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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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something about it. nationwide protests sparked this time by a white new york police officer cleared in) the chokehd this is washington, d.c. right now. yñ protest from new york city, washington, and of course in our own backyard in oakland. also, there is one last night. these are live look now from our nbc chopper in oakland. right now they started at frank agawa plaza. protesters are heading toward west oakland. not sure what their game plan is tonight. from oakland with more. >> i want to hear out there that black lives matter. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: what is happening is a÷:q( peaceful shutdown and protest of the golden bear campus. >> they spoke before a large crowd. solidarity of the people with ferguson, with the people of new york. >> reporter: in the name of michael brown, now eric garner, calling for police
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accountability. with more demonstrations expected in nearby oakland, police are preparing again. >> we certainly are here to facilitate free speech, protests, first amendment rights. and we want to create a safe environment for them.aku but also at the same time, it >> reporter: last night's demonstrations largely peaceful. but last week some protests ended with vandalism and arrest. with just over 700 officers, police say some are working their 12th day. >> it drives the overtime up as well as it really stresses and maximizes the officer. now, we just came from days off council. we're going@qp? back to days of council because we're anticipate mortgage protests is. >> reporter: other agencies like the chp have been coming in to assist. >> the officers do come from other areas as well, not just m oakland chp office. we do have minimum staffing levels at all of our offices which we do maintain, no ma4 >> reporter: now back here live,
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oakland police[w say they're feeling very lucky to have other law enforcement agencies to help them out. still, they stand at 704 officers, they're telling me, and that includes the chief. they also say that on nights and that incv try and make . contact with businesses to let them know what is going on. we do have a look from our chopper. and before' that crowd left her from frank @ñogawa plaza, i had chance to speak with some of the demonstrators who had bull horns. they were talking about police accountability. they took off down 14th street. what they told me is the plan was to walk through the neighborhoods in west oakland. ju$rough the streets, and then eventually to end up at the courthouse downtown. police were with them. we saw them on motorcycles, in o cars. again, keeping an eye on everything. but they say that their resources are stretched. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, christie. well,1sbe tonight we are heg from the widow of eric garner.
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she says she broke down in tears after the grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who killed her husband.çm >> all of my years living in new york, i know a lot of people that resisted arrests and were able to walk away from it. either in jail, out of jail, whatever the case may be, not pv >> she added that she refuses to accept condolences from the officer who put her husband in the chokehold that killed him. we're going have a live report from new york city coming up at 6:30. let's get to our weather now. today a little sunshine and a lot of cleanup. heavy flooding this week. plenty of damage to homes and businesses, especially what you're looking at here in marin county. and be warned, because here comes more. jeff ranieri is tracking the next round of rain. wnbc's mark is tracking the matthews in tiburon. mark, the rain is partly to blame here. there is another reason we saw so much floodling right where you are. >> you're right, raj.
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businesses here at the coast shopping center were damaged. and just about a block here, right up that way, about 30 homes residents tell me were also inundated. but let's start at the champagne day spa and salon. >> and look how fast that is coming in now. >> reporter: a sped-up version of the security video camera. the water seeping into her salon. that was heartbreaking that was tough to watch you. could see the damage just being done. right in front of your eyes. >> reporter: when she got to the there was two inches of water inside. >> the parking lot was like a swimming pool. hampaign figures the loss is at least $30,000. around the cfés r on cecilia way, pablo castro figures that will be about the damage to his place. damaged. gave to come out. they're not salvageable. >> reporter: castro owns a wood flooring business, put in h76,ñ, bamboo and cherry floors that are now all ruined. next door the hardwood is already coming out.
