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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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right now at 11:00, it happened again. the man braexs security at san jose international airport. this time he is able to steal a maintenance truck and drive it through the terminal. the question is being raised about security at the airport. >> we're following a developing story at san jose international airport. a man got past security, got caught, got away before finally being taken into custody for good. this is the third security breach at the airport this year. live with more on all this. >> reporter: the security breach happened this morning on the west side of the airport.
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airport officials stay suspect never got anywhere near commercial flights. but tonight, passengers are questioning security here. police say 39-year-old miguel zaragoza was at the west side of the airport. employees detained him and called plits but zaragoza got away. he then stole a city maintenance truck like the one and drove all the way to another side. airport where he was arrested at terminal b. >> i am slightly alarmed. >> reporter: tonight some passengers are rattle. >> if a guy can come in and steal a maintenance vehicle, who knows what else they could do? bringing in weapons and what not. that could be kind of scary. >> it makes wonder about the security. like where the security and how can someone get that far on the on-ramp. >> this is the third security breach. you may remember in april, a
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15-year-old boy managed to scale security fence, climb into the wheel well of a passenger jet and survive a flight to hawaii. since the breach, the bay area congressman has called for adding high-tech security tools the beef up security. >> fortunately san jose detected this individual rather early. i have to commend them for that. until we have a system where security is notified, the second the breach happened, i think passengers safety is at risk. >> reporter: atlantic aviation is responsible for its own security in its holding area. as for the suspect, he has been booked into santa clara county jail on suspicion of trespassing and possession of a stolen vehicle. in san jose, nbc bay area news.
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>> this is the third security breach this year. talking about the 15-year-old who stowed away in the wheel well. in august, serial stowaway marian hartman was able to sneak in without a ticket. she board asked was arrested a short time before handing. she was fired at sky harbor airport in phoenix. happening now, a search and rescue for a surfer off the coast of pacifica. the coast guard and firefighters responding to a distress call for a surfer before 5:00 this afternoon. he was last seen face down in the water. the crew is out on the water. a coast guard choerm has been deployed. so far they've not been able to find surfer. we are developing news out of ferguson, missouri. a grand jury is expected to meet tomorrow. they'll be deciding if a police officer should face charges for killing unarmed teenager michael brown. taking live look at ferguson, missouri as you can see. the street is pretty quiet. nerves on edge as the future of
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officer darren wilson is debated. residents of the town are worrying about a violent reaction once the grand jury's decision is announced. whatever it might be. protests after the shooting of michael brown had police firing smoke grenades, left many vandalized. they are asking for peace. >> they know if they walk out of that grand jury room and have not indicted, they may have created a massive riot in their city and maybe throughout the united states. >> officials have prepared for the worst. they have placed barriers around the courthouse. they're putting police on high alert. now we are keeping a close eye on this situation in ferguson, missouri. we'll have updates on today in the bay starting at 4:30 in the morning. you can get latest online at the follow-up to protests at uc berkeley. organizers are planning to spread throughout the system tomorrow. uc students at a number of campuses are saying they will
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walk out of classes tomorrow at noon. the tigs increase last week could be as high as 28% over the next five years. at the berkeley protest, they have been occupying the hall. they will not go anywhere until they withdraw the fee increase. today a teenager fell so far down a cliff side, that a specialized team had to be called in to save his life. annett, some pretty tense moments here. >> reporter: definitely tense. minutes matter when you're trying to save someone's life. rescue crews ran into a bit of a roadblock of sorts when they got here. >> reporter: experienced hikers know in san jose's park, they need to wash their footing, especially after a rainy day like saturday. >> it is slipry. it is okay though. with hiking work the right gear.
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>> reporter: somehow a 17-year-old boy fell down eagle rock peak tumbling 30 feet down. then 70 feet through brush. at first, the urban search and rescue, firefighters and park range hers difficulty finding him. when they did, reaching him was another matter. the terrain around him was rugged. >> they have some, what we call euvs, emergency utility vehicles. they're kind of a four-wheel drive cart that was able to get access to that location. with the equipment, the ropes, things like that. >> once crewsed reached him, they moved the victim to where a helicopter could access him. seeing him was a relief for the responders because a previous rescue in the vicinity did not turn out as well. >> what's unusual right now is for a person to have survived the fall. the last person we had fall off eagle rock was not a survivor. so we're feeling pretty good right now that this individual is conscious and talking.
