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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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this morning as hillside starts to give way. what's being done now to shore up that slide. >> the latest round of wet weather may be helping out water shortage, it's putting too much pressure on some water lines. demanding answers. leadsers in one city getting an earful after protesters say police went too far. >> the beautiful bay bridge. it's wednesday, december 17th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you.
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thanks so much for joining us. it's 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. another chance to dry out but only for a short period, as another system moves in. we are tracking weather issues across the bay area. >> "today in the bay," stephanie chuang monitoring the news. christina loren standing by and ready. >> can i talk? can i talk now? just kidding. we had this whole spread ready to go, four boxes, mike, me, stephanie, altogether, you'll see that coming up. but we have showers this morning. between make sure that you are ready for that. if you're headed into southern california for today, trying to get a little leg up on that holiday travel, you're going to be traveling with the system. now a bit of a break. heavy stuff arrives between 1:00 and 3:00. latest coming up, make sure you're ready for another round. potential flooding, expecting it again. potent system moves through by friday.
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we'll have all of that coming your way in moments. first, mike inouye, standing by, mark my words, he was standing by. >> all of us standing by. the golden gate bridge, it's wet, driving through without any big deal. full shot, we show that sheen, still wet after overnight rains. spots of flooding. stephanie will talk about the drama in the north bay. we'll talk about one issue. look at the maps. talking about traveling southbound 101, coyote or wolf-type animal, we're not sure what it was, sounds might it might be injured. green in richmond, wet, damp, slick roadways continue in the bay until the sun comes out. overall bay looking good. lighter volume tuesday. another echo from earlier in the week. southbound 680, a crash, atruck lost control, according to the
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report and hit the center divide south 680 at vargas. tracking that. no slowing yet. but a couple days ago we had a similar problem that caused a big problem in the morning commute. recent rain starting to cause problems in one north bay neighborhood where a hillside is starting to give way. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joins us live where there are problem spots around town. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. there were plenty of problems last week. warren county declared a state of emergency, more wet weather on the way. of course there are more concerns. tamalpais high school. the stretch behind me, it's dark, i north korea it's flooded. there's signs, cones, one lane you cannot get through here. take a look, south of here in mill valley, there won't be anyone driving. for instance, tennessee valley road. last night, concrete barricades
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to make sure drivers do not go through. the answer for why, the other side showing a mudslide covering part of the street which had taken down oak trees. with more rain on the way, concern it will trigger more movement and concern to property. homes almost suffered substantial damage. >> luckily a swimminging pool caught majority of the slide, a little bit went beyond the pool, broke one window. >> reporter: now other places of concern in the north bias more wet weather continues this week. now this is where part of the road had slipped away a week ago, sending it down. back here live, the creek is full of water. not enough to cause property damage. we understand high tide at 7:30 this morning. we'll have an up date in 30
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minutes. >> must be pretty wendy as well. rest your voice. northbound 87 near 280 back open after serious flooding caused by the storm. this area has flooded several times throughout the last couple of weeks. last night the chp had to set up flares to get people who didn't see the flooding to slow down. caltrans workers reset a pumping station to clear the water off the road. >> download nbc bay area app for your smartphone as we monitor these conditions. click on icon to take you to the weather page, find the latest forecasting, weather alerts. stormy weather may have kept angry protesters away from the city council meeting. the mayor moved the meeting to long fellow middle zoolschool t accommodate a large crowd. protesters felt the police used
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excessive force. >> mayor baits you defended the police wry krot on protesters and blamed students beaten unprovoked by the police. that is a scandal. >> if somebody stepped over the line and did something that was bad, we'll look into that. we're not going to shuffle things under the rug. we need to discipline people, we'll dismen people. >> the mayor will hold a special meeting next month, to look at the roll of district. the district attorney will investigate police action. police have arrested a teenager accused of attacking numerous bike riders on a popular path in san francisco. the teen and friends would hide behind trees and bushes in the panhandle, buy cyclists would ride by, they'd pop up, hit something over the head with a stick, they would steal the bikes and valuables. today, san jose, the mayor,
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is going to break new ground on a new wing of santana road. don't expect to see more high end stores moving in. the area will be use the as office space, leaders hoping companies will move headquarters to the structure. the building will come with shut toll help workers get from the peninsula to santana row. hoping the location will draw more companies to silicon valley. google finding a pilot program to help mountain view get greener. the city rolling out five lech trek buses to take people from neighborhoods to popular areas. the tech giant will pay for the shuttles for the next two years. following that, mountain view has to decide if it wants to keep the program running and, if so, how to pay for it. comes with a bike rack, standard operating procedure wi-fi. >> of course, everywhere around here. warrior fans, quite a run but now it's over.
