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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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mayoral race turn it up today. >> and we have a big change in the forecast, turning stormy just about every day next week. the full forecast coming your way in moments. >> we have a crash by the san mateo bridge and a costumed creature over by the peninsula. we'll sort that out coming up. >> a nice clear start to our monday morning. the crispness in the air will wake you up. >> christmas? >> not christmas, crispness. i better enunciate. >> and it is monday, several weeks from the holidays. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a bay area chp officer will turn himself in today, accused of
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stealing explicit photos from women he arrested. today nanette miranda joins us the contra costa county courthouse. >> reporter: harrington apparently stole racy pictures from the women he arrested and then shared them with colleagues. a third woman also believes she is a victim. search warrant documents detailed text messages isn't to other officers saying things like "her body is rocking." the defense attorney says the officer isle willing to pay th price for his actions.
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>> he for any number of reasons, he thought this was cute and funny and was to be shared privately amongst a couple of close colleagues and it would never get outside of that group. >> reporter: he said harrington admitted he stole explicit from phones of up to half a dozen of arrestees. harrington resigned from the force last week. the two officers who received harrington's pictures have not been charged to this point, though prosecutors have left the door open for future charges. >> the u.c. berkeley community is mourning the loss who died at a concert on halloween night. bob, a stunning death. >> reporter: this young man was reportedly intoxicated when he accidentally fell at that
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concert friday night here at the oracle arena. zachary bradley was his name, senior, a picture from his facebook page. he was a sophomore studying to eventually become a doctor. he was attending spook fest 2014. bradley fell more than 20 feet from an elevated and it should be noted restricted area from behind the stage. he was found unconscious and eventually declared dead. her mother said he didn't have a lot of street sense, that he was drunk at the time and fell while climbing down from his position. she admitted he made a bad decision. >> he was part of our club and the or director knew him and she was telling us how sad it is because she just saw him a few
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days ago. >> bradley was a member of a fraternity and his fraternity brothers did ask for privacy. some did say how bright he was, playing multiple instruments and bilingual in english and spanish. >> britney maynard, the san francisco woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and a right to life advocate has died. she took her own life saturday. she said she didn't want to die but if she was going to, she wanted to do it on her own terms. in order to do so, her family moved to oregon so they could be
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with her, it is a right to die saturday. >> i worst thing can i do is to wait too long and lose my autonomy because of my cancer. >> her story went viral through her web site and videos. her death is resparking the debate over a person's right to die here in california. voters last considered right to die legislation in california in 2007 and it failed. on five states have death with dignity laws on the books. 70% of americans support allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients in their lives. >> and victims are getting the one-on-one help they need when it comes to getting federal aid.
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officials are urging victims to immediately register with fema if they qualify. it's the only way to start the federal aid assistance application. >> they should get registered right now. it's sunday, you can do it anyway. >> so here's what you need to know. to register online, go to our web site and you there you can find a link to fema's web site as well as the hours and location to the local federal assistance center. >> two candidates will hit the campaign trail very hard today. kris sanchez is live with a look at the last minute campaigning. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. perhaps has the last-minute campaigning ever been more important. 40% of the voters still have not
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made up their mind. the liccardo and cortese camps were knocking on doors this weekend. each side knows many voters are deciding who they want to be their mayor based on who can reduce crime in what used to be considered one of the most safe cities in the nation. >> san jose, of course, crime is the issue, too. this goes back to measure b from two years ago, that radical reform measure that made it much more difficult in terms of retirement for public safety employees and disability. >> it changed the pension benefits for police officers.
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cortese he'll work on another area of concern for the city of san jose, and that is the growing homelessness issue. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk more about some of those poll numbers coming out on the eve of the election and we will also hear from the two candidates themselves. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> they say if you don't like your representation, do something about it, get out there and vote. there should be nothing stopping you. 5:08 right now. not even the weather, christina,
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perhaps could keep you back. >> no. it's one of those rare occasions where the entire nation is going to get good weather on election day. here in the bay area you could not ask for a better election day. temperatures right now mostly in the 40s. we're going to end up in the low 70s for today and then tack on 3 to 5 degrees for your election tuesday. 66 in san francisco. as you get out there tomorrow to rock the vote, temperatures are looking so spectacular. >> 73 degrees on the south bay and we do have some heat coming your way but nothing extreme. we're going to bring on the 80s. that's about it. no 90s on the way.
