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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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life. and how black friday is not taking over just thanksgiving, but cyber monday as well. first, let's get to the weather. good evening. a south bay finally got a heavy dose of rain today. let's take a look at what it looked like in san jose this morning. another round of rain is about to hit the bay area in just a few hours. for the very latest on that, let's get to our meteorologist. >> we're seeing that rain increasing right now outside. you can see the first round of rain that came through dropped around an inch of rain in santa rosa. heavy rain starts to approach the central coast and parts of the bay area. san jose, 0.7 of an inch of rain. san jose significant because we haven't seen this much rain since february 28th. we'll close in on an inch of rain for san jose by tomorrow morning.
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moisture streams in from the south. the reason why the south bay got a pretty good dose of rain we had that band of moisture push through from north to south. there's a good chance the south coast, santa cruz mountains, and san jose will see some heavy rain tonight. as we see the skies continue to cloud on up for tomorrow morning, especially san francisco, hits the north bay. we'll have a full look at the rest of your weekend forecast and another storm for the workweek ahead in just a few minutes. we turn now to developing news out of ferguson, missouri, where police officer darren wilson has turned in his resignation. he's the missouri officer that killed unarmed 18-year-old michael brown in august. he's been on administrative leave since the shooting.
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some of those protests turned violent and destructive. the naacp is hoping to direct that anger into something positive. >> hoping to turn anger into action and bring about justice. >> the organization is leading a 120-mile seven-day march from ferguson to the governor's mansion in jefferson city. participants are calling the march a journey for justice. we are in san francisco with more on this aftermath. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, i can tell you this resignation didn't seem to come as a surprise at all to people in san francisco tonight. given the high-profile nature of the case and the widespread protests that followed, that's
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what they're telling us tonight. near union square, merchants were cleaning up broken glass. today shoppers around union square told us they didn't understand the point of damaging property. last night, many in the large crowd were people demonstrators calling for justice. another broke store window. there was a traffic control vehicle that was vandalized, bottles were thrown. today we asked people coming into the city about that police officer, darren wilson, stepping down. >> i think it's like he would never be able to work in ferguson or anywhere else because of what happened. it is smart of him to resign. >> did this surprise you that he stepped down after all this? >> no, i read about this two days ago, that they were negotiating his exit. >> you think it's best he
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resign? >> for sure and his colleagues as well. a lot of healing needs to occur. >> reporter: some felt he really didn't need to resign, but they thought it was a logical decision. merchants in the mission district in san francisco also were cleaning up broken glass today. we reached out to the police chief who indicated six officers were injured. 78 people were adul released. tomorrow morning on "meet the press" a closer look at the grand jury verdict in ferguson. chuck todd sits down with a group of experts to look at the current state of race relations in our country. that's at 8:00 in the morning.
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there's a new push to find whoever killed a hiker on a popular trail in the oakland hills. he was hiking in huckleberry regional preserve. he was a danville teacher and oakland writer. there's a $10,000 cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest in his shooting death. according to police, these men are persons of interest in the case. officers believe that robbery may have been the motive for the killing. multiple shootings in east oakland leave two teenage girls and a boy recovering from injuries there. multiple shots were fired from a passing car. one was grazed while the other was shot in the leg. ten minutes earlier police say a 12-year-old boy was shot when he was walking home. took him a minute to realize he
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had been hit in the stomach. the two are not connected. happening now, with black friday behind them, thousands of people in the bay area took advantage of small business saturday. we are live in san jose with the look at the more community-oriented approach to holiday shopping. >> reporter: i haven't found your size yet, peggy. i'm still searching for the perfect gift. i'm here in japantown, which has been bustling all day and it is still bustling. there are a lot of people in here trying to get a deal today. today many shoppers turned away from big box stores to locally owned stores. small business saturday was established in 2010 and since then, shoppers have made it a point to shop at mom and pop
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stores and restaurants. business was up a notch at the local stores which owners appreciated and they hope it'll continue tonight. >> we're hoping the people in the neighborhood and the community support the business. the impact we have with the community is vital for our success here as well as the area. >> reporter: according to the american express consumer inside survey, 82% of shoppers in the u.s. said they plan to shop or eat at independently owned businesses today. we apologize for that outburst behind me. the motto is shop small. there's an event going on. that is including a salsa demonstration and a fashion show. nbc bay area news.
