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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is tuesday, december the 9th and you are watching "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining
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us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have new details on the late-night protest in berkeley that caused widespread delay for drivers. stephanie chuang is live at amtrak. and protesters shut down that station at one point. >> that's right. these did remain calm last night. they did stage a sit-in here along the berkeley amtrak tran track, though it is clear this morning we did just catch some employees with union pacific jumping off trains this morning with their flashlights, making sure the train tracks were clear, after getting reports that protesters cut the cables to the lights of the crossing arms. that was justification fixed mi.
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there was a push toward the bay bridge that started at the pedestrian bridge crossing at university avenue in berkeley. that's where police and demonstrators squared off. some said they'll be out there protesting the mike brown and eric garner decision for as long as it tax to get heard. >> people are dying for what, unarmed people? no justice no, peace. nobody's doing anything about it. until somebody does something about it, we'll be out here for as many days as it takes, i would think. >> a peaceful protest was at a u-cal dorm. this really targeted transportation and traffic last night. coming up, some concerns about
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others in berkeley and around the area concerning these protests and how long they will last. live now at the amtrak station in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> take a close look at this. the family of an iraq war veteran is asking for your help to find their son who vanished near the golden gate bridge. he was last seen november 24th around 3:00, lives in sunnyvale. according to a web site that his family set up, weber served two tours of duty in iraq and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> a massive hotel going up across from the stadium won't be ready for the super bowl. montana hoped to have the $400 million project up and running
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by the time levi stadium was up and opened, now it doesn't lock like the project will even break ground until 2016. today they will vote to extend montana's exclusive rights to the property through 2016. >> an emergency drought bill to help company farmers. many are calling this a hail mary. it still faces an uphill battle in the senate. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer oppose the legislation calling it short sighted. >> this is certainly in the central valley, many people out there have no water at all, their wells are dry. well, we're going to get a deluge of water coming our way. >> a lot of those wells you're
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talking about are private wells. here montana bay area, as well as the central valley, we're all going to get a lot of rainfall as we head thought the next couple of days. those storms will rival some of the most potent that have ever hit the bay area. i'm going to show you how this system stacks up with some of the biggest storms that have ever hit the beautiful bay area. as we get into this afternoon, we're going to end up in the 60s, 66 on the peninsula, 64 on the east short and 67 on the south bay. this is when we're looking acti. you're looking great for most of tomorrow to get outdoors and get any sort of storm preps made. i can tell you as of tomorrow the wind is going to start and cloutd cloud are going to start moving in. let me show you the system and how much rain it has associated with it. we start that clock for you at
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9:00. green obviously the light stuff, the yellow moderate. then when you're talking about this red, this is heavy rainfall. this is as heavy as it gets. we're talking about this pink area indicating rain rates of 2 inches per hour. so if this thing just sits, kind of stalls out, we are expecting quite a bit of flooding. this system has a lot rain, a lot of wind and we're also expecting thunderstorms with it. now basically it's going to be very active all the way throughout wednesday night into thursday, thursday night and finally by friday evening clearing you out but the heaviest time frame is going to be thursday all day. it's going to be really active around here. so if you can get out there for today, make those storm preps, get everything ready. if you live in an area that you know is prone to flooding, you really want to get those sandbags as of today. the system is coming in quickly. it's going to be here before you know it. i want to get you out that front
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door if you're going to work, a little fog out there, mike. >> i want to give you a shout out for that weather, making that storm look like a work of art. we have the backup, lanes off to the left approach, that was because we didn't have all the cash lanes open. we have in the last five months. they stopped waiting for that pricing to change until they can get a break from that hov lane at 5:00. the orange over there throughout the upper east bay, we're looking at concord, highway 4. also may be slowed by low cloud through the area and possibility for issues for visibility and fairfield, christina was talking about a mile and a half, a half mile for spots there nor your visibility. the south bay no problems and no delays for the your peninsula.
