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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00, chaos in bay area streets. looters swarm several stores overnight into bracing for the strongest storm we've seen in a few years what happen you need to know to keep you and your family safe as heavy rains and fierce wins roll on in. >> this storm is going pack a punch. i want to warn you, turning cloudy and windy today. high winds and downpours on thursday, torrential at times. a break over the one and more rain on the way for early next week. second system behind that one. we've got a lot of rain to go over and wind. your forecast moment as way. >> roadways are dry, we have a backup at bay bridge but the south bay look at this, jam, two crashes for the freeway. we'll talk about that coming up golden gate bridge, all smooth there. the calm before the storm, so to speak, on this wednesday, december 10th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a warning for you, before that storm hits, right now a powerful, dangerous system is ready to make landfall. this is a look at our real-time doppler radar on the left-hand side of your screen. a dry bay bridge in downtown san jose, dry for now, that's going to change in a matter of hours. >> we have a team in place. kris sanchez in the east bay how pg&e is gearing up. damian trujillo has more on the mad dash for sandbags. but we begin with meteorologist christina loren. christina, when is it it going to get bad? >> starting tonight, laura and sam, good morning. because expecting activity to ramp up tonight, we actually have a flash flood warning issued for the entire bay area, not just mountains, not just the north bay, everybody. and this goes into effect tonight. staying in effect all the way through tomorrow evening. i've got to tell you, in
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addition to heavy rain, a lot of wind on the way to the bay area, gusts of 80 miles per hour possible here in our backyard. the best chance for that is going to be through the higher elevations. it is going to get downright treacherous over the santa cruz mountains. expecting the same scenario through sonoma county, napa, with rain and wind at the same time. blizzard warning in effect for the sierra nevada, two to three feet of snow expected, above 6,000 feet. whiteout conditions, what we need for the drought situation but it's going to be dangerous. a storm like we haven't seen in years. time out the changes in my next report. back to you and the top stories. >> damian trujillo right now, he joins us from san carlos. so many people wanted sandbags that that location ran out. >> reporter: that was last night. this morning, no bags, no sand. just a couple of shovels here at
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the corporation yard in san carlos. no word when maybe the crews, city crews, might replenish this corporation yard. last night people showed up at corporation yard only to leave empty handed. this was a five-foot pile of sand covering two parking spots gone by 8:00 last night. we're not that far from the san francisquito creek on the peninsula. in fact the joint powers authority of the san francisquito creek is issuing a warning for the next couple of days. the agency says, it is in close communication with cities and first responders in the floodplain, so residents and businesses can be alerted about the possibility of flooding ahead of time. we all remember the flooding in the san francisquito creek in the not too distant past. people have been stocking up on sandbags. sandbags should be available throughout the bay area through the spring. but some bags might be empty. bring a shovel in case you have to fill them yourself. residents say they haeshd teard
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warning and are preparing for the storm. >> picking up sandbags to keep water out of my garage, the torrential rain that we're supposed to be getting. getting prepared. >> reporter: along the san francisquito creek, vol doors with the california conservation corps will show up at 9:00 this morning to fill thousands of sandbags. now this is, by the request of the city of east palo alto. they have been flooded before by the san francisquito creek. limit here is ten sandbags per local resident. there must have been quite a few people here because a five-foot pile gone by 8:00 last night. live in san carlos, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> everybody trying to prepare. thanks a lot. >> flooding an issue, so are power outagesen kris sanchez joins us from the east bay with more on what pg&e are doing to try to keep you safe. good morning. >> reporter: hi there. the yard behind us with lots of
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flatbed trucks, they are loading up with all kinds of things that going to hit the road with in the next half hour. talking about the equipment that they need to make sure that they can keep as many folks with power as possible once the brunt of the storm sets up over the bay area. crews will be out looking for trees that could put power lines at risk and look for lines that need to be better secured ahead of the storm. >> kris is detailing how pg&e trying to safeguard the area for the next couple of days to make sure they are prepared and able to respond to power outages sure to come. we'll work to reconnect. the same storm that is rolling through the bay area will become a full-on blizzard as it reaches the sierra, parts of nevada, including reno, preparing for one of the largest winter storms in 30 years. talking hurricane force winds up to 140 miles per hour in the