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the warriors lost to the grizzlies 105-98. the loss ended the 16-game winning streak, the first loss in more than a month, november 11th. the warriors own an nba-best record of 21 wins and 3 losses. >> yes. not a lot to complain about. i have a feeling that christina will say, hey, my raiders have two wins for the season. 21, you can't be complaining about that. >> they did take the niners out of the playoffs. i hate to say it, but, hey. we want our bay area teams to win. warriors are looking so phenomenal. that's the team to watch in the bay area. sharks just getting their season going as well. san jose, we're looking dry. we have showers rolling down the peninsula. that will be the weather story of the day. light on and off activity until we dive into the afternoon and heavy stuff returns. before we get another round of heavy rain, ooh i want to bring
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you up to date with averages. we got a lot of rain yesterday. another round of flooding, even in the south bay, strong thunderstorms. at this point, just about every plaj metropolitan city, keeping records for 100 years, over 200% of average for the season. we're doing really well. we have amazing totals. because of the reason that came through. this is the big one. san jose, more rain than 120 years. 120-year record broken in san jose. for the month of december, we crossed that halfway mark. we're at 740%, 746%. and this is so far the second wettest december ever. i'm going to call it right now. i believe it will be the wettest december of all time in san jose. i'm going to time out the next round of rain to your doorstep.
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let's collect your drive. we can do it. >> you're a person of numbers. averages always change. we'll look at hopefully a wet january as well. we don't want to break the streak either. sorry about the warriors. here, focusing on the roadway. the parking lot, the sheen, water on the roadway. smooth drive here. tri-valley map, no slowing here. 580, 608. southbound, 680 a concern. like monday a jackknifed big rig. a rig crashed into the divide. that rig in a jackknifed position, blocking hov. a little slowing. no word when they're going to move that rig. monday it took so late to move it out of the area and that caused a backup for the morning commute. lighter volume today. flooding in san jose, not far from our station, and also
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redwood city of highway 101. the festival of lights under way. that is holiday speak for the first night of hanukkah, which was last night. south bay, celebrants in los gatos lit the first candle on the menorah. ha han hanukkah will continue until december 24th. sony changing plans for the film that has north korea seeing red. what homeland security's saying about new, unsubstantiated threats. talk about a bumpy flight. more than scary. it went on and on and injured passengers.
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new video of a flight from south korea to texas that didn't go as planned. one passenger took the video,
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experiencing extreme turbulence for more than an hour. 15 people were lurt. flight was diverted to japan to the injured could be treated. the plane was flying through a winter storm. the woman next to him was hit in the head by a flying dish. people in pakistan have started three days of mourning for the 132 children killed in a brutal taliban attack. candles lit across pakistan as the country prepares for mass funerals. 142 people in all died yesterday when gunmen storm a school and went class to class, spraying classrooms with bullets. today leaders will meet to talk about how to talk about medica g in the hills. president obama and others condemned the attacks and helped to offer in the future. >> wherever you are, those are
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our children and this is the world's loss. >> just three days ago, the congress approved $1 billion to help pakistan with its security. australian security forces are trying to figure out why the man behind the deadly hostage situation in sydney was not on a terror watch list. they say monis, a 50-year-old iranian born isis fanatic on a watch list but removed from it years ago. unclear why his name was taken off of the list. this week, monis held 17 people hostage inside a cafe for 16 hours, reportedly shooting and killing the manager when he tried to wrestle him. a second hostage died during that gunfight. 4:46. a petaluma man is under arrest after six-month investigation. santa cruz police arrested the 21-year-old derek murphy,
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accused of tagging parks, walls and fences from highways from bakersfield to seattle. investigators think he tagged two police cars in santa cruz. police officers worked with numerous investigators to identify murphy and another suspect, who they're still looking for. they found a portfolio of taggings with sketches that matched the graffiti. turns out the show will not go on. at least when it comes to the new york premiere of the film "the interview," scheduled for tomorrow night but sony has canceled it, amidst new threats that a 9/11 style attack could occur at theaters which show the film. the movie's about assassination attempt on kim jong-un. the department of homeland security says there's no credible intelligence to indicate an active plot against movie theaters in the u.s. we spoke to moviegoers about the controversial. >> scary considering what happened with colorado and
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aurora, "the dark knight." >> for me it's not going to stop me. i think it's going to hype up the movie more and make people between see. >> very different perspectives. sewny does not plan to pull the movie. heard of cramming? the practice of doing so will apparently cost more wireless phone service a lot of money. for more on that and news before the bell, landen, good morning. >> good morning to you. futures point to higher open, as stocks bounce back after a crazy day tuesday. the dow swinging up and down more than 700 points, as investors eye oil prices and russia's economic crisis. the dow down 900 points sense closing at a record high december 5th. look for data on consumer prices and earnings from fede xp.