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a live look at palo alto. an easy drive. you can see the roadways are dry right now. >> thanks so much, mike. vta holding another public meeting to talk about the bart extension in the silicon valley the first phase is currently under construction. residents can get an update on the construction as well as securing funding for the next phase which includes plans for a subway tunnel through downtown san hope say. the meeting takes place tonight at 6:30 at santa clara university. >> the utility district says it short on water and it needs to purchase more from the government but it's the customers that are going to have to foot the bill there. kris sanchez is joining us live from hayward. kris, what is the additional money people are going to have to talk about? >> reporter: we're not talking about a huge amount of money but
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in these times any amount counts. there are signs like that one posted all around its service area, it says "save water." and folks are heeding that message, they have cut their usage by 10%, but as christina said, the water we have coming is still not enough to bust the drought. so folks are in the position of using the water more than that are getting. that's why east bay mud will consider buying water in a is not cheap. it could put customers on the hook for a 14% surcharge, about $4.33 for an average household. the district will also discuss penalties to be imposed coming in the summer months should the water shortage continue. more than 1.3 million people depend on east bay mud for their drinking water. that's would be the reason why
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it's about 4.33 in cost for customers if they do have to buy water from the state. if you want to attend the board meeting, it is this afternoon at 1:15, east bay mud headquarters, on 11th street in okayland thismeeting is open to the public. coming up, we'll talk more about the conservation picture statewide and how it is looking for the higher consumption months and period. believe it or not, we do use more water during the holidays. in hayward, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> no question, an initiative that's going to have to be managed for a long time. also, the a's making some major moves overnight. the team has now dealt right-handed ace jeff samardzija to the white sox. neither team will confirm that
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deal. yesterday the a as dealt brandon moss, an all-star, to the indians for a minor league, relatively unknown second base prospect. >> today one of the top pitchers on the free agent market is expected to decide where he's going to play. the giant and chicago cubs are reportedly the front-runners in the jon lester sweepstakes. laster started last season with the red sox before he was eventually traded to the a's. let see where lester lands. >> two down now, lester and samardzija. >> plus, oscar pistorius returns to court just weeks after his sentencing. what prosecutors are asking a judge to do. >> and lawyer suing apple are returning to court with almost everything they need. almost everything. we'll take a look coming up in
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>> when the new whole foods opens up in san jose's rose garden neighborhood this morning, it will have something few other whole foods have -- it's a microbrewery. they're hoping to take part in the uptick in microbrewery in the last few years. it will be run by man who spent six years working for the russian river brewing company. so he comes from a rich pedigree. >> lawyers suing apple will head to the courtroom today with their brief case, their notes, maybe even a sack lunch but, scott mcgrew, they'll be missing one thing. >> one thing.
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they'll be missing a client. what would you do if you have a lawsuit but nobody showed up? we have a case where the plaintiffs have run out of plaintiffs. the woman was representing thousands of ipod owners, suing over the way apple blocked others from selling them music. she wins, you get the money. except lawyers for apple figured out she had the wrong ipod and she didn't qualify to be the plaintiff. but no worries, they got another plaintiff except monday apple lawyers argued successfully the other plaintiff didn't qualify because she didn't buy the ipod herself. lawyers have until this morning to show up with a new plaintiff. >> landon doughty is live on cnbc. good morning. >> good morning, scott. futures are lower after the market sell on monday with the dow posting its biggest
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percentage decline in six weeks. energy stocks were slammed. the declining crews picked up when -- >> the hack against sony really is about that story "the interview." they are now demanding the studio not release "the interview." the movie is a comedy about the assassination of the leader of north korea. north korea doesn't think that's very funny. recently we saw the social security numbers for thousands of employees, pay rates.
