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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> that's warren and ethel, by the way, and christina. all of us want to say we appreciate your generosity this season. >> we got to go. pablo going to red sox. good morning. the runner-up at the pentagon. chuck hagel is out. the president to make that >> i felt dirty.
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>> why he says he could no longer remain silent. and omg. the giants odell beckham jr. makes a jaw-dropping one-handed catch. >> how in the world. >> my goodness. >> the play that has many asking is this the greatest catch ever? today monday, november 24th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's 7:00 on the west coast. and omg, other initials come to mind. >> odell beckham jr. what a catch. i have not seen action like that since al at the christmas party last year. >> it was something. >> in the end zone. >> and from a rookie.
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>> a great rookie. a lot of people talking about that. more on that. let us start with breaking news out of washington. chuck hagel stepping down as secretary of defense. from the white house. the decision coming as the u.s. fates threats around the world including the campaign against isis. jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. how did this go down? >> reporter: well, according to one senior defense official we talked about moments ago, they describe it as a mutual agreement reached over weeks between hagel and the president, after which hagel decided a tough decision, to submit his resignation. others say here at the pentagon and at the white house that essentially hagel was forced to resign, that he had a hard time articulating u.s. policy, and many times didn't appear to have a grasp of what the u.s. military policy was in many cases. and with the impending and
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ongoing war with isis and syria and iraq, the withdrawal of troops and new fighting for u.s. troops in afghanistan, budget battles with capitol hill, sequestration which would mean cuts to spending here at the pentagon, one senior defense official told us that it was felt by the white house and officials here at the pentagon that hagel was simply not up to the job. he will remain on the job, he says, we're told by his officials, until the president finds a new secretary of defense is confirmed by the senate. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you very much. >> on that point let's bring in chris jansing. good morning to you. the question is who would replace hagel? >> reporter: yes, and i think there is a short list already. three names, topped by rhode island senator jack lee. he was with the 82nd airborne. two other names, both former defense officials, michelle
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flournoy and ashton b. carter. somebody who is not high profile. i can tell you that this administration people close to the president were stung by the book by former defense secretary robert gates which is critical of the president, and picking up on what mick just said there was concern here that some of the comments made by chuck hagel were notonthesamepage with the president, particularly the threat posed by isis. and so they are going to be looking for someone potentially who is a little less high profile, somebody who will work with this team, i think in a better way than they feel that they have seen over the last months as they head into the final two years of this administration. i'm told a few minutes ago by a senior official, savannah, that whoever that person is they will not be named today. >> chris, thank you very much. on that breaking news. >> the weather now, the temperature is heating up in the east. we could hit 70 in manhattan today. but that's welcome news for some
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people, it is creating a dangerous situation in the great lakes region in the wake of last week's massive snowstorm. nbc's kristen dahlgren is outside buffalo. kristin, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey there, matt, and just take a look at this rushing water. the fact that it's moving is actually good news. they have been so concerned about ice dams causing the water to back up. new york's governor has tweeted to people in flood prone areas have your bags packed because really t question of the day is where this seven feet of snow goes when it melts. along buffalo's creeks, growing concern. that the snow that once plagued them with unpassable streets and collapsed roofs could soon start melting into neighborhoods filling basements or worse. the fire chief is barely slept since the snow started tuesday. he knows today could bring more calls for help. >> the creek runs along the back of these houses here and will
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just come overflow and start coming in through your yards and everything. >> reporter: the water is already damming up with ice and snow. the state stockpiled pumps and boats, the national guard is ready with food and water. while crews work tirelessly to try to keep drains and neighborhoods clear. a nearly constant stream of trucks adding to a mountain of snow piled up away from the danger zone. >> everybody's going at the fastest that they can possibly go. >> reporter: hoping that it's fast enough. the trucks are still out in force, that effort not slowing at all. a little bit of good news, we didn't see some of the rain that could have given us that worse case scenario but there may be more rain this afternoon, another big concern the winds have been picking up expected to gust 50 to 60 miles an hour. that could push water against
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the lakeshore, cause flooding there. also could cause more power lines down. >> absolutely. we've got a lot going on. as we go to radar we can show you that we are looking at in fact, some winds that are going to be pushing in, we're watching all of this warm air come into the region as it does. and as the heavier line of showers and thunderstorms that are pushing across the great lakes probably going to reach buffalo later this afternoon so we'll be watching that very closely. we also have some severe weather now starting to fire up into the southeast from tallahassee, albany into savannah, georgia, a risk of strong storms, dangerous lightning, heavy downpour, damaging gusty winds, liz city to jacksonville. then the big system we are watching by tuesday morning, low pressure develops along the florida coast, makes its way up the coast, heavy rain in the southeast. and then the return flow of air brings colder air in here so an icy mix along the i-95 corridor into thursday morning and out, but before it leaves, look at the snowfall totals especially inland.
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maybe in new york 1 to 3 inches, new york city, but as you get inland or interior pennsylvania, new york, into new england, 3 to 6 up to a foot of snow moving into that area. and then behind it very windy conditions, so travel on probably the busiest day of the year could be impacted from west coast to east coast because of the storm system. >> not good. >> al, thank you. we'll check in with you in a minute. in ferguson, missouri, with the grand jury considering whether or not to indict the police officer who shot and killed michael brown and the grand jury will be back at it this morning. today craig melvin is following this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the 12-member grand jury set to start behind me, the justice center any moment. what we do not know is whether they will vote today. they could very well continue to pour over evidence. meanwhile, in the area tensions mount.
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so do prayers for peace. protesters took to the streets once again. calls for understanding. >> prayer and protest are both the expression of the unheard. >> reporter: at well spring church prayers for a grand jury decision. >> kind of like waiting for a hurricane. we don't know whether it will be a bad hurricane or if it will just kind of die out in the ocean. >> jesus may be praying. >> it's waiting for a different decision. >> it's a bit disheartening to know the preparation is boarding up and calling the national guard versus walking down the drive and engaging residents face-to-face. >> reporter: captain ron johnson insists officers have been doing that. sometimes violent clashes between police and protesters in the wake of michael brown's death. >> since the shooting the law enforcement has had
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conversations, has had meetings, they have been talking and there's been understanding. >> reporter: but few here seem to understand why it's taking so long. >> there are cases where a grand jury goes over several days. to have it stretch for as long as this jury has been is really unusual. >> reporter: also this morning originally we were told that if officer wilson was not going to be indicted that the prosecutor here in st. louis was going to go to a judge and ask that all of the evidence be made public. yesterday we heard from a court official who said that may not happen. that's the latest from here on the ground. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. student leaders at the university of virginia are holding a news conference this morning to address the shocking allegations of sexual assault on campus. they were exposed in a rolling stone article and have led the university to suspend all activities involving fraternities and sororities.
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nbc's peter alexander is in charlottesville. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is one of the elite universities and this is the fraternity where the most violent of the alleged sexual assaults said to have occurred. this sparked protests and back lash. and the administration handling of sexual assault on campus. on the university of virginia's campus, a silent show of outrage with students sticking dozens of notes on the administration office door like expel raimist and the pile of rocks each representing a sexual assault survivo survivor. students and faculty voice anger in protests this weekend. >> this is an intolerable act that needs to stop. >> reporter: the university is reeling in the wake of a rolling stones article detailing multiple sexual assault on campus including the alleged gang rape of a first year student two years ago.
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just last week, the university at charlottesville police to investigate, with uva's president announcing the suspension of all fraternities and related social activities for the rest of this year. >> the community has to do serious soul searching about the way that it has behaved, about the behavior that's tolerated and what it's future is going to be. >> reporter: the house that was the target of vandals after the publication is promising to cooperate with any investigation, saying the acts depicted in the article are beyond unacceptable, they are vile and intolerable. uva is under scrutiny by the federal government which announced title 9 investigation and 54 other schools for handling of sexual assault complaints, as students head home for thanksgiving many are demanding the school's culture change. >> clearly something is not working, something is not right. people are getting hurt over and over again.
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that has to stop. >> reporter: nationwide the statistics are alarming, one in five women will be sexually assaulted in college and some students here say the administration isn't going far enough, suspension for the remainder of the year is insufficie insufficient. they protest the fraternities and sororities this spring. >> let us turn to natalie with the u.s. military base in texas. >> in san antonio officials now saying that no explosives were found in the car of a saudi man who drove through a gate on sunday night. an initial search indicated there might have been possible explosives and the fort was on a lockdown. the suspect has been handed over to the fbi for questioning. fort sam houston is where bowe bergdahl is currently assigned. two women and a dog were rescued sunday after a building collapsed on chicago's south side.
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the women, 51 and 78, were in stable condition this morning. officials said their small 3-year-old apartment building collapsed after a possible explosion there. the collapse left hundreds in the area without electricity. >> this morning investigators trying to figure out why a charter bus drifted off a california highway and overturned, killing one person and hurting 30 others. the bus was headed from los angeles to washington when it drove down an embankment. a 33-year-old man was killed and two passengers then air lifted to local hospitals. earlier in the day the same bus hit a denny's restaurant at a stop about 50 miles from where the bus went off the road. investigators say driver fatigue may have been a factor. >> and a touching moment from the nfl on sunday. the wife of colts receiver. the y. hilton deliver add baby girl sunday. hilton got to the hospital in time to hold her before the colts game against jacksonville and he promised his newborn baby
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he would score a touchdown for her then rushing off to the stadium. what did he do, he caught a 73-yard td catch. when he reached the end zone he cradled the ball like a baby. he was overcome. >> very emotional. my baby girl, the whole time. in my arms. >> it breaks up up. the colts went on to win capping off a perfect day for. the y. hilton. >> you talk about an amazing catch. >> may have to reconsider. that might be the best catch of the day. mr. roker. >> let's look out west and see, we've got clouds in seattle and 51 degree, san francisco looking pretty good, partly sunny skies, a lot of wind in southern california, not a santa ana but fire danger up.
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denver some light snow, in the ♪ my mac is great, ♪ it's so delightful. ♪ so's my surface, ♪ it's just as powerful. ♪ you can write with a pen? ♪ you can say that again. ♪ i really like my surface pro 3. ♪ ♪ hey what's that, ♪ is it a kickstand? ♪ touchscreen too, ♪ it's pretty slick, man. ♪ it comes apart i see. ♪ it's got a usb. ♪ i think i like your surface pro 3. ♪ no seriously, where can i get one? >> it's really pretty out there and clear. we're headed towards a comfortable day. temperatures are going to jump into the 60s and low 70s. as we get to your thanksgiving, beautiful conditions. the forecast you can be thankful for because temperatures will warm up this week and much-needed rain returns as we head throughout your friday.
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so keep that in mind. temperatures are going to be warm, though, as we get to your wednesday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. the stars were out in los angeles last night for the american music awards where apparently it was good to be young. here is joe pryor. >> this year's ama's kicked off with music, chart topping it girl taylor swift. music's year of the woman on display with energetic performances by lord, the duo behind fancy, and the trio behind bang-bang. it was a somber song from selena gomez that left the biggest impact.
7:18 am
of course it was also a good night for boy bands. ♪ with one direction winning artist of the year, aimed squarely at the young hash tag crowd. >> this award is the first award i have ever won in my life. >> amaest a kokor nation of the newest stars. still a few legends showed they still got it. and they are not afraid to flaunt it. ♪ for today, nbc news, los angeles. >> a lot of booty. >> we have no complaints. >> i love this.
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>> nothing good could come of a comment. >> talking about the big catch. that moment with the indianapolis colts player, with the baby. but the giants lost to the cowboys sunday night. however, odell beckham jr. is winning the internet. his one-hand grab. technically it was a two-finger grab, three-finger grab. really shook up the internet as i mentioned. everyone was talking about this grab. look closely. see, they call it the one-hand grab. look, three. that set the intera flying. look, odell beckham broke the internet. and this one, odell with neil in the matrix. how stellar is that. also, a little religious with it. here you have it.
7:20 am
sistine chapel. and then how about that for you, guys. how does that make you feel this morning. we have a challenger for the best catch ever title. espn's sam ponder tweeted out this picture of a baby. how impressive. the look in the camera, all of it. because i'm a cowboys fan and i like to stir up trouble. they lost. how can it be the best catch if your team loses? there is no i in team. >> the same way a director gets best director but may not win best film. >> wow. you really took us down. >> wow. >> i'm a conduit of the internet. that's what they are saying. aren't they? >> best catch ever? >> well, it certainly was back breaking. >> i think the only one that came close is the super bowl 2008, an amazing catch. the reason i think this may be
7:21 am
as good is because it prolonged the drive and allowed them to go on and win the super bowl. >> pure athletics. >> you catch this on his helmet. pretty good. i give to the odell beckham. tamron, thank you. >> exclusive to the widening big cosby scandal. a man who claims he witnessed questionable behavior is now speaking out. >> many happy returns from retailers to airlines, companies highlighted in consumer reports new naughty and nice list. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> coming up meet the black she devil. it was caught on camera. >> and a big announcement after your local news.
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problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with lyrica i have less fibromyalgia pain and can keep moving forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. a very good monday morning to you. we are following breaking news this morning at 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police combing a cupertino neighborhood after a robbery. "today in the bay"'s bob redell is live in the neighborhood. it's been on lockdown. what's the latest, bob? >> reporter: it appears within the last few moments that the santa clara sheriff's department has pulled bag on their perimeter. they had a perimeter set up behind me on the street near garden state and glen cloove. there had been a home invasion
7:27 am
earlier. the fact that they have since pulled back on the area, it's not clear if they did make some arrests or if they believe the two men got away. there is a briefing now and we'll be heading over to get more information. this is in cupertino. the home invasion robbery taken about two blocks behind where i am now. >> thanks for the latest there, bob. now let's get the latest when it comes to that forecast. a chilly start today, christina. >> it's pretty chilly, temps in the 30s and 40s. lots of sunshine coming your way. that's the weather story of the day. a few passing clouds. by tomorrow we're going to warm you up and we'll be close to 80 degrees by wednesday in the bay area. 67 degrees in the south bay, 67 on the peninsula for thanksgiving day, really comfortable conditions and then rain returns as we head throughout this friday.
