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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 15, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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shutting off the power, closing schools and leaving a lot of parents scrambling for what to do. and it's not over yet. more rain is coming in tonight and there will be more rain the rest of the week as well. we have team coverage for you. nannette miranda joins us from a flooded neighborhood that's demanding help. marianne favro has problems in san jose. we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who's tracking this storm and the others that are coming right behind it. >> we're going to have a busy week over the next five days. right now doppler radar, a few areas of scattered rain in the north bay, east bay. but the zone of rain i'm most concerned about right now is moving in across the peninsula. we told you about this at 5:00. right now it's producing rainfall rates close to 1 inch per hour. this will likely cause some issues on the roadways. we're talking about 280, highway 101, and any kind of interior roads that the locals use throughout woodside, redwood city, palo alto. we'll zoom in, get a closer look. woodside beginning to see heavier rainfall.
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it's going to be tracking off to the north, likely through redwood city as we head through 6:12 through san carlos, 6:14, with the ground saturated i cannot stress enough that anyone that's thinking of traveling this way over the next hour be prepared for a major slow-down. up to the north bay we did have heavier areas of rainfall for today. it's mainly light to moderate. but that's all it takes here to keep this flooding concern with us. flood advisory until 9:00 tonight for parts of marin, sonoma, and also napa counties. closely watch those creeks, rivers and streams behind your house. even a little bit of rainfall can give us some rise. the next five days, three more storm systems are tracking. i'll have the details on that in 15 minutes. as new storms roll in, the concern and bad blood is rising. people in redwood city are fed up and upset that their mobile home parks are getting flooded. they say the city is purposely dragging its feet. that net miranda is in redwood
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city. serious accusations, what's the argument there? >> reporter: very serious. if you look around, nice office and retail developments line east bayshore boulevard but they don't have the flooding problems these two mobile home parks do. residents can only believe the city wants them out. it's a race against time for resident steve parcetto, voluntarily trying to pump out water from his mobile home park and the one next door before they flood. he doesn't want families to have to suffer like they did thursday when that fierce storm left as much as four feet of standing water. >> you've seen the water and damage. these guys all cleared out and threw away all their stuff. all these people back here, they're poor and they can't speak english. >> reporter: in fact, residents were still dumping damaged property when the new storm rolled in. >> there is no silver bullet solution. >> reporter: city leaders have known for decades flooding is a problem for these east bayshore boulevard residences.
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because the mobile home parks are low lying, at-bat to corporate-owned salt ponds, and the runoff comes from several hilly cities -- a fix has been elusive. >> it takes a long time to come to a solution. it's a lot of different players involved. we will never provide 100% relief. >> reporter: some residents believe that perhaps you want them out so that you can sell the land or use the land for high are-paying developers. >> absolutely not true. >> reporter: the mobile home parks seem to have been spared by today's storm so far. what about the next one? or the ones after that? >> somebody try. try to do something. look into it. you know, don't leave us hanging. >> reporter: the city says mobile home parks provide valuable affordable housing and they'd never want to get rid of them, but at the same time it admits a solution is quite a few years away. in san jose today, the storm was strong enough to send power poles crashing into a mobile
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home in almaden valley. this happened at the villa teresa mobile community that's near santa teresa boulevard and coleman road. marianne favro joins us live in san jose with more on how that damage had a far-reaching effect on hundreds of nearby students and families who had to figure out what to do. >> reporter: they were left surprised today and had to react and come up with some game plan, especially for schools. right now, pg&e crews are working to put up a new power pole after the old one came crashing down on a mobile home this morning, sending power lines on top of several units. the storm sent this power pole crashing down onto the roof of this san jose home. juan elers lives in villa freeze teresa mobile home park. >> evacuated people out of four or five homes. the red cross came out to take them. live them shelter. >> reporter: these homes weren't
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the only ones impacted. when the pole tumbled it caused a power outage impacting hundreds throughout the neighborhood. action day primary plus, which cares for 300 kids, lost electricity at 8:20 this morning. forcing administrators to call parents and tell them to pick up their kids. >> first sent the babies home. our infants under 24 months. we couldn't warm bottles, we were worried about the classrooms not being warm enough for them. >> reporter: jenny got the call. >> body my husband and i were saying, oh, okay, let's see if we can get in, who can get there first? >> reporter: a few blocks away the power outage forced this ymca on santa teresa boulevard to close. power also went out at legaln of steinbeck schools. for this 3-year-old the storm offered a silver lining -- a day home with mom. >> can we ride the reindeer? >> no, not the reindeer.
