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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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in marin county, and the rest of our team is watching out emergency yous are getting ready. >> our storm system right now is unlike our usual storm systems. we usually get a storm crossing through the bay area, it's in and out within four hours. but what you're seeing in the satellite loop is a strong tap of pacific moisture, that's what all this cloud cover is offshore, eventually that's low that's where we're going to get our heavy rainfall. it's like pointing a hose right over northern california, it's called the pineapple express. we have had some light to moderate pockets of rainfall in sonoma county, i really think the biggest concern for tonight is the wichbnd. if you have not taken
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precautions to take things off the front or the back porch, you want to do that right now. san 27 wind gusts, 32 in san francisco. check out tomorrow morning, likely winds that could top 41 miles per hour in santa rosa. we'll talk more about this storm's timeline, how much we'll get and our billing flood concern for thursday in about 15 minutes. in the north bay some shopkeepers and homeowners are still cleaning up from the last storm and now they're scrambling to get ready for another deluge. mark matthews is on highway 101 in marin city, a flooding trouble spot. are people a little bit anxious? >> reporter: yes, they are. you know, jeff just hit it on the nose, just in the last hour, the wind has been picking up, we have had one band of rain come through, we are watching highway 101 just outside of marin city
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because we have one trouble spot coming early tomorrow morning. >> the shop is still closed from last wednesday's flood and the new wood floor is ready to go down, but maybe not until after tomorrow. as the manager of the dry-cleaning store says there's not a lot of confidence in the county's pumps that are supposed to be keeping this area from flooding. dan bridges and his dad plan to close their barbershop for the day. >> i can't imagine too many people wanting to get their hair cut when it's raining an inch an hour. >> reporter: even though it's calm right now, most of the area is preparing for high water. fr fred skrks the unified school district has closed all the schools for tomorrow and friday. sausalito-marin schools are
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closed for thursday, also in novado, the holiday display, he's a little worried about it, particularly with the predictions of wind gusts about 50 miles an hour and if it does all blow down? >> you know, in case something happening, you know, i just have to go jump on the roof again and start to repair everything, you know, for opening and night again. >> reporter: along womack creek, the conservation corps is clearing out the draining. >> i have a lot of products in my lovely little store that i would like to not get flooded. >> reporter: there are a long list of schools that are going to be closed tomorrow and some that will be closed on friday, we have the information on our website, best to check it out there, reporting from highway 101 just north of sausalito.
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>> mark, thank you, and you just mentioned that we're talking about schools here, and this is really a rare move by any of our school districts, no school because of the storm. last picture of san francisco, evening city college of san francisco, better to be off the roads and at home during all of this. oakland, novado, sausalito, marin city and all of san rafael city schools will be closed. alameda, berkeley, and son nom ma county, this is just a partial list, you can see the complete list of our closures here on our techer. no closures at least thus far announcement in san mateo and marin county. >> nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in palo alto and
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crews have been replacing santd bags all along the creek and obviously the concern is flooding nearby? >> reporter: 2,500 of these sandbags, as you can see lined all the way down wood land avenue, they say this is a very vulnerable spot, back in 2012, this area was completely flooded. they hope their efforts now will be enough. a giant pile of sand drew a crowd in burrling game. >> i'm making sachbtd bags to protect my shop for the impending doom tomorrow. >> monica says there's some preschools in a vulnerable spot. she's pitching in to help with a dozen sandbags. >> one of the classrooms is on the ground level. so it could probably come in the door so we're trying to block the door. >> reporter: shoppers at the
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hardware are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. alice taylor is buying extra batteries, she's not alone. >> our sales have almost doubled in the past three days. >> reporter: general manager ja jacqueline fenton says stores had lines to get in this morning. she says they doubled orders on all the storm items. >> we normally have this huge roll and it's just all gone. >> reporter: it appears gutters, sump pumps won't last long and neither will the sachbtd bags. the creek is currently empty but officials say if a rush of water of 15 feet comes through at one time, that's when flooding will happen and they do expect that to happen tomorrow. reporting live from east palo alto, nbc bay area news.