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mostly a dry week and the pattern changes ientirely as we get into next week. if you have projects like getting your patio cleared off, this is the week to do so. we will see a few high clouds come through the big rej of high pressure. there's actually rain just to our north. we'll talk more about that heat and the rain. a lot of it on the way to the bay area. but first let's check your drive because it's going to be nice. count on more motor cycles out there as we head through the next couple of days, right, mike? >> during the warmer weather, you'll expect more motor cycles on the road, smaller vehicles, lower visibility. be careful out there. just before you get to the toll plaza on the hayward side, no
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major injuries. we just had a report right around holly street, reports of a medium-sized dog with a halloween costume on. folks, if that was your dog, get out there. meanwhile, the rest of the freeway traffic moves smoothly and the dog is over on the shoulder walking around there. over at the altamont pass, we get a look at 580, we see the volume just starting to build in the dublin area. we head over toward the dublin interchange and also the bay bridge toll plaza as traffic goes from the oakland side over to the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. right nows 5:11. going wireless in one of the country's largest national parks. the idea that's pitting nature against technology next. >> and is your fingerprint really yours?
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that really matters when you're facing the cops.
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it is 5:14 this morning. hard to believe we're talking about it today but the uusps ha announced deadlines for holiday shipping. international packages must be mailed by december 2nd. in the u.s., priority mail must
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be mailed by december the 20th. the busiest day is expected to be december 15th. >> park officials are in preliminary discussions with century link about installing a line. proponents say coverage would be restricted to five developed areas inside the park. >> and with elections just a bit more than 24 hours away, a new nbc poll says it looks like the republicans may take. >> the wall street journal, which also participated in the nbc poll, sam, says many high techers are expressing a lot of
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disappointment with democrats and they'll take that to the voting booth. several pacs for google and facebook appear to have spent more money on republicans than democrats. they're shocked the present wasn't able to do something about patent controls, both parties to blame with the lack of ability to do something with immigration reform. part of the holdup is democrats want the link it with general immigration, particularly from latin america. just a few weeks after the talk of capitulation that the dow has hit new records, bertha coombs is live with us. good morning. >> see what happens when you go away, you blink and the world is
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a very different place. we have stocks ending with a bang for october. both the dow jones industrial and s&p hitting new records. this morning the futures are pointing to slightly lower opens. mid-morning we're going to get the ism manufacturing data and it's a little bit of a slower week because leading into friday we'll get the big jobs number and the election is something wall street will be watching very closely. two weeks ago the week was coming to an end. never mind. >> never mind, exactly right. >> an interesting case out of virginia, a court case. a judge there says police can force a suspect to unlock his iphone with his fingerprint. i bring this up because the law
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is changing so quickly to try to adapt to smart phone technology. you can't generally force someone to tell you your pass code. so what's your in your head? a pass code is knowledge, you're not required to testify against yourself. a fingerprint is your identity. you could, for instance, be able to be forced to stand in a lineup, your identity. same with your fingerprint on your phone apparently. >> i think the founding fathers did not have this kind of technology in mind -- >> they were dealing with like iphone 2. >> four score and several iphones ago. >> i like that. 5:18 this morning. let's get a check on what's going on, new week, lots of big happenings. elections you already mentioned this morning. how's the forecast going? >> it's looking great.