7:28 am
more on that in a moment. first here's mike on your drive. >> we're going to look at a lighter volume for your commute. we do have your slower spots through san jose and south bay. a cupertino, not far from where bob is, one lane is southbound, a sheriff's motorcycle and pickup involved in a crash there. our crews on scene getting more detail. look at your drive, we have a shot of san mateo bridge. not so bad across that section. >> thanks very much. back with another local update in half an hour.
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anuncio. draft going downhill. >> i didn't get that draft. >> love it. it was fun. >> all to raise awareness and gather food for a great cause. here is what's making headlines. rain and warmer weather led to flood warnings in the buffalo area in the wake of that massive
7:31 am
snowstorm there. several neighborhoods have been told to prepare for possible evacuations. >> people have been rescued after being trapped when an apartment building collapsed. chicago's south side. investigators are now working to figure out the cause. >> and pray for peace rallies are being held in ferguson, missouri, where a grand jury meets again today to decide whether to indict the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. from stores to airlines, which companies are the most shopper friendly during the holidays? we'll reveal consumer reports' naughti and nice list. with mounting allegations of sexual misconduct against bill cosby. this morning, more women are coming forward. as a former member of cosby's inner circle is speaking out. nbc national correspondent kate snow has more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. bill cosby has never been charged with a crime but the number now stands at 18 women who publicly have made accusations of sexual assault or
7:32 am
attempted assault against the comedy legend. for the first time a comedy insider has broken ranks, a man who now says he believes he helped bill cosby victimize women. the walls of his apartment is a shrine to years of working with bill cosby. he now comes forward to say he routinely brought young women to bill cosby's room and it was his job to guard the door. >> i felt like a pump. every time he had somebody, i had to watch, go, stay there. i felt dirty. >> reporter: scottie doesn't know what happened behind closed doors. he said he was asked to send money to women over the years, sometimes thousands of dollars a month. as more and more women have come forward with stories of alleged sexual assault, scotti said he felt skoorry for them and wante to speak out in their deference. >> he's not the person i thought he was. >> reporter: in response to scotti's allegations, cosby's attorney says it appears his
7:33 am
story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame. friday, cosby himself told "florida today" i know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. people should fact check. the facts being claimed in these decades-old situations are sometimes conflicting or inconsistent. still, many of the women tell similar stories all these years later. >> he put a pill down said, here, take this. this will make you feel better. >> reporter: at least 14 claim cosby drugged or attempted to drug them, including former playboy playmate victoria val n valentino. >> the phd, the great family man. you know, his legacy. well, this is his true legacy. >> reporter: a spokesperson for cosby says it is completely il logical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing and made no reports to law enforcement. despite all the controversy, cosby received two standing
7:34 am
ovations, before and after his performance before a sold-out crowd in florida over the weekend. cosby is scheduled to appear 35 times on stage between now and may of next year. at least seven shows have been canceled or postponed. as for details about scotti's history of employment here at nbc entertainment, spokespeople for nbc entertainment were unavailable for comment on sunday. >> kate snow. kate, thank you very much. let's turn now and get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by soma boutiques and where beautiful holiday gifts begin. >> well, it is awfully -- hello there. good to see you. just part of the shuttle here. anyway. we've got warmer weather making its way along the east coast and the gulf coast. look at these temperatures for today. albany, new york, 66. 21 degrees above normal. washington, d.c. will get up to 72. here is the problem for buffalo
7:35 am
with all that snow. 60 degrees today. melting snow rather rapidly. charlotte will be in the mid 70s. behind this system we've got colder air, windy conditions and snow, up to a foot in parts of michigan, wisconsin and u.p. of michigan. wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. windy conditions in southern california may be looking at higher fire dangers with low humidity 7:35, happy monday to you. showing you a live picture of san francisco, a pretty day coming your way. temperatures mostly in the 60s all across the board. 63 in san francisco, 72 a warmer day out for you in the north bay. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we're going to keep that warming coming your way. by wednesday peaking at about 76 in the south bay, mostly cloudy by the end of the day but temperatures cooler. our next rain event arrives at 2:00 p.m. in the north bay on friday.
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all right. we're back at 7:40. we're heading into the heart of holiday shopping and travel season. to make sure you get the most for your money, consumer report sincere releasing its fifth annual naughty and nice list. todd marks is senior editor. this isn't naughty and nice company. >> no. >> certain policies and whether or not they're good and bad. >> policies, practices, behaviors that either help or hinder consumers. not the judgment of a company on a whole. >> five naughties and two nices. victoria's secret, why did they make the list? >> at a time when we know big brother is watching, when it comes to returns at select stores, victoria's secret policy says we have the right to demand to see your government-issued i.d. and we will scan that i.d. to keep it for purposes of preventing return abuse. >> chronic returners? >> yeah. but again even if you follow the rules, it kind of smacked us of being a little over the top. >> we reached out to all of these companies. save for the next one, they didn't get back to us. spirit airlines having to do with the baggage fee, dreaded baggage fee.
7:42 am
>> spirit air is notorious for offering -- for nickel and diming consumers for everything except the cost of the seat itself or the fare itself. now, just in time for the holidays, the temporary fee of $2 surcharge per bag, that's not too nice. >> spirit airlines told nbc news the $2 holiday baggage charge helps us to manage the high demand during a very busy season. it seems this is a better option than raising airfares 20% to 30%. we'll leave it at that. marriott had a doozie. tell us about this. >> marriot was fined $600,000 by the government by jamming mobile hot spots at their gaylord hotel and convention center in nashville. at the same time, they charged convention goers anywhere from $250 to $1,000 to connect to the internet using their wifi service. >> basically the allegation is they messed up -- you can't get wireless any other way. >> they jammed the signal and now pay up. >> and overcharged. zales.
7:43 am
does this have to do with the layaway policy? >> no, it doesn't. a lot of people don't think of store or retailer credit cards of having aprs or interest rates but these store cards actually are average about 8% higher than your general purpose cards like visa or mastercard. in a study by credit, zales topped the list of aprs at nearly 29%. so forearmed is forewarned. >> that bling may not be worth all that. on a happy note, cvs. >> they did something that we can all raise our hands and clap for. in september, they went tobacco free. they stopped selling tobacco products and at the same time their program to cessation smoking. >> and discover. >> consumer reports is telling people to monitor their scores
7:44 am
to make sure they automatically include the fico scores from trans union, one of the three credit reporting agencies in monthly statements of qualified card holders. we think that is terrific. >> you can see it right there. >> absolutely. >> todd marks from consumer reports, always good to see you. thank you. >> you, too, savannah. coming up, what did you do this weekend? we'll take you behind the scenes of our cranksgiving ride for a good cause. and tamrons in the orange room with big news this morning about the come from all walks of life.a. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug,
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add a crisp, classic caesar salad for a pairing that brings comfort and joy to your dinner table. only at panera bread. back at 7:49. tamron is over in the orange room. she's already looking ahead to the 2016 olympics in rio. tamron? >> absolutely, guys. can you feel it? >> yeah. >> the mascot for the 2016 summer olympics in rio, they've been revealed. and here we go. how cute are they? the character on the left, i love this, represents agility and grace and on the left for the paralympics, representing brazilian forests. you can actually go to rio to help choose the m s
7:50 am
masco mascots' names. i'm sure you would be able to pronounce them beautifully. you'll have to go to the website and check it out because i do not want to mangle the names. >> almost looks like adventure time. >> it does. >> the cat and the tree. >> i like the one on the right, his hair. coming up, forget jaws. is the creature just caught on camera the real terror of the sea? sting is here with big news about his broadway show. but first, your local news and weather. whatever nut since whatever the news is, i'm sure it's going to sound great. ♪ how do you turn an idea into something real? ♪ it takes passion... ♪ innovation... ♪ and most importantly, ♪ an after-party.
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7:55 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to
7:56 am
you. it's 7:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. authority in cupertino have called off the search for two suspects in an early morning home invasion robbery. we don't know yet if the search was called off because authorities might have someone in custody. >> a developing story. giants fans this morning shedding a possible tear. third baseman pablo sandoval apparently will not be back with the team next year. several media outlets report panda has penned a five-year deal with the boston red sox for $100 million. we're trying to confirm it even with his agent but a lot of questions up in the air. >> developing story in the south bay. police on the hunt for suspects in a home invasion robbery in
7:57 am
cupertino. they may have someone in custody. right now i want to check the morning forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, laura, good morning to you at home. lots of sunshine coming your way today. we're going to stay dry for the first three days of the week. by thanksgiving turning cloudy and rain returns to the forecast as early as thursday afternoon. 67 on the peninsula, 64 on the east shore, 63 in san francisco. out in the tri-valley, beautiful conditions, 68 degrees. a nice comfortable thanksgiving day and then the rain moves in 2:00 starting up in the north bay friday, spreading south over saturday morning. >> looking at the south bay, northbound slowing. over here, all lanes have reopened over 280. we had a sheriff's deputy whose motorcycle was taken out in a crash. he was taken from the seen in an
7:58 am
ambulance but doesn't look like major injuries.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> cranksgiving! team miami. >> -- biking to beat hunger. >> we're going to feed about 300 families. >> we grabbed our helmets and fanned out across the country for a good cause. we'll take you across the country for our "today team cranksgiving ride. plus the doctor is in, in honor of our no shave today campaign, dr. travis stork is here to put our knowledge of men's health to the test. ♪ i'll send an s.o.s. to the world ♪ >> and sting stops by with a big announcement for his broadway show "today," monday, november
8:01 am
24th, 2014. >> shop small at lancaster, p.a. >> i own windy city sweets in chicago. >> show me matt lauer! >> good morning, alaska! >> it's my 11th birthday. >> celebrating our first anniversary. >> i love my wife! whoo! and we're back on a monday morning, the 24th day of november, 2014. kind of a rainy morning here. hopefully, will not be raining thursday for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. just mentioning the parade, here comes chloe, the balloonicle. >> where is tamron? she's part of this? >> tamron is part of the presentation. watch this as they bring chloe closer here. >> is she inside there? >> well, i don't want to give anything away al.
8:02 am
>> we just showed her. >> yeah, but watch this. >> okay. >> all right. hold this microphone for me. okay? >> all right. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! wow! >> are you okay? >> what was that? >> that was like a breach birth. >> my gosh. >> another graceful arrival, tamron hall! >> i was birthed 44 years ago and now i've been birthed again. how did i get that gig? >> i think i should have had gloves on for that, i'm not sure. >> what was it like inside there? >> tight. >> originally they asked me to do it, but i said tamron would be much better. >> the things i do for you, al. >> it's fun, though. >> we have more great looks from the parade throughout the show. >> tamron, were you pushing this, like fred flintstone in his car? >> i feel like baby vail felt recently. >> nice. >> fascinating.
8:03 am
let's go inside to natalie. she has a check of the news stories. good morning once again. we begin with breaking news, senior officials telling nbc news that defense secretary chuck hagel is resigning. they say the white house lost confidence in hagel's ability to carry out his role as pentagon chief. critics say his struggle to stay ahead of global crises, including the rise of the islamic state. he's been in that post since early 2013. the lone republican on the president's national security team. president obama will make a statement on the shakeup later this morning. a grand jury is getting back to work in ferguson, missouri, to decide if police officer darren wilson will face charges for the fatal shooting of michael brown, junior. others prayed in chf for calm reaction to whatever the jury decides. flood warnings in effect in the buffalo, new york, area.
8:04 am
governor andrew cuomo is advising people who live near waterways or in low-lying areas to pack emergency bags in case they have to evacuate. the runoff from last week's massive snowstorm is clogging creeks. some school districts have canceled classes until next week. holiday travel with children as you know can end very badly if they leave fluffy, boo-boo or any other staffed animal behind. a british travel company has started a website designed to reunite kids with teddy bears left on trains. anyone looking to track down a lost teddy can search the photos an contact teddy rescue by e-mail with a detailed description of the lost bear. sounds like a good idea. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> announcer: today's weather is
8:05 am
broad brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> we have rain in the northeast. buffalo we have showers. in boston wind and rain, probably airport delays as well. here is what we are really watching. this system, new storm tuesday forms off the florida coast, makes its way up the eastern seaboard bringing rain. behind it snow developing inland, rain and snow in the coast. look at the snowfall amounts we're talking about, anywhere from three to eight inches of good morning to you, bay area. sunny with a few passing clouds for today. temperatures are going to end up in the 60s. and a couple of 70s out there. especially out in the north bay. and the tri-valley. as we get into tomorrow, even warmer. temperatures way up. all the way through wednesday. then by thanksgiving day, a cool down, lots of sunshine, rain returns by friday.
8:06 am
>> and that's your latest weather. we put tamron back inside the balloon. so all is right with the world. matt? >> al, thank you very much. you know, sting stopped by recently to introduce us to the cast of his broadway show "the last ship." he has returned this morning with a special announcement. we'll get to that in a second. sting, good morning. nice to see you. >> happy to be here. >> you came back with the cast. i went and saw it wednesday. it's a story about loosely based on your hometown, growing up in walden. i think it resonate with his anybody who lives anywhere where they have been through hard time. >> i've seen the audience reaction every day. we always get a standing ovation, wealth of emotion. it's a good show. >> have you ever snuck in and sat with the crowd? >> i do it every day. >> people don't recognize you? >> i'm right in the back like the phantom of the opera. i sneak in there, in the dark.
