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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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till death he did part. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks f nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, anger is spilling out into the streets and freeways. protesters taking over bay area roadways and clashing with police officers. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. we're following a developing story for you. let's take a look at large pictures. protests turning violent in the east bay tonight. what we are seeing is a long line of protesters, thin in places, but at least three blocks long, telegraph avenue near channing in berkeley. berkeley police just recently notifying that there is vandalism going on. and they are asking people to avoid that area if at all
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possible. you see the smashed glass there in front of the wells fargo bank. and the camera pulling back now, showing more demonstrators up and down telegraph. we have seen violence up and down that street for the past half hour or so. this all started actually around 5:00 this afternoon. a march by hundreds of people. peaceful for several hours. but about 9:00 tonight, protester moved on to eastbound highway 24, blocking traffic. when officers moved on toe clear the highway, they say someone threw some type of explosive at the chp. take a look at video we have right now of what the chp did at that point. let's just say that they detonated tear gas and the crowd dispersed. the crowd rushed away. the tactic worked. the clairemont exit off of 24 was cleared.
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and the chp says they did that in response to an explosive being thrown at them. this was a scene a few minutes earlier on eastbound 24. traffic brought to a stand still. crowds chanting and waving signs. some demonstrators hurling rocks at officers and a number of people taken into custody. we saw the arrests from the nbc chopper. we do not have a total on the number of people arrested. >> all right. and of course as we continue to follow this right now, telegraph and channing way is where the activity is really heavy. this is what was going on earlier. before protesters got on to highway traffic, they damaged nearby cop cars. people here trying to light police cars on fire. no word on the damage these images captured by the helicopter overhead. well also saw several people being detained by officers during the arrests. take a look at this. arrests happening on the roadside, most of the exit from the freeway. no word yet on the total number of arrests yet as the situation continuing to unfold at this hour. tonight's protests come just as
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the berkeley community was trying to clean up after last night's demonstrations turned violent. a total of six people were arrested. one officer was hurt. this after a small group broke off and started throwing bricks, pipes and smoke grenades at police. one officer was hospitalized after he dislocated a shoulder after being hit with a sandbag. several vehicles were vandalized. stores were looted, windows broken. demonstrations lasted into the early morning hours. protests not just here, but across america. coming up, president obama speaks about the protests and possible changes to police departments. stay with nbc bay area forecontinuing coverage of the protests. we're going have the latest online and on air. new at 11:00, an officer and a driver exchanged gunfiror on an oakland street. oakland police say this started when san leandro police chased the stolen car's suspect into oakland at international boulevard and 96 avenue. on the 9800 block of springfield, the suspect rammed a san leandro cruiser multiple times and then fired at the
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officer. the officer fired back. one person is down right now. we do not have a condition or identity on that person. and our other top story tonight, which many are aware of now. there could only be one winner, and that turns out to be the oakland raiders. the fans there are riding high tonight. the team may have put a major hit on the 49ers' postseason hopes. we do have team coverage tonight with henry wofford. he has all of the highlights. first live to nbc bay area's christie smith in front of odot cocoliseum. what was the reaction on the field and in the stadium? >> reporter: well, certainly raiders fans wanted this one and they got it. a big upset over the 49er. this is a long-time rivalry that in the past sometimes has turned ugly. what we saw out here today at least in the parking lot and walking around, fans on both sides throwing the football and eating together, talking about who is best, and talking about this win. for raiders fans, this win was
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sweet. a stunning upset over their cross-bay rivals the 49ers. >> it feels good to get number two. >> reporter: with a clear law enforcement presence at the coliseum, dean says it was good ending and a good game. >> we love it. battle of the bay. we love it. not a lot of fights. we love that keeping the peace. >> reporter: in the past, raiders-niners games and after the games have been marred by fights and arrests. and in oakland this evening -- >> it went pretty well today. we had a real large crowd with almost 53,000 people here. but on to the whole, i think a lot of people had a good time. >> reporter: there were some arrests, a few fights. final numbers weren't out yet. before the game, fans on both sides were talking, eating. >> all together, we have a good time. we've been here since 5:00 in the morning, tailgating, have a good time. >> reporter: even families drawing friendly lines. >> we're family, but i love my raiders!
