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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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crosswalk about 6:30 last night when he was struck and killed by a reckless driver who was being chased by sheriff's deputies. investigators say when the suspect began driving into oncoming traffic, deputies called off the chase. but it was too late. >> pretty well known in the criminal world that if you're in a car and the crazier you drive, the more likely the police are not going to chase you. >> he got hit so hard, he flew from the middle of the street into the air all the way over there. >> reporter: mercedes chavez watched it all in disbelief. she said the boy never saw it coming. he and his friends were following the rules of the road. >> they were waiting. they were at the crosswalk. they didn't cross the street, no jaywalking. they waited for the street sign to come on. >> we want to see change. but, you know, what's happened already happened. and it's just really unfair.
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>> reporter: we are back here live. this candlelight vigil will officially get under way in about an hour from now. the boy's friend and family, mother and sisters are expected to be here. now, today police tell me that they did find a car matching the description of the suspect's car, 2001 maroon saturn, abandoned off of interstate 880 in fremont. they found it last night. investigators are currently forensically analyzing that car tonight. again, they are determined to find the driver. reporting live in san leandro, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> devastating for that boy's family. thank you, jodi. we're going to talk about the rain now, the return of rain, while we had plenty of sunshine across the bay kraarea the weather is about to change. headed our way, jeff. >> getting a little closer here towards the bay area. the main thing that the cold front out ahead of it is doing
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at the current moment is spreading high clouds across the bay area. we saw that on the sky camera network. i really think over the next two hours, we'lling in the clear. what you're going to be able to see in the future cast is we'll hold off for the consistent rainfall at 6:00 p.m. with that staying offshore. we'll likely see some areas of scattered showers beginning by 10:00 tonight with heavier periods of rain expected in the overnight hours. now, of course, we're going to have more in the full timing of this coming up. but that is the first of possibly a series of storms we're tracking. maybe a second, a third and a fourth as we head throughout the next ten-day period. you can see our statewide rainfall averages are not doing well. santa rosa just 34% of normal. san jose just 62% of normal. we've got the track in the storm and how much we'll pick up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks so much, jeff. privacy versus protection, that is the main issue at a meeting tonight about the san jose police department's new
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drone. michelle roberts is live in san jose where some neighbors hope this drone never takes flight. michelle? >> reporter: yes, some people think it's too much power for the police department. currently there are no regulations about how they can use it, but that's what the meeting will be about tonight, it starts at 6:30. people have a chance to weigh in before the decision is made. the century neo 660 may soon be seen hovering in san jose. the police department purchased a drone like this back in january. but before it takes flight, officers will hold a public meeting to answer questions, like when and why it will be used. >> a drone can be a very invasive form of surveillance. it can be very quiet. it can record conversations or images that people expect to be private. >> reporter: chris conley with the aclu said he believes the laws should be passed to regulate the use of drones. today on the san francisco city hall steps, he asked elected officials for transparency. >> there is not the kind of
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democratic process that we expect from our elected officials around the use of surveillance technology. >> reporter: the san jose police department said the drone will only be used during emergency situations. it may be able to get a closer look at a bomb threat or suspect involved in a standoff. >> gives them a better insight in how they can deal with the situation. >> reporter: some people welcome the technology in san jose. others fear the tool will be abused. >> who knows what they're going to use them for. what's stopping them from learning more than they should know, or find useful. >> reporter: police in l.a. county have use of drones. >> we apologize for that. that was michelle roberts reporting from the south bay. it comes to your in-box, don't open it. an e-mail scam, and investigators say it claims to be about neighborhood safety. it tells people a child predator has just moved in and provides a link to learn about that person. but when you click on that link,
