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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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600 people arrested for blocking a major freeway. >> plus flames breaking out near what used to be the largest homeless encampment in the country. >> and people living in the east bay could be paying more for water. >> meanwhile, this is our last dry day before rain returns to the area. thursday gusty winds and thunderstorms. all the details for where you live in just moments. >> and an earlier slowdown for the south. they combine with a lighter flow for the east bay. we'll show you the shift in your morning commute coming up. >> a live look outside this morning. this downtown san jose. it's still dark out there. that will be changing very soon,
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though. it's tuesday, december 9th and you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details this morning. at least 150 people waking up in jail, arrested during yet another long night of unruly protests. >> this in reaction to what's going on with those grand jury decisions. stephanie chuang joining us from berkeley. thousands of protesters blocking interstate 80 and even amtrak trains. it's the third day of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. it appears a, but there were some problems. we caught a union pacific railroad employee fixing the lights on these crossing arms.
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he said someone here last night cut the cables last night. two people get off each trains to ache mack chp estimates there were up to 1,500 protesters at one point in berkeley, who remained mostly peaceful when a large group broke through the fencing, stopping both directions of traffic, throwing rocks and other things at officers. demonstrators say they will be out here for as long as it takes to get their message across. >> people are dying. nor what? unarmed people. and nobody's doing anything about it. it with can be the fourth day or fifth day.
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>> there were other traffic disruptions. also there was activity near the downtown berkeley bart station. so bart should that down for a bit as well. but compared to what we saw over the weekend, last night's protests remaining mostly peaceful and calm. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> many businesses in downtown berkeley, they closed and sent their employees home early last night. the hope was for employees to get home safely before protests started. but shorter hours means a smaller paycheck. >> i'm losing mi commercial. we don't know ifor. >> the vandalism and police tack telecommunication have capital
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punishment pt $. >> former san francisco police chief tony ribeiro says requests from city leaders can make a tough job even more difficult, especially when the chief is appointed by the city leaders. >> it undermines the chief of police m terms of his or her ability to now, mayor bates of berkeley also denounced those who vandalized buildings over the weekend saying they were undermining the message of peaceful protests. >> when we're not on air, can you always head over to our web site, nbc bay for the very latest. you can also follow us on facebook and twitter for updates. >> all lanes of southbound 680 back open in time for the morning commute. yesterday both sides of the freeway were shut down near
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allen rock avenue because a woman threatened to jump from an overpass. it all started around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. northbound 680 opened last night and southbound lanes followed about 3 hours later. >> amidthis droup does water come at a premium. the east bay municipal utilities district says it is short on water and need to buy more from the government. but it's the customers who will have apparently tles there's not been snuff. >> reporter: we've seen signs like this behind me all around town. and east bay mud has tried to get their customers to get the
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message. yet the district is about to talk about a 14% surcharge to buy more water from the for this summer, the district tapped into its emergency supply, buying water from the federal government government. to pay for that, the district sold off a property it had in castor valley and dipped into its savings the conservation message is working. 1.3 million customers in al media and cost ra county and al immediate brought one of the
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system's plus perhaps penalties for the summer for customers who do not conserve should the drought continue. the board meeting is this afternoon at 1:15, on the 300 block of 11th street and oakland. it is open to the public. certainly we expect some folks will show up to have their say. in hayward, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> a lot of rain headed our way. it's time to check the forecast this morning. let's take a peek outside, a look at the bach there from the distance. abou aboutthere's actually a very thin veil of cloud out there.
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as we head throughout the morning hours, we're going to see more of the fog settle in. it's downright thick this morning through the delta, if you're headed that way over the benicia bridge, we are seeing a little more fog development. temperatures this morning mostly in the 50s, on our heri'm going to so you the timing of this season take a look at this, 8 plus inches possible! in fact, looking likely above 2,000 feet. we're tack being 2 to 4 inches of rainfall right here in san jose. in addition to all that rain coming in, we have a lot of wind
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as well. you're that's house of representatives you can really make sure your neighbors and neighborhood -- you want to help out your neighbors as well. it's going to come in really quickly and just getting out of your neighborhood could be problematic if you don't clean your storm drains. bring in the loose items indoors. these could become project aisles, especially in the areas that lack the friction, right by the beach. it will be dangerous when it comes to the rain. if you live in one of the and we're really going to be watching this for you. marin county and sonoma county
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on thursday night into friday. it's going to get very dangerous in the north bay. stick around. i'm going to show you the timing of this slow moving, powerful storm system in my next report. but first, you might want to give yourself a little extra time for that position this morning. really out there creeping through the stelt wa. >>'s exactly is so clar. >> through that red zone. had it gotten really slow over the last 20 minutes, starting to clear out now. the area shows you the slower part for the san jose area. nothing dramatic, same thing for 85 and 17. actually a lighter build overall for this tuesday. over here we're looking at hayward, southbound and an are
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why are if just now seeing that red zone. we're talking about the orange area highlighted through concord, an earlier crash at 242 tied things up and caused an early slowdown. we're actually seeing some recovery, which is unusual for highway 4, this time of the day. and a patch of fog bound to hit you at at least some point. be prepared to hit the brakes there. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. and we do have a backup. although the build was a little slower there, a little more gradual, i called this the slide, between thanksgiving and the holiday -- >> really? because i can't slide into pants very easily.