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>> reporter: a silver lining. i just checked in with pg&e and they tell me right now only 22 people still don't have electricity in this neighborhood. we also want to show you this which was the common sight today, fallen trees. as ground is saturated and trees obviously are vulnerable, this is in foster city, a large pine fell outside the harbor cove apartment complex on edgewater. no one was injured. be warned if you're flying this week. plenty of delays at certain bay area airports. take a look outside, a live view of oakland international which was largely unaffected by today's storm. san jose international was also running smooth today. but a different story at sfo. more than 100 flights were canceled today. right now at this hour some arriving flights into sfo are delayed as long as three hours. with more storms on the horizon,
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download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. it's a great resource. you'll see the latest forecast, live radar, and our weather alerts. developing news out of san francisco where the city's police chief is among the estimated 400 people listening to mike brown senior speak at mission high school. that man's son, michael brown jr., was the unarmed teenager who was shot and killed in ferguson, missouri, by a police officer. the shooting sparked nationwide protests as you know and demonstrations here in the bay area. brown discussed gun legislation and the need for police-worn body cameras. jean will have more coming up at 11:00. going on right now, a live look at oakland's lake merritt. protesters are gathered again there tonight angry over the grand jury decision in ferguson and the one in new york where a white officer was not indicted in the death of an unarmed black man. earlier today many of those
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protesters we showed you blocked oakland police headquarters. one climbed up a flagpole. you see there in the wind and rain to hang a sign. after hours of disruptions, about 25 protesters were arrested. this was a well-organized and peaceful demonstration. and the hope is it stays peaceful for tonight's march. jodi hernandez is as lake merritt in oakland with more. >> reporter: raj, so far this demonstration has gotten off to a very peaceful start. several hundred people have gathered here at headache merri merritt. we're talking families, small children. you can see that they have fanned out across the lake, around the lake, holding a silent candlelight procession, remembering black lives lost. but earlier today as you mentioned in downtown, things got a lot more heated. >> you're killing us! we won't move till you got it! >> reporter: anger and frustration bubbling over, people outraged by recent grand
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jury decisions descended on oakland police headquarters this morning. chaining themselves together to close down streets and block the entrance to the police department. >> every 28 hours, a black person is killed by a police person or a vigilante person or security guard. that's just the black folks. >> we want justice for black people! >> reporter: several people chained themselves to the police department's flagpole. one man scaled it, replacing the flag with his own. all of the action taking place in the pouring rain. >> willing to brave the weather, brave arrest, we're willing to put our lives on the line because we feel like it's a way of making our voices heard. ♪ got to get free got to get free got to get freedom ♪ >> reporter: people of all ethnicities and all ages joined today's actions. protesters pledge not to back down. police say they will not be
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rattled. they used a cutting device to detach demonstrators and cart them off to jail. >> slow, methodical, we want to be sure we don't harm anyone. >> this is a second civil rights movement. this is a great example of what solidarity looks like. >> reporter: tonight at lake merritt, hundreds of candles have been lit. as families circle the lake, so far this demonstration has been very peaceful. no sign of police. a development in a story we told you about involving the 911 policy at the u.s. postal service. the policy tells employees to first call security when there's a medical emergency and not 911. leading to delays that may have cost a postal worker his life. now congresswoman barbara lee is stepping in. investigative reporter vicky nguyen is here now with the very latest on the story. >> reporter: we have learned congresswoman barbara lee has spoken with leaders at the