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neighbors say escrow just closed on this house yesterday, the day it flooded. the culprit is this pump house, operated by the county of marin. a.m., a high water alarm went off. two of the three pumps had shut down. likely due to overheating orosf power surge. the county is investigating. qñ novato, it wasn't pump but a drain that failed. >> when we bought our house, they told us we was in a flood zone. >> reporter: residents blame runoff from the smart train construction that poured into a city-owned drainage ditch which flowed into the mobile home park. >> it was moving, moving good. >> you can see a high watermark on the side of tmp shed up to about here. >> reporter: the damage was limited, primarily to sheds and the skirting underneath the mobile homes. but the concern is that it could happen again. many of the people here are retired, don't have the resources to move. the city's public works department is blaming the mobile
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home park's drains, saying when crews unclogged those drains, the water recede immediately. >> well we made it through.4 >> reporter: a spokesman for smart train says it wasn't their fault. it was the city's drains that were to blame. the city says no, it wasn't our drains, it was the drains of the mobile home park that were ñ ago with the operators of the mobile home park who told me that once they pulled the covers off the rather quickly. reporting from tiburon, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> all right, mark, thank you. it is a÷zpmg mess. ÷ right now crews are s working on that large sinkhole in san francisco. this is the intersection of sixth and lake in the richmond district, which remains closed to traffic right there on the city block. now according to the investigators, that sinkhole was caused by an old pipew=ss thatt following our heavy rain. they expect to open this road early next week. well, right now we are in a
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short break in between storm systems. a live look outside of san jose looks very calm. but a new storm is about to move in. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with the timeline. jeff? >> and right now that new storm system is about 700 miles away. and look, i don't think really think this storm system is going to match the intensity of what we experienced over the past five days. but it's going to provide a decent punch of some weather for us. in fact, the storm prediction center has us under a slight risk of severe weather from the north bay down to the south bay. the possibility of some isolated gusty winds, maybe even a little bit"p:ñ of . ) storm. not a whole lot happening at 4:00 a.m. some scattered showers on the commute, right through about 8:00 and nine income the morning. but as we head throughout 1:00, we're going to see it begin to pick up in intensity. all the way up into the north bay near point reyes, where we had some of this flooding concern. and t)l]ñ you'll also see right throughout the peninsula, we'll also find areas of rainfall, evening beginning down here towards san jose as well. coming up, we'll have totals on
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how much we could pick up, and if this is going to impact your weekend forecast. and we'll have details on a brand-new el nino update in about ten minutes. >> okay, thanks. see you soon, jeff. and some of our nbc bay viewers are enjoying the rainbows at the end of the recent storm. and]$f this picture. you can send your pictures to i see at it's called the largest homeless encampment in the nation. and tonight it is closed. our nbc chopper overhead as we saw police moving in to the jungle today, forcing hundreds of people out. now the city of san jose says it's found shelter for everyone that has come in contact with over the past few months. but lot of people are debating that. nbc bay area's damian trujillo got a police tour of the jungle us live. good evening, damian. >> reporter: good evening, raj. ls2:q1ñ subterranean dwellings r inside the jungle here behind me. those images of
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crews began their work early this :lmorning, removing her debris from inside jungle. some of it belonged to tracy knngle. >> all ofébú we don't know where top[y0ç go.o we don't even know where to -- i mean, look. we don't know where to begqaë go. >> reporter: at one point, more than 300 people lived in the jungle. this is one of the reasons the city is moving them out. a contaminated coyote creek. runoff human waste and trash from the camp forced the regional water quality control board to warn the city to clear fines. for 18 months, the city had been working with the homeless inside the jungle, trying to move them into permanent housing before 0ñ today's clearing. >> everybody who has been engaged with our nonprofit partner, downtown streets, home first, we're working with them to get them into shelter. we haven't had to deny anyone shelter or support today.
