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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. take a live look outside. that's san jose this morning. we want to take you to the
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ground where you can see christmas in the park. a great annual tradition and probably a good night to go because the skies will stay clear for a bit longer. thanks so much for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check of your microclimate forecast with anthony slaughter. you said the rain will stay at bay until after midnight. >> i think everybody will see a bit of shower activity but it will be after midnight. this is our dublin cam. it's clear. we do have the thick, isolated fog because our atmosphere is rich and moisture. clouds will start to increase ahead of our storm system and showers will arrive especially in the north bay. everybody else getting light sprinkle activity tonight and a bigger system arrives as we head toward the middle of this up coming week. you can see the visibility on
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the map. san francisco down to 7. the thickest fog is in our inland valleys. livermore less than a .25 of a mile. today's highs will be back to the mid to upper 60s. the clouds will be coming in all day long as we get ready for our next storm system. thank you. we have continuing coverage this morning after berkeley after another night of violent protests. police say what began as peaceful demonstration quickly turned ugly. two officers were hurt and protesters smashed store windows. the vandalism occurred along university avenue. demonstrators were out to call for police accountability. at least three businesses had their windows shattered. some were spray painted and
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looted. >> our officers started taking people from the crowd. were throwing rocks and other projectiles at our officers. >> these two windows break. it's like people smashed up. >> comes and throws break fluid like he was going to light the store on fire. a guy with a crowbar starts stealing stuff. >> more than 100 officers from other jurisdictions came to assist berkeley police. the department is still gathering information on the number of people arrested. in san francisco last night more than a dozen protesters were arrested after staging a die-in. this was the second consecutive day a die in was held on market street during the busy holiday shopping trip.
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the protests may be different in each city but the message is the same. people demanding police accountability. this as many cases of possible police wrong doing are coming to light across the nation. in cleveland a grand jury has been called after a 12-year-old was shot and killed by police. he brandished what turned out to be an air pistol. his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and the city. in brooklyn, a grand jury will hear evidence in the killing of an unarmed 28-year-old shot by an officer. many people are now questioning the grand jury system and whether it's working. >> the system itself is clearly problematic and ridden with conflicts when it comes to investigating police officers. >> protesters are planning to march on washington, d.c. later this month. they will call on congress to hold hearings on grand jury
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investigation. we'll have continuing coverage of the protest on air and online at now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. what you saw in that video was a teenager on a skateboard who was almost hit by a driver who lost control. the accident and the boy's reaction all caught on camera. no one was hurt. the witnesses say the driver was going fast when she hit a curb and smashed into a tree. 14-year-old gabe says it's normal for him to have his camera rolling while skating because he likes to capture all of his tricks. the mercedes was heading downhill when the drive r lost control. the teenager said if he hasn't jump into the bushes he would have been hit.
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>> i'm happy everyone's okay and no one got hurt. >> gabe's skateboard was snapped in half when the car ran over it. the car had to be towed. the driver was not hurt but there's still no word from redwood city police department on why she lost control. drones may soon be taking to the skies over san jose. police held a community meeting to explain how they plan to use a drone that was given to the department. in drone would be used only to evaluate and monitor emergency situations like an active shooter or a hostage situation. officials also address prooiiva concerns. >> we are proposing some policies that would not have us doing any kind of surveillance other than these two situations where there might be explosive device s or a tactical incident. >> the one-year test program is grounded until approved by the city council and the faa.
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the sheriff's office is waiting for the okay from the faa to launch their two drones. they would be used for major crime scene s as and search and rescue missions. keeping the hits on the field is what they'll be doing when the raiders coach the 49ers. the last time the two teams faced each other was three years ago. things got ugly and violent with fights and shootings in the parking lot. both teams agreed to stop the traditional battle of the bay in the pre-season. today they will be meeting in the regular season for the first time since suspended that annual exhibition game. the lapd officially started an investigation into sexual assault claims against bill cosby. this after a victim reported her attack to police this week 40 years after it happened. 55-year-old judy said that cosby
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sexually assault second-degree her at the playboy mansion when she was just 15 years old. earlier in the week lapd police chief promised victims that all allegations would be thoroughly investigated no matter when the crime took place. she's the first victim to report her story to the lapd since the agency took over the investigation. bill cosby has been accused of sexual assault by 19 women. huff also filed a civil suit. he's counter suing. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, an america hostage killed by al qaeda militants following a daring rescue attempt. we'll show you the details of the mission and the risky call that set it all into motion. plus, the commander in chief taken to the hospital. we'll tell you why the president needed a cat scan.
