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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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right now at 5:00, bracing for a direct hit in the philippines. a powerful typhoon moving slowly over the central island where people are still recovering from the last superstorm to hit the region. and take a look at this. one close call. a driver losing his control. this skateboarder who just got out of the way right in the nick of time. protesting police violence. we'll have more on the weekend rallies touching a nerve in the nation. good evening, everyone. >> hands up, don't shoot. that is the rally cry for
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protesters around the country demanding justice for the shootings of unarmed black men. they marched down the walk of fame in the heart of hollywood protesting what they believe is excessive force by police. christy smith is in berkley with more protests that are planned tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: that demonstration just getting started here on the edge of the uc berkley campus. you can see the group there across the street. we just heard some of the chanting going on. kind of a wide net this evening. they're talking about ferguson and other incidents highlighting the need for more police accountability. the number of businesses here in berkley are not waiting to see what happens. they have boarded up early as a precaution. other businesses closed early. one had a sign up with the names brown and garner, referring to
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mike brown in ferguson and eric garner in new york. today we spoke with students. >> what's been happening lately, i think that protests are something that should be expected. i don't know anything about what my stance is on the violence of the protests, but i think that it is inevitable for people to be doing this. >> reporter: now last night in oakland it was actually the sixth rally in two weeks. a large group went to the oakland bart station many shouting shut it down. carrying a strong message about the officers involved in those men's deaths. many remain peaceful out there, although some did not. i did have a chance to check in with berkley police. they say they are monitoring this demonstration.
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the gathering just getting started. nbc bay area news. thank you very much. caught on camera. a peninsula boy nearly run over by a driver. he is okay and his go-pro camera caught the whole incident. we are live at redwood city. >> reporter: really scary afternoon. this is where the accident happened. the mercedes was driving down this hill taking a right on this street right here. she hopped the curb. dirt everywhere. she flew through the front yard, smashed into the tree, all the while the skateboarder was wearing a camera and captured it on film. >> i'm okay, i'm okay, i'm okay. >> reporter: his board had snapped. people were telling me this street is a big issue because drivers are coming down that hill so fast.
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the people who live in this home say they have had to replace bushes in the past. the boy and the driver are okay. the woman had to have her car towed from this front lawn. >> skid out and skid all the way over here and hit that tree. we were all very lucky that no one got hurt. >> reporter: we don't know why the woman lost control. we will keep you updated. the good news tonight, everyone is doing okay. nbc bay area news. thank you so much. an amazing shot of a powerful typhoon over the philippines. an astronaut tweeted this photo from above. this is happening just 13 months after a super typhoon there killed more than 7,000 people. we report now from the
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philippines on the preparations and what locals are calling typhoon ruby. >> reporter: ruby is forecast to be just short of a super typhoon in strength, but with sustained winds of 120 miles an hour at least and gusts of up to 150 miles an hour, this is just the outer edge of the approaching storm which is not expected here really until tomorrow. 15-foot high storm surge is forecast for this immediate area. strangely in towns further south from us, where you do see a great deal of battening down the hatches right now. a massive voluntary evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people. we haven't seen anything like that here yet. people seem relaxed and they're going about their business quite
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normally. perhaps that's because this particular city was spared by super typhoon haiyan last year. it was absolutely devastated with thousands killed there. this time it is prepared. back to you. an american journalist is dead tonight, killed by al qaeda militants in yemen. luke somers shot to death by their captors. he was kidnapped over a year ago in yemen's capital. >> i think the government had an option. i think president obama did the right thing. he went in and tried to save this poor fellow's life. >> reporter: it was the second such mission to save somers. he had already been moved.