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malware logs onto your computer and steals passwords and credit card numbers. >> you want to be able to safeguard your child's safety. that's particularly dangerous. >> police are reminding people that the public is never notified of sex offenders moving neighborhoods. a heartbreaking new development tonight in the search for a missing tech worker. his body was found floating in the bay. mark matthews is live in san francisco. mark, no definitive word from the medical examiner, but the family is certain. >> reporter: that's true. yesterday when the call came out that a body was being recovered by the coast guard off of alcatraz island, there was word that it would be the 26-year-old. the family this afternoon did call off the search. the announcement came from dan's younger brother, joseph. >> while the face and body were
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indistinguishable, the clothes, wallet contents and clothes matched dan's belongings. >> reporter: he was last seen rushing out of his apartment on halloween. a day after he went home early from work complaining of a headache. >> we have no reason to believe this was a suicide. dan has never indicated any intention of harming himself. >> reporter: the family is waiting on the medical examiner to try and determine a cause of death, while they thank the dozens of friends who helped pass out fliers during the search. joseph said the family believes the san francisco police could have done better. >> we did receive lots of leads. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police department said an investigator had worked overtime on the case. as the family concluded its meeting with reporters this afternoon, daniel's father thanked the police and all of those who participated in the search, ending with this tearful plea. >> in a time of sorrow and
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shock, yes. >> reporter: a memorial service is set for this friday at st. matthew lutheran church in the mission district. reporting from the marina, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. in the south bay they're waiting nor justice. the family of sierra lamar kidnapped and killed two years ago was back in court today. a judge postponed the case against garcia-torres the only suspect in the case. he's due back in court in february. according to investigators, dna linked him to the 15-year-old girl. she was last seen walking to school in 2012. volunteers still search for her every saturday morning. the case against leland ye is now on the fast track to trial. a federal judge in san francisco made that decision today. nbc pay area first broke the story back in april when ye was indicted on corruption charges.
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he's also linked to ciao. >> what he did is confirmed that leland ye and raymond ciao will not go to trial together. and that is because they had nothing to do with each other as far as any criminal conduct. >> 27 others have also been charged and will face their day in court after ye's trial early next year. what happens when a secret e-mail becomes public. if you're president of the public utility commission, the answer is investigations by the u.s. attorney and the state's attorney general. it may not end there. we've uncovered even more problems. chief investigative reporter tony joins us now with the new details. >> more specifically, it's about asking for more than $1 million from the utilities. you have the power to regulate. and never filing the legally required accountability statements. the story starts inside this e-mail previously secret, a communication written by a
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high-ranking pg&e executive. the question centering on why the form is blank. our investigation has confirmed commission president michael peavy did not disclose the requests for more than $1 million. >> to me, that shows you do me a favor, i'll do you a favor, let's scratch each other's back. >> quid pro quo? >> absolutely. >> where is this going to end? >> i think some heads are going to roll. >> tonight at 11:00, we follow the money, investigating the e-mail and why the public was not informed about requests made at a private meeting. we investigate decisions made by puc president michael peavy at 11:00. >> tony, thank you. i know you've been on this story for more than a year now. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. or send us an e-mail directly to the questions this sign is raising after the death of a
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baby gorilla at the san francisco zoo. also -- >> live at nasa in mountainview, scientists in california contributed to the success in space today. i'll have more on that story coming up. this is a sight you don't want to see. dangling outside the windows of the world trade center 68 stories up. the delicate maneuver that pulled two window washers to safety. then at 6:00, the san jose police chief caught breaking the rules. >> i made a mistake here. i'm going to go ahead and make it right. >> the special treatment he accepted from the 49ers that was strictly forbidden. that's new at 6:00.