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>> reporter: a man died a fall last year and another teen had to be rescued this year leaving rescuers to think it is time for a safety measures. >> a sign or something would be helpful. some kind of a rail. yeah. to prevent people from falling over. >> reporter: the teen was transferred to an ambulance which then took him to a local trauma central. the hospital has not said what his condition is. nbc bay area news. thanks vex. a bus rollover leaves one person dead and 30 hurt north of the bay area. it turns out it was the driver's second accident of the day. we learned the driver was involved in another crash two hours before the deadly rollover. the bus traveling from los angeles to washington state crashed into a denny's at 5:30. then around 7:30, it veered off i-5, rolled off an embankment in shasta county. >> it is relatively safe.
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>> we got reports from passengers who said the driver looked to be sleeper fatigue. >> police say there was a co-driver on the bus at the time of the crash. tonight cause of the crash under investigation. on the penls, a driver is arrested after slammed into a patrol car. mountain view police say officers tried to pull that driver near middle field road at 237 this morning. he wouldn't stop. just kept going. he ended up going on to an embankment. then hitting one of the squad cars. officers arrested him. not clear if drugs or alcohol played a role. today marked the first sundays mass at the fire that rimmed through the church last week. ♪ >> the congregation met in the parish hall a few feet away from where the burned out shell of the church still stands. the fire was likely caused by fawley wiring in the nearly century old church. the bish only made a special visit to conduct today's mass.
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that no one was killed no, one was injured, they were able to -- it's all thanks to the fire department that did a super job in doing all of that and keeping everybody safe. >> engineers are still determining whether they can rebuild what's left of that church or if they have to tear it all down and start over. new at 11:00, turning to snail mail to fix slow election results. santa clara county considering an old-fashioned solution. three out of four voters in santa clara county mailed in their ballots. the board of supervisor president said it is time drop traditional polling places altogether. would it cost nols replace the elections machines. they blame the results on outdated technology. workers are forced to hand deliver the votes to be counted.
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coming up, a bay area airport at the top of the list but for all the wrong reasons, a place you may want to avoid this holiday season. empty shipping boxes dumped at one san francisco home. the person who lived there said he didn't belong. he thinks a theft was involved. and coming up, what the postal service says do you know to protect yourself. and they want change on the field. loud protesters at today's 49ers game. the mascot debate that has them divided. you may want a nice coat in the morning. the next few afternoon there's see temperatures in the '70s. this as the seven-day forecast also includes the return some of rain.
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thieves in san francisco's mission district. the neighbor who shot this district said it shows two men walking into an apartment courtyard, opening packages addressed to other homes. then they walk off with the goods. christie, this is a warning. it seems to happen every holiday season. >> yeah. that one neighbor we spoke with said he was floored by what he saw on the security cameras. he said it was the people leaving shipping boxes at his house that he thinks should have gone to a neighbor down the street. tonight, we checked in with the postal service about what people can do. >> i was at the video again. and it just kind of bothered me how casual the whole thing was. >> building security cameras showed two people coming into the outdoor building complex in the san francisco mission district. >> they came in. sat down. they opened the boxes. they took merchandise out, the stuff out. they had nap sacks. there wasn't room in the nap sacks so they had a shopping bag and they put the stuff in a
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shopping bag. >> george lived in one of the units. he shared the video on the site mission local and then word spread. because what first caught his attention, the boxes were left in his building trash and not the recycle bin. >> i looked in the addresses were consequential. they were next door to each other but they were not the same address. i thought, that's unusual. so i made a little note and i said, hey, you know, you're probably expecting something and if you were, i found boxes for what you might have been expecting in my trash can. >> he said police were notified. we reached out for comment but didn't hear back. he believes they were delivered by a different delivery service. but u.s. postal inspector says reporting is key. >> people need to take that extra step. get it insured. if it is something of value, make sure it requires a signature. have a neighbor pick it up for them. don't leave it out.