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so there's a good chance here that you could be losing your power in the next 24 hours. check your batteries and get those flashlights ready. pg&e is working to stay ahead of the storm. crews were up at sun rise loading those flatbed trucks getting the equipment where it needs to be when the storm arrives. while crews need to be on hand to restore power as quickly as possible, please be patient and be prepared. because of the fire danger, residents are being discouraged from using candles. >> reporter: people here say you have to be ready for just about anything living in the mountains and that's what people are doing right now, getting ready for anything, from small problems to major disasters. in only a matter of hours, more than 1,000 sand bags were filled and hauled away at the valley
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church's united facility in ben lowman. some people are preparing for common problems in neighboring communities. >> i'm getting some sandbags in case it get into our garage. >> reporter: others are trying to prevent another unique mountain hazard by cutting away tall trees that could be fallen in the storm. >> 200-foot fir tree came down took a couple of pines and came through my house. >> reporter: valley churches runs one of the neighborhood disaster centers, it's set up to help people during what it considers a worst-case scenario, loss of communication in the area. >> we're prepared if it does happen, we have ham radios reelgt around the corner at
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little s andrew's church, we have several licensed contractors and several of our volunteers are also licensed as ham radio operators. >> with all that, many people told us that while they do feel prepared, they're also very nervous because it has been quite a while since they have had to get ready for such a predicted big storm. a reminder now, stay with us for our expanded weather coverage, we're on even earlier tomorrow, our morning show today in the begins at 4:00 a.m., then we'll begin our newscast an hour earlier at 4:00 p.m. we'll have reporters across the bay area to bring you live reports and up to the minute forecasts. you'll also be able to see "ellen" at 3:00 p.m. to the way to stay on top of all of this is with your smart phone and our nbc day area app. there you'll see our very latest
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forecast and live interactive radar and alerts about severe weather and flooding. again that's our nbc bay area app. i want to take you outside for a picture from our nbc bay area chopper. another mass of again stra demonstrators, nbc bay area's jody hernandez surveys the damage from last night's protest. she joins us live at the cal campus and there's another demonstration expected there tonight? >> reporter: that's right, jessica, protesters are expected to gather here in about an hour. we are told that students are taking part in holding a tribunal off campus right now and will meet up here on campus at about 7:00 tonight. meanwhile, people in nearby emeryville are still a little bit shaken after marchers paid an unwelcome visit there last night. >> i think the damage is unnecessary, it does not prove anything except that we're
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barbaric. >> 74-year-old affillia long doesn't like what she woke up to this morning, area stores damaged after the protests last night. >> martin luther king never ever told us to do this. i marched with martin luther king so i know what he stood for and what our marches stood for and it was not radical. >> reporter: surveillance cameras showing vandals breaking into a convenience store. >> i think it's ridiculous, i think it's crazy that you're ruining your own community. this is black owned and operated. it's family operated. >> this isn't just a peaceful protest over something, this has turned into something completely different and we're not going to tolerate the violence or the damage in our city.
