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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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that umbrella handy. expecting another round of localized flooding. gray skies for thursday but mostly dry. a whopper system by friday. and then we clear you out for the weekend. there is a second system on the way. a lot to go over, full microclimate forecast this morning. repeat for conditions and also repeat for incident in the tri-valley, big rig involved for 680. why the commute will be din, though, coming up. want to stick around for that, as we take a live look outside, this from the south bay, downtown san jose. wednesday, december 17th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the skies are clear -- >> sounds right. >> clear skies. another round is on the way. right to the microclimate
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forecast and meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. we just can't get this rain out of the bay area. we need it. we want it. unfortunately for everybody, it's been relentless, as we head throughout the morning hours you're getting a break as you get ready to make your way out the front door, we have areas that have not had an opportunity to dry out. over the past three to six hours, this is what the trend has been, light, spotty activity. heavy stuff moves in throughout the second half of your day. want to make sure you are aware of that. grab that umbrella. temperatures school enough for a jacket all day long as well east shore, 56,s that your high. 57 in the north bay with moisture starting to push on shore, after 9:00 a.m. we'll show you the time line and tell you how much we're expecting from the most recent expected rain. still getting mind-blowing rainfall totals out of the storms. that's all coming your way in moments. first out the front door if
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you're leaving right now. here's mike inouye. >> looking here, slick roadways you've been talking about. sounds like again slickened up by the rain coming up. lighter flow of traffic. show you the maps, reports of the roadway flooding on surface streets. i want to show you the green, sticking around. upper east shore freeway, not a big deal. should see a lighter volume of traffic until now to the end of the year. also on monday, repeat performance of what we saw there. southbound 680, vargas. we have slick conditions, not saying this 100% the case but we may have had this contributing to the second truck here, big rig southbound 680 vargas. jackknifed situation similar to monday. tracking this. no slowing yet. watch it, hov lane closed. this week's rain causing mudslide concerns in some parts of the bay area. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in mill valley. a major roadblocked off, we understand, due to mud issues.
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>> reporter: that's right. good morning. you'll see that video in a second. that south of here, in mill valley. but where we are is tal pie as high school. one lane closed because of flooding. saw an suv drive through here fast, purposely go into a water, sending water into the area. roads are slick. towards southern end at tennessee valley road, mud closing down part of the road there, crews putting concrete barricades to make sure drivers do not go through, after the mudslide took down oak trees and covered some of the roadway. that's likely closed for the rest of the day. of course threat to home there's. firefighters yesterday responding to report of mud into the back of the house in tiburon. for the drivers, people said even if there's no huge rainfall today, caution is still key.
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>> try to avoid crazy people who zoom on by and splash water on the windshield, you can't see anything. >> i'd like to go 45 on the freeway when it's this bad. >> reporter: not a bad idea. other places of concern as more wet weather conditions. the storm forced closure of the stretch of highway 1. this is where part of the road slipped away, last week, shutting it down to early part of next year. used to flooding, the creek is flowing strong but at a safe level. marin county declared state of emergency because the storm. there's also eyes on other creeks. near by, the creek is flowing strong but no threat to properties. coming up, concerns from local business owners and we'll hear from them in our next report. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." thank you very much. >> apologies there. on this peninsula, people
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cleaning from a big mess. latest storm overpowered several water mains, caused homes to flood. you can see some video there. this is how to looked, harkens avenue, where a pipe burst under the weight of the recent downpours. water flooded the garages of several homes and created a stream of water in some backyards. >> someone banged on our door, check your front yard. when we opened the front yard, we said, there's a lake in the front. >> so the reason came down so fast in san mateo county, the storm drain could not handle it on idaho street. people in one apartment complex had to deal with angle-deep flooding. the water began receding 8:30 last night. crews had to shut off running water to some homes to make sure that folks' safety was taken into account. download nbc bay area app to your smartphone. when you get there click on our
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icon, take you to the weather page. find the latest forecasting, radar and alerts. investigators will be out in a remote part of saratoga, trying to recover a set of human remains, discovered off the side of highway 9, above saratoga on sunday. no word on how long it will take them to recover. the poddy appears tos be buried in a shallow grave. they're not saying if the a man or woman or divulging the age of the person. suspected serial tagger in jail. police arrested 21 derek murphy-year-old in the week. murphy the key suspect in a series of tagging cases from bakersfield north to seattle. police say they fond a portfolio of the taggings inside of his home. officers looking for a second suspect. if found guilty, both would face criminal charges and could be required to pay restitution.