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monday was the personal phone numbers of celebrities. i have to be honest with you. i didn't realize our computers aren't able to look at that particular web site. nbc forbids that. i got on the work computer. oh, okay, corporate fire wall. >> that is interesting. thanks a lot. >> 5:18. we are checking your forecast as we know we're in for yet another big round of storms. you have to be prepared for it, this is going to be historic. >> historic. the last time we had rain like this, it looks like it was about 12 years ago. the difference between now and then is the technology has come so far. so the fact that we're able to gauge the system, it's still 24 to 36 hours out in the bay area. pretty impressive. every single time i check, the storm system does not let me down. let's talk about what's going to happen today. before it hits, we will have the calm before the storm for your
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tuesday. good morning to you. beautiful wine country, oh, my goodness, wine country, that's where we're expecting the heaviest rainfall and definitely some areas up there haven't had a chance to dry out from the flooding that we had last week. this is going to pack a punch because it's coming in on top of rain that we've already had. our grounds are now saturated. you see our hillsides nice and green. this rain is coming in as surplus. we're already running 168% of average. for example in places like redwood city this morning. they change every day, as the days go on, we need to calculate a new average. 67 degrees in the north bay today. here it is, our atmospheric river coming in strong. let me give you a timeline for the changes. as we head throughout your wednesday and thursday, that's when the wind will start to increase. sustained speeds of 25 to 35 miles an hour out in the south. that's against our prevailing wind direction. that's one thing you want to
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keep in mind. then we get into thursday and that is when you have the rain and the winds combined. for us here in the south bay, that's going to be on thursday. mountains and hillsides, 4 to 8 inches of rain. also expecting really big waves on our beaches. waves 18 to 22 feet high. let's give you some historical perspective, shall we? this is not the only time that we have rivalled what we're expecting. the most 48 hour rain in 12 years. the last time this happened was 2002. here's what's so impressive about this. one of the other opportunities that we've had for this came in last week where we're picked up over almost 3.5 inches in san francisco. this just tells you how historic so far this season has been and
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how much further we can carry this into winter, which hasn't even kicked off yet. that arrives on the 21st of september. typically the rainy season for us, the most active months are january and february. i'm just giving you an idea of where we stand. i'm going to show you this system, what we're expecting from it and the changes that each and every model projects. >> we're looking over here toward 580. a clear view. yesterday we had a lot of low clouds and fog. 580 moves smoothly. we had a little more gradual of a build coming out of the altamont pass. your tri-valley is close to the speed limit out of livermore. we may see a lighter flow of traffic from now till the end of the year overall.
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we have the build in antioch. the orange on our map, that's where the fog registers around the bay. we have the benicia bring and potentially the carquinez bridge, chp said there was a lot of fog when they crossed over, though not showing orange on our map. the bay bridge, the crowd starts to build over there. we'll scholl you the south bay, still green, the live shot shows you why. it's still a lighter volume of traffic. we expect that first burst to start kicking in at about 20 minutes. and the and matteau bridge. >> thank you very much. 5:22 right now. stay with us for continuing coverage of the ongoing store.
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>> a south african judge is set to decide whether prosecutors can appeal the sentence handed down to olympic sprinter handed down to oscar pistorius. in september he was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years in jail for the killing of his girl friend. prosecutors say the sentence is shockingly light and inappropriate. after serve, ten months, pistorius is allowed to serve house arrest for the death of a young woman who he miss took as an intruder into his house. >> the royal couple will tour the september 11th memorial and museum. 1,600 citizens were among those who died in the attacks. >> last night the pair met some nba royalty of their own at the
5:24 am
net nets/cavs game. during the game, the couple also met up with beyonce and jay-z so a little pop culture in there, too. >> it's 5:24 right now. could your next visits to las vegas include a professional hockey game? that's next.
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. the national hockey league is apparently getting serious about putting a league in las vegas. they are testing the market to see if there is enough interest there. >> canadian hockey team has set a new record and it's all for a good reason. >> check this out. every year the calgary hit men
5:27 am
hold a teddy bear-a-thon. this is what it looked like over the weekend. more than 25,000 teddy bears were tossed out to the ice. probably hard to avoid them when you're skating around. the good news is that more than 60 local charities will benefit. i don't think a zamboni can pick those up. they probably have do it by hand. >> they're making it rain teddy bears. >> every kid's dream. it's 5:27 right now. 680 in san jose is finally open after hours-long closures. >> plus turmoil around the world. at least that is the concern from the obama administration. what the u.s. government is expected to say today about its past use of torture.
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new video of dozens of
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protesters arrested after the shutting down of a freeway. >> plus, reigning in the big banks. what the u.s. government is doing to try to make sure america does not fall back into another recession. >> and our last dry day before we get hit with a potent storm system. today a little fog and afternoon sunshine by tomorrow. the rain moves in and then we have some very active weather to get through from thursday into friday. i'll give you the timeline in just moments. >> and the gradual build. the cars on the bay bridge and a couch on the freeway? we'll give you that shot coming up. >> a nice start to your tuesday. it's december 9th and this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm sam brock.