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high sierra, up to four inches per hour. could be seeing near whiteout conditions, heavy snow, we could be seeing near zero visibility across the passes which will make it dangerous. >> planning to head to the area, you want to collect ahead with the mountain passes could be closed because of the conditions. >> full-scale regional event here. obviously concerned about what's go on in the bay area. a live look outside downtown san jose this morning, as everybody trying to get prepared adequately for what's to come in the next couple of days. >> that's right. christina has a look at our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. definitely want to make sure everybody's well aware of the power of the storm system. and, yeah, so far the season, we've had powerful storm systems. how does this measure up? well, let me put it into perspective for you the system yesterday that dumped over 2 inches of rain in san jose, we're expecting closer to 4
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inches. in addition, a lot of wind coupled with that heavy rain which we just didn't have as we had the last storm. maybe thunderstorms generated high winds briefly where you live. talking about a prolonged wind and rain event. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we're headed towards 60s today. you can get out there and clean out storm drains. drive around campbell yesterday i saw a lot of people heeding warnings coming their way. make sure that nothing is blocked because with the kind of rain rates that we have coming our way, it could flood, even in your backyard, if things cannot flow. as we head throughout the day, looking pretty good until tonight. 9:00, stop the futurecast for wind. right at 9:00, you can see, we get the very strong wind gusts, 40, 50 miles per hour. the south bay it will be quiet at that time. tonight at 11:00, at point getting fierce wind on the valley floor in the south bay than will continue until 4:00
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p.m. tomorrow. a lot of wind, a lot of rain. much where you live? eight inches plus possible over the higher elevation of the north bay. looking towards six to eight inches. over the santa cruz mountains, over five inches of rainfall in 36 hours. over san francisco, 2 to 4 in san jose. closer to four if you close to the foothills. los gatos accumulate five inches of rain from the system. right now you can see it's just starting to get its energy, just starting to impact. the northern most portion of the state but it's coming in quickly and we'll take you through the changes when it comes to the heaviest rainfall in my next report. first, want to check your drive. mike inouye. >> we're looking here to the south bay because weather's not the factor this morning for your commute. it is the commute itself. a crash, north bound 101 jammed up here, from 680. look at the map, through the area on the approach. arrow shows you before story
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road, jams up past 680 where we had the camera, up to old oakland road, earlier crash made its way over to the shoulder, kicks off the slow drive for that portion of the commute. fortunately, lighter volume. seeing slowdowns. would be okay except another crash to the north and in lanes at matilda, it's been 20 minutes they haven't cleared than jammed newspaper sunniville from lawrence expressway to 237. 237 shy of 101 northbound. 237 smooth out of the area and into mountain view. earlier crash, activity there bay front expressway university avenue on the peninsula side of the dumbarton bridge. not affecting the bridge but may affect traffic flow past the area as more folks get there. there are flashing lights. bay moving smoothly. hayward slowing south 880. tri-valley, 580, 680. the bay bridge toll plaza slow. first look at north bay talking about at least glow for the lights, fog not so much of a
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factor here through san rafael and a factor as commute volume either but that will build. the bay bridge where it's built because metering lights are on. we don't have any fog issues for the bay bridge span itself but time to time from emeryville camera i have lost sights of parts of the bridge. clouds are drifting through. drivers able to see on the bridge okay. >> mike bringing perspective. anytime we're not on air, you can have everything you need to know at your fingertips on our nbc bay area site. go straight to the weather page, you'll have everything you need to access, forecasting, maps, all of that, included from our weather team. again, click on the weather tab. 6:10. looters target several bay area stores. new video. uber has been sued by the cities of san francisco and los angeles. what are they complaining about? live pic outside golden gate bridge.
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folks coming in from the north bay and vice versa ready to start off their workday on this wednesday. we'll have much to talk about regarding the weather, traffic and your news.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, now as we brace for the heaviest rain in over a decade. you still have time to clear out your storm drains. . expecting big waves, gusty wind and a lot of rain, potentially over eight inches in the bay area. full forecast coming up in moments. a look over here toward that red line of car lights. that's the bay bridge, berkeley curve, approach jamming up here. we'll talk about the south bay slowdown. it's a big problem for the bay shore freeway as well, coming up. here's a look at today's
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stories at 6:13719 people arrested in the east after protests turned destructive. people jumping through a smashed store in emeryville. protesters upset over the grand jury decision. the courageous work of ebola fighters earned them "time" magazine's prestigious person of the year, a group award. includes three workers who survived ebola, including american dr. kent brantly, protesters second, putin third. >> a former uber driver involved in a crash that killed a 6:00-year-old girl will formally be charged in court today. accused of hitting and killing sophia lu in a city crosswalk with her mother last new year's eve. he was in between uber fares at the time. >> san francisco suing uber. los angeles suinging uber. >> that's right.