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>> so there is space available? >> yes, we've made space available. >> reporter: inside the jungle, piles upon piles of debris remains. >> ma'am, i think we already saw it once before. do you remember me? >> reporter: officers michael hoops and mike brum were among those making sure everyone was out today.szf >> san jose police. >> reporter: they then took us into1 one of several undergroun caves made by jungle residents. >> you know what?$x2h(t&hocfìc& god bless you. >> thank you. >> very much. >> reporter: at technology of the encampment, a friendly gesture from one family. everyone who got kicked out of their homes today. we can't give them a space to stay, but we can give them some food to keep hunger off their place to live. >> reporter: police did not make any arrests today. you can see them actually working with the homeless to make sure everything today was orderly. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. happening right now, the search for three suspected killers continues today at san
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station. investigators passing out leaflets to passengers, hoping to jog some memories. they say these threei0 young me stomp and beat a homeless man to death. the video taken#yá6+uj before the killing last month. authority says 67-year-old ty lamb did not provoke the beating. he was asleep. he weighed just 100 po)l and needed crutches to walk. the suspects are believed to have taken bart or muni the night he was killed. charges in a credit card scheme worth thousands of dollars. mark ladas, the chief of the central county fire department in san mateo county plead not guilty today. used fake credit cards to buy things for a fake business. she fled the country. according to investigators, ladas.x= made aboutí4b:$35,000 his wife's scheme. new at 6:00, doctors are anticipating a busy flu season, and a new warning tonight that the flu shot may not protect
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mutated. medical experts say you should still get that flu vaccine. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us now to explain why. >> reporter: well, janelle, yg still help you. according to the cdc, the flu has been sporadic in california this year. but doctors worry that will change when kids go back to school in the new year. >> look at that. avcmm rter: the doctor peak flu season is just weeks away. >> a little fever, runny nose, cough. >> reporter: sarah has two kids. today her youngest isn't feeling well. >> whatever one has, the other will get. >> reporter: the doctor says she's just got a cold. but next week abigail will be old enough for her first flu shot. >> it's better to have some protection than none. >> reporter: this year tthvj th protect against three of the four prevalent strains of < >> the flu vaccine is going to be a little less effective against that particular virus. >> reporter: dr. george hon with
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the santa clara county health department says the dominant flu circulating has mutated since the vaccine was manufactured. for doctors, that could mean a busy winter of runny noses. >> i anticipate that our flu season is going to start. it's goingikf- take off. >> reporter: dr. arman says he is still urging patients to get t's still going to work, meaning it's still going toá$1a decrease some of the symptoms you have the flu. itk."ñ make your flu symptoms as bad. >> reporter: new mom sarah plans to take his advice and hop for the best. >> hope you don't get the one that mutated. yeah. >> so cute there are medications that can ease flu symptoms, though best within taken within# ñinfection. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, a crime spree comes to an end in the east bay. why a woman faces two charges of trying to hurt a police officer. stripping power from the uc system. some say the university alone shouldn't decide1/h3 on tuition hikes and pay raises. what they plan to dod about oás.
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and how much is uber worth? the new valuation leaving a lot of people stunned. a
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new details tonigq'ófñ in a violent confrontation between two suspects on the run from san leandro police officers. both are now facing charges of attempted murder, and in the past 90 minutes, we have learned that both are now in custody. it all started this morning in the neighborhood near broadmoor boulevard and kenilworth avenue. as jodi hernandez reports, what ended with one officer run over and shots fired.>u)çv >> this is middletown usa, as much as you can get in the bay area.+o8újt&háhp &hc& and it's a really great place to live. >> reporter: but this usually quiet san leandro neighborhood erupted in gunfire this morning. and ended with an officer down. >> i woke up to gunshots. it was just five. >> reporter: police say they