8:07 am
>> that's good to know. i'm going to make sure i didn't see you when i was there. let's talk about this announcement now. you're going to do something here. it's hard to get a show on broadway. >> that's right. >> hard to keep a show on broadway. >> very difficult. >> i think you're going to do something here that will shake things up a little bit. >> i'm going to go into the play as jackie white, the foreman of the shipyard. it's been played by my best friend, jimmy nail. extremely well. big shoes to fit. he has passed me the baton for five weeks and said take it on. >> was this always the plan when you were coming up with the idea for this show, that you would take on one of the shows or is this more about shaking it up? >> frankly, no. i didn't think i would do this. but having been to every performance, every rehearsal, i feel i've earned my place in the cast. you know, i've done it. i know it. >> you mentioned jimmy nail, the current jackie white. how does he feel about this? i know he's your best friend but he's going to have to be the guy who follows sting in this show. >> he really has been amazing.
8:08 am
incredible gesture. he said this is the right thing to do at this point in time. do it with my blessing and i'll be there, giving you notes. >> i think it's going to get a lot of attention. i'm also going to be taking on the female lead in the show. >> brilliant. >> all set for that? >> yes. >> i want to mention something else. you'll be honored with a kennedy center honor in a couple of weeks. can you put into perspective what -- it's been a heck of a year for you. but what it means career wise? >> huge thing for an englishman to receive this award from the president of the united states. i really cannot take that for granted. it's a fantastic thing. i'm bewildered by it, surprised by it, but delighted. absolutely delighted. >> congratulations. again, the big announcement today that sting will be taking on one of the roles of jackie white in the last ship on broadway for five weeks. check it out. sting, good to see you. >> thank you. up next on trending, do they bother you? why one of the world's most beautiful cities trying to ban those rolling suitcases. we'll show you what
8:09 am
this is an nbc news special report. here is savannah guthrie. good morning, president obama is about to speak from the state dining room at the white house where he will announce officially the resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. hagel was brought in to oversee the troop drawdown in afghanistan and military budget cuts. less than two years in the job and in the wake of new threats like isis, administration officials have told nbc news that hagel is, quote, no longer up to the job. let's go to nbc's chris jansing at the white house. good morning to you. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: i know this conversation has been going on for the last several weeks between chuck hagel and the president. it started last month. he offered his resignation. obviously it was accepted this morning.
8:10 am
he becomes the first casualty after that disastrous election for the democrats in the senate, the senate now being taken over by republicans. there were a lot of questions raise friday the very beginning. he had what was widely considered to be a bad confirmation process, never seemed to recovered and make his way into the president's inner circle, in spite of the fact that they had been friendly during the time they both served on the foreign relations committee when they were both in the senate, hagel being the only republican on the foreign policy, on the national security team here at the white house. so the decision was made that they needed new leadership at the pentagon. >> i'll interrupt here. we've got the president. >> about a year ago, secretary of defense chuck hagel was visiting our troops in the republic of korea, thanking them for their service and answering their questions. they asked about the usual topics, about our national
8:11 am
security, future of our military, and then one soldier, a sergeant from ohio asked him what was the most pert meant question of the day which was what is your favorite college football team to which he replied, born and raised in nebraska, i don't have a choice, i have a strong corn huskers fan. there was a time when an enlisted soldier might have been reluctant to ask that type of question to the secretary of defense. chuck hagel has been no ordinary secretary of defense. the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in that position. he understands our men and women like few others because he stood where they stood. he's been in the dirt and he's been in the mud. that's established a special bond. he sees himself in them, and they see themselves in him, and
8:12 am
their safety, their lives have always been at the center of chuck's circles. when i asked chuck to serve as secretary of defense, we were entering a significant period of transition. the drawdown in afghanistan, the need to prepare our forces for future missions and tough fiscal choices to keep our military strong and ready. over nearly two years, chuck has been an exemplary defense secretary, providing a steady hand as we modernize our strategy and budget to meet long-term threats while stim responding to immediate challenges like isil and ebola. thanks to chuck, our military is on firmer footing, engaged in these missions and looking ahead to the future. last month chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my presidency and determine that having guided the department through this transition, it was
8:13 am
an appropriate time for him to complete his service. let me just say that chuck is and has been a great friend of mine. i've known him, admired him and trusted him for nearly a decade since i was a green-behind-the-ears freshman senator and we were both on the senate foreign relations committee. if there's one thing i know about chuck, it's that he does not make this or any decision lightly. this decision does not come easily to him. i consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have him by my side for two years and i'm thankful that chuck has agreed to stay on until i nominate his successor and that successor is confirmed by the senate which means he'll continue to guide our troops at this challenging time. i'll have more time to pay tribute to his life of service in a few minutes. for this, let me say this: chuck hagel has devoted himself to our national security and our men
8:14 am
and women in uniform across more than six decades. he volunteered in vietnam and still carries the scars and shrapnel from the battles he fought. at the va, he fought to give our fellow veterans the benefits they have earned. as head of the uso, he made sure america always honors our troops. as a senator, he helped lead the fight for the post 9/11 gi bill helping our veterans and families realize their dreams of a college education. as secretary, chuck has helped transition our military and bolster america's leadership around the world. during his tenure, afghan forces took the lead for security in afghanistan. our forces have drawn down, our combat mission there ends next month and we'll partner with afghans to preserve the gains we have made. the nato alliance is as long as it has ever been, and we are
8:15 am
reassured our allies with our increased presence in central and eastern europe. we modernized our alliances in the asia pacific, updated our defense posture and recently improved communications between the u.s. and chinese militaries. chuck has been critical through all these accomplishments. meanwhile chuck has ensured that our military is ready for new missions. today our men and women in uniform are taking the fight against isil and iraq and syria, and chuck helped build the international coalition to ensure that the world is meeting this threat together. today our forces are helping support the civilian effort against ebola in west africa. a reminder, as chuck likes to say, that america's military is the greatest force for good in the world. finally, in a very difficult budgetary environment, chuck has never lost sight of key priorities. the readiness of our force and the quality of the life of our
8:16 am
troops and their families. he's launched new reforms to ensure that even as our military is leaner, it remains the strongest in the world and so our troops can continue to get the pay, the housing, the health care, the child care that they and their families need. reforms that we need congress to now support. at the same time, after the tragedies that we've seen, chuck has helped lead the effort to improve security at our military installations and to stamp out the scourge of sexual assault from tn racks. chuck, i also want to thank you on a personal level. we come from different parties, but in accepting this position, you sent a powerful message, especially to folks in this city that when it comes to our national security and caring for our troops and families, we are all americans first. when i nominated you for this position, you said you'd always give me your honest advice and informed counsel.
8:17 am
you have. when it's mattered most, behind closed doors in the oval office, you've always given it to me straight. for that i will always be grateful. i recall when i was a nominee in 2008 and i traveled to afghanistan and iraq, chuck hagel accompanied me on that trip along with jack reid. it's pretty rare at a time when sometimes this town is so politiciz politicized, to have a friend who was willing to accompany a nominee from another party because he understood that whoever ended up being president, what was most important was that we were unified when we confronted the challenges that we see overseas. that's the kind of class and integrity that chuck hagel has always represented. chuck, you said a life is only as good as the family you have
8:18 am
and the friends you surround yourself with. in that you are blessed. i want to thank lilly beth, your son and daughter for the sacrifices they've made as well. i know as reluctant as we are to seeing you go, they are equally excited to get their husband and father back. i'm sure the cornhuskers are also happy that a fan will be there to cheer them on more often. today the united states of america can probably claim the strongest military the world has ever known. that's the result of the investments made over many decades, the blood and treasure and sacrifices of generations. it's the result of the character and wisdom of those who lead them as well, including a young army sergeant in vietnam who rose to serve as our nation's 24th secretary of defense. on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you, chuck.
8:19 am
[ applause ] >> thank you, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. >> and we will leave that press conference, the president making the announcement that chuck hagel, defense secretary, will be stepping down as soon as a successor is named and confirmed. on that topic let's turn to our white house correspondent chris jansing. chris, what are you hearing about potential replacements? >> reporter: a short list. michelle flournoy, the highest woman ever to hold such a position in that male dominated organization. she is considered to be somebody who has a lot of respect both on the pentagon and the hill, very important when you talk about the confirmation process.
8:20 am
also jack reid, an officer in the 82nd airborne in the army and ash carter, a former deputy defense secretary, a theoretical physicist. his time goes back many generations. we shouldn't expect the new person would be named today. in fact, it would be very difficult for them to get the ball rolling in such a way that they could actually have confirmation hearings before the end of the year and the republicans take over the senate so that pressure is not on. of course, with the thanksgiving holiday, this is a short week. >> we'll be watching. chris jansing, senior white house correspondent. we'll have more on, tonight on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. ave inbrain when it's time t to walk. >> i'm up $2.5 million. >> you still owe large two places you shouldn't. why do you want door number three? >> how else do i get out?
8:21 am
>> if i give you this money and you don't pay me back, there are no rules. do you understand the gravity of this situation? >> i understand. >> john goodman, welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you, good to be seen. >> you grew your hair back. >> i did. >> it was liberating. >> it was. >> was that the first time you shaved your hair? >> no, i did it for broadway five years ago. >> you look good in that. i think that's great. you are never going to have to worry. i was looking at you as i walk behind you. >> i have other stuff to worry about. >> you are a guy who is known to make a huge impact on a movie with even a small role, which is a huge compliment. why did you like this role? >> because it was small. >> how much time did it take? >> i never played anybody like that before. real sharker, loan shark.
8:22 am
leg break. and i wanted to work with mark wahlberg. >> except he's a leg breaker loan shark and he has for some reason takes a liking to this guy and decides to get him into a different place in life. >> yeah, he's steaking him. i think he's gambling on this guy, as well. he's a gambler, too. >> this is a remake of a movie i think was made in the 1970s. jimmy connell was in that. >> mr. connell. >> mr. con. mr. goodman, you apparently wrote this, spent the last two decades as master of a certain type of role. the potentially menacing regular guy. the teddy bear you don't want to annoy because you might remind him he's a bear. >> any fat guy in a movie is going to be called a teddy bear. >> no, the menacing part was the part i was going for here. can you identify with that? >> no. but it's fun.
8:23 am
>> you know an entire youtube clip out there called john goodman. they don't know about the mr. goodman thing. john goodman loses his blank. you haven't seen this? >> no. >> watch this. >> oh, man. >> we're having a conversation here! i was recently in a horrific car accident! we purposely went broke so you couldn't go to the college of your choice! i'll make sure you never kill in this town, again! >> i could watch that on a loop all day. i love that. >> i think i will. >> like you're a volcano waiting to erupt in all these roles. do you have fun with this part of it? you have done so much on television and so much in the movies but now you get to sink your teeth into these juicy morsels, do you love it? >> yeah, absolutely. that's what i'm here for. that's what i do it for you. >> you're also having fun on
8:24 am
alpuhouse. >> great cast, great writing. >> what is on the bucket list for you now? i don't mean to make it sound like -- >> the next five years i want -- >> what do you want to do? what haven't you been given an opportunity in this business? >> i'd like to do more thetheater and relax for a couple days. >> yeah. >> i'd travel. travel. yeah. >> spend time with friends, family. you're amazing in this, as you are. i feel like it's a broken record because every time you're here i say, you're amazing in this. >> i'll try to screw up real hard next time. >> mr. goodman, good to see you. >> thanks, mr. lauer. >> and "the gambler" opens december 19th. look who i am with. he will put all of our knowledge of men's health to the test. really hard questions. >> tough questions. we're going to try to stump the guys. we'll see if that works out and then a big preview of the macy's thanksgiving day parade right out on our plaza. but first on a monday morning, let's get a check of your local
8:25 am
news and weather. check of your news and weather. ♪
8:26 am
a very good morning to you a 8:26 now. laura garcia-canon. investigators looking at a deadly overnight shooting in a quiet san francisco neighborhood. it happened a little after midnight near henry. it's close to a popular park. investigators have not identified what the man was doing when he was shot and killed. santa clara county deputy escapes serious injuries this morning. take a look at that as motorcycles tangled with a pickup truck. it happened at interstate 280 in koo cupertino. i want to check that morning commute now with mike. how is it looking? >> we did have one lane closing the southbound direction, but that has reopened. and, well, looks like traffic through the north bay, northbound route through the south bay moving smoothly, as well. we do have a slower drive, approaching shoreline, a new crash, happened a couple of seconds ago.
