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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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dies at oracle arena. >> and the hot button issue that could decide the race for mayor. >> we'll have your microclimate forecast in just moments. >> and that's our sunrise.
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nanette miranda joins us live. at least three victims have come forward so far. >> reporter: laura, that's three that we know of. former chp officer sean harrington thought it was all a game and now that game has real life consequences as he prepares to turn himself into today and appear in court. search warrant documents show the search warrant documents he sent to other officers included comments like "her body is rocking" and, "she's an x-ray, enjoy officers." harrington is charged with two
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felony counts of computer data theft. the 35-year-old's attorney says that behavior is inexcusable and he's prepared to pay the price. >> it's inappropriate in every sense of the word. women who have been victimized by this deserve to be angry and ups upset because it's not a game. it's a serious, serious matter. >> that attorney says harrington has apologized and the two officers who received the photos have not been charged. harrington reportedly told his attorney there could be up to six arrestees he had taken photos from. live in martinez, nanette miranda. >> thank you very much. >> new details on lyft, the ride sharing company, reporting its
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very first death. the driver was giving a ride and he lost control and slammed into two trees. a 24-year-old man from west sacramento was killed in that crash. he was riding home from a halloween party with his boyfriend. the lyft driver and another passenger suffered injuries as well. >> and a 20-year-old who fell to his death saturday night had dreams of being a doctor. still a lot of questions surrounding bradley's death, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this young man was reportedly intoxicated when he accidentally felt to his death during a concert at the oracle arena saturday night. he was a sophomore, studying to eventually become a doctor.
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he was at spookfest, 2014. according to the arena and promoter of the concert, bradley fell more than 20 feet from an elevated and should be noted restricted area behind the stage. he was found unconscious, eventually declared dead. his mother tells the contra costa times her son didn't have a lot of street sense, that her understanding is that he was drunk at the time, that he fell while trying to climb down from this elevated section. she admits that her son made a poor decision. word of his death spread this weekend on the campus at cal. >> we were part of a club and the other director knew him and was telling us how sad it is because she just saw him a few days ago. >> he was a member of the the d
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theta delta fraternity. >> let's move forward and get a check of your forecast. because of that extra hour, we are getting rare glimpse, now at 6:00 of just beautiful sunrises. >> that's right. and it's going to get darker early as well. want to check in with christina for a look at that forecast for us. >> good morning to you guys. we have a really pretty day shaping up. happy monday. hopefully you're prepared for the new week ahead. i know all the giants celebration victory, some people still catching up. and with the time change, it will take our bodies time to
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catch up. at the coast, it is just beautiful out there. we'll show you some really pretty sunrise shots as we head throughout the morning hours. you can count on a little bit of cloud cover coming in from the system of low pressure to our north but really no showers, spectacular temperatures ending up in the 70s, but it's chilly out there. happy to report the north bay has fallen into the upper 30s. when you see everything lined up here versus the east shore in san francisco, you can see what a pretty sunrise it is all across the bay. some big changes coming your way as of wednesday. we're going to crank up that heat. look at the difference between today and wednesday, almost a 10-degree jump. we'll talk about this and when the rain returns. >> christinchristina, thank you
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speaking uninterruptedly while i nearly took a header right in front of you, tripping over those cables. that's why they're bright yellow, so you don't step on them. an earlier crash on the center divide as they move those cars from the center dividers over to the right shoulder. that's what causing the slowdown. big jam in the last five, ten minutes. that should clear very shortly as they'll have those lanes really cleared up in the next couple. if you want you can use monterey but it's unnecessary if 101 is your route, it should be cleared in a few minutes. and west 237 a backup. the incident was completely off
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to the shoulder. that car fire is reported out without any major issues. southbound 680 kicking in from the interchange and sunol east 580, a car rollover. reports there may be a medical helicopter headed out there. wire also tracking the condition of that driver. and we'll give you updates if we get that information from chp during the show. a crash on 580 should be off to the shoulder and we'll track that here. heading to the bay bridge, nothing unusual about the patterns there. the fast track lanes are moving pretty well but you got a good volume coming through here. we'll show you 880 through oakland. nothing as far as any problems. for speeds you're at the limit through the area past the
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coliseum, the bay bridge or san mateo. >> thanks, mike. >> the race for san jose's mayor is heating up to a boiling point. the final push to sway voters next. >> and we'll tell you about the crash in the mojave in technologies. >> and how the death of a terminally ill woman is igniting the right to die debate. >> and this live look from the mountain of the city by the bay, it does not get much better it and that. that is why we pay an arm and a leg to live out here. and a foot and everything else. we'll be back right after the weather and traffic after the break.