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dozens of people lined up outside live memorial in san francisco hoping to take advantage of a gone russ holiday tradition. >> yes, bob redell live in san francisco with more on the grocery bag giveaway. nice thing to do, right before christmas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. the grocery bag giveaway, so popular and important to those in need, people have been lined up for quite some time. we're told since yesterday, waiting for distribution which doesn't start around 7:30 this morning. expecting a huge crowd, you can see the city had given permission, as they do every year to shut down the section for this operation to take place. this is what we believe to be 32nd year na that reverend cecil williams' church put this event together. distributing 5,000 bags of food which they hope will meet demand. it's possible they could run out, which happened in years
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past. in the bag, everything needed for a holiday meal, fresh poultry, turkey or chicken, oranges, bread, pasta, sauce, rice, beans and vegetables. again, just to give these people something at least during the holiday. it's not something that can happen on a daily or weekly basis. they feed people but as far as this this is something they get once a year which brings them back home, making them feel at home for holidays. 5,000 bags, hoping that meets demand. again, it's happened in years past they could run out. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so nice to see this. generosity out there. >> absolutely. to stay into the spirit, nbc bay area we had a safeway food drive as well to try to get as much food as possible. christina loren, laura, myself, all out there. >> still going on. >> still going on, that's the
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key point. >> throughout the rest of the month, get bags, placed front and center in all of your safeway stores. thank you to everybody that came out. one of the seasons you know what the wet weather is like. you have to go outside just getting to your car can be difficult. think about people living out there on the streets, they really need help this season. it's just been downright treacherous outdoors. across the bay area, you see flooding reports that have come in, unheard of rainfall. rain that we haven't seen in over 100 years here in the bay area. san jose specifically. keep that in mind. it's a good idea if you get a new coat for christmas, maybe donate an old one as well. through your day, you can see spotty activity now. by wednesday, 9:00 a.m., midday today, talking about that heavy stuff returning. not going to get much of a drying out period before we get more rain that could potentially flood the area. stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., that's when it's getting hairy across the board. san jose. santa cruz mountains not giving
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us that rain effect. today another round of heavy rain that will continue until 9:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. bulk of the moisture. this is the core of low pressure, exing. ing another round of isolated thunderstorms. we're not going to let our guard down. i was here until 3:00 yesterday because we had strong storms spiraling offshore. 56 east shore. 55 san francisco. north bay 57. if we see any thunderstorms develop, a chance will be this afternoon when we get daytime heating. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike inouye and your morning drive. >> some of leftovers, reason we had overnight and more rain coming. puddling, sheen, slick roadways but not a lot of traffic at bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge, moving smoothly, parallel to the bay bridge, smooth drive. you can make out the high-rise and see the sheen on the roadway, here. watch for slick off-ramps. big view, look at the map around the bay. we see a smooth drive.
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we'll see lighter volume of traffic compared to typical wednesday. we're seeing, as folks travel southbound 680 not a major problem. reports of debris across the roadway. looks like that's been cleared from the chp report. south 280 approaching 85. slowing on 85 and other patches not a concern. south 680, end with the map, jackknifed big rig at vargas, second for the week in the same spot. we'll track that flowing. >> thank you, mike. 5:11. another agency considering quipping its officers with body cameras. details coming up next. when can you make too much money? it's a problem. we'll take a look.
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you're watching "today in the bay." 5:14 on your wednesday. santa clara county looking into quipping deputies with body cameras on duty. supervisors approved a fee to what it would cost. smith would like to meet with the department to discuss the matter. supervisors have approved a living wage requirement for all companies doing work within the city starting july 1st, employees must be paid at least $19.06 per hour.