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national level of the usps about what our reports uncovered. the congresswoman represents the district where the west oakland po postal facility is located. it was there in august when a postal worker collapsed at work. it's unclear what happened but co-workers found him on the ground bleeding and suffering from a serious head injury. instead of calling 911 right away, they followed the postal service policy. they called supervisors and managers who then called the on-site postal police. up to 53 minutes passed between the time sam was found and 911 was finally called. our investigation later found a history of similar incidents in west oakland and union grievances filed with the national usps about delays in medical care. we uncovered documents showing the postal service knew about employee concerns since at least 2005, and the agency did nothing to change its medical emergency procedures. congresswoman lee called sam's
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wife of 25 years to express her condolences in a statement representative lee said, my thoughts and prayers are with the family. access to medical treatment is critical and i have communicated with the usps on this matter." her staff tells us the congresswoman can't schedule an interview because of her washington schedule, but they say she has communicated with usps at the highest level and is directly in touch with them. usps officials in the bay area tell us they are still working on the revisions to the local 911 policy. it has been daughter month -- f months since sam died. a san jose police officer generates angry community action on social media. i'm robert handa. coming up, what he tweeted and why he and the department are catching so much heat. also ahead, liquid gold. we'll take you to the one part of the bay area where the rain and the reservoirs are plentiful. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. a round of heavy rainfall hitting the peninsula, moving through parts of palo alto, redwood city. continuing through los altos as we head throughout the next 15 to 20 minutes. we're tracking three more storms this week. i'll have the timeline in a few minutes.
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a well-known san jose police officer is on leave with an uncertain future. some want him fired for controversial tweets. it stems from the ongoing anti-police protests. robert handa is in san jose this evening. a lot of people, not only offended but maybe scared by these tweets. >> reporter: that's right. and the reaction has been swift. as we reported earlier the police chief put the officer on leave and afternoon internal investigation is under way over these tweets that many call offensive and dangerous. veteran san jose police officer philip white was known for his community work to steer kids
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away from gangs. but now that will all change as reaction builds to tweets from his personal account apparently responding to protests on the ferguson and new york grand jury decisions. one tweet said, threaten my family and i will use my god-given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you. another tweet seemed to mock protesters' chants. if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight off duty, carrying my gun. police watchdog silicon daily debug launched this online petition demanding white be fired and has already generated thousands of supporters. >> if they allow this guy to be part of the force, it's a game-ender in terms of having any prospect of positive community/police relations. >> reporter: the police union distanced idaho from the tweets. >> we condemn these comments. the san jose police officers association remains focused on fostering positive dialogue.
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>> reporter: menlo dismissed white as a basketball coach due to the tweets. some parents got upset recently when might allegedly called the shooting in ferguson justified in front of players. >> you need to be sensitive to all your players, not just the white players. >> reporter: we were not able to reach officer white. the police department has no timetable on the investigation or any decision on white's future. back to our weather alert. one napa family is out of their home because, the reason right there, the tree fell top of their roof. we caught up with crews trying to cut it apart. the house red tagged until building inspectors can determine the extent of the damage and even if the building can be salvaged. one of the main issues going on today. our meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking the storm and our mark matthews is tracking
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where the rain is good news for a lot of people. >> reporter: yep, marin county, it is very rainy and the weather has contributed to the reservoirs being above normal. in marin county the drought appears to be over. unlike the rest of california, marin county relies on its reservoirs. one as the 90%, kent at 80%, system-wide the marin reservoirs are at 89% of capacity and the rain keeps coming. 17 inches since the end of november. the average for december is only 10 inches. >> we're definitely in better shape than most of the state. so much of the state is dependent on snowpack.