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>> niners! she is really a niners fan. >> reporter: raiders fans with bragging rights for now. and niners fans? well -- >> we'll be back. niners will be back. >> reporter: sheriff's department expected to have more numbers tomorrow. but i tell you, when the game let out, just a lot of enthusiasm out here, at least among raiders fans. high-fiving, talking about this win. and niners fans talking about what they would like to see happen next. reporting live in oakland. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> more wins. i'm sure that is on the agenda. thank you so much. henry wofford at comcast sportsnet continues our team coverage that 52-0 loss so long ago, a distant painful memory tonight, henry. >> absolutely, peggy. both the 49ers and raiders are having tumultuous seasons, but for different reasons. the outcome of sunday's battle of the bay might have pushed one franchise over the tipping point. both teams looking to rebound
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after tough losses last week. first quarter, 3-0 raiders. colin kaepernick, he was trying to impress for his head coach. he finds bruce miller, eight-yard touchdown score. 49ers take the lead. to the third quarter, 49ers up three. derek carr hits marcel reece on the quick slant for the score. raiders retake the lead. then fourth quarter, same score, 17-13. carr to the big tight end. mychal rivera for the td. tony sparano gets the gatorade bath. jim harbaugh gets the headache. >> my priorities are number one, winning football games. number two, the welfare of our player, coaches, our staff. and lastly is what my personal professional future is. >> it's the first time the raid verse beaten the 49ers since 2000. we'll have complete highlights and reaction later in sports.
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>> all right. look forward to it, henry. thank you very much. we'll talking about football, a historic matchup for stanford football. the cardinal faced the maryland terrapins in the foster pharmacy bowl on december 30th. historic because it's going to be the first bowl game played at levi's stadium. and historic because stanford's first appearance in the foster pharmacy bowl used to be known as the fight hunger bowl. before that the emerald bowl. stanford went 7-5 this season. maryland from the big ten finished with a 7-5 record as well. tomorrow rain is coming back. folks in the bay area are going to be seeing it. later this week we're all going to be seeing it. san jose on the left. san francisco on the right. look at the light on top of the transamerica building. >> beautiful. >> it really is. it's going to be beautiful when the rains come. when are they coming? >> for areas north of san francisco, we're starting to see the rain around ukiah mainly north of the golden gate. marin county, sonoma county and napa county overnight that will have the best chance of seeing a few scattered showers.
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meantime, the north and east bay valleys already sock in by the fog. dense fog advisory towards fairfield. concord and livermore, half mile visibilities and less than a half mile further south into san martine at this hour. the fog affecting more folks around the east bay, north bay and tri-valley locations. patchy areas. we'll see the patchy dense fog and a few showers at times. this system fairly weak. look at all this energy across the pacific. this is the storm we're watching that will bring the potential not only for some heavy rain, but for strong and potentially damaging winds and big waves to the coast. we'll walk through how much of that storm will impact the rest of your workweek, coming up in the full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> all right. thank you, rob. stay with us for continuing coverage of this latest round of wet weather. go to our website, you can track the storm as it hits your neighborhood. just click on the interactive radar tab, upper left-hand corner. christina lorenz will have your
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up-to-the-minute forecast tomorrow morning on today in the bay. coverage from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. coming up next, we continue to follow developing story out of oakland. take a look at some live pictures from our chopper. you can see the people marching up telegraph avenue. a long thin line of protesters still out there. they've been throughout for hours. we'll have more coming up. apple hoping to help you get around the big upgrade that will help people navigate buses and trains. and we're learning new details about an american hostage killed during a daring rescue attempt. what may have tipped off the terrorists about the rescue. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail the nbc bay area, we investigate. the holiday season is here,
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which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. and we continue to follow this developing story tonight. let's take you to berkeley right now, where violent protests continue. you can see a lot of people, maybe this person there just trying to get out of the way. but streets filled with protesters tonight. several protests have been under way about different issues the