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>> reporter: at least a half dozen stores were damaged last night. some of the protesters made their way on to highway 24 where the chp says the demonstrators threw explosive devices and shot fire works at the chp helicopter. >> it's beyond scary, i think that the police force isn't cutting it, we need more help. because the local police can't handle it right now, it's out of their hands. >> i would tell the police from berkeley to go back to school and i would tell the 10% that's left to go home. >> reporter: in got 15 minutes, we saw a couple of them with a flag, again this protest is expected to get under way at 7:00, it's unclear where they'll march from here. reporting live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. ahead here at 10:00, diversifying the tech industry, the challenge he issued today to
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a traffic mess on eastbound i-80. within the past few minutes, all lanes have been opened. a jeep flipped over and caught fire. witnesses actually pulled a woman from the driver's seat but she died. 580 was closed for almost two hours. all lanes are now opened again, once again, but traffic is still backed up to 680 in dublin. news tonight at 6:00 the fight for more diversity in silicon valley and it's been led
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by reverend jesse jackson. scott, he has a plan on how to change things? >> reporter: two things, jessica, education and inclusiveness. reverend jackson says with those things the tech industry can become more diverse and more successful. the reverend jesse jackson made intel the latest stop on his tour to bring more diversity to the tech industry, chiding silicon valley for not being inclusive enough. >> there's been patterns of exclusion of black, latinos, people of color, in limits of growth. >> reporter: reverend jackson met during the week with intel executives including ceo tim cook who he said should diversify apple stores. >> there's stores in downtown
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locati locations, but never in the ghetto area. this is a significant body of consumers and talented people. >> reporter: he also stressed education as a way into the tech industry for minorities. >> he said there's a lot of hope for children who are brilliant, the ones that come and we reach out to students who have no coding experience at all and over the course of 48 hours they create amazing apps that are designed to change the world. >> we just need somebody to open the door and then there would be the next mark zuckerbergs and boys and girls. >> reporter: the latest coalition will buy stock in several tech companies to make sure they have a voice at the table. and some tech companies making the pledge today to become more diverse in the future. pandora's diversity manager says her budget will triple next year. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc news bay area news.
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u.s. stocks closed at a new five-year low. the dow plunged more than 260 points as the organization of petroleum exporting countries cut its demand for next year. it was the dow's worst day since the beginning of object. let's take a look outside now as we continue our storm coverage. on the left you can see san francisco, where the rain is arriving. on the right, san jose where gray skies have been looming but no rainfall yet. jeff ranieri is back with our latest timeline. let's go to marianne favaro where many people are taking advantage of today's dry weather to make those last-minute preparations. >> reporter: they got a lot of work done today. i'm here at the guadalupe river in downtown san jose, if you take a look at this tree, you can see just how high the water rose during our last storm. the big concern now is the homeless who have encampments along the banks here.
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crews worked quickly to take down this tree near highway 101 in san jose, removing a potential hazard before winds can churn up the landscape. there was also a sense of you are negligence si to reach out to the homeless, especially those near the san jose river which is expect ed ed to -- >> see what kind of support, what kind of help they need. let them know about the wet weather that's coming and try and kwin and convince them to leave those areas and seek shelter. with gusts of up to 50 miles an hour expected thursday, homeowners can prepare by bringing in holiday decorations, picking up sandbags and letting the city know of any clogged storm drains. >> make sure that you've about
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your cell phone charged up now and make sure you've got all the necessary items squared away for any power outages. >> reporter: but despite the best preparations there will be problems why is which santa clara emergency preparedness center is teaming up with police and firefighters to send them where they're needed fast. the city is bringing in extra crews to deal with any flooding tomorrow and the fire department is also beefing up staffing. reporting live in san jose, marianne favaro, nbc bay area news. >> let's head over to jeff and talk about what we're starting to see. some of those live shots, you can see the wind changing behind those reporters. >> it's going to get a lot guster as we head throughout the next 12 to 14-hour period. right now on the doppler radar, what is happening is what needs to happen. while it is going to come with a
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lot of side effects this will no doubt put a dent in our drought. you can see the doppler right now, it's beginning to fill in here across northern california, also down toward san francisco, it's a sign of the lower atmosphere really beginning to get wet out ahead of our storm system. once you have that happening as the storm gets closer, it's just going to exponentially ravrp up that rainfall. right now we have a band of rain. we have seen wet weather on and off during times, we're going to see this move through san francisco by 6:54, maybe by west oakland 6:52. off and on rainfall throughout the course of the night. it's mainly cloudy in the south bay peninsula and also for the tri-valley with temperatures in the 60s. but as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, as we have been mentioning, that is the storm day, so heavy rain and also gusty winds expected for the south bay peninsula, tri-valley. the worst of it is expected in
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the north bay, that's where our flood concern will remain highest. what we have done in this next graphic is broke apart the bay area, north ebay, san francisco, also the south bay. when the rain starts, when the heaviest is expected and when the rain will end. you can see in the north bay, heaviest starts now through 9:00 p.m., all the way through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. rain not likely ending in the 10:00 p.m. on thursday. heaviest rain for san francisco, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow through 5:00 p.m. and for the south bay, the heaviest rainfall from the noon hour right through 7:00 p.m. the south bay is going to get this wet weather last on thursday, if you wake up in the morning and it's mainly dry, that wet weather is going to be on the way. we're tracking more on this storm system and the hazards you need to watch out for as we head through our forecast, coming up in about eight minutes. a programming note for you now, our extended weather coverage begins with our morning show today in the bay at 4:00
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a.m., then tomorrow at the height of the storm, we're start ourg news cast an hour earlier at 4:00 p.m. you'll be able to watch "ellen" at 3:00 p.m. changing the code, the informal introduced sweeping new changes for how players act off the field. but does it go far enough? >> we're still tracking the storm as it moves through the bay area. we're back in a moment.