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>> we actually have to do that. him. >> no, i didn't say that. i definitely did not. >> health care leaders say they're looking to vote on an minimum wage increase today. >> and we have an important thing coming up in business. >> closed captioning provided by frontier ford, san jose.
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santa clara supervisors are scheduled to bid on a bill that would require every employer in the county to pay a living wage of at least $19.10.
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>> and crews are still checking for hot spots near the notorious camp called the jungle. officials say it's the third fire since it was shut down on wednesday. >> and jon lester is expected to make a decision where he's going to be sometime today. it's reported the a's and cubs are the front-runners while the red sox and dodgers are said to still be in contention. >> the entire country of india may soon be off limits to uber. >> uber already banned, sam, from both the new dehli and the larger region of dehli in india. now the eindian national government is suggesting they
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ban ride services that lack licenses. we knew the driver had been accused of rape before this but found not guilty. but this morning the driver's father tells the "times" of india that his son has been accused of rape in, quote, several cases. now, business week this morning points out india's problem really isn't uber, it's rape. this is a video of the actual perpetrator himself. the head line points this out, that rape is a problem on india's trains. there was a terrible case on a bus and taxi, even rapes bip the police themselves. in san francisco, the man who hit and killed a little girl on new year's eve has been charged with misdemeanor manslaughter. so at the moment of the accident, he was not an uber
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driver. what happens if you have a lawsuit and no plaintiffs show up? in another strange twist, the second of two plaintiffs in the apple ipod trial has been dismissed, leaving the lawsuit with nobody to represent it. two women were to be the lead plaintiffs in a class action suit against apple, but apple lawyers have shown one woman had the wrong ipod, the other didn't have the ipod herself and therefore has no standing in the case. this trial is moving forward. lawyers are supposed to bring a new plaintiff to court this morning. >> to bring a suit against apple, you need to buy the actual product you're suing about. >> you would think they would have had that figured out. >> 6:17 right now. we are tracking a powerful storm headed our way. we have a live look at live doppler radar on our left. it is dry out there now. we want to warn you, be prepared. this next storm will be the
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strongest to hit the bay area in years. >> christina was telling us those rainfalls could climb up the ranks of the most we've seen in a decade or so. that coupled with 50 mile-an-hour winds is prompting many to take precautions. last week's rain toppled several trees all over the bay area and no doubt the ground still a little bit soggy. the santa clara county water district is putting out notices for people to stock up on sandbags. the water district also said it will have crews roaming before the storm looking for potential debris that could lead to potential flood persian gulf. >> a-- flooding. >> and a good idea to clear out
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the storm drains. >> help them out and help your neighbors as well. we know this is coming in. it's just how bad is the aftermath going to be? current fog, this is all you're dealing with right now. nothing is something we're accustomed to in the bay area. this is the fog that is the thick fog that develops in the central valley and often times it will creep through the delta so you'll end up with some really thick patches that sneak in all the way from stockton and end up in places like vallejo and thick fog over benicia. otherwise a pretty good looking day. your sun will rise about 7:13, and the fog will return by this evening. sun will set at 4:51. showers move in tomorrow evening into the north bay. most of the area is going to stay dry for one more day.
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68 in the south bay today, 67 on the peninsula, 65 in san francisco and 64 on the east short. not a lot of temperature separation. that is going to make a big difference as to how much rain you will get and how fast it's going to come in. really going to be dictated where you live. on the north bay we could see 5 to 6 inches on the valley floor. this system stays organized and it moves all the way into southern california, potentially dumping 4 to 6 inches on so-cal. this is what we're expecting. let me take you through the timeline. wednesday to thursday, sustained wind speeds start up. 25 to 30 miles per hour gusting. so the wind will come in before the heavy rain does. heavy rain expected overnight wednesday into thursday morning and for most of us, we'll even stay drive drye for thursday morning to south of the glinl.
