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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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is a soggy start to your morning once again. let's go to christina loren in the weather center. >> there is a lot more rain on the way as we head throughout the second half of your day. however, if you need to get outdoors and clean out your storm drains, for example, now is your time to do so. we're going to see conditions trend dry as we head throughout
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the next few hours. it will stay dry until about 1:00 p.m. but take a look at what's coming. sfrnls coming up, mike has some traffic alerts. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> right now highway 17 blocked in both directions. crews try to clear a downed tree that took out power lines on the way. all of this happening at glenwood drive near scotts valley. the lines are live so crews are making cars turn around at the
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sp sprp. >> latest reports are that possibly all of the militant in the school attack have been killed, though still unconfirmed. the taliban has confirmed it sent six taliban to target older children at the school. one official saying the terrorists had booby-trapped the school premises using i.e.d.s.
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the latest is that the; rizzs vietnam sfr-- most of the stude are civilian. the attack is reportedly in response to the government's recent offenses against insurge engts in that tribal area. the provincial officials have been tweeting using #peshawarattack. so taking advantage of social media there. this is the worst attack in pakistan in years since at least
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2007, according to the global terrorism database. we're hoping this is winding down and hopefully over. we'll keep you updated throughout the show. >> thank you very much. >> we have details about the hostage situation in sydney australia that ended in a deadly shoot-out. prime minister tony abbott and his wife were among the mourners to visit the crime scene. the man behind the attack, haron monis was charged with helping murder his ex-wife. hostages were seen running for their lives last night as police
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storld the calf pay where. the family of a woman found dead in a stairwell last year could be getting a big payout from the city. miss spaulding was missing from her hospital room for 17 days before her body was discovered. her family has filed a claim with the city for more than $2.9 million. the board of supervisors will vote on whether to settle that claim today. >> a weather alert this morning as we take a live look outside this morning. beautiful, iconic bay bridge. yet another storm headed our way. keep that umbrella handy these days. >> all lit up. eventually we'll see sunline
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return to the bay area. >> we'll see a little sunlight today. i don't think anybody is really complaining because you know we need rain and there is more on the way as of this afternoon. in fact, a potent front, looks like it's organizing even more every time i check it out, and i can tell you this thing is going to slam the north bay, slam the peninsula and make its way to the south bay as we head throughout tonight. we stop that clock for you right at 3:00, heavy rain up and down the peninsula at that point, all the way in pa as puerto rico usual, we won't see as heavy totals in the south bay as what we're expecting in the north bay. but, hey, this will likely produce another round of localized flooding, especially in the places that have not had
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an opportunity to dry out just yet. i take you into 11:00 p.m. tonight, still getting the heavy rainfall, after. >> snowfall, that's fine on the road but we're looking at it more than that. we'll look at the chopper that has video showing you the sign at least. the sign talks about the closure of highway 17 at glenwood drive. if you're heading toward santa cruz, do not use highway 17. you have to come back once you get to summit road.
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spchl that's a huge problem, our choppers trying to find a way over the dark mountains safely. now the big, long alternate route that will take you aroundkrer pleasanton very smooth and concord. the golden gate bridge, kating there's no traffic around the bay. i think they know what it looked
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like that's a lot. >> up next, san francisco's push to host the olympic games closed captioning provided by mancini triple bone now more than ever, isn't it the thought that counts? -how old are you kids? -four.
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given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren with a microclimate weather alert. although we're getting light activity right now, the heavy stuff is on the way for later today. that heavy round we dealt with earlier this morning racing over to tahoe where the snow level falls this morning to 4,500 feet. if you're like me and itching to get up to all that fresh powder we've been lacking for the past few years, i got to tell you, there are concerns for travelers. we get to that report in just
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moments. >> now the oakland hills are all right. a lighter volume of traffic where you're looking south of here turns to highway 17. complete closure for highway 17. there's a tree and power lines down. we just heard from our friend, tim, who went through the detour. that sm cog up as well. >> meantime, here are today's top stories. cupertino leaders may present possible solutions to make the city safer for cyclist. a student was hit and killed by a big rig after he was riding in the bike lane. >> and a final vote on implementing a living wage that's the highest in the nation.