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san francisco still has a chance to host the olympics. check out the front page of the u.s. olympic committee website. four cities vying for the chance to host 2024 summer games, all represented in one spot. the committee will decide which city gets to bid for the games. during the meeting in redwood city, all four major best pitches, san francisco, los angeles, washington, d.c., and boston. whichever city's chosen will submit plan through the international olympic committee next year. the host city will be decided in 2017. more fallout with the russians. this may not be what your exing. apple stopped selling i phones and other products in that country, because the company was asking for too much cash? >> no, making too much money. i like to think positively. making too much money is positively the biggest problem you can have, sam. the ruble is worth so little it takes more and more and more rubles, piles of rubles, to buy
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the smallest thing. this caused headaches for companies used to a stable currencying like apple. i phone might cost around 45,000 rubles one day, that's $700 american and cost 50,000 rubles the next day because the ruble won't stop moving around. it's down 52% this year. apple decided to stop all direct sales in russia. apple doesn't have stores in russia, but it did sell products online and has suspended those sales. we're unstable ourselves. turn to the mark and landon at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. unstable, we are. futures point to higher open stocks look to bounce back after a crazy day on tuesday. the dow swinging up and down, more than 700 points, as investors eye oil prices in russia's economic crisis. the dow's now down 900 points c
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december 5th. earnings from fedex. the fed wraps up with a meeting with clues when interest rates may go up. dow up as much as 247 closed down 112 points to 17068 while the nasdaq fell 57 to 4547. >> thank you much. i know you'll show highlights of the warriors/grizzlies game in a bit. warriors ended their winning streak. everybody in the bay area is saddened except this guy, robert perra, former engineer, built something in his garage, turned himself into one of the billionaires. buys himself two things after that, two-bedroom apartment, i kid you not, he has a two-bedroom apartment to go with his billion dollars, and the other thing he bought was the grizzlie
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grizzlies. >> that's why he's happy. >> i was wondering, where is this going? then, yeah, okay, all right. lives modestly. >> one guy's like, yes! >> ending a 17-game winning streak between -- not between, for the golden state warriors. that was upsetting. but 17 games isn't bag, we'll take it. >> especially they're on the map all of a sudden, right? over the past couple of years, which is cool stuff you know what is so great about the bay area now? they said it best on comcast sportsnet bay area, we're in a golden era of bay area sports, we've got the sharks, warriors, giants. discount the raiders there. but we have the 49ers. such a great time to be here. plus, finally starting to dig out of the drought in a significant fashion. i've got to tell you if that drought continued into this year, it was looking really, really grim for us. if we didn't get the rainfall
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that we've had so far this month, mandatory restrictions, they would be limiting how long our showers would be. we really need this rain. more on the way. we haven't hit our rainiest month in the bay area yet. that occurred january into february. but it's been a historic december so far. we're going to keep that going with more rain on the way for today. if you're trying to plan your day, widespread rainfall expected between 12:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. if you can get your outdoor activities done, you'll be better off. good idea to get out and clean out storm drains after another round of wind and rain last night. knocked off a lot of the leaves. we don't have a lot of leaves left on trees because they've all fallen off. storms have been powerful. here's the deal for today, though. i've got to show you, there's a big system coming our way. the core of low pressure, core will cross over today. you can see pockets of yellow, potential thunderstorms.
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throughout the day today, we are counting on another round of thunderstorms towards the coast, between 4:00 and 7:00. i take you into tonight, 11:00 p.m., showers start to break apart. spotty activity at that point. but then another big system. this one looks like it will mostly impact the north bay. we'll get the highest totals there, everybody count on another round of rain. we'll dry out for thursday but comes back late thursday into friday. saturday looks good for travel up and down the state. sunday, another system comes, this one another north system. that's an indication that that jet stream will lift to the north. that means the storm window for close for next week but only for a week. rain returns by early january. more rain next year, mike. next year. over to you. >> ease off toward the end of the year. only a few days. only a few cars, considering west 580. now there's glow. low clouds drifting through.