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then it comes in for thursday afternoon. we'll be in the thick of it from thursday afternoon all the way into thursday night. accumulating 2 to 4 inches of rain. the mountains, 4 to 8 inches possible. also, whenever we're talking about gusty wind, we typically get some big waves but it is early in the season. these are maverick size waves. we are talking about 18 to 22 footers. as we head throughout friday, that's where we're expecting the largest swells. this system, you can tell just based on what we're expecting how powerful it will be. let me show you the timeline. we stop that clock for you. at 6:00, that's where it will stay until about 12:00 on thursday. (vo) nourished.
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right here in san francisco.
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i'll show you how the rest of your day is looking a little bit lighter. >> we're going to start to see strong hints that the fed will start racing interest rates. let's take you over to the nasdaq as well. business is just getting under way. >> it hasn't happened in quite some time. taking a live look outside. beautiful golden gate bridge. december 9th, this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> u.s. embassies around this morning around the world are bracing for backlash ahead of the release of a new report detailing the cia's interrogation techniques during the bush administration. the report due out this morning will explain how the u.s. questions terror suspects in the aftermath of the september 11th
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terror attacks. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. there are concerns more extreme elements may respond violently to the reports. good morning. >> sure. the concerns about retaliation not only with the embassies that you mention, but the military. there are 2,000 marines that have been put on alert in the mediterranean. when this report comes out, it will tell us what is going on behind closed doors. but some republicans say the world doesn't need to know that and, number two, the report is inaccurate. they say it's irresponsible to release it but no one from the cia was even interviewed for this report. senate democrats like dianne feinstein are behind it. she's in charge of the committee releasing the report, hasn't said a lot but will speak here on the senate floor later today. we do know that the report says that the cia -- that some officials with the cia, at least three of them, lied to the white
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house, to congress, to the public, and that there are big gaps in what internal memo show is going on and what they were saying in public. it details waterboarding and other things that have now been banned by the united states. the white house also waiting for this report saying that we need transparency. sam? >> no question about it. a lot of people interested in the findings. thank you very much, tracie potts from washington. >> it is 6:32. senate lawmakers will hear the case for u.s. military force against isis. secretary of state john kerry is expected to testify before the senate foreign relations committee about the white house strategy to defeat isis. the u.s. has pushed ahead in its air war in iraq and syria, even though congress has never authorized it. republican lawmakers do say the senate will send legislation next month to president obama authorizing using force against isis. >> let's bring it back home now. it is 6:32 on your tuesday
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morning at we give you a live look outside of downtown san jose. if you look closely enough, it looks like the day just starting to break there in the background. >> which is a nice one. especially if you have errands to run. we have big storms rolling in tomorrow. get it done now. >> good morning, christina. >> hey, really want to make sure your area is cleaned up of leaves. you don't want clogged storm drains for what's coming your way, let me tell you, bay area. it's rain like we haven't had potentially in over 12 years. we went back and crunched the numbers yesterday. yeah, it's a lot of rain and it's certainly coming in as of tomorrow night into the north bay, but for today staying mostly dry, staying comfortable, 68 degrees for the south bay, 67 on the beautiful peninsula. 64 in san francisco and 67 degrees for today. in the north bay, staying comfortable. as of tomorrow evening, that rain really fires up and that's what we're expecting in sonoma county. it's going to stay to the north
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of the golden gate bridge, though, for much of evening hours until we hit thursday afternoon, we don't get that heavy rain in the south bay. once it starts thursday afternoon, it will continue over the course of thursday night, finally clearing out of here as we head throughout friday. behind the system the coldest air of the season so far. so let's talk about totals for where you live, expecting 8 plus inches above the higher elevations, 2,000 feet plus, 6 to 8 inches possible on the valley floor and the north bay, especially sonoma valley. 3 to 5 inches expected on the east shore and in san francisco, expecting 2 to 4 here in san jose and 6 to 8 potentially in the santa cruz mountains. that is a lot of rain coming over a short duration of time. in combination with that typically, the storm will either have a wind event associated or a rain event. this one is combining the two. we're talking about fierce wind as of thursday morning. we'll see the hot pink lighting up the entire bay area, you'll notice on the key, the warmer
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colors, that's as intention as it gets. 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts frequently. all across the board, we're expecting trees to go down and we're expecting power outages from this storm system. if you live in the mountains, might be a good idea to get that radio ready to go. now, let's get historical for a second. talking about the most rain over 48 hours and over 12 years. that's because we're expecting over 3 inches, almost 4 inches of rain from this storm system. the last time that happened, december 2002 and, yeah, we're looking good to potentially even get all the way back to 1998 with this historic rainfall. we're going to have to wait and see how it all pans out. mike, you know it's changed over the last 12 years, technology. it's much better now. that's what we know. this is a big one. over to you. >> thank goodness, you said technology. i thought you were talking about