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you're looking live at the fog in palo alto. the mission ended in failure for two hostages killed by al qaeda gunmen in yemen. luke summers was killed as commandos closed in in an overnight raid. in afghanistan, defense secretary chuck hagel declared luke somers was murdered. >> like always in these efforts there's risks. >> my name is luke somers. >> reporter: he was a photojournalist. ten days after the first rekus mission failed, he was pleading for his life. >> i'm certain that my life is
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in danger. s i sit here now, i ask if anything can be done, please let it be done. >> reporter: in that same video his al qaeda captors threatened to execute him. his family responded. his brother pleading for his release. >> least not responsible for any actions the u.s. government had taken. we had no prior knowledge of the rescue attempts for luke. >> reporter: u.s. officials feared his time was running out. president obama received frequent updates and in a statement said additional intelligence indicated his life was in danger. based on this assessment and as soon as there was reliable intelligence, i authorized a rescue attempt yesterday. in the dark of night dozens of navy seals landed two miles from their target in central yemen with u.s. fighter bombers circling in the skies above.
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the american commandos reached an isolated cluster of buildings. they closed in on the building where somers was head and a gun battle broke out. somers and a south african hostage were discovered gravely wounded, shot by their captors. they were lifted to a u.s. navy ship offshore but both died of their wounds. >> luke somers family has not released an official statement but have asked for privacy while they deal with their loss. we have much more news and weather ahead on today in the bay. a strong typhoon hits the philippines. the latest as thousands of people hunker down for the storm. this morning we're waking up to fog. we have our next storm system
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set to arrive tonight. it will bring rain and another storm set to arrive. it will bring heavy rain and wind. details after this break.
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time now 7:15. let's give you a live look outside in san jose where you're looking at christmas in the park and it looks like a great day to get out there before the rain comes back in. the doctor ruled the president is in excellent health. a mass i typhoon is weakening a bit but it continues to pummel the philippines. this is what the giant storm looks like from space. typhoon hagupit made landfall yesterday. more than a million people were evacuated to shelters ahead of
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the typhoon. the u.n. agency says it's one of the world's biggest peacetime evacuatio evacuations. >> as the slow moving category 3 storm passes over the country locals are preparing for 15-foot storm surges and five to eight in. s of rain. they are hoping it won't be as de devastating as last year's super typho typhoon. let's turn to our local weather. you've been very busy. a lot of wet weather. how is this next week ahead looking? >> we're going to get our first rain tonight. it's not going to be an impressive system. i think some of us will miss this system. the next one, wednesday and thursday, that's going to be a big one. that could bring more maybe total of maybe 1 to 3 at the
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valley floor and very gusty winds. this week is another active week in the weather department. here we go again with more rain. we definitely need that rain and we're getting it. it's slowly but surely the rain gauge continues to add up. now we're at 18% of average for our drought. we still got a ways to go, but you know what, we're just taking off rainy season. it really doesn't get under way until january or february. we're on the right path. i want to show you the v visibility this morning. san francisco, 7. this is not ocean fog. it's not the fog that moves in overnight. it's not the marine layer of fog. it forms the valley floor and places like that. it billows up. you'll notice in livermore, even in san jose looking at the visibility pretty low. you'll notice in san jose there are some areas of clear. you can see the thin line of fog. it's not too thick downtown but
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in certain areas over in dublin you can see how it formed overnight. not too high in the sky. that's how the valley fog forms. pretty this morning. looks kind of like twilight out there. really continue to burn off as when he had through the day. clouds will be increasing through the day because of our next storm system. temperatures back into the mid to upper 60s. it's not going to be overly warm. very similar to where it was yesterday. here is our storm system sitting off the coast. you can see the clouds impressive with the cloud cover ban. not impressive with rainfall amounts. this system is not organized and most of the rain will track to our north. as we put on the live radar as it scans the skies no rain detected but as we mentioned early we have the fog that will build. let's take you into the future. this is about 7:00, 8:00 this morning. notice skies clear. by 5:00 this evening we're not looking at a whole bunch of rain. this little ban of rain that
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will come through is mid level moisture. by this evening 5:00, 6:00, skies will be cloudy and then tomorrow morning, that's when we'll see the first showers arrive especially across the north bay. you'll see the chance of rain increase. bip 6:00, 7:00 in the morning the showers continue to train across north bay. across the rest of the bay area really nothing. the rainfall amounts will be very small with this next system that's going to move through tomorrow. anywhere from the trace amount to an inch in the south bay to quarter of an inch in north bay. this is the one we have to pay attention to wednesday and thursday. wednesday night the storm system dies down from the north. that will bring in heavy rain from the north bay wednesday night. thursday morning everybody expecting heavy rain and at times localized ponding on the roads and very gusty winds. that will be for thursday. the system will mover out of here by thursday night. the rain pattern does continue the next few days especially into this up coming weekend.