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>> the union claims the airline is overworking its employees by trying to squeeze more flights into its schedule. southwest says it supports its employee's right to express its opinion. >> scott mcgrew? >> they've been tracking together pretty steadily, reliably, right, sam? chevron and exxon are on the 30 industrials. lower gas prices mean people have more money for shopping and spending, factories, cost of production is lower, transportation of goods is cheaper as well but the markets just don't see it that way. the broader indices have been down five of the last six sessions, the dow losing 4% in less it and a week. a reminder, the fed begins its
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meeting today. >> have you heard of this fella? he was famous for a day. he was featured in new york magazine because according to the headline, he's made $72 million on the stock market and he's still in high school. well, this morning it turns out that story may be made up. he cancelled an interview with cnbc and did an interview with the "new york observer" denying that he has any money, which would make him a standard that's usually a good sign you need to do more research. and the cia paying two psychologists $81 million to develop a torture program, that also happened. >> well, for a short time, though, that high schooler had a lot of dates lining up for the
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prom. >> thanks a lot. >> you bet. >> san francisco is making its bid to host the summer olympics. that happens today. the u.s. olympic committee will listen to proposals from four cities domestically. >> presentations scheduled to take place within a couple hours at that hotel behind me here in redwood city. you have the four u.s. cities, san francisco and three others making their pitch to the u.s. olympic committee for the 2024 games. each city will get an hour to present, l.a., d.c., s.f. and then boston. >> expected to itch, but the
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games would not take place just within the city limits. within about 45 minutes, we'll tell you what s.f.'s proposal would be for the 2024 games. the usoc has to pick s.f. and the olympic committee would have to pick the site and that's a decision that will be made a couple years from now. reporting live for here in the stay, we get a live look outside right now. one of our producer's mom, megan's mom is celebrating her birthday. >> maybe her daughter will buy
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her a new umbrella. >> i got to tell you, happy birthday. happy, happy birthday. your daughter does a fantastic with skbrn we tip our hat to them and their moms because they raised some wonderful kids. everyone's smiling. you're welcome. time's up. we've got rain on the radar and it is coming in pretty steadily right now in the south bay. but that's about it. as i widen out, you can see things are starting to improve, until we get into this this evening, into tonight. so thanks for sticking with us through last week's storms, through this week's storms. as we head through the next couple days, that rin will continue to slam the bay area, but i like to give you very precise timing so you can get out there and plan your day. i stopped that clock for you right at 1:00.
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you can see at that point mostly dry. between about 10:00 a.m. and that means you can get outdoors, really having to deliver packages through this then it's going to press into the south bay between3:00. >> because then we'll get a little bit of a break tomorrow morning. what is this going to bring to tahoe? this system alone, an additional 9 inches of rain just -- excuse me, of snow in keenvale.
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and trucky, if you go up there, you're going to want to bring your chains. you'll have much better conditions to drive through if you hold off on your trip until thursday. that's a good day to drive and we'll tell you why. first a check of traffic with mike inouye. >> it's not a standard tuesday because we don't have all the cash lanes backed up. the left approach is looking much lighter than the right approach. let's look at your maps. we're talking about a lighter flow around the bay. we typically see this the time between christmas and new year's. first night of hanukkah, we're seeing a.
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>> you can't escape the slow down but it's very light over there. look at the rest of your bay. a tiny volume of traffic coming out of livermore. dublin showing you the speed limit down through sunol. now, the green highlights still showing a little bit over there. you'll have slick roadways. watch the on and off ramps. but thing about dal we heard from pg&e and caltrans that have to get from the site. our friend tim did take a local cut through around glenwood
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drive. he's very familiar with the site. he said it took him an extra 25 minutes. we're looking at a lighter volume of traffic. the rain came through, there was water kicking up but now just a sheen on the roadway. watch those slick conditions. >> plus a live look outside now, this from the san bruno mountaintop. it's 6:22 on your tuesday. another wet day as you get geared up and ready to head out your door right now. we'll check in with mike and christina, who has been tracking the timing of this latest storm when we return.
