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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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bay and across the country. >> happening now, the streets are quiet, but that is about to change. in berkley, several hundred people are expected to take part in a protest and march. crowds have taken over the streets in the east bay. vandalism and violence following these other protests. what are police expecting tonight? more of the same? >> reporter: berkley police are hoping for a peaceful night. they are monitoring the situation, but we just checked in with the demonstrators. only 20, 25 minutes talking about things like police accountability and then they took off right down telegraph avenue talking about justice. we heard eric garner, mike brown. they were sparked by the grand jury's decisions not to indict the officers involved. this march tonight is intended to be peaceful, still a handful
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of businesses had boards over their windows. we spoke with two demonstrators, one who said he had not been to a protest before, but he felt compelled to come out. that group walked down telegraph avenue. we have seen some of them circle back around into the neighborhood. this does follow three straight nights of demonstrations in oakland. some of them going over the west oakland bart station. that had to be shut down. this follows again several nights over the past two weeks were demonstrators hit the streets in oakland. there was some vandalism. many arrests involved throughout this time. oakland police have been getting help from the chp. very, very quiet at this hour. reporting live near uc berkley.
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nbc bay area news. more details now of protests all over the country, including new york. still going strong this weekend from busy city streets to the suburbs. many are questioning the grand jury system that failed eric garner. garner's wife spoke out today saying she is overwhelmed by the support. >> they're yelling out eric garner. i'm just like overwhelmed. i start crying. my son is like, are you all right, mom? yeah, i'm okay, but look at all the love your father is getting. >> a grand jury will hear evidence in another case where a man was shot and killed. no suspect yet in the shooting death of a man outside of strip mall in the south bay. this shooting took place last
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night near the allen rock plaza. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police right now are withholding his information until the family is notified. police have not released a motive for that shooting. run down in the middle of the street. new details. police investigating the pedestrian-vehicle crash. a woman was hit at 5:30 last night. the woman died at the hospital. tonight police are searching for the driver who took off. if you have any information about that crash, san jose police are asking you to please give them a call. police held a community meeting to explain just how they explain to use a drone that was given to the department. this drone would be used to evaluate and monitor emergency situations such as an active shooter or a hostage situation. they also addressed privacy
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concerns. >> we are proposing some policies that are very limited in scope that would not have us doing any kind of surveillance other than these two situations wherein there might be some sort of incident where lives are in danger. >> the one year test program is grounded until approved. the alameda county sheriff's office is waiting for the okay to launch their two drones. caught on camera by a peninsula boy who could have been killed on camera. he's okay tonight. amazingly his go-pro camera captured the entire event. we are live in redwood city right now. >> reporter: yes, a really close call here this afternoon. there's a big hill. a woman was turning a mercedes.
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she hopped a curb over there and another curb before she crashed into a tree. the skateboarder had his go-pro camera on and he was okay. >> i'm okay, i'm okay, i'm okay. >> reporter: the camera was pointed down around his neck. you can see him jump off the board and into the bushes. he said the car missed him by a foot. the mercedes smashed head first into the tree. thankfully, there were no injuries. but he was shaken up after this whole incident. >> i remember turning around and the car flying by and hitting the tree. i'm happy no one got hurt. >> reporter: neighbors say the street is very dangerous because people drive way too quickly down this hill. we don't know why the woman lost control or how fast she was
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going. reporting live in redwood city. nbc bay area news. thank you so much. right now, looking at a break from the storms. it is pretty clear tonight. the bay area getting a little relief from the rain. san jose there on your left. looks nice, right? >> yeah. >> downtown san francisco on your right. saturday night, a lot of folks might be thinking about heading out later. the dry weather a good change here for some. >> we're seeing a bit of break after all that rain that fell earlier this week. right now, 50s and 60s outside after we did start off with some showers earlier this morning. we can see patchy fog for tomorrow morning. a stronger system behind it as we head towards next week. tonight those isolated showers. tomorrow increasing high clouds. this time tomorrow night north of the golden gate will see
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showers. we're tracking a system as we go towards the middle part of the week. that system will tap into some tropical moisture that has the potential for much heavier rain and gusty winds. we'll see how that plays out. back to you. happening now, a typhoon battering the philippines tonight. the system has knocked out power and downed trees. gusts of winds up to 130 miles per hour. strong enough to cause deadly storm surges and landslides. more than half a million people have evacuated after repeat warnings from emergency officials. >> so far preparations are being undertaken. >> this latest storm hits while people are still trying to recover from last year's supertyphoon. businesses are finally reopening after a gas line break
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forces almost an entire shopping center to completely shut down in foster city. this gas main was broken by a third-party contractor this morning. all the shops were closed except for the safeway there. crews arrived on scene and the gas leak was capped at 1:30 this afternoon. an american hostage killed by al qaeda militants following a daring rescue attempt. the fallout over a "rolling stone" article on a campus rape story. the chilling effect it may have been on survivors of sexual assault.