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we have new dotes tonight in the case of a san francisco girl struck and killed by an uber driver. the accident happened on new year's eve. the driver made his first court appearance today. this week, prosecutors charged him with vehicular manslaughter. claims that he was using his cell phone at the time of the crash are wrong. >> that is simply not the case. there's no evidence of any cell
6:26 pm
phone usage, any calling, any texting or any engagement with the uber device. >> prosecutors want to seize his driver's license. both sides did agree to return to court in two weeks. the driver no lodger works for uber. strong, tough and comprehensive, that's how commissioner roger goodell described changes to the nfl's policy. >> being part of the nfl is a privilege, it is not a right. the measures adopted today uphold that principle. >> the new policy announced today calls for a suspension of six games without pay for violations following assault, domestic violence and child abuse. any subsequent violation could mean suspension from the league. this comes after former running back ray rice was caught punching his wife on a surveillance video. coming here at 6:00, an
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interesting stow away story, how a husband's effort to see his wife. the biggest timelines about the storm and what the biggest concerns are for your neighborhood. >> i'm michelle roberts in east palo alto where the city is getting ready with sand bags throughout the area. coming up how much water they think it will take to flood the creek. . .
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signs of a storm are everywhere, the winds are picking up as the rush to sandbags intensifies as homeowners try to shore up before that rain ar50i6s. want to show you a look at our san rafael camera that already shows slick roads and pockets of rain, an ominous preview of what's to come. it is going to be a long night for lots of people in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, it's tomorrow. schools are already shutting their doors in anticipation mark matthews is in the north bay, but first jeff ranieri and he's been tracking the biggest concerns of the storm system and we're talking a giant storm here. >> by our standards, it's very powerful. and the water content that we're seeing joining up with our storm, it's a subtropical moisture tap and you can see it
6:31 pm
clearly over northern california and it stretches out civseveral hundred miles off to the south continuing to pull-up that moisture. let's get a look at how much rainfall we can expect in a 24 hours period. this is why we're concerned about flooding. i think in the south bay we'll be able to handle it for the most part, one to four inches, but the largest concern no doubt is the north bay where the storm may stall out and produce 3 to 5 inches of rain. with these water totals that's why the national weather service has issued a trash flood watch for to the entire bay area. you know how quickly water can rise when we get a storm in, so keep your eye on that croesly. for the rest of the bay area, if you encounter some water, and you're not sure of it. if we don't get entirely as much water as we're expecting, that
6:32 pm
will be gooden good news for our flooding concern. one area that's going to rise, the napa river, right now 5.4 feet, expected to crest at 6.5 feet. we are already seen some wind and rain where you are right now, how are things holding up outside. >> we got one of those little pockets of rain emtied on us an hour ago, so your weather forecast of the wind is certainly accurate, it stepped up about an hour and a half ago. we are standing where it flooded just last wednesday, and what the tide tables are telling us, we're in for a very wet, possibly flooding tomorrow. last wednesday it took dan bridges and his dad three hours to get to their barbershop. >> if it takes us three hours to get here and three hours to get
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home, we might as well stay home. >> reporter: even though the creek is low right now, most of the main street is preparing for high water. >> one representative from the city council came in yesterday and was trying to make sure everybody was prepared with the flooding gate and sand bags just to make sure. >> reporter: steve scaggs was installing a floodgate. he remembers what happened in 1992. up in novado, the school district has closed all of the school, sauce leet that marin -- he's a little worried about hid holiday display, particularly with gusts of 40 miles an hour. >> i'm bloody concerned about that. >> reporter: along womack creek, the conservation corps is cleaning out the brush, they're under contract from the county.