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past couple of days. but this one continuing to escalate from oakland to berkeley. this is in front of a chase bake on chaddock avenue where we're seeing a lot of activity. when the helicopter pulls up here, you'll be able to see more folks gathered in the center of the square. a lot of people out here for 11:13 at night, and a strong police response earlier out in oakland. here not seeing so many officers right now as we take a gander here and look around the sides. you can see the activity here. we're hearing reports of gas and rocks thrown at certain businesses. we're continuing to watch this closely. we'll bring you the latest details as we follow this story. airbnb operators in san jose may soon be forced to charge an additional 10% tax for room rentals. marianne favro joining us live in san jose. and marianne, some airbnb operators saying this one could make them quit renting their rooms all together? >> reporter: it's true, terry. some people say that it will just eat into their profits. they say they already offer low
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rates. and if they add the tax, that will take too much out of their own pot. now, there are about 300 airbnb operators here in san jose. and they say they are not like hotels and they shouldn't be taxed like one. when you check out of your hotel room in san jose, in addition to the room rate you also have to pay a 10% transient occupancy tax. but if you rent out a room from an airbnb operator in san jose, you bypass that fee. at least for now. on tuesday, the city council will decide whether to charge a 10% tax on airbnb rentals in the city. a tax would generate about $150,000 a year for san jose. city councilman pete constant supports the idea. >> this brings them into conformance with what all of our hotels across the city pay and that's the transit occupancy tax, or t.o.t. i think it does a very good job of leveling the playing field so that the small home operator
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doesn't have an advantage over the large hotels. >> reporter: but many airbnb operators say it would burden a group providing a service offering rooms and subsequent tourism dollars when hotels are sold out for big events. >> i think that's ridiculous. because hotels have access to resources and forms that we never will. it's not a level playing field by simply slapping a tax on individuals. >> reporter: there is some 300 hosts in san jose offering airbnb rooms. some say the extra income is what helps them manage the high cost of renting or paying a mortgage in the south bay. now in addition to the tax, the city council on tuesday will also consider whether to legalize home sharing, which technically is illegal in san jose right now. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot.
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well, new at 11:00, helping you find your way on public transportation, apple maps getting an upgrade. soon the navigation app will provide directions on buses, subways and trains. the same features are already offered by google maps. it's not clear if or when the navigation tool will be coming to apple maps. the fbi revealing sobering new details in the cyberattack that released massive amounts of sensitive information. according to usa today now, agents say the malicious software used in the attack was undetectable to even top anti-virus software. the government agency now warning other organizations of this new type of threat that emerges two weeks ago. experts expert says the hack cog change computer assaults and be quote, potentially devastating. investigators believe north korea may be behind the attack. the country has denied any involvement. but the attack is being praised by leader kim jong un. a covert u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s
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operation to rescue hostages have been foiled by a dog. they were trying to rescue luke summers and south african pierre korkie. officials watching in realtime believe it was a dog that alerted a terror group to the s.e.a.l.s' arrival as they walked up from two miles away. this started as a firefight and both of the hostages died during the rescue. 11 people associated with the militants also died in the mission. in the philippines, at least three people dead as typhoon hagupit makes its way across land. it is dropping down to a category 2 storm. nearly 900,000 people have evacuated. they're still at shelters as towns now deal with severe flooding, no power and also the threat of mud slides. the typhoon is now creeping to manila as residents there prepare for the worst. heavy rain across the state will soon mean the end of the fire season in three northern
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california counties. on monday, state officials will declare fire season is over for napa, sonoma and lake counties. though the rainy weather has provided relief for parts of northern california, southern california still faces fire danger as we head into the second week of december. that's unless they get the 5 inches of rain that they expect this week. and if that happens, cal fire will be able to reduce staff in southern california for the first time in nearly two years. it's been bad. >> yeah. that's for sure. any rain is certainly welcome. as much as we can get. meteorologist rob mayeda has been tracking that, watching the microclimate forecast. >> and the pacific will be aimed in wednesday night through friday. right now, though, we have patchy dense fog forming. this after you get a lot of rain, light winds and clear skies. it makes the radiational fog form as it cools down to the dew point. you're seeing the dense fog advisory out to solano county in the central valley. you see less than a half mile visibility into fairfield.