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a great reminder to support those small business stores. black friday is starting to look an awful like cyber monday. online sales were up yesterday about 8% from just a year ago. about 47% of that online traffic actually came from mobile devices. also notable more online retailers rolled out their deals on thanksgiving day. that accounted for about a 20% jump in growth from last year. not all websites were able to handle all that business shopping traffic. coming up next, chaos in the streets of egypt after the former dictator mu bar ek is freed. mountain lions back on the prowl. the city with sightings in just three days.
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all remaining charges against mubarak have been
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dropped. thousands took to the streets to protest. demonstrators are angry that mubarak, who was sentenced to life in jail, has been cleared. among the charges that were dropped, ordering security forces to kill protesters. his 29-year-old regime was toppled in 2011. there's a law on the books that bans unauthorize ed demonstratis like this one. pope francis made a trip to turkey today. he preached about unity among christians around the world. this morning he visited the blue mosque. they both observed a moment of prayer and silence. turkey is the birthplace of orthodox christianity. immigration was the focus of a mass held at a mostly hispanic
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church today. the president's decision last week offers temporary relief to as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants. eligible people who have been in the country for more than five years, have a child as a citizen, citize citizen. we're going to introduce you to this boy credited with saving his friend's life. take a look at this. this time it is not manmade. more details on that coming up. we're seeing a little bit of light rain. this is the next wave coming in for tonight, which woucould bri some heavy rain to parts of the bay area.
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pet owners in santa cruz are on alert after a couple of mountain lion sightings in the past week. something to keep in mind. mountain lions are nocturnal. they are usually sleeping during the day. police are asking people to call 911 if they see the cats. they are warning against hiking alone or letting children play alone outdoors by themselves at dusk or dawn. a 6-year-old boy from washington state is being called a hero tonight. he saw his friend choking on some food and sprang into
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action, giving him the heimlich maneuver. >> reporter: he's a busy boy who's always on the move, but with a little help from mom, he stopped to share his story. >> he choked and i gave the heimlich maneuver. >> reporter: it all started a month ago inside this house. >> he had an incident at the dinner table choking and his older sister later told him how to do the heimlich maneuver. >> reporter: he didn't think he'd need to use it. a few weeks later, his friend choked on some food. >> we could see his face was red and he couldn't breathe. >> i clasped my hands together and pushed them against him. >> he jumped right in there and took care of business. >> reporter: his friend had just one request. >> he said, can you please stop doing that. >> reporter: alex may not know how to tie his shoes, but he
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knows how to safe a life. >> what did his face look like after you did the maneuver? >> red. >> reporter: perhaps we can call this boy a 6-year-old hero. >> 6-year-old hero indeed. well, rain in the bay area usually means snow in the sierra. the time could not be better. snow has been falling all day in the sierra. they couldn't wait to get out and get into the snow. they pulled over, led the kids out to have a little fun. >> well, we're just looking for a place to play. a lot of the sledding places aren't open yet, so just got out of the car and let my daughter play. >> let them out and enjoy that new snow. ski resorts reported 2 to 12 inches of new snow today.