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the weather is not going to keep anybody indoors and prevent them from rocking the vote. right now we're at 41 in san martin, 41 in livermore. i want to point out right off the bat because of that time chang and, hey, if this is news to, it's good news, as you know we gained an hour, your sun is going to set now at 5:10. so you do want to keep that in behind and really travel cautiously. statistics say the most accident occur during twilight and dusk and dawn. but the good news is for us early risers, we'll get the sunlight a little bit earlier. 66 in san francisco. but here's the deal. because of that time change, yosh eyes are coming in at about 2:00 in the afternoon.
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74 degrees. nice and comfortable on the east shore for today. even out there in the tri-valley, you will get a taste of room temperature readings. we have a warming trend tuesday into wednesday are only maxing out at about 80 degree, not too bad. and those temperatures drop rapid lip as our pattern starts to chang with rain on the way for next week. and because it's still days out, it's hard to gauge the timing of our next round of rain, but i do want to show you how much moisture some of our models are bringing in, some very copious amounts as we head back wednesday into thursday. if up have to get out there on your way to work, mike inouye is there to help you out. what's up with that costumed animal? >> no reports of any animals being hit on the peninsula. no update on the costumed animal. i'll let you know if we find out
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what that dog was wearing. no delays into the south bay on 880. the concern was northbound at 101 at 87, reports of a crash, as well as some sheet rocking going on there. a little burst of traffic shows up, just below 60 and not a major concern for the south bay. in the tri-valley, a little bit of a build as well toward the dublin interchange. westbound show as little earlier build. some folks are able to get on to the road really early. smooth as you're approaching the grij. no major drama right now but as christina is talking about in the darker. m hours, it's going to be slow
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around the bay. >> now to an issue that has polarized the country. you've seen the crowds and heard the vitriol. >> thousands are angry that people have come across the border at mexico seeking refuge. >> immigration policies in the united states tries to accommodate two inconsistent ideas. one is, you know, we are a country that provides refuge for people who are suffering persecution. the immigration law is also designed to protect the homeland. >> our investigative team spent two months tracking these immigrants from the mexican border put on buses by federal officials and sent all over the country, including here in the bay area. tonight we go undercover to give
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you a firsthand look at that system. we ride the buses and hear those people caught in immigration limbo. that's coming up tonight. >> four years after being it and capti captive, a group of sailors are finally back home. their families greeted them in mumbai. they were locked up until the hostage takers were paid a ransom. ♪
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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baby, she's back. savannah guthrie officially returns to the anchor chair this
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morning. >> guthrie talked about the joys of becoming a new mom, despite it being scary at times. >> the first month or so i really checked out. it just felt important to totally focus on her and on family. everybody on the show came by and saw her. i pretty much didn't leave the house. so if you wanted to see me or the baby, you had to come to our apartment. >> savannah will be sharing a photo diary documenting her journey to motherhood. >> you think one is tough, how about three? >> when savannah's having a rough day, she should call me. i think we're in store for aness day. >> it is going to be a spectacular day.
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because of the rain we received on friday and saturday, we have superb air quality. open up the windows later on, let mother nature cool your home off. 70 degrees on the peninsula. you'll likely notice a difference as we will be about 5 to 8 degrees warmer and we keep on climbing. your full forecast in a few minutes. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> more than 13 years after the 9/11 attack, new york city takes another step towards healing. the major milestone reached just hours ago.
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remembering the cal student who tragically died during a concert at oracle.
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>> and a deadly halloween crash killed three young girls in southern california. >> and good monday morning to you. we do have a changing forecast for you. a couple of warm days before that change kicks in. >> and the change to the timing, time change, means a change to the timing of your evening commute. and a car fire just cropped up in the south bay. >> let's take a peek outside. nice clear start. it's monday, november 3rd, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> and i'm sam brock. >> u.c. berkeley students are mourning the death of a student who died following what appeared to be risky behavior. bob redell has the story. >> reporter: the boy's mother did say her son did engage in risky behavior. according to the promoter and the arena, they say he was about 20 feet up on the restricted area, an elevated portion of the stage when he fell, apparently trying to come down. the mother said her son was intoxicated when he fell at spookfest 2014. you saw zachary bradley's picture. that was from his air force base page. he was a sophomore at cal.
