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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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let's start with something that is going to impact your drive. what is a lot of rain and we continue to see heavy pockets that roll onshore. take a look at this. pretty good looking cell getting ready to move on to san jose. showers will lighten up as you head throughout the second half of your day. expecting these spotty cells to move onshore. we have rain chances each and every day. the big one really arrives as we head throughout friday. we're going to talk about that coming up. right now want to get you out that front door. highway man, it's going to be kind of rough out there again,
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mike. >> we're already seeing that. a live look at palo alto highway, 101. right now you see that water kicking up on the slick roadways here. and there is a little bit of slowing for southbound 101. we have some overnight leftovers here in the city as well. toward the bay bridge, same thing today, a little bit of flooding. big puddle there so that will be a factor. we'll track that but a light traffic flow right now. back to you. >> it certainly was a long night for some in the south bay after a power pole came down crashing down on the roof on a mobile home in san jose. about a dozen people in the area
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remained without power after midnight. crews are hoping to have that power back on before sunrise. be sure to download our app for the latest weather, radar and alerts. >> at least 126 people killed, most of them children. a group of 6 taliban militants stormed the school in peshawar this morning. the gunshot stopped for about 30 minutes but started up again half an hour ago. at least five terrorists have also died. it unclear how many remain. >> prosecutors say maria garetti attacked a girl in walmart and
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her father with a wrench. they believe she targeted them because they were asian. the 20-year-old transient faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. she's notansed a plea just y-- plea just yet. >> the battle to close this bar continues. the security guard was shot and survived. >> we don't have anything personally against the owner of the establishment. i don't know him. really it was all the violence and everything emanating from the bar which forced us to take action. >> the bar's owner didn't want to speak with us but he said the fight is over. >> protesters angry about what one leader describes as police terror held a peaceful,
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candlelight vigil last night. in oakland, a dramatically different kind of protest. outside of oakland police headquarters, protesters chained themselves together and closed down surrounding streets and the entrance to oakland p.d. one man even scaled a flagpole, replacing the flag with his own. >> i can't breathe. >> michael brown, sr. spoke the mission high school last night. brown was invited to speak there. he told students to stay in school and make it about
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justice. >> let your voice be heard. don't back down. doesn't be scared. you have rights. >> it's a vicious cycle of brutality and it needs to stop. >> also in attendance, oscar grant's uncle. he thinks continued unrest will force the hand of leaders to address what he terms a broken criminal justice system. >> a san jose police officer is in danger of losing his job after making controversial comments about the protesting going on. he has come under fire after sending questionable tweets in recent weeks. one said "threaten me or my family and i will use my god given right to use my gun to
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kill you." officer white is on leave. people are dema some are demanding he be fired. officer white is on leave. >> a big rig clipped wong's bike, killing him. >> the san jose board of supervisors is expected to raise minimum wage to one of the highest in the nation. under the plan, they must play workers $19.06 an hour. the board will vote for final approval of that ordinance and will go in effect in july. >> this is it for san jose's mayor chuck reed today, overseeing his very last city council meeting.
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he has been at the tell many in san jose in 2006. he was termed out and mayor sam liccardo will take over. >> four cities, san jose, l.a., boston and washington, d.c. will make their pitch. the pitch will take place at k electronic arts. one city will be chosen to compete against international cities like rome and paris. it would be exciting if it was here. >> it would be amazing. so married leaving office today. we like to say there are 315,
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320 sunny days a year. unfortunately married will not be one of them. >> e.a. sports, it's in the game! that is a good reason to have the olympics right here in the beautiful bay area. can you imagine how cool it would be to see that on a video game? let's talk about what's happening in beautiful san jose right now. we we need it. it's coming through. a lot of the storm activity now is on the east shore to the south of santa rosa. so we're not going to have a lot of activity in the north bay this morning. let me show you futurecast and help you plan your day. we're going to see this pretty active weather until about 9:11 for today. take a look at what is getting into gear. we've got a lot more rain on the way as of tonight. but it doesn't really arrive until we hit that 3:00 time
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frame and then it comes in heavily and steadily from san jose and san francisco. at that point we're still going to be mostly dry here in the south bay. looking forward to 7:00, that's when we are going to get slammed. do keep that in mind. more rain on the way but you will have opportunities get outdoors today. we've got another system on the way for tomorrow and a third on the way for this weekend when a lot of people are going to be traveling. first i want to check your drive. it's a tuesday morning, there's rain out there. good thing we have mike inouye. >> right now the morning, as christina says, we'll get the live camera here. watch as these cars travel through. you can see that mist kicking up behind the cars. very much at the speed limit right here but a slicker roadway. there's flooding reported on junction at the top of the screen. you do have those spots where we
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do have flooding left over from yesterday's rain. so we'll continue to watch that. the freeways are moving very smoothly. the highlighting shows you where it's going to be wetter. highway 13, an earlier crash just north of milwaukee miller, still over on the shoulder, and the bay bridge a little bit cloudy and murky. >> hopefully you will bring us the light. turbulence for an airline. >> and attention shoppers, some doors will be open longer than ever to help you fill out the holiday list.