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we are more dependent on rainfall. >> reporter: 75% of marin's municipal water comes from rainfall collected in reservoirs. 25% comes from the russian river. so any way you look at it, the water supply for marin is way up. the marin municipal water district will not say the drought is over in marin. in fact the drought restrictions are still in place. you cannot irrigate between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. you better not get caught using a hose without a shutoff nozzle. at 138% above normal? their water supply is looking pretty good. >> excellent news in marin county. rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. the i-80 donner summit road. drivers are being warned to bring chains tracking the snow and the rain is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. where are we at with this storm? >> the worst of it is over, at least widespread for the bay
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area. but we're finding pockets of instability back behind the core of the storm that moved through around noon today. we have areas of rain in the north bay. but right here across the peninsula, we talked about this earlier, really nailing the areas here around palo alto, also redwood city. right now rainfall rates close to 1 inch per hour now. it's moving at a decent clip. but with the ground so saturated from last week, we are going to have flooding concerns the next two hours across 280, 101 from redwood city through palo alto, also los altos. as we zoom in this will continue through sunnyvale the next 15 to 20 minutes with heavier rainfall moving into mountain view right now. and some of the heavier rainfall moving into palo alto in the next 20 minutes as well. if you're thinking of doing any traveling on 101 or 280 through this corridor, you want to think twice at least at the moment. off to the north bay, we have some areas of moderate rainfall. it's not extremely heavy. but that's still enough to keep
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our flood concern elevated for tonight. please watch out for any water on the roadways here throughout marin, napa, and sonoma counties. right now across the bay area, temperatures are cold. this really is about what we experienced for daytime highs today. we haven't had weather like this in years. rainfall has arrived and also cold weather with it. you needed the jacket and also the layers. as we get through tomorrow's forecast, in case you haven't heard, we have another storm system on the way. we are looking at rainfall chances for the south bay, peninsula, tri-valley, san francisco, north bay as well. tuesday, early in the morning 4:00 to 8:00 a.m., scattered areas of rainfall. the roadways will be slick. 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the heavier rain develops. watch out if you're traveling on the roadways. largest concerns continue to be spin have outs on the roadways, downed trees and possible power outages. a total of three more storms this week. i'll have more on the timing of
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each one of those in 20 minutes. a down payment. the feds give california millions of dollars for an earthquake monitoring system that could be critical to warning us when the next one happens. making it easier for you to know how many crimes occurred on your cruise ship. the changes coming in the wake of our investigation. coming up, a first look at how technology can help us talk and translate in different languages.
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the federal government is spending $5 million to help create an earthquake warning system here in california. congress has approved funding for the technology which the state has been fighting to fund for years. the early warning system has actually been up and running for more than a year on a trial basis. bart is one of several dozen beta testers using 10 to 60 seconds to get from the system to slow trains before the
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shaking starts. the last big test came touring the napa earthquake in august. officials say it worked well, warning users 8 seconds before the earthquake shaking started. the system needs a lot more money. experts say it will cost $80 million to get it statewide. a lot of people unhappy about the uc tuition hikes. it's not just students. the uc regents angered lawmakers with their recent agreement to raise tuition on uc campuses by up to 28% over the next five years. nbc bay area political analyst is with us. larry, this is a complex issue but let's start with sacramento. what's happening there? >> they're not happy. two state senators, a democrat and a republican, they together have introduced a proposed constitutional amendment that would put the state in charge of the university. under the terms of this proposal, the legislature would have final say over virtually all aspects of university management, from tuition rates
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to administrative compensation to finances, you name it. >> a political tug of war between governor brown and uc president janet napolitano. where's the governor stand? >> in part, yeah, this has been a long time in coming by the governor and others as well. for years critics led by governor jerry brown have been all over the university for runaway spending practices, at least in their terms, runaway spending practices, and lack of accountability. they've reasoned the state should know a lot more about its annual investment in the university, which this year amounts to $6.8 billion. the university has another story, it says it's been transparent with university mismanagement, in fact, university representatives counted the biggest cuts have been in administrative costs. there you have it. they also argue that with state cuts of more than $1 billion for several years in a row during the great recession, the
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university just has no other choice than to raise tuition. >> a lot of us have a stake in this, whether we're taxpayers or students or business leaders. what happens next? >> to place a constitution at amendment on the ballot sponsors in the legislature must get an absolute two-thirds vote in each chamber. that's 54 of the 80 assembly members, 27 of the 40 state senate members. that's a high bar. it's the high nest the nation. the anger is running so high, raj, that the voters may be tasked after all with settling this issue in 2016. that's the next time there will be a state election. if they are tasked expect a bloody battle between those favoring university autonomy and those who say the university no longer deserves it. >> could be a big battle in 2016. thank you, larry. up next, looking back. san jose mayor chuck reed reflects on his time leading the city and shares what is his
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biggest disappointment of his tenure in office. also, a 16-hour hostage standoff comes to a violent end in sydney, australia. we'll tell you more about the gunman. they found his hat on deck. and he was never found on the ship. >> crime at sea. how often does it really happen? ahead, we investigate why you may finally have the full picture of just how safe you really are on a cruise ship.