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and to livermore. the visibility dropping off there along 580 and into the south bay. i think the fog will be a bigger issue tomorrow morning. even though there is the chance of seeing a few of the showers which continue to move from south to north, most of it should be moving north of san francisco overnight tonight. as we look at this first chance of your monday showers, what is looming in the distance there is a much stronger storm as we head towards the middle part of the week. storm number one brings a few showers across the bay area. nothing too much. and most of the accumulation we expect will be north of san francisco. as you can see with some of the rain totals. not measuring up to much. maybe enough to wet the ground in a few spots as we get through the day tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a mainly cloudy skies with some fog and most of the showers north of san francisco. we'll see highs in the mid-60s in san jose. slight chance of showers there around san francisco, heading into the north bay with cool temperatures in the low 60s and mid-60s around pleasanton and livermore for tomorrow. now the midweek storm system again has a lot going for it as
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it is going to have a tap into some tropical moisture. sometimes referred to as an atmospheric river that is going to extend from north of hawaii, getting pulled up along the upper-level winds of the area of low pressure which this time is going to be stronger. we'll have one of our old-fashioned cool fronts coming through and follow through for friday. the winds picking up as we go through wednesday, gusts could get close to 50 miles per hour in the hills. rain rates in some of the hilltops could get 3 to 6 inches, especially in the north bay, valley areas maybe seeing 1 to 3 inches. as we get into wednesday, again through friday, high surf likely on the coast. could get some waves up to about 18 feet. so it looks like for now, mainly thursday from the morning commute to the south bay for the evening commute will be the main event for the rain and the rain totals extremely high we think for some of the coastal hilltops. this will be a day to watch. thursday with the gusty winds and heavy rain. notice the temperatures towards the end of the week. 50s which is good news for sierra snow as the cooler air
11:21 pm
comes in. but may have some isolated showers after the heavy rain subsides after thursday, which may also include thunder for friday. as we head into the weekend, things begin to calm down as we see temperatures starting to rebound out of the cool 50s on friday. back into the low 60s and starting to dry out as we move through next weekend. back to you. >> thanks a lot. coming up, it was a surprise attack on america's battleship fleet. and it also brought the u.s. into world war ii. coming up, the bay area tribute to the victims and survivors of pearl harbor.
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an f-22 flyover helped mark the 73rd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. in oahu, hawaii was part of a ceremony at the visitor's center today overlooking the uss arizona memorial. december of 1941, this happened. hundreds of japanese warplanes attacked the homeport of the u.s. pacific fleet. the results were devastating. 2400 americans were killed. another 1200 were wounded. because of the attack, the entered world war ii. remembrance ceremonies were held in the bay area today, marking the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> it was on the hornet
11:25 pm
where the flags were flown at half-mast. a navy veteran and eyewitness to the attack was a special witness to the guest. he told the audience he was 19 years old and a crewmember aboard the uss san francisco the morning before the attack. some last-minute changes actually saved his life. >> the battleship went to dry dock instead of us. we were moored across the way. >> now the hornet's resident chaplain offered a special service to remember and honor those whose lives were lost followed by a wreath-tossing ceremony. coming up next, our investigative unit uncovered a rule keeping postal workers from dialing 911 for emergencies. well, now we investigate the threat workers say they face if they call anyway. and taking a live look
11:26 pm
outside right now. this is is the scene in berkeley. where we are hearing reports of smashed windows, huge crowds there, especially one in front of a chase bank. police seem to have just arrived on scene as far as we can see. we're continuing to follow the story. we'll bring you more details coming up right after the break.