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you know when you're a kid and we haven't seen snow in ages around here. >> it's been awhile. you take advantage of what you can get. we'll see a little more snow. maybe another half foot of snow at 6,000 feet and a potential for more snow for the middle part of the week. snow levels running a little bit higher with that midweek system. showers starting to increase in coverage again. more moisture comes in, lifts in the atmosphere, and increasing, especially around the hill tops. san francisco is seeing a few light showers. some light showers around saer to -- saratoga into san jose. here comes system number two now moving up from the south. you can see some of that heavier rain crossing around the golden gate bridge in the north bay and more moderate rain starts to
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drop in the south baby tomorr--y tomorrow. highs tomorrow in the 60s around san jose. low 60s out towards the tri-valley. we're going to be watching the trend begin to dry out as we go into the rest of the day tomorrow. you'll notice the showers start to move off toward the north as we get into monday. the storm system will pack the potential for some heavy rain and gusty winds. with the ground becoming saturates, may see some issues with tree damage or power outages. this tuesday-wednesday system may pull a lot of moisture out of the south. there's a tropical jet stream and some of the moisture wrapping into this area of low pressure. that could power up those rain areas along the coast tuesday afternoon into wednesday morning. on top of the rain we've already
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had, 1 to 1 1/2. 3 to 4 inches plus in the mountains. 2 to 3 inches in the north bay. and 1 to 2 inches across the south bay. the biggest punch likely coming in for tuesday on into wednesday morning. the next part of this weather system as we get past sunday, here's your monday break. wind and rain for monday and tuesday. towards the end of the week, things will calm down a little bit. plain on so plan on some windy conditions. be right back.
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well, it is back. it is bigger and sweeter than ever. the executive chefs at the fairmont hotel in san francisco say their famous gingerbread house is a labor of love. the giant mansion stands 22 feet high.
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the pastry shop spent 735 hours building this house. they used 7700 pieces of gingerbread and more than a ton of candy. they try to make it even more spectacular every year. >> the clock tower, that wasn't there last year. we brought the train this year. there's more animation in the gingerbread house. if you look around me and you look at the kids and the adults too, they are all smiling. this brings so much joy in the holiday season. >> truly amazing there. the gingerbread house will be in the hotel lobby through the holidays. now time to check in for a look at what's coming up in sports. >> that was looking mighty good. i usually make one during the season, but i might have to go see theirs this year. like so many other games this time of year, this one went
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what a difference a year makes. after winning just one game last season, cal entered today's contest needing just one more win to become bowl eligible. the cougars already bowl bound.
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fourth quarter, countdown. trevor davis found a beautiful ball. we are tied at 35. cougars would respond as christian stewart would make the handoff. that would put byu back in front. fourth and goal. just a little too high. so no bowl game for the bears as byu wins it 42-35. the raiders hope to double up their 2014 win totals tomorrow in the gateway city. we are in missouri with more. >> reporter: it took the raiders 368 days to get a win. it's been even longer since they have won two in the row. they're going to play the st. louis rams that is coming off a loss. >> they're a good team.
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but we'll go down there with the same confidence that we go into every game. we'll expect to win. we got the win last week. we do have an opportunity to follow that up with a win. that would be great for us to get a win this week and then you can build on that and try to do it again. >> been a long time since we got off an airplane coming back from a road game with a win. good teams play good. at this point in time, late in november, december, you start to play better. you start to play some of your better football. we just want to play our better football right now. >> reporter: just when raiders fans got a glimpse, the raiders running back had been ruled out of sunday's game still suffering from concussion-like symptoms.
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we'll see. he read the ball well. nbc bay area. the sharks continue a six-game home stand at the tank. home has been anything but sweet. they have dropped six of seven at the center this year. last time these two met, san jose took out some frustration on the socal rivals. a good chunk of time in the penalty box. the sharks say emotions always run high when they're playing anaheim. >> it is tough. you have to have the mentality that this is good play. first and foremost, we want to win. big hits are maybe cheap plays, little things that happen along the way.
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>> it's all about not hitting too high or too alllow througho the game. you have to stay even keel no matter what happens. don't let your emotions take over. then it is going to be more successful. >> the puck drops at 7:30 down at the tank. sounds great. in the meantime, thank you so much for choosing nbc bay area news. we have a new special coming up next called "molly's journey." we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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hi my name is candace fitzgerald. i have carcinoma lung cancer. >> this is probably the last cancer i thought i would ever have.


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