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a dramatic rescue in new york today after two window washers were stuck 68 stories high outside the one world trade center. that's more than 1,100 feet up
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in the air. one of the cables on their scaffolding snapped, leaving them dangling at a 75-degree angle for an hour. >> they reported to us they were okay. and they felt secure. and we just kind of told them it would take a few minutes for us to gain access to them. >> firefighters cut through a glass window and pulled them to safety. both workers were not hurt. but were taken to a local hospital to get checked out. did a baby gorilla die because zookeepers failed to follow the rules. the warning sign at the gorilla habitat in the san francisco zoo tells workers to keep your hand on the stop button at all times. last friday, baby kabiba darted under the door as it was closing and the door crushed her. the zookeeper did not activate that stop button in time. it didn't have automatic stop sensors. the zoo hired a wildlife expert to investigate the death, and suggests changes. we're learning more about
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what led up to last month's deadly crash involving the virgin galactic spaceship. federal investigators interviewed the survivors. he didn't realize the co-pilot had prematurely unlocked the reentry braking system. as the aircraft broke apart, the pilot unbuckled his seat belt automatically deploying his parachute. the investigation will take a year. they did it, 25 years in the making, and finally the historic landing that's out of this world. as we speak, a robot is sending back data from the surface of a comet. the mission is being hailed as a stunning success. >> mattry ann, there's a california connection to this mission. >> reporter: yes, three instruments developed by nasa scientists at the jet propulsion lab in pasadena were onboard
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that lander. a view to remember. this is what the comet looked like before the european space agency's rosettea spacecraft deployed the lander. it's more than 300 million miles away from earth, becoming the first spacecraft in history to land on a comet. [ cheers and applause ] for those in the control room in germany, jubilation, as they celebrated a mission that took more than a decade to plan and complete. >> this is a huge deal. comets we think are the earliest fossils that we have from the beginning of the solar system. and being able to directly sample the surface of one of them is hugely important for our understanding of what our solar system was like when it was forming. >> all right! >> reporter: those watching at the space and science center in oakland say they felt like they were part of space history. >> my parents' lifetime, a man on the moon.
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and in my lifetime, to mars. it seems like to actually land on a comet, in reality, it blows my mind. >> reporter: onboard the lander a taste of california. three instruments developed at nasa's jet propulsion lab in pasadena designed to monitor gases and measure chemicals on the comet. however, there were some glitches. the lander failed to fire its two harpoons designed to firmly anchor the spacecraft to the comet. but the problems didn't seem to cloud a day of triumph in space. because of those problems with the harpoons, scientists still don't know if the lander is going to be able to remain on that comet for an entire year, as it hurtles toward the sun. mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> what an amazing story this is. we could talk about it for hours. our coverage of this epic touchdown continues in just about 15 minutes with brian williams on "nightly news." he'll take a look at the big
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mystery the mission could help solve. let's get a check of the forecast now. we're finally getting some rain. here's jeff ranieri. >> couldn't be more excited in the weather department. our approaching storm system continues to get closer, as we mentioned earlier. it's finally starting to get its act together. over the past two hours we've seen cloud cover increase off the bay. any rain returns, even on a wide scan, are way off to the north and well offshore. eventually, the pattern is going to be changing. the most disruptive thing we have happening in the sky camera network is the cloud cover moving in. also a colder night, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. a beautiful shot from our weather underground camera here in belvedere. you can see the low clouds that extend from the north bay, way, way on back toward san francisco and down the peninsula as well. we've got the same scenario across the south bay from our mount hamilton camera. you can see the high clouds that have moved in up above, even including loss gatos as well.
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let's take you through the forecast, and you can see at 6:00 tonight, we still have the heaviest rain returns well offshore. so again, for the early evening hours, we're looking mainly dry at this point. we are going to start to see the rain pick up on a clip here by 10:00 throughout the coastline. also for the north bay, possibly for the peninsula. but just as expected, as we have been mentioning, some of the heavier widespread consistent rainfall, we do think is going to happen in the overnight hours. the only change in this is a slight slowdown in the forecast, which could leave us with some scattered showers by 7:00 in the morning. we may even see a little bit hold on through 11:00. but after that, we'll see conditions clear out for your thursday forecast. so early commuters, you still may have some slick roads to deal with. and, well, some slower traffic. we'll take a look at estimated rainfall totals. this is right on line with what we have been thinking. about .10 of an inch in san jose. san francisco possibly a 1/4
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inch or higher. the north bay about .039 expected in santa rosa. for tomorrow, remember, the rain icon is on there for the early morning hours. i do think by the afternoon, we'll get some sunshine in here. but temperatures will stay on the cooler side. 68 expected in san jose. 69 in morgan hill. peninsula, 66 in foster city. 67 in palo alto. san francisco staying in the mid-60s. you'll have thick fog up against the coastline over toward the marina. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, anywhere from 68 expected in napa, to mid-60s in oakland and for the tri-valley, 67 in pleasanton. and back here for livermore, at mu 67 as well. after the storm system clears out throughout our early thursday forecast, we've got dry weather on friday, saturday, also on sunday, with temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees. and then by monday, we're still looking at dry weather, but we
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are expecting that pattern change to remain in place. that storm door to remain open after this storm system is through tonight and also for tomorrow. potentially a second, a third and a fourth one. we should say the timing and intensity on these storm systems have changed for today. by wednesday, the third storm, by friday. the fourth one possibly by sunday. these are early projections. my overall confidence level right now is 60% chance of this happening. we still could see a change either way. i'm here to do that work for you. just sit back and enjoy the possibility of the most rainfall in this short period of time we've seen in about a year. >> like super bowl week. >> thanks so much, jeff. still ahead, number two on the fbi list. the bay area city considered one of the most dangerous in the country. also, the low gas prices, too good to be true? the new prediction about gas prices next year. and air lifted to safety, where these bay area dogs are headed, and why this trip is going to save their lives.