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were forced to open fire after the driver of a suspicious car they approached ran an officer over. >> i woke up and i ran to the window. and i saw an officer on the /0i& floor. and thei/j other officer ran to him. and then the officer on the floor was screaming. >> you imagine standing in front of a car that accelerates from a stopped position and rivers on the top of you, what kind of damage a 2,000 pound vehicle can do to the human body. >> reporter: a second suspect,áa 19-year-old fromrn oakland fledn foot, but was arrested. police found the car, which turned out to be stolen, abandoned in east oakland. and late today, arrested the female driver. both face two counts of attempted murder of a police officer. >> and bring two people who tried to kill two police officers in san leandro this morning to a fair and just trial. >> reporter: as the officer injuries, neighbors are grateful nobody else was hurt. it all took place in front of a
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day-care center. ñ arrive ju# minutes later. it could have easily ended up in the line of fire. t>here could have been. there could have been. >> reporter: inckh( san leandro jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> well, prompted by thexx micl brown face in ferguson, president obama has called for police officers to wear body cameras. mountain view is already on board. the mountain view police department has bought 66 body cameras for its officers. a police spokesman says the department has been studying the devices since 2010. the cameras would be used for public interaction. >> so if they're going j!pñ to uñ sort of kq4jtju(qsq't stop or interact with the public in a would like those cameras to be rolling at that time because we don't want the officers to have to think about turning the hr(t&c middle of a threatening >> reporter: according to mountain view police, there are
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studies that show more positive interactions with officers who they also saw a drop in formal complaints against police when the cameras were being used. a0e0x 3.2 earthquake shook the south bay today. the quake hitíy just before 11: this morning eight miles west of morgan hill. according to the usgs, light shaking was felt as far north as as san juan batista and santa cruz. so far no reports of any damage or9tñinjuries. jeff ranieri is talking about the weekend forec time for that umbrella yet again. >> i know. another storm system is knocking on the heels of us right now out here in the pacific. totals, unbelievable. check it out. benudgtloehmann, over 10 inches. san jose 3.6. redwood city and mount tamalpai 7.34. you can see it at time, we did undergo a break there was a little bit0i=çç of blue skyddñ .
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beautiful day outg:f÷ç here i l belvedere. temperatures primarily in the upper 50s and also low 60s with cloud cover across the bay. as we transition into tomorrow's forecast, just in case you haven't heard, that's when the next storm system is going to arrive. it does not nearly look as strong as what we dealt with earlier this week. but you putó=$,ñ a little bit o rainfall on top of already saturated ground, and it may still cause problems. we're look agent theha1 chance thunderstorms for the north bay and san francisco. and a mix of sun, clouds, and showers for the south bay peninsula and also for the tri-valley. so we'll go ahead and get a look at what you can expect. overnight a few hours of isolated showers. by the late morning hours on your friday, rather, rain will 0g develop. largest concern would be spinouts on the roadway, isolated $q6?dflooding, because again have the saturated ground and maybe dq1&ñ .qb9rtrees. of course we're going to be continuing to track that. i also now want to bring you the
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latest on an el ninoqiyupdate. just coming out today. it still looks at a 65% chance of development here as we continue through december and ce january. the strength is weak. so at this point,h7,- it looks near average rainfall is would mean about 14 to 30 inches for theiqz=@y area. we'll continue to monitor the forecast and have more about in 20 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. coming up here at 6:00, it will certainly have downtown san jose seeing green. big-time sporting event back to the bay area. could it change? a peek inside what apple is working on inside its new campus.
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silicon valley is stronglysg6÷ invested in this program. heat shields anïf] protective in the south bay at nasa, ames, anle's planning on opening its new sleek,wj÷ futuristic]6ñs inr÷6ys cupertino in 2016. they're already building it nof according to building permits, the campus will have a one tt tag to build that ñ on this #3fçcy they're also building a rec center for their employees. v fitness center for million there in cupertino. >> maybe i can join as a member. still ahead, more trouble for bill cosby. the prestigious honorep8 he ju lost.yúbbs plus -- >> i'm scott budman inside s.a.p. center, which was just chosen to host the 2016 women's ztrials. you'll meet a gold medalist, just ahead.
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?z and the protesters are $ñ louder over a grand jury decision not to indict; ñ a whi police officer in the chokehold death of a black man. tonight more groups are coming to the officer's defense.