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this fellow classmates received horrible news. >> i feel bad for them, for the family. >> reporter: he also was a member of a fraternity. we did reach out to them this weekend. we'll hear what their response was coming up within the next half hour. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> scott mcgrew joins me to talk about what happened with the space ship that crashed in the mojave desert. >> the pilot will slow down after it hit its arc. it would appear, the ntsb says, as if they released that tail
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boom early and that's what caused friday's crash perhaps. though the ntsb is very careful to say they're not saying it the cause, they're vaing it's a statement of fact. they've looked at the cockpit and discovered the leaver -- richard branson was on the "today" show. here's what he had to say about it. >> if that ends up to be the case, that is something which is easy to fix and we can make absolutely certain that it can cannot be done again in the future. so i think we have a wonderful spacecraft, space ship, wonderful 400 engineers trying to make history. they're not going to down tools. they're going to move forward and create a spaceship company
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that will be hopefully one day the marvel of the world. >> you can really see how shaken up he really is about this whole -- one pilot killed, one in very serious condition. he'll be on the "today" show at 7:00 and you can see more of that interview. >> why do you think that happened? was it an accident? >> it sooms bizarre that there is a specific lever that gets pushed or pulled to unlock that boom. why in the world trained test pilots would do that early just doesn't seem like it's a possible thing. it must be an accident but how in the world was hit accidentally either, i don't know. >> is there anything like a plaque box? >> there is not but there's a lot of del emtory coming to the ground. but we originally talked about the engine exploding. it seem that's the case. >> so troj being.
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>>. >> a lot of people talking about that crash. thanks very much, laura. the brought is the a hold. meteorologist christina loren joining us with some pretty impressive totals from last week. good morning. >> temperatures now mostly in the 40s. we're on our way to the 60s and 70s. just a gorgeous day. if you've been meaning to get outdoors, today is a spectacular day to do so. i want to point out it's chilly out there right now. your highs are going to come in at about 2:00, which a big contrast to what we had before the time change. your sun will set at around 5:10. it going to get dark around 5:30. highs coming in at about 2:00 in the afternoon.
5:36 am
overall looking i'll show you that coming up in my next report. >> we're going to take you down to the south buy, woor and heading up to an earlier crash scene, it all cleared to the shoulder. no debris in the road. now we have a pretty typical commute coming up through san jose developing. folks able to get out of the house on schedule or maybe even on time this morning, as we tend to run late in the mornings, i know. over here mountain view, a reports of a car fire just off there at the offramp itself. as the crew arrives, you'll see more activity. one person reported seeing flames underneath the car. everyone is reported out of the
5:37 am
car. even the bay bridge getting over to the peninsula side. a nice easy drive over here. the orange and yellow you see, your typical pattern coming out of the altamont pass. now it's simmered down for the tri-valley and toward the bay bridge. those metering lights will be turned on probably in the next two or three minutes. we see a lighter flow but good volume coming in. now, a reminder overnight from 11:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, they'll close that posey from mal. >> 5:37 right now. in southern california, five people have been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run that killed three girls. all three of the girls, we're
5:38 am
told, were killed at 13 years old. two of them twin sisters. investigators say the girls were trick or treating when they were hit by an suv while through a crosswalk. >> good morning from lower manhattan where some colors are coming up. coming up, we'll see the first tenants of 1 world trade. 175 employees of kond eshs will
5:39 am
will eventually bring in 2,300 employees and take um floors 20 through 24. in a statement "it is proud to be part of this important moment in the renewal of the city of new york." vogue magazine will take up offices on the 25th floor, vanity tear will be on the 31 bay. >> thank you for that report. and a new necessary chapter for new york and the rest of the country. lek day just about 24 hours away. >> plus two candidates vying to run the biggest stay citiin the bay area. the final push to election day next. what's possible today?