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taking you back to berkeley now as we continue to follow the developing story. huge protests in berkeley are now turning violent. you can see the crowds down below on the streets. hundreds of people are still out right now at this time. we're hearing that there is a chase bank that was broken into also looking like looting businesses, breaking windows. mostly around chaddock and center. you can see from a chase bank where the protester smashed right there through a window at the chase bank. we did just recently see a large number of police show up. however, we're on our twitter
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feed watching lots of people say that perhaps they're outnumbered. in fact, watching some tweets right now where protests say they're outnumbering police. going back live now, you can see the streets just full of this crowd. the controversial grand jury decisions and resulting protests nationwide have now gained the attention and support of professional athletes. eric garner's final words before dying in new york city police custody, "i can't breathe." now on the t-shirts worn by derrick rose and reggie bush this weekend. the president himself has been vocal about the jury's decision, while calling for peace in the streets. in an interview, mr. obama told black entertainment television results take time. >> we have to be persistent. because typically progress is in steps. it's in increments. >> went on to say gains have been made which give hope for more progress. but the president said young people should be persistent in making that change happen. >> we first told you about the 911 policy to the postal service
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that may have led to a deadly delay at a facility in oakland that policy instructs employees to call security first and not 911. last week the union postal workers took its concerns to national workers. vicky nguyen broke that story. she is back after more employees stepped forward, saying the policy has led to other critical safety failures. >> reporter: we have learned employees have expressed their concerns for years. these grievances from 2005 were filed with the national usps by workers here in the bay area. they document multiple incidents where employees say they needed emergency medical care, but it was delayed. james terry remembers what happened the day his friend died. >> he had a heart attack. >> reporter: he and lionel hankins were at work here, the postal processing center in west oakland when hankins collapsed. harry says 911 wasn't called right away. >> they laid him on one of the tables in the break room, and they called the nurse, and the
11:31 pm
nurse had to have the postal police come down and look at it. >> reporter: he is sharing his story after learning of a similar delay in calling 911 this summer, two decades later. in the early morning hours of august 8th, sam was at work. >> we have an employee bleeding from the mouth. >> reporter: no one saw what happened to sam. but coworkers reported finding him lying on the floor, bleeding and unconscious some time between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. but records show 911 dispatch done receive a call until 3:53. sam's wife. >> i know that he was thinking about us. and i got these people around me are just wasting time. >> reporter: according to an internal investigation, instead of calling 911 immediately, employees first called their supervisors who called additional managers. they eventually called the onsite postal police who then called 911. the report concluded the employees followed procedure exactly, and their response was
11:32 pm
excellent. sam died ten days later. the coroner concluded he suffered blunt force trauma to his head, likely from a fall. no one knows if sam would have survived had 911 been called sooner. >> how can you leave somebody laying there? >> reporter: debbie neely has worked for the postal service for 26 years. she is a steward for the american postal workers union. in 2005, she submitted this memo about an employee who suffered a seizure at work. three witnesses said 45 minutes after the incident, no emergency personnel had been contacted, and a supervisor dismissed them, saying it's just a seizure. go back to work. >> when you see someone hurt, bleeding, passed out, the proper response is to dial 911 and then inform your supervisor, not the opposite way. >> reporter: months later, debbie's memo became part of a national grievance siting multiple incidents of delayed medical treatment, including a
11:33 pm
worker who became temporarily paralyzed and another's whose emergency help was delayed 45 minutes. neely and perry are speaking out after sam's death to expose how long they've been fighting outdated rules that prevent employees from calling 911. do you think this policy makes sense? >> it makes sense. >> reporter: augustine ruiz is a communications manager for the usps in northern california. he says the policy is intended to get help on the scene quickly, and it allows postal police to direct paramedics. he denies employees are instructed not to call 911 in a medical emergency. there is nothing that precludes somebody from actually using their own cell phone and calling 911 themselves. >> reporter: but we obtained a copy of the policy in oakland, and that's not what it says. it clearly states only postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure. what's more, the national policy says to notify the health services office then notify security who calls 911. employees say managers have even
11:34 pm