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scott mcgrew, it's a tough month for uber. >> it has. this coming a few days after accusation in uber driver in india raped his passenger. that driver's father, by the way, tells the times of india his son accused of rape several times in the past. so the lawsuit here in california deals with a number of concerns. the primary being, safety. it quotes uber marketing material, talking about how safe uber is but then compares it with some of the problems that uber passengers have run into. untrue, misleading claims about safety it says. safety at the top of the list. is uber as safe as it claims? the suit questions the meter. uber's gps tells the driver how much to charge the passenger but that meter's not examined by any state or county or city official and then the fees uber has a $4 airport fee, that's not a city fee, it's just a $4 fee. the lawsuit wonders what is that for. the rather comical one, $1
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safety fee, uber taxes on to uber rides, derided as silly like an airline charging no crashing fee. the suit look as the incidents including the one you mentioned and in the case of this man, james alva was physically and verbally assaulteded by an uber ex-driver, got some on video, he got $14 refund from uber. i want to point out the excellent reporting by my colleagues, particularly investigative unit on uber. in fact, bay area's work quoted several times in the lawsuit as they look for examples of things uber has promised but not delivered on. reports show it as well. >> trying to make a difference to bring information to the community. thank you. happening now, not just here in california, but the east coast. getting slammed by strong storms now. roads flooded after as much as three inches of rain fell in the boston area yesterday. look at that flooding. also canceled hundreds of
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flights. today, possibly more flash floods and strong wind gusts expected to hit southern and coastal areas. closer to home now, live look outside at our real-time doppler radar on your left. not lit up like it will be in the next several days. peek at san jose on your right-hand side as well. powerful system, in a matter 0 of hours christina has been saying, tonight, heavy rains and strong winds making their way to the bay area. >> talk about being lit up you don't see the colors. but pinks on the radar like that. >> this is serious rain. this is the kind of rain and wind we don't want you to take for granted, especially after three years of gorgeous weather. come on now, it felt like southern california around here. but now not only returning to bay area standards about i late fall and winter, i'm talking about the kind of rain that we get on a historical level. so maybe once or twice in a lifetime. it is that kind of storm, my
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friends. 57 on the east shore. san francisco at 59. transplants here in the bay area, maybe moved here over the last few years and experienced nothing like what is coming our way as we head through tonight into tomorrow morning. you guys are the ones that want to be aware of the fact it's going to dangerous traveling around. you saw boston, three inches of rain. roadways are better equipped to receive that kind of rain than what we're expecting. they had flash flooding there. that puts things into perspective for you. temperatures today in the 60s. mostly dry out there. talk about the watches and warnings issued for your backyard. this goes bay area wide, my friends. wednesday night, through thursday night, talking about the entire bay area under a flash flood warning for highways, streetways, this is for local flooding also when it comes to creek rises and mudslides. expecting those with this rainfall. in addition to rain, we've got a lot of wind coming your way. a high wind warning in place for frequent gust of 50 miles per
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hour for a prolonged period, maybe five to eight hours of gusts to 45, 50 miles per hour, even in san francisco. you can imagine with our drought you've got a lot of trees. roots have been weakened. we are expecting trees to go down. we are expecting power outages. if you had any intention of going to tahoe you want to wait until after the blizzard warning ex-peers after friday night. once it expires, take a look at what's left over. two to three feet of fresh powder. and, hey, that's our frozen reservoir. snowpack means more to the drought situation than the actual rainfall does. this is what we need. this looks good. we don't want the blizzard but we need the snow. so all good things come with a little bit bad. that's how it is in life. we want to make sure you're aware of it though. don't do anything stupid. don't drive through water where you don't know the depth. we see it though, it always happens, one guy will try it. >> people think they know the depth, that's the issue. you don't.
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you don't flow the depth of the water because a blocked drain makes thing deeper than you think. wherever it was flooded last time, consider that and watch for other flooding. here north 101 flooded with cars now because of a couple of crashes. first one affecting this live shot. show you the map. north 101, oakland road, that cleared quickly to the shoulder but still has activity there. major front end damage to suv. it's a distraction as the commute builds, through this portion of san jose, slow from capitol expressway, up to 880. a break, that would be fine except this crash north of 101. ma till ada, over a half hour until they can get that out of the roadway. it's in your middle lane. jammed up from lawrence expressway shy of 237. it's shy of 237 because that keeps that highway moving smoothly on to the 101 transition. you've got that going for you out of milpitas and in towards sunnyvale. now, look at rest of your bay. no surprises. smooth drive.