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fans will be noticing extra security when the raiders host the 49ers tomorrow. the last time the two teams faced each other things got ugly. fights in the stands. shootings in the parking lot. both teams decided they were going to stop the battle of the bay in the preseason. here comes the regular season
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schedule and they're playing each other tomorrow in oekaklan. the hope is it will be peaceful. and we are following a developing story. a desperate rescue mission ends unfortunately in failure. al qaeda militants killed two hostages during a rescue attempt in yemen. this was the second try to save luke somers. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue attempt to save luke somers who had been held by al qaeda for more than a year ended in tragedy. at least 40 special operations personnel, and two dozen navy sa seals, took part in the raid. >> they infiltrated to try to keep the element of surprise. but once the firefights started, it appeared that al qaeda shot the two hostages.
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>> reporter: they were still alive when evacuated from the compound, but both died from their injuries. it was the second such mission to save somers. he had been moved days before. >> my name is luke somers. >> reporter: on thursday al qaeda terrorists released a video of somers threatening to kill him within 72 hours. president obama said based on this assessment and as soon as there was reliable intelligence and an operational plan, i authorized a rescue attempt yesterday. >> i don't think the government had an option. president obama did the right thing trying to save this poor fellow's life. the troops are staying. the u.s. will keep more troops than originally planned in afghanistan for 2015. that's according to u.s. defense
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secretary chuck hagel during his visit to that country today. they'll keep an extra 1,000 troops in the country. coming up next, another wind for the surfers in a battle over beach access. >> the argument to keep the gate closed at martin beach. by tomorrow morning, could see some patchy fog setting up. before the end of the day, we could see more rain spilling back into the bay area. how it will impact the rest of your weekend plans as we come right back.
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break in the action and it is a good thing. i'm looking at this shot of downtown san jose. you have the carnival going on. >> sure. >> christmas in the park. all kinds of stuff going on. >> a lot of people are out and it is dry outside. we could use some more rain. how we looking for the rest of the weekend? >> right now, the timing is pretty good, at least for this weekend. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies around the bay area. some showers to start the day turning to partly cloudy skies. the last system starting to move on right now. the radar shows a few patches of clouds out there. now we're seeing a little bit of a break in the action as more of the moisture heads off toward the east. what a week for the rainfall recovery around the bay area. well above 100% of average
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thanks to the 3 to 5 inches of rain that fell this past week. san jose 162% of average. more is on the way. our next chance of rain starting to come in as we get into late tomorrow. what's expected in the meantime is patchy areas of fog forming. starti ining off in the north b tomorrow, a chance of some clouds. some rain at times. we think this next system is mostly north of san francisco. by 9:00 tomorrow, those showers mainly across the north bay. monday morning commute, that's when we'll see a little bit of rain. end of the weekend, partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. upper 60s around san jose. santa rosa, you will see a chance of a few showers. for the raiders hosting the san
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francisco 49ers you'll see temperatures in the mid 60s. another system as we head towards the middle part of the week. it is going to tap into some tropical moisture north of hawaii. wednesday night into thursday, if everything comes together, we'll get another period of some heavy rain crossing the bay area. wednesday night into thursday evening, we'll see those showers move on. friday, things begin to calm down. the first system having a relatively minor impact into monday. wednesday into thursday, some heavy rain that'll take a little longer to reach the east bay. a break comes again on tuesday. get ready for more rain and possibly some gusty wind for wednesday night on into thursday. showers as we head into friday.