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we'll get the first system tonight and tomorrow. by thursday the next system will arrive and look at these rainfall amounts. anywhere from 1 to 3". possibly more to 3" in the north bay and the coastal mountains. in will be something we're watching this upcoming week. >> we have some practice in dealing with it and hopefully in driving with it. thank you. still to come on today in the bay. >> he said thank you very much, and -- >> they pour their hearts into their craft in this workshop that is far from the north pole. in today's bay area proud the wishes they are granting for wounded warriors.
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when it comes to northerning veterans it's usually the young
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ones recognizing the older ones. our story goes in the opposite direction. here is garvin thompson. >> veterans who have been in iraq and afghanistan who have been on the receiving end of some east bay folks hold enough, in some cases, to be their grandparents. folks who just want to say thank you for your service and sacrifice. looked at one way, the craft of carving wood is all about taking things away. removing pieces of wood bit by bit until a finished shape is revealed. look at it through the eyes of the tri-valley wood carver meeting every tuesday at the pleasanton senior center and you'll see just the opposite. for the past four years with every bit of wood they have removed from the 55 eagles heads they are carved something has
7:25 am
been added. a piece of themselves. >> it becomes a piece of love. i had no idea i had it in my hands to do that. it comes from someplace else. >> bob, like many of his fellow carvers, is a veteran. like other members of the group bob jumped at the chance when asked if he'd like to help make personalized ceremony game for wounded vets. personalized not just because representing the military history are etched into the staff but personal because before the first cut is ever made, the carver contacts the recipient to discuss the cane and their story. >> it's always heart wrenching to talk to these guys and find out a little bit about what they been through and it just overwhelming at times. >> as a nation we've asked these
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people to do a lot. >> it makes them feel good that somebody out there is really acknowledging them. >> i was really pleased that i was able to do that for one of our heroes. >> i think that this matches a lot better. >> the hour s upon hours of carving that go into one eagle head, these men and women can't help but think about why they are doing what they do. the carver, not too proud to admit that more than a few tears have hit the ground, along with their wood shavings. >> i've had a couple of people call back and ask for me. i answer the phone and here is this fellow and he said thank you very much. i can't say anymore. >> shed a few tears and work on it some more. >> and continue to work. they promise too. as long as there are vets
7:27 am
willing to receive, they are more than happy to give. the 55 canes the carvers have done over the past four years have gone mostly to wounded veterans to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. with wars in those countries winding down and the carvers still want to help, they have now reached out to local vet homes and doing canes for veterans of the korean war and world war ii. even carving one recently for a 100-year-old veteran. nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. today in the bay is back in two minutes. the battle over beach access at martin's beach. the judge's decision on whether he can keep the gate closed. get ready to pay for more water.
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the bay area customer who may see a fee hike for their service.