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it is going to be a spectacular day in the bay. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina
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loren. taking a live look at a beautiful start over san jose. now this is san bruno where you are seeing these gorgeous dawn colors thanks to the time change. the sun is coming up earlier and tiburon just beautiful this morning. lots to go over in your full forecast, which is just moments ago. >> and a beautiful view of the headlights. you still need them this early hour. 6:12. we're looking at the east bay, the caster valley y. maybe a disturbance to that flow coming up. >> here's a look at today's top stories. a bay area woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer has died. 29-year-old brittany maynard took her own life saturday. she said she didn't want to die but if she was going to, she
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wanted to do it on her own terms. >> and a chp officer accused of stealing cell phone photos will turn himself in today. he could serve more than three years behind bars if convicted. >> and average gas prices in san jose fell more than 9 cents per gallon in a week. the drop in prices is because of slow global growth and less demand. >> it's 6:13 on your monday and the countdown on election day is just 24 hours away. one of the most talked about races is for the next mayor of san jose. kris sanchez joins us from san jose. winning tomorrow may boil down to one very contested issue. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we're talking about crime, nearly all of the voters who were polled said that crime was one of the top concerns on their
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list and certainly the candidates have listened to that. they both had similar strategies over the weekend that was knocking on doors, going for face-to-face meetings, also calling, their camps were making phone calls and handing out fliers as well. dick cortese ran unsuccessfully for mayor and sam liccardo is running for the first time. >> san jose of course, crime is the issue, too. this goes back to measure b from two years ago. that was that rather radical reform measure that made it much more difficult in terms of retirement for public safety employees and disability. >> measure b pension reform changed the pension and benefits of 42 police officers and other
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employees as well. but it's one of the reasons most often cited by officers leaving the department or retiring early. sam liccardo said he would uphold that reform and improve the safety of the city. david cortese said he would settle the lawsuit that has mired the city and put a stall on the pension reform and would work to bring back hundreds of police officers that have been lost. coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear more from the candidates themselves about what they think is the best way to move forward for the city of san jose. again, the first time in a very long time that the city of san jose and voters here are deci deciding who their mayor will be. >> thank you very much, kris. our investigative unit will be out in force keeping an eye out for any potential issues at the polls. if you run into any problems, call 1-888-996-tips or send an
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emate to the >> and scott mcgrew joins us. >> the wall street journal points out for the first time several high-technical interests appear to spend more money on republicans than democrats. technology companies are disappointed, shocked really that the obama administration wasn't able to do more with patent reform, protecting startups from patent trolls and both parties to blame for the lack of progress on immigration reform. silicon valley companies what an expansion of the program to bring in more skilled workers but immigration reform has
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stalled as well. democrats want to link h1b with general immigration, particularly from latin america. >> and ntsb investigators say the ship's tail boom was unlocked early, not a cause they stress, at least not yet, just a statement of fact. so the tail boom, this is the tail boom here. during the boost phase, it's treatme streamlined. after the rocket is up, he pivots it up, which stabilizes and slows the shift. if that were unlocked early, that would be catastrophic. here's richard branson. >> if that ends up to be the case, that is something which is easy to fix, and we can make absolutely certain that it cannot be done again in the
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future. >> what was done at all is a mystery, at least now. that is a lever that actually gets pulled. why would it get pulled early, we don't know. again a statement of fact that it was, not a cause. branson will be on the "today" show at 7:00 with more information there. >> a proposal to put wireless service deep into yellowstone park is a controversy this morning. >> opponents of the plan say bumping the park's band width will create more electronic distractions at the expense of the park's natural wonders. proponents say it would be restricted to five developed areas inside the park. >> let's check our microclimate forecast on the first monday of november, as we take a live look outside. christina joins us with a look at the forecast.
