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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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another lull between bay area storms as one community pitches in to help families hit hard by recent flooding. >> and on the gridiron, this move was not in the play book. the 49ers turning the page after the abrupt release of a player. >> and in the south bay people plan to take action. >> acting right now on what your outdoor scenario is on this very early thursday morning, live look at the bay bridge, all lit
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up, people still out there getting ready to commute. this is thursday, december 18 and you are watching "today in the bay." >> let's check that forecast. good morning, christina. >> we definitely want to check the forecast. everybody wants to know is it going to rain again? the answer is yes but not until later on. an opportunity for some people it drive out where the flooding has just been terrible. take a look, it's on the way later on today. another round of heavy rainfall. we'll time this out to your doorstep. plus, we're a week away from christmas at this point. we'll tell you what to expect if you're going out of town or if you have family coming in. let's check in with mike inouye! >> light volume on 880. but we see the water affecting
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the view, all around the bay having dried off from overnight rains. this tube from alameda to oakland. we have a crash reported here in the last few minutes, a spin-out across that offramp. the off ramp has a block on one of the lanes. watch those slick transition wraps as you're getting off and on the ramp. >> mike, thank you. crews spent several hours removing a giant pine tree. the family was able to get out of their home. the crew had to use several big
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trucks to get the tree out. >> elena and her family of five lost all their food when floodwaters knocked out power. water destroyed all the blankets and electron being from their home. when the principal found out that they had been completely flooded out and others as well, she knew she had to act. >> when you're a teacher, you love the community, you love the students, you love the parents, you love the community. you're like the mom. >> the school district collected close to $20,000. elena said she's very thankful
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for the community as generosity. >> he is accused of assaulting four girls aging 3, 5, 6 and 7. if found guilty, he could face life in prison. >> ray mcdonald is out of a job this morning after learning he is once again under police investigation. this time a woman claims he sexually assaulted her. in august, san jose police arrested him after his fiancee accused him of domestic violence. the district attorney did not file charges in that case. now another woman went to a local hospital claiming mcdonald assaulted her at his home this
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week. investigators searched his house. former prosecutor steven clark says physical evidence in in investigation is key. >> they perhaps seized the bedding where the incident allegedly kurd, any clothing, obviously the cell phone and perhaps surveillance information at ray mcdonald's house to show she was there. >> it is important to know mcdonald has not been arrested or charged in this case. >> yet this is another gut check for a team that's seen its share of turmoil this season. now quarterback colin kaepernick is really tough on teammates. >> it's tough. he was a guide friend to a lot of people on this team. no one around him ever thought bad of him. he was always a good person to everyone around here. hopefully it's just a misunderstanding. >> we'll see what happens if it is adjudicated in court. some believe the prospect of
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another lengthy investigation may have been one factor in the 49ers' decision to let mcdonald go. adding uncertainty to the niners decision, manager jim harbaugh has one foot out the door right now. it's reported that his alma mater, the university of michigan, has already made him an offer, $8 million per year, making him the highest page coach if he were to accept it. but harbaugh said he wants to stay in the nfl and is rumored as a possible candidate for the raiders. >> in the south bay civil rights groups are planning to march peacefully to demand the firing of an officer accused of tweeting anti-protest statements. the officer, phillip white, is
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on paid administrative leave while the department investigates. at noon the san francisco public defenders office will hold a hands-up rally . >> americans are waking um this morning in a country now ready to do business with cuba for the first time in 50 years but not everybody is happy about it. yesterday the u.s. released three cube and spies in exchange for the release of an american spy in prison for 20 years. then president obama announced a huge policy change as well. the u.s. will review and likely remove cuba from its trazst. >> though it does take an hour to do that.
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cuba's famous cigars not banned will probably become available in the u.s. >> it is disgraceful for a president who claims to treasure human right and human freedom. >> the u.s. also plans to open an embassy and push for reforms to boost cuba's economy. >> and just returning from cuba, she's been working to improve relations with that somebody. >> it's been very difficult since i've been going down since '77. i was seen ups and downs through many, many administrations. >> oakland airport was actually one of the first airports in the country to have direct flights between cuba and the united states. >> commission ults commission
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president michael pee p ae. >> 4:39 right now. we are ever so close to friday, to the holidays next week, christina. we just got to make it a few more days. how are you holding up? >> i'm all right. the odd are in my favor to get through this week, before we get into that dry spell for christmas. i got to tell you, it's not going to last long. as we return back here for the first week of january, more rain on the way, which we desperately need for your drought situation. we do have a little bit of light shower activity but today more sunshine than any other day this week. i stop that clock for you, though, by 1:00 a.m. tonight, that rain comes back and we could be talking about more records on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. and we'll let you know what's coming your way this weekend.
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maybe you want to take in some of the vants now that the weather is going to improve. right now let's check your drive. here's mike. >> some of those events like puddle clearing. >> a quick look outside,y see the sheen on the roadway. you the freeway itself moves smoothly but there was a spinout there, talking about slick roads. looking at a big view of the bay. no problem as far as the speeds go. we should see a lighter flow of traffic through the end of the
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year. >> 4:40 right now. a driver plowing into a group of people crossing the street. we're learning it happened just after a christmas performance at a southern california church. >> and who wins here? hollywood's response to sony's decision to pull the film that has north korea so upset.