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visibility on the roadway fine but no longer you can see the parking lot. the auto dealership looking at puddling and sheen on the roadway, still there. the area for tri-valley, not a dramatic slowing, coming out of the altamont pass, lighter volume for wednesday. south 680 a concern, south at vargas. my friend drove by this crash and monday's. today the big rig looked like more damage to. two lanes blocked, one hov lane. we have to get the tow truck out, so there's slowing from sunol in toward fremont around vargas, the second crash of the week in the same area. flooding on junction here. and convention way over in redwood city. no surprises. just want to alert you, patches around the bay and along the peninsula. anywhere north of 92 and the bay bridge toll plaza, easy drive, just some slick roads. 5:21.
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police officers are paid to serve, protect, and show up in court. but nbc bay area's investigative team has discovered some ploefrs are skipping out on their courtroom duties. the exclusive details. good morning. you pay them to serve, protect, and show up in court. our investigative team has sorted through thousands of court records. first an unusually large number of patrolmen from the california highway patrol and officers from san jose p.d. skipping out on their traffic court responsibilities. back in june, both agencies pledged to fix the problems. this morning, we can tell you they followed through. our first report found the chp in redwood city missing 20% of its court date. san jose's police failed to appear 18% of the time. now five months late, both ag t agencies have an increase in overs showing up for court
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dates. but santa county clara office with a problem, 20% of the time deputies failed to appear for court dates the sheriff's office was not aware but pledges to make change so deputies serve, protect, and show up in court. with the bay area investigative unit, tony kovaleski. >> if you have a tip, 888-996-tips. or you can always send us an e-mail to >> special anniversary for a beloved sitcom.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:25 right now.
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take a look at these live pictures. coming out of santa clara. a tree down into what appears to be the front of a home. the storm continuing to create a lot of havoc, damage. now finding out this is an apartment complex near kaiser hospital in santa clara. no one was hurt. we'll have the latest details coming up in a live report. what a way to wake up. 5:26. win streak ends at 16. the memphis grizzlies handed gold state its third loss of the season last night. the team's first loss in more than a month. golden state is off today. the team plays at home tomorrow against oklahoma city. from one history making streak to another, "the simpsons" turn 25. >> quarter of of a century. the cartoon first aired on the "tracy ullman show" in 1987 but not knoll nl december 17, 1989 the first episode debuted.
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the series won dozens of awards, produced its own feature film and various video games and famous lines and moments that people like over the years. >> duh! >> there's of course that. >> we could learn more details about the future of san francisco's flower market. >> southern california, police going door to door, telling people to get out immediately. we'll explain why.
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roadways still draining, all over the bay area. slight flooding on 87 caused at least one crash last night. we'll have a look at your roadways, coming up. just a brief break from the heavy rainfall. spotty activity now. heavy stuff returns by noon today all across the board. we'll get more of a break for your thursday. another round of rain on friday. weekend looks good. finally we will see that storm window close. i'll let you know where and when. we'll have to wait for it in
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some parts of the bay area. that's in moments. >> rain brought by clouds. bringing it to part your commute. a problem for 680 coming up. opponents of the new james franco movie may be getting what they wanted. appears to be scaring off theater companies. details next. live look outside this morning by the golden gate bridge. all is quiet now. we've gotten a bit of a break in the storm systems coming through. it's wednesday, december 17th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a live look now at san jose this morning. bay area still trying to dry out after the latest round of rain. but it is not over yet. feels like we've been darting in and out of systems. good morning.