warned they'd have to foot the bill if they called 911. >> we will be responsible for paying for the ambulance. >> that's one of the things that management does state fairly regularly, well, who is going to be responsible for theambulance? >> reporter: union president fred jacobs. >> who is going to pay for them coming out here. i know that sounds ludicrous, but that's what is happening. if you call 911, you are not responsible for any kind of a bill. it's just as simple as that. >> reporter: stuart mcgee manages medical services at oakland fire. he says policies like this put people in grave danger and waste time. >> the sooner that we have the act to have someone commute directly next to a patient, the better. >> would they get in trouble? >> no. >> fired? >> no. >> would they have to pay the cost of the ambulance? >> no. >> reporter: why do you think employees have that impression? >> i don't know. it could be a misunderstanding. i do know this. we give training to our
11:35 pm
employees on a daily basis. >> do you this that training is effective if there is so much confusion about what to do? >> it's effective. >> reporter: they're now revising the policy in oakland after they exposed the delays in getting help for sam. he promised during our interview in october -- >> i can tell you i will be addressing this tomorrow. >> reporter: but now more than six weeks after that promise, the clock is still ticking. no policy changes. and employees tell us they haven't received any new training on what to do in a medical emergency. as for what happened to lionel hankins, ruiz says his district doesn't maintain records beyond five years and can't comment. but in response to the 2005 grievance, the agency agreed the lack of prompt attention even to slight injuries could lead to more serious complications, and now in the wake of sam's death, the question remains, will the postal service empower employees to call 911 first? >> you just hope that nothing happens to you and you're around
11:36 pm
decent people that would get help for you. >> reporter: it's a question that james perry asked in 1994 after his friend died, a question he hope head would never ask again. >> they don't care about human life. they only want to get the mail out. >> reporter: the postmaster general has not returned our calls or e-mails for comment on the national usps policy. but this is an issue that thousands of postal employees are waiting for answers on and we're going to continue asking. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, the number is 1-888-966-tips or e-mail coming up next, the 49ers were looking to get back on track against the raiders. but instead, the silver and black beat down on their cross-bay rivals. it was ugly. >> it was, depending on who you were rooting for today. the details to show you what one raider had to say about the 49ers quarterback, right after the game.
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it's a great part of the show. >> it is. >> i'm not sure what i love what he has to say. i grew up in san francisco. you know what i like. i'll be honest with you. >> niner fan. okay. i apologize for the news i got to deliver. i'm just doing my job. do not kill the messenger. peggy, terry, always great to see both of you. the silver and black asserted their dominance over the dysfunctional 49ers as san francisco nearly kissed away any hope of seeing the postseason. it's the battle of the bay. the raiders and 49ers licking their wounds after tough losses last week. first quarter, oakland up three.
11:39 pm
colin kaepernick completes the pass to bruce miller. yes, it was miller time right there. 7-3, 49ers. big game for the rookie. derek carr, second quarter. in the red zone. the big fellow. 350 pounds. donnell pan, an eligible receiver on this play. he falls into the end zone. the third touchdown of his career. and then he jumps into the crowd with the fans. third quarter, raiders down three. carr hits marcel reece on the crack slant for the score. 17-13. next raiders possession, third and goal. it's carr to the big tight end mychal rivera. oakland goes up. and they would never look back. under three minutes to play. kaepernick's pass is intercepted. by the future hall of famer charles woodson. and that ices the game. oh, a cold shower for tony sparano as the raiders beat the 49ers, 24-13.
11:40 pm
>> it just don't feel like we us, man. it's hard to get in a rhythm. it's just hard. it's just hard, you know. you have to be in the rhythm on the field to be successful. and it's been tough all year to get it into rhythm. >> the most disappointing thing is timing. timing. we can't really afford to lose any games. trying to get to the play-offs. thinking week it was shown to us. it was preached to us just how important this game was. i think this week more and more of us became true raiders, you know, knowing what the hurt is about, knowing what the raider is, knowing what this game is about, knowing how important it was to the city. >> well, the story doesn't stop there. you can now add c.l. moore to the list of kaepernick haters. the two were jawing at each other during the game, and afterwards moore put this up on instagram. a picture of the two with the message there is a difference
11:41 pm
between boys and men. freaking chump. wow. to the ice, where there are no chumps. sharks facing the oilers. alex back to go for the first time since november 8th. first period, look out. tommy says hello, how do you do. oh my goodness. second period, sharks down one. patrick marleau to tie them again. he scores his first goal of the season. we're tied at one. third period, oiler shot is saved. but then david peron fires a shot and gets the goal. oilers win 2-1. over to golf. the final round of the world golf challenge. tiger woods having some fun. but on 13, he chunks two more chip shots. triple bogeys. it's woods finishing tied for last. jordan spieth.
11:42 pm
he won by 10 strokes. by the way, terry, i'm not for sure why everyone is making a big deal about this whole thing freakin' chump. peggy calls me a chump. >> all the time. he doesn't care. >> the way she says it is sweet, though. there is a difference. >> i say it with affection, henry. >> absolutely. i love you guys too. i'll see you next weekend. >> have a good night. >> thanks, henry. >> you too. >> we'll be right back.