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>> if you're going to start the week, let's do it right. >> you're already starting out right. we're all waking up together. you know where to come for the best information. 6:18, now mike is really tracking your drive, which as you know at this hour starts to change. and your weather is starting to change as well because we're hitting our sunrise an hour earlier with the new time change. i do want to point out sunrise is the coldest point of the day. grab your jacket, temperatures are chilly out there but it is just beautiful. you're getting the reds and pinks courtesy of the stream. i love it when the live pictures match my dress on a monday morning. pleasanton, showing you a beautiful, clear sky, it's going to be nice with all that sunshine coming right off the bat. 45 degrees to start the day, though, for the south bay.
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we're at 46 on the peninsula. san francisco waking up with 51 degrees on our way to about 66. so a nice, good spread for you today, about a 15-degree climb. 68 degrees on the east shore. tri-valley, and same in the south bay. now, we still have some cool air. it's going to take some time to mix out. one more day of cool temperatures. and even on wednesday, you might actually have to run your a.c. but probably not in you play your cards right and shut the blinds before you leave. otherwise as we get into next week, our pattern changes entirely. a lot of change on the way, the jet stream comes right back down to the south and we open up the storm window. we'll talk about how much we're expecting but i can tell you right now, some really good looking totals as we get into not this week but the following
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week. the good news is we're talking rain in the forecast. >> we're looking over here toward the roadway. a huge ride approaching the bay bridge. it looks a little lighter at the bay bridge toll plaza but a lot of traffic getting here. the upper east shore, we have a crash, more slowing toward hercules in to richmond. your commute is just starting to be an issue here. north 880 coming toward the bay bridge where the toll plaza metering lights are on. there's an issue over here, west 580, over toward north 238, the caster valley y, a report of at least one fender bender, they have to move over. coming into the area also a lot
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of traffic of castro valley. an earlier start toward south 680. those folks might have taken that hour of time change and used it to their advantage, now we have a slower drive there. north 101, there's still an issue for distraction all the way up to yorba bueno. for the benefit of all let's watch that. looking toward the san mateo bridge, an easy drive past 238. 92 will smooth you over toward the peninsula side with no delays there. a build for the volume of traffic from san rafael, continuing into san francisco. back to you. >> drivers savoring that one extra hour. thank you very much, mike. >> 6:22. a sign of survival.
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13 years later, a milestone for 1 world trade center.
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good monday morning to you. grief counselors on hand this morning to help hundreds of high school students cope as they return to class for the first time since a deadly shooting ten days ago. 15-year-old jaylen fryberg shot five people before killing himself. two of the victims survived and are in the hospital. school officials decided not to
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reopen the cafeteria where the shooting took place. >> in southern california, five people have been arrested in connection with a halloween hit-and-run crash that took the lives of three young girls. police plan to release more information about the suspects later this morning. all three of the girls were just 13 years old, two were twin sisters. they were trick or treating when they were hit in a crosswalk. >> starting today, 1 world trade center is open for business. publishing giant konde nash will start moving in there today. about five stories will be occupied but about 60% of the new world trade center is already leased. >> that's nice symbolism this morning. >> we've been on a positive rise here. scott mcgrew joins us next for a look at the markets.
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>> and a shift in power on capitol hill. new numbers show republicans could regain control of the senate. we're live in washington with the details. >> but one of the big races around town here is in san jose for the mayor's race. that is where we take a live pic this morning of a san jose sunrise. we'll be right back.