8:27 am
slows west 580, a crash or stalled vehicle stuck there at the dublin interchange. moving to the shoulder. north 880, a crash involving a big rig. the rig is over on the shoulder along with a chp cruiser and a tow truck slowing because of that. the distraction, the only thing going on past the coliseum. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update for you half an hour. have a great monday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. morning, everyone. we come on with some surprising news out of the pentagon this morning. a shakeup at the top in the midst of all the global crises we face. nbc news has learned that defense secretary chuck hagel is stepping down under pressure from the white house. >> hagel was brought in just last year to manage the troop withdrawal in afghanistan. nbc micktis at the pentagon. another that the president asked him to resign and, yet, we're hearing that chuck hagel is not being fired. what is behind all this? >> senior defense officials tell nbc news, matt, that secretary of defense chuck hagel is, in fact, being forced to resign. during his tenure he, it was
8:31 am
felt that he just didn't grasp many of the issues. had a hard time articulating many of the complicated issues and now with the rise of the war against isis in iraq and syria, the troops in afghanistan and continued fighting there we're now told and the budget and sequesteration and all that. one senior defense official told us it was felt by officials at the white house and here at the pentagon that chuck hagel just was not up to the job, matt. >> all right, jim miklaszewski, thank you. >> let's go to chris jansing at the white house this morning. chris, good morning. it seems like a surprise at least from our vantage point. was there rumblings that there could be a shakeup at the pentagon? >> it is a surprise. i think a lot of expectation that given the results of the election and the loss of the
8:32 am
senate that there would be changes. we have gotten every indication that chuck hagel at least wanted to stay but also been very clear that this administration has come under some heavy criticism for what has been viewed as a slow response to national security issues. mick mentioned one of them. isis, ebola being another one and a feeling that he was not up for the job. he wasn't the right person for it. he and senator obama were both friendly when on the foreign relations committee. it is clear he never got into the inner circle here and didn't have a lot of support. and, so, later today we're told it's going to happen, 11:10 eastern time in the dining room here at the white house officially this announcement will be made. savannah? >> chris, stand by there. >> let's go back to the pentagon and jim miklaszewski. are you hearing any rumors or any chitchat who might be a possible replacement for chuck hagel? >> one of the top runners is michelle, who was under secretary of defense and thought to be a replacement for
8:33 am
8:33. good morning. meteorologist christina loren. same clear sky over emeryville. it's hard to find a cloud in the sky at this hour. although, later on today, we will see a few high passing clouds. temperatures are going to be comfortable. upper 60s to low 60s all across the board. a beautiful day coming your way. we're beginning to see the 70s. close to 80 degrees in some cities by wednesday. cooling you off a touch for thanksgiving day. 72 in san jose, 65 in san francisco, rain returns by friday. to say after the midterm elections they face a new political reality in terms of the confirmation process, as well. we will have more throughout the day on msnbc and most of you now will return to "today." this is an nbc news special report. >> a jewelry designer. >> where? >> in new york, chicago, l.a., dallas. >> a big small business guy. >> just a little. >> what is your name? >> i'm ben conner.
8:34 am
>> what is your business? >> maine lobster bringing lobster from the docks down to the city. >> why is it important for people to think about shopping small during the holidays? >> i think it's good to have people and to support their local businesses and be part of the community and it helps everyone. >> and when you look at this, how important is, almost in a sense, you're a farm to table kind of guy. >> absolutely. it's incredibly important that we support local economies whether it's here and up in maine and supporting the fisherman, which we're doing every day. but looking around and making sure it's important to people around you. >> thanks so much. wouldn't mind a lobster roll right about now. asking guests of the show to share their famous small business and andy cone has a bar in montana he's proud of. >> i love just kind of a local dive bar and this was it. and it was just great.
8:35 am
it was, it felt like everybody in the town was there. but i did get confused for carson daly a few times. >> there you have it. you can see more small business favorites from the guests of the show. just go to and, of course, we want to hear from you using the #shopsmall. let us know your favorite small business. share the wealth. share the love so we can all go to your favorites. thank you very much. now our no-shave campaign to raise awareness for men's health issues. issues. carson and willie really did their part on friday getting screens for testicular cancer live on this show. that went very well, we're happy to report. we're testing our health i.q. dr. travis stork is an emergency medicine physician and host of "the doctors." good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> a kind of general issue, men. we talk about prostate cancer, testicular cancer. we're trying to talk about that during this month. men are leery of talking about
8:36 am
things like that. how do you go about changing that? >> one of the things i'm trained to do -- i'm an e.r.doc. so many men wait till it's too late. spreading the message, what we're doing right now today. spreading the message. don't be afraid to talk about these things. get it checked out. it could save your life. >> we talk about lives here. the numbers are this. average life expectancy for women in the united states today about 81. for men it's 76. if men go to the doctor more often, get checked up, can we start to change those numbers a bit? >> we can change those numbers. also we don't need to leave it to our wives to bug us all the time. because women feel this pressure. okay, guys, go. go see the doctor. get it checked out. but also we're going to get into this in a quiz but it's also what you're doing in between those doctor's visit. >> you mentioned quiz. i'm going to take my place over here. willie is stretching. >> no pressure here. >> trying to intimidate us. we'll try to answer the
8:37 am
questions to the best of our abilities. >> very simple, straightforward. don't overthink it. annual physical exam is the cornerstone of good health, true or false, gentlemen. >> if we get this one wrong -- >> true is the answer -- gentlemen. i love where your head is. you're actually wrong. there's a blessing in disguise here. we're actually changing our thinking. this is a blessing. cornerstone of good health is in between doctor's visits. if you maintan good health and particularly if you're younger, you can personalize it with your doctor. you don't always have to go for the annual exam. it could be every two, three years if you personalize it with your doctor. >> second opportunity here. more men die from prostate cancer than from any other type of cancer. true or false? >> all right. i've lost my confidence here.
8:38 am
>> all right. i'm seeing two trues -- three trues. gentlemen, prostate cancer, one in six to one in seven men will get prostate cancer but lung cancer is still the number one killer. >> this is not going the way -- >> male testosterone levels decrease with age due to decrease decreased production. >> what were you telling me about that? >> al is saying false. >> i'm going to stick on my true course here. >> you two are correct. this is false. the reason is, male testosterone levels will drop 1% per year after 30 if you do not continue to work out. it's not from the prostate. >> i don't know anything. >> we have to get one right here, matt. >> okay. >> what's the best predictor of heart disease in men? overall weight, waist
8:39 am
circumference, high blood pressure or inactivity? >> oh, no. [ buzzer ] >> al, you're right, waist circumference. all of this -- here is the deal, guys. all of these can increase your risk for heart disease but your waist circumference is all about this belly fat. >> it's all about the bass. >> it is. metabolically -- >> testicular cancer has one of the highest cure rates among all cancers. true or false? >> true. yes. and true. gentlemen! >> there it is. >> you are all correct. >> thank goodness. >> the bleest thing here is ear detection. it can have up to a 90%, to 95%
8:40 am
cure rate if you catch it early. >> carson and willie did their screening on friday. one of the reasons is this is something that affects younger men, 15 to 35, something like that. >> and younger men do self exams. if you feel something that's not quite right, get it checked out. it will save your life. >> dr. travis stork, the last time he will ever be here. >> wow! >> i'm kidding. i'm kidding. carson and his friends on "the voice" make a dream come true as we kick off our thanks and giving week. first this is "today" on nbc. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys
8:41 am
grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
8:42 am
we are back with our thanks and giving, st. jude research hospital, marlo it thomas is in washington for a good reason. incredible honor she's receiving
8:43 am
the presidential medal of freedom today. marlo, congratulation. >> thank you. >> so with well deserved. >> thanks so much. >> how does that feel? >> well, it's very exciting and very meaningful to my family. i can't help but think about my dad today, my mom and my grandparents who came to this country as immigrants. for them to have their granddaughter receive this honor from the united states of america's president, it's pretty meaningful. it's the american dream for sure. >> such a cool honor to receive. and tell us about the story we're going to look at today. >> that's a great story, savannah. 14-year-old girl named haley, who had aml, all, leukemia, 94% cure rate for it. aml is very scary, 70% cure rate. she receive aid procedure only possible at st. jude's. we created it. only the eighth child in the world to get it at st. jude's. it's a matter of taking a procedure that takes her mother's natural killer cells, together with the memory t cells in the bone marrow transplant
8:44 am
and put them together with reduced radiation. she has a very good chance, she is now in remission and will probably stay in remission. this speeds recovery, which helps to keep the cancer away. >> marlo, you are a force. congratulations to you. and now let's turn to carson with the story. ♪ you appeared just like a dream to me ♪ >> i love singing. it's my passion. it's what i can see myself doing probably forever. >> reporter: a goal that 14-year-old haley kennedy pursued even as a child. >> when i got on stage i knew this is where i was supposed to be. >> reporter: but that dream almost faded when a checkup revealed a problem with her blood. leukemia. >> i said does this mean it could be cancer? she said yes. and that's when everything kind of flipped upside down. >> commercials led the family to
8:45 am
st. jude children's hospital. haley was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia or aml, hard to treat leukemia. >> 70% success rate. >> i promise you, we will not touch your vocal cords. >> after a rough six-month treatment, haley had relapsed. st. jude's was the best hope for survival. >> that's what got me through my cancer, singing. i always sang for my doctors and my nurses. >> reporter: she would follow a certain show. >> my nurses would be like, what are you watching? oh, "the voice." i love that show. it entertains me. and i think that -- who knows, maybe some day i'll be on that show, too. >> to celebrate one year of being cancer free, haley received a surprised invitation. >> so cool. >> a ticket to see "the voice" and a chance for a dream to come
8:46 am
true. >> give me a hug. act like you like me. want to meet the coaches? >> sure. >> come on. this is my friend, haley. she's a faithful "voice" viewer, big inspiration for me. she's been going through it. she has had a tough road. invited to sit in the famous red chair. >> i don't want to put you on the spot but do you want to sing something? >> i have to calm my nerves. >> close your eyes. blind audition. here is haley. ♪ >> i'll turn around. >> yeah. ♪ it's time to say good-bye >> whoo! >> it's a four-judge turn for haley. >> just a little bit about what you hear in her voice? >> ambition. i like the music. i see a winner up here,
8:47 am
fighting. it's an honor for us. so it would be an honor for you to be on my team. >> that's your pitch? >> you have an old style to your voice which i really love. >> your voice is so soft and smooth. >> that is unbelievable. we're not just saying it. >> on the show, honest to god, chairs would have turned on that? >> 100%. >> i would have been sticking your father up in the other room, screaming. >> marlo, thank you so much. we'll see you in studio here tomorrow. >> absolutely. thank you. >> you can catch "the voice" tonight at 8:007:00 central time here on nbc. it really is a jungle in here. first this is "today" on nbc. >>
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ back at 8:49. more flavor from the macy's
8:50 am
thanksgiving day parade, coming up thursday. forget about sharks. natgeo wild is. >> closer to the majestic creatures than ever before. good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, guys. nice to see you. >> scarfing down that bottle. tell us about her. >> nala is an african lion, one of the animals we showcase in our upcoming big cat week. >> lions tend to be more social than tigers? >> they're pack-pride animal. they live together, hunt together. >> teamwork is important for lions. meanwhile, we can hear somebody in the background. let's bring this little guy out and we'll remove nala for a second. little baby bengal tiger. >> jingle. here, kitty, kitty. >> come here, guys. >> gorgeous. >> yeah. >> bengal tiger, another one of
8:51 am
our animal ambassadors. one of the animals we highlight. >> what does that sound mean? >> where's my mom? >> here's matt. >> oh, so cute. >> now he's more solitary, that particular species? >> tigers are more solitary. tigers are more solitary, more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild. >> how much conservation is there? >> we want to do a lot. create awareness so we can keep seeing these incredible animals. >> that's what matt sounds like when he doesn't get his bottle. one of the episodes you have to position yourself in a clear box? that's kind of a gutsy thing to do. tell me about that. >> we want to be closer than ever from lions and from a point of view we haven't seen them and really highlight lions so people
8:52 am
can go, wow, these are incredible animals. we want to do something about this cause. >> i'm sure you did testing of that clear box before you got in it. >> once or twice. >> thank you so much. thanks for bringing your friends with you. >> thanks for having us, guys. >> you can catch man versus lion friday night 9:00, 8:00 central time on natgeo wild. three for the price of one. first this is "today" on nbc. playing hoops, sam is number one.
8:53 am
at st. jude i was number two. yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america. st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
8:54 am
all right. we're back now with three of the biggest names in the sport of swimming. missy franklin, ryan lochte. honors the top swimming performances of the year. i'm happy to say al and i have the pleasure of hosting this event tonight. ladies, gentleman, good night -- good evening. nice to see you. good night, everybody! what does this mean in the world of swimming? we're used to seeing you as part of the olympics. you're out for medals. >> it's so awesome. it's a nice where we celebrate each other and the accomplishments we've had over the year and we get to be dressed up and not in swim suits and caps. it's nice to see everybody like that. >> in the pool, you guys face off against each other. and tonight you're facing off against each other. >> it's nothing like that.
8:55 am
we're here tonight to have fun and celebrate the sport of swimming and support the found airgs of swimming. >> you won male athlete of the year last year. what did it mean to you? >> it meant everything. just shows that hard work and dedication i have done paid off. >> how is your knee, by the way? >> it's all better. >> you're ready for rio, mentally and physically? >> i'm definitely ready. that's the biggest picture. team u.s.a. is definitely going to light it up. >> you guys are so young. especially katie. you're still in high school. you have all this going on. how are you prepping as you move forward, as far as your competition is concerned? >> i'm just keeping the same mind-set i had going into the olympic trials and 2012 olympics. i'm continuing to enjoy the sport and just swimming as far as i can every opportunity and continuing to find new ways to improve. >> it's nice to see you guys without the smell of chlorine in the air. we have all our bad jokes lined up for tonight.
8:56 am
>> we did swim this morning. >> we have a bit of that smell about us. >> missy, katie and ryan, we'll see you tonight at the awards. >> can't wait. >> over to savannah. >> coming up, aubrey plaza, the voice of internet sensation grumpy cat in the new movie "grumpy cat's worst christmas ever." are you channeling your inner cat? >> a very good morning to you. san jose police investigating a security breach at san jose airport. police say 39-year-old miguel made it on to the tarmac near atlantic aviation yesterday morning. employees saw him, tried to detain him and called police. officers later arrested him at terminal "b." this is the third time something like this has happened at the airport this year. so far, neither the giants nor the boston red sox are confirming the report. some giants fans are no doubt
8:57 am
dreading. pablo sandoval apparently signed a five-year deal with boston. some are calling it a done deal valued at nearly $100 million. his agent says it hasn't happened yet. another local news update in half an hour. ç3ç3ççç
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's monday morning, november 24th, 2014. this is thanksgiving week, the crowds are getting ready for the parade. >> oh, yeah, the parade. >> it's going to be here. >> you know, earlier this morning, we had kind of a religious experience on the show. >> what happened? >> one of our -- one of our members -- one of us on this table -- >> outbound members -- >> was born again! hallelujah! a balloonkel came out of nowhere and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. take a look at what i'm talking about. here comes chloe. that's right.