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>> if you do see something unusual, even though sint your house. tell a person that's there. that's what neighbors do. >> reporter: when it come to the postal service, they say you can make complaints online. they have a 24-hour number available. they stay key is if you have any video, to make sure you get that in the hands of law enforcement. reporting live in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> all right. thanks very much. an nbc bay area follow-up. a 4-year-old boy who survived the fall off a bodega cliff woke up from a coma. his parents are calling it a miracle. sebastian fell more than 200 feet when he lost his footing at bodega. even rescuers were amazed to find him alive. it led to many broken bones, head trauma and a jaw that is wired shut. the grateful parents are asking how it turned tragic. >> we were walking along the path throwing rocks and he fell down. >> i wanted to jump off and get,
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grab him and make sure he is alive. >> sebastian now in fair condition after coming out of the medically induced comb. a the family has set up a fundraiser to help with medical expenses and you can find that by going to and searching bodega bay. new at 11:00, tesla motors could be teaming up with bmw. the ceo talked about a possible deal. they said the two companies were discussing a possible partnership. with supplying bmw with car batteries and light weight come opponents. they have so far not commented. and the new list of america's worst weather delayed airports is out tonight and it is not such good news. san francisco international airport did top the list. it turns out there are two reasons for that. and you might guess it. fog. and the parallel runraise. the fog and low clouds can cause delays year round. when visibility is low, the faa
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does not allow planes to hand side by side. we've all experienced this. the runways are at least 4,300 feet apart. runways are close together which leads to staggered arrivals and delays. chicago, new york's laguardia and denver airports also top the list. buffalo, it's not fog. they have everything else though. they're bracing for the next phase of their nightmare. higher temperature are melting the seven feet of snow. blanketing the area. expected to bring widespread flooding. fire rescue teams working 72-hour shifts. home owners and business owners doing that. trying to get the snow off the roofs before they collapse. some people are being warned. stop shoveling. evacuate now. floods are much more dangerous and destructive than people think. >> i don't think it will be a complete washout. but i think we're going to be inundated with water. and lots of it. >> she may be right. a flood watch has been issued
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until wednesday. the nation has been dealing with a lot of weather at home. we're happy to get a little rain. >> the seven-day forecast has a little of that. it might be a little bit of a weight coming up. what we have instead, clear, cool air. we're mainly cloud-free. you see the temperatures, 44 in santa rosa. livermore at 47 degrees. most locations, five to as much as 11 degrees cooler at this hour than last night. if our dew point temperatures, close to 40 in the north bay and east bay. that's the temperature, the air temperature will try to cool down toward the approaching sunrise. so low 40s look very likely in the north and east bay valleys tomorrow morning. maybe even some upper 30s. so bundle up tomorrow morning. we won't be talking about rain. at least short term. some chilly mornings. but some warmer afternoons. you probably saw the high clouds drifting from the north. as it builds toward california, it will do a couple things.
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if you're going to travel to southern california, lou out for some very gusty california winds. the storm clouds will go way to the north. meanwhile the temperatures will be in the '60s and anne 70s. despite the chilly mornings, we have a chance of seeing the temperatures soaring into the 70s. i think the warmest day of the week interestingly enough will be the wednesday getaway for most of the country. we'll see mild temperatures mid-week. probably close to 72 degrees wednesday in san jose. and even san francisco. close to 70 for the middle part of the week. likely the warmest part of the week. we'll see some cooler changes. now wednesday, travel plans around the rest of the country will start to see some problems in terms of a system there. that will be on the northeast coast. that will bring a chance of seeing some snow, wind and rain. kind of a big mess toward the east. california looks just fine. look at the temperatures. 85 degrees. here is a look at the east
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coast. it will be a mess. this is a look at the wednesday getaway travel. over toward philadelphia. rain or snow mix. depends if it sets up offshore to pull down that cold air out of canada. it does look like a real mess. and it could see a few delays into st. louis. chicago will see chilly temperatures in the 30s with some light snow at times. this will make you very happy to be in the bay area. wednesday and thursday. the mildest days of the week. we will see a chance of some rain ahead as we get toward the end of the week. the high will break down and we'll see some high clouds as we head toward thanksgiving. the first chance of rain setting up for the north bay into friday night. there is a look for saturday. you can see it spilling into santa rosa. by the end of next weekend as folks try to head home, sunday we'll be looking at some rain and snow. for tomorrow, a chilly start to the morning. temperatures in the upper 60s around san jose. mid 60s around san francisco.