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>> new week, brand new forecast. comfortable conditions for a couple of days and then we'll crank up the heat toward the mid section of your week. after that, a stormy pattern brewing for the bay area. >> you got a little extra sleep over the weekend but you're not
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going to hear this, it will take you more time coming through the castro valley y. >> and that's the keysight division from hewlett packard spinning off. >> and outlook on your markets and also on your weather front. this is monday, november the 3rd and you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. >> decision 2014. this morning the republican party is sounding confident it will take control of the senate come tomorrow. certainly that's what the polls suggest. tracie potts joining us live
6:31 am
from capitol hill. there will be an all-out effort today to get people to hit the polls tomorrow. good morning. >> exactly. today is the day that everyone makes their final argument and really tries to drive out the voters to the polls,s turnout. it's all about the turnout at this point. we've got new numbers from our nbc wall street journal poll showing 46% to 45, 46% say they wasn't republicans here in washington, 45% say they want democrats. essentially that's a dead heat. we did polling in georgia, kentucky, louisiana, three of the ten battle ground states and in all of those the republican is either leading or favored to win in a runoff election. so that's where the number stands less than 24 hours before voters head to the polls, a big issue in this race, president obama and of course he's not even on the ballot. >> absolutely. we'll see what happens, whether
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or not the president's influence does or does not affect some of those race, many of those races in the senate. thank you very. >> here in the south bay we'll be keeping a close eye on the race for san jose mayor. the race between cortese and liccardo is a close one. each candidate has a specific plan with how to reduce crime while keeping spending to a minimum. kris sanchez will have that story coming up in about 20 minutes. when we're not on the air, our election coverage continues online. just click on the decision 2014 tab at the top of the page. there you can find information on the candidates as well as valid measure. we'll also have election results as they come in to our newsroom. >> it is 6:32. time to check your forecast as we bridge you on to a new topic here, topic of weather of the
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grij, which you can actually see. we always enjoy it when we take the shot and you can see the bridge. >> an extra hour this morning, i took advantage of it. what about you, christina? >> i did. i think all us early risers did. whatever you used it for, it's great for us here in the morning because we're getting more sunrise earlier, which means it's a safer drive four and it's safer for the kidos as well as they're waiting out by the bus stop. and a chilly start in half moon bay. whenever we see that golden gate bridge, it's a clear sigh that when we have the fog, they serve as a blanket trapping in some of the warm from the day before.
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good morning, foster city, you're looking pretty today. san bruno, a spectacular sunrise just here. haven't gotten to the best one just yet. take a look at all these spectacular colors coming in from tiburon. it's one of those really pretty mornings we don't typically get. that's helping to paint a really pretty sunrise for you this morning. when you stack them all up, it's gorgeous across the board. doesn't matter where you're headed or waking up. now, i have to tell you, your temperatures are going to come up quite a bit as we head throughout the mid section of your week. i'm going to show you that and talk about when rain returns to the forecast. i want to give you a quick preview of what to expect for your election tuesday across the bay area. that is comfort, abundant sunshine, temps in the 70s across the board.
6:35 am
polls open 7:00al till 8:00 p.m. weather won't keep anyone from rocking that vote tomorrow. it's a good thing to exercise that right to vote, wouldn't you say? >> i agree. we make it a family event, we take them to the fire station, where they have the vote, good exercise for the family. look at the fast track lanes moving well. we have an early backup. that's indicative of the early hour, folks are able to get out a little earlier or on time. this will disrupt your schedule, the upper east shore freeway, we still have a crash around willow, they're having trouble getting a cash out of the roadway. disrupting the flow a bit over there and over toward the castro valley y, heading to redwood road to 238 northbound, there
6:36 am
was a bus versus a vehicle. doesn't sound like a major injury issue, it's a major problem out of castro valley. here's the rest of the bay. we'll pause and watch the colors start to chang. typical pattern. northbound 101 is now starting to dribble back. they may have just cleared lanes judging by the traffic flow patterns. we look at the slow drive off 101 and 85, con jesting the guadalupe parkway. over here it's moving through palo alto. that's a better drive from the peninsula over toward san francisco. >> we'll check back with you in about ten minutes or so. the markets are back up after a rough couple weeks. >> we check the big board today. dow just essentially unmoved.
