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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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but suffice it to say any time a sexual assault occurs we take it very seriously. >> reporter: friends say both victims were living in a home for people with mental illness. >> very shocking. very scary. >> reporter: police arrested bridges at the scene. they describe him as a parolee who last lived in morgan hill. and the friends tell me the would have two women are no longer living in that home. both are now with family members. also in the south bay, we want to show you the aftermath of a short police chase in san jose. today officers spotted a parolee at large driving around in south san jose a few blocks from brandham high school. according to police the passenger was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon. the driver sped away when officers tried to pull the car over then crashed into a parked vehicle. two suspects were arrested. police say the car was stolen. the fourth storm of the week that is headed our way. after we had a nice little break.
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looking live over san francisco and san jose, the sun out of it but clouds are rolling back in. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the timeline. here we go again. >> exactly right. the storm system lining up offshore. a real decent plume of moisture with this as well. so it is going to be stronger than the storm system we had for yesterday. let get right to the timeline. 8:30 tonight, most of the showers will be at least a chance of them up into the north bay by 11:30 rain dropping down into marin, napa, and sonoma counties. yes, it's going to be a wet commute for us. by 5:00 a.m. the first initial round of heavier rainfall expected down to about san francisco. of course we'll have more on the timing of that coming up. but we're going to go ahead and sum things up for the first part. tonight scattered showers developing. the fourth storm of the week arriving mainly as we head throughout tomorrow morning with not only rain but wind that could bring down more power outages and also more trees. maybe some spin-outs on the roadways. we also have new information coming into the nbc bay area weather center, and that has to
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do with our drought. 23% of the state going from the exceptional level, the worst level possible, down to extreme. we're still in a drought but marked changes across portions of northern california. we'll let you know how muffle rainfall we'll get out of this next system in about 15 minutes. the rain may help solve our drought problem but it's causing problems on the road. cal trans busy filling potholes that opened during the storm. workers say truck and car tires actually squeeze water into the asphalt which then contributes to a lot of potholes out there. you've probably been feeling your car, your alignment may be out of alignment too. while it wasn't raining, it did make for temporary fixes today. they've been keeping an eye out for any other ones popping up. >> we do have traffic cameras. and that's one thing. if we see traffic slowing, you know, we take a look and see if there's water out there. chp reports, our daily inspections, then the areas that
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we know are going to be problems. >> cal trans says certain areas close to the water table may see more potholes during heavy rains. drivers can try to file a claim on the cal trans website if the car is damaged driving through a pothole. with more rain headed our way make sure you're ready with the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. click on the icon to take you to the web page for the latest forecasts, live radar, and weather alerts as well. he's one of the most powerful men in the state of california. today michael peavy, the public utilities commission president, is ending his 12-year reign. while he has received high praise he is leaving amidst scandal. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski has exposed many questionable action by peavy. today he was in san francisco for his very last meeting. >> michael peavy finds himself in that most powerful seat of an organization that has watched its reputation crumble under his leadership. he's under investigation by the u.s. attorney and the state's
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attorney general. but for many in the room today, he's leaving as a hero. >> where there's a will, there's a way. michael, you had the will you led the way. >> reporter: friends and colleagues praised the work of michael peavy. >> on behalf of our children and grandchildren, thank you for your service to california and planet earth. >> reporter: some even compared his accomplishments to president franklin roosevelt, muhammad ali, and the pope. >> god bless you, president peavy. >> you have served with distinction on this commission. and you have served the people of california well. >> reporter: scarred by the ongoing scandal over his questionably close relationship with pg&e, peavy listened from his president's seat as more than two dozen people celebrated his career. >> we'll miss you. >> reporter: but not everybody in the auditorium came with words of praise. >> because really, you belong in jail. >> i'm counseling you to use your words -- choose your words carefully. that's all i'm asking. >> this is a public forum. the people of california have a
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right to a commission that's not tainted with corporate relations and corporate interests. >> a new era is around the corner from the puc. governor brown will appoint a new president. today senator hill announced he will ask lawmakers to consider significant reforms to the way the powerful public utilities commission works with the utilities in the future. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear michael peavy's final words from the president's chair. it was a memorable moment. >> if you have a tip for our vest gave unit, call 888-996-tips or e-mail san jose, protesters are gathering in front of the police department. the protest tonight demanding they fire a police officer. the demonstration comes after police officer philip white posted controversial tweets on his personal account.