11:21 pm
upper 60s there and also, upper 60s toward the tri-valley as we await the warmest days of the week. tuesday into wednesday as we get to thanksgiving. for san jose, a big day coming to town. seahawks versus 49ers. temperatures comfortably in the 50s. right around game time. >> a big game there. still to come, see it before you hike it. try out the best bay area trails. >> you don't to have wear that though. and get ready to hear her roar. the new queen of the halftime show. yes, katy perry. how many people are expected to watch her? we will let you know.
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congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. other. a very special guest took to the field for the start of the 49ers game. we first told but this woman, christina lee. graduated from presentation high school in san jose. recently finished college in new york. decided to go for a run. all the way back to the bay area. and she's doing to it raise money for the navy s.e.a.l. foundation.
11:25 pm
she pushing the stroller all the way too? >> she's pushing her stuff. >> she was invited to run to the stadium with the 49er players today. she got to carry the game ball. she said it was an honor to do it in front of some of the people she's raising money for. >> continuing veterans will be there. i think those are the people who really deserve the attention. i'm humbled to be there with them. that's really exciting to be there. >> she has raised more than $36,000 so far. >> that is very impressive. santa clara university student has been following in some very famous foot stems after learning he won the scholarship. he will start classes next fall at oxford. he studied political science and environmental science at scu. he is currently interning at the
11:26 pm
white house in the office of climate change. he joins bill clinton, chris christopherson. and taking over the smartest cities them didn't take the top two spots, san jose, sunny veil and santa clara were number three. 46% of the silicon valley is college educated. coming in at number eight. about 45% of the pop wlags a college education. yes, pittsburgh. number two. number one, boston. cambridge. >> i'll to have look into that. still to come, change the name. protesters say enough is enough. they want a popular nfl team to change their mascot. you know who they're talking about. plus, college students
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we're going to dog them. >> again, they rally outside levi stadium that's been inge with or losing. the mascot debate that has football fans divided. before the game, a group of about 100 people shouted at fans. they were not 49ers fans. >> along the busy sidewalks. a group hoping to turn some fans around. and change their minds. more than 100 people protesting the washington football team in its mascot with signs glaring out the logo and others saying, i'm not a mascot. >> we'll dog them. every city that they play.
11:30 pm
>> he told 49er fans but discussed at those wearing the gear. >> a logo and a mascot is disrespectful and it dehumanizes people. >> it will change. it is a matter of time. >> charlene said she protested the team. >> a team like the washington redskins has so candy coated this issue that people don't see it for the racial slur that it is. >> while some washington fans told us they wouldn't mind the name change, others say it would destroy the legacy. >> i'm not going to hide under a rock. >> there are other things to worry with than worrying about the redskins. some 49ers fans surprised to see them. >> i think it is kind of crazy. just enjoy the game. it's been around a long time. get over it. >> this group vows to continue
11:31 pm
following washington around the country. protesting until it has changed ask culminating at the final home game of the year next month. in santa clara. nbc bay area news. >> the 49ers will be back in action on thursday, thanksgiving thursday when they take on the seahawks. it will be a rematch of the nfc championship game. our coverage starts at 5:30. you can find us right here on nbc bay area. >> several people are looking for a place to stay after a kitchen fire got out of control. cell phone video shows heavy smoke pouring out of the cox plex in west san jose. firefighters say it started afternoon after residents left food cooking on the stove. one neighbor had just arrived home when the fire broke out. >> maybe after two minutes, my niece and my nephew went out to do the launld rix he saw the dark smoke.