6:37 am
yeah, it's a negative number but look at that percentage. we're waiting on the election, guys, just like everybody else. a bit of cruise control. >> you think the markets will be impacted by what happens tomorrow? >> always are. >> still ahead, millions of dollars in taxpayer funded flu vaccine wasted. we'll look at what happened and why there's no oversight.
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thousands of taxpayer funded
6:40 am
flu vaccines go to waste every single year. >> investigative reporter vicky wynn is here with what she uncovered. >> reporter: good morning. the flu sickens hundreds of thousands of people every year in the bay year. last year it killed 3 hoon people statewide. we wanted to know how well county health departments were getting the flu vaccine out into the community. so we reviewed the last five years of vaccine usage data. we found each year some 88,000 vaccines go unused. that amounts to at least $5.9 million of taxpayer money. here in the bay area, marin and solano counties reported the highest degree of west, santa clara 9% and san francisco at 8%. alameda county wastes very little at 1%. after we started investigating the state started requiring counties to report their numbers twice a year to better track the
6:41 am
waste. counties that are better at getting flu vaccines out are much better prepared for any other outbreak. can you watch our full report right now at just click on the investigations tab. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative area call 888-996-tips. >> 6:41. the deadly crash involving lyft. >> and a former chp officer in the middle of a nude photo scandal getting ready to face a judge for the first time. >> and the hot button issue that could decide the race for san jose mayor. >> and a live look outside, a crystal clear san francisco and the transamerica building on a beautiful start to your work week. we'll be right back with 15 minutes of nonstop news right after this break.
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me too... we're practically twins! it's 6:44. today a bare area chp officer in the middle of a scandal involving racy photos is expected to turn himself in. nanette miranda joins us where the former officer will make an appearance. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. after turning himself in, former chp officer sean harrington is expected to make his first appearance at the contra costa county courthouse to face two felony accounts relating to the scandal last week where he
6:45 am
allegedly stole racy pictures from the cell phones of women he arrested and then shared them with colleagues. a criminal complaint was filed just last friday accusing harrington of theft and copying computer data that belonged to two women. a third woman believes she, too, is a victim. search warrant documents revealed messages saying things like "her body is rocking." the detective's attorney says he's willing to pay the price for his reasons. >> he for a number of reasons thought this was cute and funny and was to be shared privately amongst a couple of close colleagues and it would never get outside of that group. >> reporter: that defense attorney also said harrington admitted he stole explicit photos from the phones of up to half a dozen arrestees. harrington resigned from the force last wednesday. the two officers who received harrington's photos have not
6:46 am
been charged, though the prosecutors have left the issue open for future charges. >> a plea hearing for a man accused of shooting and killing a mother of four. police say he gunned down perla avina while she was driving home from the police department. investigators thought it may be road rage but now investigators say it may be a different motive but they would not elaborate. >> it's time to check the forecast as we give you a live look outside. >> and you can get used to a lot of things when that's what the vistas look like outside. >> not bad at all. just driving around, 280, for example, spectacular conditions. my favorite, too. we have so much in common. i also love beautiful weather.