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wrapping up a meeting with traders looking for clues when interest rates may go up. the dow up as much as 247 points closed down 112 points, while the nasdaq fell 57 to 4547. sprint facing $100 million even for a practice known as cramming. the company allegedly charged customers for services they didn't want, such as text message alerts and horoscopes also investigating complaints against t-mobile. you think $350 is too much to pay for the apple watch, this isn't in your price range, either. a jeweler in the washington, d.c., area, offering $31,000 diamond encrusted apple watch for preorders. the company says there will be five to ten limited edition models but not a real thing yet. it's not available for sale and the jeweler is waiting to see if
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there are buyers out there. diamond are a girl's best friend, i'm in. >> no matter where you put it, right? on a watch. >> straight bling. >> a lot. >> we'll see if it gets sold. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking through wednesday, halfway through the week. >> halfway through. more rain. rain is making it more difficult to do all of the things you want to do when it comes to holiday season. more wet weather coming your way throughout the second half of the day. for now, light showers rolling down the peninsula. let me zoom in. show you what's going on out there. you can see as you make your way up the peninsula, you'll have windshield wipers, maybe five minutes at a time. getting light activity in comparison to what's coming your way, another round. unbelievable how much rain this month. 57 in the north bay. 55 san francisco. 57 today. it's going to be chilly.
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you need your jacket and umbrella. let me move you forward in time and show you futurecast. i like to talk to you with specific time frames. the deal for 9:00 a.m. getting light stuff. you can see what's on its heels. heavy moisture moving through the bay area. ed through the day, i stop the clock at 3:00, getting rich moisture up and down the peninsula. moving forward to 11:00 p.m., getting rain. we are expecting another round of localized flooding. you know usual suspect, 87, comes with 280, take it easy crossing through that area. also, up through marin county, areas of ponding and puddles, travel cautiously. adrying out period as we get into the weekend for late friday into saturday. by sunday, another storm system start st starts to shape up. a look at christmas forecast, about a week away from christmas
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eve. >> hard to believe. >> sounds crazy. only a week and a half out. 4:51, in lots of places, it's tough enough as a smoker. now one town wants to keep them from getting hired, talking about smokers. the potential ban that is more than smoke and mirrors. looking toward palo alto. smooth drive, slick roadways continue. talk about something farther southbound, your freeway. curious situation. also repeat situation on the east bay. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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menus getting a makeover and you might not like what you see. requiring chain restaurants with 20 or more locations to list the caloric value of alcoholic drinks. but the rules do not apply to menus at the bar. unlike most food and drink, most bottles and cans don't have to list full information. after years of trying to make nutritional information on alcoholic drinks public, the new labels rules are a good first step. >> any nutrition in alcohol? county in arizona wants to put amoratorium on hiring smokers. it's losing $13 million a year from employees' smokers. smokers take more sick days, less product everybody than smoke-free co-workers. hiring ban would not include
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just smokers. all nicotine users, people who smoke vapors won't be hired. current employees will have to pay more for insurance. new word, as of this year, vape. >> i don't use it. >> who does? mike, nothing new about that commute, you've been watching pattern build up for i would say years. >> yes, i am. surprisingly, young looking, right? thank you. here toward the bay bridge, renewed after we got the new span. smooth drive. cash lanes, bottom of the screen, left approach, two lanes not open that's the usual backup. that's the pattern i was talking about. rest of the bay, smooth drive. closer toward the end of the year, a lighter flow of traffic. a couple of spots, repeat performance from the report, what it sounds like. southbound 680 at vargas. monday we had a truck that hit center divide, and now a jackknife situation there.
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hchl hov lane blocked. we'll see slowing until they clear that. morning commute could be another problem through sunol. southbound 280 approaching highway 85, reports of four or five ice chests in the roadway. it's not that warm, maybe trying to collect rainwater but don't do that on the freeway. hopefully it clears quickly. >> 4:57. fallen trees and mudslides. show you the damage from the latest round. >> feeding needy. what's going on now in san francisco to help less fortunate.
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after the storm, the cleanup continues in the north bay where a mudslide shut down a roadway. when things could be cleared up, coming up. the recent rainfall could be responsible for a watt main break on the peninsula. and after the recent rainfall, for today we have more rainfall for you.
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you want to make sure you've got that umbrella handy. expecting another round of localized flooding. gray skies for thursday but mostly dry. a whopper system by friday. and then we clear you out for the weekend. there is a second system on the way. a lot to go over, full microclimate forecast this morning. repeat for conditions and also repeat for incident in the tri-valley, big rig involved for 680. why the commute will be din, though, coming up. want to stick around for that, as we take a live look outside, this from the south bay, downtown san jose. wednesday, december 17th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the skies are clear -- >> sounds right. >> clear skies. another rois


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