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earlier crash has activity, bay front expressway over toward the bay -- the dumbarton bridge and away from university avenue. no problems crossing the bay. slower drive west 8 obey bridge. we may have slower metering lights, there's a hazardous stall at 5th off of the skyway. may be slowdown until they get that cleared from chp reports. let's look here. a slower drive down the east shore freeway from emeryville camera, show you the maze which may jam up a bit more. we have a slower drive here approaching the maze. the maze moves smoothly but the curve is the issue off of powell and emeryville area. that might slow down if they lower metering lights speeds. golden gate bridge getting into san francisco from the north bay, we see smooth drive. we can see lights across the span but you can see anything on the backdrop. low clouds and fog drifting through the area. that is a factor and may play a factor for the commute. watch it coming down south of the tunnel. back to you. >> relatively calm for now. thank you, mike. 6:21.
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legal troubles far from over for oscar pistorius. the decision that could have the olympian headed back to court. 6:21, a live look up in the north bay this morning at. s curve. traffic moving smoothly. ♪
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you. can you make out this shot? one we show you every morning.
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but, no, fogged. that's a look at downtown san jose this morning. christina's tracking a storm headed our way as well. but right now to the day's news. 6:24. a south african judge will allow prosecutors to appeal acquittal on the murder charges of oscar pistorius. in october, pistorius was convict of culpable homicide sentenced to five years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend. after ten month his could be released from prison and allowed to finish out his sentence under house arrest. this case goes now before south africa's supreme court of appeal. follow-up now to several other stories. east bay residents could be seeing a smik in their water bills. east bay mud voted to buy water from the central valley water project and pass that cost on to consumers if need be. the district managers will be watching supply closely, they say. if water runs low, bills will
6:26 am
jump five bucks a month in january. santa clara, living wages a major step closer to becoming reality. supervisors approved a draft ordinance that would set pay at over $19 an hour for workers of for-profit employer whose contract with the county. a final vote is scheduled for next week. in san jose the city council voted to legalize and tax air b&b rentals, that forces people who rent out rooms using air b&b to tack on 10% tax. it's similar to the occupancy tax you see when you check out of a hotel room adding costs to that service. 6:26. opening bell moment as way. an early look at the markets next with scott mcgrew. protesters angry with police, still turning their attention to bay area businesses. it's been several days and nights of this. a look at the damage left behind coming up in a live report. >> a live look again, this time from the vantage point of the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:27 am
metering lights are on as commuters are backed up there we'll check the commute and your forecast.
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protesters overnight smash and then grab. people angry over recent grand jury decisions across the country. take out their frustrations on bay area businesses. a live report, next. meanwhile, we have a potent winter storm on the way to the bay area. we will start to turn cloudy, windy as of this evening. then the high winds and downpours really move in for your thursday. we'll get a little bit of a break over the one and more rain on the way for monday into tuesday. we've got a lot to go over in your full forecast. before that system comes in, slowing on the roadways anyway. a couple of crashes for the bay shore which jams you up for the
6:30 am
south bay. what's going on crossing the bias well. wall street had a rough day yesterday. should be better today. take a look at vonage and our cousin of our sister station bravo on the nasdaq as well. hello to them. business gets under way. [ bell ringing ] and they're off! off on the freeways as well as we take a live look outside this morning. halfway through your workweek. it's wednesday, december 10th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> what's the rush? we're here. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> for another cup of coffee. i'm laura garcia-cannon. cell phone video to show you on wednesday morning, it captured the moment looters swarm an emeryville liquor store, taking off with whatever they could grab. all of this chaos stemming from
6:31 am
another night of protests in response to grand jury decisions involving death of michael brown and eric garner. >> bob redell joining us emeryville, the site of more damage. what's it look like out there, bob? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. comparing last night to the previous nights this week, damage was much more confined and limited. we're in emeryville, near 40th and san pablo outside pack and save safeway store. they broke into the store. you've got the broken windows there. they tagged some of the inside. and according to employees they had 100 people who stormed the store before midnight last night. they stole liquor. they took other items off the shelves, took off out of here. this morning employees and contractors they hired to board up the windows to clean up the mess. this was confined to san pablo and 40th. the people also hit a liquor store down the street, a cvs pharmacy and bank of america
6:32 am