11:32 pm
he said there was a fire. >> crews treated one person for minor burns. more details a fatal hit and run in vallejo. authorities have identified the victim and the suspect. police say 21-year-old juan ayala was killed and his passenger seriously injured when they were driving on couch street. this all happened friday afternoon. officers have identified the suspected hit-and-run driver as 23-year-old jermaine tolliver of vallejo. they arrested him on several charges including vehicular manslaughter and d urn i. >> headlines across america. a 12-year-old boy died today after being shot by cleveland police. officers were called to a play ground on saturday after a 911 call said a person was pointing a gun at people. that person ended up being the 12-year-old. police ordered the boy to raise his hands. he reached for the gun in his
11:33 pm
waist band. officers opened fire. you can their caller say the gun was probably sick. >> he's like pointing it at everybody. he keeps pointing it. it is probably fake. >> the weapon turned out to be a bg gun with the safety removed. the officer is placed on administrative leave and the shooting is under investigation. university of virginia has suspended, it is the haste in a string of incidents regarding greek live and campuses nationwide. >> reporter: on the grounds of the university of virginia, anger. >> i'm really, really really serious at the culture of rape and the complete inaction of the administration. and the complete complacency of the student body. >> following a detailed article on rolling stone magazine
11:34 pm
describing several claims of assault. including allegations of a brutal gang rape, a first year student in 2012. >> the administration has been passive. and it has been dispoeng. >> after suspending all 42 ternlts the rest of the year, the uva president is asking the sharlgtsville police to investigation and is calling the allegations appalling. >> i think when i first read the article, i was simply sick to my stomach. >> we're going on make this a better place. >> reporter: in may the government announced title nine investigation. the 55 schools including uva for their handling of sexual violence complaints. >> administrators that put the value of the school's reputation above the well-being of women are plentiful in this country. uva is just one of them. >> reporter: nationwide accident greek systems are also under scrutiny after a fraternity incident this month.
11:35 pm
and uva, they promise to cooperate with any investigation. saying the acts depicted in the article are beyond unacceptable. they are vile and intolerable. and students post notes of protest. school officials are planning to meet this week to discuss their policies on sexual assault. policies these students say need to challenge. gabe gutierrez. nbc news. flags are flying at half-staff for a former washington, d.c. mayor, marion merry. after a political career fraught with scandals. he serves two consecutive terms. personal failures in his life. in 1990, mayor berry was caught on video in an fbi drug bust smoking crack with a woman. he served six months in prison and then made one of the greatest political comebacks ever when he was elected for
11:36 pm
d.c.'s mayor for a fourth term. the cause of death was unknown. coming up next, the end results wanted. plus, pablo sandoval watch time. we have the latest of the giants' pursuit. some reports were saying the giants were out of running. not so. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week going on now. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. yes, you're going to hear her roar. that's the entertain here will be rocking the halftime entertainment for the super bowl in february. katy perry. gets the honor. what an honor it is.
11:38 pm
she will be on during the most watched television event of the year. and halftime shows usually attract more viewers than the game itself. and people see big hikes in their album sales after being on. so this year's game, 112 million watched the game. 115 million watched bruno mars at halftime. >> he was fantastic. >> the big announcement came during the sunday night football game tonight. a lot of people forward to that. some people watch the commercials, the halftime. >> it's true. there are other reasons people are watching. >> advertisers to have love that. >> and katy perry is always good. so is he. >> let me remind myself to wax the game. >> good. good idea. why don't we begin with the 49ers. their schedule was set up really nicely entering today. they return home after winning two in a row on the road and
11:39 pm
welcome in a struggling washington game on. paper, this was easy, right? it was not that way on the field. we take to you levi stadium. it was slowly starting to become home-field advantage for the home team. the 49ers getting on the board early. now to the fourth quarter. the niners down three. kaepernick completes to boldin. who absorbs this huge hit. you see that. and then the four-yard touchdown here. the 17-13 lead. last chance for the washington. the 49ers hang on to win 17-13. here's colin kaepernick on his team's fourth quarter. >> i think the biggest thing was we made plays. anquan made the huge play. got 15 on top of that.