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human remains were found sunday off the side of highway 9 near booker creek road. the remains appear to have been there for at least a year but didn't say anything about the person's gender or cause of death. >> the woman charged with attacking a 4-year-old girl at a walmart in san jose is expected to be returning to court this
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morning. prosecutors say maria attacked the girl and her father with a wrench back in may. they believe she targeted them because they were asian. the 20-year-old transient faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. >> she has not yet entered a plea but we are waiting to see what will happen in court today. we'll bring you the latest. >> santa clara supervisors will look at a plan to outfit police officers with body cameras. the county is thinking of purchasing cameras like these that are currently being used by san jose police officers. earlier this month, president obama called for funding for body cameras. >> the opening bell, we're going to back down.
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and as you can see in the corner of your screen, the day is starting to break here pretty soon and it's filled with plenty of rain. christina will fill us in right after this break. we'll be right back.
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we've got more rain to get through this morning. we'll get a little bit of a break as we head throughout the second half of your day but it returns heavily for tonight and rain for tomorrow as well. a little break for thursday and then the biggest of the three systems arrives on friday. we've got a lot to go over this morning in your microclimate weather forecast. >> and the commute is on for this tuesday. here's the north bay but it's not what you're expecting for a typical tuesday in traffic. also a huge issue unexpected, a full closure for highway 17, cutting off the santa cruz
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mountains. hopefully we'll show you a view from our chopper coming up. >> oil prices continue to fall. it is the strangest thing as we get under way on wall street. there's the bell and to the nasdaq as well in three, two, one, business under way. >> there is the official countdown. many of you just tracking weather conditions outside now as we give you a live look at the bay bridge, trying to figure out when all of this rain is going to get into your morning commute. we'll have much more coming up right now. today is tuesday, december 16th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. an update on breaking news. an attack on a military-run school in pakistan is being carried out by the taliban. at least 126 people have died so
6:31 am
far, mostly kids. dozens more are wounded as well and that attack is ongoing. coming up in about 15 minutes, stephanie chuang will bring us a live report with the most recent information. >> this morning in sydney, a sea of flowers covers the ground as hundreds pay their respect to those killed in a 16-hour standoff that ended in a hail of gun fire. tracie potts joins us and raises questions whether something like that could happen here in the u.s. >> this is raising lots of questions about who the suspect was and what his motivation was. we've learned he was not on a terror watch list, which means he could have traveled freely from australia to other countries. but the real concern officials here in the united states has is this -- could that type of attack happen here in the u.s.? if so, what do we need to do to try to prevent it. that's what homeland security,
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police departments, law enforcement all over the country are trying to figure out. this was, by all indications, a lone wolf attack. and that's what authorities here have been concerned about, situations like this where someone is following al qaeda or isis in philosophy but not necessarily working with them, tied to them or sent to them. people who are right here already in your own country in many cases. that's what they're trying to keep an eye on. in new york they raised the security level around some areas as the u.s. looks very closely on this investigation in australia to try to figure out how to prevent that from happening here at home. >> all right. as they continue to have the pain there. thank you so much. >> let's shift gears and check on what's going on outside at 6:32 on your tuesday morning. we'll give you a live look outside, downtown san jose. some drivers moving about in the