6:36 am
my waistline because that has changed considerably as well over the last 12 years. the south bay, traffic has also grown. northbound 101 is slowing here. we're talking about what the overall look is. north of 680, it typically slows about this time. we're talking about a couple of crashes that happened. as well as a couch that was in the lanes for a few minutes there. that is all cleared out. you have a slower build toward the ever green area. three vehicles involved in a distraction. it's a jntle build there. and overall the bay seeing a lighter flow of traffic. no real issues for the tri-valley, just your gentle slowdown, a crash at 580. it looks like it has cleared. slowing down south, 880 down through hayward. cleared nicely at fremont and we have rye rekofry. we give you a live look at the bay bridge. a look at the bottom of your screen, cash lanes off the left approach, like yesterday a lighter build there and lighter
6:37 am
flow. sam a chuckling because there's all the lights there and i'm saying look, it's lighter. this is getting over to the peninsula. we'll see 101 slowing with the crowd over here. in traffic, it's relative terms, lighter, lighter for the bay bridge. >> wouldn't you want to be in there? >> the markets have been open for a little while. concerns over how expensive it's going to be to borrow money in the future. >> let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> the numbers are pretty poor. let's take a live look at the big board this morning. the dow industrials down nearly 200 points. you're right, investors are worried the fed is going to raise interest rates. you and i, we're all thinking we've been talking about this for days now, wall street. how in the world they're so far behind us, i don't know. as they've been watching us, they don't know.
6:38 am
>> very slow reaction. >> still ahead, we'll have a look at another legal twist in the case of oscar pistorius.
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oscar pistorius was sentenced to five years in jail for the killing of his girl friend. prosecutors say that sentence is shockingly light and inappropriate. and sending ten months in prison, he can ask to serve the rest of his time under house arrest. >> federal investigators will be in los angeles to figure out what sparked a suspicious fire destroying buildings and businesses around it. parts of 101 and the 110 still shut down so crews can clean debris and replace melted road signs. it started several smaller fires. >> that is quite a large blaze there. >> 6:41. despite the rain, more on the way. >> plus, flames break out at what used to be the nation's
6:42 am
largest homeless encampment. it's in the bay area. it's not the only time crews have been called out to the jungle this week. >> more than 150 people arrested for blocking the major bay area freeway. details ahead in a live report. >> and a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check in on that morning commute. >> that guy. >> 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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now, 15 continuous minutes of weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> we've been talking about this big storm headed for us this week. conserving water just as important as ever. the east bay municipality district is considering charging more in part to get people to
6:45 am
use less. kris sanchez joins us live from hayward with what the utility is proposing. >> hi there, laura. there is a dual message, continue conserving, which is what folks are doing here. but also figure you may have to pay a little bit more for the water. that is what east bay mud is up against this afternoon. it will have its district meeting today. they're talking about a 14% monthly surcharge in order to buy water from the state, which amounts to about 4:30 a month for the average household. this is something they've already had to do. they did it this summer. the district tapped into an emergency supply to buy water from the federal government, pumping it in from the sacramento river and in from the san pablo reservoir. there is some good news in this, though.
6:46 am
the conservation message is work being. east bay mud, 1.3 million customers did cut their consumption by about 10%. the recent rains brought a few of its systems up by just a few ticks, though the system's biggest reservoirs are only still half full. the district will consider tacking on that surcharge today. you can go to the meeting. it is open to the public at 3 375 11th street in oakland. we'll let you know what they decide later this afternoon. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> as mentioned, we are tracking a powerful storm ready to pound the entire bay area. right now a live look outside at our doppler radar as well on the left side of your screen. the bay bridge in san jose on the right-hand side. it's dry now but come tomorrow night the rain and strong winds will be making their way into the bay area. >> the santa clara valley water
6:47 am
district is putting up supplies to try to prevent flooding. this is a look at the central service yard in san jose this morning. the district is warning everyone to be prepared, that this could be the worst storm that we've actually seen in years. christina's been preparing for it. >> she's been talking about it all day long. the north bay in particular could see a risk of flooding. >> there's areas up in marin that haven't had a chance to dry out. that's why i'm really concerned all this rainfall coming in. last week we got a lot of rain. this system could potentially dump twice as much rainfall, just one system alone. that's why we are expecting these historic totals. now, when we talk about the most rain in a 48-hour period, that's where we're really going to narrow it down for you. we had to take the records back all the way to 2002 to find the kind of rain rates that we are expecting from this storm system, my friends.