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tweets that many say are threats to protesters involved in demonstrations with michael brown and eric garner's cases. nannette miranda joins us live from san jose police headquarters where those demonstrators are hoping to meet with the chief himself. nannette? >> reporter: that's right, jessica. the protesters just arrived at san jose police headquarters. if you look hint the fence the protesters have more than 15,000 signatures from an online petition to deliver to chief larrykcescovel demanding office white be fired. the group and their supporters which include the naacp began their march about an hour ago. the protest while small mirrors those in berkeley, oakland, and san francisco. their demands are the same. increased racial awareness, a less abusive police force. asking among other things that officers who commit crimes be prosecuted, period. no discretion.
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here at sjpd headquarters, they're demanding that the chief fire officer philip white for social media posts he made, including one that read "threaten me and my family and i will use my god-given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you. #copslivesmatter." >> we have a simple demand around officer white, we want him fired from the police department. we don't think he should have a badge and a gun, not only in san jose but anywhere else in the country. we don't want to move our problem to another community. >> reporter: the group is also asking that the rest of the police force be investigated to see if any other officers share officer white's feelings. officer white is on paid administrative leave while the agency investigates his posts. a crowd of attorneys gathered also to demonstrate at san francisco's hall of justice earlier today. the city's public defenders led the rally saying they wanted to
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show support for racial justice. the crowd chanted "black lives matter, hands up, don't shoot," a preference that protesters have been using during demonstrations regarding the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, last august. at a similar rally in oakland, participants there observed 4 1/2 minutes of silence representing the more than four hours that michael brown's body was on the street in ferguson, missouri, while detectives investigated. the alameda county public defenders wore t-shirts with the words "black lives matter." a big day on wall street today, the best day in three years for the dow. stocks gained 421 points today as the market extended a two-day rally. it continued to surge from yesterday when the federal reserve indicated it was in no rush to raise interest rates. the s&p and nasdaq also up over 2% today. new details on the fight against isis.
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defense officials say they have killed several top commanders of that terror group, killed in recent weeks by u.s. air strikes in iraq. u.s. officials call them mid to high-level leaders. they say coalition efforts against isis are having a significant impact. the film has been axed but "the interview" is still making headlines. posters and billboards por the film were taken down. sony pilled the film about the assassination attempt against north korea's leader after the company was hacked and a terror threat was made against theaters which showed it. today a white house spokesman said they have not yet linked the threat to north korea despite comments made by another u.s. official. coming up at 5:30, "nightly news" looks at the hack attack being treated as a "serious national security matter." santa on the naughty list. the likely suspect of a bank robbery? san francisco and what was going on in the city that may have helped him elude mess. police. san francisco unveils its
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plans to bring the olympics to the city. i'm mark matthews. we'll tell you what they have in mind coming up next. babies have been born, people have got gained. >> wishes coming true. the holiday tradition one woman has started outside her home that will make you bay area proud. on the way home from chemotherapy, a thief smashed the car window and ripped them off. >> family members, do the right thing. turn him in. >> the prized possessions this breast cancer patient desperately wants back. >> give it back. >> that's new at 6:00.
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there were hundreds if not thousands of people dressed in santa suits this past saturday for santa-con. this santa is accused of robbing a bank. police say the man walked into a bank one block north of union square on saturday afternoon and told the teller that he had a
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gun. he then demanded cash which was handed over and then santa left on foot. investigators are hoping someone can help identify this particular santa. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh makes his first comments today on the firing of ray mcdonald after a woman claims the defensive lineman sexually assaulted her. harbaugh says he supports the decision to let him go. >> about made the decision as an organization. contributed to it. and in agreement with it. this was the decision by the organization. they have the right to employ who they want to employ. >> harbaugh went on to say the decision was partially based on the nfl's new code of ethics. a live look at the city of san francisco. a city with olympic dreams. we have new details on san francisco's $4.5 billion olympic bid. the plans include an athlete's
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village at hunter's point and a popup olympic stadium on a landfill. mark matthews is live at san francisco city hall where the plans were rolled out for reporters today. >> reporter: mayor ed lee saying he wants the 2024 summer games in san francisco. he said it is the best place on earth to host the olympics. the bay area already has baseball and soccer venues. boxing would be here at the cow palace. gymnastics at the new warriors stadium planned for san francisco. the new swimming venue at pier 80. and the olympic athletes village would be 2,000 units here at hunter's point shipyard. >> have that as an ongoing legacy for affordable housing in that region. >> reporter: mayor lee says the idea is to incorporate the olympic venues into existing projects like these hunter's point homes that are already being built. >> you know, i'm going to say clearly, we're not going to be building white elephants in our
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city or any place in our region. >> reporter: but there is no facility for an olympic stadium in san francisco. at&t wouldn't work. so the plan is to have the same company that designed at&t design this popup stadium that would be recycled after the games are over. >> for example, the seats would go into local high schools, colleges, for their facilities. >> reporter: the site of the reusable, recyclable stadium, appropriately enough, the landfill along highway 101 just a little south of candlestick. the cost of the olympics projected at $4.5 billion to $4.7 billion. who would pay and why so much? that's the story we're working on for 6:00. make a wish. it's what every child is told to do before blowing out their birthday candles. >> how often do adults get to make wishes? a san francisco woman thinks not enough.