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dark. we do know there are some slick conditions to face. >> that's certainly true. the windshield wipers have been given a true test. >> definitely more rain on the way. if you haven't replaced them just yet, you definitely have reason to do so. that might be a nice christmas gift. if you're going to buy the windshield wipers to repair, it's always a good idea to put them on for the person because if you're like me, it is a struggle to get those things on! we have pretty good downpours in our region here and you see a lot of that shower activity is subsiding, which means you'll be able to get outdoors for 6 to 8 hours today without dodging showers but then that rain returns and it is going to be heavy as we head through tonight. first, though, temperatures chilly. 58 on the east shore, 55 in san francisco and the south bay, oh,
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my goodness, 59 degrees and we are the warm city. so here is the deal. let me show you your futurecast. come on by the tv. maybe your brushing your teeth. i clock to be we're going to get some pretty good downpours all the way through 11:00 p.m. tonight and then things will start to clear up. if you're trying to get to tahoe, that snow will be traveling with you. keep in mind you'll need the chains. we don't have a lot of wind but that system will provide another 9 inches of pressure powder to kingvale, shaping up for what may be the best ski season in ten years. here's mike inouye on your
6:35 am
drive. >> first of all, we'll start out with a look from our chopper, which is still trying to get to the scene of the do you understand tree and power lines on highway 17. they're not there yet. i'll explain why it's taking them a while. first of all, we're talking about northbound 17. the better news, we just got news that all northbound lanes are open. we talked about the tree taking down power lines in the area. they've been able to move those wires from the northbound side. the tree blocking the southbound side will take much longer to clear. they are following highway 101 down through the area, following lights in the city and getting their way from the santa cruz sites but they will be able to show us something by the end of the show. that is also a big, long work around.
6:36 am
you cannot get to santa cruz via highway 17 from the south bay right now. you'll have to use highway 9 or 101 to highway 1 via 152. there's the rest of the very light volume. we're showing you san jose, no problems northbound, this is the commute starting through the area. you're close to the speed limit for 880. and the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have the metering lights on and once again we did have the left approach a little bit lighter but we see the maze still with a slower build as we. >> people are excited to be sure, to see relatives and get a little time off from work. the markets have been open for a
6:37 am
few minutes. >> let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> let's start with oil. oil prices west texas intermediate, the american oil prices now near $55 a barrel. as we were discussing earlier, that brings the markets down, too, the dow industrials down 63 points. wall street journal reports kimton hotels has sold itself for $34 million. that man, the ceo, will step down. he essentially invented the residence inn. $430 million for the chain of hotels. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. >> it is 6:37 right now. up next, new trouble in paradise as lava inches toward a gas station.
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happening right now in pennsylvania, the search intensifies for the search of a man who went on a deadly shooting spree. recall yesterday morning a neighbor saw bradley stone running out of nicole stone's home with their two young daughters. the daughters were later found safe at his neighbor's house. but police made the grim discovery of a total of six bodies in the early morning hours in three different houses.
6:41 am
schools near the crime scenes are closed today as authorities think that stone could be somewhere in the area. neighbors say nicole stone feared for her life and told them many times that her ex-husband was going to kill her. it's a really sad story. >> very sad. >> a river of hot lava is creeping its way closer and closer to a shopping center on hawaii's big island. it is about a mile away and could reach the shopping center within the next seven to ten days. the center has a shopping center and supermarket. the station plans to sell the gas it has left in the tanks and then fill the tanks with water and fire-fighting foam just in case. as of now there are no evacuation orders in place. >> coming up next, an update to breaking news, more than 100 kids killed as the taliban storms a school in pakistan. >> plus the family of a woman
6:42 am
found dead of a local hospital stairwell could be getting a big pay-out. >> and a live look outside, a look at the bay bridge. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather on this rainy tuesday right after the break.