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new details this morning. we just two more people is died in an alleged drunk driving crash in southern california. the driver plowed into a group of people leaving a christmas church service in rodondo beach last night. the driver had caused the wreck was taken to the hospital and later arrested on suspicion of dui. >> horrible. while uber is trying to shake off the negative press is
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received in recent incidents, another woman has come forward saying she was beaten and assaulted by a driver, this time in woes. the woman told boston police she called for a ride earlier in the month. the driver picked her up being took her to a secluded area, jumped in the back seat and she says sexually assaulted her. uber says the driver did pass a background check. meantime, the ride sharing company announced new background check techniques for its drive. yesterday investigators ray rested 14 people, employees now of the closed new england compounding center in massachusetts. the company's two co-founders were among those arrested. according to an indictment, mold and bacteria were in the air and
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on workers' gloved fingertips and farmers. the fallout from the hack exposed a trove of sensitive documents. because of escalated threats of terrorism, according the government, it forced sony to cancel the release of the nor korean spoof movie "the interview." >> it's really shocking. all of this is entirely unprecedented. >> you're looking at a loss to sony of upwards of $50 million in theatrical revenues they otherwise would vietnam been received. >> that movie was scheduled to
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be released on christmas day. michael moore tweeted out, "dear sony hacker, now that you run hollywood, i would like fewer romantic comedies." >> russian president vad mi putin said his economy will stable improve and the ruble will stabilize. >> starbucks getting a big jolt thanks to the holidays.
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for more we turn to landon doughty live at cnbc. good cup of coffee sounds good right now, landon. >> that sounds so good right now. futures reporting to a sharply higher open as energy stocks bounced back. and the fed said they may start raising interest rates in the middle of next year as long as the economy keeps improving. it's crunch time. we are one week away and retailers are rolling out the deals to lure in those last-minute holiday shoppers, as we hit the final weekend before christmas. amazon is offering same-day delivery on christmas eve in several cities, including the bay area if you get your orders
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in by 10:00 a.m. >> and customers can get same-day in-store pick up as late as 5:00 p.m. on christmas eve. >> and starbucks plans to sell more than 2 million starbucks cards on christmas eve. in the past more than $4 billion has been loaded on to starbucks cars and 8 of 10 consumers plan to buy a gift card this year. laura, i know i'm one of them. you can't go wrong for christmas. >> this brings out the pro crest nateor in all of us. >> a flood of deals. i want to make a deal with christina loren this morning. christina, give us one more game of rain and then let's see some clearing up. >> what's behind door number one
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in san francisco, we've got a little fog. that could force flight delays but the good news is we're going to get by a mostly dry afternoon. this is the day a lot of people start to head out of town for the holidays. if you're trying to get out to the pacific northwest, we do have rain in portland, seattle and a lot of it. also, trying to get to the southeast could be problematic. we got storms in houston and new orleans. if you're trying to get over to the northeast, this is where we typically have big problems during the holidays. looking pretty good. overall, though, pretty calm conditions across the nation for today and tomorrow. of course, we'll keep you updated. i'm actually working saturday morning as well. so i'll be here. if you're leaving saturday morning, check with us first and i'll give you the latest. a little bit of activity out there, it's light, spotty. that will be. story for today. you might want to keep your umbrella handy, i think if you
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move quickly enough, it's not going o drink you by any means. >> another round of heavy rainfall will continue throughout the morning hours. we'll see a mostly dry weekend and then we are looking good to stay nice and dry all the way throughout the week of christmas. but i said. >> first week of january big, big system coming our way. enjoy this beak while it lasts. plus, we're taking you across the state. if you are trying to travel, maybe get over to tahoe, we'll give you the latest there. >> that's the last time we barter with christina. ::51. it's a stage ripe for a
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conservative come ek kpsh i'll show you another angle on your approach and what we're looking at for the day ahead coming up.
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the city of oakland wants to know what it feels about developing the area around the coliseum. oakland has already come up with some ideas about turning the area around into a world class sport and entertainment arena. >> usually missing bags turn up. but after 20 years, what are the chances? this week a woman in tucson got such a phone call. maria thought the luggage was from two months ago. incredibly, the bag with art supplies returned was from 20 years ago. >> steven colbert officially signs off from "the colbert
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report." he's been hosting the show for nine years burr it's really the character fans have come to love. he said his fake conservative persona was inspired by none other than bill o'rieillo'reill. he's replacing david letterman this september. >> his i.q. is off the charts. >> no kidding. and mostly bizarre. >> very quick, very quick. >> i know somebody like that, too. >> huh? good morning! thank you for that. we're looking at 580. you have to be smart before can you be a smart alec so i'm trying to get to both. we're looking at a nice, easy drive. however, we're talking about also a new report of a big pothole west 580 at greenville. be careful as you're coming out of the altamont pass. folks haven't had a chance to
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get crews out there to nicks all of the potholes and they continue to get worse. >> authorities are looking for a peeping tom in the east bay. the lengths the police say this man went to for uncompromises shots of unsuspecting women. >> and more protests. what you need to know about bay areas that may be impacted today.
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protesters preparing to march in san jose, calling for the ouster of a police officer who sent out a series of controversial tweets. >> plus, the spirit of giving. the peninsula elementary school kids who give up their christmas money to help out fellow students devastated by the recent flooding.
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>> and you can finally give up your umbrella for today but there is more rain on the way. maybe you haven't had a chance to get any of that celebration planned yet. you'll get a chance to get outdoor before the rain develops heavily. >> we'll talk about the road conditions and how they're affecting your commute coming up. >> let's take a peek outside on this beautiful bay morning, it's december 18th. christmas a week away now. this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have a little bit of a break in the action right now but more rain assuredly is on the way. let's get your microclimate forecast from meteorologist


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