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violent crime is going down across the country, but not in oakland. live pictures now looking over the oracle arena. new numbers from the fbi paste a violent city plagued by murders, rapes and aggravated assaults. according to the fbi, oakland is the second most dangerous city in the united states. you see there behind detroit.
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the other cities on this list, memphis, tennessee and st. louis. he was wanted for burglaries across the bay area. tonight we're learning more about the man shot and killed by menlo park police. police say jerry mathennia is behind several break-ins. he was spotted by a worker yesterday who remembered his description from an office memo. officers say he pulled out a gun during a foot chase. that's when officers shot and killed him. it was the first officer involved shooting in nearly eight years. low gas prices will stick around next year, the short-term prediction from the energy department. it said lower crude oil prices and weak fuel demand are driving the prices down. the d.o.e. estimates drivers will pay a national average about $2.94 a gallon next year, about 5 cents lower than this year's average. in san jose, it's 2 cents lower than a month ago. an average of $3.37.
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and in oakland, about 40 cents lower. oakland has too many and canada doesn't have enough. we're talking about little dogs. redistributing these chihuahuas and dachunds. families in the united states and canada will foster the dogs until they get a home. an unexpected delivery at a local food bank. that's next. hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon.
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. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 newscast. holiday shopping and your security. the safest way to pay for your gifts and avoid hackers. our reality check is coming up tonight at 6:00. an east bay big rig crash turned into a windfall for a local food bank. the truck carrying 20,000 frozen turkeys overturned on an off-ramp in san ramon about 2:00 this morning. it was headed for a costco distribution center, but stores can't sell spilled food. so a health inspector had to be called out. >> he took the temperature and said they were fine. and they weren't damaged at all. so we're very happy and smiling. because he pronounced them good enough for thanksgiving tables, great for us. >> they're sharing the turkeys
5:29 pm
with east bay homeless shelters. they still need donations. all that turkey needs cranberry sauce and stuffing to go with it. you can donate some canned goods or go to safeway, buy a bag for $10 with all the fixings in it starting november 22nd. >> our annual nbc safeway food drive. >> next saturday. >> next saturday, at all the local safeways. >> i'll be at the alamo one. >> and i will be too. >> hopefully it will be dry. even if it's raining, we'll be there. >> raining all week? >> you can see right now areas of clouds moving into san francisco. rain time for tonight, it is still on the way. 6:00. it's offshore. by 10:00, areas of showers moving in. likely some of the heaviest in the overnight hours. so what does that mean for your forecast? as we head throughout tomorrow, lingering showers in the morning, sun by the afternoon. we'll be dry friday, saturday and sunday. but more wet weather on the way
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later on next week. >> enjoy the rainy night ahead of us. see you back here at 6:00. >> good night, folks. on our broadcast tonight, touchdown, an amazing first for mankind. a spacecraft has landed on a comet in a mission ten years in the making. could help solve some of life's biggest mysteries. also, clearing the air down here. a surprise announcement of a history-making deal between the u.s. and china. high drama at the newly opened world trade center, a scaffolding faile, workers are trapped as it all played out on live television high above manhattan. and are we witnessing the end of black friday? the news that could be a relief to all those who've had enough. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. and we begin tonight beyond the


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