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folks up and down the north bay preparing as best they k hoping it's not as bad as predicted. >> i'm a little worried. it's the christmas season, there's a lot of little things in my store that i would like to not get flooded. >> reporting from just north of sausalito, along highway 101, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> in these fichblg few hours before the storm hits, residents were removing potential hazards. chopping down sections of trees, this one near 101 in san jose. flooding a big concern, michelle roberts is in east palo alto, it happened just a few years ago a flood at 1 01 and university. >> reporter: take a look at what they have done today, 2,500 sandbags have been laid out here in one of the hot spots. take a look at earlier today,
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california conservation corps, they were out here in assembly lines putting out these sandbags, it raised the creek bank a foot and a half, they're hoping that's enough. this is one of the most vulnerable spots, the city of palo alto says this time there's an emergency plan in place and they're hoping their efforts will work tomorrow. >> because of the drought, you know, we're only going to have a high level of the creek, but we're going to be mostly in the place past then, that's going to give us advanced warning to know what's coming. so we are better prepared than last time. >> reporter: the creek is currently empty, but those powerful downpours expected tomorrow, they say that this could actually flood if a gush of 15 feet of water comes forward at one time and they do expect that to happen. there will be monitors out here standing in the rain, just watching the creek levels and
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making sure they don't get too high and if they do they will put forward an emergency plan. reporting live in east palo alto, michelle roberts, nbc by area news. >> not a snow day but a rain day for many schools across the area, which have decided to cancel classes tomorrow as a precaution, among them san francisco unified, oakland unified, novato, alameda, berkeley, hayward and marin counties are closed as well. west contra costa county unified, city college of san francisco, castro valley unified, fremont unified, free heaviening unified, all canceling, this is just a partial list, you can see all the closures crawling across your screen and also on our website. rain here means big-time snow in the sierra. a full on blizzard, a high wind
6:37 pm
warning is in effect now for nevada including parts of reno until friday morning. it's expected to be one of the largest winter storms in 30 years. winds could reach up to 140 miles an hour. with four inches of snow per hour. after planning to head to tahoe this weekend, enjoy the powder, but plan ahead, 80 and 50 could be a mess. stand stay with us for our expangded weather coverage. our morning show begins at 4:00 a.m., then tomorrow morning at the height of the storm, we're beginning our newscast an hour earlier at 4:00 p.m. we'll have reporters fanned out across the bay area to bring you live reports and we'll have up to the minute forecasts. you'll be able to see "ellen" and "the meredith show" will be on 2:00 p.m. >> you'll also find live radar and alerts about wind, flooding and outages.
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there's been a change, the best place to work in the bay area, the one that went from number two being wiped off the list. today it is coming back to live. and no more toilet bowl design. the warriors unveil their updated plan for their new water front arena.
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tonight we're learning got a stow away two slipped aboard a container ship bound for korea to be with his wife.