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jury's decision. >> it was a just decision, a difficult decision, we understand. but it was a just decision. why? because it was based on the facts that are on the table. >> meanwhile, the department of justice's own investigation is under way. there is no word on a timeline schedule for that ís@isinvestig. the grand jury sat for nine weeks hearing testimony from 50 witnesses. in staten island, i'm sarah dallof, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in cleveland, ohio, today, u.s. attorney general eric holder made a pact with the mayor to reform that city's police department. civil rights investigation launched back in 2013 found that cleveland officers frequently violated people's rights, lacked problemer training, used excessive and unnecessary force, and did not have adequate supervision and accountability. the report comes a few weeks
6:32 pm
after ohio police shot a boy. >> the shooting death of 12-year-old timmy rice here in cleveland have really raised urgent national questions. and they have sparked an important the trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities that they preserve and protect. >> earlier this week holder travelled to atlanta for several roundtables to build trust between the police department and its communities. oakland is on the list of cities holder will visit next. well, the house of representatives has voted to immigration executive order. it could help about 5 million people avoid deportation. however, the move is mostly symbolic since the senate says they have no plans to vote on the house bill. the senate is still controlled by democrats until january when the new congress convenes. sexual assaults in the u.s. military are up, but we should note that more victims are also
6:33 pm
reporting the attacks. the pentagon today revealed an account of nearly 6,000 sexual assaults this year, which is two years ago only one in ten women report and assault. this year it was one in four. but women still have to go to their commanders who often know >> usually these friends will accused. the victim has no such person in their corner. >> critics are lobbying for them to allow to go outside of the command but the pentagon says no. more fallout for bill cosby today. today the u.s. navy revoked his title of chief honorary petty officer. allegations of sexual abuse are serious and conflict with the navy's core values. in recent weeks more than a dozen women have claimed that cosby drugged and assaulted them. cosby has never beenv+y
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a crime. the road to rio goes through san jose. the 2016 women's gymnastics trials will be held in san jose. that means team usa will be determined in the south bay. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from the s.a.p. center, where he just got the news from a i]gymnast. scott? >> reporter: an olympic gold medalist gymnast. for the second consecutive gy+u, san jose will have the olympic trials right here. tonight the city is celebrating. before the world got to know her, olympic gold medal winner kyla ross came to san jose for the 2012 women's gymnastics trials. now the trials that let us see olympic champions like gaby douglas are coming back to san jose. the 2016 women's trials will be held here starting july 8th. >> and i'll be a veteran. and i've kind of been through a lot in the gymnastics world.
6:35 pm
so i think that having that experience will hopefully help me. >> the idea ov#ç creating gymnastics city usa came from the people here in san jose. they really wanted to own this opportunity to host the olympic trials. so it caught our attention at a pretty high level. when a city is2 transform itself into your city, that's the type of connection that you're looking for. >> reporter: olympic-sized boost from the trials set to last two days. opportunity for us to showcase san jose, particularly with the transformation we've seen in the downtown, new hotels, new residential towers. this is exciting for the city. >> reporter: the summer games be in rio de janeiro. but first the road to gold comes through san jose. >> love(ezñ coming out here. the weather is great. and i'm also from california. so it's not too far from home. and i know in 2012, a lot of my family members came and supported me. >> reporter: and she will get even more support this evening from the fans here at sapyki7ç center. in about an hour from now, she will drop the ceremonial first