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let's start you off with a live picture this morning of christmas in park. a wonderful and fun annual tradition in the south bay and a great day to go out there because the showers won't be back until later this evening. thanks for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter who is looking at the microclimate forecast. >> it's thick in some places. kind of felt like twilight this morning. kind of a festive, holiday treat. we'll show you what it looks like at palo alto. it will make its way out of here. i say about 11:00 everybody will be done with the fog. it's very isolated. if you don't see the fog this morning you're one of the lucky ones. as you head through the day you'll see the clouds increase
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as we head through sunset. i think everybody else not going to see a whole lot of activity until the middle part of this up coming week. the big story is the fog. santa rosa to oakland. you can see how visibility have really fallen down to less th than .25 of a mile. back to the upper 60s. by this afternoon mainly cloudy skies expected everywhere and the rain arrives tonight. we'll have a timeline and next one by the middle part of the week. >> good day to get the christmas tree if you haven't already. thank you. we have continuing coverage this morning out of berkeley after another night of violent protests. police say what began as peaceful demonstration turned ugly. people smashed store windows and two officers were hurt.
7:32 am
demonstrators gathered for police account ability. three p businesses thad hair windows shattered pm smoke and tear gas were disbursed through the crowd. >> people from the crowd were throwing rocks and other projectiles. >> that window break. that window started breaking. these two windows break. it's like people smashed up weapons. >> kid with a hammer comes in and throws brake fluid like he was going to light the store on fire. a guy with a crowbar started stealing stuffer. >> workers describing tense stuff. more than 100 officers from other jurisdiction came the assist berkeley police. the department is still gathering information on how many people they arrested. in san francisco last night, more than a dozen protesters were arrested after staging a so-called die-in protesting
7:33 am
against police violence on mark street and the latest decisions in new york city and ferguson, missouri. this was the second consecutive day a die-in was held. people marched in new york city, atlanta, orlando, houston and los angeles. the protest may be different in each city but the plemessage ise same. people are demanding police account ability. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: from manhattan. >> a lot of people of color feel like there's pattern. we just want to voice our concern about that and let that be known. >> reporter: to georgia. >> the cause is the public understand that we have issues that we have to fix as a society. >> reporter: thousands took to the streets saturday. a fourth straight day of demonstrations. the refrain that's grown familiar echoing from hollywood to houston.
7:34 am
>> no justice. no peace. >> reporter: to the suburbs of new york. marchers had a message. their concern extend far beyond what happened to eric garner and ferguson's michael brown. >> talk about kenneth chamberlain in the white plains projects. >> reporter: cases like in cleveland where a grand jury has been impanelled after 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by police after brandishing an air pistol. his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and city. in brooklyn where a grand jury will hear evidence of an unarmed 28-year-old shot by an officer. many are now questioning that grand jury system. >> the system itself is clearly problematic and ridden with conflict when it comes to investigating police officers. >> reporter: as demonstrations in many cities across the country grow. >> we'll have continuing coverage of the protest on air and online at
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the troops are staying. the u.s. will keep more troops in afghanistan during 2015 than originally planned. that's according to u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. he said the u.s. will keep an extra thousands troops in the country temporarily. it's happening in part because u.s. allies who are supposed to commit their own troops for a nato mission in january haven't done so. >> president obama has provided u.s. military commanders the flexibility. the flexibility to manage any temporary shortfall that we might experience for a few months as we allow for coalition troops to arrive. >> hagel commented on the u.s. hostage luke somers, a journalist who killed. >> our hearts are full of sorrow
7:36 am
tonight. our prayers and thoughts go out to the somers family. >> it was the second attempt to rescue somers in less than two weeks. the family has yet to make a public statement. it's referred to as a date which will last in infamy. today marked the 73rd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. nearly 400 japanese home planes attacked the united states pacific fleet. the results were devastating. five battleships, three destroyers and seven other ships were sunk or severely damaged. more than 200 aircraft were destroyed. about 2400 americans were killed. another 1200 wounded. as a result of attack the united states entered world war ii, a four year effort costing more than 400,000 american lives. there will be two ceremonies today in alameda. one at the coast guard base at
7:37 am
8:30 and another at 11:00 a.m. surfers may have won the court battle to access martin's beach but the silicon valley mogul who owns the gate hasn't unlocked it. this is video where a gate blocking public access to the beach is still blocked. that's despite a judge's order for the property owner to open it. owner is a billionaire. the judge ruled he had to unlock the gate claiming the ruling did not open the gate to vehicle traffic. a judge rejected the appeal. he could not face a con temtemp court order if he doesn't open the gate. your water bill could soon be going up. the east bay municipal you kul tillty board is debating whether to buy a water supply. community members will pay for italy having water bills.