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how about rain totals? >> goodness, so out of this world. rainfall totals, especially here in the south bay, historic totals exceeding 100 years of record. i'm going to talk about that coming up. we'll get to nitty-gritty of totals because your city likely hit one. we'll get to those in moments. took a long time to compile that information so i want to show it to you. we'll looking at light activity, spotty, hit or miss. you might be using wipers five to ten minutes at a time. heavy stuff later today. another round of heavy rain. stop the clock at high noon. you can see at that point, greater bay area starting to get slammed. another round, another wave of heavy rain move in on the heels of that first one. as we head through 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. between 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., if you can, you want to stay indoors. you someone coming home from work, count on them being late because the rain's been tough on
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commuters. we'll check with mike in moments. i'll send it back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you. 5:31. new worries, more mudslides in the bay area. north bay, marin county, for example, declaring a state of emergency. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in mill valley, there are trouble spots around town. >> good morning. you heard christina loren say it's spotty right now, a break. 30 seconds ago it started to sprinkle. it's not strong wet weather but you can see on norah avenue, why drivers have to be careful. here one lane closed because of some flooding that happened. down towards the southern end of tennessee valley road, there's mud that shut down part of the road, likely through part of today. crews putting down barricades. there's also concern about what will happen to a stretch of
5:33 am
highway 1 from the beach to the road where a portion slipped down. that's expected to be shut down through a couple of months last year and already impacted businesses. >> several overnight guests canceled room reservations. and the lunch and dinner business has slowed down. >> i work 20 -- >> reporter: the peninsula suffered water and mud damage after tuesday morning rain. firefighters responding to report of mud in the back of the house on tiburon drive. a swimming pool caught most of the slide. mill valley, beginning to sprinkle heavily, arroyo creek. high tide hits at 7:30, where there's concern there. coming up in a half hour, some people who know the area have
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other concerns. we'll hear from them. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. north bound 87 now near 280 back open this morning, after serious flooding caused by last night's storm. that area has flooded several times throughout the last couple of weeks, trouble spots. last night the chp had to set up flares to get people who did not see flooding to slow down. caltrans workers reset nearby pumping station to clear the water off of the road. new video of a brief scare in ventje cornelis singk venture, police telling people to get out immediately what happen it looked like in camarillo springs. more than 124 homes briefly evacuated bought authorities thought the hill was going to come down. the area charred by a fire in january, and all of the rain caused a mudslide last week. authorities say it's safe for people to go home. for at latest weather
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information, download the app for your smartphone. it's accessible, easy, firn tnd latest alerts. new fallout from the new movie "the interview," at least one major chain will not run the film because of recent terror threats. we bring in scott mcgrew. the story gets stranger and stranger. >> it is. the same people we think who did the hack, hacker group, issued physical threats if you go to the movies there could be -- >> they mentioned 9/11. >> they mentioned 9/11. similar violence. it's a struggle for us. do you report something that hasn't happened yet that is just a theoretical threat? i think the responsible thing is to discuss this. the movie centering on a par of journalists enlisted by the u.s. government to assassinate the leader of north korea. the hackers, we suspect north
5:36 am
korean, taken offense. we've talked about confidence documents coming from sony. now threats of violence. following that threat, sony pictures said it won't force theaters to run the film. they had deals with the theaters for months but they've said, if you don't want to run it, fine. car mike theaters in southern california, in a dozen other states across the united states, they're not going to run it. amc, hasn't responded. theaters have talked to police, department of homeland security involved. we believe the threat to be low, but we are astounded at what hackers have been able to do from we presume north korea, whether or not they'll take physical action in america, we'll find out. at this point, hss, low threat. >> christmas day release. >> yes. planned for. >> we don't know much more about the hackers. could be from north korea, could
5:37 am
be -- >> strongly suspect. it's the most logical motive that we can think of. >> interesting. thanks a lot. sam? >> 5:36. san jose police department needs your help capturing a group of robbers accused of ripping necklaces off of people's necks. this is video of one of those bold thefts that happened two weeks ago. the man walk up to a woman and attack her, stealing her necklace, taking it away. the man sped off but later arrested by police. police have three other suspects in custody right now but think there are more people and possibly more victims as well. including the person who owned this necklace. officers think it was snatched in san jose some time last month. 5:37. we could learn more about the future of an icon ex-building in san francisco. gilroy realty, and other organizations, holding a joint news conference to announce new details about their plans for the san francisco flower mart.