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puck on the ice for the sharks[3 game. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> very cool. thank you so much, scott. still ahead, defense tactics. allegations that apple deleted music on your ipod. why the company says it cuz actually protecting you. what about a toxic vacation where. all the trash from cruise ships is going. everything they owned destroyed in an instant. to southern california where a big cleanup effort is under way zy:investigative unit? call áy1-888-996-tips, or'(x e- the nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a san francisco military man missing in action was buried today at arlington national cemetery. death. honor guards accompanied the casket of air force sergeant charles gardner. he and 11 other crewmembers were shot down over new guinea in world war ii. a team located the plane in 2001. dna was collected at the scene andl#i2÷ matched against relati including gardner's san francisco nephew. >> unfortunately, my parents can't be here. my sister can't be here. but through that miracle of dna comes thisw.6o day. >> four crewmen on gardner's plane parachuted to safety, but died after they were captured. the billion dollar trial continues. applm music collections. apple executives took the stand today in an ipod antitrust dispute that has been going on for a decade. lawyers accuse apple of deleting
6:40 pm
music from:8uwz rival music ser. according to apple executives, the measures were aimed at securing ipods from hackers. tomorrow a video deposition from the late steve jobs will be shown to jurors. a billion gallons of sewage. that's what environmental activists claim vacation cruise ships released into the ocean this year. the group friends of the earth got that figure by½"z analyzing federal data. they found while some cruise companies are becoming more environmentally conscious,a2g- use waste treatment techniques that are three decadess:vty old >> ooh, that doesn't sound good. >> let's not think about it. jeff ranieri here. >> a little bit of rain coming our way. as strong as what we had the past couple of days that will mitigate some of our flooding concern. you see the golden gate bridge camera. that storm approaches. a0[t bit more dilz. we'll talk about that storm time fraim coming up. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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okay. we get a little break right frou. here is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with our microclimate forecast. >> you got that right, janelle. you can see on the doppler radar behind us, we're not finding anything as it scans around in terms of larger storm activity, although iquhmp do think tonighn you're out and about traveling, you'll encounter a few areas of drizzle. now the next storm system is just offshore, anywhere from 650 to 700 miles away. decent complex of wet weather. but it does not look nearly as wh past couple of days. we'll take you outside of the sky camera network right now. temperatures primarily in 50s. a lot of cloud cover cut do you think the visibility on our sky cameras so much, it looks like they're not working in the north a7bfá5eñ me we have them routed. san jose checking in with 62 we'll take you to the forecast, and you can see on the futurecast tonight, not a whole lot in the way of shower activity. pretty calm at 11:30. now let's go ahead and get you into your friday forecast. it's the end of the workweek.
6:44 pm
you all want a smooth commute. i know how that works. and you see at 4:00, early, early commuters. you're not going to face any kind of heavy rainfall. looks like we'll see that continue into 8:00. continue&háhp &hc&. but around lunch time, it still looks like the storm front is going to be moving in, producing some scattered areas of rainfall, possibly thunderstorms. the north bay down to the south bay. á2 just not going to be as heavy, widespread and consistent as we have had the past couple of days. you'll see areas of rainfall continue through about 6:00, all the way down here to the south bay. and then we're in a situation z on again, off again rainfall through 11:00. nto saturday morning as well. but after 8:00 in the morning on saturday, we're going to be area. it's going to be good news for us here. at least you get another little break in the forecast before more wet weather returns. you can get a look at that onih that scrolling seven-day forecast down at the bottom of your screen. and you'll see next monday and then also possibly nextñá"uime
6:45 pm
more rainfall in the mix. now, over the next 36 hours, you can see once again for the morning commute, isolated showers, not nearly as heavy with. inch to about 3/4 ofhidñinch. cx%q%1y.÷ concerned about the possibility of some isolated power outages, some trees that may come down and some minor flooding the t becaus% ground is so saturated. don't put your guard down just because it's not going to be a super potent storm system. 8z need to watch out i you live near some of those small creeks, rivers, and streams. microclimate forecast for friday has the mix of sun, clouds, and then again rain in san jose and 65 degrees. check it out in san francisco. you'll have the best possibility of some isolated thunderstorms with your temperatures in the low to mid-60s. and r; if you hear that thunder, you're close enough to get struck by the lightning, if you we do get into that situation for tomorrow. you'll want to take shemter and head inside. we'll also have a good risk of thunderstorms in the north bay as well. for the tri-valleys, 65 expected
6:46 pm