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al qaeda militants died in the firefight, but no u.s. service members were injured. u.s. soldiers will not be leaving afghanistan as quickly as planned. chuck hagel announced a delay in the troop drawdown. >> i think the government had an option. i think president obama did the right thing. he went in and tried to save this poor fellow's life. >> well, the reason for the change in the drawdown in afghanistan is increased fighting by the taliban. the combat mission in afghanistan officially ends in just two weeks. the announcement does not change the long-term withdrawal plans. so far there are no suspects in the shooting death of a man outside of a strip mall in the south bay. san jose police cleared the scene today and turned the case over to the homicide unit.
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this shooting happened last night on the 2600 block of allen rock avenue. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released any kind of motive for this shooting. run down in the middle of the street. new details emerging tonight in the deadly hit and run in san jose. it was about 5:30 last night. the womandied at the hospital. if you have any information about this crash, san jose police are asking you to please give them a call. drones could soon be taking to the skies over san jose. police held a meeting to explain just how they would use a drone in the department. maybe a hostage situation or
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monitoring situations. >> there are policies that are very limited in scope that would not have us doing any kind of surveillance other than these two situations where there might be explosive devices or some sort of incident where lives are in danger. >> reporter: the one year test program is grounded until approved. the allegheny county sheriff's office is also waiting for the okay to launch their two drones. for so long, we've been wanting the rain. now we can't get rid of it. the bay area is drying out from the last storm. you can see the sun just going down here. a darker day. sunsetting earlier and earlier. today we are looking at this brief break here from the rain. two more systems are on tap. our meteorologist watching those closely. >> we have 60s outside. mild with cloudy skies.
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still a few sprinkles. this will be the next storm that will be coming in as we wrap up the weekend. tonight a few hill top showers. patchy fog tomorrow morning. dry start to your sunday. in the afternoon, a chance of those showers starting off in the north bay. sunday we're also tracking another storm system out here still developing in the central pacific that has the potential for much heavier rain that will have a big impact on the seven-day forecast. we'll a look at the impact of these storms and the full forecast in just a few minutes. a shopping center shut down on the peninsula. the gas main break that forced customers to turn around today. he said thank you very much. i can't say anymore. >> they pour their hearts into their craft in this workshop that's far from the north pole.
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the wishes that they are granting for wounded warriors.
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business finally reopening after a gas line break forces almost an entire shopping center to shut down in foster city. the plastic gas main was broken by third-party contractors this morning. all shops were closed except the
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safeway. crews arrived on scene the gas leak was finally capped at 1:30 this afternoon. when it comes to honoring veterans, it is usually the young honoring the older ones. our next bay area proud it is the opposite direction. >> reporter: it is veterans of the war in iraq and afghanistan who have been on the receiving end of folks who just want to say thank you for your service and sacrifice. looked at one way, the craft of carving wood is all about taking things away, removing pieces of wood bit by bit until a finished shape is revealed. but look at it through the eyes of the tri-valley wood carvers meeting every tuesday at the
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pleasanton senior center and you'll see just the opposite. for the past four years with every bit of wood they have removed from the 55 eagles' heads they have carved, something has been added. a piece of themselves. >> it becomes a piece of love. i had no ideas i could get my hands to do that. >> reporter: he is a veteran like many of his fellow carvers. he jumped at the chance when asked if he would like to make personalized ceremonial canes for vets. personal because before the first cut is ever made, the carver contacts the recipient to discuss the cane and their story. >> it's always heart wrenching to talk to these guys and find
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out a little bit about what they've been through. it's just overwhelming at times. >> as a nation, we have asked these people to do a lot. >> it makes them feel good that somebody out there is really acknowledging them. >> i was really preleased that was able to do that for one of our heros. >> reporter: in the hours upon hours of carving that go into just one eagle head, these men and women can't help but think about why they are doing what they do. the carvers not to proud to admit that more than a few tears have hit the ground along with their wood shavings. >> i've had a couple of people call back and ask for me, and i answer the phone and here's this fellow. he said thank you very much. and -- i can't say anymore.