5:38 am
tenants concerned that the realty company wants to transform the flower mart into tech offices at the intersection of 6th and brannon streets in san francisco. >> also heard they could make tech offices on top and preserve the mart on the bottom. >> please all commerce. >> work together. 5:58. working with meteorologist christina loren. you've been on the hop lately with all of the storms. >> yeah. it's really great story, though that we have to tell. look around the bay area, all of the hills in green, so spectacularly pretty out there. if you wanted to get up to tahoe, what i'm hearing from skiers, snowboards and the resorts, this is one of best seasons that we've had in over ten years. we're just kicking it off, my friends. talk about what happens in san jose. we tallied everything up for the month. and this is a whopper. a whopper. piece of information i get to bring to the table today. san jose, december rain so far,
5:39 am
over 7 inches, almost 7 inches and a quarter of rain, brings us up to 746% of average for the month making this officially the second wettest december ever. 120-year record broken in san jose. here's the deal, that all-time record, likely to be broken as of today. all we've got to accumulate another quarter of an inch of rain here in the south bay. i think it's going to happen as of tonight. we'll probably get another 3/4 of inch. something like toy about put into perspective. 17th day of december. santa rosa, 12.87 inches of rain. average everything out, up in santa rosa, accumulated 3/4 of an inch of rain single day. that is very impressive. for today, we're getting light, spotty activity for the first part of the day. throughout the second half of the day, between noon and 9:00
5:40 am
p.m., that's when heavy rain will move in. likely impact your drive home from work. keep that in mind. temperatures, though, will be chilly. 57 degrees for south bay. peninsula hits 55. by now, you know areas prone to flood. avoid those spots as heavy rainfall is coming in. later on, more on that coming up. >> we have clouds rolling in here, 850 westbound. rolling well traffic flow. look at your map. we have a gentle slowdown through livermore, out of the altamont pass, no drama for 680 south through sunol. fremont we have the crash blocking hov and cash lane at vargas. we have nor of an issue. waiting for the tow truck. rest of the bay smoothly. bay bridge toll plaza has a backup, 15 minutes of news, traffic and weather coming up.
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5:42 on wednesday.
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u.s. responding less than 24 hours after the horrific attack on an army school in pakistan that killed more than 130 children. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live from capitol hill with a look at what lawmakers are saying, and the grief obviously widespread. good morning. >> good morning. lawmakers left before this happened but before they left they provided $1 billion for security for pakistan, some of that money had to be verified by the pentagon that the government there is actually going after the taliban which claimed responsibility for this attack. also hearing from the white house that they will offer counterterrorism help, expertise but we don't know what that means specifically what type of help that's going to be. new this morning, video of the inside of that school, et cetera very graphic and shows what those kids were going through for eight hours as military there tried to rescue them. secretary of state john kerry
5:44 am
says that this is the world's loss. president obama talked about the depravity of terrorists behind it. pakistan's army chief is in afghanistan talking to them about how the countries need to go after the taliban which typically hangs out in the mountains in the border between two countries. >> reexamination, perhaps, and strategy after one of the most horrific attacks we can recall in memory. new video of police storming that cafe in sydney and setting free more than a dozen hostages. video shows commandos inside the lindt chocolate cafe and flashes, shot from the newsroom of channel 7, located across the street from the satiscafe. a sniper set up inside of the newsroom. newsroom evacuated after 17 people taken hostage earlier this week. the gunman and two hostages, a gunman and two hostages were killed during that attack. 5:44. from mudslides to fallen trees,
5:45 am
we've seen it all over the past seven days. this morning, keeping with the trend. chris san cleez lichez live in clara where a tree fell down. >> reporter: we don't think anybody was hurt, but it's just a whisper, sometimes the difference between really bad situation and one plamarginally better. take a look, though it's dark, how close that tree came to smashing into the homes behind it. it fell parallel to the sidewalks. if it had gone perpendicular to the sidewalk, that house would have been smashed. what you can see from this vintage point, how close it was to the home next door. and right next to the tree, within a couple of inches, several gas meters, and again, if that tree had fallen in the or direction, this could have been a very bad situation. this tree likely fell because the ground is saturated because of all of the recent rains that we've gotten in talking to
