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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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eyewitnesss told us a little earlier today. >> i heard the fire engines coming, started smelling gas. we were at the church and they told us to get out, get inside and get away from the building. >> was it scary? >> a little concerning. when you hear about a gas break. >> reporter: crews are still here patching thing up and i mean literally patching. there is a pretty big hole along market street, big enough to cause concerns and keep cars and pedestrians out of the way. this is all happening as you mentioned during the commute hour. vta is rerouting several trains to avoid this area. cars leaving office buildings in downtown san jose are finding several of these streets shut off and they are being forced to move. live here on the scene, you're seeing market and santa clare ra completely shut down.
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a lot of cars are starting to get backed up as they try to find their way to the freeway. if you're wondering the trains rerouted, we have a list on our website, we're told this will last for at least another hour. nbc bay area news. >> tense moments there. thank you, scott. we have more details coming from the construction company. they claim the gas line was unmarked but it also says the team is working close with local officials to respond to this situation. we're also following developing news in a bizarre discovery in this quiet upscale down. a man showed up on a doorstep of a home wounded and bleeding. it happened this morning near good sam hospital. officers have been collecting all day this this neighborhood while anxious neighbors are
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hoping for some answers. >> i looked out. i saw the dogs running around. i saw the cops running around. i would hear the cops yelling, come out of the house. i guess the guy came out. they told somebody to get on the ground. >> my husband and i walk constantly around this neighborhood. we can't believe that something like this would happen around here. >> police aren't releasing many details other than the victim is 34 years old. a follow-up tonight on the death of robin williams. a final autopsy released "today show"s the actor was sober when he committed suicide chltd he did not have any alcohol or illegal drugs in his system. it also says williams was suffering from depression, anxiety and early stages of park son's disease. williams killed himself at his
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home in august. a stolen assistance dog was reunited with her owner today. the 8-year-old chihuahua was found in a dumpster on saturday. animal control says she was in shock and suffering from eight broken relations and head trauma, but she's doing much better today. she was stolen off her owner's car. animal control is asking anyone with information to please come forward. new at 5:00, what happens to the little guy. small businesses being driven out by high-end shops. now a push in palo alto to protect those stores. michelle, as you know, this is an old school business district. >> reporter: it is. some of these businesses have been open for more than 50 years. it's known as more affordable, quirky part of palo alto. they say if rents go up anymore they're going to be forced to
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leave the city. piles of shoes are dropped off beat up and tattered. jessica ross can make even an old boot seem new. california avenue has been their home since 1942. now jessica's worried the legacy is nearing an end. >> we've been through many rent increases. it's never been as crazy as it has in the last ten years. >> things are changing on california avenue. soon the sidewalks will be wider as part of a beautify occasion project. >> it's going to attract the old navy's and we don't want that on our street. >> jessica is asking the city council to limit the number of chain stores allowed in the neighborhood. >> we can't protect existing business from competition. >> reporter: larry klein won't support a plan to restrict
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franchises from doing business. >> this place is going to be a lot more attractive and have more foot traffic and a lot more customers. >> reporter: this man has been selling cameras for 50 years. he says the flavor of california avenue is disappearing with each mom and pop shop that goes under. >> they can make more money renting office space than retail space. >> reporter: the city council will be discussing the issue on monday, be a decision could be months out. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. putting on the breaks in a heated political feud. they are backing off on an investigation with the police union. they wanted to see if the union was encouraging police recruits to quit the academy. the mayor's pension reform bill
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was passed by voters. today, councilman who proclaimed victory this week, says it's time to mend fences with police officers. >> i think given the tensions that already exist, the best thing we can do as a city is to find ways to start rebuilding. i think that's where we all share some common interest and i'd like to start there. >> the new plan has the city manager looking into the matter. the police union says it welcomes the move. cadets are leaving on their own because of measure b not because they're telling them to. president obama gave the go ahead today more u.s. troops headed to iraq. the authorization is for up to 1,500 additional troops which could double the number of american forces already there. they say the surge responds to a call for help from the iraqi government. these troops would be helping and training iraqi forces. >> why we think this is a good
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idea right now is because the iraqi security forces have stiffened their spine and gone on the offense and have shown they got good capabilities, but there's gaps in those capabilities. they need help and advice and that's what we're going to provide. >> the obama administration says there's still no plan to include u.s. ground troops. they found the bodies. mexican investigates have recovered the burned remains of 43 students who have been missing for more than a month. officers arrested three men who confessed to killing them. there's a vigil for the opportunities at stanford university just on wednesday night. the father of one of the victims lives in the south bay. federal authorities accused a local mayor there in mexico of ordering the capture of the students in cooperation with a drug cartel. well, they're praying for his safety. friends and colleagues of a san
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francisco software engineer are drying to find the stanford graduate pictured here. his friends say not making contact for a week is completely out of character. we are joined in san francisco. what do we know so far? >> reporter: i can tell you that friends and coworkers say this absolutely doesn't make sense. that daniel left his apartment here halloween night and he hasn't been seen since. tonight, they were handing out this flyer trying to find him. today, his friends hit the streets trying to get the word out that the 26-year-old hasn't been seen since halloween. >> with the family, we were able to see spending money on his credit cards, which he has not. >> reporter: we may say it's not out of the ordinary for him to leave for a short time, a full week is unusual.