branch where again they had contractors here this morning having to try to replace that glass, board up that branch, before business resumes this morning. this was the scene 9:00 last night. you had some protesters storming highway 54 again, stopping traffic for 30 minutes, highway 24 and 40th. chp was up there as well. they're ones who cleared the roadway. they say they arrested about 13 people. not only were they blocking the roadway but some people throwing things at them like rocks and incendiary devices. coming up what the mayor berkeley, what the city council members have to say about the police's handling of the protest in recent days, the berkeley police, a give and take between may somewhere city counselmen. reporting live here in emeryville, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> from the damaged safeway, thank you. interesting to see if protests will continue in coming
6:33 am
days. we keep telling you about the massive storm headed our way. we take a live look outside the golden gate bridge. you can see across the span fairly well. >> you can see well. cars are coming and going to have obstacles. many an obstacle in the days ahead. christina loren. >> good morning. apotent storm system. you have to work outside, say you deliver packages, it's that time of year, you've got to get out there, stay alert to the weather forecast. any of us just getting to work tomorrow could be trouble. i've got to tell you, wind in the south bay at this time but not the rain just yet. we'll have the wind, though, as of tonight. that's what i want to focus in on. in my next report, focus in on the rain timing and how much. but the wind could actually be a bigger component of the storm system. 54 in the south bay. 57 on the east shore. starting out at 55 degrees in north bay. today temperatures will be warm.
6:34 am
weirdoing to drop numbers by ten degrees between today and tomorrow as the storm has cold air associated with. right to the flash flood warning. issued by the national weather service for the bay area starting tonight, it extends through tomorrow night. most of that heavy rainfall is anticipated over the course of tomorrow for the greater bay area. that's when we'll see widespread impacts from the storm system. expecting localized flooding. on your local streets, you want to keep that in mind, traveling through any sort of water that you cannot detect the depth, don't do. it's not safe. high wind warning in place, this goes into effect tonight and stays into effect until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. expecting downed trees and a big one, blizzard warning for tahoe, where we could see two to three feet of snow above 6,000 feet. when it comes to the drought of all of the impacts it's the snow that will make the big effort. and i can tell you, two to three feet of snow looks good but what's coming with it is
6:35 am
dangerous. we stop the clock on your futurecast, tone at 11:00, getting that fierce wind, hot pinks all across the board. then we continue that futurecast. we take you into the 6:00 hour tomorrow, fierce wind everywhere. talking about frequent gusts to 50 miles per hour. as quickly as that wind comes in, it's out of here by 4:00 with the potent storm system. unusual to have wind pick up and clear out just like that. but that's what it means. it shows you how powerful the system is. now in my next report we'll time out the heavy rain to your doorstep. stick around. i'll take you through hour by hour changes. there's more rain on the wait when we meet back here monday. with that said, see you in a minute. mike and your drive. >> crazy, talking about that wind, high speed, and also wind coming in and out like the wind. south bay, showing you traffic. flowing slower than the wind. jammed here north 101. earlier crash 101 oakland road
6:36 am
top of your screen has cleared. but that set off the slowdown. we had a light flow but now jammed up approaching capital expe expressway. as best i can tell, the cash is in lanes over a half hour since it occurred in the middle lane jamming you up. speeds smoothing up. they may have moved it to the shoulder in the last couple of minutes. slowing near 101 and 237 causes more slowing for 237 through sunniville. watch that. here tri-valley, orange blob, altamont pass and may be fog drifting through the area. it was there earlier. we see a smoother drive through livermore and dublin, slowing south 680. no big issues. great stuff. lighter flow of traffic what we're seeing around the bay, slowing south 880 through hayward in into free month. san mateo bridge, slowdown, there it is, westbound over last few minutes. talking about a lighter flow
6:37 am
overall. toward the end of the year, folks have christmas vacations, school breaks, and drift around for the next few weeks. bay bridge toll plaza, lighter flow of traffic, san mateo bridge and bay bridge seeing that commute kick in right now. traffic traveling west across the bay. south through the north bay, more company. no big issues. but that glow again, moisture in the air, possibility of fog, golden gate bridge and whatever else i'm trying to say. >> a lot to keep track of. >> that one in that place. >> a lot to keep track of. you do it well. >> so no government shutdown it appears, that could help the markets. they've been open for a few minutes now. >> let's check them. scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you. boy, rough day on the markets yesterday. dow down 222 points one point yesterday before recovering. the big board this morning, down 76. some worry about the federal interest rates, some about china. sam you mentioned, we are going to have a government. the government has agreed to two
6:38 am
bills, they haven't passed them but agreed to them. they would keep the government funded until september. we'll tell you details and compromise they had to make coming up in a bit. >> look forward to than. >> haven't heard that in a while. >> quite the concept. 6:38. nfl star cam newton fractures his back in a car crash.