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for the past four years she's done something about it. garvin thomas is here with "bay area proud." >> vanessa says she's been on a bit of a journey of self-discovery. what's interesting is that in some ways that journey has just taken her ten feet from her front door. december is that time of year when many trees in the city trade their leaves for lights. but on eureka street in san francisco's noe valley, there is a victorian box tree that for the past four years has done a bit more. >> i want others to be as lucky as me. >> reporter: replacing greenery with generosity. >> i wish that everybody had $7 million or more. >> reporter: and love. >> somebody here wishes for a boyfriend. >> reporter: and more than a little fun. >> i wish narnia, harry potter, and nancy drew were all real. >> reporter: the woman reading those wishes didn't write any of
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them. but vanessa made all of them possible. it all began, vanessa says, in 2011 when she was at a bit of a crossroads in her life. >> a little lost, a little confused. >> reporter: a book about the power of wishes to change one's life spoke to her. >> would you like to make a wish? >> reporter: vanessa got an idea. she put out pens, paper, and ribbon and asked people to place a wish on the tree out her front door. >> the wishes started coming. >> reporter: 200 wish that is first year. and more and more each year. >> what did you wish for? >> a stop sign inside of my house. >> reporter: she enjoys the kids' wishes most of all but thinks the adult ones are perhaps more important. she sees how people pause just before writing. because, she believes, people rarely ask themselves what they truly want in life. >> this is going to take me
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awhile. >> when you can wish for anything that you want. when you can wish for carte blanche? it's fun, i hear people out here laughing reading all of the wishes. >> reporter: vanessa says reading their hopes, desires and struggles has bonded her with her neighbors and made whatever problems she may face easier to bear. what's more, vanessa says, some of these wishes do come true. just ask the guy who wrote "i wish that she says yes" on a card last year. what she said this year. >> yes. it worked. >> it worked. >> it works, it works. it's a wonderfully simple idea that helps people out because it gives them a moment to think, what do i really want in life? when you take that moment to write it down it becomes a little more serious than saying it or thinking it. also, you could see out there how this has bonded the neighborhood. that people gather at this spot. she has met more neighbors than she ever knew before and they've met each other.