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right now at 6:30, we investigate. you may finally get the full picture of just how safe you really are on a cruise ship. new federal legislation is one step choser to requiring cruise lines to publicly disclose all allegations of crimes at sea. >> this wasn't always the case. we started investigating crime on cruise ships three years ago. alize kirschner joins us with the new developments. >> cruise lines will be required to report all crimes to the federal government. not just the closed cases as they do now. current data shows in the last four years there have been 118 closed cases. but victims and families tell us hundreds the other cripes have gone unreported and this new legislation will finally change that. it's been more than a year since eric rapa lost his brother jason
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at sea. >> i made him a promise that i wasn't going to let his name be forgotten. i was going to fight and do everything i could to make these cruise lines responsible. >> reporter: last november, jason and his wife took a cruise. jason never returned. >> they found his hat on deck. and he was never found on the ship. and he was assumed overboard. >> reporter: authorities ruled his brother's death a suicide, not a crime, so the fbi didn't have to make the incident public. and it was never part of crime statistics. previous law only required crimes investigated and closed by the fbi to be included in crime stats. put newly passed legislation will force the cruise line industry to report each alleged crime by ship, including the number of individuals who have gone overboard. the information will be publicly available on the u.s. department of transportation website. >> the more i delve into it, the more i realize there's a darker side. >> reporter: we spoke with congressman matsui in 2012. for years advocating for greater
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transparency of crime reporting on cruise ships. she calls the new legislation a victory. the cruise line industry argues the new legislation is not necessarily. the cruise line international association told us in e-mail that it largely duplicates information already available to the public. we found comes already report all allegations of crimes, like carnival corporation, which voluntarily disclosed that 49 crimes happened on board their ships last year. during that same time period, the fbi reports it investigated and closed just 17 cases on carnival ships. >> finally, at least a large number of the crimes are going to be made public. >> reporter: ken carver has fought to regulate the cruise line industry since his daughter vanished during an alaskan cruise more than ten years ago. >> it gives the public the information they need to know when choosing which cruise line they'll go on. and that there are risks when they go on a cruise line. >> reporter: carver argues the numbers released by the cruise
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industry haven't told the whole story. in the past, cruise lines haven't reported thefts of less than $10,000, or instances of groping. he says the new bill has been a long time coming. >> the whole thing was heartbreaking. >> reporter: as for eric, he believes the new legislation will give the pickup more information to decide for themselves how safe cruising really is. >> that it's going to cause that chain reaction and law enforcement is going to decide they finally have to start investigating these crimes. opening a case isn't enough. >> the legislation is currently on the president's desk. he must sign it within ten days. once he does the legislation will officially be passed into law. for more information on cruise ship safety, go to our website, there you'll see the actual language of this new bill. something to consider before you go on vacation. if you have a typical us at 888-996-tips or e-mail
6:35 pm dozens of questions still to be answered after the deadly end to a hostage crisis in sydney, australia, today. that was the siege that ended a 16-hour standoff. you could hear it, you can see it, plenty of people there felt it. this happened around 9:45 a.m. sydney time. an armed man walked into a cafe, 17 people were inside at the time. you saw some of them lined up at the window with their arms in the air. over the next many hours, the hostages managed to escape, including a few who ran out just moments before armed officers stormed in. >> events that 1 folding inside the premises led them to the belief that now was the time to actually deploy, and they did. >> not all the hostages escaped. police found two of the hostages dead, as well as the suspect. the gunman, identified as man what ro
6:36 pm