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>> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> in berkeley this morning, train tracks up and running this morning. protesters took to the streets of berkeley once again. stephanie chuang joins us live at the amtrak station in berkeley. how is it looking there now? it looks quiet. >> reporter: it is quiet. it's all clear now, although we were here when there was a union pacific railroad employee who was out here fixing the lights on these crossing arms. he said the protesters cut the cables to them last night. that's what he heard from dispatch. the bulk of the traffic interruption was focused on i-80. chp arrested 150 people. we have video of some of them waiting in line to be taken to jail in dublin.
5:32 am
the group grew up to 1,500 people. a small group got on to the freeway through a fence. and then a group that became violent began throwing rocks at officers. some now are questioning how long will these protest act inappropriately, steal or take or hurt the police. but that's not what it's about. >> there was a massive sit-in at the intersection of channing at shattuck that blocked rush hour for several minutes. the protest apparently still had impact thork. again, we saw the union pacific employee fixing the arm. also some employees getting off the trains here to check the tracks after they heard about this problem here with vandalism. they had to make sure there were no protesters or people here at
5:33 am
the berkeley amtrak station. again, last night's protest, mostly remaining peaceful compared to what happened over the weekend. live in berkeley this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> and later this morning, the reverend jesse jackson will be in oakland to talk to teen-agers about what's been going on. >> a conversation that is the natural, tension of what's been going on. after days of protesting in the bay area, politicians are weighing in on what kind of police tactics are appropriate. protesters breaking windows have been met with police swinging batons and firing off tear gas. in berkeley the mayor said he told the police department tear gas should be used as a last resort. critiques or requests from city leaders can it also undermines
5:34 am
the chief of police with the officers of the department. >> and in the face of violence and concerns for public safety and for officer safety, rivera says being politically correct should not be part of this overall planning. >> new details traffic coming to a standstill during the evening commute after a woman threatened to jump from the 680 overpass. all lanes in both directions were closed for hours. northbound 680. >> well, new rules for fannie mae and freddie mac, which might mean it will be easier for americans to buy homes. a house for just 3% down.
5:35 am
scott mcgrew is here to explain how it works. that sounds like not enough money down. that was the concern the first time. >> it was the problem that led to the subprime mortgage,ets. but let's look at some of the new rules. 3% down, has to be a fixed rate and you have to actually live in this residence. so, sam, this would not be something where you could buy a house and then rent it out or become a landlord. now, the one thing that is very different than the earlier proposed rules is this could be any homeowner. we were told at first it was going to be a first time home buyer that can get these deals. they're thing about company that end up buying your mortgage. so you go to chase or what not to try and get a mortgage. they lend you the money but then they're going to sell that mortgage back to fannie and
5:36 am
freddie. that's hard to say, those two. they're setting the rules generally. that is it why we really care what fannie and freddie are up to. >> you made a good point that this could cut down on speculation if you have to actually live in the home. >> absolutely. you have to have really solid credit. maybe you have an excellent credit score, you've never owned a home but you don't have a ton of bank on hand. but you can prove to the bank that you're going to make money in the future and you'll be able to pay your house, this is what it's really set up for. when it was back in the crazy days, it was not so obvious you were going to be able to pay this back. >> so there's a high bar of proving future earnings to be able to get this. >> exactly. we're okay with you not having
5:37 am
mu much. >> thank you. >> even with the rain this week, conservation is as important as ever. kris sanchez joins us live from hayward this morning with what the utility is proposing. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi, laura ra. east bay mudd has been urging conservation. it working but they are talking with slapping their customer with a 14% monthly surcharge. why? because there is still just not enough water. that is the bad news. it will consider that 14% surcharge amounting to about $4.33 a month for the average household. the district also tapped into
5:38 am
its emergency supply, packing water the conservation efforts in this district at least is working. 1.3 million customers cut their consumption by about 10%. and the recent rain brought at least one of the rez voices you are by about 1%. still the district will consider surcharges and also penalties in the summer in the event that the drought kin continues as some forecasters are predicting it will. the board meeting is this afternoon at 1:15. it is open to the public. you can find it at east bay mudd headquarters. we'll look at the reservoirs.