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an update to breaking news. a tragic attack on a school in pakistan has killed at least 126 people, more than 100 of them children. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, sending six suicide bombers into a school that's grades 1 through
6:45 am
10. >> stephanie chuang joins us. we've learned all of the militants have been killed. >> the number ranges from six up to nine gunmen. this is over but the heartbreak still remains, the victims that are children mostly 6 to 15 years old. there are countless more images of adults accompanying young kids. it was morning in peshawar when the militants stormed the military school where most students are civilians. they entered the classrooms shooting kid at random. the taliban had sent the attackers to kill older students, especially the
6:46 am
children of senior military officials. the terrorists had also planted i.e.d.s around the school which made it difficult for soldiers and police. >> now, 17-year-old malala youssif, who survived the brutal attack by the taliban in 2012 said "i along with millions of others around the world mourn these children, my brothers and sisters, but we will never be defeated." some very powerful words from that young woman. the deadliest attack in pakistan in years is now over. authorities are sweeping the buildings. the rush to save lives and treat the injured goes on. >> you can check our web site,
6:47 am, for updates all morning long. >> now over to a microclimate weather alert. right now a break in the rain, perhaps a brief one before another round of wet weather moving in. this is a live look at our realtime doppler radar as we track the latest storm to come through the bay area. this is downtown. >> just making your way out that front door could be difficult this morning. a lot of debris out there. watch out for those little pine cones that fall off, oo, ladies if you're going to wear the
6:48 am
heels. i almost fell this morning, though i'm clumsier than most. we get another round of the heavy stuff tonight. what a pretty day shaping up all across the bay area. we're getting a little sunshine this morning. you can see the cloud moving with a neighborhood eye, moving that quickly with the storm system. you'll get a chance to see our green hillside that should be absolutely lovely out there. let me break down your day in detail for you. this morning breezy with spotty showers. up might have to use your windshield wipers for maybe five minutes at a time. then the rain comes back. we're expecting the heaviest, 3:00 p.m. in the north bay, 6:00 p.m. in the south bay. we'll have slick conditions for you tomorrow and another round of rain as well. still a dry spell at that point
6:49 am
for most of the bay area. but look at what's coming our way. move this thing in motion, that's when the heavy stuff moves in and this is enough rain to create localized flooding. you know where the spots are in santa rosea, you don't want to have the radio blasting later on tonight with conditions like this coming in. i stopped that clock for you between about 11:00 p.m. and midnight. we'll get a little break from the heavy stuff. like i said before, conditions will be slick. tonight is the first night of hanukkah. sun sets tonight at 4:52, 55 degrees, a little bit of shower activity if you will be gathering together with friends. as we head throughout the next couple of days, keeping the rain going into the forecast. thursday is a good travel day for you. and friday into saturday we get another potent system.
6:50 am
i'm still waiting on the data for this one. it's kind of wishy washy with the models they're doing right now. i do think we're getting some pretty good rainfall, friday into saturday. and we're looking mostly dry for most of next week. here's mike. >> i want to start with the chopper. they just got to the santa cruz site of highway 17 and they're looking at northbound with the taillights moving away from us. the northbound traffic is open, the southbound side is closed but we should see recovery right now. we do still have the southbound closure. as we look toward the south bay and south of there, looking toward highway 17, northbound with lanes just reopened after they pulled the wires from across the roadway. northbound traffic okay but slow. over here southbound is still stuck. you're forced northbound at summit road.
6:51 am
there's your typical pattern, lighter than normal build. around the rest of the bay we see an easy drive south. 880 starts slow a bit through hayward. this pattern typical, especially for a lighter volume tuesday. a crash at willow pass road on highway 4. live looksnd kate a lighter volume of traffic and we still have slick roadways but west 92 slows around this time anyway. so far the freeways themselves move smoothly. we'll give you a look at oakland, past the coliseum, over
6:52 am
toward high street. there's a breeze kicking in but not a problem for kids over the bay. the backup goes wet -- west. >> spaulding's family has filed a claim with the city for more than $2.9 million. the board of supervisors will vote today as to whether to settle that claim. >> cupertino held a community workshop to gather ideas about improving bike safety after the death of 15-year-old ethan wong.