6:47 am
you may have that in common with all of us here at "today in the bay" as well. you know what else? we have some really great looking rainfall totals. what's interesting and just like we thought that subtropical moisture tap played a big part and we ended up with twice as much rain here in san jose than even up in the north bay as a result of that. we picked up half of an inch. that is a really good total from one single storm. gilroy over an inch of rain and a big winner was south of us and that's monterey where they picked up over two inches of much-needed rainfall. as you know, it's the snow pack that really holds the key to getting us out of this drought. i wanted to show you what some of our resorts are waking up with this morning. sugar bowl, 13 inches, kirkwood,
6:48 am
11 inches. you can see what three inches of powder on the ground looks like. some of the resorts that picked up substantial totals like sugar bowl hoping to open up here as we head to the first of december. heavenly is slated to open up as of the 21st of that month. a lot of people do like to head up to tahoe for thanksgiving plans. really comfortable conditions coming your way across the board. we're getting a spectacular sunrise. i love this shot coming in from tiburon, just beautiful. you're getting all the gorgeous dawn colors. as we head out the next couple of hours, you want to pull out that jacket. north bay temps in the 30s, 46 on the peninsula and 45 to start the day here in san jose. we'll hit about 71 later, 73 for tomorrow, up to 80 degrees by wednesday and then taking those temperatures down toward the end of the week as the storm track starts to come back to the bay area. and the good news is the next
6:49 am
time we do get rain, though we are going to have to wait late tuesday through thursday, it looks like we're tallying up those totals, a least a half an inch to an inch rain fall. hopefully this will maintain. here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking at the brighter 101 as you talk about the time change, the sun rises and this evening that's going to mean a darker commute for a lot of folks as they leave work. we have beautiful live cameras out there. i have to show you the maps a lot. northbound 101, an earlier crash caused a slowdown off of 85, forcing more folks to 85 and 87. that disturbance and ripple felt here early in the commute could have lasting effects toward the morning. expect to see more traffic flow because of that unusual pattern
6:50 am
here. it sounds like all the vehicles have cleared now. southbound slows toward hayward, that's a pretty typical pattern there and at the castro valley y, we have good build kicking in for livermore and dublin. west 580, an early slowdown and early set of crashes. looks like the bus has cleared from the roadway, it was a commuter bus and now we are slower on north 238 and a burst of traffic down toward the san mateo bridge. across the bay, really slow oun p now as that burst came over. you have to limit for 101, 280 into and and fran and north bay you're just fine. >> thank you, mike. new details this morning, lyft, the ride sharing company, reporting its first death. the driver was giving a ride to two passengers early saturday morning when its toyota camry
6:51 am
swerved on internate 80 near roseville, trying to avoid a car, swerved, lost control, slammed into two trees. a man was killed from the crash, riding home from a halloween party with his boyfriend. the lyft driver and other passenger suffered moderate injuries. >> a 20-year-old fell to his death while at a concert on saturday night. bob redell, what are we learning about a life lost far, far too soon? >> reporter: this young man, sam, unfortunately was reportedly intoxicated when he accidentally fell to his death friday night here at oracle arena. zachary bradley, 20-year-old sophomore at cal, seen here in a facebook photo from his facebook page. he had been at u.c. berkeley studying to become a doctor. he was attending spookfest 2014, seen here in a video on youtube.
6:52 am
he fell more than 20 feet friday night. he was on an elevated and restricted area behind the stage. he was found unconscious, eventually declared dead. his mother says her son didn't have a lot of street sense, her understanding is he was drunk at the time, that he fell while trying to climb down from that elevated section. she admits that her son made a poor decision. word of his death spread this weekend. >> we're from this student club and our other director, she knew him and she was telling us how sad it is because she just saw him a few days ago. >> bradley was a member of a fraternity at cal. some of his fraternity brothers didn't want to go on camera and speak but they noted how bright he was, having played a number of musical instruments and being bilingual in english and spanish.