6:41 pm
prosecutors say the man bought an inflatable raft and rode it out to the ship anchored in the bay. he got on board without being seen but was caught by the crew. the man said his passport expired and he didn't want to wait for a new one. the warriors today unveiling an up dated plan for their new arena, right there in san francisco, right near att park. some thought the original design made the sports and entertainment center look like, a, well, a commode. the new arena will have more than 18,000 seats, more than 100,000 square feet of retail space and more than tlhree acre of plazas to maximize that water front property. i would recommend anyone at home, you want to be careful
6:42 pm
because it is dark. but if you're thinking of doing something to avoid any damage tomorrow with that strong wind, you may want to take any chairs off of the porch or off of the back porch, either one, figure it out. we're going to track more of the timeline of this system and our top concerns in just a few minutes.
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san francisco's tenderloin district welcomed the return of what they say they've been missing for a while. . >> reporter: every neighborhood no matter how gritty, needs a place for people to gather, that's especially true in san francisco's tenderloin.
6:45 pm
>> a lot of people in this area live in very small units and they don't have any accessible means of coming outside. >> although it's known for it's rough edges, it's a neighborhood of families and children. >> it's really fun at times and it's really scary, just like people yelling at shooting. >> at the center of the early 1900s, residential hotels and apartments in bow decker park, is a place where kids can escape the area's tough veneer, that is until construction work started. >> there's nothing here, there's nothing. >> reporter: two years ago thanks to a nearly $4 million grant from the trust for city public land, the hotel underwent a makeover. the park was reimagined, a web of imposing internal fences was torn down, sculptures were added, a new clubhouse and a
6:46 pm
fountain. >> there is a lot of community here. >> reporter: in this densely packed neighborhood, this park has become a sort of oasis for kids and adults. >> i like to come out here, do my crossword, read my book. >> the kids go by and they look at it, and you see the anxiousness in their eyes. >> reporter: but this week that long wait ended. the new gates opened, the kids came back. >> everything's brand-new. >> reporter: and for the first time, children could play basketball or throw a ball on real grass. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: so the sounds of a neighborhood are the most healthal health y when you have the sounds of children laughing and playing. it wasn't just the kids. >> anybody of any age can play basketball. >> anybody of any age can play
6:47 pm
basketball? >> reporter: for a neighborhood that sees so much, the reopening of this park was a sight to see. joe rosado, jr., nbc bay area news. it looks great. where is is best place to work? there's a new king of the hill and it's in the bay area, gourmet food in the cafeteria, onsite laundry, helped google earn the best place to work list. twitter was the second best company to work for in last year's survey. three other bay area companies made it to the top 20, that includes facebook and adobe in san jose. outside, we're showing you a live picture of san francisco, where you can see it is very, very foggy outside. the rain hasn't hit there yet, but it's headed that way. lets turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. al. >> you can see our storm system right now, at least the core of
6:48 pm
it is off shore, but we keep saying how this pacific moisture track is going to amplify the storm system and that's what's going to take what would ordinarily give us a half an inch to an inch of rainfall and push those rainfall totals to something we have not seen in the year. it's beginning to fill in here across the north bay, moderate even a few heavy pockets of rain in the past few hours, in novato, van rafael and sonoma valley. we have heavy pocket of rainfall that will head through novato at 6:54, and 7:01 at black's point. there's going to be a lot more on the way than what you see on the doppler radar. we'll get to the storm's timeline right now. there's a lot to go over. find a good spot in front of the tv, sit down for a few moments and we'll take you through what we can expect. most of the night tonight, most of the rainfall across marin,
6:49 pm
napa, sonoma counties. through the overnight hours, what you're going to notice this storm system will stall out into the north bay, as we're still waiting on some upper level energy with it. bad news up here into santa rosa, napa, sonoma because that's the last place we need water and it's going to start adding up pretty quickly. by 7:00 in the morning, still most of it is up into the north bay, you may not have much here in san hsz in the morning hours, you may wake up and say what storm? that heavy rainfall is going to be coming your way, as we head throughout 10:30 in the morning, it really begins to amplify. this storm does not fall apart. continues into san jose by about 10:30, lasting until about 1:00 p.m. after that, it's the lingering rainfall that will continue through about 10:00, that's going to keep that flooding threat with us. throughout friday, you'll begin
6:50 pm
to see the form break up, a few areas of scatter storms in the forecast. with all this water, 1 1/2 to three inches in the south bay, we somewhere a flash flood watch for the entire bay area, the biggest concern if you live near a creek, river or stream, you need to watch it closely. we're not talking about flooding from the south bay up into the north bay. it's going to be isolated pockets that you're going to have to watch out for. downed trees and power outages likely with winds that could top 40 miles an hour, hold on with both hands to that steering wheel especially if you're going through any kind of passes. blizzard warnings for the sierra, think twice, please do not leave tomorrow for a trip up to the north sea. winds at the summit if you're trying to go to reno could hit 70 miles an hour. one to three feet of snow is likely, change your plans to friday night or on saturday. it's going to be a lot safer to get to your destination.