5:39 am
>> coping mechanisms with the drought these days, as the rain is not going away. >> except for the fog we're tracking out there, we're going to see a lot of sunshine, it will be drive so you want to see some storm prep. once you get into the central valley, it's that fog that we're talking about. that reduces visibility. overall, that's typical in the bay area. not so typical, the rain and wind that fires up as of
5:40 am
tomorrow. we're talking about a potent storm system that we haven't had in potentially over ten years here in the bay area. i really want to make sure you're ready for it. as we head throughout the day, though, your last completely dry day tomorrow will stay mostly dry but the winds will pick up. lots of sunshine this afternoon, light wind. your sun will set at 4:51. that's when it starts to get dark. 68 in the south bay, 64 for the east shore and 65 in beautiful san francisco. let me just give you an idea of what we are expecting. that heavy rain really starts up at about 7:00 p.m. on wednesday up in the north day. then by 7 p.m. thursday it makes its way to the south bay. but coupled with that heavy rain. take a look at the wind we're expecting. at 35:00 a.m., 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts cross the bay area.
5:41 am
first let's get you out that front door. here's mike inouye. >> looks like some extra stuff got out of front door, out of the living room and on to the freeway. i turned the camera as clearly as we could see north. allen rock is where they're reporting a couch on the roadway. it's reportedly now just moved over to the shoulder. chp advised that backup may be the ripple after a quick traffic break. there is the flow. nothing unusual for the rest of the bay. 101 should move in the next few minutes. fog in concord as christina said and the lanes are backing up. we should have the metering lights turned on possibly in the next few seconds. >> we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, weather and traffic right after this break. stay with us.
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5:43 right now.
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u.s. embassies are on hype alert as new reports are scheduled to be release detailing the cia's interrogation process for terrorists. this could prompt terrorists to fight back. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what steps are they taking to make sure americans abroad are safe? >> they told soldiers and sailors and marines to watch their backs. they have 2,000 marines on the ready in case there is any sort of retaliation. this report is coming out this afternoon. senate democrats say how these terror suspects were interrogated with tack telecommunication we were not allowed to use anymore today.
5:45 am
republicans didn't want the report to come out at all. secretary of state john kerry may have tried to delay the report. he had a discussion about the timing of the release of the report but left that up to the committee. it does say that officials with the cia lied to the american public, to congress and to the white house. we'll get more details about that report when it comes out later this afternoon. >> of course, as you mentioned, a i -- it's 5:45. christina joins us on set, talking about some fog out there this morning. >> a little bit of fog out there this morning but today is still going to be a really nice day in comparison to what we have in store tomorrow and as we meet back up here on thursday. thursday is the day we are
5:46 am
expecting the ref this system is going to pack a punch and leave a mark here in the bay area. this fog could slow you down a little bit. maybe you're already starting your holiday. the good news is we're looking pretty good all across the board. the fog, you're going to find it as you try to get into the central valley. a lot of that fog over benicia this morning. as we head throughout the day today, beautiful day coming your way. tomorrow staying mostly dry. tomorrow at 5:00 is when the heavy rain moves into the forth bay, and that's when we'll first start to get our showers in the south bay. but that will continue until 10:00 p.m.
5:47 am
we're talking about 1:00 to 10 p.m., heavy rainfall hitting the south bay. we are concerned about the potential for flooding, localized and areas up in the north bay where they haven't even had a chance to dry out just yet. more heavy rain and potential flooding up there. you keep that in we're get another big one, sunday into monday and at the end of next week, another storm system comes through. i did say that correctly. sometimes you question yourself. i can tell you right now, though, here's the deal. our rain chances don't end with this whopper storm system. we'll talk about a little bit of a after path we are expecting some of the storm drains to remain clocked and that you
5:48 am
really want to check ahead with us before you leave. check the chp reports. bring your loose items indoors. stand wend speeds 30 to 40 miles per hour, gusting to 50. the high el bragss so we're expecting true creeks and rivers will rise rapidly. if you live in a flood prone area, you want to make sure you have those sandbags ready to go. in a lot of places, we're going to be bringing this information for you. stick with us, we'll give you everything you need to know to stay safe during this storm. it's going to be a doozy, mike and i don't even like to use that word. >> but you learned it. this is not a doozy by any
5:49 am