11:40 pm
franklin was running well. the offensive line did a great job. do whatever it takes to get the win. >> to basketball, golden state lost its last ten straight before tonight. first quarter, warriors up six. getting elbowed in the face. had to leave the game with a right orbital bone contusion. leandro barbosa hurt his knee. towed leave the game and did not return. the final seconds of the third quarter. the warriors' lead down to one. it was fouled. he had a game high 28 points. the warrior lead back to four. andrew iguodala, and one. the warriors go on to win 91-86. the team's first start of 10-2. every game won't an blowout. when it gets to the nitty
11:41 pm
gritty. we want to have the experience. >> to be very clear, i'm not ron burgundy but this is panda watch day seven. according to the "boston globe," the giants are stepping up their discussions with fab low sand valley. according to that very same report, san francisco is now on the same level of the boston red sox who were considered the front runners to sign the third baseman who does have free world series on rings. today billy bean acquired ike davis from the pirates in 143 games last season. big ike batted 233 with 11 long balls and 51 runs batted in. this reminder. it is a quick turn-around for the san francisco 49ers. they will play again on thursday. thanksgiving, of course, at home against the seahawks. you can watch that pivotal game between seven and four teams
11:42 pm
right here. >> that's going to be big a one. i think we'll all have that on. >> they're hoping to have seahawks for dinner. that sounds gross. that doesn't sound good. >> we'll be right back.
11:43 pm
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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by now you've probably seen google mams. you might have even located your house. >> we have thousands of trails
11:45 pm
and now you get to see a lot of them. only the scott bud man gives us a behind the scenes look at google trekkers. >>. >> reporter: hannah and emily are going for a hike. but they won't be alone. >> you go right and it loops around. >> reporter: her every move is being recorded via google trekker. a large complex piece of technology that maps the trail so you can see it before you hike it. >> we feel like this is just a really great way to show case monterey county. good news for mont ray which worked with google. >> i'm like already sweating. >> reporter: good news for you if you're looking for a place to go and get outside. >> it has been incredibly popular. just such a tangible way to see yourself in that environment. >> the trekker has 15 cameras and use technology already brought us into neighborhoods
11:46 pm
and under water. but yeah. it's heavy. >> how does this compare to a regular backpack? >> it's heavier. you have an antenna and you have to watch for overhanging branches and trees. >> it does feel weird. the only camera i carry is a cell phone. >> that's about 55, 60 pounds. >> the trekker takes images a it's a person walks. every two and a half seconds. that enables us to get a great picture of what a place looks like and really get a feeling for being there. >> bringing you into the wild one gps step at a time. in monterey, scott budman. >> make i may get a few unusual looks out there. >> if you're walking around.