haron monis, says despite so-called terrorist demands he's not part of any terrorist group. he does have a long criminal history and was awaiting court hearings on charges of sexual assault. authorities are trying to find a specific motive for this attack but have said it was likely politically motivated. while the hostage crisis was unfolding uber suddenly became a part of the story. the san francisco-based company started charging nearly $100 to anyone attempting to use their service to get out of downtown sydney. that's more than four times the usual fare. public outcry hit social media. uber then responded by promising free rides and refunds. in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, you're going to see it in multiple languages, there's a new multi-lingual version of skype that lets you translate live as you speak to someone else. our business and tech reporter scott budman got a look at it today, gave ate try, how does it work? >> takes a little time. it's not all that easy to use at first or even find and download. but if you're patient, it's
6:37 pm
actually going to make your future skype sessions pretty cool. it's kind of like having a translator in the room with you. you're listening to instant translation via skype. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the new skype where i can have a conversation with telemundo's nancy martinez in spanish and in english. skype debuted its translators to a limited audience, letting you translate a conversation between spanish and english in realtime. and text in 40 other languages also in realtime. >> the star trek instant translators we saw when we were kids, we're getting close to it. >> reporter: we spoke to adam blau of one-hour translation, who says translator is a step in the right direction, although not yet easy to use. >> so that really opens up a big
6:38 pm
possibility for business, for people, for consumers, to really understand what is being spoken in other languages without having to speak it. this is a very exciting time for consumers, for businesses, for anybody who is working in a multi-lingual environment. >> reporter: a way to gradually bridge the gap using technology to bring people closer together. as microsoft admits to us, this is version 1 of translator. you'll need microsoft 8.1 to download it and get started. but give it some time, it actually works pretty well. one note, among the many languages you can instantly text and translate, klingon. as 2014 winds down, time for all those awards. movie of the year, song of the year, how about the word of the year. ready for it? according to her i am webster, "culture" is the top word of the year. what makes it number one is not
6:39 pm
just how frequently it's looked up but the way searches spiked. number two is nostalgia, insaid wus at three, followed by number four, what else do we have? >> insidious, legacy. >> number ten, the french phrase je nais se quoi. the webster folks say it saw a spike when a popular commercial used the phrase. still ahead, it's the busiest shipping day for the postal service. one man is still delivering the old-fashioned way. the local carrier who's the only person taking to the water to make sure those holiday packages get to you on time. another try. the bay area makes its pitch to be the host of the 2024 olympics. but it might have gotten just a little bit tougher.
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end of an era in san jose. mayor chuck reed will oversee his last city council meeting tomorrow. reed has been the head of the bay area's largest city for the past eight years. today the 66-year-old reed told robert handa he's looking forward to a more normal life after a tumultuous but satisfying run as san jose's 64th mayor. reed says he's proud of his work in creating a more open government and his fiscal reforms. he says a number of those projects will likely be completed after he leaves office, including bringing the a's to san jose. >> so i wasn't going to get disappointed over losing a long shot. it's not over. we'll continue to be optimistic as long as we can. i still think the a's will come to san jose. >> mayor reed plans to keep working to the end of the year but will clear out his office
6:43 pm
this friday to let his successor sam liccardo move in. san francisco's bid to host the 2024 summer olympics get more complicated today as italy decided to join the field of prospective hosts. italy's premier announced rome will seek to host the games again. the 1960 summer games were held there. san francisco has three failed bids to host the games so far. its next attempt will be presented to the usoc tomorrow in redwood city. the proposal expected to include its so-called pomup stadium and olympic village near candlestick. representatives from los angeles, boston, and washington, d.c. will be there making their pitches and then a decision is expected early next year. if it keeps raining it will be so beautiful, so green here, it will be fantastic. >> clear the calendar with whatever weather they want. >> you can take care of this. >> make it happen. we have cloud cover but we're also tracking heavier areas of rain. i'll have the full details on
6:44 pm
where that's head anded and three more storms this week. would you believe everything for a penny? the shopping glitch that cost amazon sellers millions of dollars.
