy district attorney. johnny says he joined the d.a.'s office in 1999, prepared to do one thing, put away the bad guys. >> no more than three witnesses. >> reporter: what johnny says he learned on the job, though, was there was more to prosecution than just the perpetrators. >> when you're assigned an individual case, you have real-life victims. >> reporter: johnny found
11:54 pm
himself wanting to do more than just what he could within the walls of a courtroom. so when he heard of next door and the cell phone donation program, he started asking friends to help. johnny got a few. but then he mentioned the idea to his brother, a correctional officer. >> he said bro, do you know how many cell phones we collect, we confiscate in prison? >> reporter: it turns out cell phones in prison are a big problem. smuggled in or sometimes just thrown over prison walls, they are valuable on the inside. but seemingly useless once confiscated. so johnny made some calls. and now for the second time, has gotten his hand on hundreds of cell phones. and there are still more coming in. >> i'm filled with pride that we can gather up so many cell phones and help next door solutions in the work that they do. >> reporter: what makes these donations each more meaningful to the people in next door
11:55 pm
solutions is that some of the very cell phones they are making money off of were likely confiscated from people convicted of domestic violence crimes. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> we'll be right back. over 20 million kids everyday in our country
11:56 pm
lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy, affordable, kid-inspired, chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve.
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working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working. this just in. lift, the ride sharing company is reporting its first death. it happened yesterday morning in northern california. s the. >> the driver was giving a ride to two passengers when his car swerved. he was trying to avoid a car stuck on the freeway, lost control and slammed into two trees. reportedly, one of the passengers, a 24-year-old woman was killed in the accident. we will have more on the story tomorrow morning on today in the bay. one last check of the forecast. you've got your workweek in front of you. what have we got? >> we're going to see
11:58 pm
temperatures right now already low 40s around the north bay for tomorrow. you'll notice temperatures in the north bay despite the chilly start, mid 70s for the afternoon. and the middle part of the week, san jose and san francisco. look at the temperatures. upper 70s to near 80 out in the tri-valley by wednesday. >> and that's looking at all the snow coming down in maine, tennessee and georgia. they look out here at this forecast. california is a looking good. >> a lot of tourists this week. >> i would say so. that's for sure. thank you so much for joining us. >> have yourself a great night and a great week.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
50 years after berkeley students started a revolution, the stories behind the pictures. the people behind the movement. sit in for an nbc bay area special, the free speech movement. >> hello. i'm diane dwyer. in all social movements from the revolution to civil rights and beyond, history shows us that it takes a confluence of events that makes the perfect storm for that movement to take hold. so too is the case for the free speech movement. it happened here in the fall of 1964, 50 years ago on the uc berkley campus. >> now is the time to get rid of segregation and discrimination all over this nation. now is the time.


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