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we continue to follow this
11:45 pm
developing story right now as protests are under way in berkeley, turning violent. take a look at the live pictures here. you can see the crowds of people still out. downtown bart station in berkeley is closed. it's been closed since 11:00 tonight. berkeley city hall. we're hearing reports that the windows there are smashed. one person on tweeter said every trash can between center and university in berkeley is overturned and on fire. also, berkeley civic center. we're seeing on twitter has been vandalized. berkeley bart station closed, although bart is still running. also, trash bins on fire, as peggy was alluding to and berkeley high school we're told is being hit with graffiti. we don't know any more than that. that's according to twitter accounts. we know earlier if you want to take a look at what happened at the chase bank in berkeley there. you see the smashed glass and a man coming up and finishing the job with one of the road signs used to block off roads. and he has taken one, two, three, four windows and he
11:46 pm
throws it away. and he takes off himself. >> it's interesting. you see some of the protesters. we were watching earlier the live pictures turning over the trash cans and lighting them on fire. you see other people coming up behind them trying to douse it. so it seems like there is duelling groups here, and you're seeing a lot of people reporting that as well from their firsthand accounts on twitter. the huge crowds continue to walk through the streets. we're hearing all the way to university, up chaddock avenue earlier. so we will continue to watch this and bring you more details. another night of protests in berkeley. >> about 9:00 tonight, we want to take a look at the scene on highway 24 eastbound in oakland that we have some video to show you. you're going to see a bright light fire up there right in the middle of your screen. and what that is we believe it is a tear gas that the chp used after they were hit by projectiles after an explosive went off near the chp. they detonated the tear gas. you can see the crowd heading off to the right side of your screen. the officers with the tear gas mask on not affected by this.
11:47 pm
that's what they used to help move the crowd along more rapidly in the offramp, clairemont there on to 24 eastbound. that helped get the crowd off. and that was about three hours ago now. and so since that time, between that time and this, the violence that we talked about, the violence to police officers, we also have smashed squad cars, windows, spray painting on the squad cars and the violence we showed you as well. the vandalism at the chase bank and other places as well. >> a lot of damage. a few nights ago injured police officers. we're watching this very carefully. right now i want to check with rob mayeda standing by with other pig changes. >> we're watching two storm systems. the first the weaker of the two, bringing a chance of showers to the far north bay tonight. and i think areas just to the north of san francisco, you'll see the best bet of showers as we go through monday. you see here in the short-term forecast, a few showers moving through, through the morning and into the early afternoon.
11:48 pm
mostly to the north of the peninsula over towards santa rosa. could see a few showers at times as we get into the afternoon. what you'll probably find more for the morning commute will be the dense fog and tri-valley for the morning with the risk of a few showers at times. mainly for the north bay and patchy fog forming again for tomorrow night. mostly highs in the mid-60s around san jose. low 60s around san francisco, pacifica, might see a stray shower or two. and the best bet of seeing showers for your monday will be out in the north bay of highs in the low 60s. mid-60s around the tri-valley. the next system that will form. an area of low pressure in the gulf of mexico. and another weather system will develop in a very moisture rich flow that will be aiming in on the bay area, which will power up the rainfall rates. this time around likely a stronger region of low pressure off the northern california coastline. and as this comes together, the triple threat will be some gusty winds at times. maybe close to 50 miles per hour in the hills. heavier rain as you get into thursday. you'll see some of the rain totals coming up, up to 3 to 6
11:49 pm
inches in the coastal hilltops. the high surf on the coast. heavy dangerous surf likely late wednesday into friday. here is a look at your thursday. that's when the main event should arrive, moving from north to south the morning commute, other towards the evening commute. morning commute for the entire bay area. towards the evening, you'll see the rain push out of the south bay for your thursday, with rain totals across the lowlands. at least right now as things stand, somewhere between 1 to 3 inches of rain. so we'll have to watch the wind and rain wednesday and thursday, getting started first here in the north bay. and santa rosa by wednesday evening, the entire bay areas for thursday. scattered showers follow on friday. look at the highs. finally cooler air sweeping in behind the cold front. that's going to drive snow levels down in the sierra as we get closer to the weekend. and the south bay. in san francisco thursday the wettest day. the cooler air comes in with chance for isolated thunder friday and a much needed break as we move into the start of next weekend. back. >> thanks, rob, very much. coming up next, some call it a revolutionary idea about