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6:46 pm
online shoppers often find good deals on amazon. what some found in the uk was too good to be true. for about an hour last friday a computer glitch on amazon's uk site put all items on sale for a penny. amazon says it was unable to cancel thousands of orders that have small businesses livid. many business owners say they lost tens of thousands of dollars during the normally lucrative holiday season. many of those business owners are considering whether to sue over that mistake. the days leading up to christmas are the busiest for the postal service.
6:47 pm
neither rain nor sleet nor sea lions foil them. nbc bay area delivers an explanation on the sea lions part. >> reporter: a light load of letters feels a lot heavier when its final destination is riddled with so many obstacles. >> i'm not going to be able to get in here right now. it's got too much of this. >> reporter: six days a week, post man rick stelreed maneuvers six miles of weed-ridden waterways that make up his mail route in the delta. to deliver to his 23 customers. what is sometimes their only communication with the outside world. this is the way it is out here. it's hard to get to. you know, it's remote.
6:48 pm
it's totally, totally off the wall. >> reporter: even man's best friend seems to know the rules are different out here. >> good boy, good boy. >> reporter: on the river, they don't bite the mailman. >> post office is great. >> reporter: this stretch of the delta has been a mail route in one form or another since the days of the gold rush with deliveries between san francisco and the pony express in the central valley. today this ponytail express is the only postal employee to still deliver mail by water in the state of california. >> i am the only mailman on the water, but it's no big deal, it's just -- i could be a post man in the city and do the same job. >> reporter: in an environment like this -- >> right in front of us. >> reporter: you'll never find this mailman just mailing it in. >> end of the day when i go home i feel like i really did a service for somebody. i really helped somebody out. i brought them their mail. >> reporter: on the delta, nbc bay area news.
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>> is it the loch ness monster or a sea lion? that was great. jeff ranieri, we're almost done with this first storm. now more storms are coming. >> yeah, at least three more by our count as we head throughout this week. satellite right now, in the heaviest zone of widespread rainfall moved east that we dealt with around the noon hour today. we're tracking isolated areas of rainfall. i'll have more coming up. rainfall totals in the past 24 hours, another round of very impressive activity. marin, nap park sonoma counties anywhere from 1 to 2.34 in novato. tiburon 2.29. san francisco another 1.5 inches. now for hayward, close to 1 inch. as well for fremont, just over 1 inch. menlo park to san jose, .5 to 1.5 inches. radar right now, what you're going to be able to find here is some scattered areas of moderate rainfall up into parts of the north bay and also for the east way. it's throughout the peninsula,
6:50 pm
also south bay, getting hammered the past 30 to 40 minutes. just a little bit of rainfall and we're seeing some flooding concerns on throadways. right now some of the heaviest rainfall here throughout san jose, also now approaching milpitas, likely continuing through milpitas by 6:53 with heavier pockets of rainfall. anyone doing traveling here in the south bay throughout the next 30 to 45 minutes, you want to watch out for water on road ways. we'll bring you to the north bay. moderate rainfall on 101 through petaluma, novato, also areas of rain in napa, sonoma. that's all it takes. we're seeing the flood advisory continue through 9:00 tonight. you want to watch out for areas of water on the roadways and closely watch any creeks, rivers and streams behind your house. future cast, once again this is going to give you the best outlook on when that rainfall is going to be moving in and when it's going to be moving out this week. as mentioned we have three different storms we're tracking. 7:30 tonight same scenario. scattered areas of rain. by 11:30 we're looking at the same drill.