7:38 am
if the plan is approved that would increase average monthly bills by 4.33. that extra cost would help pay for pumping sacramento river water into the east bay. the dubs were in the windy city. we'll have the action for you, next.
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time now is 7:40. let's give you a live look outside where in a few hours from now the raiders will be hosting the 49ers in a battle of the gbay. this will be the first time since 2010 the 49ers and the raiders will meet. the series is tied at six wins a piece since they played in 1970. both teams are ready to rumble.
7:41 am
>> there's no bad teams in the national football league. the nfl has done a great job making each game a test. >> we have an opportunity in front of us and we just have to go get it. >> any time two teams are this close in proximity to one another, it's deemed as it's going to be a rivalry. >> it's something that's important to the fans. i know that. to us it's so important to remember, we have to execute. >> that game kicks off at 1:25. the warriors look to reach another milestone during the team's historic run to start the season. last night the doves were going for a franchise record 12th straight win. golden state in chicago to face the bulls. we'll go right to the fourth quarter. the warriors up by 2:00. maybe it 4 after he's slammed at home. then more green. he hit a career high of seven 3s. leading the way as the warriors
7:42 am
set a new franchise record with their 12th straight win. they are now 17-2 on the season. >> great group of guys. great coaching staff. great organization. i think the organize has gone a good job of putting a good team together. we play together. we can't to play like that and get better. >> having a great year. we still have a will the of work to do. i think we'll keep rolling. >> we'll have more news ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it's a study in contrast following the november elections. a political analyst joins us live next to discuss why california went in a very different direction than the rest of the country. there's lots to do today in the bay. i'm the traffic guy. i'm not a meteorologist and that's probably why i'm predicting snow. there's crafts, pony rides plus someone's different to hear your holiday wishes.
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the snow queen will be there to hear your holiday wishes, holiday cards and hot cider along with chewy cookies and sider and delicious food. break that train of thought. let's head to the rails for the cal tran holiday train. the community spirit of giving throughout the bay. starting in san francisco and ending in sunnyvale it's covered in 70,000 glittering lights. finally, let's move from cal tran to the cable car and toys for tots to the songs for the seniors. participants can jump on board, trek through the city visiting nursing facilities to bring the good will and raise the spirits of our friends who might feel isolated. they're paid to participate in
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this. afterwards after you sing you meet back to share stories. last year over 300 singers visited seniors and that's the reason for the season sharing, giving, doing, being together. i'll meet you back here tomorrow on today in the bay. over a million californians have a gotten something that's beend. out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies
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the nation became more red in the 2014 election. california remains blue. larry joins us now. we just learned last night she lost her seat in the senate. she's the last of the deep south democrats. here in california we remain deeply democratic. talk to us about the differences in california and the imp implications for the rest of the country.
7:47 am
they had no help here because neither of the states were up for election. a better comparison can be made in house of representatives nationwide. republicans added 13 seats to their majority. get this, that gives them the largest margin since 1928. they are living it up. look at the data here and it's pretty impressive in terms of where the republicans are today versus where they were just a month ago. here another story. democrats increase their numbers from 38 members of congress to 39. in fact, california was the only, yes the only state in the nation where congressional democratics improved their lot. >> let's talk about how we account for that. how the democratic candidates were really able to maintain their strongholds. >> a couple of factors here.
7:48 am
first, democrats in california had a huge registration over republicans. can't overlook this. it's 44% to 28%. second, republicans here just didn't have enough funding. some key congressional races that were decided by a handful of votes. out spent him three to one. money counts in close races. republicans don't short of funding. >> let's talk about the california legislature now. that were some republican gains there. >> you're right. there were some but modest.
7:49 am
just enough gains to take the bloom off the democratic world by eating into the two-thirds majority democrats had in both chambers for the first time in a half century. what's two-thirds. why two-thirds? it's important because it takes that number to put constitutional measures on the ballots. democrats could have done those things alone as recently as a month ago. now you have to share the stage with republicans. democrats maintain large majority but not enough to control their destiny because of the two-thirds rule that we don't think about a lot of time. >> a lot of numbers to process. in the state legislature republicans have a bit more of a voice. you think that will lead to some
7:50 am
more, what do we call it, when they lock horns and we get the shut down. >> gridlock. >> the word escaped me this sunday morning. >> there is the take away. the nation went in one direction. last month, california, went another. not quite as strong in the past. there will be that gridlock. they will have a much harder time doing it this time. >> they all have to weigh in on the other side. a pleasure to have you with us this sunday morning. don't you go away. right after the break, still to come they are ready to brave the bay. the officer who took a chilly plunge to help make wishes come true.