11:50 pm
having baby, maybe changing the old notion that you have to go to the hospital.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
a story that got a lot of attention this past week in england about giving birth. and you know more about it than i do. >> well, yes, that's true. new guidelines say for women who are healthy and have uncomplicated pregnancies, the hospital may not be the best place to have a baby. kel kell could be has more. >> reporter: the delivery with mid wives at home or birthing centers is actually safer for 45% of women. >> the principle reason is they're kept away from doctors with their knives. >> reporter: professor mark baker wrote the new guidelines based on a government study that found healthy women had more epidurals, more cesarean sections and more complications in maternity wards. >> we have over medicalized
11:53 pm
delivery, and we're doing more harm than good as a result. >> yes! >> reporter: for first time moms like jennifer kennedy, giving birth at home is still not recommended. she had son dash at a birthing center. >> i never thought for a moment that i was in danger, no. there is so much support. >> reporter: in britain, about 90% of births are in a hospital. in the u.s., it's more than 98%. >> i think i feel more safe being at the hospital in case of emergencies. >> reporter: the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists says home births are still more risky, and hospitals are still best. >> sometimes disasters do happen. and doctors like to deliver maybes in the hospital because that's where they can assure the safest and healthiest mother and baby outcome. >> reporter: but even in the u.s., views are changing. rossi wilson of los angeles had her first son in the hospital, her second at home. >> it was a great experience. i felt like very empowered by it. i felt like it was a very
11:54 pm
natural, comfortable environment for me to be in. >> reporter: so could american moms join the british revolution? >> we have been taught that you go to a place to have a baby. you don't have someone come into your home to have a baby. will that change? yes. but slowly. >> reporter: still, for a growing number of moms, the more natural way is the better way. kelly cobiella, london. >> unless you're having twins. >> and you know about that stuff. >> that's right. >> we'll be right back with a look at the protests. they're still going on. >> berkeley right now.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. well, we continue to follow this developing story in berkeley as the protests there turn violent. hearing reports of all kinds of damage, including the berkeley civic center, lots of trash cans
11:57 pm
turned over, burning. downtown bart station still remains closed. as you can see, the crowds of people still walking through. and causing damage. >> just about an hour or so ago, we have some video to show you what was going on at a chase bank. this is in berkeley. and you see the windows apparently shattered, and now they're just gone as he comes up and gets a second window. he is using a road sign to do the damage there. and then he disappears into the night. shortly on highway 24, the protesters had taken over highway 24 and shut it down eastbound for a while. at a point officers said that they were under attack. there had been an explosive thrown at the officers. and so the chp, according to a tweet, deployed tear gas on highway 24 on one of the offramp there's to move the crowd along. and it certainly worked. the crowd moved on to a telegraph in a variety of avenues into berkeley, doing damage along the way, including
11:58 pm
to the berkeley police cars and chp cars as well. >> that's right. we're hearing some reports saying businesses have been looted. they have been vandalized. very disturbing information there, considering how much damage has already been done. many police officers injured. and that is just yet another night of vandals and looting and protests that continue in berkeley and also in oakland. >> final note. chp golden gate tweeting the bay area is populated by millions of people. the violence and hate committed tonight is an extremely small percentage of that. have a great evening.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
you're watching an nbc bay area news special. "bay area proud." i think i'm going to have to hold my breath because it's -- it's going to be emotional. >> a grandson holds his breath, anxiously waiting to hear his grandfather's voice once again. >> he is a flyer. his name is lieutenant -- >> and local technology helps make it happen. >> once i wrote it down, i was going to do it. it down, i was there's no halvies on a bucket list. >> a bay area woman takes a journey of a lifetime, running across the country for something bigger than herself. they deserve every advantage, so i just started showing up, whatever we needed. >> this richmond music teacher did much more than just show up.


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