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next weekend, sneak preview of that, we'll get another break. back to you. i like how rob thinks. from one weekend to the next. coming up, they're ready to brave the bay. the officers that took one chilly plunge to help wishes come true.
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"rolling stone's" muched about rape article has led to scrutiny. it is a teachable moment for uva journalism students. students have been vetting the claims of the female uva student who claims she was raped by seven members of a fraternity during her freshmen year at the school. the reporter failed to contact the alleged assailants. journalists are learning.
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check this out. martin's beach still closed to the public. the gate remains that way despite a judge's order to open it to the public. last september, a judge ruled that a man had to unlock the small gate to a private road that leads to the public beach. he appealed that decision claiming the ruling did not cover opening the gate to vehicle traffic. yesterday a judge disagreed and rejected his appeal and said open it immediately. from what we're seeing hasn't happened. >> some are making their way to the ocean. take a look at this. san francisco's police officers took the plunge into the freezing cold bay all for a great cause. >> that's the chief on the right. >> take a look at that. >> he ordered the others in. >> in the water immediately. they're raising money here for
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the make a wish foundation. >> it's cold, you know, but it's for a great cause, make a wish, for the little ones in a tough circumstance. whatever we can do for make a wish, count your blessings and give back. >> the group raised more than $80,000 just today. that will fund about one dozen wishes for kids. kate, if you love college football, you have to be in heaven today. >> today has been a very good day. if you love basketball, it's a very good night. after winning three titles, steve kerr is making his coaching debut this evening in the windy city. no pressure there. baseball's hot stove is heating up. the giants are one of the teams turning up the burners. we'll have the details coming up next in sports.
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after tying a franchise record with their 11th street win on thursday, the warriors are in chicago tonight as they try to set a new record at the united center. they were up ten early in this one. the bulls turnover here. green capped a 16-2 run with an easy jam. bulls would come storming back in the second quarter. just like that, the bulls are up
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one. warriors went into the half up 12. at the start of the third quarter, it is 65-53 golden state still on top. the giants are still looking for someone to fill the void at the hot corner. according to fox sports, san francisco is now aggressively pursuing chase headley to fill that void. he already has a $65 million deal from an unknown team. as for the giants pursuits, jon lester is very tight with tim hudson and hudson is giving the hard sell on how great it is to play in san francisco. the 49ers and raiders are
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set to tango for the first time since 2010. the 49ers are looking to rebound from defeat against the seattle seahawks. you can never underestimate a team in the nfl. >> there's no bad teams in the national football league. the nfl has done a great job making each game a test. >> i think guys are motivated right now. they're motivated. they're ready to go. we have an opportunity in front of us, and we just have to go get it and they know that. i think we're on the same page. >> where's the focus at? >> the raiders. >> what about you personally? >> the raiders. >> i think any time two teams are this close in proximity to one another, it is deemed as --
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it is going to be a rivalry, no question about it. i think that that part about it, hey, that's fun. >> either you're a raider fan or a niner fan. you know, it's definitely something that's important to the fans, obviously. i know that, but to us it is important to remember that we have to execute. this is a game that's going to be another nfl game. that's what our mind-set is and that's how we have to take it. >> it is going to be a good one tomorrow. we're going to have a full wrap up of tonight's warriors game coming up tonight at 11:00. >> a lot of fans gearing up for that one. another look at this forecast. boy, on and off. when is it going to hit? >> the weekend, not too bad. most of the day tomorrow dry except for the north bay. the next five days focus on the
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second of these two systems. san jose by wednesday night into thursday. san francisco, same story there. heavy rain is possible with that second system. that could bring heavy rain at times. now that the ground is saturated, you can see the same problems that played out earlier. we're looking at some heavy rain coming for the middle part of the week. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. i think i'm going to have to hold my breath because it's -- it's going to be emotional. >> a grandson holds his breath,
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anxiously waiting to hear his grandfather's voice once again. and local technology helps make it happen. >> once i wrote it down, i was going to do it. there's no halvies on a bucket list. they deserve every advantage, so i just started showing up, whatever we needed. >> this richmond music teacher did much more than just show up. much more. here's garvin thomas. >> thank you so much for joining us. the bay area proud series is filled with people going above and beyond to help others. when we meet someone who blows us away with their generosity, that's saying something.


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