6:53 am
>> i'm sure so many areas of that community affected by his death. >> ntsb investigators say last night they found something unusual about the crash of vi virgin galactica's space ship 2. >> and they're saying it's not a cause? >> reporter: not a cause but they're saying it would be catastrophic. if mechanics released the tail boom during the boost phase, the ship would not be able to handle that aerodynamic stress. it would be like opening your car hood on the highway. richard branson will talk about the new findings in a few moments on the "today" show. and tomorrow keysight technologi
6:54 am
technologi technologies. >> and laws are trying to keep up with smartphone technology. you can't generally force somebody to tell you their pass code. that's contrary to the fourth and fifth amendment but your identity legally is not yours. your fingerprint is an identity. you could be forced to stand in a lineup, that's your identity. so at least according to this one judge's ruling, using your fingerprint, the police can force you to do that, at least in virginia. >> maybe a slippery slope there. thanks very much, scott. >> in just 24 hours voters will head to the polls nationwide. with one last day to sway those, the race for mayor is heating up. >> kris sanchez joins us from the south bay with a hot button issue. it's public safety that the candidates are focusing on right now. >> reporter: even with that, sam, about 40% of eligible voters polled said they still
6:55 am
had not made up their mind who would address that issue or the rest of san jose's issue most effectively. that is why they were out in force, both doing similar things this weekend, phone calls, door knocks, in-person visits and leafletting. how the candidates aim to reduce crime seems to be the deciding factor for many voters, which speaks to the candidates' position on prop b, the pension reform issue, which voters passed in 2012. dave cortese says he'd settle the law filed because of prop b and councilman sam liccardo said he would uphold the fiscal reform. >> the status quo now has been an escalating crime rate, over 400 police officers gone overs last five years, since i've been gone from city council. fire response times that haven't been met in 19 of the last 26 months. i think people are tired of
6:56 am
dickering, they're tired of excuses. >> i stand for pushing this city forward. our voters overwhelmingly wanted reand i want to move forward with fiscal intention reform so we can move forward and improve services in the city. >> liccardo says he would work to create broader job opportunities and quality of life issues so this is a full day of campaigning. both of the candidates tend to be out and about. >> check your polling site ahead of time, make sure you know where you're going. >> nice weather, no excuses. visits our web site for a complete list of candidate and
6:57 am
ballot measures. >> one final check of the day's top stories. the dublin chp officer accused of stealing and sharing private skrel phone photos will turn himself into today. sean harrington could serve more than three years behind bars if convicted. >> the bay area woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who became a right to die advocate as died. 29-year-old brittany maynard took her own life saturday. she said she didn't want to die, but if she was going to, she wanted to do it on her own terms. >> and another emotional milestone at the site of the new world trade center in new york city, 1 world trade opens for business, conde nast will move in today. >> let's check the forecast. >> it's chilly for sure. mostly in the 40s and 50s, we're on our way to the 60s and 70s.
6:58 am
you missed your seven-day outlook, no worries, we'll have it for you every 15 minutes right here on nbc bay area and we have this amazing show that we do every day between 11:00 and 12:00, the midday broadcast. >> we've taken a number of weather shots today and it just looks beautiful, so clear. amazingly clear, mike. is it helping drivers this morning? >> you know, it's not hurting. let me show you you one of traffic. it's beautiful in my world. look at the fast track lanes moving a little better than the cash lanes. that's the way it should be. let's show you the map approaching the bay bridge coming from the upper east shore. and the pattern here as far as those colors go, typical. over in the east bay, the tri-valley and hayward area, the earlier crash at north 238 just cleared from the roadway.
6:59 am
north 85 up to north 87, that's a way a lot of folks were trying to get out of the earlier backup. when that backs up, we see monterey highway and it ripples out. we're tracking that at least for the short term. >> christina's nodding her head. i've been down that road before, man. a new study finds when it comes to baby talk, jnd are may play a role. >> researchers looked at reaction between infant and parent by capturing recordings. they found moms may be talking more to their infant daughters than their sons during the early weeks of the child's life. a
7:00 am
and. >> when your mom is saying look at those cheeks, let me squish those cheeks, does it help them to become a smarter person? >> everything helps them learn words and they really respond when you speak their middle names as well. good morning. breaking overnight. brittany maynard, terminally ill woman who re-ignited the right to die debate ended her life. will her decision pave the way for others to make the same controversial choice? cold snap. frigid temperatures up and down the east coast this morning. nearly two feet of snow in parts of maine. more than 100,000 without power. dylan's on the scene and al will tell us if more is on the way. >> what went wrong? did human error cause that virgin galactic space plane cause it to break up in air. this morning virgin galactic's


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