9:01 am
and suddenly, matt lauer, dr. lawyer, if you will, goes around. and watch what happens. >> watch what happens live. >> here we go. >> live tv. >> oh! >> it's a miracle! you know, tamron, get on back in there. come on, get back in. >> yes. >> seriously -- poor girl. >> the number of tweets i've received about this, staggering. >> i have a lot of questions, but you go first. >> here's what happened. friday they come to me and they said, can you make sure you wear pants on the "today" show, because we want you to ride in a balloon. >> oh, i need pants? i never heard of it, but i'm like cool. i wear my pants, boots on, ready to rock. i'm just riding in a balloon, why do i need to rehearse? okay, fine, we go out there. and going into something is always easier than coming out.
9:02 am
now i know. >> that's how kids are born. >> that's how they're born. and i don't have any, so i don't know of this fully. i've seen it on tv, pictures, but i didn't know it. so i get in this thing, and i'm told, ladies and gentlemen at home, and those in the congregation of reverend al, that someone will catch me. tamron, someone is going to catch you. and i say, well -- willie and al -- because they always have my back when i got plunged into the pink water, you were there. of they said al is there, but willie is at mortga"morning joe matt will catch me. >> you believe that? >> no one thought you would come shooting out like that. we thought you would slowly work your way -- >> how do you slowly -- >> they told me i had to go head-first. >> it was like a breach birth. >> it was. and then they tell me, when you get out, someone is going to be there. well, the thing is closing behind. i was in a tube like three feet
9:03 am
long. so i'm pushing out. >> wow. >> and -- >> it's literally like somebody said push. >> i'm just glad it was on the side of chloe -- >> i thought it was going to -- out of the legs. there were legs there. >> well, thank goodness our viewers have put it in beautiful terms. one woman said i was squirteded out. thank you, meredith con swalo. it goes on and on. >> one question. >> yes, babe. >> why? >> mary ann dellner, one of our amazing producers, who i love. i mean, we've bonded. >> sure. >> we've bonded in a great way. >> actually, now that you've been birthed. >> today she looked at me and said, how do you feel? so anyway, that's what happened. i took it in -- i don't want to appear to be a whiner. >> no. >> it was fun. >> you weren't -- you weren't expecting it. >> i wasn't. >> no one was expecting you to come shooting out like that. >> and my teeth are all fake
9:04 am
capped. this could have been a disaster. i would have been a snaggel tooth. all of the visuals. >> now we know. >> all right, mom. one more. one more. >> but i'm happy that all of you said -- >> i'm just glad you didn't scream as you were coming out. it could have been worse. >> yes, natalie, as you continue to laugh. it doesn't help when people say, are you okay, and then they laugh while doing it. but thank you to twitter. i'm okay. i've got all my parts. >> nobody looked better being birthed. you were beautiful! >> they're going to hand that to the parade. popping out. celebrities shooting out of balloon kels. >> the next time they say matt lauer is anywhere near me, my man willie, my man, al -- >> in fairness to matt. none of us -- and we're going to move on here.
9:05 am
but that you come -- i mean, like a shot. it was amazing. >> if an nfl player can catch a football with three fingers, then matt lauer should be able to catch a 130-pound woman spewing out of a balloon. >> a balloonkel. >> whatever. >> if only -- if only o'dell beckham jr. had been there. >> bend over backwards. >> where was o'dell beckham when i was squirting from the balloon. >> squirting? >> did you see the game last night? >> no. >> giants, nbc, prime time. the whole country is watching. and unbelievable. eli manning throws one up for grabs. o'dell beckham is a rookie from lsu, catches it with three fingers. cris collinsworth said that is the greatest catch i've seen in my life and he's been in the game a long time. a receiver, by the way. >> unbelievable.
9:06 am
>> unbelievable. there were some internet memes after this. the sistine chapel, i think -- >> that's good. >> and it wouldn't be a meme without kim kardashian. let's see here. >> yes. >> not my favorite. >> not my favorite either. >> but that was amazing. >> plus he was interfered with. the cowboys player. >> sadly they lost. you're a cowboys fan. >> i think the cowboys won, and i love he made that catch. >> a little something for everybody. >> the cowboys are having a tremendous season. and many people believe they're going on to the super bowl. >> thursday they play the eagles. >> and the weather, speaking of thanksgiving, is going to be crazy. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah, a lot of people traveling. they're going to have to be watching al. >> yeah. >> another nor'easter, right? >> yeah, we are. which we will get to in a minute. this epic snowstorm out west. western new york. >> buffalo. >> near buffalo. this woman last tuesday actually got stuck in a snowbank for 13
9:07 am
hours. >> how does that -- >> well, she got plowed in -- a plow jammed her in, and the snow kept falling. and she was -- so she is buried completely. her phone battery dies. >> oh, my god. >> she is actually writing goodbye notes to her daughters on scraps of paper from her purse. eventually, she rolls down the window, and is able to start -- starts digging. and addition digs to get out, gets to the end of the jam, and she uses a snow brush -- one of those red snow brushes. pokes it out for air. gets the attention of a passing motorist who continues to help dig her out. but it's got to be a nightmare. she literally described it as being in a coffin. >> for 13 hours. yeah. if her phone battery is dead, no way to get anyone's attention. >> writing goodbye. >> 13 people died in this snowstorm. so, you know, that could have -- this could have turned out much
9:08 am
worse. and thankfully, she made it. but, boy, what a nightmare. >> now there are concerns of flooding. >> yeah. because it's going to get up to 60 degrees there. >> right. >> and you've got rain. and all of the storm drains are blocked, because there's literally feet of snow on top. >> wow. >> so some of the creeks and rivers may rise, and -- and by the way, just not to digress too much, but the national weather service in buffalo did a spectacular job of forecasting this storm. and i -- i -- sadly, 13 people died. but a lot more people's lives were saved and prepared for this thing because the national weather service in buffalo did a spectacular job. >> you know what other scene i love, is people showing up from out of town on buses with shovels, where can i go, what can i do to help. >> help you dig out know speaking of doing your part, we all did a great thing this weekend. it's called cranksgiving. willie had a couple other events. but i was down in miami, al, you
9:09 am
were in d.c. along with savannah. >> alexander in our nbc 4 local news team there. and tamron, you were in new york. >> i was here with lester holt, and erica hill. erica's little boy sawyer joined us, and michael from the nbc station, as well. >> and i should mention the local team as well in miami, jawan came and joined us as well, nbc 6. such a great, great thing. we went around and a lot of us did a couple of miles. >> i did 11. >> the scenic route of miami. >> donated over 4500 pounds of food to local homeless food banks. >> i've never heard of cranksgiving until they brought this to our attention. it's a fantastic idea. >> 60 across the country. >> i'm definitely now on board forever. >> it's a great way to kind of raise people's attention to the need for food this time of year. especially. to help raise awareness for homeless shelters. exactly. >> you had a great event this weekend. >> yeah, actually, my dad and i. my dad and i went to orlando on
9:10 am
friday. and we got to spend some time with an incredible group called the american speech language hearing association. they help out with, you know, hearing impaired, autistic kids, people with strokes, that kind of thing. but the picture you're seeing there, we were introduced by, can you believe it, john glenn. >> wow. >> and his wife annie. they have been married going on 72 years. >> god bless. >> they met when they were 2 years old, they grew up together. the man fought in world war ii and korea and orbited earth, and ran for president and everything else. so just to sit backstage with him for an hour was a master class. really cool. >> and another great event. >> saturday i was back in new york for the michael j. fox foundation gala, which every year is incredible. they do such a good job. as you know, my dad has parkinsons. and it was great. i got to talk to -- that's paul simon. >> oh, wow. >> and michael j. fox gets up and plays guitar with the musical guest. he can still shred it, by the way. >> amazing. and ryan reynolds, his dad has
9:11 am
had parkinsons for some time. got to interview him before the event and we'll play that tomorrow. >> great. a check of the weather. >> talking about the weather, we've got a lot going on right now. let's show what we have. first of all, in the northeast, we're looking at a lot of wet weather, especially in buffalo. we've got high wind watches and warnings. so big problems this. heavier showers and thunderstorms firing up through the southeast. in fact, we've got severe weather watches and warnings. weather might approach severe levels from the carolinas down into the georgia/florida border. and we're watching this low pressure that will develop. we think tuesday morning off the florida coast. heavy rain will develop moving southeast during the day wednesday. high winds and so travel going to be a big problem. as the system moves off, colder air funnels in, so the rain changes over to snow. look at some of these snowfall amounts. we're talking about up to a foot of snow in interior sections of new york, pennsylvania and new england. could be a fit or more as
9:12 am
bulls-eye hits interior new we're looking pretty good for travel all the way through wednesday. thanksgiving looks good, as well. then we bring in the rain on friday. so getting home could be problematic. temperatures for today, looking good. upper 60s, and your inland valleys, same for the coast. tuesday into wednesday, temperatures jump even more so. thanksgiving day, nice dry, comfortable day, 72 in san jose and 65 degrees in san francisco by friday, we bring on the rain. mostly for the second half of the day, showers in the north bay after 2:00 p.m. hope you have a fantastic monday. >> and that's and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks a lot. good news for fans of grumpy fat. the frowning feline who has a comment for every occasion. now starring in his very own movie. and the woman lending he voice to the cranky critter up next.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
aubrey plaza has spent the last seven years, dead panning histo hysterically on "parks and recreation." >> now using that sarcasm as the voice of grumpy cat in "grumpy cat's worst christmas ever." good morning, guys. >> hop in. >> grumpy, are you serious? >> yes, i'm serious. look at my face. >> that's a little snippet of the film. i just walked right over your grumpy debut. sorry. ruining the whole thing. i was excited to get to the phenomenon that is grumpy cat and how this sensation turned into a movie. can you explain it? >> well, tabby is grumpy's
9:17 am
owner. she could probably explain how grumpy became a sensation. and then the movie is a whole different story. but -- >> my brother put her picture up and it went viral. he put a video on youtube to prove she was real. and in 36 hours had a million views. two years later, grumpy is starring in her own movie. >> tell me about that phone call from your agent. we want you to voice grumpy cat. >> i was sitting on my veranda and, um, reading the new york time. >> yes. >> and i just got an e-mail that said, grumpy cat's worst christmas ever. this is an offer. it's a voice-over. it's a live action movie. it's a christmas movie on lifetime. i read it immediately. and was like, 100%, i'm in. let's do this. >> do you channel a grumpy cat? i mean, are you grumpy yourself? >> not in -- no, not in my everyday life. i wouldn't say that i'm grumpy. but, you know, i'm an actor.
9:18 am
when i have a role that i'm doing, i have to, of course, channel -- i had to channel grumpy cat. we spent a lot of time together. i interviewed her. i studied her. gl did you g . >> did you get any hair balls? >> i'm not going to answer that. >> too personal, al. >> too much information. >> tmz, i just thought -- >> what was the first meeting like between the two of you? jumpy's name is tar tar sauce. >> that is her real name. it was amazing. she's far more famous than i am. she has a big entourage. i was intimidated. she made me feel at ease. we drank a big glass of milk together. >> oh, nice. >> bonded. >> milk amongst friends. >> rolled around in some leaves and --
9:19 am
>> cat internshnip? >> let's just stop there. let's change the subject. i understand you were, in fact, an nbc page but you left the program early. >> i did, yeah. which is a good thing for nbc, i think, and the page program. >> you could have taken down the network? >> well, i wouldn't say that but, you know -- it was fun while it lasted. >> can we get a quick grumpy cat voice? if we ask you a question, when does the movie premiere, grumpy cat? >> soon. >> saturday. >> saturday november 29th, 8:00 pm. any more stupid questions? >> yeah! that's a grumpy cat. grumpy cat. >> that's what she would say. >> saturday premieres on lifetime. tabby, thanks for bringing tartar sauce, who isn't really grumpy. she's sweet. before you make out your shopping list, we'll tell you which companies were naughty or
9:20 am
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lay like this for the first hour... ...then flip it... ditto! ...for the juiciest turkey yet. walmart has everything you need, for your thanksgiving meal, at unbeatable prices. we begin with breaking news. defense secretary chuck hagel is resigning. they say the white house lost confidence in hagel's ability to carry out his role as pentagon chief. critics have said hagel struggled to stay ahead of global crises, including the rise of the islamic state. he's been in that post since early 2013, the lone republican on the president's national security team. "consumer reports" out with its list of company's policies that it considers naughty or nice. among the naughty practices, the interest rate of 28.99% at the jewelry chain zales and marriott which was fined by the fcc for jamming mobile hot spots at one of its hotels so guests could bt log on to their personal
9:24 am
networks. rated nice by "consumer reports," the decision by cvs to become tobacco-free and discover which provides free credit scores on monthly statements of card holders. you can see the full list at our web site today president obama awards the nation's highest civilian honor to 19 recipients. among those getting the presidential medal of freedom, nbc tom brokaw, actresses marlo thomas and meryl streep and stevie wonder. the award honors people to u.s. security, world peace or cultural endeavors. congrats to all. and the latest hu"hunger games" installment, "mocking jay" took in $123 million. the biggest opening weekend for any film this year. big hero 6 was second. "interstellar" was third. and meet the mascots. today officials unveiling the mascots for the 2016 olympicss in rio de janeiro. a smiling figure representing agility, sway and grace and the mascot for the paralympics with
9:25 am
its leafy hair to represent brazilian forests go. to rio to help pick their names. we're back after this. ♪ toyota. let's go places. ♪ vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. vicks nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ only once a year!... get $15 kohl's cash on all your black friday purchases! use it the next time you shop kohl's. only once a year!... get $15 kohl's cash for every 50 spent! kohl's black friday starts 6pm thursday!