5:46 am
arborists in recent days, that's a problem. we know that the trees are thirsty, they've been absorbing up a lot of the water that's fallen. a familiar sight, a tree we showed you last thursday, a massive oak about almost five feet in diameter. and 200 years old, fell on to homes, not far from here, just along the santa clara/san jose border near 880. that one smashed into the rooftop of a single-story home and also smashed an suv. that suv totalled, even the back tires were popped. this tree where we are now, not photog take as long as to take away as the tree we just showed you. that took hours and sometimes branch by branch work. this tree is considerably smaller. but in addition to the work of taking the tree down, folks here have to wait for crews, in very short supply, very busy because of a lot of trees have been
5:47 am
coming down. in santa clara, kris sanchezing "today in the bay." >> funny to hear you say considerably smaller. it looks mass everybody from our perspective with it behind you. >> kris has been on tree duty. i don't know how many times she's been out there on trees. scary scene as the storm continues to unfold. we're not through it. >> not through it yet. the ground's saturated, more heavy rain. the chance for trees to continue to go down is enhanced with more wet weather on the way. here in the news business, we have canceled school from the storm last weekend. many bay area cities. we've got to get out to bring you the latest. reporters here at be in bay area, tip our hat for being out in the thick of it. more rain on the way as well. if you're somebody who works outdoors, the same tip of the hat to you. right now, spotty activity working south across the bay area. we're not going to see a lot of
5:48 am
the activity until we hit this afternoon. and then get another round of heavy rainfall. this is definitely going to blow up with green, yellow, red, like it has over past couple of days but not until 1:00. that will continue until 9:00 p.m. temperatures going to be in the 50s today. pull out that coat, bring your umbrella as well. count on very dangerous driving conditions. once again as you make your way home. difference between the system and one that came through yesterday, it doesn't have quite as much moisture but it's going to bring about another round of thunderstorms toward the coastline. expecting that between 4:00 and 7:00. you want to keep that in mind, coastal mountains have the best chance of seeing activity. we could see thunderstorms through gilroy per usual. that tends to be the ten when we get the storms. you get thunderstorms that produce hail. by wednesday, at 11:00, we take you through time. you can see, it's starting to lighten up. we'll get a break, wednesday to
5:49 am
thursday, sun's photog cofoe go come out. friday, another potent system hitting the north bay. saturday looks good for travel. sunday, storm will hit san francisco and areas to the north. the jet stream will move to the north, taking the storm track with it. that means the storm window will close. mostly dry for christmas week and opens up again first week of january. more on that coming up. right now, mike and your drive. >> we have a commute this morning, it's kicked over here for the south bay. northbound 101. underneath that 680/280 interchange. a crash at north 101 at story before you get there, that caused more slowing through the area but a typical pattern, but a lighter than typical commute around the bay. looking at this issue. and also just east of here, looking at yerba buena road past silver creek, a deadly crash overnight.
5:50 am
the update, the police department won't open that until 1:00 p.m. wanted to let folks know. westbound toward the freeway, that is open for the morning. rest of the bay, bigger issue here. out of the tri-valley, southbound 680 at vargas road, a couple of lanes blocked by the jackknifed big rig. sounds like what happened the truck lost control, hit the center divide it's in a jackknifed position. waiting for a tow truck to get there. that's the holdup. traffic slows around the bend out of sunol and towards freeway. that's the extent of the tri-valley. rest of the bay light. castro valley y not a bridge. easy flow of traffic to bay bridge toll plaza. back up for all lanes, metering lights turned on, easy drive off of the maze and the east shore freeway. happening right now, volunteers beginning to arrive where the next hour or so filling up bags of groceries for san francisco's less fortunate.