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>> i shed a few tears. go back and work on it some more. >> reporter: and continue to work, they promise to. as long as there are vets willing to receive, they are more than happy to give. the 55 canes the carvers have done over the past four years have gone mostly to wounded veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. but wars in those countries winding down, they have reached out to local vets' homes and are doing canes for veterans of the korean war and world war ii. nbc bay area news. if you know someone doing something nice for others, we would like to hear from you. go to our website,, and search bay area proud. still to come tonight at
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5:00, we are bracing for two more storms this week looking to be very large. >> and get ready to pay more for water. next, the bay area customers who may see a fee hike in service.
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well, for those of you in the east bay, take a look at that water bill. prices could soon be going up. they are now debating whether to buy an emergency drought water
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supply. board members would pay for it by raising water bills. if the plan is approved, that would increase bills by an average of $4.36. >> the ideal situation would be you don't need emergency water because we have got plenty of our own. >> it feels that way for sure. >> are we going to get some more? today was one of the drier days. that was the view you woke up to this morning. you had some areas of light rain for the morning. high clouds for the afternoon, but most of the showers starting to shut down now. we had a few around mount diablo and mount tam. the rain setting us up for some
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patchy fog as we head into tomorrow morning. north of the bay area, 125% of average. 120 to 181% of average. it would be nice if we could keep that thing going through the next couple of months. we will see a chance of rain coming our way. what's left of those isolated showers shutting down towards the hill tops. tomorrow there will be light showers possibly late in the afternoon. this first of the system of the two we're watching, not a big impact. sunday night into monday morn's commute, you'll see a few showers there, but it is the second system coming in for the middle part of the week that will pack more wind and rain. upper 60s around san jose. san francisco, mid 60s for temperatures. 49ers raiders game mainly dry
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conditions. for the north bay, some showers looks like the evening. the big storm we're watching, that'll be the midweek system that'll make a subtropical connection. it has the ability to double and triple the rainfall rates in the bay area. there's some potential for some very heavy rain after sundown wednesday. friday, we'll see those rain rates begin to shut down. for the next five days, watch out for those showers for the morning commute. wednesday afternoon into thursday and tapering off into friday. wednesday night into thursday and for san francisco, too, very heavy rain at times. projections call for another 2
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to 3 inches plus for the middle part of the week. >> that's a lot of rain there. coming up, a chilly plunge in the san francisco bay. >> we'll have more on the brave the bay challenge.
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a beach battle appeal rejected. last september a judge ruled that they must unlike a small gate on a private road that leads to half moon bay. he paid $32 million bucks for it. the ruling did not cover opening
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the gate to traffic. yesterday, the judge rejected that idea. today san francisco's police officers took the plunge into the freezing cold bay for a very good cause. it raised money for the make a wish foundation. that plunge did not dampen their spirits. >> it is cold, you know, but it is for a great cause, make a wish. for the little ones in a tough circumstance. could want your blessings and give back. >> very true. the group raised about $80,000 today. that will fund about one dozen wishes for kids. >> we'll be right back.
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well, their wedding was a
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worldwide event with a very select guest list. >> if you weren't invited, i wasn't either, one bay resident has a very special momento. he paid 6 grand for a slice of the three-year-old cake. >> why did they have that at their wedding? >> the buyer plans to give it away to celebrate the royal couple's fourth wedding anniversary and the pending birth of their second child. >> some rain drops maybe for the north bay this time of the evening. a mild day. upper 60s. next week after this system gives us some more showers into monday, watch out wednesday night and thursday. more heavy rain coming back to
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the bay area with some heavy winds. >> "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. on this saturday night, barbaric murder. an american hostage is killed during a dramatic rescue attempt by navy s.e.a.l.s. tonight, what happened on that failed mission and the risky call that set it into motion. to the streets, the public outcry and national debate waging over a series of fatal police encounters. tonight, what both sides are saying. getting real. big brands using ad campaigns that empower women. how do they rate with consumers and the bottom line? and, going wild, the book turned blockbuster that's inspiring hundreds to forge their own path. churned blockbuster that's


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