6:51 pm
not too much change here throughout the bay area, all areas expecting rains, keep an eye out, we have pinpointed a few spot where is the best points of thunderstorms. los gat toes will be one of them. across the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, best spot for any thunderstorm activity will be 69, tri-valley temperatures right around 60 degrees. extended forecast and we'll be able to breathe for a little bit. throughout the upcoming weekend, we'll get some dryer area, by monday, another storm system, not nearly as strong, but we're tracking it on our brand-new nbc bay area app you can go there and check it out.
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>> stay with us for expanded coverage beginning at 4:00 p.m. and then at the height of the storm, we begin our storm coverage starting at 4:00 p.m. you'll be able to see "ellen" at 3:00 p.m., and "meredith j will be on at 2:05 a.m. >> a big change for collin kaepernick, what he did today that's turning a lot of heads.
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6:55 pm
jerry rice told knbr this morning, i think will collin right now he's very frustrated and he doesn't want to talk to the media, but it's very important for him to let the fans know what's going on. plus those fans pay the salary. they have a right to an explanation, so be professional, deal with it the right way and just move on, end quote. today kap acknowledged the comments. >> when i go out there and compete and i don't do so, it's something i'm very hard on myself about, so it's something i have to be able to approach others differently with when i'm in those situations. i think there is a happy medium, it's something that obviously i'm working on.
6:56 pm
>> that's the start, he's working on it, winter meetings continuing this week, and while the a's have been active, the giants have largely been quiet, but not for lack of trying. here's more from san diego. >> reporter: the biggest story at the winter meetings in san diego, jon lester, the finalists for jon lester, they were there until the end, lester eventually going to the chicago cubs. bruce b occi talking to the media about the coveted free agent. >> i can't say surprised because we get two or three teams involved, you really don't know. so, no, i can't say surprised. we really don't know what his priorities are or what, you know, what his thinking is. no, you know, u you're hoping, but at the same time, you'll notice, you're going to get some good clubs. he was a priority, we spent a lot of time on that so now it's time to regroup and see what
6:57 pm
we're going to do. >> reporter: the giants number one priority, still looking for a starting picture, chances are it's not going to be zito. zito has reshaped his mechanics looking to join a team in 2015. reporting here from the winter meetings in san diego, nbc bay area news. finally rockets and warriors tonight at oracle arena. both the big names, andrew bogut, out with right knee tendon it's, howard still dealing with right knee issues as well. >> jeff, one final word before we get the rain on it. >> the most critical thing we do have up for you is the storm timing, you can see your zone here, the north bay, heaviest rain, for san francisco and oakland. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for the south bay, noon to 7:00 p.m. on thursday. ♪
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maria shriver versus miley. how maria's making it loud and clear she doesn't approve of patrick's naughty new girlfriend. >> now on "extra." ♪ patrick schwarzenegger caught between his mom and his girlfriend. >> do you think patrick and miley are going too far? >> new video of maria. did she make an extreme move to avoid running into miley? in miami? inside joan rivers' will. who gets what from joan's $150 million fortune. melissa rivers today turning a joan tribute into a roast. >> if my mother were here this morning, she would be discreetly


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