in danville and mid 60s across the board through pleasanton and also in livermore. get you in to the next five days. this looks good when it comes to our rainfall season. we haveg÷fq some drying in san on saturday and sunday, another storm system shaping up by next monday. and thend,@ potentially by next thursday even more wet weather. now with a look at our five-day maximum rainfallq?s-÷ totals. 7.34 mount tamalpais. loehmann. raj and janelle, you guys are home to that zone across the peninsula. you finally got over 4 inches of rainfall. >> wow. >> i'm starting to figure out when i get that christmas tree. find a little patch of sunshine the next fewy9r days. >> i would say saturday. >> got to do it. got to get it decorated. >> thanks, jeff. mud slides, flash floods and a lot of other damage. scenes from riverside county. mud gushing on to the roads and
6:47 pm
trapping people in their.[cj ca. this is in the small town of hemet. neighbors are now rushing to clean up before the next round of wet weather approaches. that's going to come this weekend. let's bring in nbc's tony shin from hemet. >> reporter: it is truly incredible how strong the water was gushing through this apartment complex. in fact, it was so powerful, it knocked down that cinder block > it was like somebody was them everywhere. >> reporter: tek4idespite the roadblock, some drivers still tried to pass through. some didn't get far. >> people just don't follow the signs. when it says road closed, turn >> reporte.ñmn'u're not going to get through there? >> not worth it. >> reporter: the torrential rains flooded many roads in western hemet, as well as this high school baseball ñ-sfield. dirt lots quickly turned into
6:48 pm
muddy lakes. a riverp of muddy water also sht down florida avenue, a main artery for commuters. and even pumps couldn't keep up with the deluge, turning this golf hole into an island green. several residents were trapped at this mobile home park, including marilyn, who had a doctor's appointment. >> well, i canceled everything where i had to be. i've lived in southern california all my life. but i've never experienced anything quite so dramatic actually in my front door. >> reporter: unfortunately, the rushing water gotly the front door of three homes on columbia street. >> and that water sounded like a tornado. >> reporter: this is what is left of scott's photo family album. and these are all of his possessions. soaked bay flash flood that destroyed just about everything that he owned in a flash. >> i'm on disability. i'm just putting everything into my rent and my bills. and something like this happens.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: right now many residents are still cleaning up but everyone is glad no one got seriously hurt by this flash flooding. in hemet, i'm tony shin, nbc bay area news. here in the bay area, the sinkhole that opened up in san francisco this morning, actually yesterday, sparked someone's sense of humor. in the richmond district. pretty big, apparently big enough for somebody to joke about putting it up for rent there is an ad on craigslist for the one bedroom sinkhole. it has featu a sun roof and ambient city sound scapes. cats are okay, but no dogs. the sinkhole runs forff@ñ $2800 month. >> that sounds about right. >> it's not worth it, people. not worth it. coming up next, how fun is yes, steph curry. thej%v warriors looking for a franchise high record with theis 11th straight win tonight. can they do it? they got a big test in oakland. geraud moncure joins us next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
big night on tv. "pe pan." film legend christopher walken will sing and dance as4e capta hook. the stage in the title role. she stars on "girls" and is the daughter of nbc news anchor brian williams. >> a lot of people will tune in to watch me hit a wall or something. >> i think she is wonderful. she looks @srgreat. and she has a voice óizñ is really kind of a gift from god. >> a big difference in this production is that nana, the dog is played by a big poodle mix named bodey. k.a=ej5ñ a resc
6:53 pm
who even has an d[,ñunderstudy. this live production begins in about an hour at 8:00 p.m. >> very cool. brian williams' daughter. and brian williams is ath5o'"át production tonight. >> of course. daddy'sqífñ littlex] girl. got to watch it. let's bring in geraud moncure from our comcast sportsnet studios. we are talking warriors basketball. we're looking for 11 in a row. we could see it tonight. >> hey, it's going about the a great one. very competitive team coming in to oracle tonight. dub shooting for a franchise record tying 11th consecutive victory this evening. but standing in their way anthony davis and the new pe. the warriors have been playing the best basketball of anyone in the entire association. at 15-2, they own the league's best record, which includes a 6-1 mark at oracle. 6-1 xark at oracle. offái'mñ a win over oklahoma ci with both kevin durant and russell westbrook in the lineup. >> this is a home crowd. it's as good as any in the league. we have a really good team.