means, 580 westbound. a clear view and clear drive. blaes different than your typical tuesday is a slightly more gradual build westbound through dublin and livermore. a lighter flow may be continuing from now until the end of the year but we'll watch. so far just that slowing northbound approaching allen rock, the earlier traffic break to get the couch moved to the shoulder. and just a gentle build for that portion. we'll look toward where christina is talking about for the fog. we'll watch the benicia bridge and also the all the lanes are
5:50 am
backed up. the cash lane just like yesterday, only about mid parking lot. a little bit of look from emeryville over toward the bay bridge itself. you can see it's okay to cross. back to you. >> we're continuing coverage of the oncoming storm. download our apps for instant weather and traffic alert. just click on the tap at the top of the page. >> new fallout for uber overseas this morning. police in india questioning an uber executive after one of its drivers in new dehli was charged with rape. they want to know whether the company does comprehensive background check, as the company claims it does. a police official says uber could face criminal charges if
5:51 am
police determine that the company misrepresented the safety of its service. >> as a result of its -- right now the ban only exists in new dehli but could expand to other parts of india as well. >> investigators will be in los angeles to figure out what sparked a huge fire, destroying a partially built apartment building and several businesses around it. it broke out early yesterday morning but today parts of 101 and the 110 still shut down so crews can clean up debris and replace melted road signs. >> the fire was so intense, it flu out hundred dresses of all
5:52 am
those gifts were destroyed. >> hopefully they'll be able to restock those in type for christmas. >> how about round-the-clock mass transit? this morning bart will lay out joint plans for a new overnight transbay bus service. it will start as a one-year pilot program and promises to increase options for people during the overnight hours. no word on how much it will cost you or what areas the service will cover. >> san jose is poised to legalize and tax airbnb rentals. it now, the tax would generate about $150,000 a year for san jose and it would be in addition
5:53 am
to other taxes and fees airbnb already charges. >> statistics say if you want to be paid well, know how to program a computer. scott mcgrew, we are well into worldwide efforts to teach computer code. >> that's right. we should all set aside an our to teach p 57 million people have learned to code through easy-to-understand curriculum. president obama not only visited, he did a little coding himself. "wired" magazine said this is the first time in history a computer you can learn how to cope or more importantly teach code at an hour of
5:54 am
so you learn of this code, you stack it together and elsia and anna can skate across the ice. so anybody, an english leader, a boy scout leader can learn who to teach. >> you don't want to let this one go. >> i like saying you got it. >> they're not saturated enough as it is. like our air because we're expecting some rain. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> will we see it raining? >> we will. do you want to build a snowman, laura? is that what you're saying? and scott mcgrew, it's onna, not anna. 59 in san francisco but i do happen to know he is an ola fan, ladies and gentlemen. comfortable conditions, the rain's acoming and it's coming in heavy as we head throughout the next 48 hours.
5:55 am
that window opens up. i'm going to show you when we're expecting the heaviest time frame for where you live. a nice meanwhile, a slight build for hayward and the tri-valley. it's a little lighter than we typically see on a tuesday. al a couch in the road near allen rock caused some slowdowns earlier today. back to you.
5:56 am
♪ ♪ >> are you feeling presidential? a beautiful tribute actually to the newest nobel laureate. this concert for all the nobel prize winners. >> among the honorees in attendance, la lay lay the young woman will share the prize with an indian activist for children's rights. >> quite the honor indeed. this is an organization that tries to do good for the community, the salvation army. they got a pretty big surprise from one of their kettles in boston. >> the diamond ring and a note saying the woman wanted to commemorate her late husband's generosity at christmas. an appraisal of the ring more than $1,800.
5:57 am
a spokesman from the salvation army saying he was moved to receive such a donation. >> we get jewelry from time to time but it's usually by accident. this is really quite remarkable. ? >> protesters angry over the recent use of force by police take to the streets again. >> and some bay employers will soon be asked to pay their workers close to $20 an hour. >> and the giants looking to add a piece to their pitching rotation. we'll have details next.
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right now at 6:00, more than 600 people arrested for blocking a major freeway. >> plus flames breaking out near what used to be the largest homeless encampment in the country. >> and people living in the east bay could be paying more for water. >> meanwhile, this is our last dry day before rain returns to the area. thursday gusty winds and thunderstorms. all the details for where you live in just moments. >> and an earlier slowdown for the south. they combine with a lighter flow for the east bay. we'll show you the shift in your morning commute coming up. >> a live look outside this morning. this downtown san jose. it's still dark out there. that will


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