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make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> 6:40 on your wednesday.
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star nfl quarterback cam newt. expected to be released from a hospital after a crash that could have been a whole lot worse. video of newton taken away on a stretcher after the crash. truck overturned and ended on the side of the panthers stadium in charlotte, north carolina. newton suffered two fractured vertebrae but no internal injuries. no word when or if he'll be able to return to the field before sunday's game against the tampa bay bucs. no word on what caused the crash. the giants may have won the world series but lost the jon lester sweepstakes. agreeing six-year $155 million deal with the cubs. . lester pitched with the a's after traded from the red sox. >> time for the giants to look for alternatives to bolster that rotation. "time"'s person of the year is -- we'll tell you after the
6:42 am
break. >> that's a tease. first, top story, bracing for the strongest storm the bay area has seen in years. what you need to know to keep you and your family safe as heavy rains and fierce winds roll in. >> for now, enjoy these last few hours of normalcy and calm outside. that is san jose as daybreaks. back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break. there's a legacy at raley's about having the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits, craft beers, small production wines. ♪ brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about
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available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america. st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. >> announcer: now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> okay. prepare for a drenching. just a matter of hours, one of the strongest storms to strike the bay area in years will make landfall, heavy downpours with
6:45 am
50-pl 50-plus-mile-an-hour-winds make for dangerous conditions over the area. >> we have a team in place to get you prepared christina loren tracking the timing, kris sanchez how pg&e is gearing up. but begin with damian trujillo, joins us from san carlos where people rushed to get sandbags to protect their homes but came up short there. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. some workers have showed up here already at the corporation yard but still no sandbags available in the city of san carlos. they were gone by 8:00 last night. five-foot pile of sand gone. it shows either the worry or the preparedness of the people of san carlos. there are sandbags, however, in other locations. but this is the only place you can pick up a sandbag in the city of san carlos. and it's not too far from the san francisquito creek. it is prone to flooding, as we've witnessed in the past. the joint powers authority of the san francisquito creek is issuing a warning for the next couple of days.
6:46 am
agency says it's in close communication with cities and first responders in the floodplain. residents and businesses can be alerted about the possibility of flooding. sandbags available in other locations around the bay area. volunteers with the california conservation corps will show up at 9:00 this morning to fill thousands of s of sandbags alon san francisquito creek in east palo alto. some locations they will not offer bags filled. you might have to bring your own shovel and fill your own bag so come prepared. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> muscle behind you as well. >> do it yourself attitude. thank you. other tips, make sure that you have a stock of nonperishable food, flashlights, batteries, bottled water and fully charged cell phone. in case stuck at home for an expended period of time you'll have all of those resources. >> chris sanchez in the east
6:47 am
bay. pg&e crews ready to hit the road. >> reporter: stocking up pantries, pg&e is stocking up the trucks. this is one of your big facilities where you get rigs ready to head out and do some of the preemptive work ahead of the storm. >> that's right. pg&e has a plan in place to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to customers in preparation for that, this is a facility that houses a lot of the equipment that will go to our local yards throughout florn and central california to be able to make restoration happen quick for our customers. >> power poles, power lines and snowshoes. >> snowshoes. all of the necessary equipment that our crews need to get the job done. >> what percentage of your workforce is on the clock? do you have people coming in additional? >> once the storm gets under way this will become a 24-hour facility to be able to provide the service that's needed and equipment that's needed to all of the local yards. >> reporter: you are
6:48 am
expecting -- it's not if power lines down but when? >> we know the storm's coming. we expect power outages and we are ready and prepared. and we also want customers to have a plan but above all, stay safe. >> reporter: once the power's out, what's the best way to get information about outages in their neighborhood? >> go to and online to outage system and get live updates where the outages are, what impact is, and as well as call our 800 number and get updates and information. >> reporter: folks on their smartphones, social media, active as well? >> active as well. we have a facebook, twitter account. follow us. >> reporter: thank you very much. this is the calm before the storm but rigs, we'll get a look what they're loading down with and what they expect to find the conditions, we'll get that to you at 11:00. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> sounds like preparedness is the key. >> yes.