6:48 am
and, yeah, i can't remember 2002, can you? that was a long time ago. but you know what's changed since then? our technology. our ability to gain these storm systems and we know this one is powerful. we've known it's going to be a big one for the past three days. as it continues to get closer and closer, more information on this system becomes available. i don't keep that to myself, i bring it right to you. i want to make sure everybody stays safe through this. this morning you might find dangerous driving if you're heading toward the central valley. we have this fog creeping in and the wind is going to pick up. that will be the case for today. light wind to start and picking up, we'll see a gentle breeze in the south bay until about lunchtime and then 5 to 10 sustained and the wind will continue to increase as the storm gets closer. we're at 68 degrees later today, widespread 60s, ways that you can compare, help out your neighborhood, make sure you're secure in your situation. you want to clear up the storm
6:49 am
drains and storm gutters on your roof. 2 to 5 inches of rain widespread and a lot of this is not going to come through over that 48 hours that we're giving ourselves. it's a nice window. a lot of this is going to come through over 24 hours. that's why we're also expecting rock slides, mud slides over 17, over devil's slide, over the usual suspects. bring loose items indoors with stand wind speeds all across the bay area of 30 to 40 miles per hour, frequent gusts above 50 miles per hour and, like we said before, especially if you live in a flood-prone area, you want to grab those sandbags. creeks and rivers will rise rapidly, particularly up in the north bay where we've been hit pretty hard in the past few weeks. the good news is by friday, a few thunderstorms early, clearing you out by friday night. saturday you can get outdoors and another big system moves through late sunday into monday. so that storm window stays open even into the beginning of next
6:50 am
week. when we meet back here tomorrow, i'm going to have a lot more information on this. make sure you stay tuned. let's check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> plenty of time to prepare your car as well, your vehicle, make sure the tires are okay. we're in good condition at the bay bridge toll plaza. not fog so much here. farther north, we'll talk about that in a second. fastrak lanes are moving nicely. as we look at your map, we're looking at an easy drive coming off of 580. the east shore freeway not so bad. we had a car on willow driving in the wrong direction for a short period. it has stopped, it's out of lanes now and traffic is moving smoothly through the area. that's because overall there's a lighter volume of traffic around the bay. not seeing such a bad slow down but it does jam up into the bay point. christina just showed that you area with the fog, through antioch as well as the benicia
6:51 am
bridge. potential of that coming across 680 and through walnut creek. 580 westbound, considering this is a tuesday, we don't see the big drama for the tri-valley. 85, 87, 280, you know the drill here. southbound 880 past the truck scales, holding relatively steady. the peninsula, 101 moves smoothly through palo alto. no problems southbound into south bay. back to you. >> the procedure in effect this morning. new details this morning. at least 150 people waking up in jail arrested during yet another long night of unrule protests. this marks the third straight night they've taken to the street there is in the east bay. upset over the deaths of michael
6:52 am
brown and eric garner and a lack of decision from the grand juries there to indict. stephanie chuang joins us now from berkeley. thousands of protesters blocking interstate 880 and even amtrak trains. >> a small group of them staged a sit-in. there was activity as recent as up to a couple of hours ago, we did see a union pacific railroad employees out here fixing the crossing arms. he said protesters had cut the cables last night. two people got off each train to make sewer the tracks were clear before the train crossed. now of course the bulk of activity in berkeley where chp estimates up to 1,500 people at one point. at i-80 at university, though, is where there were hundreds of people. the violence chp says peaked when they broke through fencing into traffic and threw rocks at
6:53 am
officers. they say this will be here given tonight but hope those who who are violent will stay home. >> that's not what it's about. >> there was also a mass of sit-in at the intersection of channing and shattuck that blocked rush hour for several minutes. bart shut down the downtown berkeley station for a bit because of the activity. amtrak has restored full service as of 4:00 this morning. the capital corridor train that's very popular heading to san jose is set to hit the station early this morning. >> the protests have impacted businesses in busy downtown areas. many stores in downtown berkeley closed and sent their employees home early last night anticipating this. the hope was for employees to get home safely before protests
6:54 am