9:26 am
find your yes. kohl's. and a good monday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. police right now are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in a quiet san francisco neighborhood. this happened a little bit after midnight near henry street. that location is close to a popular park. investigators so far have not released a description of who they're looking for or what may have actually led up to that shooting. authorities in cupertino are looking for two men in an early morning home invasion robbery. sheriff deputies locked down the area, this around garden gate. the robbers managed to get away despite the perimeter there. authorities have now left the scene in search of the suspects. and so far, neither the giants nor the boston red sox are confirming a report. some giants fans are no doubt dreading to hear. a few media outlets right now reporting pablo sandoval has signed a five-year deal with the
9:27 am
boston red sox. they say the value of the deal somewhere around $100 million. but we've also heard this morning that sandoval's agent is denying any kind of deal is actually in place. he told knbr that his client is still open to an offer from the giants. we'll have to say to be continued. continued right after this break, we'll have a look at your weather and traffic.
9:28 am
9:28, welcome back. we have a beautiful day shaping up. mild conditions, dry conditions, nice air quality courtesy of the showers that rolled through. and brought upwards, almost 7 inches of rain. i just got off the phone with marin municipal water. of that 7 inches, about 3 1/2 made its way into the watershed. that's such good news. 72 degrees throughout your tuesday, 73 by wednesday, beautiful conditions, rain returns on friday, rain's a good thing, mike. >> it is. we'll take all we can for the watershed over here. we're looking over here, west
9:29 am
580. still recovering, this as you're approaching. look at the map, we have a slower drive still continuing. but for the last half hour, we've seen steady improvement as the disabled vehicle right there at the dublin interchange cleared. for our overall lighter commute, south bay looking good as is the northbound route through oakland. still have metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza. you guys cleared from 101. here's the last slowing you see. 87 and 85 looking a lot lighter. back to you. >> maybe the commute a little bit better with not all of the kids in school this week. you get a momentary reprieve. we'll see you again in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
welcome back, it's monday, november 4, 2014. i'm willey along with al and i love when you go to see the gorillas, they seem almost human. sitting with their legs crossed. sometimes they don't like the way you're looking at them. take this gorilla at the berlin zoo. a couple tourists from ireland got a little too close. he reaches down, threw a rock. >> good arm. >> and just heaves it at them. luckily it didn't hit anybody. >> geez. >> he was coming after. he didn't like the way they were, i don't know, talking a about him? >> what's great he's just kind of walking. you're not even expecting it then hey! get out of the way. >> there's no wind up to it. >> there's nothing. pure power.
9:31 am
>> that was our monday moment. share your monday moments with us. >> grumpy cat on, now we have a grumpy gorilla. what's up with that? >> and how about a little something happier for your monday? like the baby laughing or something on the christmas tree. sthaend to us. >> or a gorilla throwing a christmas tree. [ laughter ] >> you know what's great? i don't have to get up to do the weather. this is great. i like this. this is really nice. look, we got a severe risk of storms along the southeastern atlantic coast. got snow up around the great lakes, snow in the rockies and back west we have windy conditions as far as -- where'd everybody go? >> we have a segment to do, al. >> let's take a look at tomorrow, show you what's happening there. more wet weather. this is where the -- [ laughter ] >> this is where the low pressure is going to be developing along the florida coast and moving up the coast we'll watch that.
9:32 am
still windy as you make your way across the souther california area and more wet weather coming in to the pacific northw 9:32. happy monday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. big holiday week. you might have family, friends coming into town, or if you're trying to get out, good news is, we're going to see really comfortable, calm conditions all the way through thanksgiving thursday. 63 degrees in san francisco today. 64 on the east shore, and 66 degrees on the peninsula. here's the deal, temperatures warm up into the 70s for the next couple of days. we'll stay nice and comfortable through your thursday. then the rain moves in 2:00 p.m. on friday, we're expecting the showers to arrive in the north bay. that's your latest weather. guys? >> now to a look at what had you racing to your devices to search the web. >> all the excitement at the amas about a birthday shotout gone wrong. daniel sieberg is back to break it down. daniel, good morning.
9:33 am
let's talk about the hot searches. first up, the amas, of course, star studded as always. what were most most curious about? >> the american music awards which was a great recap of the top artists of the year, fantastic performances. you see there pit bull was hosting and performing. one direction was performing. bang-bang, taylor swift gotten a awa award. diana ross was up there at one point. lorde, iggy azalea, all the big names in muse wirk there. it was a fantastic collection of all these artists in one place. leading up to the event we saw interest in fashion, the red carpet. i would say that some of the searches may have been because there were positive connection to what people were wearing, others not so much. you see here j. lo. >> she looked great. >> fergie there as well. and then maybe this was one of those ones people had some questions about. but plenty of search interests and we'll leave it up to the viewers to decide. >> i agree. let's move on to julianne moore.
9:34 am
she recently revealed her role model. >> meryl streep, which is probably not too surprising. a lot of female actors see her as their role model. she's in the new "hunger games" mov movie. she says her kids convinced her to appear in the movie. she's getting oscar buzz for the movie "still alive." so lots of attention around her and a great actress. >> i love her. she's phenomenal. and she's one of the nicest people whenever she's visited us. now to birthday oops. john calipari was doing what he thought was nice thing. wishing his daughter to happy birthday. what went wrong? >> he said happy 25th birthday, we're so proud of you. just off by a day which is a little embarrassing for a dad to do and to post to his 1.3 million twitter followers. he was called out by people. his daughter posted #awkward reminding him that it's the next -- so she is 25 now. >> he wanted to be the first. >> he was just eager, he loves her so much.
9:35 am
>> did he clean it up? >> he kind of acknowledged it and apologized and during one of the recent press conferences with the university of kentucky there was a happy birthday balloon sitting next to him while he was giving his press conference. his birthday is not until february, in case you're wondering. [ laughter ] >> mea culpa. love it. how about thanksgiving, what are people looking for specifically? >> we've got, as you would expect, some recipes, foods. pumpkin cheesecake was one of the ones that was popping up a lot which to me sounds like a fantastic sort of shift on the traditional food. cranberry sauce was up there. we've seen deep fried turkey, all sorts of recipes that come up. not surprising people want to have that in advance and search for it before they invite everybody over and look like they know what they're doing. >> and during thanksgiving everybody looking for sales online and the big sale not so much the black friday but cyber monday. >> cyber monday and leading up to now is the beginning of the online shopping season, really.
9:36 am
and we've seen searches for toys. we've seen searches around american girl dolls, my little ponies. i've got to check my list here. paw patrol. i feel like i'll be buying half of these for my daughters. on the devices side you see wearable technology like the fit bit, tablets, portable speakers. game consoles like that xbox 1 and ps 4. so i'd be happy to have the latter list. i'm not so much sure about the kwirs one. >> you don't want the ouiji board? daniel sieberg, thank you. coming up next, the creator of "alex cross" is going to keep you up all night. we'll catch up with james patterson next.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
most famous thrillers "along came a girl" and "kiss a spider." >> this one is called "hope to die." >> by the way for all the kids out there, who should not be thumbing through that thriller, patterson has released "house of robots," a new children's book series. james patterson. >> let's make sure we get that straight, "hope to die" for the adults. >> although the adults would do well to read the robot book. >> the other thing is, look, whether you buy toys or not, get this many a book to read. >> exactly. >> it starts out a little -- the family is missing. so that has to be sort of the toughest case he has ever been involved in. his family is missing. i hope he saves them. >> how do you approach these
9:42 am
books? you stamp your name on the front of it, you're going to sell a ton of copies. >> i don't necessarily believe that's true. >> oh, yeah. >> you stamp your name on the wrong thing and you stop selling copies, i think. it's happened to author. >> how do you approach these books, then, each one? >> for me -- someone said you're lucky if you find something you like to do in life and that someone pays you for it. i don't work for a living. i play for a link. honestly. the hardest thing i have to do is this. the writing is terrific and fun. not that this is unpleasant but -- >> we'll see how you feel at the end. >> we have a lot of viewer questions, lot of want-to-be authors. tamron is over in the orange room. >> good. >> laurie says i'm enjoying your women's murder club series. what is your process when you co-write with another author? >> they love the murder club series. what's your process when dish. >> the co-writing thing?
9:43 am
are you ready? we alternate words. >> really? >> no. >> i buy it. you said it. i buy it. >> yeah. no. i write -- this year i've written over 1,000 pages just of outlines and every outline is three or four -- >> where do the ideas come from? >> i have a stack in my office. hopefully i'll be writing the next hundred years. a whole lot of ideas and i keep adding to them. >> you were not a voracious writer, reader as a child? >> i wasn't a voracious writer. i was a very good student. the books they gave us at catholic school and then when i -- i worked my way through college, i started reading like a crazy person. and i've remained a crazy person. >> the kids books really have taken off. >> the kids books are my passion, because it's so easy for us to get the kids in -- people come up to me. i can't get my kids reading. do you get them to the breakfast table?
9:44 am
yeah. do you have rules in the house like you can't track mud on the rug? yeah. you have to make it a rule in the house and then get them cool books. if there's a kid that doesn't like "house of robots," send me the book and i'll give you the money back. >> wow! >> guarantee for sure. >> the lawyers are like oh, what is he saying? >> i'll get that for my kids. >> money-back guarantee. thank you so much. always great to see you. book again "hope to die" and "house of robots." by the way, you can watch the trailer of the web companion series to "house of robots" on tamron has the pop fix up at clorox 2, we've turned removing stains into a science.
9:45 am
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9:47 am
i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
9:48 am
hi! >> pop fix. >> you know what time it is. >> it's pop fix time! >> thank you, mr. roker. surprise. queen bee dropped the latest video for her single. i am obsessed with it. she showed off her dance skills slumber party style, from a kale branded sweatshirt, which you know is going to sell out, down to what appears to be men's undies, fashionable for girls to do that. she and several dancers are seen dancing on this balcony, bathroom, messy bedroom, even in the hallways of the high rise. check this out very closely when we get to the scene of beyonce jumping on the bed. this is shot, they say, on an iphone. >> it looks like it. >> there's a cameo.
9:49 am
take a look. look at the bed. who is that on the bed? >> is that blue? >> that's blue ivy while mom is jumping on the bed. >> that's what happens at natalie's house. ♪ no more jumping on the bed >> it's actually -- some people said it's not about her and jay-z and this reported rumor, turbulence. it's about her mother, who divorced her dad and is now in a loving relationship. that's what they say. on to some batman jealousy, christian bale revealed that he was shocked when ben affleck was cast as a new batman. although he thought it was the right time for him to hang up a cape, there was a little part of him -- there was a moment i just stopped and stared into nothing
9:50 am
for half an hour. he added i'm 40 and the fact that i'm jealous of someone else playing batman, i should have gotten over it by now. it opens march 25th. how about him opening up? just stared into darkness. >> i just stared into darkness. >> he owned it for such a long time. >> my favorite batman. >> who is your favorite batman? >> chris crayon bale. >> second only to michael keaton was an excellent batman. >> he was. >> one more thing for you today. the wrecking ball singer has turned just 22. i thought she was older than this. celebrating her birthday with her new bf, boyfriend, patrick schwarzenegger. they're just being kids. arrived with a colorful, furry outfit. patrick was in tow. >> that's patrick behind her? >> yes. >> the son of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. they've been seen multiple times together, spotted kissing at a
9:51 am
college football game a week ago and posted a picture on instagram next to a giant pizza. and the caption was it's my birth-day. >> you have to hang out the tongue. >> it's your birthday, too, with the balloon outside. come on, we're having fun with it. >> let it go. >> raise the mug. >> this is ç3ç3çç
9:52 am
9:53 am
over the years the "today" show gives to millions of children with our annual toy drive. >> we love this time of year. first contributor this season is jean mckenzie, president of american girl and advice executive president of mattel. first of all, thank you.