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we are on election eve right now. democrats and republicans making their final arguments now just 24 hours before elections. tracie potts joins us live from washington. can republicans regain control of the senate? many polls showing the gop in control of those races. >> we've done some polling nationally and in key states. in all of the cases it looks like republicans have the momentum. >> you have to ask yourself who's going to be fighting for you, who is going to be on your side? >> a vote for greg orman is a vote for obama. >> his failed policies go by the name of michelle nunn. >> 45% want democrats in charge
5:43 am
of congress. >> our ground game is whipping their ground game. the economy is usually what turns voter direction. we're feeling good. >> in georgia, kentucky, louisiana, our polls show republicans ahead or gaining. they need six seats to win control of the senate. three quarters of the voters said they're more concerned about the economy and health care than you crane, isis or ebola. >> voters will be asking themselves who has my back? >> hold on, hold on. >> and democrats in connecticut, the president was heckled three times by immigration protesters. >> you need to go protest the republicans because i'm not the one blocking it! >> so the game plan for everyone at this point, less than 24 hours before election is really just to get the vote out.
5:44 am
what we've seen so far is a lot of early voting, a lot more than we saw four years ago going into the mid term. >> interesting that you showed president obama campaigning, because many democrats don't want to be associated with the president right now. he's not very popular. >> right. many democrats are sort of backing away from him. on the fund-raisers and public events. but when it comes to these very tight senate races, obama, -- >> a lot of voters have yet to make up their minds on who to
5:45 am
vote for for san jose mayor. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of voters have not made up their mind. this a very tight race. this weekend, though, both camps seem to have a similar strategy. they were out making door knocks and in-person visits and making phone calls trying to get people on board. how the candidates aim to reduce crime seems to be the deciding factor for many voters, which addresses probably b. the current santa clara administrator said cortese.
5:46 am
>> fire response times that haven't been met in 19 of the last 26 months. i think people are tired of dickeri dickering, they're tired of excuses. >> i want to ensure we move forward with fiscal reform so we can restore services and improve public safety in the city. >> liccardo said he would work to create broader job in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> our election coverage
5:47 am
continues on nbc it is at the top of the page where the latest on the candidates and ballot measures there. we'll also keep you up to date on news. >> if you encounter a problem at the polls, call our tip line at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the >> if there were long lines of rain, please send us a picture. >> you know what, i like getting out there doing it old school style. i'll be voting tomorrow in campbell. i love the fact you can get
5:48 am
right in, do your voting and get on out. beautiful conditions out there. plus i am a geek who will wear the sticker all day long, i am that guy! temperatures are really chilly this morning. we've got some clouds pushing in. here's the story of the day. this activity, not going to make its way into the bay area. we will see some clouds filling in and that's going to make a spectacular sunrise. the great part about that time change is i get to show you the sunrise from all the various microclimates. we've got tons of cameras across the bay area. we're going to show you that all morning long and for the next few weeks while we get that early sunrise. it's chilly out there, feeling like false in the peninsula. we'll be at 71 in the south bay and right around 66 degrees in san francisco for tomorrow's election-day forecast. look at these temperatures. hard to beat. you're talking about 70s throughout all of the various microclimates, mid 70s for the tri-valley and north bay and the
5:49 am
same for us here in the south bay and on the gorgeous peninsula. then we're going to bring your temperatures up wednesday if you can get out to the beach, comfortable conditions, 73 degrees on wednesday in san francisco and we'll see about 80 degrees here in the south bay, though temperatures dropping right back off as we head to the end of the week. we'll talk more about that coming up. but look at the sweet stride, just gorgeous temperatures for us as we head throughout the next six to seven days, mike. over to you. >> i see the 80 in there. we are never far from a wonderful, wonderful forecast. looking oaf here toward a west found i'm concerned because we just got reports of an overturned big rig. it's getting out of the area. i'll be tracking that. a little slowing for 84 down
5:50 am
through pleasanton and if through liver more. an earlier crash on 880 at dublin has cleared without any issues. the car fire hasn't presented a problem. crews are assisting but it doesn't sound like a major problem. your typical build 101 through san jose. we'll talk about the bay bridge and give you a live look over there. the reports of some concrete in the roadway, i saw a slow down. it does seem there were a couple of blocks here. and over here we do have the metering lights on. nothing unusual about this pattern, this smooth drive down the east shore. >> today a local chp officer turning himself in after
5:51 am
prosecutors say he stole explicit photos from at least half a dozen of the people he arrested. nanette, those photos were allegedly passed along to at least two other officers as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. those two officers have not been charged, at least not yet, only one after sean harrington turns himself in later today, he's expected to appear here at the contra costa county courthouse as well to face charges related to stealing and sharing explicit photos taken from the cell phones of women he arrested. these are considered felonies. the case broke wide open when a 23-year-old woman arrested here on a dui in about august discovered her photos were forwarded to a mysterious phone number. while the texts were deleted, her iphone synced up to her iphone, which retained all.