11:47 pm
unlike the cars, the trekker can handle privacy kernels right away. >> for example, if someone is on the trail and doesn't want to be on the trail, it can hide the person and keep the anonymity. rob mayeda with the forecast. >> pretty chilly. how about 42 degrees now in napa. we have a few more hours before sunrise. he with could see some upper 30s. 48 chilly degrees in san jose. definitely the winter coat for tomorrow morning. we can see the skies have cleared out. it is setting up for some chilly mornings. you see the west with the clouds beginning to bend to the north. at least during daytime hours, it will help warm things up. maybe not by tomorrow with you tuesday and wednesday. mid 70s are possible and as
11:48 pm
pattern shs hold, more or less between now and thanksgiving. as we head toward the end of the week, we'll see that high break down and our temperatures will cool off for the second part of the week. for tomorrow morning, a chilly start. a few high clouds. mid to upper 60s around san jose. mid 60s closer to san francisco. we'll see highs in the upper 60s around pleasanton and livermore. the warmest days of the week will come up around wednesday. >> some holiday travel. showers toward seattle. take a look. 72 in san jose there on wednesday. 85 degrees in los angeles. even san diego, up to 80. you can see here, we have on the futurecast. a pat person will bring in some clouds but no rain until probably late friday. you can see the clouds starting to thicken up over the bay area. the main event, the first rainfall should be friday night
11:49 pm
into saturday. that's lunch time there. north bay again could see the heaviest rainfall at times for the first part of saturday. taping off into saturday evening. then as we get into sunday, another round comes through. this will be a colder system. unlike the last one that kept snow levels to 6,500 feet. the thinking is we could get the snow levels down to 5,000 feet. but look at the time stamp. the holiday travel home from the sierra or the bay area could be impacted by rain and snow. we love to see it. it could slow travel times down as folks head down for the holidays. you will see the chances of rain increasing as we head toward friday. livermore seeing those numbers, close to 70 for the middle part of the week. in san jose we'll see more clouds toward end of the week. no rain for friday or for san francisco. but next weekend we think we'll see quite a bit of rain coming down. then sunday into monday, we'll
11:50 pm
be setting up again for probably three days of rain friday night into monday. the chances of rain and snow coming back in time for next weekend. back to you. coming up, a dedicated owner doing all that she can to find her lost dog. >> yeah, yeah. but it's costing her a small fortune.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
many of us consider pets part of the family. i know you do. what if they get lost? >> how much would you spend to find your four leg friend if it did get lost? >> one woman's search has cost tens of thousands of dollars. peter alexander has her story. >> reporter: what janet would do to hear that howl again. that's havoc, the lab rottweiler mix. they've spent the last year and $35,000 trying to bring home. >> just a great dog. one of those dogs, yes, this dog is healthy. they can run with me.
11:53 pm
if we go the different directions. >> reporter: some have called this the most extreme lost dog search ever. an i.t. consultant and nearly a dozen voers are searching this park where she says there was a sighting a week and a half ago. she said that's what keeps her going. a confirmed sighting every week for the last year. >> i'm a little bit behind him. i roughly know the miles he travels. i just to have get a break. >> she's put up more than a dozen cameras and insist this is shot from january is her havoc when there's such evidence that he is nearby, how do you stop looking for that family member? >> he disappeared last november when they were let off their leashes. when the deer showed up, the dogs took off. ray returned.
11:54 pm
havoc did not. sense then they've even consulted four psychings. she has the resources to do it. she is passionate about it. >> other people buy vacation homes, they buy fancy cars. i have put all that on hold. i miss him. i love him. i'm tired. it's a lot of work to do this. >> so how long will she go before finally saying she did her best? >> that is the million-dollar question. i don't know. >> until then, havoc's bed is waiting. >> you feel her heart ache. that's touch. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
there's cops and robbers and then there's cops and gobblers. food and baskets and a whole army of volunteers. >> it gives a boost to families who need holidays. hundreds lined up. they were filling up food baskets for the 18th annual cops and gobblers. the co-founder says it is an event that brings everybody together. >> population that we have here, not only mountain view but the whole silicon valley. with the am of money that's being generated in this. it is surprising that we have so many people in need and so many that want to help. >> officers and volunteers are 35 families in 1997. this year, they prepared and delivered nearly 400 food baskets. so you can see the need out there. >> let's talk about the forecast. wave good beginning of the thanksgiving holiday. >> we do.
11:58 pm
it will affect travel plans during the middle of the week. but being november, 30s and 40s. clear skies chilly to start things off. a look at the afternoon. they have a chance at get it's close to 70. the clouds fill in toward friday. this will lead us up toward next weekend. we'll sue some much needed rain at times. close to 5,000 feet. so leaving town will be okay. for folks coming back, weather can get in the way. >> remember the chains. >> thanks. so for joining us. have a great week.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
tonight we investigate. >> how are tax dollars being used so they can go on vacation. >> he racked up travel rewards points and you pay for it. we expose how one county official gained the system. and what the county did after we investigated. >> a man waiting three years. >> the surprising wait times for bay area vets to get dental work. we investigate the back loving that's holding up health care. >> the only thing separating us from that transformer is a small hill. open gate and a chain link fence. >> and security at our power stations.


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