5:51 am
>> great example. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san francisco. this is an annual event. thousands of people take v advantage of the church's generosity. >> reporter: good morning. yes, over 30 years reverend cecil williams here in downtown san francisco putting on their annual grocery bag giveaway. you've got hundreds here, some towards right have been here since yesterday, waiting for the distribution that begins at 7:30 this morning. you can see, well organized, quite an organization. the city giving the church permission to shut down the section of glide so they can hand out what they say will be 5,000 bags of grocery. they hope that's enough to meet demand, though in years past they have run out before. we know that 5,000 people aren't here as of yet. but definitely several hundred perhaps, a thousand, based on our estimate. all here waiting to get what
5:52 am
they say is a very important piece, important part of their holiday. >> i need it real bad for my family. >> how long will this last you? what will you do with that? this is what we believe to be the 32nd year that the revere reverend's church put this event together, handing out 5,000 bags of groceries. handing out turkeys, chickens, if you're first in line, you have a better shot of getting a turkey, one reason why so many show up hours before the event starts, and everything else you need for a holiday meal, oranges, bread, pasta, sauce, rice, beans, vegetables. again distribution 7:30. just over a couple of -- about an hour and a half from now. live here in san francisco, bob
5:53 am
redell, "today in the bay." >> hear the trucks coming in with additional loads. new this morning, fremont police hoping someone will recognize this van. what they're calling a mail thief. the caravan spotted leaving the neighborhood on monday morning. officers say the driver had just stolen mail from a mailbox. two people were in the van but descriptions are not available. today san jose's mayor will break new ground on a new wing of san ttana row, but what your expectations of high end stores, that's not what those is about. the ar to be used for office space. hoping companies will move headquarters to the six-story structure, the building will come with shuttles to get workers back and forth from the peninsula to santana row and the city's hoping the location will draw more companies to silicon valley. >> we're not just building more office space in silicon valley,
5:54 am
building space probes, too. several companies trying to get to the moon. >> to the moon. inspired by google and the foundation that will award a lot of money to the first private company that can send a probe to the moon. google extending the deadline for the prize money. a lot of companies in early stages but it's harder than anybody suspected. google's going to give the teams a bit more time. this is not video running backwards. this is a rocket landing. spacex. on its next rocket launch it's going to send the first stage down by rocket to land on a sea born platform. they've already done it on land. now on the sea born platform. speaking of things that go up and down, and sometimes explode in a giant fireball, talk about your retirement. the dow moved 705 points up and down tuesday from down 90 to up
5:55 am
247 before settling down 112. nobody, guys, likes to see this volatility. when you've got oil at record lows, ruble at record lows and huge worries about the future of russia, this is what wall street's got to do. >> all eating a lot of soup. >> mm-mm-good. >> i like campbell's soup. >> thick chicken noodle, double noodle. especially if it's wet and rainy. good morning. >> hey, you got mike inouye here clapping for your hearty soup collection. you know what? yeah, he likes the noodle soup. what do you like? meats or chicken, mike? >> chicken. what we thought, for the soul. more rain on the way. switch from record lows and, yeah, bummer summer story to record highs. that comes in form of rain we need to dig out of the drought.
5:56 am
more rain in san jose than we've had in december in over 120 years. all it's going to take a quarter of an inch. i'll show you the storm system coming your way. we're going to clear out for next week, fantastic for those celebrating christmas in the bay area. you want the white christmas? all it's going to take 2 1/2, 3-hour drive up to tahoe, 140 miles away from the fresh powder. mike, i'm going to grab something. >> get hot chocolate and hot soup. we'll convene by the fireplace. 680 slowdown. south 680 slow heading towards vargas. backup a crash as well. outer lane, quickly that jackknifed big rig there. sounds like the report on monday. almost identical as far as the situation for drivers down two lanes down through sunol the backup for more folks off the
5:57 am
tri-valley. we have to get that tow truck on scene. that's the problem for the bay. northbound 101 through san jose slow after the earlier crash here. >> thanks a lot. if you think 350 bucks too much to pay for the apple watch, those next item is not in your price range, either. >> a jeweler in washington, offering $31,000 diamond encrusted apple watch for preorder. the company says there will be five to ten limited edition models but it's not a real thing yet. it's not available for sale. and the jeweler is waiting to see if there are buyers out there. >> 5:57 now. >> city's using a brief calm to clean up after all of the latest storms we've been seeing. team coverage next. >> it ain't over yet. harrowing ordeal for people flying in texas. extreme turbulence, injuring more than a dozen. 14 people arrested in
5:58 am
massachusetts, accused of fueling a meningitis outbreak that killed dozens of people. ♪
5:59 am
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we have breaking news at this hour. a former contractor that has spent the last five years in a prison has been released. eventually he was sentenced to 15 years but this morning nbc news confirmed he is on a flight back to the united states. let's turn to andrea mitchell chief foreign affairs correspondent. what can you tell us about the


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