started but shorter hours mean a smaller paycheck, too. >> i'm losing my commission and i'm unable to work right now. we don't know if we're going to get our hourly pay or anything right now. >> other businesses boarded up their windows hoping to avoid and preempt damage from vandals. >> when we're not on the air, you can always head to for the very latest and you can follow up on facebook and twitwitter. >> a massive hotel, sports bar and retail complex set to go up the street across levi stadium will not be ready in time for the super bowl. the complex headed up by joe montana has missed another deadline. now it doesn't even look like the project will break ground until 2016. the super bowl is in february of
6:55 am
that year. despite delays, the santa clara city council will vote to extend montana's exclusive rights to that proper through march of 2016. >> happening today, san jose is poised to legalize and tax airbnb rentals. they will decide whether to force airbnb to add a 10% tax to all rentals in the city. the tax would general race about $150,000 a year for san jose and would be in addition to other taxes and fees airbnb already charges. >> getting pricier. 6 6:55 right now. the markets are worried that the feds could raise interest rates very soon. >> the fed out of excuses. rates will certainly have to rise but apparently investors are waiting until today to realize those fears. the dow industrials down 150
6:56 am
points. chevron recovering a bit this morning after falling big on the fall in oil prices. tesla is down 10%. that could be oil prices, too. now, mcdonald's said sales have dropped 5% over the last year. the latest update is mcnuggets on how food is made. there's the boot, the bell, the bone and the ball. these are mcdonald's terms for mcnuggets. and there you go. did not know that at all. >> yeah, sounds appetizing. >> i think the video is what i didn't want to know. >> the video is fascinating. >> it is 6:56 right now. a final check of the day's top stories for you. fire crews picking through burned trash, trying to figure out what started an early morning fire near the homeless camp known as the jungle.
6:57 am
firefighters say it's at least the third fire in that area of san jose since the jungle was cleared out on thursday. >> santa clara supervisors are expected to vote today on a new living wage that some say will be the most comprehensive of its kind in the country. it would require every employer that does business in the country to pay an average minimum wage of 19.06. >> and the royal couple will visit the 9/11 memorial in new york city today and take a trip to the top of the empire state building. last night they sat courtside in the game between the nets and cavaliers. >> they're larger than life. unbelievable. speaking of which, tell us, christina, about all the weather you've been tracking. big news coming through in the next couple of days. >> speaking of larger than life
6:58 am
and life being impacted, yours will be impacted by this big storm. i like to bring it back to people. i'm talking about them. 56 degrees on the peninsula, 57 on the east shore and 61 degrees for you in san francisco. i can't stress this enough, everybody. you want to make sure you're ready for this powerful storm system. it is going to be downright treacherous. across the bay area on thursday. we'll be watching this for you, we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. stick with us and we'll try our best to keep you safe. >> we'll take a look out there. this tuesday looking light aer than a typical tuesday. this south bay volume showing a typical pattern. a little slower build for this commute. i wanted to show you a wider shot. that's a typical pattern, again, a little buiit lighter and slow build for this morning's commute.
6:59 am
the tri-valley does have 580 slowing but that hasn't been a problem this morning. east shore freeway moving nice live as well. you see the orange. a live look shows you the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge also west 92 over to the peninsula. >> we're in the holiday spirit. would you donate a wedding ring for someone in need at this time. the salvation army got that big surprise in one of its kettles in boston. >> a woman donated her diamond ring and the gold wedding band. they're accompanied by a note saying the woman wand to commemorate her late husband's generosity at christmas. an appraisal value of the ring by more than $1,800. in the note the woman says there's no price for the sentimental value of the ring but she wanted it to help kids
7:00 am
in need. that's wonderful. >> beautiful. >> sometimes those are bitter, like i'm getting rid of this ring. >> oh, rings count, oo. >> we'll be back with more news at 7:25. good morning. twice the trouble. . good morning. twice the trouble. massive storms bearing down on both coasts, high winds and rains and flooding fears across the northeast. in some areas, up to 2 feet of snow. out west, one of the strongest storms there in years. tragic crash, a small plane slams into a maryland neighborhood killing six people including a mother and two of her children. the women died trying to shield her kids. investigators looking into a possible bird strike as the cause of that accident. royal hoopla. william and kate attend their


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