5:52 am
>> now, harrington has apologized through his attorney saying he thought this was all just an innocent game. the 35-year-old has since roo signed from the chp force. >> the victims definitely not seeing it the same way. thank you very much, nanette. >> two teen-agers are set to go to court today on home invasion charges that frightened a neighborhood in july. investigators say they held a 17-year-old in the home at the time at gun point forcing him to reveal where to find cash and other valuables. it happened in the middle. >> a controversial piece of equipment could soon become standard issue for some bay area
5:53 am
police officers. today the san rafael city council will consider a resolution to buy body-born cameras for their entire force. they say it increases transparency in the work the officers do. >> just a few weeks ago, wall street was what happened? >> your guess is good as mine, laura. japan central bank last week injected some money. really that can't be the whole story. so whatever it is, these wild swings do not inspire a lot of confidence in the markets, particularly among mom and pop investors. i do want to point out as they closed the bell on friday with this record.
5:54 am
this is not the world's most important story except it means slack is the latest company to be valued at more than $1 billion. not totally common place but not totally uncommon either. what's particularly notable is slack was launched just last winter. the guy who created flicker. >> we should get you a gavel, scott. that could serve a good purpose. >> but stay over there. >> in the wrong hands. >> that was a time change behind us. got to get used to new things. >> not too shabby. it's going to be a beautiful week, perhaps a good start to that week. christina? >> good morning. order, scott's courtroom. we have a good day looking up
5:55 am
for scott and all of you. the judgment passed on today, perfection. 71 in the south bay, good air quality changes, though, within the next 48 hours. right now here's mike and your drive. >> call me rusty, the bailiff. the volume of traffic building is causing a little slowdown. the east bay is where things all start off. we have you throwing through the tri-valley, south 680 slow drives as well as south 880. northbound 101 through san jose shows the volumes starting to build for the traffic flow. the only real issue is not the maze. it's the toll plaza itself. the metering lights around the toll plaza, a little lighter than traditional.
5:56 am
standard pattern here. back to you. >> whatever you did last night, you could not have been doing something as stressful as what nick wa lellenda did last night. >> he walked across two skyscrapers in chicago. they were sloped 15 degrees upward. then he did a second walk blindfolded. no safety net, mind you, or harness. he said his next trick may be a hire wire walk made famous by his great grandfather, carl wallenda. that included two head stands across a gorge in georgia. i don't know why they do it. >> i heard he was nervous once he put on the blindfold. >> that would be expected. >> and the lineup for the biggest parade of the year.
5:57 am
>> what are you talking about? the macy's thanksgiving day parade. guests include sting, the rock group kiss and monet davis will also be in the lineup. 70,000 people will be participating. you can catch the parade here on nbc bay area. >> gas prices are falling, some below $3 a gallon. >> and a u.c. berkeley student killed after falling during a concert at oracle arena. what we're now learning about him coming up in a live report.
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5:59 am
a young man with big dreams
6:00 am
dies at oracle arena. >> and the hot button issue that could decide the race for mayor. >> we'll have your microclimate forecast in just moments. >> and that's our sunrise.


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