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7:52 am
welcome back on a sunday
7:53 am
morning. the only way to get you up to speed is on a sunday forecast. we're taking you live to palo alto. the fog had started to recede a bit. you can see that's valley fog. it's kind of hanging out over some of though higher tree tops this morning. the others they'll want you to keep in mind is we are going to see a steady stream of clouds today. it's not going to be overly s sun sunny. mainly cloudy skies are expected especially by this evening across the entire bay area as our next storm. you can see on the satellite and radar picture we don't have any rain just yet. the clouds very extensive across the entire coastline up towards oregon, washington state, down through the baa ja of californi. this system very widespread cloud cover but really only a little amount of rainfall. as we zoom in and take a look at the live radar we don't have any rain return. as we head through the afternoon and evening hours we start to
7:54 am
see the showers develop. today will be a dry day across the entire bay area. tonight around midnight the showers will push through. notice the band here. that's mid level moisture. by tomorrow morning the first showers will be points toward the golden gate bridge and north. everybody else not expecting a whole lot of rainfall with this system and the shower activity really going to stay isolated across the north bay. showers will continue through the day tomorrow. places like san jose, you're not expecting to see really anything. maybe a trace of an inch of rainfall with this system that will come through more like of a quarter of an inch. maybe in between a .1 of an inch. the bigger system, the more we're concerned about is the one that we'll move through wednesday and thursday.
7:55 am
this will produce lheavy rain like we saw this past week. this is our future cast at 6:00 on thursday. you can see the bright colors that denotes very heavy rain. rain rates up to an inch an hour. this rain will come down very heavy on thursday. we could be looking at localized flooding and potential for strong, damaging winds that could topple trees and bring down power lines. this system that will move through thursday will be more powerful and have lots of moisture to work with. we're talking anywhere from about an inch in the south bay to two inches in san francisco and maybe even more than that in the north bay. we could actually see our rainfall amounts very impressive this upcoming week. kind of like what we saw this past week. overall the rainy pattern does continue. showers tonight and then again they will taper off tomorrow during the day. if you live in north bay the showers will continue through the day tomorrow and then we'll get that break tuesday and wednesday. one that's coming wednesday and
7:56 am
thursday as i mentioned is really going to be strong, packing a punch. we could be looking at more storm reports as we head through the day thursday. the good news is we'll get more rain. the bad news is it's all going to come at once and we could be looking at localized flooding. kind of like what we saw this past week up in marin with the high tide. it just looked like a lake this week. we could be looking at a repeat system this week. >> down trees do that when the ground is already saturated you get this additional storm water. >> the roots are loose. even a weak wind could take down the trees. >> we can stay up to date on the nbc area app as well. >> it's free. they are not called san francisco's bravest for nothing and they proved it yesterday. take a look. san francisco's police officers took a plunge into the freezing cold bay for a good cause. that jump into the water raised money for the make a wish foundation as part of the brave the bay challenge.
7:57 am
participants say the plunge did not dampen their spirits. >> it's for a great cause, make a wish for the little ones in off the circumstance. count your blessings and give back. >> the group raised more than $80,000. that will fund about a dozen wishes for kids. remember when we had san francisco city turned into gotham city for day. that was the make a wish foundation. >> i did the polar bear plunge a few years back. you say you'd never do something again but they throw charity and you're like i got to do it. >> that's a lot of money and for a great cause. thank you for making us part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast. it's sunday night football. a special edition of nbc bay area news follows the game. stay up to date with us at have a great morning.
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this sunday -- >> no justice. >> anger and disbelief across the country after a grand jury decides not to incite a police officer in a chokehold death. >> each of us has to grapple with some hard truths about race and justice in america. >> is the criminal justice system failing african-americans? america in black and white. our new poll on how african-americans and whites view the police. the fight within the republican party over immigration. >> we have limited options in terms of how we can deal with this. >> how far will republicans go


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