6:49 am
preparedness so important. talking about it all morning long. we'll show you what it looks like outside. san francisco wrapped up in a bit of fog right now. >> a bit of glow celebrating the holidays as well. christina's got a look at forecast for today. >> can you imagine being a u.p.s. driver. >> talk about people that work outside. >> weather doesn't slow those guys down. keep in mind if you're someone who drives for a living, work outdoors, this is going to impact you. those of us getting to the day-to-day routine to the office, to the mailbox, to take the trash out, not going to be ideal conditions for any of those things. 55 degrees now in the peninsula, 55 in the north bay. good morning to you, bay area. calm before the storm. that's what we are experiencing now. the wind is going to really start to build as we head throughout tonight. heavy rain moves in behind. it's going to be wind, then rain and then we're talking thunderstorms by friday morning. so, let's get right to it.
6:50 am
temps stay in the 60s. everything starts to ramp up in the north bias about 7:00 tonight. this is the light stuff. as we head throughout the morning hours that's where we're expecting heavy stuff. a slow moving system. here's the deal. expecting a lot of rain over a short duration of time. but the reason why is because this thing is just going to sit and dump rain all the way from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 11:00 a.m. tom in the north bay. then slowly moves to the south bay. look at this, 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. so we're talking about a prolonged wind and rain event coupled together. then more rain on the way as we meet back here on monday of next week. so it doesn't end after the storm system. you want to make sure you're prepared. if we see cell towers go down, go to old school ways get an emergency radio the best way to stay informed in something happens and lose all power altogether. talking about expected power outages you heard that from
6:51 am
pg&e, you know this is a storm you don't want to mess with. connect your drive. at least it is calm now, mike. >> it is calm. i have to get an emergency radio for me and everyone i know otherwise i have one and it doesn't help. looking here to the south bay. this is a slow drive, look above you as well. clouds but a beautiful sunrise. look at your maps. road weather index tied with weather data shows you the orange. joust got a call from steve 17 through campbell, a lot of fog, at the same tomb we saw this develop. may contribute to slowing for 85. watch that, it's unusual, very unusual for that stretch of the south bay. crashes at oakland road and matilda caused slowing for the bay shore freeway. fog playing a factor. so is the morning commute. south bay aside, rest of the bay looks light. we have a smooth drive along the peninsula. slower drive here approach the
6:52 am
hayward area off of 238. no big drama for the tri-valley. typical pattern. lighter than we might expect. a live look at san mateo bridge. as we saw the slowdown 880 south bound in toward the area and slow across the span, low clouds impeding our view of the high-rise. traffic flow going slower to be safe and volume building 101 on the peninsula side. view from emeryville camera shows us berkeley curve as well. west 80 stack up from powell around the bend. slow for 580. cars lining up. they may have slowed the metering lights we did have a crash, direction in traowards treasure island. back to you. >> mikes tracking conditions. everything on our nbc bay area mobile site. go to the weather page, you'll have everything at your fingertips, weather, radar forecasting. all of the latest information
6:53 am
just go out,, it's the weather tab top left corner. 6:52. new cell phone video captures moment looters swarm an emeryville liquor store taking off with whatever they can grab. all this chaos stemming from another night of protest in response to the grand jury decisions involving the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us from emeryville. more damage there but more confined this time around. good morning. >> reporter: confined in the area of san pablo and 40th here in emeryville. concrete chunks that people used to smash windows of the safeway pack and save in this area. once they broke throws windows they went inside, tagged inside of the store, broke into a liquor area, stole booze, other food items and moved on. robbed 7-eleven down the street, hit a cvs, liquor store, bank of america
6:54 am
contracts are trying to clean it up. officer brian head with emeryville police. people using clunks to do what? >> threw those and bottles at officers. this is a deadly weapon. we'll look for anybody on videotape or anything to find on internet to charge somebody with assault with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: you made no arrests last night. you were surprised by what happened. there's been one peaceful protest over the past ten years and what happened last night. what do you make of it? >> it's completely frustrating. this happened somewhere else in the united states and people in emeryville are paying for. we were ready for it, we -- as best we could. we are a small agency, we had 13 officers on. this is something that shouldn't happen in our city and it's frustrating. >> reporter: glad no one was hurt. the scene around 9:00 last night. highway 24, 40th, a group of the