6:51 pm
by tomorrow morning there's not too much heavy rainfall but you can expect a few areas of showers. wet roadways to start at 7:00 a.m. it's likely going to be by the noon hour, also 1:00 and 2:00, the next storm system lines up, heavier pockets of rainfall in santa rosa down to san francisco. then also towards the santa cruise mountains and san jose, the afternoon looks like the worst on your tuesday forecast. we'll keep areas of rainfall here through 8:00 tuesday with that next storm system. then as we head throughout wednesday, it's going to be in and out. coming in at intervals. 7:00 a.m., pockets of rainfall scattered throughout the bay area. as we head throughout the evening hours, the same scenario. as we head throughout thursday, this will likely be the only full, dry day in the forecast this week. because as we head into friday's forecast, we have more wet weather coming on back. but it does look like as we head throughout this upcoming weekend we will start to see a little bit of a drier trend. we'll give it some time to dry
6:52 pm
out into the holiday. throughout tuesday and as mentioned, rainfall is back. there's not a spot in the bay area that is not going to get wet. also notice the temperatures in the 50s. winds go 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's going to feel like the 40s tomorrow. san jose 56. palo alto 59. san francisco in the upper 50s. north bay, east bay, tri-valley, same drill. mid to upper 50s. and that possibility of rainfall. so here it is. the next five days, rain again for tuesday. we have another system on wednesday. dry weather thursday. then more wet weather by friday. as we have been mentioning, north bay will get the most rainfall. possibly 2.5 to 4.5 inches when all is said and done this week. what happens now with jim harbaugh? you've been following this. is it going to be an ugly divorce? we'll hear from the head coach.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
dad evening. geraud moncure in the comcast sports net studios. 49ers general manager trent baalke said this evening on 95.7 the game any decision on jim harbaugh's future will take place after the season. the gm also said he spoke with the coach today and he simply said to get the roster in the best shape for the upcoming san diego chargers game. the offense sputtered being held to just single digits for the second time in three weeks by that stingy seahawks defense. the loss capped off the first three-game losing streak in the harbaugh era as well as the first time there will be no postseason. >> first of all, i really felt
6:56 pm
like our team played with valiant effort. big. in a lot of ways i have never been prouder. we have a lot to play for the next two games, like our lives depend on it. we're playing for each other. playing for the team. playing for the honor of the game. the ws could pass as a rerun of the show "m.a.s.h." several front-court players on the mend as they put their win streak on the line against the grizzlies. andrew bogut doubtful with knee tendonitis. david lee still nursing a strained hamstring. and harrison barnes now questionable after breaking his nose, ouch, yesterday in new orleans. sharks winger matt vee yesterday dough has suffered a vetback with ankle injury. he had been practicing with team teal but was forced to sit today, listed as out for thursday's home game against
6:57 pm
edmonton. finally, you see metallica at at&t park earlier this year, they'll be at s.a.p. center soon. the sharks open with a shutout win over the kings in l.a., they'll try to rock the defending champs on january 21st with some help from metallica. the wednesday contest will be metallica night with the sharks. there will be a wide variety of special features and in-game events with the rock band from the bay area. members of the band will take part in the puck drop and make an appearance in the broadcast booth during the game telecast. so raj and jess, that should be interesting. >> we are all in. we're going to that game. >> all right, i like it. >> you're in charge of tickets then. heavy rainfall right now moving over milpitas. that's going to last about the next 30 to 40 minutes burning into fremont. we're tracking three more storms this week. full details coming up at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
mel b covered in mystery bruises. her husband firing back. mel b banged up. her face puffy, her wedding ring missing on the x factor uk. what really happened? angelina forced to call out sick to her own premier. >> i have chickenpox. i will be home itching. >> plus oprah under the weather at her premier too. >> i'm not good. >> o's first words about


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