9:54 am
this is a massive donation. >> we're so thrilled to be donating our american girl dolls in your toy drive for the first year in this time at a donation valued at about $1 million. >> amazing. >> more than 8,000 dolls. that's the value being donated. >> 8,000 girls will have a more special holiday and hopefully a cherished memory. >> american girl has done so much to empower young girls. tell us about the philanthropic event that is you've taken part in. >> for every doll purchased, american girl will be matching that and providing that to the children's association of hospitals across the united states. so many thousands of girls this holiday who are in a challenging swigs will have the benefit of a really special new friend. >> that's great. >> beautiful. >> wonderful dolls and they send a great message. you're also trying to help to empower young girls becoming young women. >> we are. our dolls and particularly our
9:55 am
books really do send messages about building self esteem, building confidence and helping girls to really realize their personal best. >> you've got all of us. my daughter has them. >> my nieces. >> jean mckenzie, thank you again for your generous donation and for kicking us off this year. >> great start. >> surprise celebrity guests will be on the plaza collecting guests every single morning in our 8:00 hour monday, december 1st through friday december 19th. if you're planning a visit be sure to bring a toy down to the plaza for a needy child up to age 18. >> go to our website,, for all the info on how you can donate from
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. san hoe saw police investigating a security breach at san jose airport. the police say 39-year-old miguel zerigoza made it on the tarmac yesterday morning. employees saw him trying to detain him, called police, officers later arrested him at terminal "b." this is the third time something
9:57 am
like this has happened at the airport this year. authorities in cupertino are looking for two men in an early morning home invasion robbery. earlier today, sheriff deputies locked down the area around garden gate and glenco drives. the robbers managed to get away despite that perimeter. authorities now have left the scene, as well, and we have a developing story. neither the giants nor the boston red sox are confirming a report. some giants fans no doubt dread. a few media outlets are reporting pablo sandoval has signed a five-year deal with the boston red sox. the deal valued at $100 million. but, we also heard sandoval's agent denying the deal is in place. he talked to knbr. says his client is still open to an offer from the giants. for that matter, so am i. let's check your weather with christina. good morning. >> hey, thank you. really pretty day. temperatures are going to be crisp in the mid-60s. we'll see a few high passing clouds, but overall, a mostly
9:58 am
sunny sky across the bay area today. 67 degrees in the south bay, 63 degrees on the east shore, comfortable conditions, 64 for you and temperatures are going to be really nice as we head throughout today and tomorrow. then, by wednesday, close to 80 degrees inland. temperatures fall as we head throughout thursday, thanksgiving, and then the rain returns on friday. so we've got a lot to go over and your full forecast today at 11:00. first, here's mike and your drive. >> all right. we're going to take a look out here. the bay bridge toll plaza has a backup. let's look at the map. we have a slow drive because of an earlier disabled vehicle. treasure island back to the toll plaza. back to you. >> we'll have another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday. very windy, very warm. weirdly, oddly warm. three days left until thanksgiving. hope you had a fantastic weekend. was at a big, big show today. we have ways to save you all kinds of money in preparation for cybermonday. >> you think you can buy online anytime and they had sales since halloween. we'll see if cybermonday is as big as it was. a lot of celebrity news in the buzz, including who selena gomez was singing about last night in the amas. you've been wondering about it. she was very emotional. and, anyway, we'll talk about
10:01 am
that. >> she looks beautiful, doesn't she? >> talking about music, wait until you see this young woman. lindsey sterling is a youtube sensation. she's going to perform for us. and set the dvr for zoology for your kids. julie scardina is here with some of her furry friends. you are the queen of good deeds. >> well, let's talk about us on friday. >> on friday we shared the podium over at the plaza hotel. i've been going to the city meals on wheels luncheon, the power lunch for women, for about six years or so. my friend dr. patricia wexler, my dermatologist. she was being honored. liam neeson. you know who else is at that table? james earl jones. and christine baranski was there. >> we had a nice -- we had the best table. we had the best table. >> yes. >> and there is pat wexler, who is just a wonderful woman and dear friend now. >> beautiful. she looks great.
10:02 am
she's excellent. so are you. >> she always taught me, do as little as possible as long as you possibly can. she's good. and then i had a weekend full of family visiting. but you -- >> i went to florida to do a little pro am tennis tournament. i haven't played tennis in three years. look who i ended up playing with, martina navratilova and we played chris evert and timothy olyphant. he played in college. i felt i could have been awesome at tennis. i didn't know what to do. martina is like, where are you going? and i didn't know. >> you're always in the wrong place. there is a place you're supposed to be. >> can i tell you how -- i got yesterday. >> two years ago, you knew that -- >> three years ago. they knew i couldn't play. >> do they think you're taking tennis lessons every week. she raised a lot of great money. >> for a great charity. let me tell you how i got -- this is so humiliating and it
10:03 am
happens sometimes. >> humiliation story. >> my family is coming to the house so i need to make room in the closet. i started taking clothes out and give it to my doorman, downstairs, he gives it to church. i started bagging it up, bagging it up and so in the middle of it, there is this bag of stuff that wasn't good enough to give away and wasn't great and i threw it in the bag and i thought what should i do with this bag? i said i'll stuff it down the trash chute. well, sometimes you do, and it says no hangers and whatever. i'm like, who's going to know. wait, so i jammed it, like the grinch on christmas, down the -- >> this is a theme with you. >> then i called philip to tell him about the bags and i couldn't carry them all downstairs. i said, when you get a minute, could you come up and grab the bags so you can take them to church. he said, sure, but we're busy right now because the compacter is broken. i was, like, should i confess? i didn't know what to do. i didn't then, i hung up. i felt so guilty, i was, like, why did i do that?
10:04 am
i broke the compacter. i felt terrible. this morning, at 5:00 a.m., when i'm leaving my apartment, the doorman goes, hey, hoda, is this yours? it was -- it had fallen into the bag, and was in the compacter and they found it. >> busted! >> hard evidence. >> i looked at the doorman holding my badge and i thought to myself, well, now, that's it. now i have to pay for the whole trash compacter. >> you should pay for it anyway. you should have said i did something so stupid, i'm so sorry to inconvenience you. a thousand dollars, no problem. i will pay for it. >> you think? i'm scared. probably going to be a bill when i go home. i felt terrible. i was already busted. they already know it was me. don't put hangers and other things that aren't -- >> they say please don't because if you have this -- but anyway -- >> if any of you have been on an
10:05 am
airplane with hoda watching the overhead bin, please let us know your hoda stories with the overhead bin. it is just like that. i've seen you climb up on the seats with people in them. >> it can fit. here's the rule, it can always fit. all right. speaking of traveling, you want to know what airports have the most delays? >> this didn't surprise me at all. >> yeah. so they picked four of them. number one, chicago o'hare. >> yeah, they always have weather issues going in. like the major hub for the -- >> 42% of flights were delayed. 42%. >> during the winter, 2013. >> that's two out of every five. other terrible performers. ft. lauderdale, 38%. >> maybe they were waiting for weather to clear up north. >> right. at o'hare. liberty international. >> that didn't surprise me either. >> and denver. >> no. they all seem to be weather. except for ft. lauderdale, which is maybe -- >> like you said waiting. the ones that were the best. if you want to travel somewhere, they say go to honolulu because only 14% of the flights were
10:06 am
delayed. >> yeah. that's usually because something -- the lava something, just never -- i don't know. i don't know why. mechanicals. >> we don't even ask. i stopped asking questions about that kind of thing. >> a lot of people travel. i think wednesday, this coming wednesday is the biggest travel day of the entire year, right? and then sunday is the second? >> are people coming to you. is that what's happening? they're all converging? what is happening? >> now regis and joy aren't. they're out. but other people might. i don't know exactly how many yet. but all pretty local. my brother and his wife sandy. a small, nice one. your goal -- >> they're all coming to see me. have you ever considered instead of hanging with your family getting away from your family for the holidays. yahoo! kept track of the most searched vacation destinations for thanksgiving. here is where people are going. puerto rico, hawaii, san diego, california, and steamboat springs, colorado. >> and scottsdale. people are going for the snow or the sun. >> yes. those are the two places that
10:07 am
people are going. >> i can't imagine disliking my family so much that i would want to get away from them on a beautiful -- the one day when you thank god for all your blessings. got to get away from my family. >> maybe it is at the end of a long trip, a long stay. >> at the end. >> what are you saying? >> i don't have that, but, you know, occasionally i know people who do. >> if you want to go to venice, italy, come may, this next year, you're going to have a big, big problem because they're going to ban these noisy suitcases that have wheels on them. the city council wants to ban rolling suitcases, residents in the beautiful city -- i love venice, it is awesome. >> they complain it is too loud. >> yeah. clunking along the streets with the luggage, which i thought was weird. how loud can it be? there are cars that -- >> not in venice. >> they don't have cars? oh, right. right. i didn't remember. okay. >> the sound is giving venetians serious discomfort and it also says that it is leading to progressive deterioration of centuries old paving slabs,
10:08 am
marble steps and foot bridges. i bet it is. plus they have the -- they're afraid of being taken over by the water. >> imagine how you get your bag around. that's hard. i mean -- >> that's not a nice thing to call your wife. and it is not even friday. >> you can get fined 500 euros. they're letting you use these kind of rolling luggage that have air-filled wheels, which -- >> like a bicycle. like a bicycle kind, the soft tread, i guess. >> i would just get in the business of those if you're selling -- >> bring a backpack. that's going to -- >> where are you putting your clothes? all your stuff? >> in the trash compacter, i guess. that is -- i wonder how much do you think it is going to cost? >> i don't want to know. i hope it is not really broken. >> do you have homeowners insurance? no, i rent. i don't have anything. i think what probably happened is they probably cleaned it up and fixed it.
10:09 am
it's fine. i'm not going to worry about it. so if you're wondering who is going to perform at halftime of the super bowl, we have the answer. >> okay. >> the super bowl folks officially released it. katy perry will be performing. >> we were supposed to -- >> she was rumored and now it is true. there was some issue about how katy perry kind of hinted that the nfl wanted her to pay to play. and she said on one of the television shows, you know, i don't pay to play kind of thing. anyway, so that's that. and then she also -- there is controversy surrounding katy perry this weekend. she was at a beach in sydney, australia. and i guess it was a nudist beach or i don't know. anyway, she was stocked by paparazzi and she was wearing a bathing suit and i guess according to her, somebody said to her, one of the paparazzo said to her, drop your towel, we'll take a picture of you and we'll leave. >> trying to make a deal with her. >> and she went -- you saw the picture of her pointing, she was very angry at them and refused,
10:10 am
good for her and she wrote on her twitter page, you should be ashamed of your paparazzi and tabloid culture. they have no respect, no character, no humanity. >> one she claims was not wearing clothes at the time. this was all allege ealleged. >> she specifically named the australian paparazzi, jamie fawcett, the guy taking -- >> he's naked, he's taking pictures of her and he's had a history of getting a little too close to celebrities. nicole kidman had once applied for a court order against him. and when he purr sued her in a manner she felt endangered her life, yeah, it happens. >> and she did take him to court for allegedly bugging her home. he's got -- he's got some other things where he sounds like, yeah, he's got some issues. >> very aggressive. yeah. when frank and i got married, we had paparazzi, we were at a friend's house in the hamptons
10:11 am
and they were climbing through the dunes to get pictures. we went tearing out of there. we were just going to montauk for one night because he had a football game the next day. we knew it was endangering people. we just pulled over, let them take a shot and went on. they hadn't asked me to show them a bikini shot or something. i understand her being, you know, offended by that. that is really exploitive and sexist. >> terrible. >> you know what's not? >> what? >> our favorite things. i'm so excited about this. remember what i told you about rapid flash years ago, how it made my eyelashes grow to the point i had to trim them? frank used to say, don't drop that stuff on your chin. it is true. well, they came out with something -- i almost plucked my eyebrows into oblivion through the years and i've been trying to grow them out. this is rapid brow. an eyebrow enhancing serum. 30 bucks, sold at drugstores or >> that's awesome. >> mary my makeup artist says i
10:12 am
can't believe -- it makes them darker too. thicker and darker. >> i have a couple of favorite things. one is the group of four people standing in the corner. they are wonderful folks, two people from the chris evert group, they bid on the lottery for us. thanks, guys. and allison is here with her son elliott, she owns one of my favorite places, go fish, in rehobo rehoboth. they're my favorite thing. and sticky toffee pudding which is amazing, amazing, amazing. and here's my other favorite thing -- >> you don't have to carry the big thing anymore. >> i don't have to. look what i have with me. now coffee mate sells it like this. coffee 2 go. little small coffee -- by the way, they snap shut tight so they don't leak in your purse. you carry coffee to go in your purse, put it in your cup -- >> $3, i guess available everywhere. is your best deal just a click away? >> everything you need to know before you spend a dime online.
10:13 am
what are your favorite celebrities up to this weekend? >> we'll g
10:14 am
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10:16 am
limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. all righty. time for today's buzz when you catch you up on the hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> music, movies, everything in between, here with the celebrity scoop is joe levy. you were busy last night watching the american music awards. >> busy using my eyes and watching the american music awards. >> what did you like? >> i thought some of the simple things played well. i liked sam smith, the big production number with taylor swift, and the surprise, selena gomez. >> what did you think of that? >> she often comes with a big pop production number. here it is this heart felt ballad called the heart wants what it wants. made with a green screen, but so emotional. >> she was emotional? >> that's what we think. she cries in the video. everyone believes the video is
10:17 am
about the relationship with justin bieber. she appears to be in tears. and cut to taylor swift and she's in tears. they're besties. >> iggy azalea, what happened with her? >> very sweet moment early on, she won best rap album, got up people shouldn't go through -- shouldn't have to go through that and answer anyone. what do you think will happen with him? >> i don't know what's going to
10:18 am
happen. i hate to say and get all english major on you, but these aren't innuendos. these are specific -- these aren't just accusations. they're specific accusations. they seem to display a pattern. they keep on coming. this isn't just innuendo. i don't think that this small comment from him does it. i think people are still waiting for him to talk, to tell us something. >> let's talk about julianne moore. she was on "fallon." i guess what happened is her son sent her a tweet or text message. >> a text. she was talking to fallon about how texting can be embarrassing sometimes. and you think she's going to say, i sent some embarrassing texts. she shows a text that her son sent her. >> let's watch. we have a clip. >> this is from my son, my wonderful son. >> he thought he was sending a text -- >> to his girlfriend. >> to his girlfriend. oh no! oh no! >> look at this. >> here he goes. here it is. can i come see my baby now?