6:53 am
a big rig clipped his bike as he rode to school. some proposals include adding more bike lanes, alloweding riders to ride on the sidewalk and restricting truck traffic on school routes. >> we know the cost of living in the silicon valley is sky high. here's one possible pushback. the santa clara board of supervisors expected to raise the living wage to one of the highest in the country. under the proposed plan, companies that do business with the county would pay workers at least $19.06 per hour, roughly a thousand workers would be affected. the rules would go into effect in july. >> san francisco making its pitch today to host the 2024 summer olympics. >> put out your best plans. the city by the bay hoping to get a shot at the 2024 summer games. not exactly around the corner, but still. the u.s. olympic committee will
6:54 am
be hearing bids this morning. hello, bob. >> reporter: good morning. just in an hour, each city will get an hour to present starting at 8:00. l.a. goes first, followed by d.c., s.f. and then boston. giants ceo larry baer expected to pitch on behalf of san francisco. baer expected to sell san francisco's beautiful skyline, which of course includes the golden gate, alcatraz, coy tower. the proposal calls for them to
6:55 am
be. now, it is quite possible the usoc might decide not to present a candidate city to the international olympic committee, in part because of the billions of dollars needed to put on this competition. they're expected to address that during a news conference at 4:00 this afternoon. it would still be several weeks before they would announce their u.s. candidate city and then the ioc, the international olympic committee would make the decision on which city to host the 2024 olympics. they would be making that decision in 2017. the head of the usoc is also the head of electronic arts, which happens to be located in redwood city. >> we'll see how it goes.
6:56 am
>> a lot of things located right here. thank you, bob. >> 6:55. many nbc shows will soon be screened online. >> the wall street journal reports nbc will live stream shows as they happen. mobile will come a little later. a laptop and ipad have different licensing issues. s so that's strange. you actually have to be a paid tv customer, even though nbc is a broadcaster. you can already watch our newscast online. you can watch it on mobile as well. other news, the ruble has fallen again, even after the russian federal central bank raised interest rates to a staggering 17%. not only did that not help, sam and lawyer rarks the ruble got less valuable. the pulling the reserve shoot only to find out it's a back
6:57 am
pack. this could get very, very serious. russia, a nuclear power in desperate, desperate economic trouble. >> yes, a sticky situation to be sure. thank you very much, scott. >> 6:56 right now. we'll get one final check of the day's top stories. at least 126 people have died, more than 100 of them kids in an attack by the taliban at a pakistani school. another 122 were injured. investigators say at least six taliban attackers stormed the school this morning shooting at random. all of them have been killed. >> australian prime minister tony abbott and his wife were among those to bring flowers to the memorial outside the cafe
6:58 am
where two hostages were killed. >> and the union is claiming southwest airline is overworking employees. southwest says it supports its employees' rights to express their own opinion. >> the storm headed our way packing a punch? >> not right now but later today it certainly will. 6:58. showing you your radar. we do have hef rerain returning mostly between 3:00 and 7:00. and we'll be in the thick of it in the overnight hours. christmas party time right after this! >> wow! >> some jazz. >> the sachs phoxophone, going some. >> as we look at your map, a lighter volume around the bay.
6:59 am
you saw from that shot we have slick roadways. remember, though, this is tuesday, very light volume of traffic. there's the tri-valley. an earlier crash led folks over toward the dublin interchange. full closure at highway 17 -- >> full closure? >> i thought northbound was open but full closure for the southbound. >> any chance it will open soon? >> no, there's a huge tree, it's going to be hours. >> the lottery's new eest conte awards one person a dinner. if you want to win 18 courses and paired wine, you have to buy an emerald 10 scratcher, take a picture of yourself with the ticket and write a caption about
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who you would win the dinner with and why. i feel like i'm giving away the prize. it's worth nearly $5,000. >> you have a future in show biz. >> have to go somewhere from here. >> don't go yet. >> have a good day. good morning. breaking news. massacre in pakistan. at least 126 people dead, most of them children in class, after taliban gunmen storm a school. the situation still unfolding this morning. manhunt. the search is on for the iraq war veteran accused of killing six family members in pennsylvania. was he involved in an attempted robbery overnight? we'll be live with the latest. heroes, powerful tribute in australia for two victims killed during that hostage situation. one of them shot trying to wrestle the gun away from his


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