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zrjs welc . welcome back, everyone. we're getting reports of power lines down on highway 17. from what we understand, both directions are now shut down. highway 17, we have a crew
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headed to the scene to bring you the very latest. >> a makeshift memorial growing in sydney, australia. prime minister tony abbott and his wife laid flowers and stood in silence where the siege took place. a gunman held hostages for 16 hours yesterday. the standoffs eventually ended in a shoot-out that killed two of the hostages and the gunman. this type of lone wolf attack is what u.s. officials are trying to prevent, extremists working alone but inspired by terrorist groups like isis. >> you have to go on the offense. to do that you have to, well, deal with isis. >> experts say we're likely to see more of these types of attack, social media playing a big role. >> the baggage handlers for
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southwest airlines will stage a protest today at san jose international airport. off duty workers plan o do informational picketting at sjc and 15 other airports all over the country. they are claiming southwest is overworking its ply ployies by trying to squeeze more flights into its schedule. and they're upset with contract negotiations that have been going on for years now. >> shoppers will have more time than ever this year to buy those last-minute holiday gifts. for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, we turn to landon doughty, live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura. futures reporting after stocks fell for a second straight day on tuesday. the continued slide in oil prices is still hovering around
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the market. the fed begins a two-day meeting and the central bank is widely expected to drop its pledge to keep interest rates low for a considerable time, signaling a rate hike may be coming next year. the dow dropping nearly 100 points, the nasdaq shedding 48. and it time to shop till you drop but only nine shopping days left until christmas. some retailers will burn the midnight oil. toys "r" us will stay open for 28 hours. and the flagship store in new york's times square will have the lights on for 183 straight hours starting on wednesday. last week kohl's said it will keep stores open for more than 100 hours through christmas eve. >> from wednesday to saturday,
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online customers who reserve items in store can get free same-day delivery in eight markets, including palo alto and san francisco. there's a little bit of time to 39 straight hours. i feel bad for the employees working -- >> there's a certain buzz, festive, working retail. >> okay. you may not feel festive trying to get to work, there's some rain coming here. >> tonight is the first night of hanukkah. right now we are tracking some rich moisture that will likely impact your drive this morning, especially in the south bay where we are getting the heaviest rainfall. we just had reports of some
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issues over 17 likely caused by the combination of wind and rain. you're still getting gusts from about 25 to 35 miles per hour. it's easy for trees to topple with this strong gust. there's more rain continuing to push over the east shore and into the tri-valley. you want to keep your umbrella handy. keep in mind we will see some breaks during the mid section of the day. showers will linger for tomorrow as well and then you've got a dry thursday ahead. very wet conditions on friday. dangerous travel conditions, especially as you're trying to head to northern california over to tahoe. today temperatures in the 50s, you'll need your comb, umbrella. by midday we're going o get some opportunities to get outdoor and clean out those storm drains. this what happens. we sthet thing in motion.
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between 11 and 3:00 it moved onshore. by 7:00, we are getting those heavy downpours. a second system comes through tomorrow. we'll get the core of low pressure. you can see that crossing right over the bay area. some pretty cool stuff visually there. that means more rain on the way for your wednesday. thursday if you were trying to travel, that looks like a pretty good day up and down the state. friday gets tricky as we head through the 5:00 hour together. stay tuned. we'll talk to mike about what's coming up on 17 as well. >> christina, rain soaked but thank you. a river of hot lava creeping closer to a shopping center. it could reach the small town within the next seven to ten days. the gas station plans to sell the gas it has left in its tanks and then fill those tanks with water and fire fighting foam.
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as of right now there are no evacuations in place. >> record triple a predicts 98 million people plan to travel at least 50 miles from home. that's the most sense triple a began tracking people. >> you'll be rocking out this holiday season when it comes to the bay area greatest rock bands of all time, this group may be on your list. >> but green day's latest achievement is further proof it will live forever. >> and this is 580 through dublin, easy drive out of the altamont pass. we'll give you the updates of what's going on with that tree and wires down.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> you probably heard about faining illness to get out of school. angelina jolie pretending to have the chickenpox to avoid promoting her film "unbroken." jolie is furious over a leaked e-mail between a sony executive and a producer. the e-mail called jolie, "a minimally talented spoiled brat." she announced on social media
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she has chickenpox. her husband, brad pitt, was in attendance. >> google is in search of the most popular searches. the most popular search, robin williams. he battled addiction for decades and was suffering from the early stages of parkinson's disease. >> the second most searched term "the world cup," followed by ebola, malaysia airlines. >> the rock 'n' roll hall of fame has announced its class and it includes berkeley talent. green day is included among the inductees. green day's first ep -- >> album.
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>> cd -- well, it said something funny in there. other inductees include joan jet and the blackhearts, stevie ray vaughn. >> that first album was unbelievable. i think it was called "juky" mike? >> obviously we say the name of the album. do we call it album? cd? press? it's not an album anymore, it's not a record. looking toward the map, the big issue for traffic, overall the local bay area is moving very smoothly with green and the green highlighting means there may be damp roadways but the santa cruz mountain is big deal right now. the rain traffic in both
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directions are stopped right now. northbound at sugar loaf they're being turned around, southbound around summit they're being turned around. it going to take a while because the tree involved, they'll have to cut that and remove it. it will impact your morning commute. >> right now we are learning about a grim discovery in the south bay that's actually been there for months. why investigators are now getting involved. >> plus, san francisco makes an olympian pitch.
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more than 100 killed in an attack at a school in pakistan. most of the victims are
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students. we're live with the details. >> rain and another heavy rain this evening. we'll have more wednesday, more on thursday and a potent system on friday and saturday as people are trying to travel for the holiday. >> and a tree down and power lines down on a highway. >> plus san francisco making its pitch to become the home of the future olympic games. a big decision today that could man a lot of changes in the near future. >> before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a peek outside and see what's going on right now in downtown san jose. christina has been talking about rain showers off and on today. we'll be checking in with her very shortly. it is tuesday, december the 16th and you are watching


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