6:54 pm
we should dominate our home these are the games that we want to take care of. >> alsoá) taking the floor fore dubs tonight, 20-year-old trent frost of melbourne, australia. frost, who suffers from a life threatening medical condition is the guest of center andrew bogut as part of the warriors' make a wish week. he signed a one-day contract and he'll enjoy a pre-game shoot around, among other gifts. the sharksl8ás skating for third consecutive victory tonight. for the first time since the opening three games of the season. team teal hoping aw=+k head in doesn't prevent leading scorer logan cot tour from taking the ice against the bruins. he did participate in this morning's pregame skate, despite being hit in the head during the third period during the win against the flyers on tuesday. he'll be a game-time decision as the squad hopes to continue its winning ways. >> we know where we sit in the standings. we know we struggled through the first 25 games of the season.
6:55 pm
so our tow:sw)ár our home stand strong would:é the giants avoided salary arbitration with travis ishikawa, signing him to a one-year deal for 1.1 million. the first baseman/outfielder hit .274 with 15 rbi over 47 games after being called up last season. he of course sent the g-men to the world series with that dramatic walk-off homer against the cardinals in the nlcs.y,9 could the milk man possibly be coming back? according to a fox sports report, the orange and black have expressed from in signing melky cabrera. the outfielder looking for a five-year deal around the giants need a left fielder. g-men cut short due to his 50-game p.e.d. suspension. finally, the a's holiday caravan rolled into the oakland zoo today. pitcher sunny gray and dan otero joined kids as a holiday party as avññ reward for good citizenship, attendance and
6:56 pm
classroom behavior. >> i thought it was pretty cool, and how they gave us pizza and water and all the stuff before we came. >> i'm going to tell my dad i'm on tv. i got these autographs. >> following the party, gray and otero visited the salvation army garden street shelter as part of a special dedication of the newly refurbished a's themed both of those guys doing some really good things in the community today. raj, janelle? >> the hearing from the kids is the best part of the newscast. >> so cute. it made their day. their week. >> i7q$ee my week hearing that. they're so cute. >> thanks, geraud. for a full 30 minutes of sports coverage watch sportsnet industrial on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30. we're bracing for another storm moving our way. >> yes, it is. it's going to be here in the next 12 to 18 hours. it's gathering some strength that moisture is going to be moving in here is the timeline on this. overnight 1:00 to 4:00 a.m., isolated showers.
6:57 pm
slick travel just because the roads are soáúx saturated. it only9a&de takes a little bit give us larger effects. late morning we'll begin to see the rain÷ at the coastline. also the peninsula and the north bay. the largest concern would be maybe some isolated flooding, and possibly some downed trees with that saturated ground. on your next five-day forecast, dryer weather in san jose saturday and sunday. you'llo!@ notice san francisco keeps a slight chance of showers for weekend. then by monday, another storm for the entire bay area. it doesn't look that strong. really, what my eyes are focused on is maybe by next thursday and friday, we could see another 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. so i'm glad personally that i'm getting saturday and sunday to get the gutters cleaned out again. we got a loft trees cut back aroundé= my house. >> have a great evening. thanks for watching. hope we see you back here at 11:00. >> good night, folks.
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7:00 pm
chris rock, john stewart, shonda rimes unleashing hollywood's outrage over the eric garner chokehold verdict. >> it's really sad. >> now on "extra." ♪ the caught-on-tape death rocking america and on everyone's mind at new york's "top five" premiere. >> we have to stand up and give a damn. >> the stars react. chris opens up about two headline-making stories. tracy morgan's painful recovery -- >> have you seen him or spoken to him? >> and the bill cosby scandal. then a stunning new twist in the cosby saga. was he connected to this playboy playmate's suicide? allegedly used, abused, and


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