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he works at metro mall in san francisco. his desk now sits empty. >> he had mentioned he had a migraine. when he called in friday, we assumed he stayed home because of the migraine. >> reporter: soon after, friends realized something wasn't right. >> part of the investigation is to check local area san francisco hospitals to see if something might have happened to be admitted to a hospital. at this point, we have not been able to locate anyone. >> one roommate says his laptop and luggage are still in his room. they're also using social media. >> there were no clues. that's what really made us worry. the fact that he was in such a rush and just disappeared off the map. >> reporter: friends also tell us that his cell phone hasn't been used either. he's 6'1", 210 pounds.
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friends tell us his family is coming into syracuse from out of town to help with the search. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. i'm kimberly perry live in oakland where a tug of war has been waged over the oakland raiders. what's going on and the mayor's plans to push them to stay. and we're watching patchy fog setting up for this evening. much needed rain chances returning to the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know coming up. >> then at 6:00, almost every move you make leaves a digital foot printed. your car is telling people where you are. phones, computers, credit cards. everything you have to skip to avoid being tracked. that's new at 6:00.
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crisis in dallas. the last of the 177 people being monitored for symptoms will be cleared at 10:00 tonight. they were the last ones who came in contact with thomas duncan at this hospital. here at home, another bay area hospital is preparing for the worst. in oakland, they unveiled their new ebola unit today. it has a dedicated entrance and exit point as long as specially equipped zones. the hospital converted an empty intensive care unit. >> we have all private rooms here. we have negative pressure rooms. so it was really a great unit to be able to come in and pretty much be able to move forward very quickly. >> like other facilities nationwide, this hospital will be able to take in two ebola
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patients. let's take you outside. a live look where the raiders host the broncos on sunday. today, some political posturing. we've done through this before. the raiders talking about possibly leaving oak lantd. this time, san antonio texas. nbc bay area's in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: it's evident here at city hall. you can see the raider nation signs. the mayor says she got in touch with the team just this morning and intends to fight to keep them in town. the raiders are commenting from a visit from san antonio officials, but oakland city leaders are. >> obviously the raiders tried going to l.a. before, they chose to come bang to oakland. >> reporter: she says one of her top priorities is to work with
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the raiders to get along-term deal. >> it's for us to sell oakland and convince them this is the place for the raiders. i'm committed to doing that. i've been very clear i will not put public money into stadium construction. >> reporter: the team needs a new place to call home. it's the only stadium that houses both a pro football and baseball team. >> something needs to be done if we're going to keep these teams. we need a new stadium. >> i think it should work out, yes. >> the fans deserve it. >> reporter: the oakland vice mayor says he's not going to worry just yet even though he says this is the third time they've met with san antonio officials. >> the raiders are exploring their options.
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it's his wishes to continue to play here in the city of oakland. >> reporter: the mayor elect says she will be working very closely over the next two months to try and strike a deal for a new stadium plan in oak land. raiders don't have a good season, but fans definitely want them to say. new video just into the newsroom for those who can't wait to hit the slopes. the ski resort is now open. it is the first resort to open this season. tahoe got several inches of snow recently. today is also their 50th anniversary. >> did you say it's open? >> i know. it's before thanksgiving. good news. >> rob joins us now. let's head to the mountains. >> a lot of that came down the start of last weekend. this weekend, a little bit of a different story right now.