10:19 am
and then -- >> lol wrong person. cringe. that can't be more humiliating. >> the worst part is i brought it on a talk show. >> no, no. the worst part of it is cal is sitting right there in the front row. that's the worst part. hey, cal. hi, baby. >> how adorable? >> what a good sport. >> that is awfully embarrassing and now he has to pay for a couple more years of therapy now that she told the entire world. julianne moore, what about the movie she's in "mocking jay." number one at the box office. biggest opening weekend for any movie this year, $123 million. that's the good news. >> down frifrt tom the first tw >> not only that. down from the first two and softer than people expected. >> it will be fine. >> thank you, joe.
10:20 am
>> thank you so much. could you be our fan of the week? >> don't go anywhere. we may be surprising you. >> something we're all thankful for. julie scardina and a fan tweet: what are the odds i'll get a 50" tv this black friday? at walmart no need to worry about odds. one-hour guaranteed items are guaranteed by christmas. no camping out to get the good stuff? nope. good. feelin' cramped! get a 50-inch tv for just $218 this thursday with the one-hour guarantee. walmart. new preference mousse absolue. reusable haircolor. one push automatically mixes pure color dyes.
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10:23 am
and good mornings. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. now it is time to surprise our fan of the week. drum roll, please. never mind. we spin the globe to see where it lands. >> and the winner is -- >> emily reese from greensboro, north carolina! oh, my gosh. emily watches us on wxii channel 12. she's with us on skype along with her co-worker and her besty, stephanie. hi, ladies. how are you? >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're so glad you're here. >> we wish we could hear. >> yes, we do. but we're going to keep going. >> before we put your fan dom to the test, we want to tell everyone why you were chosen. emily watched our show for years, she met stephanie at work, she was delighted to
10:24 am
discover that stephanie was a long time fan as well. the pair bonded over the fourth hour and became office bffs. >> they were. emily says she loves how kathie lee and i work together. it can still be friends and have fun with each other because that's exactly how she and stephanie are. >> awesome. >> love them. >> they never miss an episode, whether they catch it at their desks or save it for home. i'm sure their bosses are thrilled and their whole staff knows about their fan dom. now, emily and stephanie are considered the klg and hoda -- >> which is emily? raise your hand. >> okay, good. >> okay. all right. now we know you're taking a break from work to chat with us. emily, we'll put your fan dom to the test with a trivia question. you have to answer right to win the grand prize. are you ready? >> yes. >> okay. here we go. >> now we can hear you. >> our fabulous "today" contributor an "ambush makeover" stylist jill martin recently broke a guinness world record for what? a, having the longest fingernails. b, building the world's largest
10:25 am
high heeled shoe with kenneth cole. or, c, the longest national weather forecast ever. >> b. >> you and a guest are going to grand bahama island in an ocean view room at the grand he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands.
10:26 am
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10:27 am
report some giants fans have been dreading. some media outlets are reporting pablo sandoval has signed a five-year deal with the boston red sox. they say the deal could be valued at $100 million. but this morning, we heard from sandoval's agent denying any kind of deal is in place. he told knbr, his client's still open to an offer from the giants. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. ç3ç3ççç
10:28 am
welcome back.
10:29 am
gorgeous day coming your way. lots of sunshine, a few high passing clouds, high pressure's in control. and that means temperatures will be comfortable. similar to where we ended up yesterday, a degree or two warmer. 67 degrees for the south bay, the peninsula at 67, and 63 in san francisco. weather headlines tell the story. a mild start to the week, we're going to bring your temperatures way up by wednesday. then those numbers crash and the rain returns by friday. so we will tell you how much we're expecting because this could impact holiday travel as people try to make their way home after thanksgiving. more on that today at 11:00. here's mike and your drive. >> holiday travel affecting your commute. look at this, we're expecting a lighter flow, and we see that at the bay bridge toll plaza. a slower drive here because of a late problem across the bridge. all lanes are cleared and now we have recovery over the last half hour. there's the lowest spot. look at the rest of your bay with san mateo, dunbarton, northbound route, no problem. back to you. >> thank you. join us for the big show, 11:00, that's our next newscast. we'll see you then.
10:30 am
we're back on this monday saving monday with more of "today" and your holiday gift guide. with cybermonday one week away, we're going to get you set with everything you need to know before you make that next online purchase. >> here with the leedown on how to save money, use coupons and get the best deal is kirk ne newtson. >> what an introduction. >> i know. >> cybermonday, everybody makes it a big thing. it seems like the way we're online, is it a big deal anymore? >> there are still sales to be had. it is a big deal. cybermonday, though, is still coming alive in terms of there are deals there, but what we this is a shift in consumers where we know we'll find deals at other times of the year. >> better time, black friday or cybermonday? >> depends what you're buying. a lot of the stuff you see
10:31 am
stores sell where people line up are not always the same thing that you and i would buy, say, the next day. made specific for that day, so it is not necessarily the same quality. >> let's talk -- >> it is gone that day. >> of course. so cheap, too good to be true. just like anything else. let me show you, first of all, historically we have a list. we also have where cybermonday deals have really gone well in the past. >> okay. >> so here is some, like, last year over the last three years, these have really been the winners. ralph lauren, tommy hilfiger, best buy, 6:00 p.m., home depot nail it out of the park. tommy hilfiger, half off that day. this year, what is going to happen this cybermonday? we have a list of bookmarks and you'll see it at, and walmart, macy's, amazon, all the big brands made their own cybermonday pages and what they -- >> they don't know what's available. >> when it populates, you can see what they're going to sell. >> you got to get on it right
10:32 am
away because the volume is only -- it is set. >> right. and it is going to run out. and if you want that master clearinghouse, this is where it all started. this is a website called we all heard about this one. 800 different retailers are here. what is good about it is these retailers know to list all their deals that will happen and they go to -- so is another one to bookmark. this one is awesome. so if you're thinking about -- you already got your list down. and you know what you're going to get someone for the holidays, start making your list on this new app that is called track it. >> they get it for you. they show you where to get it? >> they'll also track the prices. you see here, this tv went down $200 since i put it down to track. this one went down 500 bucks. nothing happened yet with the kate spade purse, doll or lego yet. i just put those in.
10:33 am
it will e-mail me when it goes down. you're going to save some money that way. now, the newest thing, when it comes to shopping for the holiday, is called -- we have all done it, go to your phone, you're in the store, you're, like, how much could this be if i got it somewhere else or on amazon? this app is phenomenal. this allows you -- even set up now where you put the bar code scanner up, you scan the item in a store and not only tells you the best deal nearby, but also will tell you what it would be at amazon right then and there. and something just happened with a friend using this over the weekend. they're in toys "r" us and went on by via and saw at walmart it was cheaper. they went to the toys "r" us clerk checking out and said i can get this cheap, will you match the price? all four were matched. she saved money right then and there. >> well -- >> not just great. >> we got to run. we got to run, but i got to tell you, they're all great and they're all going to be on our
10:34 am
website. >> seihe's the cyberguy, hoda. >> he knows what's going on. julie scardina has some of her furry and feathered friends. >> that's a big bird. my budget used to be a real downer. especially around the holidays. i made a list of everyone we need to get gifts for this year. but thanks to, now we can shop with low monthly payments. over 150,000 items, and growing, from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, lego. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great gifts. [ drums playing ] let's wrap this one last. ♪ what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad.
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10:38 am
hey buddy. control your entire home with one simple app introducing wink it's like a robot butler, but not as awkward. time for today's call of the wild and today we're celebrating our most american holiday, thanksgiving. >> so set your dvr for your little ones. julie scardina is here with a lesson on some north american creatures we have reasons to be thankful for. hello, julie. >> exactly. happy thanksgiving, right? synonymous with thanksgiving, but it actually is such an american animal, i bet you didn't realize it was one of
10:39 am
only two birds that have ever been domesticated in the americas. >> really? >> and this -- this is a duck, the moscave duck. i bet most people don't realize there is a difference between a domesticated turkey and a wild turkey. aren't they beautiful? much more sleek, they're fast, they can run, longer legs, they can fly 55 miles an hour. and the domesticated turkey, which, of course, was bred for meat, right? you can see the difference and they also are very alert. these guys down here. this guy, he's kind of just content. i'm just hanging out, you know? i'm fine. so really important the differences. okay. we'll pick that up later. we're going to -- we're going to be thankful for these turkeys because they're great for the forest environment, they create and eat all the bugs and the vegetation and replant those
10:40 am
forests. right now we're going to bring in another animal out here, that is a north american animal. and isn't this the most adorable thing you've ever seen? this is peanut. come on. this is -- this is nature's engineer right here. peanut. hi, peanut. >> what is his name, peanut? >> yes. you know what, peanut was the sole survivor of a bear attack. peanut's whole family got killed by a bear up in canada. i know. you know what, peanut now lives at seaworld in san diego, a great ambassador animal, and, you know what, the most amazing engineer you would ever -- in fact, peanut loves to chew and move things around the habitat so much -- >> just sitting in its mouth. >> yeah. >> he's still traumatized by the bear attack. >> yeah. he's not used to -- >> come here. >> i feel so bad. >> that's all right. come here. >> oh, wow.
10:41 am
that's a -- yes, peanut weighs about 50 pounds. about the same amount as a turkey. >> okay. and these guys are amazing because they create habitat for all the other creatures in their area. and they actually are kind of considered the pied pipers of biodiversity. all these other animals follow when beavers come into an area. >> they're really critical. >> they are. >> thanks. who is next? >> peanut right there. i'm going to grab a glove. this is one of the most -- well, one of the largest most beautiful and most common hawks in north america. you guys know what this is? a red tailed hawk. >> yes. >> okay. >> this is also a rescue, like peanuts with a rescue, actually about 20 years ago that this bird was rescued. has been an ambassador at our bush gardens williamsburg park and this is an animal that eats mostly rodents. >> okay. >> even though -- have you heard
10:42 am
of pale male who lives in the city? >> on west side. >> yes. >> long lived birds, they live up to 35, even 40 years, so this guy has a longer life. but they really, really are great for pesk control, not just the pigeons out there, but up to 95% of their diet is rodents. >> let's bring out the last guy. we have got -- this is the -- >> stinkiest of all. >> stinkiest of all. that's true. >> you have never smelled a porcupine, you are one lucky human being. >> this is spike right here. >> is that the noise -- >> just about 2 years old. he's going to be growing a little bit larger than that. thank you, lisa. hi, spike. want this? >> oh, gosh. just got a whiff. >> you know what, careful -- >> that is bad. i would like to say that's part of their defense. but the best part of their defense is these quills right here. and most people don't think it is quills as being just hair. that's all it is. kathie lee -- >> i'm sorry. it is really -- i'm -- i'm sure
10:43 am
to other porcupines it is fine, but that is -- >> stop it, hoda! >> is it not the worst smell? >> that is putrid. >> american animals for american holiday. >> happy thanksgiving, sweetie. >> careful. >> to the turkeys too, poor babies. we pulled a few strings. >> got lindsay sterling to give us one of her amazing performances right after this. ♪
10:44 am
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> the sound coming from lindsay sterling's violin sent shock waves through the music world. from the high profile performances to popular collaborations to chart topping albums, she's a 28-year-old musical prodigy who just is getting started. >> now lindsay, whose youtube
10:49 am
videos have been seen more than 8 million times, she's release g ing an album called "shatter me". >> congratulations on all your success. >> thank you. i'm super excited to be here. >> still pinch yourself when you think about what is happening in your life? >> all the time. not even kidding. all the time i have moments like this is really happening. i don't know how but it is and it is awesome. >> we love to see truly talented people breakthrough who are so unique and we're dying to hear you play for us. >> what are you playing? >> "round town rival" on my new deluxe album. ♪ ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:53 am
>> awesome! so great. >> thank you. >> we have got a special celebration ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that was awesome!
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
holiday celebrations begin this week. and there are so many families who could use a little extra help this year. we're kicking off our 21st annual holiday toy drive. >> let's meet one of the generous donors who makes it all possible. jean butler, executive director of the toy industry foundation. we see her every year. great to see you. >> you got the hot toy with you. this is it. >> this is our fifth year donating. we're donating a little bit more than a quarter million dollars' worth of toys. one is this, the stretch and shout teenage mutant ninja turtle. >> the arms stretch out? >> if you grab -- yeah. >> oh, no! you know, it is going to be huge. >> fantastic. >> this is important.
10:57 am
why do you guys do this every year? >> play is so important to all children. and around the holidays, there are a lot of kids who don't have the opportunity to get a new toy. and that's why we're here, to give those kids these toys. >> we thank you so much. >> we sure do. >> for everything you do. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> if you would like to donate to the toy drive, bring a toy to the plaza starting next monday. december 1st. >> or donate from home, go to for the details. >> all right. we hope our fan of the week emily has a great time on the trip. >> her hotel accommodations furnished by grand lucayan bahamas, airfare by the grand bahama tourism board. we wanted to get that in. >> tomorrow, we'll help you stop the holiday gain with cut the creep. >> barbara corcoran is back. >> have a great day everybody.
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- "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom." - "i recently called into scan regarding a claims problem." - "i had been going round and round with a problem with a prescription drug order." - "it is nice to know that one phone call to you, and you take care of it right away." - "your kindness and helpfulness has been appreciated "more than you will ever know. i could not have done it without your help." - i'll never be able to thank them enough. uh...and it's the truth. - "thank you so much. sincerely, donna markow." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence.
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and right now at 11:00, lockdown lifted. the community back to normal after investigators shut it down to search for armed suspects. plus, new information out today on how to save yourself from getting sick. if you're one of the millions people flying this holiday season. and from the bay to boston, say it ain't so. there are reports that a giants fan favorite could be swinging for the fences at fenway. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scot mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. more on those stories in a moment. but first, a shake-up today in washington, d.c. secretary of defense chuck hagel is stepping down at the pentagon reportedly under heavy pressure. nbc's


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