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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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amazon already sells our store brand products such as bedding and furniture. and starbucks is betting on wine to boost its sales and rolling out mobile food from your cell phone. now you're just going to be at starbucks all day, coffee in the morning, happy hour at night. >> if you have one complaint, it's that you just can never find a starbucks. thank you very much. appreciate that. >> nasa's newest spacecraft is actually in space now. >> jay gray is live at kennedy's space center. so far so good and very
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different from yesterday, wasn't it it? >> reporter: yeah, it was. and coming into this day, only 40% went as far as the forecast was concerned. everything worked out perfectly and when that window opened, orion got a chance to lift off. this is a four and a half hour flight, an unmanned test flight. it will climb to 3,600 miles above the planet, 1,500 miles higher than the international space station. so far mission managers say everything lined up perfectly, that orion is on a perfect course right now, trajectory are very good at this point so they feel good about how this thing has started. there's a lot to test. they'll test all the functions and systems on board orion.
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they could put a crew on board but that wouldn't happen until 2021. the ultimate is to take a crew to mars and they feel like the first leg in that happens with today's flight. so it's a very exciting day here. >> certainly a lot of folks here watching for some of that bay area technology that's on board. >> all the conditions had to align perfectly for that to actually get up and off the ground. here in the bay area we're hoping all the conditions can align so you can get to work okay. >> good morning, christina.
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>> good morning, sam, kris. we have this fog bank right over the golden gate bridge. wait till i show you what's coming our way later on today. nor round of heavy rain and potential flooding in the bay area, but this one is not going to last as long as the system that came through. we stop that clock for you at
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10:00 a.m. in marin and san francisco and then everyone gets wet and that will continue until 6:00 today and then we'll finally get some relief as we head to about 11:00 tonight. tomorrow morning, some lingering residual activity and by 2:00 tomorrow, that's when you can make your way outdoors without dodging the steady rainfall. you'll get mostly dry sunday, monday we bring in more rain, tuesday, wednesday we stay dry and then it looks like another system toward the end of next week. overall, it's looking good for the drought situation. pretty optimistic as of this point. >> you have a little pep in your step, don't you?
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>> bay area says it's time to find a different way to wrap. they say wrapping paper causes a lot of problems. the agencies say the paper often burn in fireplaces on christmas morning and that creates toxic fumes. and they are urging folks to opt for reusable gift bags and boxes instead. >> health officials say california is experiencing its worst whooping cough epidemic in years and they say the vaccine is to blame. health officials say parents were upset about the side effects of the older vaccine and could cause seizure. the new vaccine is more gentle but its effects wear off.
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>> 55-year-old judy huth is the latest to accuse bill cosby of sexual harassment. >> the college called fast train, used to operate seven colleges for hiring strippers
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for admission officers. >> also coming up, the evidence they say they found against governor chris christie and his aides. >> san jose looks pretty nice. we'll talk about the glow from the lights here and a look at the east bay and troubles you might have looking ahead.
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and liftoff at dawn. the dawn of orion and a new era of american someplace exploration.
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>> nasa making history. the spacecraft now in orbit that will hopefully make exploration possible. >> and a pool-size sinkhole still causing trouble in the richmond district. >> we have heavy rainfall throughout the day. you will need your umbrella. i'll show you how much rain you can expect and more importantly when you can get outdoors. it's finally friday, you made it to the weekend. >> a beautiful view of the tower. farther north we'll show you what you can't see coming up. >> maybe we don't want to see it. looking live at the bay bridge this morning, all clear. a beautiful site on this friday. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning


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