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it's a wonderful gathering spot. >> you really have to think about what you really wish for. >> when you're going to write it down, yeah, you really do. >> very thoughtful wishes. thanks, garvin. we all wish for more rain and we're getting a lot of it. that one's coming true. >> yes. better run to that tree and put wishes on there. a great story, garvin. the fourth storm of the week is now starting to arrive just offshore. it's about 420 miles away. but in advance of that storm, it was small but albeit we did get a break. you can see in our weather underground time lapse network some blue sky. marin, napa, sonoma counties evident from our time lapse, looking absolutely beautiful. sky camera network right now, temperatures are cold. mid to upper 50s for a lot of the bay. you need the jackets tonight. cloud cover in place. all areas seeing dry conditions now. that is quickly going to change. we'll take you to the future cast. you can see through 8:30 tonight, only chance of any showers would be mainly up here into extreme north bay. then as we head throughout 11:30, likely showers out in
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advance of the storm system will develop in marin, napa, sonoma counties down to about san francisco. but by the morning hours, the more heavier and consistent rainfall as our cold front gets closer to crossing will be right here across santa rosa down towards napa, sonoma, also for san francisco. then as we head through 7:00 in the morning it's mainly about san francisco down the peninsula back toward the east bay. then by 8:00 and 9:00, down here across the santa clara valley through san jose, morgan hill, san martin, also gilroy and the santa cruise mountains. the good news is after the morning hours we'll clear out by 1:00 p.m., that shoerm system should push to the south. that will help to mitigate some of our flooding concerns. i still think with that saturated ground we're going to have to watch out for more downed trees tomorrow. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. also maybe a little bit of isolated flooding there on the roadways especially in the north bay. so we'll take you to your microclimate forecast throughout friday. some areas will have a better
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chance of heavier pockets of rainfall. san jose 70. upper 50s los gatos. rainfall in pacifica, also san francisco. temperatures very consistent no matter where you go for tomorrow, not going to see a huge difference. in the east bay headed to the coastline or down to the south bay, widespread mid to upper 50s across the bay area. also heavier pockets likely into napa and santa rosa. for the tri-valley, pleasanton 59. we'll take you to the overall trend. you can see once again rainfall for friday. dry weather saturday, sunday, monday. and sunny skies by next tuesday. much-needed dryness as we head into the holiday week. the only difference here is san francisco on saturday will likely hold on to a slight chance of a shower. but you'll even dry out as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday. just in case you missed it rainfall totals are epic. so far this month 402% of average in santa rosa. livermore 630% of average. san jose 752%. this is impacting our drought.
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all of the bay area going from exceptional level to the extreme level. we're still in a drought but at least some marked differences. i didn't think we'd see this in december but i am happy to see that big change. the highly scrutinized eastern span of the bay bridge. the new information just released that paints a different picture of what's going on underneath all that beauty. plus the key threshold gas prices just broke through. what drivers should expect to pay, more or less down the road?
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge which got a favorable report this week. there's been speculation complicated repairs would be needed after more than 30
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fasteners snapped last year. a new report says thousands of rods and bolts which have been under scrutiny are secure and should stay in place. the report cautions that the parts will need regular maintenance and anti-corrosive treatment. the rods and bolts anchor the main cable to the road deck and keep the bridge from swaying in an earthquake. bad weather is to blame for the shutdown of angel island this weekend. the recent rain has made a waste water system overflow. the water is now being rerouted out of the system. park officials say it won't flow into the bay until the problem is fixed. ferry service has been stopped to angel island. it is a gift that keeps on giving. gas prices dropping below $2.50 for the first time in more than five years. according to the aaa fuel gauge report a gallon is selling for about $2.47 nationally. prices are expected to drop even more as we head into the
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holidays. san francisco, a gallon goes for $2.95. san jose and oakland, $2.81. online retailer amazon unveils a limited new service to deliver those christmas presents a little faster. the one-hour delivery service started in manhattan. the company plans to offer 25,000 items for delivery for a $7.99 fee. amazon prime members can get a free two-hour delivery service. amazon plans to exup and down the new service to other cities in 2015. christmas lights seen from space. nasa's view next.
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at 6:00, call them late bloomers. local researchers go underwater to learn about the life of these sharks and what it could mean for the entire species. christmas lights brightening the night sky. here's a look at the u.s. from space. scientists have noticed in suburban neighborhoods, night lights are up to 50% brighter in december because of christmas lights. they notice rural or suburban neighborhoods with more yard space shine the brightest, of course because many of them put up more decorations. that is bright. >> i'm contributing to that this year. >> you are? >> i got some of those net lights. >> yeah, we have those. >> went crazy. it makes it so easy. >> and the fake reindeer. >> oh, we don't have those. >> i feel bad. >> okay, we're coming to your house. >> during the storms a lot of them are on their side. >> more rainfall coming our way.
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watch out for the reindeer and the lights in your front yard through tomorrow morning. a little windy. 15 to 25 miles per hour. we clear out this weekend right through christmas. great news for santa claus. >> and the reindeer. on our broadcast tonight, who's to blame for the withering continuing electronic attack on sony pictures? publicly the white house won't say. privately the feds are pointing to north korea. and what does that mean for national security? trouble from within. a scathing new report on what the secret service has to fix right away, starting with the fence around the white house. inside cuba. while some americans remain suspicious, cubans seem to embrace a new era of relations with the u.s., and the change can already be felt in the streets. and joining the team. how a 9-year-old boy became the most celebrated member of a college hoops squad. "nightly news" begins now.


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