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it's fog that is the main concern for parts of the bay area. we saw that around the bay this morning. right now, low clouds across the golden gate bridge. once those clouds cleared, you see how warm it got. up to about 80 degrees in lir more. south of downtown, we saw the temperatures soaring into the mid and upper 70s. throughout the day today, on shore winds showing you only in the low 60s completely different story across the bay. you can see the time lapse there showing you the low clouds back towards the bay, but nothing but sunshine for the afternoon. winds turning slightly offshore again for the weekend. which will lead to temperatures climbing up. high pressure strengthening for now. what you will notice is the temperatures climbing up a few more degrees here. san jose, talking upper 70s
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tomorrow. even san francisco tomorrow looking at highs in the low 70s and low 80s. for the tri valley looking for temperatures climbing into the low 80s. so the weekend forecast looks sunny, dry, and temperatures about ten degrees above where they should be for this time of year. we've got the veterans day parade in san francisco. temperatures pretty mild. 70s there for sunday afternoon. for the raid ersz game, temperatures also in the low 70s. we will see changes we hope towards the middle part of the week. take a close look at the future class. that ridge is showing signs of breaking down. much needed rain we think for the bay area. that should mean more snow for the sierra. this is about this time next week. we hope this pattern plays out.
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towards the end of next week we hope we'll get much needed rain and snow. back to you. still ahead, jerry seinfeld making headlines, but it's no joke. what he revealed that's getting an applause of a different kind. plus, went down the block and around the corner. the wishes being granted in the south bay that prompted people to line up in the middle of the night. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other.
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start your new orleans holiday at new drama tonight within the santa clara county registrar of voters. a county investigation is underway. that's not all, the head of the county's election commission has also called for an investigation. this stems from a story we had
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yesterday. we are joined from san jose with more. robert? >> reporter: that's right. a lot of issues swirling around what happened on election day with investigators focusing on just how bad the problems got and if they are connected. they say about 75 to 105,000 ballots still need to be counted as we first reported yesterday. in amidst the complaints, sources say a whistle blower complaint says that votes were lost due to computer problems. they are calling for an investigation. and the county executive says a county investigation has been launched. >> we have no evidence that there was any sabotage or effort to change the ballots. that would be impossible because of the way that the checks and balances are set up.
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>> no it manager or computer glitches in our office affected how we process and counted ballots. >> and we learned that the county registrar called the strar of state's office to ask that agency to host its own elections review. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. despite thousands of uncounted ballots, congressman mike holla declared victory today. >> we showed that this election could not be bought. >> the 73-year-old also promised he would stick around for a long time saying quote, i'm not going anywhere. i'm going to live until i'm 103. there's no reason to retire. challenger has refused to
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concede. he's scheduled to speak at a news conference within the hour. we'll have that story. a deadly accident in south san jose today, a big rig driver was killed in a two-vehicle crashed. the investigation blocked off the intersection this morning. this is near valley medical center. the big rig driver died at the scene. according to police, this is san jose 39th traffic death of the year. enough is enough after the death of another pedestrian. the protest comes after a city bus hit and killed a woman. this is the 28th traffic death in san francisco this year. activists say it's time for the city to make the streets safer. >> this is not rocket science. traffic safety is one of the best proven ways of strategies for preventing deaths in the public health world.
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we can do this. >> the golden gate bus agency says this is its first deadly crash since 2002. >> well, most of us were still asleep this morning. many in the south bay were lining up to get ready for the holidays. they were there as early as 3:00 in the morning. it's just to register for the turkeys and hams to be handed out later this month. >> 7 to 5% are working families, they work full-time. some of them even more than one job and still it's incredibly hard. >> sacred heart will also be giving away toys to the childrens of the families. something jerry seinfeld said last night has autism advocates applauding today. he said he thinks he might be somewhere on the autism
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>> here's what we're working on for 6:00 noous cast. a new international drug site, illegal, already p and running
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after the feds took it down kbred. what it means for the online drug marketplace. s rockefeller christmas tree arrived in the big apple this morning. after the 150 mile journey, it got a warm welcome. well, the tree has already been hoisted into place. now crews have to decorate it by december 3rd. the tree lighting ceremony has been a tradition since 1933. we are heading into the weekend with a weekend burst for us. >> it looks really nice. we're going to see temperatures close to 80 in spots tomorrow. and the weekend looks pretty warm. you can see the temperatures across the five-day forecast. if you want more rain and snow, good news, this time next week that's supposed to come back to the picture. >> it's sunbathing whether. >> it is nice.
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>> thanks, rob. brian williams joins us next. hope to see you back here at 6:00. >> good night folks. back to iraq. a big escalation in u.s. involvement. the number of american troops there about to double, including some very dangerous places. are you among those allergic to pencillin? an increasing number of doctors are saying there's a good chance you're not. stunning news about a big overreaction. something he said in our interview with him last night that got jerry seinfeld a whole lot of attentioday on the subject of autism. and the crowd goes wild for a little girl going through a really tough time, finally getting to see her hero, her own dad, in action. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. because terrorism is a moving


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