6:55 am
protesters blocked the road for about 30 minutes until chp able to clear them out. chp says they rested around 13 people. berkeley, around six more. looking at roughly 19 to 20 people arrested last night. again, another night of unrest in this area of the bay, emeryville of course being sandwiched between berkeley and oakland seeing the brunt of it until last night. live here in emeryville, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:55. chp putting extra officers on duty today and tomorrow to make sure all of the protesters arrested can get their belongings back. more than 150 people arrested monday night for stopping traffic on interstate 80. more arrests on highway 24 last night. the chp says protesters can pick up their belongings at the oakland office on telegraph. >> 6:55. it would appear the u.s. government will be staying aopen a while longer. >> congress agreed on two bills,
6:56 am
one keeps the government funded until next september end of the fiscal year. the other, scott mcgrew, safety. >> safety. the other bill keeps the government running past thursday in case the first bill you mentioned does not pass. republicans decided not to pin their fight over immigration to this spending bill. rather wait until new congress is seated, until their party takes over. the bill provides money to fight isis and to fight ebola. it also makes cuts to the epa, allows some pensions reduced -- that's a complicated story -- and curiously, it vastly increases amount of money an individual can contribute to a political party from 34,000 to 340,000. it makes people like peter who contributes to republican and l libertarian efforts ten times more powerful. it does not make the rest of us any more powerful unless you're really sad that you couldn't
6:57 am
contribute more than $34,000 a year to your political party. >> yes. glamour of our political system and how that fund-raising gets capped or not for some folks. >> ten times. >> a lot of money. 6:56. final collect of the day's top stories. growing fallout from the u.s. senate report on cia interrogation tactics. the report issued yesterday talks not only about the harsh torture methods the cia used to obtain information from detainees but that those tactics were more severe than congress or public led to believe. cia is defending its methods. a former uber drive of that killed a 6:00-year-old will be charged in court today. syed muzzafar accused of and killing sophia liu in a crosswalk with her mother last new year's eve in between uber fares. that girl was only 6. the courageous work of ebola
6:58 am
fighters earned them time's person of the year award, that includes three worker whose survived ebola themselves including american dr. kent brantly featured on the "today" show in moments. >> hard worker of the morning award go to christina here. you have your hands full, moving forward. >> full of something that we need. and that's a lot of rain in the bay area and a lot of snowfall. i don't know if you know, but we really need that snowpack to get out of the drought. 59 in san francisco. we're at 5 north bay. temperatures comfortable for today. notice clouds increasing steadily into the afternoon and that wind will impact. i want to give you an idea of where we will be at this time tomorrow. take a look at your futurecast. stop the clock at 7:00 a.m., frequent 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts during the broadcast tomorrow. we'll show you how this storm system impacts the bay area. i stop the clock on futurecast for rain, heavy rainfall at that point moving into the north bay,
6:59 am
sliding into the south bay for the second half of the day potentially bringing us two to four inches in south bay which is almost unheard of from a single storm system. >> get ready. >> yep. >> it's going to be tough for commuters. >> definitely. the storm grades will get taxed as well. with the wind it will blow debris on the roadway, adding to congestion. south bay, orange blob for 101 around 85 and evergreen area as well, that's where fog reported from the road weather index and a caller, steve called in, said fog for 17, even. that may be a factor. slowing folks down for 101 and 87 and 85 coming up through the area. other than that, it's a lighter volume overall for the commute. we tend to see it toward the end of the year but we have slower spots. tri-valley, nothing unusual. hayward, middle of the screen, show you the san mateo bridge westbou westbound. low clouds drifting through, some slowing down for safety's sake. looking toward emeryville. the maze, look at that, jammed
7:00 am
up on the berkeley curve. from powell to the berkeley bridge, slower drive because of the fog. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25. >> stay with us for the events in the next 48 hours. good morning. cruelty and lies. outrage over the new report calling out the bush administration for using brutal and in one case deadly techniques on terror suspect post 9/11. this morning a former ica chief who headed up the program more than two years joins us live. did he lie to congress about what was happening as the report claims? under water, a huge nor'easter leading to major flooding in the northeast. drivers trapped, homes evacuated while an historic storm bears down out west.


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